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This is the 76. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


76. Why can goats predict earthquakes?


by Frank L. Preuss


Today on the 14th December 2017 I read an article, which caused me to once again deal with that, what was already content of Chapter 66 of our book "The Man-Made Church".

The 66. Chapter has the title The difference.

And in this Chapter "Why can goats predict earthquakes?" I now want to come back to Chapter 66 "The difference" and repeat information from there in a shortened form.

But now to first of all understand what it is all about with the goats I bring what I have read today:


The seismological senses of the goats

Juliette Irmer

9. December 2017

Several hours before a volcano eruption the animals become unusually restless.


To investigate the sensory for the volcano activities of goats, the researchers have equipped the goats, which graze at the slopes of the Etna in Sicily with robust senders at their collar (see photo). These record GPS positions and movement profiles of the goats.

"When I present my idea, I sometimes get funny looks", says Martin Wikelski, director of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell in Baden-Württemberg. Animal owners indeed like to rely on the feel of their four-legged friends, but in science the trust in animal performance is rather taboo.

Unjustly finds Wikelski, who is convinced that man should use the superior sense performances of animals: "For their better measuring systems and superior information processing animals can make predictions, which man-made, technical sensory is not able to do", said the Biologist. In fact earthquakes cannot be predicted up to now and volcano eruptions only partly.

"Sixth sense"

Many stories have grown up around such "sixth sense" of animals: Elephants, which flee from a tsunami into the interior; snakes, which awake from their hibernation before an earthquake. But Wikelski is the first, who has also investigated the phenomenon scientifically. The volcano Etna in Sicily was chosen, since it is continuously active and goats are grazing on its slopes all year round. The researchers equipped them with robust miniature senders, which were fixed to a collar. For two years the senders constantly recorded the exact GPS position and movement profile of the goats. "Today we know very well, what so happens in the life of a goat", says Wikelski.

There were seven larger eruptions in the investigation period. With the comparison of the goat data, therefore the movement profiles, with the volcano activity the researchers recognized a clear connection: Several hours before a volcano eruption the animals became unusually restless: They ran to and fro and fled under bushes and trees.

"We could reliably predict the eruptions – afterwards - with the help of the goad behaviour", said Wikelski. Smaller eruptions do not influence the behaviour of the goads.

Question of perception

How the goats perceive a forthcoming eruption, the researchers still do not know. They possibly perceive electrified ions in the air with their body hair or smell changed gas emissions.

Their behaviour however can be explained: "Animals fear the uncertainty, and that is advantageous", says Wikelski. Anxious goats, which flee under a tree, survive therefore more often than such, which carry on grazing and are struck dead by a lava lump.

Not only goats get wind of such nature events. "When there has been a larger earthquake in Switzerland, the Swiss earthquake service often gets notices of animal owners that the animals had felt it before", says Donat Fäh, seismologist at the Swiss Technical High School Zürich (ETH). "It could really be, but is not checkable afterwards. Animals have far better senses at their disposal than men. Whether one can implement such abilities into a warning system, that is however questionable."

Preventing false alarms

The greatest hurdle the seismologist sees in precise predictions: "In China one has started a system in the 1970ies, where for example farmers have observed the behaviour of their animals. That has once worked out all right and then once failed." The problem: How does one know, when one must warn, without triggering too many wrong alarms? Animals for example also act crazy with a forest fire. "And a wrong alarm can also cause damage", says Fäh.

One would therefore have to show that every alarm is justified, and then predict enough precisely the location, the time and the extent of an event. And first one should let the goats start against the modern technic – what Wikelski has planned: "But the financing of such studies proves to be difficult in our technically dependent society."

And still the small amount of data should considerably increase in the coming years: In spring 2018 the project "International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space" (Icarus)" starts, which Wikelsky has brought into being and which will make it possible for researchers worldwide, to observe different animal species with the help of a satellite system.

