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This is the 72. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


72. Politeness used to manipulate


by Frank L. Preuss


We come across situations all the time, where politeness is used to manipulate another person.

Let us take an example.

A stranger greets a stranger in a busy street. This is normally a polite gesture. This is a polite gesture particularly then, when this greeting person does not expect anything in return. It is actually calling a blessing upon that person. It is in a way a prayer, that the person being greeted may have a good and pleasant day. One could even call it a prayer of intercession.

This greeting business easily becomes a habit, that people forget, what the meaning of that is, what they are saying. In certain areas of the German speaking world, a person greets another person with the words "Grüß Gott" (Greet God) and that is actually really a prayer. It is not only a prayer, but it also includes a reminder, what our purpose on earth actually is: the reunification with God.

So if a person greets another person, then we actually have something quite holy, something that gives love and light and strength, something that can hardly be outdone by anything else, because it is something spiritual, something that lasts, something that is not something material, which perishes.

It is something spiritual, and that is something that can only be used, when it is directed to someone who is no longer on this earth, but in the hereafter. Such a deceased person can have a great benefit from it, from such a prayer of intercession. If we would give to such a soul something else than something spiritual, something material, then it would not benefit him and we would also not be able to give it to him. This demonstrates how significant a spiritual gift like a greeting actually is.

We just said that the gift of a greeting is particularly a polite gesture when the greeting person does not expect something in return.

Here we come to the first example, where such a politeness is abused, where it is used to cause a reaction in the receiving person, even more so, when the greeting has as its whole intent, to cause the reaction.

We have to become sensitive to such an approach and use all the circumstances and details going with it, to assess the real reason of such a greeting.

It is a practising that is valuable when it comes to something like resisting the devil.

The Antichrist, the original one, the one mentioned by name in the Bible, Diotrephes, was an elder in the church, and was therefore a leader of the children of God. And to start not to be influenced by such a person, it is absolutely necessary, to start with such a small item like greeting another person or being greeted by another person.

If you are greeted by such a person in the street, a person being a member of a man-made church, where the outer circumstances even show you to what denomination he or she belongs, then you can assess the situation already when you are still quite some distance away and prepare yourselves to your reaction.

And if your assessment is right, and this person greets you, then you have the confirmation of your assessment.

And if you want, you can also test the real reason, why you are greeted. You just have to ignore the greeting and do not greet back and also show no other reaction, like stopping or looking or changing the speed of your walking.

It might be very likely that the greeting person repeats the greeting and when it can be excluded, that the assumption of you not having heard the first greeting is to be excluded, then you know, that the greeting, wishing you well, was just an excuse, to cause a reaction by you, to return the greeting.

Politeness was abused, to cause you, to do that, what the other person wanted.

And to receive a return greeting from you, was of course only the beginning of an opportunity, to talk to you and to talk you into you joining their devilish outfit.

If they would really be polite, they would have greeted you – without expecting a return – and telling you immediately that they want to speak to you and about what they want to speak, so that you have immediately enough information to decide, if you want to do what they want.

Greeting a person if often used, or better abused, when a person wants information about something, but does not immediately say so, but just wants that the other person turns his attention to him, and might even sit in a car and expects the other person to stop walking in the direction he is walking and even also expects him to go to him. If he really would be polite, he would walk with the other person, because there is no reason not to do it, to talk to him and to walk with him, why he continuous the thing, he is busy with at that moment, walking on the sidewalk.

So greeting another person should be a completely one-sided thing, at least initially.

If the greeter wants a reaction, for example wants to start a conversation, then he wants to do something together with the other person. And if two want to do something together, then they should agree so. When this agreement is missing, when the second person does not want to do what the first person wants, then there is no agreement.

Very often the second person still reacts positive to such an attempt, despite not really wanting to do so, just to also be polite, because he assumes that this is expected of him. But if the first person is not actually polite, does not really want to leave to the other person the freedom of decision, then the second person will feel it and not be happy with the situation and might even have negative feelings towards the first person, but actually he is not happy with himself, because he could not or did not know, how to react so, that it would not come to an exchange of words.

So the secret is to know if the approach is a genuine one or not. And something like this requires experience and training. One has to smell the rat. One has to look out for indications that reveal the real intent behind an approach.

The tone of voice, the gestures used, the body posture, the manner of approach, is all a hint that should be used.

And the use of these indications becomes the more convincing, the more prove is given, that a manipulation is present.

