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This is the 75. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


75. Making the power out of God ineffective


by Frank L. Preuss


I now bring two documents and ask the reader to read them and to keep the title of the webpage, of this chapter, "Making the power out of God ineffective", in mind and to seek to recognize the connection.

First therefore comes the first article. It comes from SPIEGEL ONLINE and has the date 26.11.2017:

Neutrino experiment

Earth swallows mysterious spirit particles

Neutrinos race to a great extent undisturbed through the universe, because they almost do not interact with normal matter. But only almost. Our earth of all places is an efficient neutrino killer, as an experiment proves.

By Christoph Seidler

"Straight Outta Compton"? Who with the name IceCube first thinks of the California rap prehistoric rock and the crew N.W.A., does wrong to one of the most fascinating scientific experiments of the world. That is called exactly the same name and is housed at the American Amundsen Scott Research Station at the South Pole. To be exact, it is not at the station – but under it.

Exactly 5160 highly sensible sensors the researchers for "IceCube" have lowered to two and a half kilometre deep into the Antarctic underground. Their task: They are to investigate one cubic kilometre ice – and look for the smallest blue lightning flashes. It is about the so-called Cerenkov radiation. The fine glow originates when neutrinos collide with the water molecules of ice and start a cascade of particle decays.

That happens though rather rarely, a few thousand times per year. At the same time something between 60 and 100 billion of the almost fast as light spirit particles pelt down on every square centimetre of the earth per second. They come from supernova explosions or gamma ray bursts in the deeps of the universe, out of the sun and – frequently – also out of decay processes in the atmosphere of the earth, of which cosmic radiation is to be blamed for.

The problem: Neutrinos are electrically neutral and only have a very little mass – for the cognition that they have one at all, there was the 2015 physics Nobel prize. All together they have little endeavours to get into contact with matter as we know them. For that the particles let themselves be called "autists of the microcosm". For that reason "IceCube" must look exactly to discover neutrinos at all.

Now researchers have though made an astonishing discovery with the detector: This week the "IceCube Collaboration" has reported in the specialist magazine "Nature" that our earth stops considerable numbers of neutrinos from the deeps of the universe. Although the particles are indeed actually hardly stoppable.

What is going on? All together 10,800 collisions in the ice were analysed and evaluated. They come from a set of data, which was already collected between May 2010 and May 2011. On their way through the cosmos the neutrinos also raced through the whole earth, before they still left a trace at the South Pole – because they had collided with the water molecules in the "IceCube" surroundings.

The fascinating thing there: To a crash it came above all with particularly fast particles from the depth of the universe. With these an interaction with matter is more probable, so says the Standard Model of particle physics. Although the connection was up to now only proven for neutrinos with low acceleration.

"Very important test"

To imagine how strong the particles are accelerated, a comparison with the LHC at the nuclear research centre Cern in Geneva helps. In the gigantic underground ring protons are on the way with energies of 13 teraelectronvolt (TeV). Man-made neutrino rays are even still once again weaker by the factor 20. In the current "IceCube" study neutrinos were investigated in comparison, which were accelerated to up to 980 TeV. (In the meantime the detector has already measured particles in the range of petaelectronvolt, far beyond the 1000 Tev.)

With the analysis and evaluation of the gathered data the researchers looked exactly from where the high energetic neutrinos reached the detector. On that occasion it was shown that it were from that direction the least, from where the particles had to travel on their way across the whole earth – because, so the conclusion of the researchers, many particles were comparatively slowed down on this route.

So as the Standard Model also suggests it.

"We had of course hoped that we would see a kind of new physics", says Francis Halzen of the University of Wisconsin Madison, head of the "IceCube" collaboration. "But unfortunately we have seen that the Standard Model, as usually, passes the test."

"The high energetic neutrinos made so visible by 'IceCube' push forward to a completely new range, which cannot be reached with acceleration experiments", praises Manfred Lindner, director of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg in the conversation with the SPIEGEL. The good agreement found with the standard theory is a "very important test", so the researcher, who did not take part in the present study.

For him the results are above all interesting that they exclude "new physics, which would have to show itself in this range". As example Lindner cited the so-called lepto quarks, speculative elementary particles, which in some models find use beyond the Standard Model.

The scientists so to speak succeeded making our planet to a gigantic neutrino detector. In future this could also be interesting for example for geo researchers. They hope getting new information about the interior of the earth with the help of neutrinos - for example about how and where exactly the radioactive decay of the elements uranium and thorium produces the heat for the volcanism in our planet.

