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1.3 Astronomical questions and answers, Part 3


Frank L. Preuss


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1.3 Astronomical questions and answers, Part 3

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Astronomical questions and answers
^ 101 How does the man find out the angle Alpha? The man has an edge of a building, which is roughly in north direction and wants to know the size of the angle Alpha, which is between the direction of the edge of the building and the north direction.

He takes a piece of paper, let us say an A4 sheet and draws there in the middle a vertical line. Close to the upper edge he draws a horizontal line. The point of intersection is the location of the vertical rod.

From a second A4 sheet he makes a cone, which he uses as vertical rod. He draws a semicircle on the sheet, let us say with a radius of 14 cm. He can use a round plate for this from the kitchen, which diameter is a little bit smaller than the length of the sheet.

He then cuts out this semicircle and curves it to a cone and puts it concentric on the coordinate axis. The top is then vertically above the point of intersection of the two lines and is the shadow giving point.

The sheet with the cone is then put on a horizontal area and the vertical line is arranged parallel to the edge of the building.

Around the time of midday the shade is marked at time intervals and the time written next to it. The point of the resulting curve closest to the cone is connected with the point of intersection of the two lines and gives the north direction.

The angle Alpha is therefore determined.

The angle between the vertical and the ray of the sun at midday he can determine from the distance of the marked shadow from the foot point of the cone and the height of the cone.

The speed of the sun in horizontal direction he can determine from the curve. He can for example take the distance of the two points, which were marked half an hour before midday and half an hour after midday. From the triangle, which results from these two points and the shadow giving point, he can calculate the angle, which the sun covers in one hour.

The man can then repeat this investigation at other days and in this way follow the course of the sun in vertical direction at midday - on his meridian.

^ 102 How good are the results of an investigation with the curve around the shadow casting point with a simple sun observatory? The man builds a simple sun observatory out of two A4 sheets and makes a sun observation.

He establishes the time for midday. It was 12:02 o'clock. He went to an astronomic table and found out in Solar Noon for the location and the day and the month and the year a value of 12:01 o'clock. He was satisfied with his value.

For the angle between the horizontal and the ray of the sun he has measured 44 degrees. With Solar Noon it were 43.5 degrees. That was also okay.

He had started with his measuring 1.5 hours before midday and stopped 1.5 hours after midday. That was therefore a time period of 3 hours. He measured the distance between the two points, therefore the point at the beginning of measuring and of the point at the end of measuring, and also the two distances to the shadow casting point. Both points had the same distance to the top of the cone. He entered the three values into his spreadsheet calculation with the law of cosine, and had immediately the angle. It was 45.00055 degrees. More accurately is hardly possible. An eighth of the day is three hours and an eighth of 360 degrees is 45 degrees.

So the sun travels 15 degrees per hour - also in accordance with his sun observatory.

^ 103 In what range does the sun shine? Which is the range, which is between sunrise and sunset? At solstice the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. That are 90o measured from the north direction, in the morning once to the east, and in the evening 90o to the west. That are together 180o.

In the summer this angle is greater and in the winter smaller.

At the polar circle this angle is up to 360o in the summer and up to 0o in the winter.

From astronomical tables one can find out the sunrise and sunset dates, once the time and also the angle.

One can also calculate this, see further down:
The range of the sun measured on the horizon
The range of the sun measured along the sky

^ 104 How does such a curve then now look like? It looks like this, an example:


The horizontal line at the top and the vertical line on the left form the coordinate axes.

The vertical line on the left, the line parallel to the left side of the sheet, is parallel to the reference line, the edge of the building.

Concentric on the coordinate axes stands the cone. The top of the cone is 12.5 cm above the horizontal measuring plane and vertical above the coordinate axes.

The top of the cone is the shadow casting point.

The small circles are the measuring points, where the shadow has been marked. Between the two outer circles is a difference of 3 hours and of 14.4 cm. The diagonal line is the tangent to the curve. The dotted line is the line perpendicular to the tangent, which passes through the coordinate axes. The distance from the coordinate axes to the intersection of the tangent with its perpendicular is 13.2 cm.

The individual marking points were marked with the time, at which the shadow was marked.

The dotted line is the north south direction.

The intersection of the north south direction with the tangent gives the time, at which the sun stands on the local meridian.

The angle between the reference line and the north south direction is 23o.

The two distances between the two outer marking points and the top of the cone are both 20 cm.

The distance of the intersection of the north south direction with the tangent and the top of the cone is 18.2 cm. That is therefore the length of the ray of the sun there. Und the angle to the vertical is 46o.

This is, as already mentioned, an example. When the browser is so adjusted that the 10 cm are also 10 cm on the screen, then the scale of this plan of the sun observatory is 1:1.

^ 105 In the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the northern polar circle the 21. June is the high point of summer and the 22. December that of winter. In the area between the Tropic of Capricorn and the southern polar circle the 22. December is the high point of summer and the 21. June that of winter. But in the polar regions there are special conditions. Which special conditions are there now in the tropics? In the tropics every degree of latitude has its own summer and winter. The degree of latitude determines these data.

And every degree of latitude does not only determine its own summer and winter, but every parallel there has also two summers and two winters.

In the tropics are two winter high points. One is on the 22. December and the other on 21. June, at the two solstices. The first one for the northern hemisphere and the second for the southern hemisphere, just as in the areas outside of the tropics.

But the high points of the two summers vary.

The high points of the summer in the tropics move the same way, as the sun moves.

The equator has a summer high point on the 20. March and a second on 23. September, therefore at the equinoxes. But when the sun moves away from the equator, then also the high point of the summer moves with it.

So when the sun is vertically above a parallel in the tropics, then that day is also the high point of summer for that parallel.

When the sun moves away from the equator, the high point of the summer moves with it. And the more the sun is away from the equator, the shorter the distance between the two summers gets, until the two summers merge into one summer, at the tropics.