And such a proof is very often, that a failed manipulation attempt is followed by finding the other person guilty, by the apportioning of blame.

And this apportioning of blame is done in various ways, in words of accusation, in browbeating, in moaning, in body language, in physical attack and many other ways.

Now an interesting thing about this apportioning of blame is that it can be delegated.

It does not need to be done by the person who does the manipulation attempt, he can order someone else to it.

A head of government might find it not appropriate to find another head of government guilty and so can order the secretary general of the ruling party to do it for him. The secretary general of the ruling party might not be a member of the government, and therefore the government cannot be blamed when he does something that is considered undiplomatic. So this secretary general goes public and apportions blame and the whole world knows what the ruling man wants to express.

Now the ruling person could also be a woman and could use a different channel to apportion blame. She could let her mother give an interview and let the world know what she thinks about the colleague by letting her mother express her outrage.

So the mother is a trained witch and has trained her daughter to even be a more successful witch.

Manipulation is always a way to force ones will on others. God created us with free will and he very much respects our free will. The devil does the opposite and uses deception to get us to do his will. He lies to deceive and to cause us to do what he wants us to do. He kills to eliminate us to prevent us to carry on carrying out our will opposed to him. He destroys our goods to intimidate us to get what he wants.

Manipulation is the main tool of the devil. He has no power over the physical world directly. He cannot cause a stone to fly against our head, but he can put wrong thoughts into our head. And he can use people to do harm to us, to through stones at us. But mainly he uses people to manipulate us.

Manipulation is the main tool of the devil and the adherents of the regiment of Antichrist. We have to develop strong tools and patterns of behaviour to be able to cope with all the manipulation attempts that the people living at the time of the end will experience.

The basic tool of witchcraft is manipulation. The witchdoctor wants that his victim does what the witchdoctor wants him to do. If the witchdoctor wants the man to die, then he will use manipulation to kill the man by causing the man to kill himself by certain wrong actions of his body or his mind.

Manipulation is always witchcraft. A manipulator is a witchdoctor in action.

One might be inclined to think that somebody acting in an impolite way is just a person not behaving properly. This might also be rather dangerous, because it can be habit forming, and preventing a person to develop strong means of defence.

Now this agreeing to do something together, that when two people want to do something between them, that they then have to agree to do so, and if this agreement is not present, that then the situation becomes awkward, dishonest, uncomfortable, that the one person, who cannot say no, is unhappy about it, and has bad feelings towards the other person, or rather about his own reaction, wrong reaction, can nicely be seen when the subject is a particular way of greeting: the shaking of hands.

The way of observing greeting is the way of the ear, but the way of observing a handshake it the way of the eye.

A greeting could be recorded with the help of monitoring sound, voices, but a handshake can be recorded with the help of pictures, of videos.

Now let me ask you a question: If someone approaches you and stretches out his hand to shake hands with you, have you the ability to not also stretch out your hand and to not do what you are requested to do?

If you do not have this ability, you should urgently acquire it.

The next time it happens to you, just try not to react the way you are expected to react, just to start practising, even if the person does not want to manipulate you.

Make it a habit to be in control of parts of your body, for example your eyes, your tongue, your feet, your fingers, but particularly your hand. Let not the situation dictate your behaviour, but your will only.

Right living is a matter of the will. Witchcraft is a matter of will. Everything depends on your will.

If you hesitate responding to an outstretches hand, to allow time for a decision, then the other person, if he is of good will, will accept that, and not apportion blame to you.

If a car salesman goes to a potential customer and stretches out his arm to greet him with a handshake, then this is his first attempt to get him to do what he wants him to do, to do his will, to buy a car from him or many cars.

With agreeing to a handshake you have already to a certain degree decided to be in agreement with the other person. It is then more difficult to show disagreement. You actually might have made an agreement with someone about whom you know nothing, whose intentions are completely unknown to you.

When a person now asks you why you did not shake hands with him, you could tell him that it was just a test. You wanted to test yourself if you could do it, but it was also a test to test him, if he was genuine or a witchdoctor. His reaction will give you an answer.

There was a man who had a meeting with the teacher of his child and the teacher wanted to shake hands with the father, but was not successful. Then the teacher took legal action against the father for refusing to shake hands with him. Now this taking legal action against him, was the direct proof for the father, that this teacher was a witchdoctor, because he apportioned blame to him, and he did the right thing not to touch him and be influenced by him.

I saw a picture of two people sitting facing the camera. Between the two chairs was a gap causing the two chairs to be apart.

