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06.002 Lunar spirits


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev01.153,04-15 Lunar spirits

4. But after diverse conversations, midnight nevertheless came and a half-moon rose. Kisjonah's daughters hurriedly asked Me what the moon could be actually and how it can wax and wane like that.

5. But I said to them, 'My most beloved daughters! Directly behind you stand three spirits from the moon; these ask! They shall tell you exactly what the moon is and how it constantly changes its light, sometimes losing it altogether!'

6. Here the eldest one immediately asked the three spirits about the moon and these said, 'Fair one! Your asking us about the moon is like us asking about the earth, which you inhabit. Although you do not know why it is dark on earth right now, you do not ask about it; how can you ask about the moon, which is much further away from you than the earth that carries you?

7. Behold, our moon, just like your earth, is a world! Your earth is round like a sphere and so is ours. Your earth is half illuminated by the great sun, so is our moon. With you, the duration of the night on average is about thirteen of your short hours and approximately likewise your days; but on the moon, one night and one day each last the duration of fourteen days and nights of your earth; and thence, as seen from your earth, the constant changing phase of the moon - and that is a big difference between the moon and your much bigger earth.

8. But another big difference emerges between your earth and the moon, in that the moon is inhabited by beings like me only on one side - not visible to you, whereas your earth is inhabitable and mostly inhabited throughout.

9. Ah, life on the moon is not as blessed as on your earth! There is intense cold and much unbearable heat, much hunger and not seldom burning thirst! Hence do not hanker after that small but exceedingly hard world, upon whose fields grow no wheat, or corn and even less, wine.

10. But on the side which you are able to constantly see, no beings dwell in the flesh, neither animal nor man; but unfortunate, helpless and near helpless spirits. - And now you know as much as you need to know.

11. But do not harbour the wish to find out more about the moon, because such knowledge would in the end make you very unhappy!

12. Abide in love and let go of all wisdom; for it is better to eat at the table of love, than to lick the scanty dew from lunar wisdom-stones!'

13. After this account, the three lunar spirits departed and the daughters asked Me confidentially whether the situation on the moon is as related by the three lunar spirits.

14. And I say, 'Yes, My most beloved daughters, - it is exactly so and sometimes far worse! - But now let us leave the moon its journey and all look towards the East!

15. I shall now summon several angels from heaven and you shall see them come from there; hence direct your eyes there!'



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