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Astronomical question and answer 225


Frank L. Preuss


In answers 212 and 213 we calculated the diameter of the cone shadow and the diameter of the shadow the moon casts on the surface of the earth. Now what is the purpose of doing such calculations?


Doing such calculations is a nice way getting to understand the involved issues better. But doing such calculations can easily become more important than these issues. It is the same with building space stations and sending crawlers to other heavenly bodies. The designing and construction and transporting and installing of these toys becomes so involving that the people doing it forget the reasons why they do it. What is it all about? It is about finding life outside of earth. That becomes very apparent, when people are interested in these scientific endeavours and ask questions wanting to know if traces of life have been discovered.

Now to find life outside of earth is actually a very simple thing to do and has been done and is being done all the time. We have discussed this here on several occasions.

So what do scientist do, when there is nothing to calculate and when there is nothing to design and build and transport and install? They stop everything and do not carry on, because now spiritual things get involved and they shy away from it, because they are materialists.

The best thing to demonstrate this is to take quantum physics. They found out that everything turns around and is about consciousness. And what do they do? They stop and they do not proceed, because that would mean not to use material things and not to use mathematics, but to investigate spiritual things and may be even God, and how he created and maintains everything.

For about one century they deal with quantum theory, and basically they have not progresses for one century. For one century they are beating about the bush.

And that is the reason why we again and again call scientists stupid people.

One cannot cope with consciousness with mathematics and mechanical, material devices.


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