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540126.5.1952Maturation process always requires new creations.
540229.5.1952Mark of the inner word.
540331.5.1952Imparting the word to the souls on earth and in the hereafter.
54041.6.1952Return to God. Work of God in man.
54052.+4.6.1952The narrow way.
54065.+7.6.1952Godís unfathomable nature can only be grasped through love.
54078.6.1952God gets powerful in the weak.
54089.6.1952Godís infinite love, patience and mercy.
540910.6.1952Spiritual blind endure no sudden light.
541012.6.1952Putting the will underneath Godís will.
541113.6.1952Instruction through God himself. Light.
541214.6.1952Bread of charity. Godís word.
541315.6.1952Counter gift, which God demands: Spreading of the divine word.
541416.6.1952In the beginning was the word.
5415a17.6.1952Godís love and care. Help of his servants to awaken faith.
5415b19.6.1952Godís love and care. Help of his servants to awaken faith.
541620.6.1952Godís love and patience. Mediator.
541721.6.1952Presenting the Gospel to poor souls.
541822.6.1952Resistance against truth.
541923.6.1952Free will Ė Godís work.
542025.6.1952My kingdom is not of this world.
542126.6.1952The bridge from the kingdom of light is Jesus Christ.
542227.6.1952Vineyard work more important than earthly activity.
542328.6.1952Legal repatriation. Earth course.
542429.6.1952Mark of truth: Light radiation.
542530.6.1952Stimulating of thoughts. Intervening of spirit beings.
54261.7.1952Great suffering in the time of the end.
54273.7.1952Camouflage of Satan where light is passed on to earth.
54284.7.1952Forgive us our debts.
54295.7.1952Spirit of untruthfulness. Pushing aside of truth.
54306.7.1952Pouring out of the spirit means spiritual help.
54312.7.1952Power of the living word.
54328.7.1952Just thinking and acting. Love for enemy.
54339.7.1952Premature recall.
543410.7.1952Remain in love, then you remain in God.
543511.7.1952"What you ask for in my name." Granting of prayer.
543612.7.1952Bread of life, right food, right drink.
543713.7.1952Current of favour. Faith. Hereafter help.
543814.7.1952Power of Satan. Deepest darkness. Eternal light.
543915.7.1952Training of teaching workers through God himself. Servants.
544016.+17.7.1952Power diversion process.
544118.7.1952Descriptions of the hereafter just illustrative and comparatively.
544219.7.1952Spiritually becoming superficial. Urgency of helping collaboration.
544320.7.1952Spiritual drought Ė water of life. Awakening spiritual hunger.
544421.7.1952The loving man cannot deny God out of conviction.
544522.7.1952God as Master Teacher. Truth - Light.
544623.7.1952Sign of the living word. Examination.
544724.7.1952What is creation.
544825.7.1952Spirit spark. Life.
544926.7.1952"In my Fatherís house are many mansions."
545027.7.1952Neighbourly love guarantee for presence of God.
545129.7.1952Time of favour. Serious admonition to the end.
545230.+31.7.1952Handing out of light presupposes longing for it.
54531.8.1952Putting the will underneath Godís will.
54542.8.1952Task to announce the Gospel.
54553.8.1952Godís will. Godís tolerating.
54564.8.1952The alone beatifying church.
54577.+8.8.1952Wave of revival in the time of the end.
545810.8.1952Strength of the light from above. Light of deceit of Satan.
545911.8.1952"Watch and pray." Constant temptations.
546012.8.1952Will turned to God so passed earth test.
5461a14.8.1952Inner word. Light. Truth.
5461b15.8.1952Inner word. Light. Truth.
546216.8.1952Divine law: Serving in love.
546317.8.1952The will determines the thoughts. Responsibility.
546418.8.1952Redemption of souls from the deep. Ray of light. Jesus Christ.
546519.8.1952Spiritual trouble can only be eliminated through spreading of the pure Gospel.
546620.8.1952Testing of the power of the divine word in trouble.
546721.8.1952Satan Rages With Increased Might. End-Time.
546822.8.1952Powers of heaven are unusually active. Help through men.
546822.8.1952Powers of heaven are unusually active. Help through men.
546923.8.1952Everyone can hear Godís address. In the form of thoughts.
547024.8.1952Guarantee for presence of God: works of love. Receiving of the word.
547125.8.1952Shortening of Days. No Deficiency.
547226.8.1952Explanation of cases of possession.
547328.8.1952Rescue of only one soul. Great contingent.
547429.8.1952Participating in the work of redemption.
547530.8.1952Help of men for the attaining of salvation of the creatures.
547631.8.1952Awakening to life. Space of time. 1000 years like one day.
54771.9.1952Support through powers of heaven in redemption work.
54782.9.1952Blood of Christ. Sin guilt.
54793.+4.9.1952Works of creation are consolidated thoughts of God.
54805.9.1952See, I am with you alway.
54816.9.1952God. Father.
54828.9.1952Blessing father words.
54839.9.1952Bread and wine. Real food, real drink.
548410.+12.9.1952Thoughts are connecting currents from the hereafter and earth.
548513.9.1952Earthly trouble often revelation of love of God.
548614.9.1952Change of will. Overcoming of matter.
548715.9.1952Desire for light in the hereafter. Spiritual conversations.
548816.9.1952Admonition to accept the divine word.
548917.9.1952Awakening to life.
549018.9.1952Task of man on earth. Godís adoption.
549120.9.1952Earthly trouble is to produce relationship with God.
549221.9.1952Communion. Bread and wine.
549324.9.1952Comforting father words. Reference to death.
549425.9.1952I am always near to you, when you call me.
549527.9.1952Divine principle Ė love. Decision between God and the opponent.
549628.9.1952Unusual power supply in the time of trouble through Godís word.
549729.+30.9.1952Way of redemption of the judged spiritual.
54982.10.1952Carrying the load of the cross in submission.
54994.10.1952Earth task: Reshaping to love. Favour of God.
55005.10.1952God as ruler. Freedom of will. Law of order.


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