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22.007 The storm


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev03.186-188 The storm


But in the meantime Herme, the messenger and singer from Caesarea Philippi, went up to the mountain to see how it is perhaps with the burnt down town, and found it here and there still very much in flames; but at the time he also discovered how a very violent thunderstorm started to rise quickly in the direction of the town and according to his opinion will not wait very long.

He now came back from the mountain as a weather prophet and said to old Markus: »You, dear neighbour, so many guests are here, and it will not be half an hour and we all stand under the most raging thunderstorm! Do you perhaps have enough roofing to protect all of us from all kinds of trouble? Because with such a downfall it is uncanny to be outdoors! I still will not even talk about the wind and rain; but the hail and lightning are yet a bit too uncomfortable to endure in the open! When you have too little roofing then we should make arrangements!«

Says Markus: «As long as the one who is here does not say anything, there is certainly no danger! This one is our very best and most reliable safe under cover; but if he wishes that arrangements are made, then they will also me made most quickly! So you, my dear friend and neighbour, set your mind completely at rest; everything will turn out quite well!«

I call the two and say to Markus: »The storm that will soon stay above us will certainly cause us quite a lot of trouble! That is why according to the opinion of Herme some roofs would be good; but you completely lack the material for this! From where will one take this in the great hurry?«

Says Markus: »Lord, as long as you are with us and among us, I say, as I have said before to friend Herme: You are our best under cover, and we forever do not need any better and durable one!«

These words of old Markus are now loud and trustingly expressed by many of the ones standing around, and I say: »So may it then be! But when there now comes a good and proper hail, accompanied by lightning and cloudburst?«

Say all: »Lord, let in addition to this all mountains be shaken through an unprecedented earthquake and stars fall from heaven then we will in your presence still roar with laughter with it; because what can harm us when your almighty hand protects us?!«

Say I: »Like now in the storm and in danger you must also speak in the heart and not alone in the mouth, then my protection will be and become beneficial through your faith and through your fervent trust; but when you start to despair in danger then my protection would just not really be of too particular use!«

Say all: »O Lord, who will there begin to sway in faith and trust in you?! But we yet above all monopolize your love and your almighty will; because when you, o Lord, would pause with your will then we would be in a really very bad way with all of our faith and confidence! But you are just over good and just, and you will not let our trust come to nothing!«

Say I: »O, by no means, - you are to learn to know and to feel Godís power and glory just this evening! But in addition this storm has to come because of the still burning town, otherwise it would continue to burn still several days. This will perhaps be a storm lasting about three hours, as you have not yet experienced one, and will nevertheless produce more profit than any damage.

But now let us still go out to the sea; because there our presence will be most necessary! There you will also be able to view most easily the indignant elements, and there the glory of God will become clearer than under a roof!«

Now upon these words all flock out to the completely calm sea. But there one sees also already the black clouds moving along and also clouds piling up on a huge scale over the eastern and southern mountains, and now it becomes clear to all that this will make a most serious storm; but above the sea a lot of storm birds show themselves immediately.

Ouran therefore starts to worry about his beautiful and costly tents, comes to me and asks me that I would also protect this his treasure; because with this prospect of such a gigantic storm the tents could probably be much affected!

Say I: »Didnít I tell you then, how the glory of God will reveal itself just here most plainly? How can you beyond that still worry about your poor tents as if any salvation of the world would depend on it?! See, the tents are huge and very spacious; when the storm will stand above us with all its violence then let all the female guests enter them, and also those male ones who might perhaps still be seized by too great a fear! Because the storm will definitely not be childís play; but nothing will happen to your beautiful tents, except that they will get a bit wet.«

Says Ouran: «I thank you for this promise, which now already has been as good as fully fulfilled. My tents, which certainly do not let one drop of water through with the most violent cloudburst, are now at the disposal of all who want to make use of it. But I myself however will also remain with you outdoors, o Lord.«

Say I: »Donít you then fear the hail?«

Says Ouran: »I have already with all the others earlier given my opinion and now say once again with the wise saying of the Romans: Si fractus illabatur orbis, impavidum ∆erient ruinae! (Whether also the whole world collapses, the ruins will still bear the courageous!)«