But the data from the current experiment were still not enough for this, it is said.

So that was the first document and now follows the second. It comes to us via Bertha Dudde:

Cognition in earth life or after arrival in the hereafter.

10. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4795.

Progressive cognition is the success of a way of life according to my will. But the state of knowledge of a man does not always need to make itself be noticed; but the soul has the wealth of knowledge in itself, of which it only becomes aware of after the demise of the man, so that it can therefore enter the kingdom of light in a high degree of cognition, although it was inexperienced as man on earth. But then man does not need this knowledge, because he also made an effort without it to lead a life pleasing to God, and his love life has therefore earned him a rich treasure, with which the soul can work in the spiritual kingdom and is happy. Men however, who seek truth, who want to enrich their knowledge and unconsciously or as a result of my will revealed to them are active in love, will receive a knowledge sent to them, which changes their initial ignorance; they constantly increase in knowledge, until everything is clear and comprehensible to them what moves them spiritually. But these can already work on earth with their knowledge; they can give light; they can pass on their knowledge and bring brightness, where there is still deepest darkness. They can be leaders for their fellowmen and will have reached a high degree of light already at their arrival in the hereafter, which places them in the position to carry out an activity that makes happy and to help erroneous souls in the hereafter in their trouble. Because ignorance is a state of trouble, as darkness is always an unfortunate state for a being, which has stood in light initially at the origin. Ignorance is the result of the defection from me, because the spiritual withdrew itself from my love circuit through its going away from me and this means complete spiritual darkness, which the being feels as agony in the spiritual kingdom. On earth it can easily place itself in a state of light, because busy love activity results in the sending of brightest light, but free will belongs to it, which mostly fails, because the being still stands too much in self-love and because of that makes the power out of God ineffective, which expresses itself in the brightness of the spirit, therefore in a state of cognition. Love is always the indispensible, that man reaches cognition; love must always be awakened in man, before he becomes knowing, and love will always earn him a degree of light, although he himself does not become aware of it in earth life. But like lightning he arrives at the cognition at the arrival in the spiritual kingdom, where error then no longer exists for him, because he recognizes error immediately and detests it. Because light is happiness, and darkness is agony. But darkness can be broken through, and also many beings of darkness can change, when they follow a ray of light and also turn their will to love work, to which they always have opportunity, as on earth, so also in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4795.

Our title of this chapter is "making the power out of God ineffective" and it appears in this second document and it is the reason why I have brought the first document here, because it, the first document, give us an idea, how we can imagine this power to be.

I now want to first of all say something to the first document.

There is the statement

They come from supernova explosions or gamma ray bursts in the deeps of the universe, out of the sun and – frequently – also out of decay processes in the atmosphere of the earth, of which cosmic radiation is to be blamed for.

Here we have a nice example of a creed of a member of a church, to which the Spiegel and also Christoph Seidler belong. It is the church of the atheists and of the materialists. They do not like it at all when one describes them as people, who belong to faith community. That is extremely embarrassing to them, when they have to defend themselves against this; that they are exactly the same way believers, as those, who they denigrate as such.

They believe that neutrinos come from supernova explosions or gamma ray bursts.

And now exactly this IceCube experiment has proven the opposite.

But since they are believers, believers of a sect, everything will be put on the Index, what speaks against their faith and it is not allowed to emerge in their thoughts.

Extracts now follow from Cosmic radiation 2012 May 2:

A team of researchers with the IceCube collaboration have failed to come up with evidence to prove that neutrinos come from, or are caused by, gamma ray bursts, (cosmic explosions) after a year of study.

That model is apparently in trouble.

They determined that no current GRB model is able to match the observed flux, meaning either that GRBs are not the primary source of high-energy cosmic rays, or that the model for GRB neutrino production is incorrect.

The IceCube detectors pick up this Cerenkov radiation. By tracing when and where it appears in the detectors, the researchers can determine the direction and energy of the neutrinos passing through. IceCube is sensitive to extremely high-energy events, and can determine the point of origin of a neutrino to about 0.6°, an angle slightly larger than the full Moon. While this may seem a bit lacking in accuracy, it's possible to combine this data with GRB detectors and other observations to determine if the neutrinos come from the same events, or if they must originate from other sources.

