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Table of contents of Section 61


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61017.11.1954Awakening of the divine spirit spark.
61028.11.1954Cover of Piety. Satan's Work.
61039.11.1954Hour of reckoning - judgement. Repayment.
610410.11.1954Utilizing of life power for the gaining of spiritual power.
610511.11.1954Spiritual and Earthly Turning Point Forthcoming.
610612.11.1954Speedy end. Fulfilment of predictions.
610713.11.1954Utilizing the last stage. Lot of the soul.
610814.11.1954Aim of God: Eternal life. Free will.
610915.11.1954Questioning thoughts first steps upwards.
611016.11.1954Strong faith. Success. Love.
611117.11.1954"Be not afraid."
611218.11.1954Fight with the sword of the mouth.
611319.11.1954Self-criticism: Thoughs. Love.
611419.11.1954Creatures becoming children of God.
611521.11.1954Crossroads. Way upwards correct.
611622.11.1954God's answer to thoughts. Presence.
611723.11.1954Rebirth. Futile earth life way.
611824.11.1954Love spirit is protection against temptation and opponent of God.
611925.11.1954Real vineyard work. Training for it.
612026.11.1954Truth addresses the heart.
612127.11.1954Right measure of selflove - "as thyself."
612229.11.1954Promises of splendour. Pictures of the dark kingdom.
612330.11.1954God Recognizes Everything. Truth and Appearance. Mask of the Opponent.
61242.12.1954Words of comfort. Suffering - illness. Connection with God.
61254.12.1954Will of resistance against truth (Bible).
61265.12.1954State of remorse in the hereafter about rejection of the divine word.
61276.12.1954Fight against oneself, desires and overcoming of them.
61287.12.1954Gospel announcing to those, who need spiritual comfort, and to the souls in the hereafter.
61298.12.1954Gospel announcing to those, who need spiritual comfort, and to the souls in the hereafter.
61309.12.1954Reasons for the childbirth of Christ. Act of mercy.
613110.12.1954God's resources before the end.
613211.12.1954Problem of God becoming man. Love, truth, God - are one.
613312.12.1954God's gift of favour and rejection of man.
613413.12.1954Mysterious Light Phenomena.
613514.12.1954"Take, eat."
613615.12.1954Presenting the heavenly bread to the souls in the hereafter.
613716.12.1954"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden."
613817.12.1954Development process of the spiritual.
613918.12.1954"Become as little children."
614020.12.1954Living water. Way to the source.
614121.12.1954The serious will reaches the aim.
614222.12.1954Endless night lies before men. Jesus Christ - the light.
614323.12.1954Call to Jesus Christ is rescue. God's word.
6144Christmas Eve 24.12.1954Peace to men, who are of good will.
614525.12.1954Jesus heard God's word. Mediator between God and men.
614627.12.1954Will determines the measure of favour.
614728.12.1954Unusual trouble - unusual help.
614829.12.1954Further development on the new earth.
614930.12.1954Patiently bearing the cross.
615031.12.1954Law from eternity: Love. Divine order.
6151New Year's Day 1.1.1955God's work on men.
61533.1.1955Complete enlightenment only from God.
61544.1.1955Humility. Arrogance.
61555.1.1955There is no eternal damnation.
61566.1.1955"Thou shalt not kill."
61577.1.1955Intercession for souls in darkness.
61588.1.1955Reshaping of nature only from the inside out.
61599.1.1955Direct revelation of God.
616010.1.1955To a real servant the judgement of the world is to be worthless.
616111.1.1955Only God can give truth.
616212.1.1955Excess of favours. Utilizing of the same.
616313.1.1955Request for favour.
616414.1.1955Only connection to God gives power in coming time.
616515.1.1955Spreading of divine love teaching important.
616616.1.1955Freedom of will. Divine order. Mandatory state.
616717.1.1955Powerlessness is remedied through love.
616818.1.1955Faith in Jesus Christ. Reduced suffering.
616919.1.1955The name of Jesus defeats the demon.
617020.1.1955Internal resistance obstacle to acceptance of Truth.
617121.1.1955Spiritual food doer, not just hearer of the word.
617222.1.1955Erecting of the barrier between men and God.
617323.1.1955God's mercy before the end.
617424.1.1955Unbelief in the end.
617525.1.1955Life or death. Free decision of the will.
617626.1.1955Nobody is happy without Jesus Christ.
617727.1.1955Wide road. Temptations. Narrow way upwards.
617828.1.1955Signs of rage before the end.
617929.1.1955God's references to the transitoriness of earthly goods.
618030.1.1955Voluntary return to God in love.
618131.1.1955God's father love. Orphans.
61822.2.1955Work of the Opponent: Resistance Against God's Word.
61833.2.1955Command of love.
61845.2.1955Call of the light beings. God's executives.
61856.2.1955Right utilization of earth time.
61869.2.1955Power flow through God's address.
618711.2.1955End of one redemption period and beginning of a new one.
618813.2.1955"Taught by God." Good teachers.
618914.2.1955Work of redemption. Ransom. Free will.
619015.2.1955References to the end.
619117.2.1955Only love is assessed.
619218.2.1955Redemption out of form is occasion for reshaping of earth.
619319.2.1955The key to wisdom is love, not the intellect.
6194Monday before Lent / Shrove Monday 21.2.1955Serious admonitions.
619522.2.1955Hearing the word only after the death on the cross.
619623.2.1955Love life. Power of love.
619724.2.1955Repatriation of the spiritual to God. Free will.
619825.2.1955God's blessing to all announcers of Jesus Christ.
619925.2.1955Life or death.
620026.2.1955Every man is addressed by God.


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