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This is the 68. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


68. Gennesaret


by Frank L. Preuss


How should one treat people who belong to religious organizations?

We want to have a look at this by using examples from available reports.

We will take the examples from Jakob Lorber’s work "The Great Gospel of John" and there concentrate upon meetings of Jesus with such people and that particularly with his visit to Gennesaret and there we also find spiritual explanations and principles, and more teachings about this subject then come from the announcements of Bertha Dudde.

We start with a quote from Volume 2 of "The Great Gospel of John" and there from chapter 102 and the last three verses, 10 to 12, and then follow the first eight verses from the next chapter, chapter 103, verses 1 to 8:

[GGJ 2.102.10] The crew began to row and we landed roughly half a league below the town of Gennesaret. But the sea formed towards Gennesaret a large bay which was connected with it through a barely ten fathoms wide channel, and this is why the bay was called "Lake Gennesareth". We came ashore on the left spit of land, for the ships that entered Lake Gennesaret through the straits had to pay a toll. We then had our ship tied up at the tongue of land and, leaving only two of the servants behind in it as guard, but the other six went with us into the town and there bought bread, salt and some wine for their need; the night had made them very needy of fortifying.

[GGJ 2.102.11] But I blessed the few things they bought for themselves that all of them were provided with food and drink for several days.

[GGJ 2.102.12] I stayed in Gennesaret for several days, for it was a free city where one was safe from Jerusalem, from the temple as well as from Herod, because it was under the strict protection of the Romans who had a permanent military camp there which was under the command of Capernaum. This fact, being of little consequence, is not mentioned anywhere in the Scriptures, but this is exactly how it was.

[GGJ 2.103.1] On arriving in the city we stepped off at the inn of an upright man by the name of Ebahl.

[GGJ 2.103.2] Ebahl received us with much hospitality, saying: "By all appearances and apparel are you Galilaeans from around Nazareth?" We answered in the affirmative and he at once ordered bread, wine and fish for us, saying: "You shall be completely free of charge for three days. Should you however as Nazarenes be able to clear me up about the famous Savior by the name of Jesus who is supposed to heal all manner of sickness in the most miraculous way, then I shall maintain you free of charge for life, and you can eat and drink whatever you will.

[GGJ 2.103.3] If things stand thus with the famous Jesus then I will do anything to find him and then, accompanying him on knees, to bring Him here. Because our otherwise good and free little land unfortunately has the unpleasant feature of constant affliction with all kinds of grave illnesses. The sicknesses are not necessarily of a fatal kind but that much more bothersome and hard to shrug off.

[GGJ 2.103.4] If therefore it were possible to bring this Saviour to us - by Jehovah - I don't know what I would give. I have myself one inn full of sick who cannot journey a step further for pain, and some are from distant parts; even Egyptians, Persians and Indians are among them, unable to depart. Likewise there are Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem and two Essene brethren intensively ailing, and no doctor or savior regardless of the number having called here from all places could master their sickness.

[GGJ 2.103.5] If therefore you can bring me this Jesus of Nazareth or at least half convince me of where I can meet up with him then as said you are my guests for life."

[GGJ 2.103.6] Say I: "Why have you not sent messengers after Him long since, seeing that He is staying in Nazareth?"

[GGJ 2.103.7] Says Ebahl: "This I have done not once but quite often, yet have never had the fortune of hearing from the returned messengers: 'We have found Him'. They indeed told me of a thousand miraculous things about Him which they were told by others but they themselves were never fortunate enough to make His personal acquaintance."

[GGJ 2.103.8] Say I: "Very well, since I see that it is not self-interest that stirred you regarding the Savior Jesus but the one and only desire to bring the suffering help regardless of their nationality - what moved Me also to come here - so know to your joy and comfort that I am the same Jesus whom you have often sought in vain, and the sick people at your inn shall be helped instantly. Now send your servants over to the inn asking if any more sick are to be found there!"

So we have a situation in Gennesaret where the Romans maintain an ordered administration and where the rulers from Jerusalem and from the Temple there, as well as the power-hungry Herod, exert or want to exert influences, but the people were closely protected by the Romans from being attacked by these negative powers.

The religious organizations, which are represented here, are therefore people from Jerusalem, and from the Temple, and Essenes.

And the people from Jerusalem and from the Temple are then also described thus: Pharisees and scribes.

Now these two words, Pharisees and scribes, appear often in the Bible, and the Pharisees and scribes are those people, which exist today as well, only that they today have given themselves another name, because they do not want to be known as such.

Pharisees are people who like to be regarded as Christians, but are not really such. They are people who belong to religious organizations, sects and denominations, and therefore think to be Christians, but in reality just follow the commands of their organizations and only in the rarest cases the commands of God. The command which they all violate is to keep the unity of the body of Christ. They all are guilty of again dividing the body of Christ into pieces, to again nail God to the cross.

And the scribes are people who are the bosses in the religious organizations and who now authorize themselves to teach their laymen the word of God and to be leaders of their self-made organizations.

Pharisees are therefore simply the members of man-made churches and scribes are the clerics, the clergymen, priests and ministers, and the entire hierarchy above, therefore pastors and their superiors, and that are all theologians and graduates of Bible schools.

And this just carried out explanation of the words Pharisees and scribes is of course not taught by these Pharisees and scribes and that is one of the most serious characteristics of these people, to suppress important teachings of the Bible.

And there are a lot of such teachings, which the Pharisees and scribes withhold and suppress and hush up. One teaching is that of Jesus not to have titles among Christians and they of course love it to be called pastor, and another one is that they can be recognized that they merely serve for wages, are hirelings, as Jesus calls them.