The implications of this result are striking. If the fireball model is correct in its predictions for neutrino production, then there must be some unknown source for very high energy cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays - high energy particles that bombard the Earth from beyond our solar system - were discovered 100 years ago. However, their origin remains one of the most enduring mysteries in physics.
A search for neutrinos emitted from 300 gamma ray bursts, unexpectedly found none!
The unexpected absence of neutrinos from GRBs has forced a re-evaluation of the theory for production of cosmic rays and neutrinos in a GRB fireball and possibly the theory that high energy cosmic rays are generated in fireballs.

In the new study, the IceCube team compared data from April 5, 2008, through May 20, 2009, when the detector was only half complete, to 117 gamma-ray bursts detected in the Northern Hemisphere during that time.

Nothing happened. Following each of the gamma-ray bursts, it took more than half an hour for any neutrinos to arrive.

“Although we have not discovered where cosmic rays come from, we have taken a major step toward ruling out one of the leading predictions.”

It’s been the defining question of high-energy astrophysics for the past century: where do cosmic rays come from?

In the year 2012, therefore more than five years before the article of the Spiegel from the year 2017, the experiment IceCube had failed and now the scientists apparently try to justify their major project and the major expenses and carry on and try to impress the world, but much news does not seem to be there.

And where everything really comes from, that is known for a long time and is documented, but that a real believer is of course not allowed to read, that is verboten. The man-made church called science does not permit this.

And now I repeat the quote from the Spiegel about neutrinos:

They come from supernova explosions or gamma ray bursts in the deeps of the universe, out of the sun and – frequently – also out of decay processes in the atmosphere of the earth, of which cosmic radiation is to be blamed for.

The Spiegel says about neutrinos: They come from supernova explosions or gamma ray bursts. What other faith comrades have already ruled out more than 5 years ago, that the Spiegel still believingly repeats parrot-fashion.

That is therefore a nice creed, but also nothing more.

The Spiegel says about neutrinos: They come ... out of the sun.

That was on the 26.11.2017.

On the 23.11.2017, therefore three days before, Nature brings the news that lightning is a natural particle accelerator: Photonuclear reactions triggered by lightning discharge.

More about this:

Flash of lightning triggers nuclear reactions, where positrons are produced : As particularly exciting phase three proved to be: With the decay of the instable nitrogen 13 isotope to carbon, a proton of the atomic nucleus changes through the beta decay into a neutron. On that occasion, next to a neutrino, also the antimatter equivalent of the electron is released: a positron.

First proof of lightning induced nuclear reaction in the air : But the third phase is exciting: In it the unstable nitrogen 13 isotope decays to carbon, by one proton of the atomic nucleus changing to one neutron through beta decay, as the researchers report. On that occasion, next to a neutrino, also the antimatter equivalent of the electron is released: one positron.

Particle accelerator in clouds: The unstable N 13 has in the meantime decayed to carbon 13 and has thereby released a neutrino and a positron.

Light and electromagnetic radiation comes from lightning.

And the light of the sun and electromagnetic radiation do not come out of the sun, but from lightning at the edge of the atmosphere of the sun.

And neutrinos do not come out of the sun, but come from lightning at outer corona of the sun:

Lightning and

Short bright light lightning, which covers the whole surface of the sun .

And where they really come from, is still another thing.

There are many universes, but one basic universe, and there the neutrinos probably come from, directly from the creator.

So one can relatively easily imagine the neutrinos.

Und so one can imagine the power out of God.

And now to that, what Bertha Dudde received from the spiritual kingdom.

Ignorance is the result of the defection from me, because the spiritual withdrew itself from my love circuit through its going away from me and this means complete spiritual darkness, which the being feels as agony in the spiritual kingdom. On earth it can easily place itself in a state of light, because busy love activity results in the sending of brightest light, but free will belongs to it, which mostly fails, because the being still stands too much in self-love and because of that makes the power out of God ineffective, which expresses itself in the brightness of the spirit, therefore in a state of cognition. Love is always the indispensible, that man reaches cognition; love must always be awakened in man, before he becomes knowing, and love will always earn him a degree of light, although he himself does not become aware of it in earth life.

Distance from God has very little to do with physical distance, but only with spiritual distance.

And circuit has something to do with electricity.

And the difference between electrical current in the scientific sense and in the spiritual sense is probably equal to zero.

And the difference of light in the spiritual sense and in the physical sense is probably not very much.

The decisive thing is free will.

That is what matters, how one uses the will.

The power out of God is there, it is decisive whether one uses it or not.