And the more the high points of the two summers come together, the shorter gets the one winter between them, until it completely disappears, at the tropics.

And in the tropics are also two winter high points, one on 21. June and a second on 22. December, therefore at the equinoxes.

Every parallel there determines its own winter, actually its own two winters. But that only refers to the duration of these two winters. Its two high points are fixed: the 21. June and the 22. December.

Every parallel there determines the durations of its seasons. So on every parallel the duration of its two summers and its two winters are different.

When the sun is above the Tropic of cancer, then it is summer in the northern hemisphere in the tropics and winter in the southern. And when the sun is on the Tropic of Capricorn then it is summer in southern hemisphere in the tropics and winter in the northern.

Windhoek for example is on the latitude of -22.5 degrees. It is in the southern hemisphere. That is one degree north of the Tropic of Capricorn and 22.5 degrees south of the equator. From Windhoek to the Tropic of Capricorn it is about 100 km. From Windhoek to the equator about 1800 km.

The sun therefore comes from the equator and then stands at the high point of the first summer vertically above the city. It then moves further and stands on the 22. December at midday vertically above the Tropic of Capricorn. That is there really visible. On the road from Windhoek in the direction of Cape Town a large road sign stands there with the inscription "Tropic of Capricorn". A little north of the sign is the town Rehoboth; that is the place of the Baster; a people which originated from Afrikaans speaking whites and non-whites further south, who then moved to the north and founded Rehoboth. It is one of the many nations in that part of the world, a thinly populated area, but which has nevertheless many groups of nations and languages.

The Baster are a wise people; they not only moved there, where it is warmer, but also to a place, where there is a warm spring, and had consequently a spa directly in town.

That is then the high point of the first winter. But that is only a theoretical winter; in reality it is then very hot. Then the sun there makes its solstice and returns to Windhoek. That is then the second summer. Then the sun gets again on the way back to the equator and further to the Tropic of Cancer and there is then the second solstice and the second winter. But this is then a quite tangible winter in Windhoek and since the city is in a valley high in the mountains, more than 1600 m high, it can get quite cool there, especially then, when the sun is not shining, therefore above all in the evening before going to bed the need for a heater exists.

Caracas for example is on the latitude of 10 degrees. It is in the northern hemisphere. On the 17. April is the high point of summer and also on 26. August.

Belo Horizonte for example is on the latitude on -20 degrees. That is in the southern hemisphere. On the 21. January is the high point of summer and also on the 21. November. These two summers are only each away from winter on 22. December by one month. So the closer a place is to a tropic, the more uneven is the length of the periods. On the equator it is the most even. And on the tropic it is then so uneven that the two summers and the two winters fall away and become only one summer and one winter. So the second summer and the second winter become so short that they then fall completely away.

The 21. June is the shortest day in Belo Horizonte. It is 10 hours and 55 minutes long. The high point of the second winter is on the 22. December. It is 13 hours and 20 minutes long. That are 2 hours and 25 minutes longer.

And now comes a second peculiarity in the tropics. This high point of the second winter is not the shortest day of that winter, but the longest day, and not only of that winter, but of the whole year.

In Caracas the high point of the first winter is the 22. December. It is 11 hours and 30 minutes long and is the shortest day of the year. The high point of the second winter is on the 21. June. It is 12 hours and 44 minutes long, therefore 1 hour and 14 minutes longer. And it is also not the shortest day of this second winter, but even the longest day of the whole year.

The high point of the first summer in Caracas is on the 21. April and that day is 12 hours and 24 minutes long. Therefore 20 minutes shorter than the 21. June. And so also the 26. August, it is 12 hours and 22 minutes long. Therefore both high summer days are shorter than the second high winter day on the 21. June.

So the well-known system of seasons applies to only 50.29% of the surface of the earth. To 8.29%, the areas of the polar circles, and to another 41.42%, the area of the tropics, therefore to 49.71%, quite different systems apply.

^ 106 On the northern hemisphere the 21. June is the high point of the summer. Is that really so? Is that also correct for the tropics? No. In the tropics the 21. June is the high point of winter, the high point of the one winter of two winters, the shorter winter.
^ 107 In the tropics the solstices are always the high points of winters. Why? Because with solstices the sun is always furthest away from the equator.
^ 108 How can one get answers to such questions, like when which moon rises or sets or which moon is where at a certain time? By studying these things or by using one’s intellect. But there is a simpler method: looking upwards.
^ 109 What is the reason, why our scientists are stupid? Our scientists, our so-called scientists, are stupid, because they do not recognize a logical fact, for example that light is not visible, exactly because the sky is black.

One reason for this is that they simply lack intellectual ability. Another is that always that is repeated, what is already asserted for decades, without even checking it. But there are still other reasons.

But the deeper reason is that they simply make fools of themselves by them not having information, which is known from spiritual writings for ages and is mentioned there, and that, because their religion, their materialism and their atheism does not allow them to read it.

They therefore simply disgrace themselves for that reason that they are followers of a religious sect, who do not read that, what is on their Index. That is forbidden.

And the reason for all this is that they are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good, since they are fools, who say in their heart, There is no God.

Their decision to reject God makes fools out of them.

And that includes all those, who also belong to this sect, for example the publishers of news, the publishers of the media, who spread these stupidities, and also those, who read it and believe it.

It is the blind faith in science. And when then somebody stands up and attacks this world of fake news and these fake news producers, then men, who have not completely become slaves of the god of this world, remember again the truth, and become again courageous and strong, and support such acts.

