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15.003 Second journey to the star


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev02.137,01-10 Second journey to the star

   01] Say I: »That is completely enough! But I will now show you another way how a man completed in his heart can travel around stars without even having been raptured from this earth one line; but a luminous little stone one can of course there not that easily take over with as proof! Now, have you taken note of the star, which you have travelled?«

   02] Says Jarah: »Yes, Lord!«

   03] Say I: »Now, so imagine it in your heart so really alive, look at it with your eyes some time steadfast and tell me how it will show itself to you after a few moments!«

   04] Jarah does this immediately, and after few moments she says: »Lord, Lord, you my God, you my love, now I see it, like at my outward flight in the fourth section. It now becomes greater and greater, and its light is hardly bearable! Ah, that is a terrible strong light; but fortunately it does not hurt the eyes! Oh, oh, now the whole firmament has become only a terrible strong, enormous powerfully surging sea of light! Oh God, Oh God, how great and marvellous are your works, and you walk in the flesh as a simple, unpretentious man among the human worms of this earth!

   05] Oh, oh, oh! Now I am again on that same mountain and see all around the same landscape full of magnificence of magnificence! I see again the same temples, the same men and their beautiful gardens; I also see very beautiful flowers. But the smallest of them is bigger than a house on this earth; this I certainly could not pick as souvenir for me! Ah, but now I also see all kinds of animals, and the most marvellous birds I also see; but they are also quite awfully big! On the enormous trees hang quite seldom big fruits for you, and there I also notice how some men grab with their hands in one garden after them and really put them into their mouth! Now. Now, with such a pear, or what kind of fruit it otherwise is, on this earth certainly thousand men had to eat a whole year more than enough!«

   06] Say I: »Now pay attention, you will now come to a kind of town of this world; tell me how you like it!«

   07] Jarah soon afterwards throws up her hands in horror and cries out really to her delight, saying: »But for the sake of your most holy name, that is indeed a magnificence of which a man has never been able to dream! Oh, that is indescribable! What rows of temples! What colonnades, what domes! No, this splendour, greatness and magnificence! Lord, I ask you, lead me back; because this too uncalled effusive magnificence would kill me!«

   08] Say I: »Now, then close your eyes and think of me and of the earth, then it will soon be again well!« - Jarah does this and now sees again her star as star before her.

   09] As she has again collected herself a little, she (Jarah) asks me immediately: »Lord, has for example the angel also this way, like you now, shown me that star? Because I now have seen it much better then formerly and was only to a certain extent merely spiritually there. I think the dear, good angel had only seemingly raptured me a bit from here and then also shown me the star so!?«

   10] Say I: »No, the angel has carried out your wish completely! But such was also only possible with you because your heart is over filled with love; but with every other man something like this would have been purely impossible to manage. And if an angel, what he certainly could, would do this with a normal world person then already the approach of such an angel would at once kill the world person!



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