Say I: »Very well now; but now the opposing storm clouds already start to reach their wet hands, and it will therefore start soon! Also on the sea the spring waves start to show themselves here and there, and therefore it is time for the timorous to go to the high and dry!«

Fish jump out of the water to catch the low flying mosquitos; an always growing swarm of seagulls and water swallows amuse themselves above the area of the water and help the fish to decrease the number of mosquitos. In places the water gets very turbulent, and the clouds keep moving in the high air always closer and livelier in a jumble. Thunder rolls in the West uninterruptedly, and the hurricanes in the high see start their terrible raging and roaring fight.


As the pre-noise of the quickly approaching storm becomes stronger and more roaring and a complete darkness nearly starts to spread over the sea and the whole area, there also the more fearful start to make their way into the tents (of Ouran), and do not really want to remain outdoors with me. Also the disciples start to make all kinds of worries known among themselves; of the fifty Pharisees not one remains outdoors when they see some hailstones weighing pounds fall to the ground in front of them.

Ebahl admonishes Jarah to also go with him into one tent of Ouran; but she is not to be persuaded to move and says: »Who can then indeed therefore be so enormously afraid near and in the fullest presence of the Lord?! Should such a storm perhaps be able to do more than the Lordís love, omnipotence and eternal highest power?«

Says Ebahl: »Far be it; but with the falling down of hailstones weighing pounds a small fear befalls one then still quite automatically, especially when the clouds will pour them down in altogether dense quantities. Such a ball of ice, as just now one fell down in front of me, could quite easily shatter oneís head!

I believe that also not one, even with the densest falling down, will touch or harm me and my little daughter; but nevertheless the traditional fear automatically befalls a man as I am one. But now I will yet not be afraid; because I am indeed yet not allowed to come to nothing by my Jarah!«

Now it starts to hail already a little denser. Sleets double as big as a fist fall to the ground with great vehemence, the sea starts to drive waves as high as a house, one lightning follows the other, and with the dense hail also the rain starts to pour down in torrents.

Here Hebram and Risa with the thirty boys also become fugitive and escape under the tables; but Suetal, Ribar and Bael, the first of the twelve former criminals, remain, and my disciples except Judas Ischariot also remain. The Roman soldiers seek protection in the house and in the fisherman huts of Markus and under the stone rocks.

But surrounding me are first Cyrenius, Kornelius, Faustus, Julius, Philopold, Kisjonah, Ebahl with Jarah, Raphael and Josoe, then eleven disciples, old Markus with his two sons and also Mathael with Ouran, Rob, Boz, Micha and Zahr.

But Helena, now Mathaelís wife, fled also with the wife and the daughters of Herme into the tents; but Herme also remainded with me.

But as we now stood completely free at the coast so still no-one was touched by a still so densely falling hailstone or raindrop; also the spot where we stood remained completely dry. Lightnings hit into the ground before and behind us and irritated nothing but mainly our ears through their strong noise. But now also a hurricane started with all violence to work on the sea, and immediately the waves went along like small mountains and granted the human eye a quite terrible sight.

Now Markus said: »Lord! I now still have already become an old man and have seen and enjoyed thunderstorms in Calabria and Sicily; but such a genuine Noahic thunderstorm has not happened to me! Lord, this hail devastates the region for several years! And the terrible streams of water carry off all the good soil into the sea! That will bring a pretty mess for the poor people! And this story does not only not stop, but storms always more violently and denser! Those there under the tables will be drowned when they do not get up! The tables are anyhow no longer of use for them as they are already in many cases dashed to pieces! Ė Lord, how long will then the storm still last?«

Say I: »It has not really quite well started, and there you already want to have it ended?! When it will veer, only then will you see its violence! otherwise do not worry about this storm at all! If it was not necessary it would have to retreat by me making a sign; but it is now so necessary for the upkeep of the earth like the eyes are necessary for you to see. That is why we will now let it completely work off!

