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03.004 An exaggerated inclination for travelling and commerce


Jakob Lorber
The spiritual sun
jl.gso2.122,01-12 An exaggerated inclination for travelling and commerce

   01] Also that will not cost much effort because we just have to consider that apart from this Earth there is still a very great number of other earth bodies, on which also free beings live just as on this Earth. That will be easy to find out which next coming activity our spirits receive. Each one of the earth bodies belongs to some system of planets; and each one of a whole system of planets stands among themselves spiritually and naturally in an interconnection and interaction.

   02] But that system of planets belonging to your sun is the first, into which our working spirits go over to. In the first place stands the Moon. On it these spirits practise of course more a punishing than a free teaching post. So these spirits are here approximately that, what with you are the elementary teachers, who beside the textbook also hold at the same time a rod of correction.

   03] Why here such is necessary, you know exceedingly well. You also know how it looks like in the Moon, what particular explanation there is for its inhabitants and also, how they are taught. And so there remains nothing further to be said about it.

   04] From there these teachers with their pupils do not for example go immediately over into heaven, but into the spiritual sphere of the planet Mercury, where already higher teachers stay. From Mercury it then goes into Venus; from it, for the sake of humiliation, into Mars. For those, who in Mars still have not made the right degree of greater humiliation their own, then also a detour is made, as you are used to say, to the four smaller planets. But with those who have already made a great degree of humility their own in Mars, a raising into Jupiter is immediately managed. Only out of Jupiter one goes over to the exceedingly marvellous Saturn, from there into the Uranus and finally into the already known final planet with the name Miron (Neptune), but it is understood, everywhere only into the spiritual sphere of these planets.

   05] Someone could ask here: Is this then then the usual way, which all spirits have to be guided, to eventually one day arrive at heaven?

   06] O no, I say, only those men who were here very natural and vainly sensuous, enter this way under the guidance of the spirits known to us. These must be guided on the certainly a little more protracted scientific way into love and wisdom of the Lord; and that for that reason, because the natural sensuality of man is a result of the reception of that effect, which one calls the planetary one with men.

   07] Certainly is no man passively compelled to receive this planetary effect in himself; but when he enables himself, through the incentive of the flesh and of other pleasures arousing sensuality, so he then also receives in himself such influences half suffering and half active. But since these influences are in the main of sensuous kind, so they are bad; and man, in their spiritual corresponding possession, cannot earlier arrive at the kingdom of heavens, than until he is free of all these possessions.

   08] So is for example an exaggerated inclination for travelling and commerce an effect of Mercury, as it as such is known already with the ancient wise men. From Venus is due the aesthetic infatuating nature, as was also already known to the old wise men; from Mars the belligerency and domineeringness, as also the old wise men knew it; from Jupiter an exaggerated pedantic ambition as a consequence of deep learning; from Saturn an easy excitability of passions; from Uranus a great love for splendour and from Miron an exaggerated inclination for all kinds of arts like music, poetry, painting, mechanics, industry of all sorts and of that kind.

   09] It is not here the talk of as if the man of Earth is getting such for example out of the planets; but man has all such in righteous degree originally in himself and can also arouse it in himself and use it legitimately. But when man throws himself upon one or the other branch too much, then he exceeds the degree of the influence of such planet, because he particularly emphasizes the planet he carries in himself and exposes himself to its influence. Through the raising of his particular passion he just concedes the unhindered contact to the mutual interacting polarities, what is not difficult to grasp for him who has remembered something of my first explanations about the cause of seeing, according to which no-one can see something, what he does not have in himself. For exactly this reason such spirits must then go through the planet travels and deposit in a way the strangeness on the scientific way of experience, from where they have received it.

   10] Have they finished this, then they come into the sun, in which they likewise basically and essentially have to go first through all the same planetary qualities. Only after the end of such school they then become the lowest attendants of small children.

   11] But the leaders here become principal teachers. And have they gone through a school until completion, only then are they received as citizens of the holy city Jerusalem, where they however first have to be by far the lowest, and there must be led by the principal citizens for all kinds of magnificent heavenly businesses, which to enumerate would not be grasped by a world full of books! For how the creations of the Lord are infinite, so infinitely diversified are also the businesses of the angels of the highest heaven.

   12] Now you know the complete progress and the final purpose of the children spirit angels and know therefore also the spiritual institution of the Sun. And therefore my teaching post for you is finished. Therefore return again to where the Lord himself waits for you!



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