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Table of contents of Section 60


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600113.7.1954False Christs and prophets. Work of Satan.
600215.7.1954Will of man determines the degree of truth.
600315.7.1954Value of spiritual treasures in the hereafter.
600417.7.1954Life source.
600519.7.1954Unauthorized termination of life.
600620.7.1954God's leadership, God's will or admission.
600721.7.1954Development of the soul upwards.
600826.7.1954God gives unlimitedly.
600927.7.1954Acknowledgement of God. Faith in the connection with him.
601028.7.1954Church of Christ.
601129.7.1954Will of repulsion. Preserving God's word pure.
601230.7.1954Prayer in quietness. Confessing before the world.
6013a31.7.1954Different gifts of the spirit.
6013b1.8.1954Speaking in tongues. Warning of false spirit.
60142.8.1954Entering the place of execution. Walk to the cross.
60154.8.1954Everything serves to perfection.
60165.8.1954State of sleep. Light and life.
60189.8.1954Fight Between Light and Darkness. Signs of the End.
601910.8.1954Concept of eternity. Perfection.
602011.8.1954Blessing of the word in the hereafter.
602112.8.1954Divine order is love.
602213.8.1954In the house of the father are many mansions.
602314.8.1954God's End Revelation.
602415.8.1954Forthcoming Turn. Hostility Towards God's Servants.
602516.8.1954Mercy. Do not harden your hearts.
602617.8.1954Activity of light beings.
602718.8.1954God's unusual gift of favour.
602819.8.1954Create and work. Falling of night.
602920.8.1954Love of God indispensable.
603021.8.1954Indifference of Men Requires Harder Blows.
603122.8.1954Spirit of Confusion. Without Love No Truth.
603224.8.1954Redemption work. God's blessing.
603325.8.1954Way of Love and Faith. Acknowledgement of God.
603426.8.1954Dead Faith Becomes Evident in Times of Trouble.
603527.8.1954Love illumination of God. Free will.
603628.8.1954The act alone does not decide, but the will.
603729.8.1954Coming of the Lord (to be understood literally)
603830.8.1954New revelations. Reasons. Bible.
603931.8.1954Signs and Miracles of the End-Times. False Christs and Prophets.
60401.9.1954Wrong thirst for knowledge.
60412.9.1954Attitude of world men to the Gospel.
60424.9.1954Hour of death without fear. Readiness.
60435.9.1954Little acknowledgement (faith) for spirit work. Lacking faith.
60447.9.1954Reception vessel for divine love power current.
60458.+9.9.1954Immeasurable sufferings of Jesus Christ.
604610.9.1954Ascent development in mandatory state and free will.
604711.9.1954God's word unchanging.
604812.9.1954"Bring out my Gospel."
604912.9.1954God takes on every worker for vineyard work.
605013.9.1954"Withdraw into your closet."
605113.9.1954God's word power in the time of the end and trouble.
605214.+15.9.1954Last Judgement. Act of love and justice.
605315.9.1954Way of the following of Jesus.
605416.9.1954Opposite lot according to thinking and striving on earth.
605516.9.1954Testimony of the messengers about the work of God.
605617.9.1954Open confession of the divine name.
605717.9.1954Blessing of the receiving and spreading.
605819.9.1954God's intervention with threatening danger for the soul. Love.
605919.9.1954Time of the end, closely forthcoming.
606020.9.1954Final stage as man. Free will.
6061a21.+22.9.1954Light is, where God's spirit has an effect.
6061b22.9.1954Light is, where God's spirit has an effect.
606222.9.1954Right relationship of the child to the father.
606323.9.1954Living in divine order in free will as man.
606425.9.1954Love work at the unredeemed.
606526.9.1954Earthly and spiritual. Inhabitants of other stars. (Flying discs)
606629.9.1954Admonition to Workers in the Vineyard. Success in the Hereafter.
606730.9.1954Coming Tribulation.
60682.10.1954Excess of favour in coming time.
60693.10.1954The spiritual kingdom is to be striven for.
60705.10.1954"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
60716.10.1954Sin is offence against love.
60727.10.1954Influencing, but no compulsion from the spiritual kingdom.
60738.10.1954Living announcers of the Gospel.
60749.10.1954Address of God natural. Truth.
607510.10.1954Connection with God guarantees truth.
607612.10.1954Blessing of illness. Cross bearer for the soul.
607713.10.1954Sun of the spirit.
607814.10.1954Blessed vineyard work. Landlord. Care.
607915.10.1954God's admonishing voice. New epoch.
608016.10.1954Influence of the opponent on the will. Destructions.
608117.10.1954Success at the End of an Earth Period. Scientists.
608218.10.1954Value of spiritual and earthly knowledge.
608319.10.1954Faith Struggle. Denial of God. End.
608420.10.1954Serious words of the heavenly father. Physician. Medicine.
608521.10.1954God's help to happiness. Free will.
608622.10.1954Earth task: Fulfilment of the love commands.
608723.10.1954Original sin. Love radiation. Jesus Christ.
608824.10.1954Jesus was aware of his work before.
608925.10.1954Fighting with the sword of the mouth.
609026.10.1954Divine spark. Right relationship to God.
609127.10.1954No delay of the end. Signs and miracles.
609228.10.1954Blessing of the divine word on earth and in the hereafter.
609329.+30.10.1954God's will and work at his servants.
609431.10.1954Unfathomable entity of God.
60951.11.1954Irradiation with love power. Resistance.
60962.11.1954Earth walk, act of favour. Return to God.
60973.11.1954Increased activity in the vineyard of the Lord demanded.
60984.11.1954God in Jesus Christ.
60995.11.1954Connection to the spiritual kingdom. Overcoming.
61006.11.1954Purpose of man. Desire for truth.


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