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This is the 66. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


66. The difference


by Frank L. Preuss


The difference between man and animal is a good example to demonstrate differences between the teachings of God and those of men.

When we look at the differences between man and animal then it quickly becomes apparent that the teachings coming from divine sources make a lot of sense and agree with our daily observations and that the claims of the world have a lot of shortcomings and are often simply wrong.

Let us start with a quote from such a divine source:

Every work of creation except man is in divine order because it stands in bound will, i.e. has to do all that what divine will is and also agrees with the laws, which God gave from eternity. Only man is able to overturn these laws, i.e., to offend against these laws because his will is free and this can also be used in a way, which contradicts divine will, divine order. But such a violation of divine order has a harmful effect on his soul in that it endangers the ascent course of development, often even just eliminates it. Because God in his wisdom has ordered everything so that it cannot be changed by men at will without having damaging consequences. 1828

So animals stand in bound will and we men do not. An animal has to do what God wants it to do and we can act against that, what God wants from us. It is quite a significant difference.

When we now look at the next quote, it becomes clear that the fight for survival is a fight that animals have to fight, but that man’s fight for survival is not that of physical survival but of spiritual progress of his soul:

In every stage of development before the embodiment as man, the being must pass this struggle; it must make a stand, because it will always be besieged in a way which results in the development of its power. And it will always defeat the weaker, and this is allowed by God’s wisdom, because in this way new possibilities of upward development are again created. Therefore it is also wanted by God that the weaker succumbs in this struggle because every creature only develops upward and never reaches that degree of maturity on earth, which would make a new shaping unnecessary. Therefore the being will stand so long in the struggle with the stronger until it turns into its last shaping as man. But then its struggle is no longer a pure external one, i.e., one man is not allowed to destroy or defeat the other by virtue of his strength, so that in the end only the strong on earth could assert itself, but the strong has to use its strength in another way – it must support the weak; the strong must help to defeat resistances so that it serves the weak. Then man applies his power well; he uses it according to divine will by him certainly fighting resistances, but not wanting to completely defeat the weak, because otherwise he abuses the power out of God; then he uses this power to a work, which contravenes against God’s order and against his divine love. He sins insofar as that he treats something without affection, which strives upwards like him, by wanting to take from him the possibility to develop upwards – when he uses his strength to dominate the weaker. Man is to try to control the resistances, but he is not to seek to overcome like outwardly what resists him, because it is truly an act of greatest power development, when he tries to acknowledge in love everything, also the weak, also as a creature of God and he now struggles against that what harms his spiritual upward development and therefore overcomes it. 2234

Now this is what we civilized beings normally consider as guidelines for a behaviour that we would like to display and that we particularly would like that others display it towards us.

This quote gives us already an idea why the world teaches something that does not agree with divine truth or is often plainly against it and fights those teachings that God gives us as standard.

Now a lot of negative attitudes of man, which cause annoyance when we are exposed to them, seem to be characteristic features of men, but animals do not seem to have them, and this gives rise to the fact that so many people are fond of animals and rather prefer the company of an animal than that of a human being:

