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19.003 We do not see light but just the photoelectric effect.


Photoelectric effect - not visible light
A. B. Counter, 26.12.2013
countdown4us.com We do not see light but just the photoelectric effect.

There is hardly a simpler test in physics to convince oneself that there is no such thing like visible light. One just has to go at night outside and look at the sky and see that it is black. When there are no clouds and when there is no artificial light then this experiment is even more convincing.

We, on our planet Earth, are in the middle of the solar system, in which our Sun is the centre, and this space is full of sunlight, but we see nothing of it. The only thing we see might be some other objects inside the solar system like other planets of this solar system or our Moon and then other suns, which we call fixed stars because they are so far away that they seem to be fixed in position, but their luminosity is less than that of our planets.

When we consider the planets, which are further away from the Sun than the planet Earth then we see that we are actually quite close to the Sun in comparison to the majority of the planets.

Now if light is actually invisible, what then is visible to our eyes? It is the photoelectric effect that light has on objects. That is what we see, this photoelectric effect.

All light is electromagnetic radiation and a very tiny part of all electromagnetic radiation is so-called visible light. Have a look at Waves.

What we actually see is the light source and the objects that are exposed to light. The light in between we do not see. And the objects exposed to light then very often also become light sources and during the day all the objects around us, which are now reflecting light, even if they are located in the shade, give us the impression that light is visible.

Now what is the photoelectric effect?

It is a light-matter interaction.

In the photoelectric effect, electrons are emitted from solids, liquids or gases when they absorb energy from light.

Electrons emitted in this manner may be called photoelectrons.

The photoelectric effect is the result of light energy being carried in discrete quantized packets.

The photoelectric effect requires photons with energies from a few electronvolts to over 1 MeV in high atomic number elements. See List of prefixes.

This is the emission mechanism:

The photons of a light beam have a characteristic energy proportional to the frequency of the light. In the photoemission process, if an electron within some material absorbs the energy of a photon and acquires more energy than the work function (the electron binding energy) of the material, it is ejected. If the photon energy is too low, the electron is unable to escape the material.

Increasing the intensity of the light beam increases the number of photons in the light beam, and thus increases the number of electrons excited, but does not increase the energy that each electron possesses.

The energy of the emitted electrons does not depend on the intensity of the incoming light, but only on the energy or frequency of the individual photons.

It is an interaction between the incident photon and the outermost electrons.

Electrons can absorb energy from photons when irradiated, but they usually follow an “all or nothing” principle. All of the energy from one photon must be absorbed and used to liberate one electron from atomic binding, or else the energy is re-emitted. If the photon energy is absorbed, some of the energy liberates the electron from the atom, and the rest contributes to the electron’s kinetic energy as a free particle.

So when we look at the Moon at night we see this photoelectric effect sunlight has on the Moon.

And this photoelectric effect causes the Moon to become a light source and to become visible to us.

But all the space around the Moon, particularly the space between the Moon and the Sun, is black. All this space is full of sunlight but remains absolutely dark.

Now all electromagnetic radiation, including so-called visible light, is something supernatural, simply because our outer senses, our physical senses, cannot perceive it.

And therefore this just described emission mechanism is a supernatural phenomenon or is something that borders the two fields, the spiritual and the material.

Light is something completely spiritual, but the photoelectric effect makes light, or rather the effect of light, visible to us.

This emission mechanism applies generally to electromagnetic radiation. Exposing surfaces to electromagnetic radiation above a certain threshold frequency causes the radiation to be absorbed and electrons to be emitted. Light, especially ultra-violet light, discharges negatively electrified bodies with the production of rays.

The energy of photoelectrons is dependent only on the frequency of the incident light and not on its intensity. The energy of photoelectrons increases with increasing frequency of incident light and is independent of the intensity of the light.

The photoelectric effect caused the concept of wave-particle duality in the nature of light. Light simultaneously possesses the characteristics of both waves and particles, each being manifested according to the circumstances.

Now these circumstances are the spiritual world and the material world. In the spiritual world light possesses the characteristics of waves and in the material world light possesses the characteristics of particles.

And this means that physicists operate all the time in these two worlds and are not really aware of it.

All electromagnetic radiation is something spiritual, but they do not know it. They handle spiritual things all the time, but most of them deny the existence of the spiritual world. Very funny. It is like a psychiatrist who claims to deal with the soul of a human being but denies the existence of the soul. And that is the reason why such psychiatrists should be inmates of psychiatric institutions and these should be controlled by quite normal prison wardens.

All this can be understood easily when one knows the formula “P s 14 colon 1.”

It goes like this: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Psalms 14:1.

So a good way to remember the foolishness of scientist is to think of their so-called visible light.

Everyone can see that it is not visible but they don’t know.

When the frequency of the light shining on a surface is above the material’s threshold frequency then the photons in the light have enough energy to liberate electrons from the material, reducing its negative charge.

So just imagine sitting or lying in the sun and letting sunshine have a photoelectric effect on you so that the photons in the light liberate many things in you, reducing your negative charge.

The energy of the photoelectrons emitted is exactly the energy of the incident photon minus the material’s work function or binding energy.

An electron energy analyser uses an electric field to change the directions of incident electrons. For every element and core (atomic orbital) there is a different binding energy. The many electrons created from each of these combinations show up as spikes in the analyser output, and these can be used to determine the elemental composition of the sample.

The photoelectric effect rapidly decreases in significance in the gamma ray region of the spectrum, with increasing photon energy, and that photoelectric effect increases steeply with atomic number. The corollary is that lead is a preferred and ubiquitous gamma radiation shield.

The most electropositive metals give the largest photoelectric effect.

Der photoelectric effect is a process of the interaction of photons with matter.

An electron is drawn out of a bond – for example of an atom – by absorbing a photon. For this the energy of the photon must be at least as big as the bonding energy of the electron.

It is a drawing out of electrons from a surface through irradiation. It is the emission from charge carriers out of a surface through light. With irradiation with light electrons are pulled out of the surface. Light is knocking electrons out of the electrodes.

An electron bound to an atom goes into interaction with a photon and then changes its energy.

Now let us come back to the stupidity of scientists.

When you drive a car and suddenly a red light comes on. What do you do?

You reach behind your seat and grab a hammer and smash the red light.

And now you are no longer bothered by this disturbing and irritating thing and it is silenced and you can carry on driving without it.

You have solved the problem.

But reality is that the red light is just a message telling you that there is something wrong with the system behind it. And when you have pain or something is wrong with your body then that is just a message that something is wrong with the system behind the body.

And the system behind the body is a spiritual system, the soul. You have to straighten out something there. And when you do not do it then you have not solved the problem.

And that is when you go to a scientist, particularly to a man of medical science.

He smashes the red light with a hammer, sends you home and then an invoice.

There is no physical ailment without a spiritual cause.

And when that spiritual cause is not removed, the problem is not solved.

When this scientist, the medical doctor, tells you, you have cancer and will die in a few months, and you do not know that nearly all scientists are fools, you will do what that man says and go to the grave.

The solution to all problems is readily available but these scientists call themselves scientist but are not really scientists, but just religious fanatics who propagate their religion of materialism and atheism and because their real aim is to fight God they claim that the solution, turning to God, does not exist. And when you believe that, then you have had it.

And when you do not believe that, because you can see behind their devilish actions, you walk away from them, go to the word of God, change whatever is needed in your spiritual life and enjoy life.

See Healing.



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