The power for the normal life we all receive, but the additional power, to precisely reach the aim in life, the liberation from matter, that one has to haul in, and that happens with the will.

Intention is in great demand there, the magic word in magic, in white magic and in black magic.

A certain amount of energy one has to really summon; one has to summon the will and when after that also action follows, then it is even better.

And the act is busy love activity.

When I therefore do this busy love activity, carry it out, then I catch these neutrinos, which precisely bring this additional energy.

When I do not do this, then they simply rush past and through me.

Because the being still stands too much in self-love and because of that makes the power out of God ineffective.

The following messages coming from Bertha Dudde, and extracts from them, bring information about this power and there the difference between life power and spiritual power is explained. Live power therefore everyone receives, with spiritual power something must be undertaken. And when you now read the following, please pay attention to those passages, which remind one of the description of neutrinos.


B.D. Nr. 2144

Out of God the power flows to every work of creation so that it can work in service, no matter what way, and . . .

Even the most solid form is stimulated to activity through influence from outside, which is connected with the light radiation – therefore the work of light bearers, although this is not recognizable to the human eye.

And there is still a state of lifelessness, and that is in that stage as man. In that stage the greatest extent of life power flows towards the being, which it is supposed to use for a serving activity.

When he disregards work in love – that activity for which execution God lets the life power flow towards man.

But to be spiritually dead is the most terrible thing, because the last favour, which is at the disposal of the being, is been left unused – because the life current, which God supplies to this being, is not used for serving activity and the being remains on the same level of development on which it stood at the start of the embodiment as man.


B.D. Nr. 2310

The smallest resistance decreases the effect of the power radiation out of God, because the fullest will is necessary to be able to receive a gift of God, otherwise the supply of power would be given to the being against its will and would mean an ascent development under compulsion. Only the life-force which is necessary for the sustenance is given to every man also without his will, but for ascent development he can also leave this life-power unused, and he therefore has to first let his will become active for making use of this life-power brought to him.

The radiation of power out of God is a supply of divine love, therefore an act of favour, provided receptivity and willingness, because the radiation of love out of God can only be given to those who prove worthy of the love of God, desire it and therefore open the heart for the divine current of love.


B.D. Nr. 2756

The will in man must have become busy to stand in connection with me, then the connection with me is already established through this will insofar as that my power in form of right thoughts flows over to man and he now always pushes towards me more eagerly. And these thoughts are already transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom; these thoughts are beneficial for the soul, and through these thoughts also my will is revealed, and you will then fulfil that what I mentally demand of you, because you recognize that this is my will.

And the commandment of love will always sound in you; always you will hear my voice, which prompts you to love work, and when you follow this voice, you connect yourselves always more intimately with me, and you also hear my voice more and more clear; your thoughts are clear and ordered; your knowledge increases; you stand in truth and your soul matures.


Earthly or spiritual expression of power.

25. and 26. May 1944. B.D. NR. 3133.

