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06.008 Lunar eclipse


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev06.157,01-22 Lunar eclipse

01] Now the shadow of the earth became visible on the moon. All eyes were now directed towards the moon and observed the growing shadow. Soon the whole moon was totally dark and at that opportunity a much greater number of stars became visible than previously with the bright light of the moon.

02] Then Lazarus asked Me: “Lord, how did it happen that now such a great number of stars become visible which could not be seen earlier?”

03] Said I: “That, dear brother, is the result that the strong light of the moon does not disconcert your eye anymore. Your viewing pupil is now much more extended, and you now can even see the faint light flickering of the very distant little stars. During the day you see no stars at all, because the light of the sun necessarily narrows the viewing pupil of your eye substantially. That is why the eye of humans has been arranged by God so artfully, that it can see every degree of the light and even calculate it.

04] Irrespective of the artful manner the carnal eye has been built, there is no comparison regarding the wonderfulness of the spiritual eye, which sees everything in the right proportions and sees everything through and through.

05] Just pay attention to it how the smallest stars will bit by bit disappear, when now the moon exits the shadow of the earth, and you will convince yourself that this is effectuated by the continuously stronger growing light of the moon.

06] However it is a complete different matter regarding the vision of the soul. It is not disconcerted by any earthly light and the night of the earth or its brightest day are the same to her. For the soul therefore only a continuous day exists and never any night, this means for such a soul who lives and walks in My light; however for a soul who only walks in the light of this world, which means in the teaching of the world, there also exists only night and darkness beyond the grave.

07] But now, all of you pay attention! For a few moments I will, so to speak by force, awaken your inner for a few moments and let you see the moon as if you were standing on its surface!”

08] I wanted it, and all started to scream at the same time of terror and Lazarus begged Me that I should close his inner sight again; because the moon earth appeared to him too desolate, waste and empty.

09] However, I said: “Just look more closely and you also will discover beings, resembling the people of this earth!”

10] All strained their eyes even more and see, they discovered human beings, namely on the side always facing earth, a kind of small looking human beings who were quite airy, nearly totally transparent, but at the same time still looking very atrophied, and the group did not know what to make of them; but on the opposite side of the moon they liked it a little more. Since they only could observe them during the fourteen-day nighttime, they found, because of very natural reasons considering the moon-night, the people and the few animals fast asleep.

11] When all had looked at the whole moon and began to express themselves, that they now have looked at the moon’s surface abundantly and for long enough and that I should take their inner view away from them again, I did that; since all were overcome by a sort of fear that they had to stay on this very sad looking world.

12] When all saw the moon with their carnal eyes again, they were very glad and an elder Jew-Greek said to Me: “Lord, if there exists a world somewhere in Your large creation, where the souls of the condemned are tormented, the moon is truly perfectly suited for it, especially on the side facing us! And the strange, very nasty looking, dark-grey, transparent and fog-like aery human beings are surely nothing else than such not at all enviable, unfortunate souls. If a person on our earth travels to regions and countries, he often comes from one beautiful area to the next much more beautiful place; however on the world up there, the opposite is the case. Already the first and surely the best spot which can be seen, looks so terribly desolate, that one gets a fright like standing in front of a monster. The other points and areas are then looking even a lot more deterrent and gruesome, and in such areas are living human beings, and they are looking so sad and atrophied, that one could call the inhabitants of our worst and stinking puddles, true kings. Lord, Lord, what are these beings?”

13] Said I: “Yes, yes, these are not so lucky beings, and they carry a lot of the infernal in them; but nevertheless, in time they can and will go over in a better life, - of course not with too hasty steps. Those who are drifting around the lunar surface and have reached some kind of transparency, are in any case already better off; but those who still live in deep caves, holes and craters, are still in a bad state and it will still take a fairly long time, until they will pass over in a better state of life.

14] See, these are souls of people of this earth, who, during their physical life on this earth, has dwindled into the most insane world addiction and self-love. These actually most physical souls are fitted on the moon earth, out of themselves, with a sort of half-material body, by which they still can experience the bad material impressions like cold, heat, as well as the light of the sun and the reflection of this earth and other stars; but they cannot satisfy their greed with anything physical. They can see this earth quite well and also know that they have lived in abundance on its surface, and possessed many goods and had a big reputation and that many people have served them; now they are left to themselves naked and except for the thin air they have no food, even no water and even less so a wine. Their earth is a pumice-like rock and no single moss plant occurs anywhere.

15] And as such the moon surface is for such souls a quite suitable place, on which they are eroded quite properly and get to the recognition that all earthly goods are highly deceiving and are worthless, and finally they will be seized by the longing to pass completely and not to exist anymore.

16] Many try to commit suicide, others try to rid themselves from any further view of the world by a kind of sleep; however, neither the one nor the other is possible. Thereupon they start to search if there is not a way out from their pits and valleys of their suffering, to an area where they could make contact with perhaps more wise people, to discuss with them the reason for their so very sad existence. And see, it then happens that they with a lot of trouble and effort find a way out. They then coming to very large plains, climb the very high mountains and meet there with wise spirits, who teach them quite wisely and also tell them about the existence of an almighty, most wise, exceedingly good God, in whom they should believe and whom they should love, and if they would do this, it soon will get better with them.

17] They also accept this gladly and soon afterwards lose their physical body and get a spiritual garment and thereupon they are taken to another earth, like perhaps Venus or Mercury, later Jupiter or Saturn and to still other planet-earths. There they normally rid themselves of everything material through actually the matter of the smaller and bigger earths they have to transmigrate. Thereupon they can go to the sun where they can make a lot of love and wisdom their own. Only from then on they become pure spirits and go over to the purely spiritual sun, where there is truly no shortage of countless many most wise teaching institutions.

18] Thus also such material people can after many and long time periods also become pure and can enjoy great bliss; nevertheless, they can never get there, where one of My least children will get.

19] But also for these wretched moon inhabitants redemption will come, if I again return to there from where I have come. - Thus, do you now know what the moon is?”

20] Said Lazarus: “Yes, Lord, this we now know very precisely, concerning the side facing us! However, the backside seems to have more resemblance with our earth. There we saw plants and waters, and we also saw clouds in the sky there. What happens there?”

21] Said I: “Very much natural people like in the deep north of this earth, but of course because of the very different day- and night relations of the lunar earth, a little differently organized. Anything further the spirit will teach you. And since now the phenomenon has ended, we can go into the house again and take a modest night strengthening.”

22] All agreed to that and we went into the house where I advised all not to tell the other people about their vision.



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