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20.004 The spiritual world


Jakob Lorber
The spiritual Sun
jl.gso2.123,04-14 The spiritual world

   04] Look, my dear children, so is your secret question, and I answer you upon this so: Right at the start when we have looked at the outer dial of our clock, or rather the outside sphere of the spiritual sun, I have told you, how the heaven and the whole spiritual world do not portray themselves to some local appearance, but they are, as every spiritual world, in the spirits themselves. Or: the life sphere of a spirit is his world, which he inhabits.

   05] I showed you, to convince you of it, a parable, in which you looked at a so-called diorama. Alike this parable I then led before you according to a certain order the ten spirits, which are still here present, and showed you then how you will meet there everywhere likewise a spiritual diorama and will get in the sphere of each one of the spirits another picture of the spiritual world for viewing.

   06] Such was also the case, as you have convinced yourselves until now tenfold, by you viewing the spiritual world in a completely different form in the sphere of each of these ten angels. This is now more clear than the sun before you; and I also told you still in addition that you can go through this spiritual diorama in exactly the same spirits again and again and you see the spiritual world again in a completely different form.

   07] Therefore you can also enter into the spheres of still other spirits, and you would see in each of such sphere again a completely different form of the spiritual world, both in their individual relationships and in their total existence. But seen according to this, I can also give you no generally fixed answer to your question, except that I tell you, here is therefore everything like this! As the seed, so the fruit, as the works, so the wages, and as love as base of the works, therefore the form of the world, which it spiritually creates in itself.

   08] You have certainly seen different forms, but still everywhere one and the same truth. For it is not up to the form, but everything just up to truth.

   09] And so I did not for example wanted to show you how heaven, the spiritual world or hell look like, but only, how all this forms itself according to the kind of love in the spirit of every individual man. -

   10] For this reason you have seen a thousand different kinds of forms, and with every form also the inner truth was announced. And therefore I can say to you, that in the sphere of truth you have seen the whole extent of spiritual life.

   11] But what of course concerns the form, so these go so very much into infinity that you will not be able to see them completely in the smallest part in eternities of eternities! And so as a result you can be completely satisfied with a calm mind in all fullness of truth; particularly when I tell you in addition that as long as this Earth is inhabited by men, the spiritual life conditions were never before so comprehensively and completely unveiled as at this time.

   12] Whatever someone seeks there, in whatever a relationship he finds himself, he can find in this revelation upon one atom precisely, how things are with him.

   13] Who will read all this with deep attention and great devotion, he will not only find the great convincing truth in this sun-revelation, but alive in himself.

   14] But so that each one can find all this in himself as completely true, I will in the still short episode add some parables and images, which are to inspire all the secret corners of this revelation. For today therefore my blessing and thus good! -



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