New era for research

"That is a new era of behaviour research", says Wikelski. Earlier behaviour researchers only saw tiny parts of an animal life – and that mostly only under great efforts -, today they can record the behaviour of animals constantly.

The solar operated miniature senders will send their data to the international space station, from where they flow into the online data bank named Movebank. It stores the precise movement profiles of the animals as well as information about the environment conditions. Because the senders measure among other things temperature, ozone and CO2 content of the air or temperature and salt content of the water.

Scientists around the world can this way examine, exchange and analyse date. The knowledge is to help them for example understand how sicknesses spread, which are transmitted by animals, how climate changes effect the flight of migratory birds – and which other animal species except goats react to natural disasters and above all: how reliable they do it.

A further study is still published before Icarus starts: This time the MPI researchers have investigated farm animals in a region troubled by earthquakes in North Italy. Before the publication Wikelsky is not allowed to tell anything about the results. Only so much: "They are exiting."

So that was now the report about the goats and now to the reasons, why goats, or animals in general, can predict such things.

But one remark still before. With the goats one has to go there and hang that thing around their neck, with men this is unnecessary; they saddle themselves with such a thing and have it in their hand and it sends data to their, potential, inspectors, who can then control them.

But now to the reasons.

The crucial point is the dividing wall, which separated man from this information, but exactly not the animals. Animals have much more information at their disposal than us. The dividing wall separates us from the life intelligence, not the animals.


The soul of a human being is in its body only separated by a very thin wall that is in no way connected with the universal life’s intelligence.

And in its natural condition this is sufficient for it to have mostly no idea of what is and what happens close by, as if it were behind its back. And it does not even understand 1000 times a 1000th part of what is happening before its eyes.

All this is because of the very thin separating wall mentioned before, that exists between its particular and the universal endless spatial life.

If this separating wall would be very impenetrable and extensive, what would such an enormously isolated soul still know of what is existing around it on all sides?

How would it now look like, when a soul could know, what surrounds it on all sides?

There is an example of such a situation, where a change of the state of consciousness with men was brought about, and they could now see all that, what really surrounds them:

When they were again back in their natural state, Nicodemus said: "O Lord, that is surely wonderful above wonderful! We were here, saw exactly you and all the others, but still we saw also everything most accurately and clearly what we described and I myself have now experienced in a most real manner how indescribably brighter the seeing of the free soul is than it is in connection with the body. Not only did we see everything brighter that was nearby as well as in the greatest distance, but also heard everything. And when we saw a tree or a house or a ship on the sea or also a man or an animal, we saw it completely according to the natural outer form; but we also saw everything through and through, though the object was not transparent.

A free soul, therefore a soul, which is not prevented from true seeing through this thin separating wall, can see very much more, than we do it normally. And that gives us an impression, what an animal soul can probably see.

An animal soul can therefore see and hear in the greatest distance everything and can be aware of all the preparations for an earthquake and be warned by it.


[8] Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space and are therefore capable, by their inner feeling to do that for which they are destined according to their capacity and arrangement. Every animal knows the food that is good for him and knows where to find it. He has his weapons and knows how to use them without any practice.

[9] So also, the spirit of the plants knows exactly that element in the water, in the air and in the earth that is beneficent for its specific individuality. The spirit of the nature soul of the oak will at no time draw the elements to itself that the cedar needs for its existence. Indeed, who tells a plant to draw only that element that is intended for it? Look, all this is the work of the highest and universal life’s intelligence of space. From this, every plant and animal soul draws a special necessary intelligence and is further active according to its instructions.

And the reason is that man creates by means of his intelligence, which is of great extent, his lasting life independence.

The great intelligence of man he is to use here, in this short life on earth, to create for the future greatest independence, to again become an almighty God-like being.

But first, in order to have the right approach to this matter, a few fundamental things are to be discussed here.

We therefore go back to Chapter 66 of the book The Man-Made Church: The difference.

