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15.002 Journey to a star


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev02.136,05-18 Journey to a star

   05] Says Jarah: »Well, what have you then still to do with it after that?«

   06] Says the angel: »We are pure reception containers of the divine will and after that the carriers of the same! See, we are as it were the wings of the divine will and are therefore quite actually the divine will itself, and however much faint a thought of us is enough – if we connect it with the power of divine will -, there is then a work also already accomplished, and therefore such speed in our acting!

   07] Do you see that bright star there standing in the rising? Well, if a prepared way would lead from here in the direction to it, indeed, the earth has not so much sand in the smallest dust particles, than a bird would need years to reach it, let alone a man in his fast running movement; and look, but for me it is possible to reach it and to again come back here in one moment! You will not even notice my absence, and I will nevertheless be there and again here! – Do you believe me?«

   08] Says Jarah: »Why shouldn’t I believe you such? But of course of a conviction on my part cannot be spoken; because there I cannot and also do not want to therefore make a journey with you as formerly down in to the bottom of the sea!«

   09] Speaks the angel: »Why then not? Are not all things possible with God? When it is acceptable to the Lord, then it does not matter to me! That nothing will happen to you, for that I guarantee and all the countless angels, which you see brightly shining on all sides!«

   10] Says Jarah to me: »Lord, is that perhaps possible?«

   11] Say I: »In the hand of this angel, yes! If you want, you can hand yourself over to him, and in a few moments you will again be here with me quite safe and well; but take also a souvenir with you from there!«

   12] After these words Jarah now handed herself over to the angel and said: »Well, I have courage; if you are able then carry me there!«

   13] There the angel lifted Jarah from the ground of the earth, pressed her quite intimately to his chest and disappeared. – After ten seconds he was again here together with Jarah, who had a stone in her apron, which was shining so brightly in the open as the morning star is shining in its most beautiful light.

   14] When Jarah had recovered a little bit from her astonishment, there she asked me: »Oh Lord, are then all these countless stars that what that star is, which I have now truly seen myself with my own eyes or with my soul eyes? Because that is certainly an enormous world! This world now seems to me to be so small against that one, like a snail-shell against this mountain! There are also men, quite complete men, who live in inexpressible big and at the same time exceedingly strange built temples, in that exceedingly big marvellous world; but these men are so big that they would tower over the mountain at least three times if they would stand down at the lake. And so is in that miracle world everything by many thousand times thousand times bigger, but also really everything by so many times bigger than here!

   15] We stood on an exceedingly high mountain and saw in all directions an area never wanting to end. It was passed through in all directions by the most marvellous rivers, of which the waves therefore played in always changing, freshest colours of a rainbow; but the soil was built up with the most marvellous gardens and temples. In the next moment we were already down by the temples and saw there the big people and their still much bigger residential temples. In some distance these people are quite marvellous to look at; but nearby they look like walking mountains! Indeed, I would have to position a quite high ladder if I had wanted to just climb the little tow of a man there!

   16] In a word, I could recount to you all my life long continuously what I have seen there just in the few moments; but that would mean spending time chatting about useless things, which you, oh Lord, has determined for something better! But only that I would like to hear from you, whether all these countless many stars are just also such worlds like the one is, seen by me!«

   17] Say I: »Yes, my little child, and that still much bigger ones and more marvellous ones! But do you really firmly believe that you have been in these few moments in that star with body and soul? Tell me this!«

   18] Says Jarah: »Lord, you my love, you my life, we made four short sections on our outward flight. And there the star, which I now still see quite well, showed itself until the fourth section, always unchanged as star, but at the fourth section it was so big as our sun during the day. From there on it lasted only a shortest of all moments, and we were already in that marvellous world. From that mountain, on which top we had been first, I loosened a little stone from the ground on the angel’s advice – it is this luminous little lump – and took it with me as proof that I was also really there. More I cannot declare to you as proof of my real having been there.«



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