And now follows a part of the speech of Ebahl, which describes details of his family, and which describes such Christians who are really followers of Jesus, Chapter 103, verse 17:

[GGJ 2.103.17] All these children have been raised in accordance with Scripture, and my eldest son is a scribe but not in the Temple's employ but only in himself and once, for his descendants. But my other children nevertheless also are thoroughly conversant with Scripture, knowing the pure will of God and always held strictly to keeping with it. They love God but they also fear Him, because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. In my house the truly wise proverbs of Jesus of Sirach are strictly implemented. Are You great Master happy with my domestic arrangements?"

And the true wisdom proverbs of Jesus of Sirach are a further example how the scribes, therefore the theologians, supress the word of God, because this book they took out of the Bible.

The best way to describe these theologians is to call them prophet murderers, because that is the theology which they actually represent in principle: to fight the prophets of God, to persecute and to destroy them and their prophecy. Because it were always the prophets, who warned of the Pharisees and scribes, and the greatest among them was Jesus Christ.

In the next extract the Roman soldiers are mentioned, and about one of them, Julius, we will still get to know more:

[GGJ 2.104.3] Yet it is a great pity for this land, for we find it hard to get labourers and the foreign travellers, unless for special business, avoid this area like a rotten carcass, whilst a good half of those coming with urgent business remain with us sick. Likewise some good two thirds of Roman soldiers are bed ridden and no physician can master their sickness. After one or maybe two years they recover by themselves remaining well.

And now follows an extract in which Jesus explains, what it is really about with men in religious organizations: they are materialists, and therefore atheists in practise:

[GGJ 2.104.9] Soon thereafter several healed ones, among them Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem and two Essene brethren arrive to thank Me for the healing and to learn if possible of Me the science of how I instantly heal the sick just through the word.

[GGJ 2.104.10] But I wouldn't have much to do with them, saying only: "What are you seeking? Your obsession is this world and its for you alone valuable matter, but here it is about pure spiritual! But you however have still never grasped what matter is, how do you want to grasp what is pure spiritual? And you Essenes in particular, who preach a god and a resurrection to your believers and with much cost work miracles to therefore win followers for your blind doctrine! Your principles are: 'One has to benevolently deceive and lie to people in order to make them happy, for truth kills the well-being of men of this earth!'.

[GGJ 2.104.11] But if the lie is your basis for making men happy, how do you want to hear the truth from Me now? You lack everything for the recognition of God's kingdom on earth, and you are the very last ones, although you want to be very first! Verily if you remain as you are, you shall have no share in the kingdom of God for ever!

[GGJ 2.104.12] Of what use is your good will for you to make people happy through deception and lie in a worldly sense if you therewith kill the souls of the blind?

[GGJ 2.104.13] But my basis is: to rescue the soul and give it a true, eternal life at the expense of the body and all its happiness.

[GGJ 2.104.14] But how shall and must you are going to feel in the beyond where those you deceived become your judges!? You certainly do not believe that it shall be so, but it shall nevertheless be as I now told you.

[GGJ 2.104.15] But if you already do not believe My words, then still believe My works, which I perform, and which a man has never worked before Me!

[GGJ 2.104.16] Yet if My works are genuine and true, bearing witness to My words, then surely My words are bound to also be true!?

[GGJ 2.104.17] None can tell you how it looks like in India than only he who was there and has come from there over to you; therefore also no-one can let you know about the hereafter than only he who has come over from there to you, and I am he!

[GGJ 2.104.18] Who believes My words shall have life eternal; but he who does not believe shall go over into everlasting death. For My words are not like those of a man of this world; they are life and give life to him who receives them into his heart and acts thereafter in accordance with the words and according to their all-enlivening spirit!

[GGJ 2.104.19] But the words that you Essenes preach to the people are all lies and deception, because you do not yourselves believe what you teach! For you have a twofold doctrine: one for the people and one completely different for you, of which you say among yourselves that it is true but that the people must not hear of the same, in order to be contented and happy in the purported lie.

[GGJ 2.104.20] But I say it unto you that you have nonetheless given the people more truth with your purported lie than yourselves! Because that which you regard as truth is a complete lie, but what you teach the people is only a half lie, wherefore you were also tolerated on God's part.

[GGJ 2.104.21] But in future teach the truth and believe in it yourselves, then you will be servants in the vineyard of God worthy of reward; but stay away forever from lies and deceit and never make use of it again, otherwise an evil judgement will befall you soon!"

[GGJ 2.104.22] Say the two Essenes: "Master, we recognise indeed that you have spoken correctly, - and concerning us two, we shall do everything possible to preach your words in our large society, yet we cannot guarantee anything. Our brethren are by no means cruel, one can speak quite freely behind closed doors and also get a hearing, but it is quite another thing as to whether the matter discussed shall have any effect. But we two shall speak and are readily assured to be heard with the greatest attention!"

[GGJ 2.104.23] Say I: "Do your part, and God shall not fail to do His. Accept the full truth, and this shall make you free everlastingly."

[GGJ 2.104.24] Say the two Essenes: "Lord and Master, permit us to remain here for the term of Your stay."

[GGJ 2.104.25] Say I: "You are free and can stay for as long as you want."

But in this last quote we have something even more important, and that is the statement of Jesus, that they want to be the very first.

This is therefore so important because this wanting to be first, is the most outstanding characteristic of Antichrist, as it is shown in that part of the Bible, which is the only one that has the word Antichrist, in the letters of John.

3 John 9: I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.

The NIV has: I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will have nothing to do with us.

And that it is, what it is all about in the three letters of John, that Diotrephes is the type of Antichrist.

And that is again such an important matter, which the scribes, the theologians, do not teach: this wanting to be first, that it is the mark of Antichrist.

It is not taught in the so-called Christian churches, and therefore also not in the so-called Christian West.

From an early age men are instructed to become and be first. It runs throughout the whole life, in school, in working life, in sport; it is everywhere.

The pastor is the best example: He wants to be first in the parish – Antichrist.

