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18.002 Chemistry of a cold universe


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Quantum mechanics makes «impossible» reactions possible, 11.7.2013
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Here extracts from what I read today:

Chemistry of a cold universe

Quantum mechanics makes «impossible» reactions possible

In interstellar space it is so cold that chemical reactions, which require a supply of energy from the outside, should actually not pass off. As researchers have now established, a quantum mechanical effect makes the impossible possible.

In most of the regions of the universe it is cold – even in the surroundings of stars, the interstellar space, there are only a few atoms and molecules. Seldom these hit each other, and then energy is lacking most of the time, so that they can react with each other. Nevertheless there are astonishing complex molecules in interstellar space. As British scientists have no proven, quantum mechanical tunnel effects make chemical reactions possible, which are «impossible» out of energetic view.

Hydrogen and helium, the two by far most frequent substances in the universe, are hardly active chemically. More reactive molecules like methanol or hydroxyl radicals are much more seldom found, namely at best in a concentration of some molecules per cubic centimetre. As the laws of nature are the same on Earth and in interstellar space, chemistry goes off according to the same «rules»: Therefore reaction partners must meet first with chemical reactions and then overcome an activation barrier. That succeeds the easier the warmer it is. The other way round this barrier often represents an insurmountable hurdle with the low interstellar temperatures, so that one could wonder how reactions take place there at all, which products can be proven in interstellar space.

In fact reaction ways can play a role especially with very deep temperatures, which are unusual for earthly conditions: In their experiments the chemists of the University Leeds could prove that a reaction between methanol and hydroxyl radicals goes 50 times quicker with minus 210 degree Celsius that at room temperature – and that although these reactions were actually not allowed to go off because of a high activation barrier in that cold. The only possible explanation for the scientists is the tunnel effect.

With that it is about a quantum phenomenon which is certainly not perceptual, but established in theory and confirmed experimentally: Energy barriers can be tunnelled through by nuclear and sub atomic particles with a certain probability. With electrons the tunnel effect is even technically applied, for example with the raster tunnel microscope or with the supply of current between two supra conductors, which are separated from each other by a thin isolator.

Also a driving power of chemical reactions tunnel effects are investigated already for decades. There this applies: The lighter the atoms the higher the probability that the activation barrier with chemical reactions is circumvented. Such effects were proven with hydrogen, the lightest atom, but also with the heavier carbon atom. In this way new reaction ways open which are unknown in classical chemistry.

I think this discovery illustrates nicely that when we deal with quantum mechanical phenomena we are actually dealing with spiritual things. In the spiritual world it is where all things really happen and it is there were those things of the material world come from and are produced. The quantum effect is an effect produced by the observer and that involves consciousness and a will. And that are spiritual things and they are the things upon which all other stuff depends and is controlled and guided. This entire problem is actually obvious since the days of Heisenberg and Schrödinger, but the fact that scientists more and more move into a position were spiritual things are denied at all cost, causes the sciences not to move in the obvious direction but are more and more hijacked by religious fanatics who are not fighting for truth but for their religion of materialism and atheism.


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