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590112.+13.3.1954Bringing the Gospel to the opposite souls. Love.
590214.3.1954Acknowledging God as original power. Enlightenments.
590315.3.1954Blessing of the spiritual work.
590416.3.1954Blessing of suffering.
590517.3.1954"With what measure you mete."
590617.3.1954Mutual instruction of the souls in the hereafter.
590718.3.1954Table of the Lord.
590819.3.1954Real child relationship. Become like children.
590920.3.1954Light in darkness. No compulsion.
591021.3.1954God's word is power. Letter without life.
591122.3.1954Faithlessness of world men.
591223.3.1954God's efforts, to reach the change of will.
591324.3.1954Fighting or serving.
591426.3.1954Help of light beings only in the will of God. Calling "saints".
591527.3.1954Degree of maturity secures right thinking. Spirit work.
591628.3.1954Soaring up of the soul into spiritual spheres.
591729.3.1954Bridging the distance from God.
591830.3.1954Only the willing listener has blessing.
591931.3.1954Voluntary acts of love. Law fulfilment.
59201.4.1954God's love also to be found in suffering.
59212.+4.4.1954Striving for the aim in free will.
59225.4.1954Word from above. Pouring out of the spirit.
59236.4.1954Church of Christ. Living faith.
59247.4.1954Quick end. World clock.
59259.4.1954In my name you are to ask the father.
592611.4.1954Serious admonition to remember the earth life purpose.
592712.4.1954Following Jesus. Life in love.
592813.4.1954God's return in the word. Great spiritual trouble.
592913.4.1954Redemption of hell. Ray of light in form of a cross.
593014.4.1954Power of the divine word.
593115.4.1954Jesus Christ is the gate to the kingdom of light.
5932Good Friday 16.4.1954Death on the cross.
593317.4.1954Covenant with God.
5934Easter 18.4.1954Resurrection.
593519.4.1954Power of the spirit in the time of the end.
593620.4.1954Near end. Chronology of God.
593721.4.1954God's spirit spark. Connection with God condition.
593822.4.1954Connection with God. Assignment on earth.
593822.4.1954Connection with God. Assignment on earth.
593923.4.1954Decision for the right Lord.
594024.4.1954Believing trust secures God's help.
594125.4.1954Faith in Jesus Christ. Unbelieving Thomas.
594226.4.1954"But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Free will.
594429.4.1954Reference to the justice of God.
594530.4.1954God's help in every trouble.
59461.5.1954God's care for the least - lowest.
59472.5.1954Work of God necessary. Presence of God.
59483.+4.5.1954Announcing Jesus Christ. Reason for rejection.
59495.5.1954Oppressions of the just.
59506.5.1954God does not judge, but men judge themselves.
59517.5.1954Faith of the disciples of the time of the end without proofs.
59529.5.1954"No man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
595310.5.1954Relationship with God.
595411.5.1954Faith tests are to produce strong faith.
595512.5.1954Convinced preachers.
595613.5.1954"But seek ye first the kingdom of God."
595714.5.1954The letter kills. The spirit vivifies.
595815.5.1954Also the last judgement is an act of the love of God.
595916.5.1954"I know mine."
596018.5.1954God waits for the return into the father house.
596119.5.1954God's love fetter.
596220.5.1954Supply of the divine word undeserved gift of favour.
596321.5.1954Love. "Who abides in love, he abides in me."
596422.5.1954Redemption work at opposite souls in the will of God.
596523.5.1954Awakened preachers.
596625.5.1954Healing the sick. Signs and miracles. Faith proofs.
596728.+29.5.1954Original sin.
596831.5.1954God's secure help in the coming trouble.
59691.+5.6.1954God's favour, to come into divine order.
5970Whit-Sunday 6.6.1954The love of God.
5971Whit Monday 7.6.1954Sin against the spirit.
59728.6.1954Apparent quietness. Unusual power. Coming of the Lord.
59739.6.1954Caller at the way of life. Way upwards or downwards.
597412.6.1954Gift of the discerning of spirits.
597514.6.1954Gift of the discerning of spirits.
597615.6.1954"Spread my word." (17. Anniversary of receiving the word)
597715.6.1954Significant mission. Spreading of the Gospel.
597816.6.1954Right instruction. Right will. Love command.
597917.6.1954Request for the divine spirit.
598019.6.1954God's blessing for redemption work. Souls in the hereafter.
598121.6.1954Closing of the Gates to the Spiritual Kingdom.
598222.6.1954Change of Pure Gospel. Successors?
598323.6.1954Last Judgement an Act of God's Love.
598425.6.1954Leader and road companion. God's blessing.
598526.6.1954"I am the way, the truth, and the life."
598627.6.1954Redeemer work of Jesus Christ.
598728.6.1954Warning About False Prophets.
598829.6.1954Promise of life. Jesus Christ.
598930.6.1954Love irradiation. Decision-admonition. Will.
59901.7.1954Establishing the divine order.
59913.7.1954Idea of hell and its agonies.
59924.7.1954Effect of a striving man on opposite souls.
59935.7.1954God himself explains: Jesus Christ.
59946.7.1954Handing out of spiritual goods through messengers of God.
59957.7.1954Afflictions of the body. Suffering for the soul.
59968.7.1954Loosening of the relationship with God danger.
59979.7.1954Thoughts of meaning and purpose of earth life. Address of God.
599810.7.1954Power of the will through Jesus' death on the cross.
599911.7.1954Help of God for the trusting petitioner.
600013.7.1954Resurrection of the flesh.


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