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Astronomical question and answer 248


Frank L. Preuss




I lived in a place, which was far away from Germany, but I was in Germany. A man gave me his newspaper, the Frankfurter Rundschau, and showed me a picture in it, and said that the picture was of that city, where I lived. I looked at the picture and immediately recognized the surroundings and also showed the man the building in which I lived. But something seemed not to be right with the picture and I thought about it, where perhaps the camera might have been from where the picture was taken. I could not think of a standpoint.

I then noticed what the reason was that I could not orientate myself. The picture was reversed. After I had become aware of this, all details made sense. I understood the whole situation.

I also understood the whole situation of this newspaper, the Frankfurter Rundschau. All opinions which were supported there were exactly as reversed as this picture.

The whole view out which world events were tackled, were reversed. They had turned round everything. Everything was presented the wrong way round.

They were materialists, atheists, who saw everything from the material side. With them everything started from matter; everything had its origin in material things.

The picture was part of an article about this city and about this country and this article was an excellent example of this being wrong. It was completely written out of this reversed perspective.

And so it is when such people deal with something like science, perhaps astronomy. Very little sensible comes out of that. Because everything is reversed. They do not understand the cause, and therefore they actually understand very little of those things that they research and report about.

One could now call something like the Frankfurter Rundschau a paper on the left, but that is actually not right.

The names left and right are misleading. In English one says right and wrong, and so one should also call these things, right and wrong.

Everything what one calls left should one not describe as left, but as wrong.

The perspective is wrong. Everything what looks away from God is wrong; everything what looks to God is right.


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