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560113.2.1953Good physician of the souls. Means of healing.
560214.2.1953Remember the soul after death. Pitiful figures in the hereafter.
560315.2.1953Two different worlds.
560416.+17.2.1953"For many are called, but few are chosen."
560518.2.1953Awakening of the dead through God�s word.
560619.2.1953Effect of Antichrist before the end.
560821.2.1953Offering of guidance on the journey through life. Word of God.
560922.2.1953Effective medicine for the soul: God�s word.
561024.+26.2.1953Essence of Satan. Fall and Redemption.
561127.2.1953Slow course of development.
561228.2.1953First created being. Light bearer. Defection from God.
56133.+5.3.1953Condition for the receiving of spiritual material.
56146.+7.3.1953Spiritual material. Cognition like lightning. Help.
56158.3.1953Harvest work. Workers in the vineyard.
56168.3.1953Comforting father words.
56179.3.1953Father house and happiness.
56189.3.1953Disciples of the time of the end. Emissaries of God.
561910.3.1953Power out of God.
562010.3.1953God�s mercy to men.
562111.3.1953Religious warfare. Antichrist. Confessing before the world.
562211.3.1953Love gift of God. Free will. Mercy.
562312.+13.3.1953Entity of God visible in Jesus Christ.
562413.3.1953Blessed lot and activity in the spiritual kingdom.
562514.3.1953Burden of sin. Jesus Christ rescuer.
562614.3.1953Administration of the office, which God has given.
562715.3.1953Fight with the sword of the mouth. Truth.
562816.3.1953World mind. Spiritual knowledge. Heart.
562918.3.1953Retiring to the quietness. Time of trouble.
563019.3.1953Spiritual turning-point. Change of this earth.
563120.3.1953Create and work for eternity.
563221.3.1953Devotion of the will to God.
563323.3.1953Love acknowledges Jesus Christ. Lack of love rejects him.
563424.3.1953God�s father love always hands out.
563525.3.1953Every will to help finds the blessing of God.
563626.3.1953Bringing out the Gospel.
563727.3.1953Promise of life. Death. Powerlessness.
563828.3.1953Spreading of truth urgently necessary.
563929.3.1953Reference to the last work of rescue.
564030.3.1953Bridge to the spiritual kingdom. Jesus.
564131.3.1953Confusion at the time of the end. Truth.
56421.4.1953Gifts of the spirit.
56433.4.1953Good Friday. Way to Golgotha.
56445.4.1953Easter. Resurrection � Overcoming of death.
56456.4.1953How long was Lucifer able to create?
56468.4.1953The deepest knowledge was revealed to Jesus. Following of Jesus.
56479.4.1953"Whom God loves."
564811.4.1953Earth fate in accordance with will.
564911.4.1953Food from heaven. Source of love. (Soul food)
565012.4.1953Spiritual rebirth.
565113.4.1953Leading of the blind.
565215.4.1953Serious admonition to vineyard work.
565316.4.1953Prayer in spirit and in truth.
565418.4.1953Day of redemption or day of judgement?
565519.4.1953Total dissolving of earth. Spiritualization.
565620.4.1953Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity.
565721.4.1953Why the Gospel just teaches love. Deeper knowledge. (Fire of love radiates out the light of wisdom -)
565822.4.1953Rejecting of truth. Fight light and darkness.
565924.4.1953Great period of time between begin and end of an epoch.
566026.4.1953Religious warfare. Power to confess.
566127.u.28.4.1953Passing on of spiritual messages. Love and wisdom. Humility.
566229.4.1953No God of anger and revenge. Love and mercy.
566330.4.1953Spiritual disturbances � temptations. Patience.
56641.5.1953Work for the kingdom of God. Good house father.
56652.5.1953Will towards God. Power in the last fight. Power from God.
56663.5.1953Happiness of the light kingdom. Lust and joys.
56674.5.1953Right way with Jesus Christ as leader.
56685.5.1953Truth � lie. Light and darkness.
56696.5.1953Spirit work in all schools of thought. Right representatives.
56707.5.1953Works of the flesh become obvious. Hereafter.
56719.5.1953Foreign Gods. Ceremonies. Shell � core. Truth.
567210.5.1953Test of will on earth. Following of Jesus. Connection.
567311.5.1953Connection with God. Blessing for announcers of the Gospel.
567412.5.1953Prayer in spirit and in truth.
567513.5.1953Call of the light beings. Connection with the father before.
567614.5.1953Work of the light beings. Truth - error.
567716.5.1953False Christs and Prophets. Mask of Satan.
5678a17.+18.5.1953Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.
5678b18.5.1953Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.
567919.5.1953Using life power for love. Love power.
568021.5.1953Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.
568122.5.1953Love is the highest.
568223.5.1953Opposite souls follow the spiritual work.
568324.5.1953Pouring out of the spirit. Healing the sick, working miracles.
568425.5.1953God�s extreme great love.
568526.5.1953God�s blessing for redeemer work. Vineyard work.
568627.5.1953Real prayer bridge to God. Jesus Christ.
568729.5.1953Sign of the end: Cooled love.
568830.5.1953Mediator office. Supply of a gift of favour.
568931.5.1953Through creation God wants to be recognized as love.
56901.6.1953Maturing through love only.
56912.6.1953Awakening of the spirit spark through love.
56923.6.1953Decreased resistance of the bound before the end.
56934.u.5.6.1953Original law: Love.
56947.u.10.6.1953Entity of God. Power.
569511.6.1953Direct all your senses spiritually.
569612.6.1953Death of the body beginning of actual life.
569713.6.1953Beginning. Eternity. Order. Perfection.
569814.6.1953Incentive to work in the vineyard of the Lord.
569916.6.1953"You have a father after all." Child relationship.
570017.6.1953What is truth? Where is it to be found?


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