The difference between man and animal is therefore, that we are separated from information, which animals have, but that we have free will, and the animal does not.

We can live according to God’s commands, but also against these commands; the animal must live according to these commands; it has no choice. We have a free will; the animal has a bound will. Our will is free; the will of the animal is bound.

The animal must develop up; our free will, when not used properly, can lead to a situation that we harm ourselves and harm the ascent development or even completely eliminate it.

With the animal the fight for survival it the principle; with us something completely different; there it is about the progress of the soul, to become like God, to love God and the neighbour.

What is in bound will, cannot be used by the devil to cause harm; but men can be got to do his will.

The animal is in the mandatory state; man is able to recognize God’s love and wisdom, and to live accordingly, but can also live against it.

The ascent development of the being takes place through the stone, plant and animal world. And that is an ascent development of the soul, therefore not of the body, therefore not something like evolution of the body, but it is the evolution of the soul. It is a development on the level of the soul; it is no physical development.

The outer form changes constantly with this process. The spiritual existing in the outer form is released. It then is gathered and serves further in a form, where the properties, the function of the living being and the ability for development increase.

The particles gather. The particular forms are individual creations of God. The aim is the last test of will as man, the passing of the last test of will.

Man cannot be seen as the product of natural development. He is a creation of his own.

One cannot seek to educate however much clever animals to independently thinking and freely wanting animals.

The abilities, which man possesses, are hidden in no animal, because man is the only being in creation, which has the ability to think, intellect and free will.

The word development only concerns the spiritual, which is in every work of creation and is bound there, and must cover an ascent development. The material works of creation are always the result of acts of creation.

Man himself was and is a work of creation of his own.

The actual purpose of creation is that man deals in detail in thoughts with that, that everything he sees makes him think. He is equipped with intellect and free will. The ability to think is given to him. Exactly the direction of thoughts can determine him to the right direction of the will. The will alone is decisive for his earth life and also for is further lot.

He then recognizes that he, man, is immortal. He learns it to see himself as centre of the whole creation. And creation serves him to completion. Because he, man, is the only thinking being. He has a free will.

The animal world can neither think nor want. Only as natural desire it has a weak assimilation on it, and the creature is not aware of it.

There is therefore a clear boundary between animal and man. And that also applies to those beings, which are still animals, and no men, even so they outwardly look like men.

They are man like beings.

And when one now finds a bone, perhaps a skull, of such man-like being, then one cannot track down there things like free will, intelligence and the ability to think. One cannot even today, after the 23.11.2017, any longer determine the age, because since that day it is known that the up to now Age dating does not take into account the influence of lightning, which also, next to cosmic radiation, is to be considered as source for radioactive carbon 14 production. And this influence is now known, but how large it is, is completely unknown.

Therefore all age information, which our "science" has up to now so self-assertively researched and announced, is suddenly nothing worth any longer.

I have put the word science in quotation marks, because it is no science, but religion. A proof for this is exactly this subject goats. Because the scientists, the so-called ones, and the reporters of it, tell us: "How the goats perceive a forthcoming eruption, the researchers still do not know."

How the goats perceive it is nicely and plausibly explained here on this webpage, and on other webpages, but these so-called scientists, and also the reporters about it, therefore the knowing ones, do not know it. It is just a few mouse clicks away, even on the same medium, the internet, even free of charge, but that these religionists can of course not know, because to tackle something like this, is banned, indeed to just think of it, to go and look for it, is already a sin and is punished.

Already 2000 years ago Jesus has announced this knowledge to the knowing ones and that was surely not the first time that it happened.

And so it is with spiritual knowledge. It is known for a long time. It does not change all the time. But the "knowing ones" reveal their ignorance again and again, by them leaving spiritual knowledge unnoticed.

And then they are surprised that many people think science to be stupid stuff.

