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05.009 The special position of Earth


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev08.056-057 The special position of Earth


[1] While we were still walking between the fields and gardens close to the neighborhood of Bethany, we soon reached a little hill, the favorite resting place of Lazarus, so that we could rest there a little in the open air since we already had walked for nearly 3 hours visiting the property of Lazarus. Then one of the Romans came to Me and asked: “Lord and Master, until now I have only listened and have not said a word, and now I say that everything that was said and explained by You, but also by this remarkable angel, and what we have seen, has given me irrefutable proof of Your direct and personal godly presence. But You also have explained the starry sky to us and by Your goodness and by the almightiness of Your holy will You have brought us in such a state that we could see the other celestial bodies as clear as we can see now the fields of this Earth with our physical eyes, and we saw people everywhere and a great number of other creatures. Yes, we noticed in the celestial bodies that we could see even many more beautiful lands and regions and people and other creatures in an also much higher perfection, and it cannot be described how much the beauty and big regularity of the forms of their habitations are exceeding those of this Earth.

[2] Well, as I reflected on that, the question came into my heart how and for what reason You, o Lord, precisely on this Earth that is in every respect inferior, have clothed Yourself with a human body like the people on this Earth, while for this purpose countless myriads of the most beautiful and biggest sun worlds were at Your disposal. Would You therefore not like to give us some understandable clarification about this?”

[3] I said: “Oh yes, although, by the unveiling of the material creation, namely by the description and clear explanation of the order of the suns in a shell globe and then of the whole big Man of Creation, I have shown to all of you how and why I precisely on this Earth and also exactly in this time have clothed Myself with a body. But even if I will explain it to you again, you still will not grasp it completely as long as you will not be born again in the spirit. But despite that, I still can give you a little indication about it, because I foresee that precisely this point can and also will be the subject of a very important question at issue among the future philosophers and theologians. Thus, listen to Me once more:

[4] The actual reason comes of course from My wisdom and My will. The fact that every human being, like every warm-blooded animal, has a heart, of which his physical life is dependent, you all surely know, but how the heart is arranged, you do not know. However, I know it very well and know therefore also by what the heart lives.

[5] In the heart are 2 extremely little chambers that correspond with the 2 big blood chambers. For your eyes, these 2 little chambers would appear only as very little dots. But no matter how small these dots are, from the arrangement depends in the first place the life of the heart and by that also the life of the whole body and its countless parts and organs.

[6] The one, first, and therefore most important little chamber corresponds with what belongs to the spirit and thus to the actual life, and we shall call it the positive and thus true one. The second, in a certain way less important one – although also absolutely necessary for the natural life of the body – we shall call what corresponds to matter, thus the negative one. This one, has no life in itself, but is only a vessel for the life that with every new heartbeat it has to draw as it were again from the positive little chamber and imparts it further to the whole body by way of the blood.

[7] From this image that is easy to understand, you surely can conclude of what nature the heart fundamentally is and must be, in order to give life to the whole body. Besides, the fact that the heart has and also must have an extensive, extremely artful and uttermost wise organic-mechanical organism for the continuous transferring of life that is developed therein is self-evident without needing any further explanation. For if something has to be moved further, wellpaved roads are necessary to reach that purpose, and the means to transfer it must be present. However, for the illustration of our subject we mostly need only the 2 little chambers, and from those we actually need only the positive little chamber.”


[1] (The Lord:) “Look, just as every human being is arranged in a certain manner on a small scale for the sake of his short physical test life, so is also in full scope the entire great Man of Creation arranged correspondingly.

[2] Now you should realize that this shell globe, in which this Earth with the moon, the sun and all countless many other suns and heavenly bodies can be found, belongs to the arrangement of the heart of the great Man of Creation, and that precisely this sun with the planets that are circling around it represent the positive little chamber, and that within this chamber of life it is precisely this Earth that provides correspondingly the actual spiritual basic life element, something which a worldly scientist will never be able to perceive the how and why. But I, as the Creator of infinity out of Myself, I do know, and therefore I also can tell you how the situation is.

[3] I however, am from eternity the foundation of all life and all that exists, and therefore I am also the initial positive chamber of life in the eternal heart of life of infinity.

[4] Thus, when I according to My love, wisdom and order had decided in Myself to clothe Myself in the body of a human being, I only could accomplish that which is in accordance with the eternal order in the great Man of Creation, in such a way that – even if it is created out of Me – it had to correspond completely with My initial Being.

[5] With this, is it however not said that precisely this Earth on which we are now, had to represent the actual central positive point. It could also be another earth that belongs to this sun – and actually another one was intended for that, but its inhabitants behaved even more unworthy than the inhabitants of this Earth now, and therefore that earth was rejected and was destroyed together with its inhabitants.

[6] Now because – since the time of Adam – this Earth was chosen, and I have now adopted on its ground what is physically human, it will also remain so until the end of times of the judged spirits in all matter, and you will also remain in spirit those who spread the original life out of Me into all infinity and eternity, and for this reason you are My true children.

