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620128.2.1955Faith decision. Confessing before the world.
62021.3.1955Life task: Serving in love.
62032.3.1955Hostilities. Religious warfare. Vineyard work.
62044.3.1955The right will guarantees the change of nature.
62055.3.1955Help of men with the redemption from the depth.
62066.3.1955Love ability. Love willingness.
62077.3.1955Making divine of created beings.
62088.3.1955Will towards God and power of the word weapons against the enemy.
62099.3.1955Increased suffering in the time of the end.
621011.+12.3.1955Explanation about "spirit spark" and "soul".
621113.3.1955Contact with God - happiness. Separation - misery.
621214.3.1955The Gospel is to be spread in the whole world.
621315.3.1955Fulfilment of every spiritual request certain.
621417.3.1955God's will: Principle of love.
621518.3.1955Urgent vineyard work.
621620.3.1955Longing of a mature soul for God.
621722.3.1955Leading by the spirit. Vineyard work.
621823.3.1955Redemption work for the souls. Intercession.
621925.3.1955God's will: Adapting to the eternal order.
622026.+27.3.1955Clearing off guilt up to the farthing.
622128.3.1955Life and death. Jesus Christ redeemer.
622229.3.1955Receipt of the word. Protection of truth.
622330.3.1955Requesting favour in free will.
622431.3.1955Mission of the servants of God on earth.
62251.4.1955"God is in me." Love activity.
62262.4.1955Readiness to the receipt of means of favour.
62273.4.1955Redeemed at the End. Inhabitants of the New Earth.
62284.4.1955Fear of death.
62295.4.1955Recognizing and receiving depends on the will.
62306.4.1955End. Transformation and New Creation.
62317.4.1955God reveals himself again and again as love.
62328.4.1955Good Friday. Love.
62339.4.1955Suffering and dying.
623410.4.1955Death and resurrection. Life.
623511.4.1955Fighting time before the end. Difficulties.
623612.4.1955Responsibility before God's seat of judgement.
623713.4.1955God's word: Love teaching. Real announcers.
623814.4.1955Spreading of truth. Living faith.
623916.4.1955Divine love light. Light bearers.
624017.4.1955Jesus took all suffering upon himself. Why suffering?
624118.4.1955Gifts of the spirit. Prerequisites.
624221.4.1955Sin punishment? Lot for which one is oneself responsible.
624322.4.1955End for all. Positive and negative success.
624423.4.1955God has fixed the day of the end.
624524.4.1955Redemption of Lucifer. Resistance to the test of will.
624626.4.1955Greatest danger of falling into the depth.
624729.4.1955Meaning of the word "judgement". Justice.
62482.5.1955Desire for truth guarantees truth.
62493.5.1955God's protection for his fighters and servants.
62504.+5.5.1955Spiritual turning point. Coming up of night.
62516.5.1955Truth cannot be stopped.
62527.5.1955The task to spread truth presupposes receiving of truth through God.
62539.5.1955God's plan of salvation proves his love.
625410.5.1955Union with God secures his protection.
625512.5.1955Supply of the divine word. God's act of favour.
625613.5.1955Man stands shortly before the aim.
625714.5.1955Inadequate sense of responsibility. Inadequate faith.
625815.5.1955Redemption of the souls from the depth before the end.
625916.5.1955Seeing face to face.
626017.5.1955Body. Soul. Spirit. Unification task.
626118.+20.5.1955Divine guidance through the spirit.
626220.+21.5.1955Voice of consciousness. Feeling. Right way.
626322.5.1955Admonition to Keenly Work in the Vineyard.
626423.5.1955Happy or dark lot. Proofs. Jesus Christ.
626525.5.1955Strength of Faith Necessary in Last Struggle.
626626.5.1955No intercession in vain for opposite souls.
626727.5.1955Beginning and End of Redemption Period is Far Apart.
626828.5.1955Task of the disciples: Announcing of the love teaching.
6269Pentecost 29.5.1955Becoming divine. Spirit spark.
6270Pentecost 29.5.1955Pouring out of the spirit.
627131.5.1955Calm Before the Storm. Prepared Fighters.
62721.6.1955God's limitless love. Return.
62732.6.1955Subordination of the will. Responsibility.
62743.6.1955Distance from God and wrong attitude towards him.
62754.6.1955Power and effect of the divine word.
62765.6.1955Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the Prodigal Son.
62776.6.1955Strokes of fate. Love of the father.
62787.6.1955Connection with God. Secure ascent.
62798.6.1955Separation - misery. "Come unto me, all."
6280The feast of Corpus Christi 9.6.1955Right prayer and service.
628110.6.1955Right direction of the will - Complete freedom.
628211.6.1955Reshaping of Earth. Eruptions.
628313.6.1955Opening of the heart for spiritual gifts.
628414.6.1955Spiritual leaders on earth. Jesus Christ.
628515.6.1955God's address.
628616.6.1955Fight against desires and passions.
628718.6.1955Examining of Spiritual Goods is Necessary.
628819.6.1955"With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."
628920.6.1955Rulers of fate. God of love.
629021.6.1955Strokes of fate. Remedy.
629122.6.1955Time of the End.
629223.6.1955God's presence and expression.
629324.6.1955God's loving address.
629425.6.1955Effective means of favour.
629526.6.1955Development of earth and man.
629627.6.1955Lethargy in thinking.
629728.6.1955Divine guidance.
629829.6.1955Earthly world passage to true home.
629930.6.1955Transitoriness. Destructions.
63001.7.1955Last Faith Decision.


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