But on the other hand certain nimbus friends must also feel something of such a true nimbus after all, which they miss with me! Look how stealthily they look out out of the openings of the tent and do not grasp how we are capable of bearing the thunderstorm so quite cheerfully outdoors! But to come out they have not any courage; o how very small is still their faith!«

Says Markus: »Everything is already right; but from what will the poor people live? Because you see after all that the hail, which never wants to end, absolutely smashes up everything and the floods carry all soil into the sea! And thousands of people and domestic animals are now getting killed, and those who escape with their life will afterwards be exposed to the most obvious death from starvation! That is then a little bit too hard after all and too hard punitively plagued with the most thick scourge of the world!«


Say I: »You know, my dear Markus, everyone talks how he understands anything, and you now also talk so how you understand the thing! I am telling you: The Lord sweeps seldom; but when he sweeps then he sweeps clean!

Do you know these wide surroundings? Yes, you know them and know that as one of the most fertile they are only owned by the most boisterous rich Greeks; but the poor Jews must work for the rich Greek traders for a true ridiculously low wage in the sweat of their face and bring all fruit into the barns of the Greek. These then do a trade with it, which brings in very much gold and silver in all parts of the world, and our Jews then have to beg in winter and go and catch fish when they want to live!

See, that the Jews can always do, and the sea will also remain rich in fish!

Does then a Jew have ever received also just a piece of bread from such a Greek when he was hungry? O no, he had to drive over the sea for it and on the other side beg the bread from his colleagues in faith! There stands my Kisjonah and my Ebahl! Ask them, and they will tell it to you how many thousands of poor Jews from these regions have fetched the winter bread just alone from them!

For a long time I have looked on this wicked misconduct more than patiently; but my patience is now exhausted, and I now want to chastise these usury dogs, which are unmerciful and lack all fidelity that their senses shall leave them for ever!

See your garden and your small fields: neither the water nor the hail causes any damage there; but then look at the other region, and you will find there such devastation as a similar one has easily not occurred to you anywhere else!

With this scourge the Greek usury dogs will be driven away out of the country. Because on the naked stones they will no longer harvest any wheat, any corn, any barley, any maize, any lentils and any beans; that is why they will leave the desert soil and move to Europe.

Exactly for this reason I mainly allowed that the nearby town was changed into ash and rubble heaps; because where man has no longer a home and cultivation ground, there he soon leaves the empty and deserted place and moves on.

But for the poor Jews enough cultivation ground will still remain at the sea, and the town will be built again for the true Jews, - but in a purer and better style than it was the case up to now! This is certainly still a very young town, and counts hardly seventy years as a town, because only a quite unimportant market-town stood in its place before; but from now on it will no longer be called a town but it is to be and remain just a fishing village. The splendour of the Greeks must disappear; but the glory of heaven is to be revealed here for that, as such is now just happening and occurring. Ė Do you, old Markus, now agree with my housekeeping?«

Says Markus: »Yes, when so, oh, there you, o Lord, let it strike hard still ten times more terribly! But that is also the purest truth! But with these rich Greeks one no longer could seriously have a word, and neighbourly love was already out of the question for a long time. What one wanted to have from them had to be most amply paid for with silver and gold; but if they bought something from us then one had to always take other barter articles for it. Oh, that is why it is now very good, and I have great pleasure in this violent storm! Oh, now it can become already at least tenfold more violent!«

Say I: »Let everything be just alright, the fullest right measure will already be made!«

Says Cyrenius: »You therefore think that this region will remain completely desolate?«

Say I: »Not exactly that; but the rich Greeks must be gone from this region: I am telling you, that this storm will at least drive a thousand of the most well-to-do families out from this region for a long way; because I have planned it already for a long time! But that is why they will then still remain Romeís subjects.«

Says Cyrenius: »Is it then not good for a region or for a whole country if it has very well-to-do inhabitants?«

Say I: »O, yes, when they are like my friends Kisjonah and Ebahl; because then they are true fathers of the people for all poor inhabitants of the country, and every country can count itself lucky to have quite many such fathers of the people.