On the left side was a woman sitting, turning to her left and talking to the man sitting to the left of her. On the right was a man sitting. He did not look at the woman, but rather away from her, slightly to his left. The expression on his face shows an expression that this man seems to be completely able to resist the manipulation attempt of this woman.

I now bring extracts from articles I saw:

New Book Suggests Angela Merkel Was Closer to Communism Than Thought

New Biography Causes Stir: How Close Was Merkel to the Communist System?

A biography focusing on Chancellor Angela Merkel's time growing up in East Germany is making headlines because it suggests she was closer to the communist system than hitherto known. Her spokesman has denied she has covered anything up.

A new biography covering Chancellor Angela Merkel's life in East Germany has caused a stir by suggesting she was closer to the communist apparatus and its ideology than previously thought.

Published this week and written by journalists Günther Lachmann and Ralf Georg Reuth, the book quotes Gunter Walther, a former colleague of hers at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin, as saying she had been secretary for "Agitation and Propaganda" in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) youth organization at the institute. Merkel, a trained physicist, worked at the academy from 1978 until 1989.

The book explores Merkel's life growing up in German Democratic Republic (GDR), where her father Horst Kasner was a Protestant pastor and a committed socialist. He moved to East Germany from West Germany in 1954.

Merkel has said in the past that her FDJ role at the academy was more that of a cultural secretary and that her duties included buying theatre tickets and organizing book readings.

'Closeness to the System'

But former German Transport Minister Günther Krause -- an eastern German politician who worked with her in the final months of the GDR and as a fellow minister in the government ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl in the early 1990s -- contradicts her in the book and says she propagated Marxism-Leninism.

"With Agitation and Propaganda you're responsible for brainwashing in the sense of Marxism," he said. "That was her task and that wasn't cultural work. Agitation and Propaganda, that was the group that was meant to fill people's brains with everything you were supposed to believe in the GDR, with all the ideological tricks. And what annoys me about this woman is simply the fact that she doesn't admit to a closeness to the system in the GDR. From a scientific standpoint she wasn't indispensable at the Academy of Sciences. But she was useful as a pastor's daughter in terms of Marxism-Leninism. And she's denying that. But it's the truth."

The book says she and her father and brother Marcus discussed political developments with other people on September 1989. For them, the biography says, German unification was still inconceivable at that point "not just because it wouldn't have fitted into the bipolar world but because they strictly rejected the Western system of society."

Her inscrutability and political shrewdness are legendary. She has sidelined every potential rival in the male-dominated, largely Catholic CDU.

Now follow some quotes from another article:

Exclusively in CLOSER: Mother of federal chancellor furious with Trump

After the embarrassing meeting between Angela Merkel (62) and Donald Trump (70), now Herlind Kasner (88), the mother of the federal chancellor, asks to speak, exclusively, in CLOSER (EVT 29.3.).

At the first meeting of Angela Merkel and Donald Trump the US president showed lack of manners and refrained from shaking Merkel’s hand at the photo appointment. Trump himself wrote afterwards on Twitter, he has had a "magnificent" meeting with Merkel. The mother of the chancellor is of a complete different opinion: "Mr Trump has behaved very impudent towards my daughter," announced the English teacher. "She always treats everyone with respect, and he more or less trots her out. I find Angela has reacted very sovereign. Mr Trump should rather act in a Micky Mouse filming. I find it impossible!"

Herlind Kasner defended her daughter for a good reason: "I and Angela have a great connection to each other. We indeed see each other not so frequently, but talk to each other on the telephone several times a week. We are always there for each other. But I of course do not interfere in the political things," so Angela’s mother.

And now some other information:

Herlind Kasner (née Jentzsch; born on 8 July 1928 in Danzig) is the mother of Angela Merkel and a teacher of English and Latin.

Horst Kasner (né Horst Kazmierczak; born August 6, 1926 in Berlin, died September 2, 2011 in Templin) was a German Protestant theologian and father of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

During his high school years he was a member of the Hitler Youth, with the last service position of a troop leader.

Several weeks after the birth of their daughter, the family moved from Hamburg to East Berlin. The interior border was not yet completely closed, but most German migration was in the opposite direction (see also: Berlin Wall). In the first five months of 1954, 180,000 people had fled the GDR, and during the building of the border defences between 1949 and 1961, around 2.5 million had left.

