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51017.4.1951Bridge to God - Jesus Christ.
51029.4.1951School of the spirit.
510311.4.1951God speaks through the mouth of man to all men.
510413.4.1951Godís word most effective gift of favour.
510516.4.1951Connection of heaven and earth. Love. Will.
510617.+18.4.1951Self-redemption. With Jesus Christ only.
510718.4.1951Language of God from father to child. Words of love.
510820.4.1951Proof for Godís word: Love - Wisdom Ė Omnipotence.
510921.4.1951Love - wisdom - omnipotence characteristics for revelations.
511022.4.1951Powerful storm. Sleep of death. Forces of nature.
511123.4.1951Child relationship. Love. Humility. Right prayer.
511224.4.1951Degree of love. Constant increase of happiness. God unfathomable.
511325.4.1951Blessing of love. Aim of man.
511425.4.1951"I came to mine, and mine did not receive me."
511526.4.1951Faith Struggle. Fulfilment of Promises.
511627.4.1951Godís word truth. Living faith recognizes voice of the father.
511728.4.1951Justice of God. Forbearance Ė mercy.
511829.4.1951Acceptance of divine word no compulsion. Free will.
511929.4.1951Will to work for God secures protection through light beings.
512030.4.1951Spirtual mentor.
51211.5.1951Power of faith. Love brings faith to live.
51222.5.1951Spreading the Gospel is a work of mercy.
51233.5.1951Distance from God unhappy state. No separation.
51244.5.1951Wooing of God for the love of his creatures.
51255.+6.5.1951Course of development. Mandatory law. State of free will.
51267.5.1951Trouble of the Latter Times. Many will still pass away.
51279.5.1951Vineyard work. Subordinating the will.
512810.5.1951Strengthening of the will. Power reception through the word.
512912.5.1951Power of God. Pouring out of the spirit.
513013.5.1951Spirit work. Disciples of the time of the end.
513114.5.1951Pillar of the church. Vineyard work. Servants - tools.
513217.5.1951Work of the spirit.
513318.5.1951Dazzling light. Too high knowledge. Protection of the father.
513418.5.1951Task of a mediator between God and men.
513522.5.1951Spiritual reception or thought work? Serious examining.
513624.+25.5.1951The power of Satan.
513727.5.1951Joy and suffering serve perfection.
513828.5.1951The servants, whom the Lord still hired late. Godís word. Truth.
513929.5.1951Coming out of eternal order causes dissolving of creation.
514030.5.1951Teaching ability. Spirit work. Love. Truth.
514131.5.1951Unjustified objection having to be bad fate wise.
51421.6.1951Miracle Working in the End-Time. False Christs and Prophets.
51433.6.1951Hostility. Secret Work. Increased Activity.
51444.6.1951Development free will, not despotism of God.
51456.6.1951Transforming from creature of God to child of God.
51468.6.1951State of the souls after death. Light - twilight Ė darkness.
51479.6.1951Godís word from above enough for mission.
514810.+11.6.1951Jesus. Becoming of the creatures to children.
514911.6.1951Short Time increased work for the kingdom of God.
515013.6.1951The taught by God need no further knowledge from outside.
515114.6.1951Explanation of Destructions Dependent on Nature.
515216.6.1951Fulfilling the love commands. Light - Intercession - Hereafter.
515317.6.1951Redemption of the souls out of the deep through Jesus Christ. Hereafter.
515419.6.1951Men of the world. Transitoriness of the earthly. Change.
515521.6.1951Right child relationship. Free will.
515622.6.1951Nature of darkness. New banishment.
515723.6.1951Way of salvation. Way of love. Jesus Christ.
515824.6.1951Power of intercession. Ascent through love. Free will also in the hereafter.
515926.6.1951Reference to the near end. Last day.
516026.6.1951Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.
516130.6.1951Power of intercession.
51621.7.1951Time determination of the end - False prophets.
51632.+3.7.1951Bible - Spirit work. (after talk of Jehovahís Witnesses)
51643.+4.7.1951Bible research. Intellectual knowledge. (after talk of Jehovahís Witnesses)
51655.+6.7.1951Power of God. Life.
51667.7.1951God-wanted contact with the spirit world.
51678.7.1951Recognizing truth and utilizing in love.
516810.7.1951Prayer for favour and power, for illumination of the spirit.
516912.7.1951Public confessing. Living faith.
517014.7.1951Development Periods - Length of Time. Matter and Influence.
517115.7.1951Godís blessing, i. e. help in every spiritual work.
517217.7.1951Earth life - Pretence life.
517318.7.1951Faithless mankind. Closeness of the end.
517419.7.1951Symbol of the church of Christ: Spirit work.
517520.+21.7.1951Work of Satan. Intimate prayer for protection.
517622.7.1951The light of truth.
517723.7.1951God speaks. Process and condition.
517825.7.1951Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men.
517927.7.1951"Many are called, but few are chosen." Disciples of the time of the end.
518029.7.1951Serious admonition to remember life after death.
518131.7.1951Violation against the divine order. Sin. Confession - Forgiveness.
51821.-5.8.1951Divine word. Media receptions. Camouflage. Signs.
51836.8.1951Requesting God s blessing. Power and effect.
51846.8.1951Awakening of the spirit spark in man - love.
51858.8.1951Love - solvent. Opposite help.
51869.8.1951"The gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
518711.8.1951Urgently announce the Gospel in the time of the end.
518813.8.1951Reincarnation. False doctrine. Adoption as children of God.
518916.8.1951Effect of love on fellowmen.
519017.8.1951Godís love and care for his creatures.
519118.8.1951Immortality of the soul.
519219.8.1951Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and men.
519321.8.1951Common work in the vineyard of the Lord.
519423.8.1951Blessing of illness and suffering. Maturing.
519524.+25.8.1951Admonition for the preparing for the end.
519625.8.1951Godís love.
519726.8.1951Truth. Comprehensible form.
519826.+27.8.1951Soul particles. Course of development on earth and in the hereafter.
519929.8.1951Intellectual thinking. Truth out of God.
520031.8.1951Admonition to break away from transitoriness. Spiritual good.


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