Full believingly you are allowed to accept every single announcement because they are purest truth, because God himself sends them to you. And when something appears incomprehensible to you then present it to him who will not leave you without answer. And his spiritual assistants are always prepared to enlighten you where there is still darkness in you because God’s will is to make you knowing, and God’s will is always fulfilled by those light beings – light beings are receivers and suppliers of the power out of God – their activity consists of filling everything without power with the power out of God when these turn to God out of free will. But this power will always have a spiritual effect, and that is why this power will not become visible so obviously that it is recognizable to man who stands far away from the spiritual. The spiritual beings, who only fulfil the instructions of God, will always order the intellectual activity of men who turn to God himself in the desire for truth. This is the spiritual work of these beings, and this work is always successful when men do not put up resistance to it. But resistance exists then when man is either indifferent towards truth or desires such under eliminating the eternal divinity, therefore seeks to penetrate truth purely intellectually. Then those beings cannot approach him because he is surrounded by beings of darkness who want to guide him in erroneous thinking and therefore find welcome reception for their mental insinuations. Because against their will, therefore without willingness to receive, men will not be instructed by light beings, otherwise it would be an inevitable development. Therefore the dark beings can also have a mental effect upon men, but can never execute a spiritual process, which requires power, which therefore is also visible to men – by something coming into being what was not there before and goes beyond the natural ability of man. It is different with the execution of activities, which as such lie in the field of human ability and only require more or less bodily strength. These are carried out with the life power flowing towards man, which can also be increased through his willingness for those activities. This life power is also imparted to him through spiritual beings according to his willingness for good or evil. Without interruption light beings have power out of God at their disposal, which they receive all the time and pass on, as also the dark beings receive such from their progenitor, who receives his power from God, but uses it for God-opposing work. The attitude towards God or towards his opponent is determining from where power flows towards man, as also human will now uses it for good or evil acts. An expression of power can affect natural or supernatural accomplishments; but it will always have to be described as life power because in every case these acts are carried out by men, where a certain ability is typical of them and which is just considerably increased through the supply of power. The process of a transmission of spiritual thought material in such a form that the results are also visible to other men, therefore audible, is however insofar to be evaluated differently, as it is about a pure spiritual power radiation, which contributes neither to a conservation of bodily life nor for the increase of body power, but promotes only the ascent development of the soul. And such a power transmission can only take place on the part of those beings, who are themselves power receivers out of God. But the beings of darkness lack spiritual power, and that is why they cannot hand out such, and even much less can they cause man to an activity, which requires spiritual power – that something comes into being, to which man without spiritual power supply is not able. Because then every man would have to be able to make writings without any means of help and at the same time about the same subjects, even when differing of each other, as the powers of darkness would have the same power at their disposal to instruct men. They use the strength which is at the disposal of these powers for works of unkindness and of hate, but error they seek to spread through mental influencing, however also only there where the will of man is turned towards evil. And that is why a transmission of power in this form, where spiritual knowledge is imparted to men, is always to be addressed as work of spiritual powers who stand in the light, therefore are light and power receivers out of God, and therefore allowed as instructing powers, i.e. are directed by God to bring light among men and to spread wisdom, therefore truth out of God. The opponent of God will certainly spare no means to supply lies and error to men, but he uses worldly minded and material thinking men, and he also influences them in pure worldly and material ways so that they pursue all other aims than spiritual ones; and those recognize neither error and lie nor desire they truth. They are inclined towards the mental insinuations of bad powers, and they are now active out of their own will spreading them, by using their human abilities to impart erring teachings to fellowmen in word and script. But these impartations do not reveal any extraordinary things; one cannot talk of extraordinary work and supernatural power, which however spiritual writings certainly reveal. Amen. B.D. NR. 3133.


B.D. NR. 3370

It continuously gets power on earth, as long as it lives, i.e., life in itself is already a process of power transmission, which is recognizable by the possibility of execution of its earthly activity. Without power the being, which is now embodied in man, would be able to achieve nothing. Therefore he can continually be active during his earth life, and that is executing every act according to his will, as far as this lies in the area of possibility.


B.D. NR. 3933

My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity, having an effect there, where a container is found for receiving, and every heart of man is particularly to be seen as receiving container, which is of a mind turned towards me. A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me. And in this lies your strength, the guarantee of continuous help through power supply from me that you just open yourselves towards me, that you just turn your thoughts towards me in the desire to obtain power from me, and it will fill you according to your desire.

Without connection with me this is not possible; your heart must open towards me voluntarily, otherwise you remain untouched of my power radiation, though the whole infinity is filled with it.


Body power (Life power) Increase through spiritual power.

27. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4314.

You cannot go beyond the limits of your work without spiritual power supply. A limit is set for you humanly, i.e., the body is only enabled for the carrying out of the will in accordance with its biological composition, therefore the ability and the achievements of a man are always based on the divine law of nature. This however is not valid for that man, who does not desire divine power supply, therefore does not requests it – his strength is limited. Differently it is with those, who are in contact with the spiritual kingdom, who are at any time allowed to request and accept power in accordance with their will and their closeness to God. These abolish the limits of work through the connection with God; they are so to speak not subject to the laws of nature, but stand above them, because it is God’s will. They can achieve everything – but that they do not achieve it despite these quoted prerequisites has its cause in faith weakness, and that is why the proof can be produced so rarely that man can do everything despite his bodily power limit. He lacks faith, and so he imposes limits on himself, where he could exceed them. He therefore certainly has the will, but not the faith; but without faith the extraordinary power cannot be supplied to him, because he is not allowed to be forced to faith. A difference must be made between bodily and spiritual power. Former is the life power, which every man has at his disposal, even so differently, and which is a particular gift of favour in the last embodiment on earth. Man now pays attention to only the natural power and does not think about how he could increase it, but he comes to terms with it that it decreases or increases according to age or health. But at any time he can increase this life power through spiritual power, which is not supplied arbitrarily to man, but is received only after fulfilling certain preconditions. This spiritual power is at the disposal of man unmeasured, but must be requested, therefore asked. But this can only happen in faith that it is both possible as also secure through God’s love, and a prayer never gets through to him in vain. Only then man requests the spiritual power the right way, and he will be able to have it at his disposal unlimitedly. Man must imagine that he as tiny little part of eternal divinity is also partaking of his might and power, as soon as he does not live in resistance, but in harmony with God. And this certainty will also let him believe that every measure of power will also be supplied to him, which he now can use according to his will. There is only a restriction of creation for those men, who live outside of God, because only the body power is at their disposal. But who lives in and with God, he will be able to accomplish things, which go beyond human ability, as soon as he believes firmly and unshakably. Amen. B.D. NR. 4314.