Their daughter Angela had been born on 17 July 1954. Marcus Kasner, who has grown up to become a physicist, was born on 7 July 1957 and a second daughter, Irene, on 19 August 1964.

Kasner was regarded as a religious leader and idealist who did not oppose the church governance or the policies of the Socialist party

From a perspective of governance, Kasner was considered one of the more "progressive" forces. His nickname during GDR times, quoted repeatedly in the press, was "Red Kasner."

Kasner took trips abroad as part of the National Front and was given the privilege of travelling to the West either by company car or private vehicle, which could be procured through Genex. On the other hand, his wife, Herlind, was forbidden to do so due to her position as a GDR teacher. A recruitment effort by the Stasi is presumed to have failed. Unlike the children in other pastors’ families, the higher education of the Kasner children was not impeded.

From the late 1960s onwards, Kasner criticised the social order of West Germany: he did not support reunification.


2014 Apr 09 – Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss

2014 May 04 - Merkel, Obama‘s Gauleiter for the East

2015 Jan 07 (2) – Merkel – Obama‘s Gauleiter for Europe – and the Ukraine

2015 Aug 05 – Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss

We want to have a look at a picture:


And now a text:


'During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, "they want to have a handshake," but gets no response from Trump.'

Now a quote:

The German chancellor had thanked Trump for "the warm and gracious hospitality"¯ but there was an awkward moment in the Oval Office before the press conference when the two leaders sat for photographers, who shouted a request for them to shake hands.

Merkel turned to Trump and asked: "Do you want to have a handshake?" The president ignored her and kept looking straight ahead, his hands clasped together. Merkel looked at the photographers with a half-smile, half-grimace.

The piece of pantomime was in stark contrast to the visit of Theresa May in January. As they walked from the Oval Office down a small ramp, Trump spontaneously took the British prime minister’s hand, an image that was splashed across British newspapers the following day.

Now another quote:

In their first joint appearance, Trump and Merkel sat silently next to each other as photographers snapped away. The two had shaken hands when Merkel arrived at the White House but in the Oval Office, the German leader frequently leaned into Trump, who continued to look straight ahead and ignore her clear body language. Near the end of the event, a photographer called out for the two to shake hands, and Merkel can be heard asking Trump, "Do you want to do the handshake?" Trump ignored the question, and a clearly perplexed Merkel smiled - and maybe even grimaced? - toward the cameras.

Now a third one:

The meeting between the president and the German chancellor was arguably worse. Not only did the two not shake hands, but Trump wouldn’t even look in Merkel’s direction, despite several deeply uncomfortable attempts on her part to engage her 70-year-old counterpart in eye-contact.

And a fourth:

The rest of the world did hear the German Chancellor asking the US President at their first meeting as to whether he wanted to shake hands, however, and they watched as he did not respond and instead stared back at the cameras, looking resolute.

And a fifth:

During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, "they want to have a handshake," but gets no response from Trump.

There exists an interesting aspect to manipulation, and that is the third party manipulator. In our last case we have first of all the person that is the target of manipulation, Trump.

The second party is the manipulator, the photographer who called out for the two to shake hands.

And the third party is a person being part of the situation and who immediately jumps in and seizes the opportunity to now also assume the role of a commander, and that especially then, when the target of manipulation does not react to the instruction given to him, because he apparently has not heard, what he was told.

And the true colours of this third party manipulator are then nicely shown, when the person, who is the target of manipulation, heard very well the words that instructed him to do something, and has trained himself, to completely ignore such attempts of manipulation, and to show no reaction at all – to make no move of compliance.

And this third party manipulator in our example is Merkel.

A third party manipulator is at all times ready to assume the role of manipulator and to dictate to someone something, no matter what it is. He is the born dictator, Merkel.

That is his whole purpose in life, to command somebody to do something.

Even when a person is left by all the people she used to manipulate, by her children, by her husband, this urge to be in control of somebody or something, this need to issue orders, is strong and results in the purchase of a dog.

We will have a look at another example.

I stand in a queue in a supermarket, already for some time, and it is now the person in front of me who is at the till being served, and the cashier tells me that this till is now closing and I must go to another till. Now this is definitely not the first time this has happened to me and I just take such experience as normal occurrences and lose no time getting angry or complaining or protesting.

First of all, I do not take orders, from no-one, except the Lord.

Nobody is my Lord except the Lord.

Secondly I am a customer and want to be treated as such and do not want to be treated like a servant.