The mind of these Antichrists is always to be the first:

[GGJ 2.105.1] The two were happy with this advice, and Ebahl came and invited Me and My disciples to lunch which he had organised in an abundant manner for us; no strange guest was allowed to partake of same other than his family. But such galled the several Pharisees of course, for they were bent upon being the first everywhere and receive accolade from all sides. They were indeed hosted superbly in another dining room but were not happy on perceiving that Ebahl was paying Me far more attention than them. They also asked an attendant after the meal whether the host had not considered them worthy of dining at his table.

[GGJ 2.105.2] But the attendant cleverly replied: "Due to the many sick the lord had a few things to discuss with the miracle physician and hence sought him out in private."

[GGJ 2.105.3] Say the Pharisees and scribes: "Are you unaware of the fact that in any house where we have stopped off, all secrets must be disclosed to us for it is us who purify you when you have polluted yourselves and also heal you when plagued by grave illness!"

[GGJ 2.105.4] Says the attendant: "But if you are such harbingers of blessings, why then could you not help yourselves? Had not the Nazarene miracle healer by chance been as it were blown here by the wind then your intense rheumatic pains would in no way left you; you have only His miraculous power to thank for now sitting in this dining room completely healed! But respect is due to him Who is really capable of such before all of you and all honouring!"

[GGJ 2.105.5] To this quite convincing retort by the attendant, the Pharisees and scribes say no another word and purport contentment, not heart-felt but by sheer necessity.

Here we therefore have a very nice description of the Pharisees then and today. They are materialists and worldly and the kingdom of God is foreign to them and therefore they also cannot bring it to men. Everything that has to do with the hereafter is avoided by their preaching; it could have the effect that their followers do not follow them into the abyss.

The following quote, that follows immediately the previous quote, describes very nicely the development of the word of God to religious, worldly teachings of the nations:

[GGJ 2.105.6] But towards evening already over hundred people plagued by all kinds of sicknesses arrive from the city's dwelling places and its surrounds asking Me to make them well; and I go out among them, making them all well by the mere word.

[GGJ 2.105.7] But the healed all praise God for giving man such power, going home cheerfully and of sound health.

[GGJ 2.105.8] But in the evening a captain arrives who was in command of the soldiers for this place, asking Me whether I may not also want to help the many sick soldiers.

[GGJ 2.105.9] And I said to him: "Go, and it shall be in accordance with your faith!"

[GGJ 2.105.10] And the said captain went to the camp and found that no soldier was still sick in any way. He returned to me with cheer, wanting to reward Me with gold and silver.

[GGJ 2.105.11] But I rejected all such, saying to the captain: "Friend, I heal no-one for treasures of this world, but only for the treasures from the heavens; and these are firstly a living faith and secondly a true unselfish love for God and the neighbour, regardless of status!

[GGJ 2.105.12] Love your subordinates as if they were your physical brethren, not treating them too harshly, then you shall reward Me most worthily! But the gold and silver which you intended giving Me, give to Ebahl, because his inn costs him a lot and it is good that it should be maintained.

[GGJ 2.105.13] But it would nevertheless be good if you Romans in future built inns for the poor instead of temples for idols, for your gods of wood, iron and stone are dead images made by human hands, and you can kneel in front of them for years, and they shall not be able to help you because they are dead. But if you look after the many poor, the sick, the festering, the cripples, lame, blind and deaf in properly equipped guest houses, attempting to find healing for the sick, then the one true, living God shall regard your good works, blessing you manifold. Your dead gods however, shall not bless you for the good which you do and not punish you for evil.

[GGJ 2.105.14] And when attempting to maintain justice and order in your kingdom then you must wield sword and spear! Then with the weapons in your hand you only do what God would do for you if you acknowledged God and kept His Commandments."

[GGJ 2.106.1] Says the captain: "Dear friend, I recognise quite well that you speak the truth and that things should be the way you spoke to me now most wisely and amicably; but the human world is a mighty current against which it is very hard to swim. Whensoever anyone tried to do so, he was swallowed up by the mighty whirlpools. This can only take place in small, quiet locations to where the current cannot get with its destructive force; whoever throws himself into the vortex of the current is lost!

[GGJ 2.106.2] It is for you therefore dear friend good to speak the truth in a quiet spot whose people are soft and obedient and have not yet breathed the luxuriant pestilence of the big world; but go to Rome, to Athens, to Jerusalem and if you are not fully a god then you shall only too soon get to taste the full sharpness of the sword of the earth's mighty, like John of Bethabara, whom the mighty Herod had beheaded in prison.

[GGJ 2.106.3] Behold, this John surely was a man who, sky distant away from any worldly earnings, from deepest possible self-denial and with captivating rhetoric told men the barest truth to their faces and thousands accepted his doctrine, truly glowing with godly spirit, repenting in free will and converting to goodness. But after leaving Bethabara about two months ago as I was told, starting to preach and baptise upon the big Jordan near Jerusalem, it took only a few days and Herod's henchmen overpowered him and threw him into prison, to where only his several well-to-do disciples, paying a certain fee where able to come before his beheading, of which I was informed a couple of days ago. Now the disciples can of course secretly tell his doctrine to their acquaintances and relatives, and the latter to their children; but it is questionable whether his doctrine in a couple of hundred years shall maintain itself the way it came from his mouth!

[GGJ 2.106.4] Our Roman doctrine about God is bound to have exactly the same origin as that of the Jews; for it is also based on a primordial being to whom all gods are subject! Myth has given this being many names; the Greeks still call it the unknown God of Gods; the Romans call it the Fatum to whom all other powers are subject.

[GGJ 2.106.5] Look at the present divine doctrine of the Greeks and Romans, and you shall find that it is composed of the most silly, meaningless fables and fairy-tales, gathered together from human virtues, but nonetheless mainly from human passions, weaknesses and vices. And this is imposed upon mankind with fire and sword! But do it differently if you can and you shall not be hindered on my part!

