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Astronomical question and answer 258


Frank L. Preuss


What prevents those ruling from completely wielding control over men?



Today one can already deactivate the account of everyone.

For the first time it was in Egypt that the internet was switches off by the state. There was a court case against the responsible statesman. Not long ago the internet was switched off in another country. Those who are ruling felt threatened.

When the state can shut down the internet altogether, then the switching off or the deactivation of an account is a child’s play.

One has to get rid of cash. Then one can really control men. Then everyone will do that, what he is ordered. Otherwise there is no money and consequently nothing to eat.

As long as there is still cash, man still has a certain freedom. And this freedom is a threat for those in power.

And who does not know how to get provided for by God, he has bought it, when there is no cash anymore.

The abolition of cash is a direct deprivation of liberty.

And that because a direct dealing between two participants is no longer possible.

A third party must take part, for example a bank.

Or the internet, or both.

The handing over of money is no longer a matter between him, who gives money, and him, who receives money, but a relative public institution is to step in-between and immediately control of the process is possible and the whole thing is no longer private.

We have something similar with communication. One can write a letter, and let the receiver have this letter personally. When one lets a messenger do this, for example a postman, then there was there the secrecy of correspondence, or privacy of the post, which guaranteed a certain protection. Today it is so that all electronic communication is stolen by certain governments, probably by all. And the tendency goes in that direction that senders of information, for example financial institutions, push on it to use the internet.

All kinds of pious reasons are given there, but the main reason is to get rid of the cost of sending, and to let the receiver bear them. The receiver must now have a computer, a telephone connection and an internet service provider and he must pay for the transmission of data.

But that one, who pushes most for an internet transmission, is the state, for only then can it steal all communication, and consequently exercise control.


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