^ 110 A man flies on the equator from east to west with a speed of 1667 km/h. What must he do, to have a watch, which always shows him the right time? He must take the battery out from his watch.
^ 111 How can one imagine how great an angle of one degree is? The disk of the sun has an angle of 0.5334 degrees. That of the moon is 0.4976 degrees. That are together 1.0310 degrees, Therefore about 1 degree. When one has the sun and the moon next to each other in the sky, then the angle between the two outer edges is 1 degree.
^ 112 Where is the high point of summer on
a) 20.03.
b) 21.06.
c) 23.09.
d) 22.12.?

a) On the equator
b) Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle
c) On the equator
d) Between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle
^ 113 Where is the high point of winter on
a) 21.06.
b) 22.12.?

a) Everywhere in the tropics and between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle
b) Everywhere in the tropics and between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle
^ 114 What does the universe tell us?

God’s revelation through his creation.

15. February 1950. B.D. NR. 4839.

The clearest language of God is his work of creation, which bears witness of him in unusual measure, of his love, his wisdom and his power. Every work is the expression of his love, which is meant for his creatures standing shortly before perfection, through which he wants to make himself recognizable by them. He speaks to his creatures through all his works; he holds a language, which is so powerful that it should be understood by all men, so they do not shut themselves off from his revelations, which are his works for them. Where wisdom, love and power are expressed, one has to speak of a revelation of a being, which is extremely perfect and proves its perfection through its revelations. Creation is the greatest revelation of God, which can no more be surpassed. Nevertheless there are people, who go past everything blindly, what surrounds them; who also pay no further attention to the miracles of creation and which give them no cause to think, who therefore do not want or cannot recognize the creator of all things. God reveals himself to them in a different way to help them to recognize him himself. He approaches them through life fate, which clearly lets them recognize the intervention of a higher power, but also only then, when man wants to recognize. To the unwilling all revelations of God are incomprehensible; the unwilling is blind and deaf and hears nothing, no matter how clearly it becomes evident. He is also then unapproachable, so God himself approaches him through his word, through the greatest proof of his love to men, which causes him to express himself audibly to them. And his word bears witness of him himself; his word is the sign of a direct communication between God and men, who want to hear his word. His word is the direct revelation of him himself, because only a being, which exists, can express itself so, that it is audible; only a being, which wants to be recognized, announces itself through the word and proves in this way both that it is an entity as also the degree of its perfection. (16.2.1950) He approaches men in a way that they can recognize their own descent, that they must feel it, that it is the same being as they themselves, only in a degree of perfection, which they lack and which to achieve is their final goal. He reveals himself to his creatures. He speaks to them in the most different way, but always only for that reason, because he wants to be recognized by them as father of the universe, as creator and preserver of all entities and also of matter. He shows himself to them as creator of the imperishable, as also of the perishable and wants to give to them the proof that they themselves are imperishable as beings and therefore can be true children of their father, when they become like him, also in their being an entity. He reveals himself to them. His language is comprehensible to all, so the will just exists, to understand him; his language is full of love and wisdom, whether directly through his word or through his creation, which came into being through his will, his omnipotence. It is a language, which no man can speak, because it is unequalled. Men can just take note of it and make themselves worthy through acknowledgment of his love; they can hear his word and through it put themselves in the position, to become like his nature. Then also they give evidence that they are children of God; then they have paid attention to his language and increased in knowledge – in wisdom and love. Then the revelations of God have become blessings for men and have fulfilled their purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4839.

^ 115 Why do always new worlds come into being in the universe? Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual.

6. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5311.

The course of development of the spiritual requires infinite love and patience from the side of the heavenly father, no matter whether the spiritual is in the stage of the bound or the free will. The leading back of the spiritual to him is a process, which requires endless long time, because the individual substances must first find themselves again, which as tiny entities were once banished in the works of creation, and this finding itself and uniting goes on in the state of bound will. As man, in the state of free will, this uniting of the substances has already been carried out, and the spiritual has again its consciousness of self; but it is now to completely purify itself; it is to unite itself with God, its creator and father from eternity, which it certainly can. But it can also fragment itself again, i.e. strive downwards; it can develop backward and completely ignore the unification with God and is still not allowed to be stopped in its will. It can only be won through love and caused to strive for eternal love. And this winning back requires infinite love and patience of the father, who does not want to lose his children, but cannot force them to belong to him. But the love of God is boundless – it does not tire; it does not become impatient; it is not annoyed, and it never ever gives up, what stubbornly believes being able to separate from him. And he also wins it inevitably, but endless times can pass about it, and that to the disadvantage of the spiritual itself, which spends exactly endless long time in unhappy existence, may it be as man or also as still bound spiritual. And for that reason the help of God will persistently come to its assistance and promote it in every way. He will persistently let new creations come into being, so that the course of development in the mandatory law can uninterruptedly be covered, but as he also helps the spiritual as man with all love, to find the way up. What can be done on God’s part to promote it, that happens, but the necessary free will of man determines itself, how long the spiritual still is in the bound state, i.e. how long time it needs, until the unification with God and therefore the separation from all material form is carried out. The love of God will never stop to look after the spiritual, even so it seems as if it turns away from men, for it never ever gives up, what belongs to it for eternity, what is just to join it fully consciously to be able to feel unbound happiness, which otherwise remains denied to the spiritual, because only a creature having become love can feel the love of God and his courting for this love will never ever stop. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5311.

^ 116 How are we influenced by heavenly bodies? Astrology. Fate out of stars.

27. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4748.

