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Table of contents of Section 50


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B.D. NR.

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500117.+18.11.1950God speaks again and again.
500219.11.1950Light beings embodied as man. Disciples of the end.
500320.11.1950Fight between light and darkness.
500421.11.1950A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).
500522.11.1950Work in the vineyard. Seed Ė reapers. Harvest.
500623.+24.11.1950Falling Away of the Spiritual from God Humanly Described.
500725.11.1950"What no manís eye has ever seen."
500826.11.1950Call to spiritual work in the coming time of trouble.
500928.11.1950The way to God through Jesus Christ.
501029.11.1950Power of the divine word.
50111.12.1950Power of the divine word.
50122.12.1950Seers and Prophets.
50133.12.1950Recognize yourselves and your origin.
50144.12.1950Spiritual poverty.
50156.+7.12.1950Spiritual action.
50168.12.1950Way to perfection. Godís adoption.
501710.12.1950Eternal life. Activity. Power out of. God - Love.
501812.12.1950Fate according to will and resistance.
502013.12.1950Devils of the time of the end. Godís protection.
502115.12.1950Whosoever shall exalt himself. Arrogance. Honour.
502217.12.1950Admonition to vineyard work. Spreading of the Gospel.
502318.12.1950Sign of truth of the announcements: Love, favour, mercy.
502420.12.1950He that findeth his life shall lose it.
502521.12.1950Voluntary return in love to God. Indissoluble union.
502622.+24.12.1950Spiritual influxes, questions - Truth.
502724.12.1950Coming Down of Christ Then and Now. Work of Redemption.
502825.12.1950Faith Struggle - Great Tribulation - Confessing. Rescuer.
502928.12.1950The powers of heaven will move. Overthrow of natural laws. Rapture.
503030.+31.12.1950Unusual trouble - Unusual help. Supply of God's word.
50312.1.1951Connection between spirit beings and men. Form.
50323.1.1951Spiritualism. Truth - error.
50334.1.1951Suitability for teaching office. Awakened spirit. Competence to judge.
50346.1.1951Adapting to the divine will. Decision of the will.
50357.1.1951Development process to completion. Jesus Christ.
50368.1.1951Arrival at the destination. Love. Will.
50379.1.1951Fight against the enemy of the souls. Call of Jesus Christ.
503810.1.1951Work of Satan. "I am the good shepherd."
503911.1.1951World love - Satanís followers. God love - Overcomers of matter.
504013.1.1951Revelations. Book of the fathers. Living word.
504114.1.1951Being happy - Free will. Wolf in the sheep-fold.
5042a15.1.1951Embodiment as man result of sin. Work of redemption.
5042b16.1.1951Embodiment as man result of sin. Work of redemption.
504317.1.1951Revelation. Living faith.
504419.1.1951Spirit work. Light. Knowledge. Plan of salvation.
504521.1.1951Seers and prophets. Strength of will and faith.
504622.1.1951GodĎs promise. Earthly and spiritually.
504723.1.1951Calling. Assignment. Truth carrier. Feeling for untruth.
504824.1.1951Explanation and reason of difficult earth lot.
504925.1.1951Many ways - One aim. Right members of the church.
505027.1.1951Voluntarily serving God. Struggles of the soul.
505128.1.1951Adoption of God. Favour, power. Suffering and love.
505229.1.1951Explanation of the development of the spirit. Hearing of the inner word.
505330.1.1951Light and shadow. Bearer of truth.
505431.1.1951Night - Twilight - Dawn - Daylight.
50553.2.1951Godís blessing rests on every vineyard work.
50564.+7.2.1951Where two or three are gathered together in my name.
50578.2.1951Intimately comforting father words.
50589.2.1951Revelation of the divine will. Love commands.
505910.2.1951Pouring out of the spirit.
506011.2.1951Plan of salvation based on free will.
506112.2.1951Explanation of the different natures of the word receivers.
506314.2.1951Individuality of the individual souls.
506416.2.1951Godís joy by the love of his children.
506517.2.1951Eternal love. Reason of revelation.
506618.2.1951Spiritual community. Increased work.
506720.2.1951Will directed towards God. Fetters of love.
506821.2.1951Practising love only task on earth.
506922.2.1951Prayer in the spirit and in truth. Pious gestures.
507023.2.1951Peace of the soul. Presence of God.
507123.2.1951Gifts of favour. Help to the ascent. Love.
507224.2.1951Overcoming of matter. Awakening of the spirit.
507325.2.1951Look into the opposite kingdom. Experimental faith. Love.
507425.u.26.2.1951Name of Jesus is not to be used in vain.
50751.3.1951The care of the father of the family for his servants - Vineyard work.
50762.3.1951Trouble of the faithless at the entry into hereafter.
50772.3.1951Coming Again of the Lord. Present. Witnesses of the New Earth.
50783.3.1951Precondition for truth: Love - Longing for truth - Free will.
50794.3.1951Earnest Exhortation Concerning the Near End.
50805.3.1951Faith Struggle. Confessing Only Possible Where Love is.
50817.3.1951Faith moves mountains.
508210.3.1951Co-workers at the work of redemption of Christ. Go and teach.
508313.3.1951Supply of revelations proof of reality of the spiritual kingdom.
508414.3.1951Revelations. Truth and error. Previous knowledge.
508516.3.1951I need you. Care of the father of the house for his servants.
508617.3.1951Influence of the spiritual beings according to the will of man.
508718.3.1951World only means for purpose. Overcoming of matter.
508819.3.1951Exhortation Not to Forget God. Coming Tribulation.
508920.3.1951Calling on God secures divine revelations. Light messengers - Truth.
509021.3.1951Contact of men with the light world. Process of imparting.
509122.3.1951Spiritual community. United work.
5092Good Friday 23.3.1951Suffering of Christ.
5093Easter Sunday 25.3.1951Resurrection.
509426.3.1951Spiritual wealth. "Take and eat." Work in the hereafter.
509529.3.1951Announcing the Gospel. Hearers - doers. Love teaching.
509630.3.1951Flashing of light rays in the hereafter. Spiritual hunger.
509731.3.1951Justice of God. Forbearance Ė mercy.
50981.4.1951Godís leadership.
50993.4.1951Godís adoption. Conditions.
51005.+6.4.1951Matter. Loss of earthly goods. Free will.


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