Thirdly I have weaned myself from longing for material things, for goods, including food and groceries

Fourth, I can walk off from any purchase or deal, especially then, when money has not yet been handed over or the deal has not yet been signed.

I do not like that my will is not respected, that I am ordered about.

I do not like to be insulted or being outmanoeuvred and can walk away from that till and leave all the goods in the trolley at the till and leave without them. I have done that on several occasions and so taught the shopkeeper how I want to be treated and it works and traders are teachable.

Another thing is that if I would go to another till and there go again to the end of the queue, the chances might not be little, that the same thing happens again to me, and I could then go to third queue.

So I just stood there and displayed no reaction at all.

The cashier showed no reaction to my non-reaction, but the third party manipulator emerged immediately.

The woman in front of me, who was busy with handling her purchased goods and handling the required handing over of the purchase price, stopped all her activity at once – after realizing that I was not obedient to the command given to me - and completely concentrated on this very welcome opportunity to take over the role of a dictator and turned towards me.

Now instead of giving me also some instructions, she first wanted to achieve something, a typical manipulator wants to accomplish, and that is to have my attention.

To have the attention of a potential victim of manipulation is actually more important to a manipulator than the manipulation itself.

If a victim gives attention to the manipulator, then it acknowledges him as its lord and that is the main aim of the manipulator, to become the lord of that person, and by extension the lord of many people and actually of all people, of all beings, including God.

It is the aim to be first, the main characteristic of Antichrist, of Diotrephes.

If a person asks for directions in a street, then this person should walk with the person being asked, to cause him not losing unnecessary time.

If the asking person now expects from the person asked to stop walking and giving his attention to the requesting person, then this could already be interpreted as a reason to ignore the request, but most of us are so good natured that we overlook such disrespectful behaviour, because seeing that the person is lost, we want to help him to get on to the right way.

When now the requesting person does not come out plainly with explaining what he wants, but wastes our time by only requesting that we turn our attention to that person, and when we then do not react, and the person then repeats its request for attention, then it becomes evident, that our will is not respected.

So a request for attention is normally the first sign that we are dealing with a manipulator.

He demands our attention.

So this woman in front of me, having completely turned towards me, now makes great efforts to obtain my attention.

I still have not moved at all. I still do not look at anybody, not at the cashier and not at the woman in front of me. She is now waving her hands in big motions in front of her and in front of me, only that her hands are more in front of her than in front of me, because we are separated by my shopping trolley in front of me.

This is an action she takes, which comes already close to actually getting into physical contact with me, but I just ignore it. A prudent man ignores an insult. That is Proverbs 12:16: A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.

Now seeing that she does not succeed, she grabs the front of my shopping trolley and pushes the trolley back towards me and against me.

Now is the time for me to take action.

And I shout in a loud, commanding voice, so that it can be heard in the whole supermarket: "Stop touching my trolley!"

This now stops her action. She is perplexed. She has been declared to be what she is, a manipulator, and instead of apologizing, she has to cover up her defeat and does what every manipulator does in such a situation, she issues an apportioning of blame, telling me what the cashier told me. And I tell her, very loudly, that she must mind her own business.

She now does that, attends to her own business, and disappears.

She obeyed my first command and she obeyed my second command. It was a total defeat for her.

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

I move towards the till, effect my purchases, without any problems, and leave the shop.

So what did I actually do?

I caused the woman to display her utter stupidity to all who cared to watch the scene.

So what did Trump actually do?

He caused Merkel to display her utter stupidity to all who cared to watch the scene, to the whole world.

What did him cause to do this?

May be first of all he had trained himself to control himself and to not to be controlled by others, that means not to be manipulated. Secondly it may mean that Merkel’s politics are not very agreeable to him. And it may also mean that the meeting he had with Merkel before the photo session was not to his satisfaction; that she behaved as annoyingly in that meeting as she behaved in the photo session. But that is not necessarily so, maybe he simply reacts automatically to every manipulation attempt as he did before the cameras.

It is a highly effective way of exposing manipulators and getting rid of them.

May be Trump should banish that photographer from the White House for not reporting political events but causing them. But on the other hand this man caused Trump a major success.

Before his election Trump was the only politician who dared to attack Obama and therefore expose him and now he dealt with Merkel and showed the world who she is.

Now Merkel did not become physically active in her encounter with Trump, but she dealt out an apportioning of blame, "they want to have a handshake," therefore repeating what the photographer wanted – ‘you did not do what the photographer wants and what I want, you are guilty’ - "looked at the photographers with a half-smile, half-grimace," and a "piece of pantomime," and "a clearly perplexed Merkel smiled - and maybe even grimaced? - toward the cameras."

