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58014.11.1953Worthlessness of earthly knowledge in the hereafter.
58025.+9.11.1953Adam. Original spirit. Lucifer's attempt. Breaking of form.
580311.+12.11.1953Saul experiencing. Favour.
580413.11.1953Refuge to the father.
580514.11.1953Prayer for power and favour.
580615.11.1953Mary apparitions.
580716.+17.11.1953Turning Point of the World. Not Turning Point of the World.
580819.11.1953Duty to pass on. Warning of foreign knowledge.
580921.11.1953Right thinking of a receiver of revelations.
581023.11.1953Last rescue work. Caller and admonisher.
581124.11.1953Help of the light beings for redemption work.
581227.11.1953Constant connection with God.
581327.11.1953Everything just proves God's love.
581428.11.1953Serious admonition before the end.
581530.11.1953Power of the word last help before the end.
58161.12.1953Share of God is in man. Presence of God.
58172.12.1953Great spiritual trouble demands eager vineyard work.
58184.12.1953Favourable offer through God's word.
58195.12.1953Gift of the spirit. Gift of wisdom.
58206.12.1953Spiritual pride. Humility is the bridge.
58217.12.1953"Whosoever therefore shall confess me."
58228.12.1953Course of development. Which success? Last favours.
58239.12.1953Help in earthly and spiritual trouble. Mutual love.
582410.+12.12.1953Light of truth. Lamps without oil. Worn out robe.
582513.12.1953No-one gains the kingdom of heaven, who pays tribute to the world.
582614.12.1953Fight against truth. Protection for light bearers.
582715.12.1953Comforting and loving father words.
582816.12.1953Faith in God's revelations.
582917.12.1953God is the word. Address of God.
583019.12.1953Forerunner. Announcing Jesus.
583120.12.1953Light messengers. Eager Work in the last time.
583221.12.1953Birth of Jesus. Light. (Christmas.)
583322.12.1953Day of the Lord. Command?
583423.12.1953Divine guidance.
5835Christmas 24.+25.12.1953Little child Jesus.
583626.12.1953Original light from eternity radiates light.
583727.12.1953Serious admonition to accept the divine word.
583828.12.1953Requesting of blessing for all actions.
583929.12.1953Withdrawing of power out of the word of God.
584030.12.1953Religious warfare. Fighters of God.
584131.12.1953New Year's Eve message. Reference to end.
58421.1.1954New Year's Day message. Light into the darkness of night.
58432.1.1954Power of faith. Healings of the sick. Miracles.
58443.1.1954Acknowledging or rejecting. Jesus Christ.
58455.1.1954Predestined fate. God's love and help.
58466.1.1954Divine revelation substantiated in his love.
58477.1.1954Faith in Jesus Christ. Sufferings of Christ.
58488.1.1954Pouring out of the spirit. Faith and love.
58499.1.1954Love commands. Overcoming of self-love.
585010.1.1954Good will recognizes revelations of God.
585111.1.1954Dead in Christ. Rapture.
585212.1.1954"Ask, and it shall be given you." "Come unto me all."
585313.+14.1.1954Threads from the hereafter to earth.
585415.1.1954Acquiring of the spiritual kingdom on earth.
585516.1.1954Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Jesus Christ.
585618.1.1954Doubts About Divine Revelations. Cunning of the Opponent.
585720.1.1954Responsibility. Intellect and free will.
585821.1.1954Work of God's children on earth.
585922.1.1954Revelations expression of the love of God.
586023.1.1954Uncontrolled Spread of Sin. Faith Struggle. End.
586124.1.1954False Christs and false prophets.
586225.1.1954Divine guiding.
586326.1.1954Voice of the father. God's protection of truth.
586428.29.+30.1.1954The spirit of God blows, where he wants it.
586531.1.1954Two different worlds. Voice of the good shepherd.
58661.2.1954Light sparks.
58672.+3.2.1954Jesus found little recognition on earth.
58684.2.1954God needs workers for his vineyard.
58695.2.1954God speaks to men at any time.
58706.2.1954Promise of preservation of body and soul in times of trouble.
58717.2.1954Work of transformation. Ability to think. Faith in after-life.
58728.2.1954Predictions of worldly happenings. False prophets.
58739.2.1954Fulfilling of love commands.
587410.2.1954Unredeemed souls. Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ.
587512.2.1954God's call for workers in the vineyard.
587613.2.1954Servants of the Lord. Vineyard work.
587715.2.1954Short phase of earth life decides lot in the hereafter.
587816.2.1954Door to the kingdom of light is Jesus Christ.
587917.2.1954Raging of the Elements.
588018.2.1954God's love follows the unbelievers.
588119.2.1954"I know mine."
588220.2.1954Great measure of favour at the end.
588321.2.1954God's Enlightenment About Connections. Blind Faith.
588422.2.1954Jesus Christ. His holy name.
588523.2.1954God's word always remains the same Gospel.
588624.2.1954"Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of the least of these my brethren."
588725.2.1954Spiritual blind. Rays of light.
588826.2.1954Spiritual or earthly goods. Better part.
588927.2.1954Healing of the sick in the name of Jesus.
589028.2.1954Living or dead knowledge.
58911.3.1954Forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.
58922.3.1954God's blessing for vineyard work.
58933.3.1954Incomprehensible gift of favour. Counter gift. Love.
58944.3.1954Readiness, to accept gifts of favour.
58955.3.1954Living Christianity.
58966.3.1954Mandatory law. Free test of will. Purpose.
58977.3.1954Earth life is the way, but not the aim.
58989.3.1954"The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence." "My yoke is easy."
589910.3.1954Prayer about good success.
590011.3.1954Value of the divine word.


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