Only that is to be seen as given by my spirit, what has the redemption of the spiritual as content, what therefore more or less informs in detail about my plan of salvation and consequently also testifies to me and my nature. Knowledge, which does not move in this framework, which therefore does not awaken in man neither faith in my love, wisdom and omnipotence, nor promotes the maturity of the soul of the individual, knowledge, which moreover stands in opposition to the teaching of Christ insofar as that it negates free will of man, therefore man would be completely will-lessly at the mercy of fate – knowledge, which further believes to be able to unveil to man the future covered by my wisdom, is no spirit work and therefore also not in my will, rather a means of my opponent, to push men away from true knowledge and to mislead their thinking. Never ever will men be able to fathom or calculate, how the fate of life of the individual fashions itself, but all such claims are wrong conclusions or conjectures, which certainly can be right by chance, but then never based on calculations or influence of certain celestial bodies, but the life fate is always in accordance with my plan from eternity, which is based on the free will of man. In the great space of creation endless many celestial bodies are certainly visible to men of this earth, but these celestial bodies do not exert an influence on men, (28.9.1949) what will also be understandable to everyone, when he considers that innumerable celestial bodies move in orbits allocated to them, that this conformity to laws is recognized by my wisdom as good and right for eternity, that all celestial bodies bear beings of life for the purpose of ascent development and that also their fate is determined, but this is never influenced by other celestial bodies. Only pure naturally can the earth inhabitants feel atmospheric currents, which appear through the nearness of certain celestial bodies, but which have no influence on the fate of the individual. The conformity to laws in the entire universe, the eternal order, which can be recognized in my creation, is certainly proof enough of a steering power. But in the same order also the development course of the beings is carried out, for the sake of which the entire creation has first come into being. That now these creations have a certain influence on the development of the spiritual beings, is correct, but only insofar as that they make a perpetual transformation possible for the latter and therefore a slow ascent up. But in the stage of free will the events approach man so, as I have recognized them, in my wisdom, as favourable for the being. That the entire earth life is carried out in a certain conformity to law, causes men to draw wrong conclusions – they have interpreted this conformity to law according to own thinking and now drawn conclusions, connecting them with the fate of man. But these researches are not at all in accordance with truth and are also not approved by me, because I will always accept the free will of man, although I have determined the life fate for eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 4748.

^ 117 How do we connect with other heavenly bodies? Isolation of world bodies.

31. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6323.

Worldwide distances lie between the creations, which you see as celestial bodies at the vault of heaven – distances, which are not to be estimate by you men and for that reason also not to be overcome, because every individual celestial body is a world on its own and these worlds are completely sealed off from each other, insofar, as that they have completely different life spheres, always according to the nature of the celestial body itself and also of its inhabitants. You men are not allowed to believe that my spirit of creation could not be versatile enough in creating and fashioning – you are not allowed to believe that you find your living conditions again on other celestial bodies in the same way as on earth, which you inhabit – you are still very much less allowed to believe that those celestial bodies would offer you the same living possibilities, which are required for your existence, when you would ever get into the area of such a heavenly body. But it would be a vain venture; you will never succeed to even pick up a connection with other heavenly bodies, if this does not happen by spiritual means that mental transmissions take place from such worlds, but which always only serve you to spiritual ascent, but never concern worldly inquiries planned by you men. You men can indeed develop great abilities in yourselves; you can be active on earth to create and fashion; you can ascertain the powers of nature and turn them to use in every way; you can deeply penetrate in the laws of nature by virtue of the intellect and now emerge with all your knowledge. But your sphere of activity is and remains always only the earth, and so you now seek to analyse all your intellectual knowledge as a blessing for your fellowmen, my blessing of your work, of your effect, will also support it, for then my law of eternal order is followed. But you must also remain in this order; you must respect the laws, which I myself have given and which are clearly recognizable in all works of creation. And to this also belongs the worldwide distance of the heavenly bodies from your earth, to this belongs the isolation of each individual heavenly body from the others, which is as it were marked through the airless space, through the stratosphere, which make the stay of a man in this space impossible and thus should clearly show you that I myself have isolated you. No matter if you also believe of being able to overcome such obstacles. You men will fail with such attempts; you will perish when you venture into areas, which were closed for you by me. You just prove with it, that you are of a very arrogant spirit to believe being able to make divine laws of nature ineffective; you prove that you neither acknowledge these laws nor the law giver; and you prove that you men are ripe for the total change of this earth, because you lack the main knowledge, that one is above you who speaks the last word – that you do not recognize this one, otherwise you would not undertake something to what you are not entitled as inhabitants of this earth: to make yourselves other worlds to the destination of your research, which are and remain completely unreachable for you, because every celestial body serves spiritual beings for maturation and the degrees of maturity of these beings are so different, that all of them need all other creations - creations, in which you men cannot exist, and for that reason there can also never be a connection between the two worlds. My spirit of creation and my will of creation truly has worked nothing without wisdom, but you men will never be able to fathom what is outside of your earth sphere, than only that, that an existence of innumerable celestial bodies and worlds has become certain to you, because this proof does not contribute to a disadvantage of your soul – but all further knowledge can only be disclosed to you spiritually. Amen.
B.D. NR. 6323.

^ 118 How are the laws of nature of earth different to those of other celestial bodies? Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.