No spiritual forces, which are under the influence of evil powers, can express themselves as long as the spiritual is still in bound will, because the counter force of God is powerless with regard to these beings. It can put itself to the test on the soul of man only, therefore on that spiritual, which stands in the stage of free will, and also does it in a most substantial way. Therefore always men will be besieged by the power opposing God, but creations will never be able to be influenced, which hold the still undeveloped spiritual in themselves. These creations are subordinated to the will of God alone, and everything what is carried out on these creations is to be attributed to his divine work. Therefore it is totally wrong to attribute phenomena to satanic power, which run contrary to divine order, therefore come to light at creations. Every change of God’s creation also has his will as cause, because the power of the opponent of God never applies to those visible creations that God had come into being through his will. And that is why the work of that power can only find expression at the human soul. It certainly can, through influencing the human will, cause it to act destructively in creation, but then always man will be the executing one; he therefore will as it were do something on behalf of the evil power, what it cannot execute itself, namely acting somehow against the divine laws of nature. When it is therefore assumed that the power hostile towards God can obtain belief with men by the fact that it carries out things, which presuppose divine power, then God would have to first give this power to his opponent, and this would not correspond to the nature of eternal divinity, which leans towards all its creatures full of mercy and love and would like to bring to them help in their spiritual trouble. Because it would certainly be no help when men could be misled in their faith and recognize God even less. Then it would almost be made impossible for men to believe; God would pass his creatures to the opponent; he not only would leave them to his opponent, but push them to him from whose power he wants to free them. But the love of God lasts for ever. He helps mankind, and he will always stand by it in its fight against evil; but will never bring his creatures into such trouble that they assume God in the work of him who is his greatest enemy and opponent. The power opposed to God will always be recognizable by men who think and act right, and therefore these will also not come into trouble to regard the opponent of God as God himself, unless they are so devoted to him through their complete wrong walk on Earth, which takes every power of judgement from them. But these are no longer his children but children of Satan because they are subject to his will and completely oppose God. 2352

Animals are in the mandatory state, men is not:

The law, which the love of God gave and which is based on divine wisdom, must also let love and wisdom be recognized. The law giver must want to achieve something, which blesses his works of creation, because he loves them; in wisest cognition of defects of the creations he must have determined the divine order so that these defects are removed when the creature pays attention to this order. The latter is for the phase where the being is embodied as man, because in the previous phases the being can do no other way in creation than to keep up this order, because it is in the mandatory state, in a state, where its will is bound and the being is directed by the will of God, therefore must fulfil divine law. But in the last phase the being is able to recognize both, the love as well as the wisdom of God; it is able to live in divine order as also to contravene against it. But it also possesses the ability to recognize intellectually both, love as well as also the wisdom of God, why it can be easy for it to remain in divine order.

On the other hand the loveless man will feel every demand of God as depressing for him and limiting his freedom and withdraws from the fulfilment of those laws; he will feel driven to violate the divine order; he will see neither wisdom nor love in it and rebel against it all the time and that is why he will also never ever reach the last aim because God does not deviate from his demands, which certainly just affect the last phase of embodiment, while in the previous stages one cannot speak of demands, but the will of God, his law-giving, rules all creatures, therefore the being can no other way than to live in accordance with this divine order, and consequently fulfils the divine law in the mandatory state. And in these pre-phases no creature will rebel against the divine order because it has before expressed its will before the respective embodiment became its. But as man his will is given freedom again, and the counter power of God seeks to win him again for himself.


The critical decision beings have to make, is to decide to accept the flow of power from God or to carry on rejecting it:

Also in the state of imperfection, before the embodiment as man, the entity has a will, only that it is unfree, that it so to speak turns away from me and turns towards my opponent, but that the entity cannot strive towards the opponent, but is drawn up by me, therefore must compulsorily adapt itself to my order from eternity and so is the distance from me reduced. But the entity can also be completely will-less, i.e. neither strive towards me nor my opponent, then it is now also without resistance towards me, and this state is enough to provide to it lightened development conditions. The giving up of the resistance therefore means that for the time being my opponent has been eliminated, that the being no longer presses towards him, therefore its will no longer seeks in this direction. Then it also no longer resists me, and it can now be touched by my power, which works so that the will only still stirs to connect with the power. But the being itself is not conscious of its will, since it stays in deepest ignorance, therefore a state of spiritual blindness and darkness embraces the being, until its development is already progressed and it slowly becomes conscious of its will. But also then it is not able to use its will properly; it is still determined to activity by my will, i.e., the being cannot otherwise than to use the power according to the law of order, which it gets from me for the purpose of ascent development, until it comes into the last stage of its development on earth, until it embodies itself as man and now the free will is again given back to it, which it has once possessed, but has abused. Up to a certain degree it has now given up its resistance against me, even so it is not yet conscious of this. But otherwise it would never receive the favour of embodiment as man; it would not be admitted to the last earth life test, when it would not have given up the resistance against me insofar as it no longer strives towards the opponent. When I draw it up during the endless long walk through the whole creation in bound will, then it must really continue the walk up in free will, otherwise it can very easily fall back into the state before, where it again turns towards my opponent and is then immediately seized by him and drawn down into the deep. As man the being is then also no longer without responsibility, while it is relieved of the responsibility in the state of the bound will, can only remain for eternities in resistance against me when it, robbed of all power, desires no supply of power from me. Because then the being is in accordance with feeling in an unhappy state, and any supply of power improves this state. But when the being fights against the supply of power, by wanting to undergo no activity, but remains inactive for eternities in defence of the power out of me, it also remains in resistance against me, and it cannot be helped until it no longer resists, but receives the power out of me flowing towards it and becomes active, even so in the mandatory law. But every activity is redeeming and leads up. Every supply of power is love towards the imperfect, and every acceptance of power means giving up of resistance against me and must lead to redemption, even so at first the credit is not due to the being itself, but carries out the activity under a certain force. Nevertheless activity means life, and life means supply of my power. Is now this power supplied out of me to the being in increased measure, then its resistance has become smaller and smaller, until it completely adapts to my will, therefore would also carry out the same activity when this would depend on the free will of the being. But the test of its will is only allowed in the state as man, and then it can use the will consciously, and when he uses it in the right direction, he will redeem himself completely while he stays on earth. 4013

Now we come to the three main aspects of man who belong to man alone. They are intelligence and powers of reason and free will. And in this next text it is also explained that the body of man is not an evolutionary development, but a special creation. The development back to a god-like being takes place on the soul level, not on the physical plane:

And so the process of ascent development through the world of rocks, plants and animals, as far as up to man, has also been explained to you, that the outer forms released the spiritual in it all the time and this gathered to again take up residence in a greater form and to carry on serving until all particles belonging to a fallen original spirit have gathered and can now be embodied as soul in man. But as it happens in the animal world, that small and smallest beings move into a greater outer form through union with the spiritual standing in the same degree of development after their cessation, so also the process of development took place further, and new forms were created again and again through my love and wisdom, which could accommodate the destined spiritual. Now in nature you see this as development of a small living being to a greater and greater. But once I needed to create every form new, which did not yet exist. And whether these forms also increased all the time and were similar to the previous ones, it was always an act of creation for my part, which certainly could not be observed on the part of men because no man having the gift for intellect and free will populated earth. But my plan was fixed since eternity, and I knew therefore also about that creature, which was to go over earth as man for the purpose of passing the last test of will. And the spiritual still bound in the different works of creation was therefore transferred into always new creations – the more the individual creature approached maturity in its spiritual substance. The works of creation became greater and greater – with which not the bodily size is to be understood but the makeup of the individual living beings, their functions and their abilities are meant. But every new living creature was a work of my endless love and wisdom and omnipotence – which then again multiplied, but always remained the same work as what I had put it out. Understand it, no living being will change in its nature, and were you believe to establish a change or further development it is a matter of an act of creation for my part at its emergence. And so it has also always been a matter of new creations with every man-like being, which inhabited earth before the first man was created, but which remained in their kind as they had been created as a product of my omnipotence, and as the spiritual bound in it permanently developed upwards, an outer form was created through my will, which was more and more like man, but my will was always underlying this creation, which again had an effect as the law of nature – what you men now call the natural ascent development of beings. But man can never be considered to be such a product of natural development, because he is a creation on his own, coming from my omnipotence, love and wisdom and so shaped that he is to and can fulfil a high assignment on earth. And no matter how clever animals you seek to train to independent thinking and wanting to be free, you will never succeed in this because the abilities man possesses lie hidden in no animal, because man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will – but which can never be achieved by slow training, which are also no characteristic features of a slow ascent development of a being but only prove that man is a work of creation on his own, called into life through my will and my power to fulfil an assignment. And the creation work of man could only then be put into the world after the once fallen original spirits had already covered the slow upward development through creation because now man was to hold such fallen original spirit as soul in him. The word development always only applies for the spiritual that is held or bound in that (every) work of creation, which has to cover this upward development, while the material creation works are always to be considered as acts of creation because my will called these outer forms into being so that they serve the spiritual as outer form, which itself was supposed to reach up through serving. That my will also simultaneously means the law of nature, which no work of creation can oppose as long as it does not hold a spiritual mature being like man in it, will also let the word development become understandable – but will never warrant the claim that man himself has developed – because he was a work of creation on his own, which my will and my love power called into life. 8702

