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05.007 The Earth as organism


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev07.114,01-13 The Earth as organism

[1] Look, the structure of this and still other similar lakes is just as wisely ordered by the Creator as all the other things, which I have shown you and told you about concerning this matter.

[2] You have a body that is nourished, maintained and kept alive in a natural way by means of food and drink and by the regular breathing of pure air. The nourishing elements in the food and drinks are present in the same small measure as in the air that is breathed in. You breathe in the air, but you must almost breathe out as much as at first when you have breathed in. Only a small, hardly weighable part in your lungs is given to your blood, and that is the most important part by which your life is nourished. The other part is breathed out again. You eat different foods and drink different drinks. However, what you eat and drink does not consist only of pure nourishing elements for your body, but is primarily a carrier of it. Only an ethereal minimum is left behind in you as food. All the rest must by the known way be removed from the body.

[3] Well, just as this is necessary with men, animals and even with plants, because otherwise they could not stay alive, this is also the case with a heavenly body. A heavenly body needs organs to expel its inner superfluous dirt out on its skin’s surface. And now we look again at our dangerous lake, and then we discover that it is an equally necessary organ of the Earth to bring out the inner no more useable waste. Just like a number of comparable organs of the human body, which will not be unknown to you.

[4] Also the Earth is an organic living being and it has also a soul’s life, like you and any other creature, and it breathes and works and lives in the infinite space of creation.

[5] However, experience must have taught you that the waste of people, animals and plants can be used very well as manure on the fields, like meadows and vineyards. However, I tell you: what the animal waste is on a small scale, the waste of the Earth is on a larger scale and more in general.

[6] The fertile soil of the Earth, also the mountains and the seas are actually the waste of the Earth, because all that came into existence by the inner fire of life of the Earth, but of course already an unimaginable long time ago. And everything that is brought up to the surface of the Earth, like sulphur, pitch, salt, water and all kinds of minerals and metals, serves for the formation of the fertile soil, without which no plant, no tree, and thus still less an animal or even a human being could exist.

[7] Thus, what the Earth is doing through its own organs and pores even until today, as it has already done and had to do unthinkable long times ago by the very wise arrangement of the eternal great Creator, then it cannot be called bad, but then everything is good.

[8] If a piece of land or such a lake is not fit for the natural life of plants, animals and men, then it does not mean that it is bad. Man has brains and reason and can avoid such places that are not yet fit for habitation. The Earth has plenty of regions that are ripe to be inhabited and men can be completely satisfied with that. The sea as a whole occupies still a lot bigger surface than the dry land. Who will say: ‘Look, how unwise has God acted there by not making the greatest part of the Earth as fertile land instead of making so much useless water. We man, and surely also most animals on the land and also most plants, would have enough with the lakes, streams, rivers, brooks, wells and the rain and snow.’

[9] I say: yes, that would be possible if all lakes, streams, rivers, brooks, wells and the rain and the snow could come from another place then exactly from this big world sea. If this could not be done as it is done now, there would also be no fresh water on the mainland.

[10] I think that I have corrected your doubts now in a very natural way. If you pay attention to this, the existence of a true God, His love, goodness, wisdom and might will be completely clear to you, and no phenomenon in the world will ever hold you back from your true belief and the right knowledge of a true God.

[11] However, if someone with a certain eloquence tries to force another teaching upon you, then explain him everything as I have explained it to you. If he accepts what you are saying, then consider him as someone who seeks the truth, and treat him as a brother. However, if he does not accept the obvious truth, then consider him as someone without light, who is a gentile and a heretic because he does not want to accept the lightened truth, and avoid him and his company.

[12] But you must make a distinction between the one who does not want to accept the truth, and the one who cannot understand and accept the truth because of his spiritual poverty. The first one does not deserve to have more patience with him, for he does not want to accept the truth because of pride and self-conceit, and only wants that everything conforms itself to him. But be patient with the second one, for he does not lack the will, only the understanding. If through your patience and love he becomes more intelligent, he also will accept the truth.

[13] I have explained to you a lot now. If you reflect on it, you will find in you greater things yourself. Your spirit out of God will show you the depths and heights of the truth. Now ask yourself in your heart, if you have understood everything that I have told you.”



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