The man like beings existed already long before the first men dwelled on earth. They carried out works instinctively, i.e. driven by the law of nature. But they could not be called to account for everything they did, because a being was not yet embodied in them, which held all particles of a fallen original spirit in it.

These beings were already very similar to men; they were bodily of the same build, but they were neither I-conscious nor could they communicate with each other.

These pre-men – the Pre-Adamites - could therefore not be seen as right men.

Later these creatures were called pre-men, but who could not stand comparison with that man, who was in possession of free will and knowledge, which he now also had to use right intellectually.

One can also not say that man first developed out of these Pre-Adamites, since he has been a new creation, which God has only then put out, when many of the first original spirits awaited their embodiment.

The Pre-Adamites were those human-like beings, which could not be called to account because they led an animal life, where all instincts revealed themselves – who lived long before man on earth – who had no I-consciousness and could only live in groups – who were therefore only there found where later men were once to stay, for whom they prepared the actual area through a regular activity. They were innate to those beings and expressed themselves in the cultivating of wide stretches of fields, in methodical spreading of essential substances and the harvesting again of such stretches of land. All this they did unconsciously, out of a natural drive to preserve themselves. They fought each other, and the stronger won. And so they also contributed that again and again new spirit beings incarnated, when also only for shorter times, where they proved their strength, where more or less strong drives came into play, which became weaker and weaker the longer they lived, and then also slowly reached maturity to now be able to enter the last embodiment as man.

But it cannot be said man in his present form has developed out of these pre-human creations, but he was and is a new creation, endowed with free will and intellect, which now had to prove itself, therefore also received back the I-consciousness. To what degree those Pre-Adamites could also have a certain intellect at their disposal depended merely on the degree of maturity of the soul particles held in them, but which were not able to think and that intellect was expressed in the creating activity only, therefore was achieved unconsciously.

The more men now spread, (original spirits now waited to get embodied), the more also pre-men retreated, which certainly always only happened step by step until then the human race inhabited earth and for these the time of probation started, where now every once fallen original spirit was to stand the test, but that is why man also has to be equipped with I-consciousness, intellect and free will to now to go the way over this earth, which again returns him to the father from whom he once went out.

We now want to come to questions about endless space, who has extended it endlessly, and how and when he did this. And why it has an eternal existence. And how in time and in space God himself is eternal and in everything infinite.

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[4] Then Lazarus said: “Lord and Master, I still have a few of those dark corners in myself. If ever You would like to be so merciful to enlighten these, that would be a great relief for my soul.”

[5] I said: “I already know for what you are thirsting, and I also could lay an enlightened answer in your heart, but because it here concerns the enlightenment of all who are present here, so that many a man among you would be aware if also in himself it is already a complete light, you should ask your question openly, then I also will give an audible and clear answer to everyone.”

[6] Then Lazarus continued: “Lord and Master. After what You have explained to us about the great spheres and heavenly bodies, about the shell globes and about the great Cosmic Man, it has become very clear in me concerning the overwhelming endless greatness of the eternal unlimited space. But soon after that, I discovered a very big dark abyss, over which even my most daring thought dare not to fly over.

[7] Look, the fact that the space of creation is infinite and thus can have no end in any direction, is very clear to me and certainly also to everyone. But what is the actual eternity of it? Who has stretched out space so infinitely far, and how and when? What is actually eternity, and how, in time and space, is God Himself eternal and infinite in everything? Look, Lord and Master, that is for a mortal human being regarding You certainly a very improper question, but can a soul who has a need of light, help it if such thoughts come up in him?”

[8] I said: “You named it a very improper question regarding Me. I however, call this a very good and very proper question, and will give to all of you an answer that is as clear as possible.

[9] Look! God, space and eternity are again equal to the concepts of Father, Son and Spirit. The Father is entirely Love and consequently an eternal striving for the most perfect existence by the power of the eternal will in that love. Space, or the Son, is also from that eternal striving of love the eternal resulting existence. Eternity, or the Spirit, as the endless initial power in the Father and the Son is the working of and accomplishment of the strivings of the love in the Son.