[GGJ 2.106.6] The nicest example however you will find in the divine doctrine of Moses. Read Moses and afterwards look at the Temple and tell me whether one iota of the wisdom doctrine remains. God Himself is supposed in the desert near the Red Sea to have thundered down with lightning the truly salutary Commandments to His people on tables of stone, tying up the old Covenant between Himself and His people. Those who dared to deviate were punished instantly with all kinds of evil and even death itself. But to what good end all this? Ask the current Temple mysteries, now reaching into the abominable, and they shall deliver the most obvious testimonies to vanity.

[GGJ 2.106.7] Where is the glorious Ark of the Covenant, above which God dwelt in a pillar of fire? Yes, you indeed get to see a naphtha flame, if you are a Roman and offer the Temple some gold and silver; but no trace can be found of the glorious Ark of the Covenant.

[GGJ 2.106.8] Hence in my humble opinion there is therefore nothing to any divine doctrine or revelation. It may be ever so pure at the outset, but in the hands of men it shall be so distorted that it shall resemble the original one no more than a centenarian resembles the newly born babe. Time and the diverse human passions and needs transform the purest into the most impure. And a great and unconquerable testimony to this truth is the history of all periods and nations which no one can deny.

[GGJ 2.106.9] Behold further, friend: although I would not overestimate myself to the extent of imagining myself a teacher to you, I yet believe that here and there - excluding your certainly most profound knowledge of nature's secret powers, I too have some limited understanding of higher human affairs, and would advise you as a fairly like-minded philanthropist to yourself to flee like the worst pestilence the large towns, where humanity is sunk to its deepest life-foundations, or this earth shall not be trodden by your redeeming feet much longer!

[GGJ 2.106.10] Don't trust the Pharisees, scribes, your own doctrine, and enter Herod's fiefdom rarely, and you shall still be able to do much good for poor mankind. But if you go beyond this, then you shall soon share John's rough fate. For I am placed to know the indescribable evil of the people of this world. Take the sword out of Rome's grasp today, lifting the oppressive laws away, and the next day men shall proceed among each other more despicably than a herd of tigers, bears, wolves and hyenas. Men shall turn into devils and women into furies!"

This speech of Captain Julius shows that outsiders can often clearly recognize devilish things of religious organizations, what insiders are totally lacking in.

Julius speaks of John the Baptist as a man who, vast apart from every worldly earning, said the most naked truth to their face

And our religionists go to the Holy Joe castles every Sunday and let themselves be hypnotized by the little Antichrists, and so do not recognize simple things, which are clearly described in the Bible, that Holy Joes are men, who suppose that gain is godliness, who think that godliness is a means to financial gain, 1Ti 6:5, and who corrupt the word of God, who peddle the word of God for profit, 2Co 2:17.

Julius says that those who dared to desert God were immediately beaten through all kinds of evil, indeed even through death.

Societies which do not consciously follow truth and want to maintain it, and which do not take action against violations against truth, will soon disintegrate.

In a genuine Christian community truth can only then remain in existence when every untruth is immediately countered and that ruthlessly.

This inconsiderateness, which we must apply, is expressed in the following announcement by Bertha Dudde:

Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.

26. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5160.

In a world of worst unbelief, of crassest unkindness and of fullest ignorance the pure word of God that you receive as special favour will not be recognized as divine gift since the ability of recognizing is dependent on faith and love of a man and acumen alone does not replace the ability of perception. And still men walking in spiritual blindness have to be influenced; it has to be attempted to awaken faith and love in them so that then also knowledge comes as a result of them. Influence has to be exerted insofar as to reproach men with the effects of their wrong life, without faith and love, and that the dreadful fate is pointed out to them that waits for them if they do not change. Without faith and love no understanding can be expected for spiritual teachings but when men are told that they themselves create an unbearable or a blissful fate then they will get used to the possibility of such and will accordingly be receptive for further instructions or otherwise will completely reject and deny a survival when they already have become a total slave to him who gave them this direction of thinking, who has an effect on them in such a way that they neither believe nor are active in love and therefore are darkened in spirit until the final bodily and spiritual death. The will of men is in no way to be influenced in the times of spiritual darkness that it decides on a particular direction. Only one thing can be achieved through talking and presentations that they think and then the desire for the truth is decisive what direction the thoughts take. And that is why it is a fight with the sword of the mouth, which only he can wage who is able to refute everything what is presented to him or put forward as counter objection from the opposite side. Of a bright spirit must be men who oppose those; they themselves must be under divine guidance, they themselves must only be the tool through which God expresses himself, but who still does not infringe on the free will of man when he wants to remain his opponent and also does not let himself be persuaded through divine words. Still the work of a man who tries to bring light into the spiritual darkness is an exceedingly beneficial one, because the thoughts of those are stimulated who cross his way as soon as he gets ready to fight for the kingdom of God, as soon as he speaks out of innermost impetus to instruct the mistaken fellow human beings and to help them to reach the light of the day. He will well find much unbelief; he will be exposed to hostilities; the opponent of God will oppose him with the wisdom of the world, and always new objections he will have to refute, but he will also have a supernatural power that is recognizable by his speeches that are not refutable and by his conviction - one will not be able to prove to him the opposite of what he represents, on the other hand one can convince oneself that his words deserve to be believed when the earnest will and the desire for truth is there, that the promises are coming true when the conditions are fulfilled that are attached to them. Only the will has to be there to let love come up in oneself, then also faith will be awakened and recognizing will be easy. But the opponent of God also works untiringly to confuse the thinking of men and that is why he drives them to unkindness and destroys all belief as long as man does not defend himself. It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness when it is to bring in victory. But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues, which the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present to men their faults and vices, with the remark that they are under the influence of him who pulls them down into the deep. Because then they speak the truth while the opponent tries to win his followers with lies and whitewashes everything what men do in their unkindness. It is no spiritual arrogance when his faults are pointed out to the fellow human being because he who recognizes the causes of spiritual blindness also has the right such as a physician to point to the causes of the sickness and so he has to mercilessly uncover the faults so that actions will be taken against them and recovery is achieved that does not affect the body but the soul and secures it a life in eternity. He who himself stands in faith, he knows about the disaster of unbelief and is to control it; he who himself has matured in knowledge through love, he also knows about the state of souls, which are devoid of all love, and when he earnestly wants to help them, then he has to test the power of the divine word with them and try everything to save them out of greatest spiritual trouble - he must fight with the sword of the mouth and his spirit will guide him well, he will always find the right words and his fight for the kingdom of God will be successful. Amen. B.D. NR. 5160.