10. January 1938. B.D. NR. 254.

Dear child – it is an original wise law that the celestial bodies go their course in the universe without interruption, according to the will of the Lord, always with the same distance to the sun and within eternally repeated regularity. Everything created in the universe depends on the solar system. No single star can exist without the illuminating power of the sun because each celestial body has its purpose that again innumerable living things have it as place of residence – and still the composition of each is of a different nature. Would you like to fathom this you would have to reckon with laws which are until now completely unknown to you. The earth is a star, which is completely isolated from the other world bodies or the other celestial bodies, with laws of nature especially determined for earth, and so you can explain yourselves the celestial bodies, which you see in the firmament, according to these laws of nature – but with this you do not come close to truth – for all inhabitants of earth the laws of earth are valid – which however deviate from the laws of the other celestial bodies – therefore it will never be possible for you to put forward teachings and rules for these because you do not master the laws of the universe. It is more or less the same as if you want to make the beings in the animal kingdom understand that the thinking of each man is different – so like everyone’s spirit forms its life and these lives can be so totally different – and the animal would not be able to understand the spiritual atmosphere in which man is, although he is like the animal being also on earth - so also every celestial body is totally different from each other, despite all of them moving in the same universe and under one will. Consequently the last answers remain untapped for you men; therefore it is completely futile to make scientific researches about areas and questions, which man can never solve, because even if you have found an answer – who will prove that the answer is correct? You will always only reckon and pass your judgement according to the laws which are in force for earth but the universe holds such great secrets, and in existence on earth you will waste your time researching them. Who guarantees you that the Lord’s creation has been carried out the same way on all celestial bodies – who wants to claim things on earth which to fathom prove do not lie in his power? As world-far one celestial body is apart from the other, as different is also the purpose of each celestial body for the beings allocated to it, and the laws, to which these celestial bodies are subject, have been given by the creator of the universe according to his wise judgement, but completely incomprehensible to the inhabitants of earth and not to be grasped by human intellect. By his works of creation all beings are to recognize the greatness of the Lord, and only when man once devotes himself to such contemplation, that he has only approximate knowledge of a very tiny part of creation and even this part – earth – he is not capable of thoroughly researching it in its complete composition – then a quiet foreseeing must arise in him of the infinity of the universe – of the incomprehensible greatness of the creator - and it must become clear to him, that everything is created according to a wise divine plan and man has been put into it as a part of this work of creation, likewise with an assignment, which to carry out must be the purpose of his life on earth. And wanting to serve the Lord of the world must be the result of the thinking of him who seeks to research earth and its surrounding celestial bodies. Because immensely great is the universe and tiny small man. Amen.
B.D. NR. 0254.

^ 119 What is one then to think about many of the scientific research results of astronomers and astro-physicists? They can calmly be pulped, when one has read the answer to question 118.

^ 120 So how then does it all work?

When the physical origin of your universe is finally discovered, your scientist will be no better off than they are now. They will immediately be up against the problem that above all others they have avoided for so long, that of the origin behind the origin. The simple fact needs restating. The physical universe, and everything in it, is the result of consciousness. It did not evolve consciousness. To the contrary, consciousness not only created the physical universe, but continues to do so.

This constant creation of the physical universe is carried on by each individual in it, on a subconscious level.

http://www.countdown4us2.com/en022012/en022012016.htm Seth

^ 121 How is matter then the result of consciousness?

Now the inner ego is another term for what we call inner self. As the outer ego manipulates within the environment and physical reality, so the inner ego or self organizes and manipulates within an inner reality. The inner ego creates that physical reality with which the outer ego then deals.

It is the inner self, out of the massive knowledge and unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world, that provides stimuli to keep the ego constantly at the job of awareness. It is the inner self, termed here the inner ego, that organizes, initiates, projects, controls the EE units of which we have been speaking lately, transforming energy into objects, into matter.

The inner ego however is always aware of both aspects of its reality. In the deepest sense, this inner self is organized about its primary aspect, which is creativity. It constantly translates the components of its gestalt into reality, either physical reality through the EE units I have mentioned, or into other realities equally as valid.

The EE units are the forms basic experience takes when directed by this inner self.

These then form physical objects, physical matter. Matter is the shape that basic experience takes when it intrudes into three dimensional systems. Matter is the shape of your dreams. Your dreams, emotions, feelings, thoughts, are underlined transformed into physical matter purposefully by this inner self.

An individual inner self, then, through constant massive effort of great creative intensity, cooperates with all other inner selves to form and maintain the physical reality that you know, so that physical reality is an offshoot or by-product of, the highly conscious creative inner self.

Buildings appear to be made of rock or wood or steel. They appear fairly permanent to the physical senses. They are actually oscillating, ever-moving, highly charged gestalts of EE units, organized and maintained by collective effort on the part of inner selves. They are solidified emotions, solidified subjective states, given physical materialization.

The powers of consciousness are clearly not understood then, nor its multidimensional aspects. As I have told you, the self is literally unlimited. Each individual has his part to play in projecting these EE units into physical actuality. Therefore physical matter can be legitimately described as an extension of the self, as much as the physical body is a projection of the inner self.

http://www.countdown4us2.com/en022012/en022012032.htm Seth

^ 122 A camera on the far side of the moon is to take a picture of the brightly shining stars of the sky. When should it take the picture? At night.
^ 123 When is night everywhere on the far side of the moon? At full moon.
^ 124 Why is everywhere on the moon the sky black, also during the day? Because the moon has no atmosphere and because light is, contrary to the claim of so-called scientists, not visible.
^ 125 When on the moon the sky is also black during the day, why are then the stars not visible during the day? For the same reason, why also on earth the stars are not visible during the day.
^ 126 What tells us that the moon has no atmosphere? "Already simple optical observations show that the moon can have no atmosphere. Any formations of clouds and things like that are never observed and at the boundary between the day and night side of the moon no twilight effects can be detected at all. A further test against a moon atmosphere is possible at the covering of a star through the moon disk. On that occasion the point-shaped star disappears suddenly and emerges just as instantaneously again at the other edge of the moon. All these examination possibilities led already long before the landings on the surface of the moon to the result, that an atmosphere of the moon, should actually traces of it exist after all, can only show a maximum of half a trillionth of the earthly air density. Certain de-gassing processes from the interior of the moon might temporarily lead to an extreme thin atmosphere. But the escape velocity is for the moon only 2.37 km/s, so that these gases can again quickly flee from the attractive area of the moon.

But the lack of an atmosphere also shows a lack of water, since it would have to evaporate and form a steam cover, which likewise would soon escape into space. Whether there still could be water below the surface of the moon, in cavities secluded outwardly, possibly in the form of ice, was and is still a disputed question. The newer investigations of moon quakes (see page 77) though speak against it."

Pages 71-72, dtv-Atlas zur Astronomie, Joachim Herrmann, 1976.

^ 127 What then does the fact tell us that there is no atmosphere on the moon? That living beings there would have to be different than on earth. When we sow seeds there, which thriving on earth also depends on the air on the earth, then they will probably not thrive on the moon. This could be the sign that all living beings on the moon are not perceived with our state of consciousness on earth, therefore also our cameras do not show them.