[10] If space started from one point that expanded in all directions unto infinity, then firstly it was as little as infinite as the great Cosmic Man. Secondly, the question arises out of itself: what was that which undoubtedly surrounded that point endlessly far in all imaginable directions from which later the infinite space of creation expanded. Was it the ether without light, or was it the heathenish chaos, or was it a complete firm substance, or was it the air or water or fire?

[11] If it was one of those named things, then how did that point in space have the power in itself to drive such endless large quantities of substances out of itself endless times into the infinite. And where did those substances end up if the eternal endless space came from this original point? Then there is no other possibility except that they have to be outside of the endless space, just like in the beginning when they were also outside of that point out of which the endless space would have come forth. However, if this could be somehow imaginable, then the space of creation would again be limited, and even if it would expand eternally farther and farther, then it still could never be infinite.

[12] With this you can see that the space of creation was out of necessity eternally endless in all directions and can never have known a beginning. And since God, space and eternity are identical – just like I already have told you – then God, who unites all these concepts in Himself, is also without beginning, for a beginning of God is quite as inconceivable as the beginning of the existence of the endless space and at the same time of the eternal time. I believe that this is now made clear enough, so that everyone can understand this.

[13] But I still can see a certain dark rock in you, and you still are not able to climb over it. Look, this rock exists of the fact that you are imagining the endless and eternal space as dead in itself and without any life intelligence. And therefore you also cannot understand how God as the only eternal life principle has found in a certain way Himself in the eternal and endless death and has recognized and understood Himself as the most perfect life.

[14] Yes, if one has such an idea of the endless and eternal space of creation, then he can indeed very difficult or not at all understand how the infinite Spirit-God was able to find also in eternity His way in the eternal endless death as a perfect life.

[15] Therefore, form yourself precisely an opposite idea of the eternal endless big space. Imagine that in it there is not a single little point that is without life and without intelligence, and that even that which is in your eyes dead and which seems to be completely without life, is not dead and without life, but only judged by God’s almighty will, just like you yourselves can observe from a heavenly body or from its apparent lifeless elements.

[16] However, if all heavenly bodies with their most diverse elements are nothing else and also cannot be anything else except ideas and thoughts of Himself that are fixed by God’s almighty will, then how can they be considered by men as dead and without any intelligence?

[17] If God, who is identical with the endless space and its eternal time, is in Himself entirely the highest and most perfect Life, then how can that which wholly comes out of Him be dead, without life and without intelligence?

[18] Consequently, that which exists and which seems to be dead in your eyes, is only judged by God in this way and can return to the complete free life as soon as God will unloose the firm bands of His will of such a judged thing.

[19] You have seen something similar with Me and with My permission also with Raphael when stones were suddenly changed into their original ether, or when this ether became a firm stone of which the pillar along the way to Emmaus gives you a very tangible example.

[20] Since all this is so and can impossibly be otherwise, you should, in order to really come to a true representation of God, completely ban from the endless space all that which is in relation to dead, and imagine nothing else than life and once more life and nothing else than intelligence and once more intelligence, for in the endless Being of God’s intelligence and power no death can exist.


[1] However, man who is gifted with an individual life-consciousness considers the endless space of creation and the unknown countless things which it contains as dumb, dead and without intelligence. Why this seems to be like that to man has a wise reason, which is that his life-consciousness must acquire the full godlike life’s independence. For that, by My will, man is completely separated from the universal life-consciousness with its endless and highest intelligence, so that the life-consciousness of man would find itself in it and by that, as if by the external revealed way, he also would develop and strengthen himself for its eternal independent existence.

