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08.002 Another world body (Mallona)


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev08.074,07-10 Another world body (Mallona)

[7] Marcus said: “O yes, Lord and Master. But now I still have something else, because from one thing comes another.

[8] Was during the time of the pre-Adamites this Earth already that certain life chamber in the heart of the great Man of Creation?”

[9] I said: “Not yet completely in the active reality, but certainly in the destination thereof. During that prehistoric time, another planet was active. However, those people fell into the greatest pride and total God-forsakenness, and those who still believed in a God, did not pay attention to Him, defied Him, and in their blindness they tried to push Him so to speak from His throne of eternal power. They were looking for Him, and evil philosophers said that God lived in the center of their earth. They should dig mine tunnels unto that place and capture Him. So they dug terribly deep holes in that earth by which many of them died.

[10] When I send messengers to them and warned them, they were always strangled, and the people did not improve their life. And see, then I allowed the earth to rip open from the inside into many pieces. Now this happened at the beginning of the 6th period of this Earth, and this Earth became the life chamber. About where that earth was situated – also in an orbit around this sun – we still will look more into it. But you Lazarus, let them bring new wine. Then we will talk further.”



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