And now follows a statement that touches thinking and wanting:

Because that is the actual purpose of creation that man – who is equipped with intellect and free will - deals with it in detail in thoughts, that everything what he sees makes him think – for I have given him the ability to think not for nothing – because exactly the direction of thoughts can also determine him to the right direction of his will, which alone is decisive for both his earth life as well as his further lot. Because that man is basically immortal, that he will then also recognize, because he learns to see himself as centre of the whole of creation, which serves him for perfection. Because he is the only thinking being, which has free will, while all creations – also the animal world – can neither think nor want, only has a weak approximation to it as natural drive, of which the being is not aware. 9012

And now we come to the difference between man and man-like beings. And this difference is determined by spiritual qualities and they are those qualities we have mentioned already: Intelligence and reasoning faculties and free will. And they are not material qualities that can be found by the examination of material matter like bones and skulls. So what the world tells us about the history of man and how old man is, has to be considered as one of the many things that our scientists believe in and that just prove them to be religious people believing what their sect of materialist and atheists believe:

Long before first men dwelled on earth, which were equipped by God with free will and intellect, man-like beings existed already, whose assignment it was to make earth suitable for following mankind. They carried out instinctively, i.e. driven by nature’s law, works – by them being active to preserve themselves, they picked fruit, harvested products of the land, and built up homes for themselves – they did everything what instinctively served their advantage. But they could not be called to account for everything they did because inside of them a being had not yet been embodied, which held all particles of a fallen original spirit in itself. These beings were already very similar to men; bodily they were of the same shape, but they were neither I-conscious nor could they communicate between each other, only the desire was strong in them to preserve themselves, and they often reached a high age; they as it were served creation by contributing to the reshaping of the surface of the earth, which was always more prepared to offer men a stay which corresponded to their needs. But no assignments had yet been given to those beings; they merely served the not yet matured original spirits as last maturation possibility, which they were then to continue as man with free will and intellect. So these pre-men – the Pre-Adamites – could therefore not be considered as proper men, because their nature, their appearance and everything they do corresponded more to an animal, which is still far behind in its development, only the form was like that of a man, and so it happened that later these creatures were called pre-men, but which could not stand a comparison with man, who was in possession of free will and understanding, which he was now to also use properly intellectually. One can also not say that man has developed out of these Pre-Adamites, because he was a new creation, which God only then put out, when many of the first original spirits awaited their embodiment. Pre-man was one of the many creations, which all had to fulfil their purpose, to prepare a home for later following man, which guaranteed a carefree earth life for him. (15.7.1965) The Pre-Adamites were those human-like beings, which could not be called to account because they led an animal life, where all instincts revealed themselves – who lived long before man on earth – who had no I-consciousness and could only live in groups – who were therefore only there found where later men were once to stay, for whom they prepared the actual area through a regular activity. They were innate to those beings and expressed themselves in the cultivating of wide stretches of fields, in methodical spreading of essential substances and the harvesting again of such stretches of land. All this they did unconsciously, out of a natural drive to preserve themselves. They fought each other, and the stronger won. And so they also contributed that again and again new spirit beings incarnated, when also only for shorter times, where they proved their strength, where more or less strong drives came into play, which became weaker and weaker the longer they lived, and then also slowly reached maturity to now be able to enter the last embodiment as man. Therefore human-like beings existed already long before first men, which however cannot be linked to proper men. They were certainly comparable with them in their outer form; but they dwelled like animals – both in their drives as well as in their way of reproduction, which developed according to the substance of their souls, and also belonged to the many works of creation, which again disappeared, when they had fulfilled their earth assignment, therefore the beings no longer needed such creations, and which now completely died out like so many creations, which earth held for a time to then make again space for new creations. But it cannot be said man in his present form has developed out of these pre-human creations, but he was and is a new creation, endowed with free will and intellect, which now had to prove itself, therefore also received back the I-consciousness. To what degree those Pre-Adamites could also have a certain intellect at their disposal depended merely on the degree of maturity of the soul particles held in them, but which were not able to think and that intellect was expressed in the creating activity only, therefore was achieved unconsciously. But this activity has also created the greatest miracle works, as these can often be seen in nature, that ways were formed where these beings could get to one another, that they created gorges and underground passages and so therefore have first created the prerequisites for men, that these then could lead the proper life when the time had come where the first original spirits could embody themselves as men. The more men now spread, (original spirits now waited to get embodied), the more also pre-men retreated, which certainly always only happened step by step until then the human race inhabited earth and for these the time of probation started, where now every once fallen original spirit was to stand the test, but that is why man also has to be equipped with I-consciousness, intellect and free will to now to go the way over this earth, which again returns him to the father from whom he once went out. 9015