So her manipulation attempt failed, and she promptly dispensed her apportioning of blame, but in accordance with the requirements of the situation, the diplomatic requirements. Her real apportioning of blame was delegated to her mother, the woman from whom she had learned all her witchcraft.

Now this was an important event in the life of Merkel, because Trump was now the first leader who did not buy her witchcraft.

"Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media" and "no response from Trump" and "The president ignored her and kept looking straight ahead" and "the German leader frequently leaned into Trump, who continued to look straight ahead and ignore her clear body language" and "Trump ignored the question" and "but Trump wouldn’t even look in Merkel’s direction, despite several deeply uncomfortable attempts on her part to engage her 70-year-old counterpart in eye-contact" and "they watched as he did not respond and instead stared back at the cameras, looking resolute" and "President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, "they want to have a handshake," but gets no response from Trump."

Can you carry on looking resolute?

Can you carry on being resolute?

So Trump actually put paid to Merkel’s plan, he let her run aground. She was defeated by Trump. And she did not even realize that it was happening and instead of keeping quiet, she revealed her devilish intent, by blaming him and therefore revealing that she tried to manipulate him and then made it even worse by letting her mother issue a formal statement, a proper apportioning of blame. So in reality she is stupid, exactly like the devil himself; both are heading for the pit and are too stupid to stop it and turn back.

Now the whole world knows that Merkel is stupid.

Now this episode at the till of a supermarket seems to be interesting and informative and revealing, but it might also be much more relevant than we first think.

To be able to purchase necessary goods for survival will become very important at the time of the end and the cashier and her machine at the till will be the decisive point where our faith will be tested and where we will have to confess our faith in Jesus Christ and this faith will depend on how much we have to rely on food for our body and on our faith that God will supply all our needs.

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

If we already now let the cashier decide what we have to do, then we will have little chance to overcome situations, which will approach us later. The practising of resisting the devil should now already be in full swing: being resolute.

Now practising being resolute will take time and we should start immediately. And we should start in our mind and prepare ourselves there for situations that might occur and then be ready when they occur, because we do not know when we suddenly find ourselves in a situation where we want to be resolute.

We just said that Merkel did not become active physically in her encounter with Trump, but there is a well-known incident where she did and that was in the year 2013, when her ruling party won an election victory, which resulted in her becoming chancellor for the third time. At this victory the leaders of her party celebrated their victory, and the man who was at that time the secretary general of her party was standing next to her and moving about and waving his arms and in his hand was a little German flag which he waved and Merkel went over to him and took this little German flag out of his hand.

When we want to learn more about how to deal with the devil, then I recommend reading chapters from Jakob Lorber’s work "Bischof Martin."

Here examples of such chapters:

I now bring extracts from Jakob Lorber’s work "Bischof Martin," jl.bmar.196,14-15 and jl.bmar.196,18-20 to jl.bmar.197,01-07:


   14] Says Satan: »Friend, you just talk nothing to me about your compassion! Martin did what he did in his rashness. And since he soon realized it that he did not act right, he immediately changed his rash act. But you are definitely what you are and never change your expression, whether it is just or unjust. For that reason I hate and despise you more than all my worst sufferings and agonies! To you, Martin, my respect, but to you others my deepest contempt for ever! Remove yourselves now away, otherwise I start a spectacle, as the whole infinity has never seen it up to now!«

   15] Says John: »We are not there that we should obey you, but to check you in your maliciousness we are only there. We will therefore also remove ourselves, when the Lord will want it, and not according to your will! But if you want to make a spectacle, then you can indeed try it. It will then immediately be shown, whether our power over you will not be greater than yours over us!


jl.bmar.196,18-20 to jl.bmar.197,01-07

   18] Says Satan: »The Lord shall do what the wants. But I will also do what I will want. I will show him and you all that the Lord with his power can certainly blow away the whole infinity like chaff, but my heart and my will shall offer for ever all his omnipotence and wisdom the hardest, invincible defiance! Now you do what you want, and I will also do what I will want to do!«

   19] Says Martin because of that to John: »O brother, as I now see it, all our effort is in vain; therefore we go! Because now I see already clearly that with this Satan there is nothing one can do any longer!«

   20] Says John: »Dear Martin, if he would not have commanded us to go home, then we would have already gone home. But his will is not allowed to determine ours; therefore we still want to stay for a little while. Because if we would now go away from here upon his word, that would be a triumph for him over us. But if he would triumph over us, then it would get on badly with us! Therefore we want and must still stay for a little while and sort out the things of this area; therefore it may be!«

   01] Satan realizes that the company does not want to go away upon his command. Therefore he gets startled and in his inside furious red-hot, which state also gives him outwardly a very repulsive appearance.