It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness when it is to bring in victory. But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues, which the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present to men their faults and vices, with the remark that they are under the influence of him who pulls them down into the deep.

It is no spiritual arrogance when his faults are pointed out to the fellow human being because he who recognizes the causes of spiritual blindness also has the right such as a physician to point to the causes of the sickness and so he has to mercilessly uncover the faults so that actions will be taken against them and recovery is achieved that does not affect the body but the soul and secures it a life in eternity.

It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness.

They mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues.

So he has to mercilessly uncover the faults.

Do not trust the Pharisees and scribes.

And now a statement of Jesus from the reply Jesus gives to Julius, and which clarifies that all religion, true religion, originally came from God:

[GGJ 2.107.3] With time, worldly-minded men shall do with My doctrine what in the main the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did with the primordial teaching which Adam and his first descendants received; but next to such idolatry there shall also be many who will maintain My doctrine and my power in the same original state it went forth from My mouth and therewith possess the power that shall be given them through a living faith in My word, both temporally and in the beyond eternally. I therefore also am a Lord and hence fear no lord nor their laws."

And now comes a comment from Jesus, after Ebahl praises Captain Julius a commandant who has probably few like himself, and that Gennesaret could count it for itself as great fortune having such a good, in all things experienced, just and in his sphere extremely wise military chief:

[GGJ 2.107.10] Says I: "This he really is to the shame of many Jews who have Gods' words and Gods' commandments, but whose heart is nevertheless full of lies and full of deceptions, full of bickering, rage, adultery and all kinds of harlotry. Therefore it will come to pass, that the promised kingdom to David will according to the statement of Daniel be taken away from the Jews and given to the heathens, and the descendants of the son of Hagar will rule over the descendants of Isaac, although at this stage all salvation over the whole earth originates from the tribe Juda."

And that is also to the shame of many Christians, who also have the word of God and God’s commands.

We have said that the theologians represent the theology that God is dead, and that they are prophet murderers, and now comes a statement of Jesus to that:

[GGJ 2.108.7] But woe betide those who forsake a prophet because of the world or sometimes in one or the other thing even suspect him, and even greater woe to the persecutors of a prophet. For these will hardly ever come to see God. But whoever lays hands on a prophet shall be punished with eternal fire in the lowest hell. A prophet's heart is God's and so is his mouth, his hands, feet, eyes and ears. Where the prophet is, there is also God; therefore, you shall enter his dwelling place with deep reverence, for the place where he is standing is holy. That must be observed within the heart, not for the sake of the prophet who is a man, but for the sake of God Who speaks and testifies in the prophet's heart.

[GGJ 2.108.8] The reason why a true prophet announces judgment upon judgement on the world is simply the fact that God awakens a prophet only when the world has forgotten Him and has plunged into all the worldly vices.

And now the words of Jesus, which he expressed after he had healed many:

[GGJ 2.110.4] But asked them to keep quiet and to go home and to avoid the sin in future! And they all obeyed and went home.

The whole thing is so simple, when we sin, act against the word of God, then all the problems appear which we have. To inconsiderately fight against every mistake is simply the formula to live right.

We now come back to the Pharisees and scribes. They want to be first, and it is also so expressed that they seem to enjoy being in charge of it, as it is expressed in The Jerusalem Bible. Jesus says that it is about the reputation of these theologians, GGJ 2.110.07, and then immediately after that he speaks of their second main matter, that money matters to them, GGJ 2.110.08-12:

[GGJ 2.110.7] Both Essenes made from hour to hour bigger eyes and the group of Pharisees and scribes got more annoyed from hour to hour, since their reputation also decreased from hour to hour to nothing; for they were no longer looked at at all and were asked nothing and Ebahl's people now and then even made it clear to them that they became totally obsolete in the house and since it was a nice day they could travel back to Jerusalem. - However, they did not accepted such advice but stayed put.

[GGJ 2.110.8] After a while one of the Pharisees came to Me and asked Me if this pasture would keep its properties in future.

[GGJ 2.110.9] Said I: "Only for today until sundown!"

[GGJ 2.110.10] Says the Pharisee: "Why then not forever?"

[GGJ 2.110.11] Says I: "Because there are certain people who would fence off such pasture too soon too high and would demand a lot of gold and silver from those who would like to become healthy again; and since I do not want this to happen, the pasture will remain health-bringing only until evening since the throng of people is too large. - Tomorrow, where few are coming here to get cured, they shall be healed by their faith and their trust!"

[GGJ 2.110.12] Upon this My explanation the questioners very annoyed turned their backs and for the rest of day did not ask Me anything further; instead the two Essenes dealt even more busily with Me.

To reproach the pastors and theologians for wanting to be paid, that they are hirelings, is always one of the best methods to get rid of them.

But the first thing with them is always to be great and to be upheld before the eyes of the world:

[GGJ 2.113.6] Since where I come, I search for the lowest and the most oppressed! However, everything which is big and highly respected before the eyes of the world, is a horror before God!

They want to be known as the leaders of the children of Good, and they stand directly before God, and are dead against him.

Such a cast of mind must lead us to an inconsiderateness. We must fight mercilessness against wrong behaviour, against false doctrine.

Wherever we do not do this, we are in danger of not dissociating ourselves from that and being dragged into it. It is the great problem of the time of the end, not recognizing Antichrist, and being hypnotized by him.

I knew a man who lived in Soviet Germany and decided to leave this dictatorship and to move to West Berlin, to freedom.

