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530122.1.1952Free will original law from eternity. Attaining salvation.
530225.1.1952Unusual gift of favour. Task of serving.
530326.1.1952Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature.
530427.1.1952God makes demands, but also gives all means to attain salvation.
530528.1.1952The Last Day Comes Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
530630.1.1952Godís word incomprehensible? Prerequisite.
530731.1.1952New Testament and appendix.
53082.2.1952Man is responsible for the will.
53093.2.1952I am the way, the truth, and the life
53104.2.1952What comes from above must radiate light.
53116.2.1952Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual.
53128.2.1952"No man can serve two masters."
53139.2.1952Change of will through intercession.
531410.2.1952Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom.
531511.+12.2.1952Divine principle: Love.
531613.2.1952Act of mercy of God before the end. Bridge.
531714.2.1952Serious admonition to break away from matter.
531816.2.1952Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Intercession Ė Change of will.
531917.2.1952Mental influencing of spiritual beings. Connection from earth to the hereafter.
532019.2.1952Examination of genuine revelations.
532120.+21.2.1952Cosmic radiation. (Astrology).
532223.2.1952Consequences of lack of love in the hereafter.
532324.2.1952Justice. Compensation in the hereafter.
532427.2.1952Brutal Faith Struggle. Steeling of Faith.
532529.2.1952Admonition to gather spiritual treasures on earth.
53261.3.1952Godís blessing rests on every redemption work.
53272.3.1952Religious war. Surest protection.
53283.3.1952Godís word informs of his will.
53294.3.1952Serious admonition to think of death.
53305.3.1952Blowing of the spirit. Unusual supply of favour.
53317.3.1952Earthly knowledge in the hereafter?
53328.3.1952State of the souls in the hereafter. Erroneous belief Ė Unbelief Ė Love.
53339.3.1952God Ė Light Ė Truth Ė Life.
533411.3.1952The will turned to God must get active.
533512.3.1952Special mission: Fighting for truth.
533614.3.1952My kingdom is not of this world.
533716.3.1952Fight for truth. Light.
533817.3.1952Work of conversion at souls out of the deep through love.
533918.3.1952Averting judgement through prayer?
534019.3.1952Reshaping of New Earth Gives New Development Possibilities.
534222.3.1952Redemption from darkness. Loving will to help.
534324.3.1952God. Father.
534425.3.1952The spiritís effectiveness.
534526.3.1952Healing process. Free will.
534629.3.1952Work for God and his kingdom. Teaching.
534730.3.1952Godís wooing for workers for his vineyard.
534831.3.1952Christ problem. Visible God.
53491.4.1952Godís compassionate love follows the lost.
53503.4.1952Redeemer work. Understanding for spiritual trouble.
53514.4.1952Unchaining of Spiritual Forces. Eruption. Redemption Phase.
53525.4.1952Darkness of the spirit. Love work. Distance from God.
53536.4.1952Effect of faithlessness in the hereafter.
53546.4.1952Gleam of light recognizable for souls in the hereafter.
53557.4.1952I stand at the door, and knock. Revelation.
53568.4.1952Becoming man and redemption work of Jesus.
53578.4.1952Joining together with God through love.
53589.4.1952Power of love. Healing of illness. Working miracles.
53599.4.1952Godís help in earthly trouble. Work in the vineyard.
536010.4.1952Reunion in the hereafter. Degree of maturity.
536111.4.1952Fall of the angels. Good FridayĎs message.
536212.4.1952Reasons for revelations: Learning to recognize and learning to love God.
536313.4.1952Easter message.
536414.4.1952Small flock in the fight at the end of the earth.
536515.4.1952Seeing again in the hereafter in the kingdom of light.
536616.4.1952Spring of life. Garden of Eden. Living water.
536717.4.1952Godís wordís incomprehensible favour in the time of the end.
536818.4.1952A believing prayer makes the will of God ready.
536919.4.1952God takes over the care for earthly things.
537020.4.1952"Mine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory."
537121.4.1952Strengthening of faith through love work.
537222.4.1952Godís word. Book of the fathers. Taught by God.
537323.4.1952The heart as residence of God.
537424.4.1952Training for teaching office through God himself. Mission.
537526.4.1952God wants to work in man. Redeeming activity.
537627.4.1952I know mine. Good shepherd.
537729.4.1952Faith trials for the toughening of faith.
537829.4.1952The will is assessed, also when the act is not carried out.
53792.5.1952Compassionate father love to the fallen.
53803.5.1952Irrevocable will of God. Plan of salvation from eternity.
53814.5.1952Great trouble through faithlessness.
53825.5.1952Raging of Satan in the end.
53836.5.1952Serious warning. Last phase of earth.
53857.5.1952God speaks through nature.
53868.5.1952Teaching office in time of the end. Difficulties.
53878.5.1952Urgent necessity of mission: Truth.
53889.5.1952Work of reshaping of earth is to establish order.
538911.5.1952False doctrine about Trinity.
539013.5.1952I want to make my abode in your hearts.
539113.5.1952Godís word can get disfigured. Test of will.
539214.5.1952Spiritual drought. Desert. Work of the servants.
539316.5.1952Danger of unbelief and of untruthfulness.
539417.5.1952Advantage of word Ė (favour) receivers to the unbelievers.
539519.5.1952Separation between God and the creatures impossible.
539620.5.1952Truth is not accepted without faith.
539722.5.1952Serious call of admonition.
539823.5.1952Last Judgement.
539924.5.1952Will to help for the souls in darkness.
540025.5.1952Awakening of the spark of God in man.


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