[2] However, as long as man tries to acquire his life’s independence by himself he hardly has any notion that he is completely surrounded by sheer life and the highest life’s intelligence and is also – as far as his body is concerned – permeated by it. Otherwise he would in fact not exist at all. However, when he is ready for it according to God’s revealed will, because his inner spirit has completely permeated him, then the whole person is in free contact with the highest life and its enlightened intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing his individuality and personality by that. Then he discovers no more a dead and dumb space or dead stones, but then for him everything becomes life and light and intelligence that is aware of itself.

[3] The fact that this is so is in the first place proven to you by My omniscience that has been tried by you many times. Indeed, how could I know endlessly many and all things if the space between Me – that means My individual-personal Being – and for instance the sun or another still much further distanced object, would be without life and intelligence? And secondly, it is also proven by the wisdom of a lot of people who – without leaving their place – know many things concerning something that exists on another place at a great distance and how and what happens to it, or what will happen in the future.

[4] The 7 Egyptians are a vivid example of it. Who informed them that I was here? By this great and universal intelligence they became aware of it in themselves, as well as the way that guided them to this place. If the space between here and Upper-Egypt would be without intelligence, then they could impossibly know what is and what happens here.

[5] The soul of a human being is in his body only separated by a very thin wall that is in no way connected with the universal life’s intelligence, and in his natural condition this is sufficient for him to have mostly no idea of what is and what happens close by, as if it were behind his back. And he does not even understand 1000 times a 1000th part of what is happening before his eyes. All this is because of the very thin separating wall mentioned before, that exists between his particular and the universal endless spatial life. If this separating wall would be very impenetrable and extensive, what would such an enormously isolated soul still know of what is existing around him on all sides?

[6] However, the fact that a soul – for reasons only known to Me – is separated by a stronger and denser wall of separation from the universal supreme intelligent godly life, you very well can see with the mentally deficient, the dumb and the so-called stupid. Such a soul is thus only capable of a very poor development or sometimes even not at all.

[7] Why also this is allowed I know very well, and some of My old disciples know it partially also. The rest of you however will come to know it later.

[8] Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space and are therefore capable, by their inner feeling to do that for which they are destined according to their capacity and arrangement. Every animal knows the food that is good for him and knows where to find it. He has his weapons and knows how to use them without any practice.

[9] So also, the spirit of the plants knows exactly that element in the water, in the air and in the earth that is beneficent for its specific individuality. The spirit of the nature soul of the oak will at no time draw the elements to itself that the cedar needs for its existence. Indeed, who tells a plant to draw only that element that is intended for it? Look, all this is the work of the highest and universal life’s intelligence of space. From this, every plant and animal soul draws a special necessary intelligence and is further active according to its instructions.

[10] But if this is so – something that every person can always clearly see from his experience – then it is obvious that the endless space and everything that it contains is one life and one supreme intelligence. The human soul can only see that unconsciously because he can create his lasting life’s independence by his separated intelligence, which is immense. This is something of which no soul of an animal or plant is capable of, and therefore it has no separated existence as such, but only a mixed and therefore, up to the human soul a countless times changeable existence of which it also cannot retain any memory, for after each mixture and changing of being it goes over to another sphere of intelligence.

[11] Even the soul of man as the highest empowered mixture of mineral, plant and animal souls, has no memory of his former forms of existence, because the specific soul elements in the earlier mentioned 3 kingdoms do not have a strictly separated intelligence, but for the benefit of their kind only a kind of intelligence that was taken from the universal godly life in space. Although in a human soul all the countless specific former parts of intelligence were united with each other, and this leads to the fact that the human soul can certainly recognize all things out of himself and can evaluate them intelligently, but a specific remembrance of the former levels of existence is not imaginable or possible because in the human soul there was only one human being that came into existence from the endless many separated souls.

[12] However, when man is completely permeated with the Spirit of life and light, he will perceive such an order in himself, just like I am eternally and always perceiving this in Myself, namely that everything exists out of Me and that I am everything in everything. And do tell me now, friend Lazarus, if you have well understood all that. And all of you are also free to give your ideas about it.”


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