After he with his wife, his two children and his parents had settled down in West Berlin, one night the wall was built and his relatives and his friends who stayed behind, not only lived in a dictatorship, but now also in a prison.

He wanted to help them to also reach freedom. Professionally he had knowledge about a system of tunnels under the area of the Reichstag building and wanted to use this knowledge to help people to freedom. At that time the Reichstag was directly at the wall, on the West Berlin side; the tunnel system connected West with East Berlin. He started to discuss preparations and after some time he became aware that those people whom he wanted to help to freedom, expected from him that he would come to East Berlin, would pick them up in his arms, and carry them to West Berlin, and in case anything would go wrong then it would be his fault.

After he became aware of this situation, he told me, he gave up everything and no longer cared about the matter.

I knew a second man, his name was Ernst Lemmer, and he was a member of the then federal government, therefore the government of West Germany. And he stood in a certain contact with the government of the communist part of Germany. One of his activities was to give money to the government of East Germany, and to cause them to release certain men from their prisons. These were often people who had been active with the smuggling of people out of communist Germany, to West Germany or to West Berlin, but had been caught at this activity by the authorities there and came into prison.

I knew a third man; he was a man who showed a strange behaviour and who was one of those who smuggled people, had been caught and spent several years in prison, but was now free and lived in West Berlin. I did not know him before his imprisonment and therefore do not know if he was already odd before.

I knew a fourth man. He was an alcoholic. He had also spent years in prison for the same matter. Of him I also do not know if he had been a drinker before that.

One day I set at a table eating lunch and a man came, the fifth, and also set down at the same table and we had a conversation. After some time I said to him: "I have not seen you for quite some time."

Thereupon he said: "I have not been at the university."

I then asked him: "Where have you been then?"

He answered: "I was in prison."

I said: "You were in prison?"

And then he told me that he had been one of those people who travelled to East Berlin or into communist Germany and there helped people to escape to the West, and on the last occasion something went wrong and he had been in prison there and that had been a terrible experience for him, wanting to do something good and being punished for it.

And then he ended his report and said: "I am now a broken man."

He therefore was a man whom I had known before and who had been a quite normal man.

About three decades after this experience I once again was in that part of the world and walked along the same street where this building stood in which about 30 years before I had listened to this fifth man.

A man spoke to me and asked me if I would know him. I answered in the negative and the man then told me who he was and it transpired that he was this man, the fifth, and I told him that I remembered his story very well.

We talked and in the course of the conversation I made the remark that there are people who learn nothing out of bad experiences with dictatorships and their supporters and carry on keeping contact with them.

He immediately interrupted me and contradicted me and told me that it is not so and that he still cultivates good contact with such people and mentioned the name of a man whom we both knew.

If we do not inconsiderately and mercilessly wage war against what is wrong, then we will tend to the wrong and with it miss our target.

There were scientists who wanted to find out if people realize that they live in a dictatorship, who suddenly live in a country that was taken over by a dictator.

The selection of people they tested were now not made by a random event generator, but they quite consciously chose people who were professionally active following political developments and to analyse social events and who did something like this regularly and wrote reports about it.

And from such people they not just selected any, but the absolute top guys.

They investigated men who were trained by their, highly developed, countries for such work and now sent by their government to Germany as ambassadors to represent their country there and to report to them what happens there.

And these scientists chose a time, the time on and after the 30th of January 1933.

And they studied the reports, which these men had written to their governments.

They were surprised by the result.

These highly qualified specialists, these ambassadors, were simply not aware, that they suddenly lived in a dictatorship. They completely missed this fact.

And so it is today. The reason being that the resistance against the wrong is simply not there.

The reports of these men are available for inspection today in the archives of these governments and can be studied.

For years a man can be sitting in the prison of a communist dictatorship, and experience the horrors of atheism for himself, and come again out there, and still not grasp what it is all about. The example is John McCain.

Inconsiderateness against all wrong is absolutely necessary. A merciless war must be waged against the lies of the Pharisees and scribes, against the hypocrites and against the theologians. All tolerance towards orthodoxy must be dropped.

We want to have a look at four announcements by Bertha Dudde:


Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4760.

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.


A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5004.

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.


Again and again error is to be corrected.

