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Table of contents of Section 48


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480124.12.1949Happy lot of the mature and state of the imperfect in the hereafter.
480224.12.1949Childbirth of Christ and reason.
480324.12.1949Embodiment of many souls in the time of the end.
480428.12.1949Laborious way up. Earthly payment.
480529.12.1949Pouring out of the spirit.
480630.12.1949Godís word gift of favour. Unbelief in connection with God.
480730.12.1949Cleft and bridge. New banishment. Love circuit.
480831.12.1949Who is he who reveals himself? - God the eternal light.
4809New Year 1.1.1950Acknowledging of Jesus Christ necessary.
48101.1.1950Purpose Ė Godís proofs of his love, omnipotence and wisdom.
48113.1.1950Divine revelations: Knowledge. Help. Creation. Word.
48124.1.1950Happiness of the soul only in joining together with God.
48135.1.1950Measure of favour unlimited. No preferential treatment of the individual
48146.1.1950Spiritual marriage.
481510.1.1950Teachers must be taught by God himself.
481611.1.1950Justice of God. Guilt and atonement. Subjection Ė redemption.
481715.1.1950Disfigurement of the pure teaching of Christ. Free will.
481817.1.1950Announcement of judgement. Forbearance of God.
481918.1.1950Spiritual change. Last Judgement.
482019.1.1950State in the hereafter.
482121.1.1950Favour of inner enlightenment.
482221.1.1950God's Plan of Salvation.
482325.1.1950Purpose of creation. Re-engendering into matter.
482428.1.1950Who does not forsake God, him also he does not forsake.
482529.1.1950Lack of Faith and Devils of the End-Time. Faith Struggle. The Coming of the Lord.
482630.1.1950Godís extraordinary gift of favour.
482731.1.1950Strong faith result of love.
48282.2.1950Need of reapers at the time of harvest.
48294.2.1950Devoting time sacrificingly to God and spiritual work.
48305.2.1950Fight between light and darkness.
48316.2.1950Confessing before the world. Declaring the name of Jesus.
48327.2.1950Test of the power of faith. Miracle healings.
48338.2.1950Voice of the conscience. Love command. Knowledge.
483410.2.1950The marriage valid before God.
483512.2.1950Entity like divinity.
483612.2.1950Spiritual Death - New Banishment in Matter.
483714.2.1950Requital - atonement. Eternal order. Forgiveness through Christ.
483814.2.1950Reference to great trouble. Religious war. Admonition.
483915.2.1950Godís revelation through his creation.
484016.2.1950Church commands.
484117.2.1950Unbelief to bearers of truth.
484218.2.1950Right disciples. Spirit work. Why false doctrine.
484320.2.1950Whirlpool of the world. (Monday before Lent)
484421.2.1950Purification of the teaching of Christ.
484523.+24.2.1950Composition of the soul. Miniature creation.
484625.2.1950Reference to coming time of trouble.
484726.2.1950Proceedings at the Second Coming of Christ. Ascension.
484828.2.1950Activity of the servants of God in the last time.
48491.3.1950Work in the vineyard of the Lord.
48503.3.1950"I abide with you." "I want to send the comforter to you."
48515.3.1950Old seers and prophets. Images. Agreement.
48526.3.1950Recognizing of God and faith not without love.
48537.3.1950Alarming increase of sin.
48549.3.1950Blind Leaders. Preventing of truth Arrogance.
485511.3.1950The right to teach. Holy office.
485611.3.1950Love and mercy of God then gives way to his justice.
485712.3.1950Assignment to work. Last admonitions before the end.
485814.3.1950Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity. Right servants.
485915.3.1950Teachings in compulsion. Love in free will. (Cath.!)
486121.3.1950Everywhere the voice of God sounds. Seriousness of the time.
486222.3.1950Supply of the divine word - Good or bad powers.
486323.3.1950Training of teachers directly or through light beings.
486426.3.1950Peace of the soul.
486527.3.1950Contact with the spiritual world extraordinary privilege.
486626.3.1950Revelation of God.
486728.3.1950No-one can serve two masters.
486829.3.1950Love towards the neighbour.
486929.3.1950Work of the spirit. Spiritual rebirth.
487030.3.1950Seers and prophets of the time of the end. Little understanding.
487131.3.1950Uniting with God - aim of man.
487231.3.+1.4.1950Prayer in spirit and in truth.
48733.4.1950To seriously seeking persons God reveals himself mentally.
48745.4.1950Spiritual leaders.
48756.4.1950Spiritual change not turning back, but new banishment.
4876Easter Saturday 8.4.1950Christís going to the cross.
48779.4.1950Unreachability of God. Recognizing his nature.
487813.4.1950Forerunner of Jesus at the End.
487914.4.1950Fulfilment of predictions through seers and prophets.
488016.4.1950Importance of the work for the kingdom of God.
488118.4.1950Gaining spiritual goods. Earthly activity. Idleness.
488220.4.1950Call to work. Spreading of truth.
488322.4.1950Great affliction before the end.
488424.4.1950Freedom of will.
488529.4.1950Spreading of the revelations.
488629.4.1950Spiritual closeness. Question and answer.
48871.5.1950Remorse of souls, which rejected divine gift of favour.
48881.5.1950The dead will rise. Sin guilt.
48894.5.1950Reference to the end.
48905.5.1950Award of love life, happy lot in the hereafter.
48916.5.1950Bridge to God - prayer in spirit and in truth.
48927.5.1950Seek ye first the kingdom of God.
48939.5.1950Spiritual rebirth.
489410.5.1950Explanation for divine revelations.
489511.5.1950Wake up, you sleepers.
489612.5.1950Divine revelations - Words of love and of wisdom.
489715.5.1950The Kingdom of God Approaches. Appearance of the Lord.
489817.5.1950Godís love to his creatures.
489918.+19.5.1950Embodiment of light beings. Forerunner.
490020.5.1950Work of Retaliation and Salvation. Spiritual Trouble.


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