But these rich Greeks are pure bloodsuckers of the country and think the poor Jews have to be already very happy that they are allowed to have a meal with the pigs of the Greeks as wages for their heavy works! With me these are no longer men but pure devils full of hardness, and with these I have no pity and no mercy over their wretched, arrogant flesh! After the storm, which will have outraged in one hour, they are to just put their much gold and silver on the naked stones and sow the wheat over it, and they will see whether there will shoot up just one stalk!

And see, so I have here a lot of flies massacred with one stroke; the lying priests had to take to their heels, and now also the profiteering Greeks will do the same! Their palaces are reduced to rubble, and their huge fields, gardens and meadows are completely washed away. When they have a look at their lands after the storm and will convince themselves that every future working would be pure futile effort then they will start to pack and go mostly to Europe; but then I have already still means enough to make this region in all shortness again so blossoming as possible.«

But now the storm is also declining, and although the hail has stopped, so the rain really now falls in such denseness out of the clouds that the water collects itself on the flat ground immediately half manís height and then drains away with the most terrible din, so that even the sea starts to be aware of colossal influx, what is really surely no small thing. Houses, huts, trees and a thousand kinds of other things stream towards the sea. Also a lot of livestock, like chickens, birds of all kind, which the hail has killed, a host of pigs, donkeys, cows, oxen, sheep, goats and hares, roe deer and deer the sea now gets to consume, and the huge lot of fish, which this land-locked sea holds in itself, will very much revive itself thereon, will become very fruitful therefrom and increase much; and that will be a good substitute for the poor Jews, who anyhow could not lose anything because they owned little or nothing. But the few well-to-do ones have become already rather Greek hard and heartless in their mind, and it does not at all harm their soul to now also turn with the others to fishing and begging.

As it now started to rain so very violently all got up who earlier had sought protection under the tables, went to me soaking wet and could not be enough amazed when they saw me and all, who had remained with me outdoors, completely bone-dry, just as they also found the somewhat raised places so dry that there was not even a drop of water hanging on a blade of grass.

Hebram asked me, after he had pushed himself forward up to me: »Lord, how is this possible that with this unheard-of downpour this place Ė and all of you have remained dry, while we have been so soaked after all as if we had fallen into the sea, and we are now freezing like in winter; but here at this place it is just as pleasantly warm as it was this morning?! Lord, how does that happen?«

Say I: »That happens exactly in such a way as it actually happens! I certainly cannot give you any other answer to your question! Because you should after all now already know and even vividly perceive with all that what you have heard and seen who and what here is! And when you would grasp this in your soul how could you then ask me such a question?!

The morning made quite good progress with you; but the evening seems to become also again a soul evening with you! O you dreadful blind mankind! At moments you certainly get slightly enlightened; but the light, because not produced on own land, does not remain, and in few moments night steps again into the place of the soul morning!«

Says Hebram: »Lord, what is it then, what did you want to say to me and to my twenty and nine brothers through it?«

Say I: »Nothing, than that you and your brothers are nothing but blind fish in a muddy water! Tell me, what has driven you under the table and benches with my fullest presence!«

Answer the soaked: »Lord, a completely natural fear and aversion, still left from our childhood, of such enormous thunderstorms!

In our blind fear we did not think of where and with whom we were; now we certainly understand our folly, and also understand how blind we altogether were, and how very far have erred before your most holy face. We can now do nothing else than asking you, o Lord, for forgiveness with most truest and lively remorse! Lord forgive us our great folly!«

Say I: »I have forgiven you already everything a long time ago and opened for nobody ever any journal because of the folly; because any fool has himself to blame for this when he gets harmed. But another time, when you will not have me with you like now, think of my name in right, living faith, and it will protect you better than any weak and breakable board!«

The thirty are satisfied with this correction and ask to be allowed to remain on the dry place.

Say I: »Now, that certainly goes without saying! Remain! and dry yourselves; because the rain will still last a good half hour!«

The thirty are getting quite happy about this and stay and dry themselves and have a great joy that they soon become completely bone-dry under the strongest cloudburst rain.


The storm


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