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Astronomical question and answer 221


Frank L. Preuss


Why do scientist belong the most stupid among us men?


Because they have exposed themselves the longest to the educational system of the atheists and the materialists.

We all are influenced by this system all the time or let ourselves be influenced by it. But the scientist is inevitably hypnotized by it. They actually cannot withdraw from this rule at all. With every examination, may it be an oral or a written one, all thinking, which does not agree with this system, has an unfavourable effect on the result of the examination. And after the academic education has been completed, there hardly is any change. Every thought against the ruling order endangers the carrier.

This pushing away to the thinking against God starts already in kindergarten. The results one can observe particularly very nicely in Germany, for there are people, who were already exposed to a dictatorship right from the beginning, to a dictatorship, which was atheistic. First the one from Hitler and immediately after that by the worshippers of Stalin.

And these two dictatorships have run an atheistic educational system much more consciously, than it happens already normally.

I have known people, and some I still know today, who have spent parts or almost their entire schooling time under the Nazis. The effects become apparent; one just has to observe properly. And then I got to know people, who almost from the time of kindergarten until age have lived under Marxism and Leninism, and this radiation is simply not to be eliminated.

Scientists have so successfully been hypnotized by the atheists, the witchdoctors, the magicians, that they no longer dare to think and act against these orders. And the less a man has gone through this system of training of them, the sooner he has a chance to liberate himself from that, what he could not avoid at all.


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