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570119.6.1953Examine the Spirits. False Christs and Prophets.
570220.6.1953Limits of knowledge.
570321.6.1953Purpose of creation. Course of development.
570422.6.1953Own responsibility. Attitude to truth.
570522.6.1953Serious admonition. Material attitude.
570624.6.1953Faith in God. Revelation. Truth.
570725.6.1953"Create and work." Endless long night.
570826.6.1953Deciding for the right Lord.
570927.6.1953Free will basic law. Test of will of the spiritual.
571028.6.1953Book of books. God's word.
571129.6.1953Warning to intersperse received spiritual messages with thought.
571230.6.1953Surprising end also for the believers.
57131.7.1953Passing on of the divine word. Blessing.
57142.7.1953Help for weak souls in the hereafter.
57153.7.1953God's word. Ray of light. Door of the heart. Guest.
57165.7.1953God speaks through the mouth of man.
57176.7.1953Thought waves in accordance of the will.
57187.7.1953Spiritual Low. Turning Point Impossible. End.
57199.7.1953Power of Belief. Antichrist. Counter Work.
572010.7.1953Real prayer. Child relationship.
572111.7.1953Last Decision. Confessing Before the World.
572212.u.13.7.1953Coming into being of matter. Electrons.
572314.7.1953Signs of the end.
572415.u.16.7.1953Redemption through Jesus Christ.
572517.7.1953Spread my Gospel throughout the world.
572618.7.1953Strong faith. Following Jesus.
572719.7.1953"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in..."
572820.7.1953Real light in the dark of the night. Right way.
572921.7.1953Utilizing the time of favour before the end.
573022.7.1953Power of the word. Weakness of will - faint-heartedness.
573122.u.24.7.1953Task of the servants of God: Spreading truth.
573226.u.27.7.1953Opposite listeners. Questions. About Jesus Christ. Blessing.
573328.7.1953Jesus Christ leader on the right way.
573429.u.31.7.1953Process of transmission of spiritual gifts. Power.
57351.8.1953God's love and favour pursues all men.
57362.8.1953Power of the divine word. Soul maturity.
57373.8.1953Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.
57384.8.1953Spiritual progress through overcoming of self.
57395.8.1953God's presence. Carefreeness.
57406.8.1953Redemption from the depth. Rescue work.
57417.8.1953Change of will in freedom. Perfection.
57428.8.1953Earth life end in itself or means for purpose. Nature of God.
57439.8.1953Witnesses of the end on the new earth for descendants.
574411.8.1953God addresses the intellectual men. Men denying God.
574512.8.1953God's word is felt as power flow by souls in the hereafter.
574613.8.1953Spreading of the Gospel in God's place.
574715.8.1953Faith in the mission of Jesus Christ. Right instruction.
574816.8.1953Work in the vineyard. Living faith in God and in Jesus Christ.
574917.8.1953Winning men for God. God is love.
575018.u.19.8.1953Earth school of the spirit. Means for the purpose. End in itself.
575121.8.1953Free will. God's will. Divine order.
575223.8.1953Light of knowledge in dark night.
575324.8.1953Listening to the address of God.
575425.8.1953Attitude of intellectual men to gifts of the spirit.
575526.8.1953At the end of earth gate to spiritual kingdom closed.
575628.u.29.8.1953Father words. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God."
575730.8.1953Free will. Earth fate.
575831.8.1953Fashioning of the heart to the temple of God.
57591.9.1953Real prayer. Childlike relationship.
57603.9.1953Deadening of the inner voice through fight against the spirit.
57614.+5.9.1953Life – death. Gifts of the spirit.
57626.9.1953Light – power – favour. House father.
57637.9.1953Standing up for truth.
57648.9.1953Attitude of the ignorant and erring to truth.
57659.9.1953Talents. Pound. Responsibility. Light beings.
576610.9.1953Pressing of the spirit. Discontent.
576711.9.1953Great trouble of the souls in the hereafter.
576812.u.13.9.1953Cause and importance of the work of redemption.
576914.9.1953Binding of Satan. New Earth.
577015.9.1953Serious examination with the call of God.
577117.9.1953Guests at the table of the Lord.
577218.9.1953Church of Christ.
577319.9.1953Means for vineyard work.
577424.9.1953Significance of earth walk.
577525.9.1953Servants of Satan.
577626.9.1953Who pays tribute to the world, he pays tribute to Satan.
577727.9.1953Divine guidance.
577828.9.1953False Christs and prophets.
577930.9.+1.10.1953Faith struggle.
57804.10.1953God's compassionate love. Light is truth.
57816.10.1953Subordinating the will.
57827.10.1953Spark of God. Unlimited knowledge.
57838.10.1953God wants to be loved. Distorted image.
57849.10.1953Spiritual knowledge depends on degree of maturity.
578510.10.1953Constant connection with God secures success.
578611.10.1953Means of favour: Prayer. God's word.
578712.10.1953Stimulating of an unbeliever to love work.
578813.10.1953Church of Christ.
578914.10.1953Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.
579015.10.1953Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.
579116.10.1953Way to Golgotha. Imitation of Jesus.
579218.10.1953Effect of the living word.
579319.10.1953Spreading of the divine love teaching necessary.
579421.+22.10.1953Making created beings godlike.
579523.+25.10.1953Purpose of pests. Motive of destructions.
579626.10.1953Overcoming of matter. Spiritual kingdom.
579728.10.1953The end comes irrevocably.
579829.10.1953Unbelief to the announcements.
579930.10.1953Coming of the Lord. Rapture.
580031.10.+1.+2.11.1953Creating man. Fall of Man.


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