When a man wants to live on the moon, he must bring his air with him from earth. And even also the air pressure.

^ 128 What is then now actually meaning and purpose of creation? Cosmic radiation. (Astrology).

20. and 21. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5321.

The spirit in you must become active, if you want to have clarity in all things, if you want to think right and move in divine truth. The right understanding cannot be given to you men, but you must first fulfil the preconditions, which guarantee you full understanding, and this precondition is exactly that you bring the spirit in you to awakening, so that it instructs you, guides your thinking right and gives you the understanding for higher wisdom, which you as man alone, only with your intellectual understanding, cannot grasp. It is a completely useless beginning wanting to penetrate into divine secrets of creation without the help of the spirit, which, as share of God, knows everything and can also impart to you man knowledge. Without spirit work you will therefore never get to see into the divine plan of creation and salvation or, so the knowledge about it is supplied to you from the outside, not be able to grasp it. But what the spirit of God imparts to you about it is fullest truth and will increase your cognition, for it has taken its start from God; it is a direct supply of truth, which has its origin in God. The complete creation, earthly and spiritually, is God’s will having become form, founded in his love and goal-orientated through his wisdom. Consequently every work of creation is thought over full of wisdom in its origin and in its functionalism and fitted in into the whole creation, as God saw it from eternity as health invigorating for the spiritual supposed to develop upwards. Every creation work is the completion of another, and the whole spiritual and earthly creation is an incomprehensible spiritual complex, which waits for its dissolving.

Man is only able to receive the tiniest fraction in his mind, (21.2.1952) and he therefore must also content himself with explanations, which only give him a slight idea, which only make purpose and aim in rough outlines understood, what has emerged out of God’s creator hand. It is also not becoming for man wanting to fathom the deepest secrets, as long as he is still in earthly material cover on earth, because his spiritual horizon is limited, because he lacks all ability of imagination to be able to grasp creations existing outside of earth. But innumerable heavenly bodies are visible to his bodily eyes, which therefore also revolve in the infinite space as creations of God and in endless distance of men move in courses fixed according with laws. These heavenly bodies are certainly visible to him, but not to be researched with his intellect. They are those worlds, where either a kind of basic education or the further development of human souls goes on, because there are countless spheres, which serve the souls, standing in countless different degrees of maturity, as stay. Look at all heavenly bodies, which are visible to your eye, as further education stations of the spiritual, then you have already explained the meaning and purpose of the heavenly bodies most clearly. The whole creation, therefore all heavenly bodies of earthly material or spiritual kind, are steered by my will, and all are subordinated to the law of eternal order, which originator is the divine creator himself. Nothing can happen in the whole universe out of law; everything must be carried out in accordance with laws, otherwise God himself would surrender the creation to dissolving, as soon as he acts against his law.

Man must first possess this knowledge to be able to now grasp that there cannot be neither arbitrary world events nor arbitrary cosmic events, because every event is already included in the eternal basic law and appears so, as God has already for eternity recognized it as functional for the spiritual development. In times of intellectual research pushed too far one certainly believes being able to discover a certain rule and to have discovered and now also being able to guarantee knowledge for coming events. One can certainly have recognized certain conformity to laws and now subordinate to these laws, but then man fits himself into that law, but not that he believes to be able to dominate that law, by him wanting to calculate, what is to remain hidden to him nature-legally – by him making a connection between fate, the course of life of a man with the heavenly bodies revolving according to divine law, and their course.

You men ask yourselves, whether it would perhaps be good, if you could know your course of life, all events and details in advance – and do not ask yourselves last, how then perhaps your free will would to be supported; ask yourselves, whether you could then speak of a life task, of a spiritual ascent development in free will. All this would be invalid, when it would be possible for you, to do calculations at the course of the stars, which are to determine your earth walk. There are certainly divine laws according to which the course of life, the fate of man, is shaped, but men can never ever be able to see into this law; never ever is knowledge about it accessible to them, otherwise God would not keep the future hidden for them precisely also as a law, which is found on his wisdom and love.

But in the whole universe undeniably connections exist between the individual works of creation, and every heavenly body also radiates certain powers, which other heavenly bodies catch, what does not remain without influence. These are cosmic currents, precisely caused by nature through divine laws, and these currents also have an effect on man now and then, more or less stimulating him, but also crippling at times, why a pure natural influence of the heavenly bodies on man cannot be denied, but which influences the spiritual development in no way, can only be felt bodily. And these cosmic currents can also have building up or destructive effects, but natural disasters cannot be calculated time wise with fullest certainty, otherwise also such time wise determined predictions would cause the greatest confusion among men and for that reason mean an obstacle for the spiritual development in free will. Men can also now and then be exposed to cosmic influences, but never ever are they in this way pushed to decisions, which are determining for the spiritual development. But the desire to uncover hidden things, cannot be satisfied through suggestion (men) (suggestion has been crossed through and men written above it) – for what God keeps hidden, that men will not be able to uncover, unless God himself shows it to them, to help them up – so he himself announces future things, to protect men from the danger of a fall into the deep. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5321.

^ 129 What must one do to understand God's plans?

Reshaping of new earth gives new development possibilities.

