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03.001 The inhabitants of the planet Mercury


Jakob Lorber
The natural sun, 1842
jl.nson.025,01-06 + jl.nson.025,17-21 The inhabitants of the planet Mercury


[NS 25.1] Regarding the next belt and its counterpart, these are firstly much narrower and the ground also considerably firmer than the central, or main equator. The main equator constitutes the actual solar world, whereas the ancillary belts are only worlds corresponding to the planets orbiting the sun.

[NS 25.2] Thus the next two belts stand in correspondence with the planets Mercury and Venus, both of which can be seen quite well by the inhabitants of these side belts. Mercury appears the size of your Moon and Venus about half that.

[NS 25.3] So the northern of these twin belts corresponds to Mercury and the southern to Venus. Hence everything found upon the northern belt is also found upon Mercury, except of course, that it is a far more perfect solar equivalent. Such relationship similarly applies between the southern belt and Venus.

[NS 25.4] This had to precede so that you would gather what these ancillary belts are all about and that with their acquaintance, you would be substantially familiarized with the planets themselves.

[NS 25.5] But to preclude confusion, we shall mainly examine the northern belt, limiting our observations of the southern belt to where it sometimes markedly differs from the northern one. For one thing you must know, is that the planets Mercury and Venus are of identical consistency. Likewise, are the inhabitants of both these planets wise men nearly throughout. What differentiates them is that the inhabitants of Mercury seek and also find wisdom along the path of personal, evidential experiences from which they forge all kinds of assumptions and conclusions. Wherefore these people, even as spirits are still travel bugs, desiring to see the entire Creation with their own eyes to inform and most profoundly convince themselves as to whether their wise conclusions during their carnal lives were fallacious or not. This therefore is the nature or rather prominent attribute of the inhabitants of Mercury.

[NS 25.6] If you want to see the Venusians, these are basically like those of Mercury, except that their school of wisdom commences where that of Mercury ends and their final examination is where the people of Mercury begin their school. In other words, the matter is to be regarded as follows: the people of Mercury first think in the light of experience and then look. The Venusians however look first and then think in the light of experience.


[NS 25.17] But to remain true to our previous system we shall also commence our more detailed presentation with man. What type of people inhabit the northern belt?

[NS 25.18] If you were acquainted with the people of the planet Mercury then I could say unto you: they completely resemble the people of this belt, just as the people of the southern belt resemble those of the corresponding planet. But since you naturally don't know this yet, I must of course describe these people to you more closely in relation to shape.

[NS 25.19] These people are somewhat bigger than those of the main belt and also bigger than those on their corresponding planet. But they are firstly not as radiantly beautiful as those of the main belt, yet are nonetheless still far more beautiful than those of their corresponding planet and indeed notably more beautiful than the people of your Earth.

[NS 25.20] This is due to their wisdom; for wisdom has the attribute of developing the outer form most beautifully. With love however it is the opposite; there the inward part is full of endless beauty and the outer part therefore simple and plain. Wherefore men should not be misled by outer beauty of shape since it is of far lesser worth than the interior for it relates like the beauty of a far less valuable crystal to the originally rough form of a diamond. The latter of course in its natural state sparkles far less than a crystal polished by nature; when the diamond is polished however, showing its inner purity, then judge for yourselves how far the sparkle of its fiery colour leaves the beauty of the crystal behind!

[NS 25.21] This small example should completely reassure all true children of love and therewith yourselves as well, when hearing about ever so striking external human forms, for I say unto you: just one heart loving Me truly counterbalances all the thinkable beauties of an entire solar galaxy. Indeed I say more: such a heart is unspeakably more beautiful than the entire heavenly wisdom of the angels, as well as the second wisdom and heavenly love of the highest angels.


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