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05.004 Agrikola


Jakob Lorber
The great Gospel of John, 1851-1864
jl.ev06.191,01-09 + jl.ev06.192,09-13 Agrikola


   01] The Roman very much thanked for this my advice and went again to the angel and said to him: »My dear angel spirit, I am certainly much obliged for all your light-words, which I heard from you, - but we citizens of this earth and to respectively be or become children of God cannot get used to your celestial wisdom at all! What do we then know of still other earths in the endless far space, since we do not by any means really know this our earth enough! Consequently be so good and give me tangible proofs for your statement otherwise you will truly make no great effect with us with all your wisdom!«

   02] Says the angel spirit: »You demand much from me which I now certainly have to grant to you since the Lord wants to have it so. Your soul has now certainly been opened so far for you that you can see us pure spirits with the eye of your soul, - but that also only, then, because we have put on so to speak a substantial body out of your life-outside-sphere.

   03] If we were with you as pure spirits, then you would still not see us despite your present second sight. But when you some day will be in pure spiritual seeing – what you might call the third sight or the most inner seeing of the spirit -, then you certainly can see us as pure and purest spirits. But just this third sight is also necessary so that you, like us, can see all the other world bodies, which are in equivalent also in you in smallest scale, but will not be able to be noticed by your soul until it becomes one with the spirit out of God.

   04] But with the allowance of the Lord we can really effect with you men for a short time you becoming of a fully awakened spirit and therefore become ecstatic into the third and consequently into the highest and purest seeing.

   05] I will then put you first between the Moon and this Earth, so that you there can notice that this Earth is also just a ball, just as you can see the Moon and the Sun with the eyes of your flesh. Only after that I will bring you completely into the Moon, then into the Sun and only after that into several other worlds and earths. – Are you satisfied with this my proposal?«

   06] Says the Roman: »Certainly; but the matter will really not need for example a too long time? Because if those stars are nothing but worlds bigger than this Earth, then they certainly must be enormously far away from this Earth, because they appear quite so small, and so it goes already without saying that no matter how fast a spiritual journey there, should not exactly last only too short a time.«

   07] Says the angel: »For the pure spirit there is neither a time nor a space. Here and there in an endless distance from here is the same, and ‘now’ and ‘before aeons of years’ is also the same. Consequently you can also see and hear more in one moment in a pure spiritual state than you can find out only vaguely in your flesh on the way of word instruction in hardly several thousand years, but to which the lifetime of man on this earth is of course a much too short one. But that has also its big advantage in that respect, because the soul with us then also learns and hears in one moment far more and purer and truer than it would be able to do here on this earth in a long row of years. For if a soul has become independent just fairly in its body, then it is for it of a big life advantage when the heavy and suffering flesh is taken off it and it then steps into our company and receives from us the true life instruction completely alive.

   08] But now pay attention; for I will now therefore immediately release you in your spirit, which there is the actual love-life out of God, and therefore you are also children of God or really quite certainly can become when you thus live according to the will of God, as it is revealed to you quite at great length. Let it be! Become free, and see now the eternal creation of God related to you!«

   09] After this cry of the angel according to my will, all got into a deep sleep according to the body, but could still speak with the mouth at the same time, although they were completely robbed of all senses of the body in this state.


   09] Away from the sun the planets were still visited and some nearest stars, on which the Roman always liked it best, so that he incessantly regretted that he had not become an inhabitant of such a big and most splendid beautiful light world.

   10] But the angel said to him: »Indeed, my friend, exactly on this light world you have, according to the soul, lived all through four thousand earth years in a body! And look, there is still your most beautiful dwelling; and the people, who are going in and out there, were your nearest relatives according to the body.

   11] But when you were enlightened through a wise man wandering around, that somewhere in the endless big creation space a world exists, on which men can sooner or later become complete great-children of the great God, if they can decide to become detached from this world according to the soul, to once again go through a love-life-freedom-test on that earth of God in a cumbersome body – however without all temporary post-memory of this most beautiful world, because life there does not have the seeing wisdom as base, but only, especially at the beginning, the completely blind love -, so you were satisfied with that. And look, you were immediately changed afterwards, and your soul having become free was soon engendered into mother-body of that earth, and that in the most splendid city of that earth of God, so that you would not get any secret longing in certain lucid dreams, to again wish yourself back to here!

   12] And look, therefore you were already once in such a beautiful world, what you now very well recognize in your spirit and also remember everything what you have done and practised before some fifty earth years! But so that your longing to remain her does not become too keen, so we will immediately move again on to our earth of God.«

   13] At this moment they were all, that is all the Romans, again restored from the third to the earlier second sight and therefore woke up again, but with the exact keeping of all of what they had seen and true and clearly heard.



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