19. March 1952. B.D. Nr. 5340.

The spiritual needs new development possibilities because the old creations do no longer fulfil their purpose since they are not evaluated the right way or used for service as it agrees with my law of the eternal order. The will of man prevents many possibilities to serve or prematurely breaks off the course of development of the spiritual in certain creations; the will of man changes the natural purpose of creations that were called into being by me for the purpose of maturing and so the whole development process has come to a halt that I want to lift through creating new works, through dissolving of existing creations and complete reshaping of the old surface of the earth so that progress is ensured for all spiritual. Besides countless spiritual entities come free that, bound in hard matter, wait for their next re-forming. An order will again be restored through the new rising up of creations of various kinds, only to accelerate the development process and to bring results. The wrong thinking and willing of men that is caused by self-love will understandably also have a wrong effect on the environment of men, may it be hard matter, plants or animals in which the spiritual often cannot reach that degree of maturity that is the prerequisite for the next re-forming. The law of nature is ignored where men expect material advantages; men themselves do no longer move in my order and through this also bring the spiritual in the various creations out of order which is why a complete integration into the eternal order has become necessary and this also requires a work of reshaping of major extent that so is to offer for the first time the development possibilities for all spiritual from the lowest to the highest degree of maturity. The wrong will of men has also spiritually brought about a chaos that irrevocably brings with it a dissolving and a new creation. Ignorant mankind only sees the effect of destruction on men and so does not recognize the great blessing that the spiritual carries off in the pre-stages of a new forming of the earth. But I know about the misery of all spiritual and also think of that in love, which is still far down below so that I give it possibilities to reach up, to also once exchange the bound state with the state of free will. I give all spiritual the possibility to reach up but I take the freedom of will from the spiritual that completely fails after an endless long time of favour, after already advanced development as man, but still creating again a new course of development for it and even when this is also a state of agony so it is the only way that can lead to total freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5340.

^ 130 One has an area as part of the surface of the earth, which is a square and each side has a length of s = 1 km. Each point of this area is level, therefore as with the surface of a lake. Now one has a straight line of the length s, which spans from the centre of one side to the centre of the opposite side. By how many centimetres is the centre of this area higher than the straight line? The radius of the earth is r = 6378 km.

The angle from the centre of the one side to the centre of the earth and then back to the centre of the area is Alpha/2 or α/2, and the sine of the angle α/2 is 0.5/6378=0.00007839.

The angel α/2 is then 0.00449 degrees.

The cosine of this angel is 0.999999996929.

The distance from the centre of the earth to the centre of the line we call h and it is then h = 0.999999996929*6378=6377.999980 km.

The sought value is then r-h=6378-6377.999980=0.000020 km and that is 0,020 m and that is 20 mm and that is 2 cm.

^ 131 What would be the values of the previous examination for other orders of magnitude? Kreisausschnitt2
When the square has only a length of the side of s = 100 m, the sought of value is r - h as 0.02 cm, therefore a hundredth of 2 cm. For different orders of magnitude the following values result:
10 000 km: 2 418 km
 1 000 km:    20 km
   100 km:   0.2 km
    10 km:     2 m
     1 km:    20 mm
100 m: 0.2 mm = 200.00 µm
 10 m:            2.00 µm
  1 m:            0.02 µm
^ 132 What would a square of s = 10000 km length of side mean for the previous examination? That is more of a theoretical examination, since 10000 km results in a length of an arch b of 11493 km and that is already more than a quarter of the equator.
^ 133 What would a square of s = 100 km length of side mean for the previous examination? When I am 200 m above sealevel, the horizon would be 50 km away from me.

When I would be on the Island Heligoland and I want to see the Island Langeoog, which is 50 km away, then I would have to be 200 m high.

^ 134 What would a square of s = 10 km length of side mean in the previous examinations? When I am 2 m above sealevel and my neighbour is also 2 m above sealevel and 10 km ocean are between us, then I can see him just above the horizon.
^ 135 What would a square of s = 100 m length of side mean in the previous examinations? A floor of a hall, which is 100 m long, and is to be straight and not arched, can be build in without taking account of the earth's curvature. That means that there can be a maximum of 0.2 mm difference in height, what in normal cases is under the allowed tolerance limit.

Should the floor be 1000 m long, it can be, when a tangent is placed to the centre, that there is a difference of height up to 20 mm at both ends.
If it is mainly about that the floor is level everywhere, then it can be build according to normal circumstances. But if the requirement is that the floor is to be straight, then the earth's curvature must be considered, so that the centre of the floor and the two end points are in one line, therefore all three points can be connected with a straight line.

^ 136 Why are on the picture of question and answer No. 15 no stars seen? Because the camera has taken an area, which was sunlit.
^ 137 But our night's sky is also sunlit, why do we then see the stars? Because our direct surroundings are not exposed to the influence of the light of the sun.
^ 138 But our night's sky is not sunlit at all? That is correct, but only applies to a small part of the night's sky, to a cylinder of the diameter of the earth. How small this part of the night's sky is, can be seen by the fact that the moon rarely stays in this cylinder, only at an eclipse of the moon.
When the so-called scientists would be right with their claim that light is visible, then this cylinder would also be black, but everything around it would be full of sunlight, and this, black, cylinder would then be quite an attraction for an observer, perhaps from the moon.

And the moon itself would also have it, and also the planets - this cylinder.

And the stars would then be something, what one cannot prove that they exist. And when then a spiritual awakened one would claim that there is something like stars, then that would not be believed, exactly as if he would claim that all celestial bodies are inhabited.

^ 139 With the question and answer Nr. 136 it was said that the camera had taken an area that was sunlit. Where on the photo of the question and answer No. 15 must the camera be, so that stars are seen on the photo? Behind the earth or behind the moon.
^ 140 How can one prove to another person the existence of something supernatural? There it is best to steer clear of it. But one can very nicely prove that to oneself. When decades of experience always produce the same result, then certainty has become what was faith in the beginning. It has become knowledge. And then one has become a knowing one - a scientist. And everyone can do that and should do it. When somebody calls himself a scientist and does not do it, then he is just a so-called scientist and his claim that the interest of men drives him, to be active scientifically, is a lie.

But the experience is actually already knowledge at the very beginning, only certainty then strengthens the initial faith. A man like Robert Monroe, a real scientist, has imparted knowledge to the world, which is quite comprehensive, but only he can prove it, who goes the way himself, which Robert Monroe has gone, and then he can also only prove it to himself, not to others.