   02] Martin realizes that and says to John and the other companions: »Friends, as I realize, it now does not exactly look the best with the lost son! A terrible secret anger flashes out of his eyes; his forehead folded in thousands of dark wrinkles and his likewise disfigured corners of his moth indicate a terrible revenge, which he is willing to take!

   03] I think, you, brother John, have perhaps really tackled him a little too hard? I have to tell you, that, at his appearance, despite the power of the Lord inherent in me, I get into a not unimportant fear. Not perhaps that he could harm us, but because of the certain and complete futility of all our efforts. Just look there at the faces of Uhron and Shonel; these two are almost scared to death! For the sake of the Lord, what will now come out of this?«

   04] Says John: »Truly the thing certainly looks bad. But I tell you: just no fear before him! Because also fear of him is a kind of giving up our power under his power; that would also be a kind of triumph on his side over us, what we are never allowed to admit! Because if we would do that, we would be so attracted by his evil polarity, that it would then cost us a big effort to get ourselves out of him.

   05] Look, he has certainly treated you very humanly and has made significant promises to you. But that he did not do for example, to fulfil them for the sake of your good behaviour, but only to catch you in this way in his snares as an inexperienced newcomer of this kingdom!

   06] Do you now know what is what? But because I saw through and thwarted his nice plan, so he is now secretly full of highest fury and would crush all of us with rage, if he would be a match for our power. But since he now realizes just too well, how enormously far his power stands behind ours and how impotent he is against us, so he will for that reason now become exceedingly furious, fierce and angry in his inside!

   07] Alone, not in the slightest are we allowed to care for it, then he will soon again show a completely different face!«

The devil’s will shall not be allowed to determine our will.

A manipulator’s will should never be allowed to determine our will.

Our will is the most valuable thing given to us.

If someone does not want to leave us our will, then he practises witchcraft and we should recognize it and resist it.

Just no fear before a manipulator! Because also fear of him is a kind of giving up our power under his power; that would also be a kind of triumph on his side over us, what we are never allowed to admit! Because if we would do that, we would be so attracted by his evil polarity, that it would then cost us a big effort to get ourselves out of him.

When we let ourselves be intimidated by a manipulator, we become part of his system and become part of the regiment of Antichrist.

What we fear, we obey.

If we remain inexperienced newcomers, we have already lost.

To study the speeches of Satan in Jakob Lorber’s works will be very beneficent and we will recognize the similarity with speeches coming from Obama and Merkel and other leaders of the opponents of God, like those of Orthodoxy, particularly of the Catholic Church.

Paul gives us a good description of them, Romans 16:18: by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Satan is the great manipulator. It is about manipulation.

And with handshaking it is often not at all about handshaking, but about manipulation.

A man like Trump has grasped that immediately. A person like Merkel not, and that is so for that reason, because manipulation is her whole life. It is part of her, what she does and wants.

And because of that she was taken for a ride by Trump and showed her true face.

But this does not really mean that Trump is not a manipulator. He is just far ahead. Or he is superior to her, because he is not compelled to apply manipulation. He is stronger than that.

Manipulation is used by the weak. The strong does not need manipulation.

The devil uses manipulation. The emissary of God, John, has far more superior means.

What is the spiritual background of Merkel, where does she come from, how was her upbringing?

Her father was a Hitler worshipper.

And when Hitler was gone, he was immediately a Stalin worshipper.

He was such a fanatic Stalinist that he even moved away from a free Hamburg into Stalin’s dictatorship, to Soviet Germany. All freedom loving people wanted to get out of there, and most of them also did and left, until then when the border was closed, but Merkel’s father took his family and led it into bondage. That was just after his daughter was born. And in this prison and in this spiritual slavery she grew up and was educated. Very consciously a Stalinist was bred out of her.

Hitler now was bad. He killed millions of people. Only Stalin was worse; he killed 20 million, also the number 40 million is given.