[7] Look, the reason why I only could adopt out of pure love for those who are now My children, the physical human existence on this Earth and not on another earth, no matter how big or how perfect it may be, is now very briefly and as clear as possible explained to you.

[8] However, next to this most important reason there are still other reasons that were also determined by My will in accordance with the eternal order. But these reasons of minor importance are only necessary results of the actual main cause, and thus we do not have to go into detail on them.

[9] One of those reasons is for instance the complete humbleness and humiliation without which also a higher spirit cannot clothe himself with the flesh of the test life and then pass over again or return to the most free and independent life. And this too reflects this Earth.

[10] The positive little chamber of life in the heart is among the parts of the body certainly also the most inconsiderable part of the whole body. It is dark and is never enlightened by the sun, and even by men, to whom life is given, it is totally unknown and not appreciated. Yes, if one should talk about it to the worldly scientists, then they would shrug their shoulders and say: ‘How could the powerful general life of a human being ever be dependent on a hardly visible little dot?’ From this, it is obvious that even the greatest scientists, let alone another simple human being, do not know in the least their own fundamental way of existence.

[11] And still, every human being who really wants to know himself and God, must enter this extremely inconsiderable little chamber of life of his heart by way of extreme humility and compliancy, and give back spiritually the life that was received from that. When a human being acts like that, he makes the little chamber of life bigger and illuminates it more and more. And when that happens, the whole heart, and from the heart the whole human being, becomes enlightened and he knows himself, and by that also God. For only then he can become aware and he can see how the life from God enters this little chamber, gathers itself and develops itself to a free independent life.

[12] Consequently, in this little chamber lives the actual Spirit out of God, and if the soul of the human being enters this little chamber by the right humility and compliancy – as the love of the true human being enters the eternal, uncreated love of God – then by that, the soul unites with the eternal Spirit out of God and this Spirit unites with the uncreated soul, and that is the rebirth of the soul in the Spirit out of God.

[13] Just as a real human being has to act this way in order to enter in himself the full glory of life, I have done this now Myself to give you a true example and a very reliable road sign in the great Man of Creation. And I have come on this Earth because this – as already said – corresponds according to My eternal order with the positive little chamber, to enter in the full power in Heaven and on all earths to My own and therefore also your greatest glory.

[14] It is true that I possess already since eternity in Myself all power and glory, but still, I was not a visible and perceivable God for any created being, not even for the most perfected angel. If I, to a certain extent wanted to make Myself visible for someone like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then this happened because I had filled an angel with such a degree of Spirit of My will that on certain moments he represented My personality. But from now on, I am a visible God for all men and angels and I have laid the foundation for a total perfect, eternal and independent free and consequently true life, and from that consists also My own greater glorification and with that also yours.

[15] For how could even the most perfected angels and also the most pious men of this and all other earths glorify God in truth by a true and living love for Him, whom they had never seen and therefore also had never understood? For it was always said: ‘No one can see God and keep the life, because the pure divinity is in Himself a devouring eternal fire.’ That fire in Me is now covered and tempered by this body of Mine, and now is no more valid: ‘No one can see God and live’, but: ‘From now on, every angel and human being will be able to see God and live, and whoever will not see God, will have a very miserable and judged life.’

[16] What I have told and shown you now is consequently certainly also an important reason why I have adopted the human flesh only on this Earth.

[17] As you now simply clearly will understand from this description why I could only adopt the human flesh on this and not on another earth, you therefore will also be able to understand and perceive the following:

[18] You have seen how that certain extremely inconsiderable positive little chamber of life of the heart as the actual foundation of men’s life is also alone capable of the most clear and most true intelligence, and thus it is already within itself the light, the truth and the life. So it is also the case with men on this Earth. Originally, compared to the people of the other earths, they are also very inconsiderable, blind, dark, little, weak and powerless. In fact, the spirits of other celestial bodies do not know them, just like the people of this Earth finally do not know themselves. But in the hidden inner kernel of their life they are out of Me the fundamental life point of the whole great Man of Creation and they can then also develop out of themselves very high abilities of life, which with people from other earths appear only very one-sidedly and of an inferior degree.

[19] Thanks to such very high and godlike abilities of the people of this Earth, to which are also belonging: namely a well-articulated outer and inner language, the art of writing and arithmetic and still a lot more other things, they are therefore also the only ones who are capable to understand the revealed Word out of God’s mouth, for instance first in the external meaning of letters or images and then from that also in the true spiritual meaning and finally also in the deepest meaning of the heavenly life.

[20] This ability is something invaluably great and outstanding, just like also the abilities of life and intelligence of the positive little chamber of life of the heart are the invaluably most perfect and most noble part of the whole human being. And again, also for this reason I only could come to you and to no one else on another earth.

[21] Look, this is then again such a reason why I only could adopt the human flesh on this Earth. And these are about the most important reasons for My incarnation on this Earth.

[22] Think about this now for a while and then give your opinion about how you have understood this now.”



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