Another example is Tom Lethbridge. But both these men had already fulfilled the basic condition, and that is having acknowledged the existence of God. Most of the scientists, therefore the majority, do not do this and for that reason they are no real scientist, but just so-called scientists, who say in their heart, There is no God.

And this attitude brings about the following: They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. 

That is the state of affairs of today's science.

But that what Robert Monroe and Tom Lethbridge have done is true science, and the evidence is the testimony, which they have given, and the testimony of a real witness is valid for true men exactly the same way as the testimony of a true witness before a court of law is valid. The true witness and the true judge will see the true testimony for the proof of truth, and they will seek no proofs from unbelievers.

^ 141 The moon one can also see during the day, why can one not see the planets during the day; the nearest ones, Venus and Mars, are actually in the same order of magnitude as the moon? Venus has a distance from the sun of 108.2 million km and the earth has a distance from the sun of 149.6 million km. The difference is 41.4 million km. That is about hundred times the distance of the moon from the earth, 0.4 million km. So the planets would be very small in relation to the moon, besides one would have to know exactly where in the sky one has to look for them.
^ 142 What difference exists in the illuminating power between stars and planets? Stars are light spending creations and planets are not. Planets spend light because they reflect it, so as also the moon. Planets can have greater illuminating power in the sky than stars, but that is because stars are far more away. A planet may be 40 million km away, the next star is about 40 000 000 million km, 40 x 1012 km, away.
^ 143 In the answer to question 121 it is said that the physical body is a projection of the inner self. That is now indeed a quite unusual idea, how will one then justify such a thing? The first sentence in the book of books says that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. God is spirit and has therefore out of himself, out of a spirit, therefore out of an entity which has no body, created something physical. And God has created man, also a spirit, and he has created him in his image, after his likeness, therefore also again a god, and this god man, creates exactly the same way, as his God, who created him, creates.

Whenever your body wants to make itself known negatively, seeks to suggest to you a bodily state, which you actually do not really want, then remember, who created you, therefore return with your thinking back to God and then project out of your own self a body, which you want to have. God's main task is to create, and so is yours.

Imagine that your subconscious, your higher self, projects your physical body exactly so several times per second, like a film projector throws individual pictures on to the screen and in this way a course of movements emerges, life emerges. And every time your will, your intention, can carry out a change, a positive change, and in a matter of seconds your body is repaired and functions hundred per cent.

^ 144 We know how the half-moon looks like. How then looks now our half-earth? Here a picture from the year 2018:

"Figure 37: The Earth and Moon imaged on June 8 by the KACST-developed camera on China's Longjiang-2 microsatellite. The image shows Saudi Arabia on the distant Earth, as well as the northern hemisphere of the lunar far side, near the Petropavlovskiy crater (image credit: CNSA/CLEP/KACST)"

^ 145 But the heaven over Saudi Arabia is but full of sunshine. How does it then come that the whole surroundings of the earth is black? Because light is not visible. Light is visible in the source of light. When it has left the source of light, it is invisible. When it hits an object, it is again visible. We think, during the day, particularly with sunshine, our sky is full of light. But that is only so, because we have an atmosphere. On the pictures taken on the moon, front or far side, the sky is always black, because the moon has no atmosphere.

And when the light hits an object, it is actually also no visible. What is visible, is the photoelectric effect, are the electrons, which the photons shoot out of matter, out of the sand of the desert or of the molecules of the air.

^ 146 At what time of the day was then the picture of answer 144 taken? Sunrise in Europe and in West Africa.
^ 147 The line between the illuminated and the unlit part of the earth, is that a meridian? No, on the northern hemisphere the line is further to the west, because there is summer, and on the southern hemisphere further to the east, because there is winter.

The angle of the Red Sea to the north direction is about 30 degrees. The angle of the Red Sea to the line between the illuminated and the unlit part of earth is about 10 degrees.

That is a confirmation of the preceding and results in an angle between the north direction and the line between the illuminated and the unlit part of earth of 20 degrees.

The line is therefore not perpendicular, like the meridian, but on top further to the left and below further to the right, and that by 20 degrees.

^ 148 With the moon we have the waxing moon and the waning moon. Does the picture of the answer number 144 show the waxing earth? When the photo was taken, there was sunrise in Europe and West Africa. 12 hours before was sunrise at the Date Line and 12 hours after it will again be sunrise at the Date Line. From the moon, or from a satellite around the moon, the earth therefore offers an interesting course of events, very much more interesting than the events, which an observer on earth is offered of the moon, for he has always the same view of the moon, and that already for several eternities.

The only change the observer has on earth, is when the moon moves into a position between him and the sun, then the moon can darken the sun. And when he, the observer, moves between the sun and the moon, then the shadow of the earth can go over the moon.

But the observer from the moon has also still another spectacle before his eyes; he can therefore for example as at the point of time of the picture, observe for the next 6 hours, how the cloud cover over Europe changes, or does not change.

But during this whole time of 24 earth hours the earth, as seen by the observer from the moon, is a half-earth, there nothing changes.

The picture comes from the June 8, 2018 and there was about waning half-moon.

The following picture shows on the right the waning half-moon und in the middle the earth and on top the coming in, yellow, rays of the sun.


When someone now looks from the moon, from the waning half-moon, on to the earth, then he has to the right the illuminated part of earth and to the left the unlit one, exactly as on the photograph.

In the next seven days the moon moves into the position of the new moon. It therefore pushes itself more and more between the sun and the earth and that means, that the observer on the moon has the sun in the back and the sun illuminates the earth fully. So the earth has developed from a waxing half-earth to a full earth.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether the picture shows the waxing half-earth is Yes.

^ 149 When is then, seen from the moon, waning half-earth? When there is waxing half-moon.
^ 150 When is new earth, seen from the moon? At full moon.
^ 151 To the next question. 151 To the next answer. 151




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