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15.004 Journey to a second star


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev02.138,01-14 Journey to a second star

   01] Says Jarah: »I certainly have understood it, - but the thing is nevertheless very sad for that reason for me and for all other men; because out of thousands hardly one will have the full power to meet the world out of himself so, as it would be of pleasure to you!«

   02] Say I: »But for that reason I have, of course, come into the world, to give through my teaching and through my actions to everyone the means into the hand with which he can with easy effort conquer the world!«

   03] Says Jarah: »Everything would be allright, - but there is still a large amount of people on earth who will perhaps hear from your word hardly something in thousand years! With what will then those shield themselves before the crush of the world under the long time? They are after all just as good men as we Jews!«

   04] Say I: »With the peoples of the earth it therefore stands as with the individual children of a father: some, as born into the world earlier, will be held by the father differently than those who have seen the light of the world first hardly before two, three, four to five years. The oldest son has already become a man full of strength, and a daughter is marriageable; but besides there are still a few children in your age, and three still lie in swaddling clothes. Tell me whether it would be wise of the father so he would treat the children in the cradle exactly the same way as the son matured to strong man!?«

   05] Says Jarah: »That would of course certainly be very stupid of such a father!«

   06] Say I: »Now see, in it lies it also why some peoples arrive at my teaching only later! They are now not mature for it; but they will meanwhile become mature at the right time, and there my teaching will reach them. – Do you understand that?«

   07] Says Jarah: »Oh yes, I understand that quite well; but which lot have then those peoples to expect in the great hereafter, who have not yet become mature on earth until now?«

   08] Say I: »That you are to get to see immediately! Look, there at the midnight part of the sky stands a star of a little reddish light; contemplate it in your soul therefore like the former and also direct your earthly eye thereupon, and you will get the most beautiful answer to your question in that star!«

   09] Jarah now does this immediately and says already after a few moments: »Oh Lord, you most omnipotent creator of heaven and all worlds, that is indeed still a much greater world as there was the former, and of what marvellous light it is flowed around! But the light is of light red colour, turning into a little golden yellow, while the light of the first world was quite pure white. But now also the light of this world is getting also unbearably strong! Ah, now I have already the living ground of this world! Oh, there it is also indescribably marvellous! What a diversity! Sweet little, gently rising mountains include the most marvellous valleys rich in fruit. One sees also a kind of huts in the valleys, which merely consist of a roof that is supported with columns gleaming like ruby in good order; but on the back of the mountains such huts continue without interruption in incalculable rows, and so enormously far my view now reaches, so I see yet nothing else, and there one such hut is so like the other as with man one eye to the other. As I notice, the oblong round roofs all rest on about seven men high ruby columns, but there also one column is like the other! Up to now there has still been nothing to be discovered of men and other living beings; but they must nevertheless also exist here, - because the extraordinary culture of these over far stretched countries announces this!

   10] But it is strange that everything here is similar in this otherwise over marvellous world! One fruit tree is the spitting image of the other, and one flower of the other; everything is set in rows, and one can find nothing outside of this order for heaven’s sake.

   11] Everything of this sounds admittedly quite strange-marvellous and grants a friendly sight; but with time this eternal monotony would still have become a little boring for a man of our way! But now I have arrived before such hut, and see, there are men in quite our way in it! One stands on a raised place and preaches, and the several hundred others listen to this preacher with the greatest devotion!

   12] There in the next adjoining hut I see several men covered in richly pleated clothing eating at a table well taken, but around the eating people stand just as many, who seemed to be tormented by hunger, and these get nothing to eat! Ah, but there in the third hut I now see some most beautiful prostitutes! These stand bare mother-naked and make themselves merry with very empty men, walk to and fro; but in the background stand a lot of very lascivious seeming youth and give signs to the beautiful prostitutes to also come to them and to also make a little merry with them. But the youth get no hearing and do not seem to be especially too glad about this.

   13] Ah, that are really strange house furnishings! No matter how outwardly a hut looks like the spitting image of the other, so diverse seem to be the activities of men inside, and that is of course certainly also very strange!? But if it looks like this everywhere on this enormous big world as in this region now seen by me, then our small earth is dearer to me – except the evil men!«

   14] Say I: »All that what you now see is just a small school and practice house in the self-denial and in the overcoming of oneself. Now stroll further with your soul eyes, and something different will immediately be shown to you!«



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