23. January 1963. B.D. NR. 8391.

Every spiritual orientated thought allows me to have an effect at and in you, and I can teach you; I can increase the light in you; I can administer food and drink to you and so draw you closer and closer to my heart because you have to come close to me yourselves to be able to receive out of my hands a delicious gift. And I still have to offer much to you; there is still much error in the world, which I would like to correct when I find open hearts that are prepared to hear me. For there certainly could not be such a great spiritual low when men would move in the truth, but error confuses their thinking, and they are therefore completely ignorant and that is why they also lead a complete wrong life. So much has been offered to men as truth, and without hesitation they accepted a knowledge, which started from my opponent, whose only endeavour it is to keep men in the darkness of the spirit. The free will of men itself gave him again and again the opportunity to bring untrue spiritual goods to them and to suppress pure truth. And when you men only consider one thing, into which absurd forms my legacy has been pushed, what garment was given to my pure Gospel, which I myself founded on earth. When only you think of in what schematic functions men see and acknowledge their church, how everything has become form, what is supposed to earn men eternal happiness - and when you consider how little men do themselves to get an inner light to recognize plainly and clearly what my will is and in which my church, which was founded by me, is made up of. Already through a long time they trot along as hangers-on in organisations and never once think of whether that can earn them an eternal happiness. And this indifference towards the most important, to fulfil the purpose of their life on earth, was brought about by my adversary, but men themselves conceded this power to him, and it is difficult to kindle a light for them so that they can see a proper picture of that, why they walk over earth. From my side again and again such a light has been kindled, and I have never left men to their fate, although free will had taken shape that way. But exactly free will has also again and again rejected me, and men stuck to wrong spiritual goods; they seized no opportunity to kindle a light for themselves, because the union with me got less and less, because they were not able to recognize me properly in the many heresies and the picture, which they received of me, was not suitable, to arouse love towards me in them. But they only had to ask whether a God of love, wisdom and power would have erected such a building, which was presented to them as church, which makes them happy. Every clear intellect, which would have checked in good will what is right to do before God, would also have recognized the absurd. But men drifted; only seldom a man reflected upon himself and thought individually because he desired truth. But the majority accepted everything without thinking as truth, and no matter how clearly the activity of the counter power was recognizable. And the more time passed, the less men dared to doubt the truth of that, what actually was a web of lies of greatest extent, otherwise the effect would not have been there that almost no man anymore possesses a living faith, which comes alive through love. For love was also taught but all other teachings were emphasized as being urgent - so that the web could last. But if love would have been preached as being urgent, then this alone would have been enough that light could have been kindled in the hearts of men, but which also would have meant the decline of a work of men, which is made out to be my work, but which can never be my will and my work, which emerges out of the low of men, as it is evident at the present time - in the time before the end. Again and again I explained what one has to understand under my church founded by myself. And also everywhere people will find themselves who belong to this my church. But exactly these will not be acknowledged because they possess the clear knowledge through their love and faith - the symbol of my church - that all worldly building up works, also when they believe to lead men to spiritual life, are not wanted by me. Because they rather hold people back from spiritual life than to encourage it. For lie and error can have no spiritually encouraging influence, rather only lead away from right belief and then just also make me out to be distorted towards men, as it is the intention of the opponent. But when men could free themselves from teachings forced on them, which never went out from me - they would yet go the direct way to me myself and closely ask me that I myself introduce them into all truth, that I help them to get to walk their way on earth according to my will. I will certainly leave no such request unanswered and help everyone to the light who only earnestly desires it. For every men should also consider that he is responsible for himself, that he cannot pass the buck to those who have taught him wrongly, for I step into everyone's way and bring myself so near to him that he could recognize me. For I only want that men pray to their God and creator, that they call on him as father and now also trustingly expect the father's help. And indeed, I will reveal myself to this child, and it will be able to acknowledge me, for the light, which I now kindle in him, will shine so brightly that no darkness, no doubt oppresses it any longer, and it will go the way, which leads to me, home into the father's house. Amen. B.D. NR. 8391.


Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

2. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8456.

Still often the opponent will try to run against the wall of faith, and he will try to also shake the faith of those who have found me and which he hopes to bring round again. And again it is only about that the faith of a man has become alive because he then can convincingly speak of knowledge and he does not only need to believe something for which he has no proofs. Living faith gives a man the inner assurance, and he no longer doubts, but he is already so united with me that he has the clearest proof of my presence, that his thinking is enlightened und such a faith can no longer be shaken. But there my opponent will still be able to succeed where a man seeks to determine the connections rationally, where he - i.e. the intellect - builds up on wrong spiritual goods, which he now considers to be the fundamentals and represents them also as truth. Wrong thinking is then also the result of it, and this can only then be directed rightly when a man begins to doubt the spiritual goods which he possesses. He must ask to get an answer, and he must ask this question in a sense of complete ignorance, which then lets him humbly come to me. When you men would know how far away you still are from the truth and how only few men accept the favour of my direct instruction from above - then you would also recognize with fright the great might of the prince of darkness, but which you men grant him yourselves. Because you are filled with no great desire for truth, which would push you towards me, so that I give you the truth myself. You know it that the lie and the error are the strongest weapons of the opponent, but you do not protect yourselves from it, by approaching me for support. You cannot become a slave to this error when the pure truth would earnestly matter to you. And even when the truth is brought to you, you are still not prepared to give up your wrong spiritual goods, and the truth cannot take root in you; you hinder the effect of light yourselves, because you are not prepared to leave darkness and go after the light. You cannot be enlightened against your will. When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors. I foresaw it that men were led completely wrong and were themselves too weak to free themselves of the confusion of erroneous teachings; I knew it that exactly there my opponent had to record many successes where allegedly the foundation has been laid by myself. For he succeeded in distorting all my teachings. And so a building up work came into being, which never had and could have me as a master builder, that I could never take part in a work where obviously my opponent had pushed his way in, because everything I taught on earth was distorted. And now spiritual goods are represented which have not taken their beginning from me, but are the work of men - the results of a confused rational thinking, over which my opponent has control. But I could not prevent it because I do not act against the free will of men. But the few, who earnestly strove for truth and who recognized me as eternal truth, were always supplied with the pure truth, and every willing man could accept it and also reach spiritual maturity. But that building up work continued to remain, and it was supported by all those who acknowledge it and never earnestly deal with the spiritual goods which are presented to them, but which they would recognize as wrong with earnest will, because they would never be able to acknowledge an utmost perfect being as author, as founder of such church, when only their thinking is good and just. Endless love, unsurpassable wisdom and power must always be recognizable, and where this is not the case, it is impossible that I could have been at work myself, but there my opponent always has his hand in it, and he will certainly always increase darkness and won't have it that his followers try to free themselves from him. That is why you, my servants on earth, are not to be surprised, when my opponent again and again succeeds that error is defended by men who are still not yet able to believe livingly enough and therefore still apply too much the intellect instead of listening to the heart, which indeed would teach them something else. The structure, which has been erected by the opponent, is not that easily pulled down, because it finds strong support in all those who still do not recognize him, and that is why they also accept everything as truth without earnestly examining it. But the will of men is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 8456.


When it is essential to uncover error and to set truth against it, then error must be fought mercilessly and all tolerance must be dropped. Error must not be allowed to be tolerated.

About this a further announcement by Bertha Dudde:


Truth only origin in God.

12. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4165.

