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15.005 Incomprehensible speed


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev02.141,07-15 Incomprehensible speed

   07] Says Jarah: »The Lord bless you for enlightenment given to me, which I have grasped quite well! Ė But now still another question! Tell me, you dear, most graceful young man, how shall I then explain to myself your incomprehensible speed?«

   08] Says the angel: »Most loving daughter of God! That is something that only a pure spirit can grasp, because it has nothing to do with time and space. We by ourselves are nothing, but what you see with us with the eyes of your spirit, is Godís thought, Godís idea, Godís word. We are therefore completely pure spirits; no matter can be any obstacle for us.

   09] If nothing can hinder such a most living spirit at all, then his here and there is indeed necessarily one and the same. Therefore no matter can take on a movement which is equally fast to us spirits, because even in the finest ether it nevertheless always finds an obstacle through which its movement is hindered.

   10] In the endless wide space of creation there are especially the central suns of the third order, after which comes immediately the main central sun. These suns move in different big circles around the main central sun in a speed unthinkable for your concepts, so that they remain as a result in the indicated distance from the main central sun. For your concept their courses are stretched over far in virtue of their big distance from the main central sun.

   11] Imagine for example this earth as in truth a sphere many hundred thousand times bigger than how much you now look out over. But this big sphere would consist of nothing but sand grains, as you will have already often seen them at the shore of the see. Now imagine the number of all the smallest sand grains, how many of them would be necessary to constitute such a whole earth! For every of these grains now imagine a distance as from here to that star, which we visited first, and you will in this way almost reach the diameter of such a path! An above mentioned central sun of the third order flies through such a path certainly only just in ten times hundred thousand years; but because the path is such very enormous far stretched one, so such a sun must in one moment already have a thousand times so far a distance behind it as from here to that star, which we have visited first!

   12] You might now think and say: >Yes, when so, then such a sun moves indeed nevertheless thousand times faster than you as a pure spirit! Because if we would have flown with the speed of that sun from here to that star, then we would have necessarily been there thousand times earlier than with your spiritual speed!?<

   13] There I do say to you that the great speed of that sun is nevertheless against my spiritual a pure snail message! Because see, with all of that enormous speed, according to your idea, that sun needs really still ten times hundred thousand years for flying through its widest path around the main central sun, while I or another spirit of my kind can fly through the same distance in such a fast moment that you would not notice the smallest noticeable period at all between my departure and my coming back; indeed I could in the same short time also fly through a circle many thousand times hundred thousand times greater!

   14] Therefore there is an infinite difference between the speed of a spirit and between the speed of matter, however fast it is flying Ė and may it be increased as you may like; because when matter, however fast it is moving, undergoes a distance as from here to that star also in one moment, then it needs for a distance once again as long already two moments, and when matter undergoes in one moment hundred thousand such distances, then it will need for ten such distances also ten moments, while I can undergo every conceivable distance in one and the same moment.

   15] And see, that I can and every spirit of my kind, because for us there is no obstacle, however very slight, in existence in the entire eternal infinity; but matter finds all kinds of obstacles even in the freest ether space and can for that reason never reach the speed of a spirit: - Tell me now, you most graceful daughter of God, whether you have indeed grasped this a little bit!«



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