And then the profession of the father. He was a cleric, a man who claimed to be follower of Jesus Christ, but betrayed him. Also Judas Iscariot had knowledge of Jesus Christ, and also he betrayed him, and also he made money out of his betrayal, but he repented of what he had done and not only that, he even gave the money back, which he had received for his betrayal. But not a cleric like the father of Merkel. He wanted to be paid for announcing Jesus, he supposed that gain is godliness and he peddled the word of God for profit.

Now comes an extract from an announcement from Bertha Dudde, B.D. NR. 4427:

But you are not to lend your ear to those, who certainly also preach my word, but have received it deformed and pass it on deformed. Because if they would be my right representatives, they would work together with you, my servants; they would receive directly out of my hand through you the right knowledge and also recognize it as such. If they however oppose you, they cannot be my right representatives – and if they fight you, they are the servants of Satan, who uses every mask to drive out truth.

And a second extract, B.D. NR. 5987:

But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan.

Merkel‘s father was a servant of Satan, when he served Hitler, when he served Stalin, and when he pretended to be a servant of the Lord, he was in reality also there again a servant of Satan, a cleric.

Jesus calls these people to be the descendants of those who kill the prophets and Paul calls them grievous wolves.

When Hitler was in power, Merkel’s father was a follower of the governing party, and when Stalin was in power, he set out on the way to him, and supported that party, which was at the helm, and his daughter followed him, and when then Stalinism collapsed, she decided to get her ideology truly generally accepted and to go the long march through all the official channels and to manage the revolution, as usually from above, and picked that party in her new political surroundings, of which she knew that it was the only really relevant party, which really had the potential to be the governing party.

And her mother is still today practising witchcraft.

Only that she now has done a disservice to her daughter, to confirm in writing the greatest defeat of her life.

And she is as stupid as her daughter. She was so stupid to get involved with a journalist, and has done exactly that what he wanted, and has confirmed to the world that Trump has shown her daughter so to the whole world, as she really is, a manipulator. Trump has in this way, that he simply just sat there, kept the eyes open and looked at no-one, and reacted to nothing, caused Merkel to expose her entire negative nature to all men.

That a person, who has been found out to be a manipulator, apologizes is rare. What most likely happens is that one gets to hear that he only wanted to help, but in reality this person needs urgently help. But how do you help such a person? To beat up a cheeky and impertinent, impudent woman and then throw her out of the house like a dirty rat should be avoided at all cost.

It is a situation as with the devil himself.

The devil will only then be prepared to return, when no-one any longer exists, whom he can manipulate, even not with politeness.

When nobody any longer exists, to whom one can look at with a half-smile, half-grimace.

When a piece of pantomime affects nothing.

When no-one is there any more, even no camera and no camera man, to whom one can smile – and maybe even grimace.

Merkel’s new German history then looks like this: Göbbel's duty as minister of agitation and propaganda was to buy theatre tickets for his dear fellow Nazis and organize book readings for them.

What is really behind Merkel’s faēade is the teaching of her god Stalin: It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes.

And of her great contemporary Ulbricht: It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand.

Now I want to come back to the picture of Trump and to the expression on his face.

The first thing is that his face does not show what he thinks. He is in control of his body. One cannot read on his his face what is going on in his mind. His emotions are not reflected outwardly. He is a skilled professional negotiator who does not give the other people around him valuable information about his reactions and about the next move he might undertake.

And the second thing is that the man does not get annoyed because of the highly annoying behaviour of the person he is dealing with. He simply accepts devilish conduct of someone he does business with. For him it is something he comes across all the time and he accepts manipulation attempts as daily occurrences.

A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult. Proverbs 12:16.

And he keeps his eyes open and so informs the observer that he is awake and knows what is going on around him.

Once a person learns to understand and to consciously recognize manipulation attempts, he will get highly annoyed that someone has the cheekiness to treat him like this. But he will then grow and learn to react as the man in our picture reacts.

It is relative easy to deal with a manipulation attempt when one receives it in writing. Then the circumstances are nicely documented and one can react on this evidence and explain to the writer that what he is doing and so expose him. If he accepts the rebuke in good spirit, then one has done him a great service.

If he does not accept it, then one can also expose his behaviour to other people and so warn them of the conduct of the manipulator.

In case you rebuke a manipulative person, when you have not received the manipulation attempt in writing, but verbally, then it can happen to you that further reproaches are poured on you, if you do not beat him up and chase him out of the house.

It is your job to resist the devil, not to worship him and not to do what he wants you to do. Have your body under complete control and do not turn to him. And that includes your eyes. Do not let them wander there where the action is.



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