Only that is truth what has its origin in me as eternal truth. There is only one truth, and it will be conducted to earth by me myself through my spirit. You men, comprehend this, that truth can never ever take its start from men, because man as imperfect creature is so long removed from truth, as he is not united with me, because truth cannot be outside of me. The distance from me also means wrong thinking, ignorance and lack of power of cognition. Consequently man will not be able to distinguish truth from error; but always lean towards error in the state of distance from God, because it corresponds to his imperfect nature. Only when he is united with me he accepts truth out of me and also recognizes it as such. And whether truth from me is also not offered to him in extraordinary form through the inner word, so his train of thought will still be right, because thinking is directed by the spirit; he will be enlightened and therefore also stand in truth. Therefore the union with me must always be established first, and this requires seclusion and inner burying in spiritual problems, questions, which man wishes to answer for himself, intimate thoughts towards me and requests for my help, for right thinking – for enlightening of the spirit. He therefore then desires truth, and then it will also become his. But then man must also draw comparisons to spiritual good, which was offered to him from human side, and he will recognize that latter deviates considerably from that what is imparted to him from me. Because to hand out truth I reserve for myself. But what comes from me, what obviously starts from me, that can be accepted as pure truth with greatest certainty and also be supported, and that is why I choose for myself servants on earth, who receive knowledge from me directly, which must be addressed as pure truth, because it has demonstrably no other origin than the spiritual kingdom, since the act of transmission happens extraordinarily, therefore eliminates human thought material. And now the spiritual good, conducted to earth by me, can confidently be placed as standard for knowledge to be examined. What agrees with it is truth, what deviates from it can be rejected as error and also denounced accordingly. Because error is sowing of Satan; error is a means of my opponent to displace me from the hearts of men and to increase his power. You men are too lenient against error; you do not recognize its great danger, and that is why you do not fight it, but you tolerate it. But I cannot tolerate it and therefore order my servants to fight it mercilessly and to drop all tolerance, when it is essential to uncover error and to oppose it with truth. I demand that my servants fight with the sword of the mouth, and provide them with all gifts to successfully take action against everything what contradicts truth out of me, what does not have its start in me. Only I alone hand out truth, but I give to all who want to stand in truth, because the desire for truth also proves the desire for me myself, and I will never refuse myself, but as I also demand as counter gift that the receiver of truth stands up for it to fellowmen, who still stand under the power of him who fights against everything what comes from me, and who as prince of the lie will always be concerned about undermining pure truth, so that I am no longer recognized, so that men walk in darkness and flee from the light, which again and again shines for them through my love, to all who desire to stand in the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4165.


Jesus does not tolerate error and therefore orders us to fight it mercilessly and to drop all tolerance, when it is essential to uncover error and to oppose it with truth.

We now come to how mercilessly one fights against error and drops all tolerance and does not allow error.

We want to have a look at what Captain Julius has to say to that, and how Jesus then confirms this statement:

[GGJ 2.121.5] Ebahl returns, telling us the good response his errand had received. Everyone is happy, and the captain says: "I am looking forward to tomorrow with exceeding pleasure; but this I also say that, particularly stirred thus in relation to the peculiar dream of beloved Jarah, I shall not be playing jokes with these fellows. As soon as they start playing up with me I shall have them flogged, that their wicked blood shall flow off their backs in streams. Because for these brutes rebukes mean nothing and only spurn them to greater revenge; but one flogging to near death shall cool their wicked zeal. I am not sure of doing it yet, but not terribly uncertain either!

[GGJ 2.121.6] It could quite easily turn out that with the slighter opportunity these fellows and their henchmen perpetrate against You, dear Lord and friend, in Jerusalem what the maid saw in the first dream! I say, a spark of possibility, and the most effeminate Governor Pontius Pilatus will have nailed You to the cross just like that!

[GGJ 2.121.7] Of a truth, if I were Governor of Jerusalem, then anyone should just try to lay his hands on You! Him I would hang on the cross ten times and only then break his legs! But I am unfortunately posted here and could not come to your aid, nor Your friends Cyrenius and Cornelius; wherefore one has to start cooling off these fellows' pernicious pluck in advance, to thoroughly scare them off so that they would not easily anywhere dare to lay their paws on godly men as exalted as Yourself!

[GGJ 2.121.8] Oh wait, you rogues, tomorrow shall get that hot that I will make you sweat blood! When the fellows shall have received some thoroughly rough lesson, then I would almost wager half the Roman empire that they will give up their evil deeds, - at least in their excesses; but their evil old hide must first be thoroughly tanned! Dixi ("I have spoken" - the Ed.)

[GGJ 2.121.9] Say I: "You can indeed do as you want, and I shall not say unto you: Don't do it. Because you are one of My wisest friends I've come across. You indeed have the proper tact in all your words and deeds; but I say unto you that it won't make any difference with this wicked brood, but only make them more wicked and mischievous. Because they who are once of Satan are so fully yet and only through an every so now and then rebuke can they be turned to something better, as our disciples have done now, and as was the case at Nazareth, where the Chief together with the Pharisees and scribes were converted to My teaching. But not much can be done on a big scale, and just as little by your method! Because whilst you may drive one devil out with the whip, ten will enter in his place, of whom each shall be worse than the original one.

[GGJ 2.121.10] Says the chief: "As surely as my name is Julius I shall lay neither cane nor scourge on any of these fellows until forced to extremity, whereupon let those fellows beware!"

[GGJ 2.121.11] Say I: "There you are quite right again! One has to stretch patience out as long as possible; once the extremist border-line has been reached nevertheless then it is necessary without all further postponement and sparing nothing, to hit with all lightning and thunder, otherwise the sinners begin to think that one is joking and playing with them as with little children!"

[GGJ 2.121.12] Says Captain Julius: "These are fully my maxims too! It takes much for me to punish; but if I am forced to it by an incorrigible, then he shall also remember well that he was punished by me! - But now I believe that we should take a little rest for a couple of hours, for it has started to dawn!"

[GGJ 2.121.13] Says I: "Yes, let us do so here, each upon his seat.


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