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640114.11.1955God's word is life, light and power.
640215.11.1955Church buildings?
640315.11.1955The will determines the duration of slavery.
640417.11.1955"Work the works, while it is day."
640518.11.1955Changed Constellation of Stars.
640619.11.1955Fight against the lie and error.
640721.11.1955Dissensions before the end.
640822.11.1955Admonition to use earth life right.
640923.11.1955God's help to the change of will.
641024.11.1955Gospel of love.
641125.11.1955Your desire determines your lord.
641227.11.1955God, a just, but loving judge.
641328.11.1955Love radiation and distance.
641429.11.1955Gospel of love.
641530.11.+1.12.1955Deformation and purification of the divine word.
64162.12.1955God's never-ending love.
64174.12.1955The spiritual low is reached.
64185.12.1955The way to the father house. God's guidance.
64209.12.1955"Eternal damnation". Light. Will of Lucifer?
642110.12.1955Intimate connection with God. Inner voice.
642211.12.1955Readiness for redemption work.
642312.12.1955Happiness and thanks of the redeemed souls.
642413.12.1955Surprising end. Clear signs.
642514.12.1955Warning Against Ill-Considered Acting and Speaking.
642615.12.1955Work of the spirit. Vineyard work.
642716.12.1955Living faith in Jesus Christ.
642817.12.1955Question to God and answer.
642919.12.1955Rejecting of the word of God. Remorse.
643020.12.1955The love work of the man Jesus.
643121.12.1955Humility and arrogance. Suitable servants.
643223.12.1955Redemption Period with Jesus Christ.
643324.12.1955Birth of Jesus. Sacrificial death.
643425.12.1955Light from above. God's word.
643526.12.1955Love achieved the work of redemption.
643627.12.1955Real understanding necessitates love work.
643728.12.1955Trust in divine guidance.
643829.12.1955Cause and purpose of the childbirth of Jesus.
643930.12.1955Remember the end.
644031.12.1955Love - divine principle.
64411.1.1956Supplying truth.
64422.1.1956Rejecting the direct word.
64434.1.1956Work of dark powers.
64445.1.1956Comforting words of the father.
64456.1.1956Symbol of the church of Christ.
64467.1.1956The power of the divine word.
64478.1.1956Hoarding matter. Prompting of the opponent.
644810.1.1956Reception of truth necessitates breaking away from the hitherto existing.
644911.1.1956Convinced acknowledging of Jesus Christ.
645012.1.1956Change of will. Jesus Christ. Favour - light - power.
645113.1.1956Use of the last favour in free will.
645214.1.1956Last phase. Religious warfare.
645315.+16.1.1956Different course of development of the fallen.
645419.1.1956Guests of earth. Right administrator.
645520.1.1956Influencing through spiritual powers. Taking possession.
645621.1.1956The only way to cognition.
645722.1.1956Trouble, which teaches to pray right.
645823.1.1956Always let God be present to you.
645924.1.1956Intercession for Lucifer.
646025.1.1956Purification of soul particles. Bad spirits.
646126.1.1956Kindling of the divine spark through love.
646227.1.1956Effect of erroneous teachings in the hereafter.
646329.1.1956Redemption out of darkness before the end.
646431.1.1956Soul substances.
64651.2.1956Connections between star worlds and earth.
64662.2.1956Vineyard work in the last time.
64674.2.1956Truth lets the perfection of God be recognized.
64685.2.1956Dangers of mediums reception.
64696.2.19561. Corinthians 1: 19 - 21.
64707.2.1956Natural creation proof of God's love.
64719.2.1956Announcement of revolt and unrest.
647210.2.1956Effect of the word in the hereafter.
647311.2.1956Spiritual change imminent.
647412.2.1956Truth is necessary for perfection.
647513.+14.2.1956Light - truth. Darkness - error.
647615.2.1956Spiritual decline through error and lie.
647716.2.1956The way upwards not without Jesus Christ.
647817.2.1956Appearances of the Virgin Mary. Signs and miracles. Work of Satan.
647918.2.1956Before God thousand years are as one day.
648019.2.1956Work of bad spirits. Demoniacal possession.
648120.2.1956Recognizing and Acknowledging God. Denier of God.
648222.+23.2.1956Concerns End Predictions.
648324.2.1956Redemption work has an effect in the hereafter.
648425.2.1956Union with God in free will.
648526.2.1956Faith in the existence of Jesus.
648627.2.1956Mark of truth: Jesus Christ. Love.
648728.2.1956Reference to the end.
648829.2.1956Intellectual knowledge. Study. Revelations.
64891.3.1956Unredeemed substances in man.
64902.+4.3.1956The moment of the new birth.
64914.3.1956The father's reliable protection.
64925.3.1956Repatriating of the dead to life.
64936.3.1956Masses never behind truth. Spreading - opponent.
64947.3.1956Office of the truth bearer. False legal ideas.
64958.3.1956The opponent seeks to stop the recognizing of the divinity.
64969.3.1956Invitation to the table of the Lord.
649710.3.1956Plan of repatriation. Free will.
649811.3.1956Life Spark - Love - Gift of Favour.
649912.3.1956Love light: Cognition of truth.
650013.3.1956God's protection for servants and co-workers.


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