B.D. NR. 4674

Love is divine principle, therefore originally actually the epitome of divinity; it is something not to be defined; it is the nature and quality of God; it is the great power unexplainable to men, which let everything come into being, because it has a creative and stimulating effect. It is therefore the original nature of God; it is something radiating out of God, which finds itself again in all his creations and is to particularly come into full effect in man. Right love pulls upwards; it seeks the union with eternal love, the original spring of life and all power.

That love, which turns towards earthly things, which are therefore still to be seen as matter, is not power giving, but power robbing, and since man has no supply of spiritual power, he uses the life power, to gain that, what his wrongly directed love desires. He therefore wins nothing, but loses, because that, what he gains for himself, is passing and he loses the immortal values, which he is to create with his life power.


Life Power - Spirit Power.

10. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5269.

Never rely on your own power. You well have to let your will be active yourself; you are not allowed to remain inactive and wait for help but what you do you always have to tackle together with me; you have to ask for my help and my blessing for it and you will succeed. You well have life power that entitles and enables you to be quite active. But my will is above all and you cannot force this one; but I am often compelled to put up a resistance to your will when this is to the welfare of your soul. And that is why also failures, lack of success of projects and ineffectiveness are included in the destiny of your life and you cannot keep them away from you by your own strength. Then also the life power is not of much use to you; then you often recognize how little you can do out of your own strength. All setbacks, all wasted performances, all fainting are always indications to turn to the giver of strength from eternity, to implore him for his blessings and to ask him for an increase of strength and good success for every activity by recognizing your own inadequacy. You are not to forget me; that is why I often have to let you come into situations where your own strength cannot succeed; I have to show you that all your efforts are unsuccessful when I am not giving my blessing to them, but you have to first ask for it to not forget me. The co-operation with me guarantees success; but if you keep away from me then your efforts are much more strenuous and even then often still without success. You can also force success but then only with the support of the power from below that will always take care of you when you exchange your soul for it. Then you can be mighty on earth; then you will succeed in everything; then you can dumbfound your fellow human beings with works of supernatural kind - but always by forfeiting of freedom because then you are bound and completely under his, Satan's, control. Do not desire this power from below, even when it promises you a charming life on earth. Come to me in tender prayer and call on me for strength and favour and then you win truly more than my opponent can offer. But you then do not take possession of worldly goods but I then bless every worldly beginning that you undertake but I bless you spiritually as well, i.e. through close unity with me I can supply you with spiritual power that is far more valuable than your life power because to work with spiritual power will always be successful even when not always recognized by you. Never inactivate me whatever you begin because I always want to be your advisor, guide and help who directs everything for the best of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 5269.


We had mentioned the basic universe. In Chapter 64 of this book here, The Man-Made Church, The all-embracing field of energy, there is this statement:

There is a broad field of energy which for convenience is called (M). It is virtually unrecognized in our contemporary civilization. It is the only energy field common to and operational both within and outside time-space and is present in varying degrees in all physical matter. Because of the tendency of (M) to accumulate in living organisms, LIFE — or Layered Intelligence-Forming Energy — is a useful acronym for one band of the (M) Field spectrum.

In the Earth Life System, (M) is present in greater concentration, ranging from "inert" matter through microorganisms to Human Minds. The variance and spectrum of (M) radiation is extremely wide by local standards, yet is only a small notch in the total breadth of the (M) Field.

All living organisms use (M) to communicate. Animals are more aware of (M) radiation than humans, who, with few exceptions, have no awareness of it at all.

Humans, with few exceptions, have no awareness at all of the all-embracing field of energy, because they make the power out of God ineffective.




This is the end of "Making the power out of God ineffective"
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