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Table of contents of Section 47


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470131.7.1949Explanation of the stigma.
47021.8.1949Turning the will to God Passing of the earth life test.
47032.8.1949Defection from God different. Different distances.
47043.u.4.8.1949Loving father words. Guidance.
47055.8.1949Thirst for knowledge. Unlimited knowledge.
47066.8.1949Neighbourly love.
47077.8.1949Traditional faith. Form faith. False doctrine.
47089.8.1949Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.
470910.8.1949Love power of the soul. Perfection.
471010.8.1949Spiritual exchange of ideas.
471112.8.1949Overcoming of matter.
471213.8.1949Help at the work of redemption. Spreading of the Gospel.
471314.8.1949Wisdom of the world - spiritual knowledge.
471415.8.1949Reference to the end and the intervention of God.
471516.8.1949Extraordinary gift of favour obliges to passing on.
471617.8.1949Gift of speech testimony of the work of the spirit.
471719.8.1949Narrow, thorny way up. Worldly men.
471821.8.1949Happiness of the soul at the receiving of the divine word.
471921.8.1949Dissolving of the Old Earth and New Emergence in a Moment.
472022.8.1949Shield of faith. Trust. Godís protection.
472122.8.1949Christ head of his church. Members of the true church.
472224.8.1949Lack of Faith. Assurance of God's Help.
472325.8.1949Immortality of the soul. False doctrine.
472427.8.1949Disaster and its Effects. Neighbourly Love.
472527.8.1949Earth fate. Devotion into God's will.
472628.8.1949My sheep recognize my voice. Resistance.
472729.8.1949Spiritual gifts pledge of love. Presence of God.
472829.8.1949Scourge of Antichrist.
472930.8.1949God - truth - love are one Ė Truth.
473031.8.1949He that is not with me is against me.
47311.9.1949Experiments to the End of the Earth. Release of powers.
47324.9.1949Uniting of the soul with the spirit.
47349.9.1949Earthly activity necessary for servants of God. Occupation.
473510.9.1949Signs of the time of the end.
473611.9.1949God speaks through the heart to man.
473712.9.1949Godís word proof of his presence.
473813.9.1949Learn believing. Assurance of God s protection.
473915.9.1949Every way is marked for servants of God.
474016.9.1949Responsibility for acceptance of false doctrines.
474117.9.1949Desire for truth condition.
474218.9.1949Admonition to eager work for the kingdom of God.
474319.9.1949Intercession for spiritual well-being.
474420.9.1949The wisdom of the wise I will ruin.
474521.9.1949Tests to strengthen faith.
474622.9.1949Prayer in spirit and in truth.
474725.9.1949Signs of the near end: spiritual becoming superficial. State of peace.
474827.9.1949Astrology. Fate out of stars.
474929.9.1949Admonition to living faith. Thoughts.
475030.9.1949Earthly worries unnecessary. Godís help.
47511.10.1949Spreading of love teaching task of servants of God.
47522.10.1949Worship of the mother of God.
47534.10.1949Mediator between God and men.
4754a5.10.1949Help of light beings. Spiritual servitude.
4754b5.10.1949Help of light beings. Spiritual servitude.
47558.10.1949Believing community. Presence of God. His church.
47568.10.1949Predetermined earth course. Fate trick. Godís love.
47579.10.1949Body, soul and spirit. Explanation.
475811.10.1949Re-embodiment. Light beings - mission.
475913.10.1949Vegetarian food? Killing of animals.
476017.10.1949Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.
476119.10.1949True peace of the soul. Not of the world.
476221.10.1949The world stands separating between God and men.
476322.10.1949Spiritual seeing. Teacher and adviser of fellowmen.
476425.10.1949Trouble - faith test. God covers all needs of the body.
476526.10.1949Reference to the end and admonition to care for the soul.
476626.10.1949Faith without love is dead.
476727.10.1949Love courting of God about what became apostate.
476828.10.1949Collapse of Church Organizations. True Church.
476930.10.1949Blessing of prayer.
477031.10.1949God tolerates bad acts, but does not approve of them.
47712.11.1949Tools of God. Conditions. World mind. Control spirits.
47724.11.1949Accepting the word act of free will. Truth bearers.
47746.11.1949Significance of the chronological era of Christ on earth.
47757.11.1949Voice of the spirit truth. Teaching of Jesus Christ. Inner voice.
47769.11.1949Godís reward for his servants on earth.
477710.11.1949New Banishment of the Spiritual. Redemption in a Period.
477811.11.1949Knowledge about Godís Plan of Salvation.
477912.11.1949Power of the direct word. Low number of servants. Free will.
478013.11.1949Life against divine order. Sinking. Dissolving of matter.
478114.11.1949Seeing again in the hereafter in the state of maturity.
478216.11.1949Wrestling about living faith. Opponent of God.
478319.11.1949Visible Appearance of the Lord.
478420.11.1949Right workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
478521.11.1949Succession of Jesus. Spreading of his teaching. Spirit work.
478623.11.1949There is only one truth. Feeling of the heart.
478724.11.1949Mental activity. Spiritual radiations.
478826.11.1949Cognition of right faith to be won through love.
478928.11.1949Spiritual mission requires strength of will. Love.
479029.11.1949I live and you are to also live. Light and power.
47913.12.1949Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.
47924.12.1949Development process. Free or bound will.
47936.12.1949Decay of earthly goods. Gigantic steps to the end.
47947.u.8.12.1949Way of life of leaders and teachers decisive for truth.
479510.12.1949Cognition in earth life or after arrival in the hereafter.
479610.12.1949Right child relationship to God. Fulfilling of requests.
479711.12.1949Taking ruthless action against false doctrine.
479814.12.1949Disciples of the time of the end. Privilege as reward for faith.
479916.12.1949Calling upon the name of Jesus. (Word issue Mahlberg)
480020.12.1949End of the time of favour. Serious admonition.


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