The following quote also reveals a difference between man and animal, but this difference shows why, in a particular way, the animal is far superior to man:

jl.ev08.028,04-20 - jl.ev08.029,01-12


[4] Then Lazarus said: “Lord and Master, I still have a few of those dark corners in myself. If ever You would like to be so merciful to enlighten these, that would be a great relief for my soul.”

[5] I said: “I already know for what you are thirsting, and I also could lay an enlightened answer in your heart, but because it here concerns the enlightenment of all who are present here, so that many a man among you would be aware if also in himself it is already a complete light, you should ask your question openly, then I also will give an audible and clear answer to everyone.”

[6] Then Lazarus continued: “Lord and Master. After what You have explained to us about the great spheres and heavenly bodies, about the shell globes and about the great Cosmic Man, it has become very clear in me concerning the overwhelming endless greatness of the eternal unlimited space. But soon after that, I discovered a very big dark abyss, over which even my most daring thought dare not to fly over.

[7] Look, the fact that the space of creation is infinite and thus can have no end in any direction, is very clear to me and certainly also to everyone. But what is the actual eternity of it? Who has stretched out space so infinitely far, and how and when? What is actually eternity, and how, in time and space, is God Himself eternal and infinite in everything? Look, Lord and Master, that is for a mortal human being regarding You certainly a very improper question, but can a soul who has a need of light, help it if such thoughts come up in him?”

[8] I said: “You named it a very improper question regarding Me. I however, call this a very good and very proper question, and will give to all of you an answer that is as clear as possible.

[9] Look! God, space and eternity are again equal to the concepts of Father, Son and Spirit. The Father is entirely Love and consequently an eternal striving for the most perfect existence by the power of the eternal will in that love. Space, or the Son, is also from that eternal striving of love the eternal resulting existence. Eternity, or the Spirit, as the endless initial power in the Father and the Son is the working of and accomplishment of the strivings of the love in the Son.

[10] If space started from one point that expanded in all directions unto infinity, then firstly it was as little as infinite as the great Cosmic Man. Secondly, the question arises out of itself: what was that which undoubtedly surrounded that point endlessly far in all imaginable directions from which later the infinite space of creation expanded. Was it the ether without light, or was it the heathenish chaos, or was it a complete firm substance, or was it the air or water or fire?

[11] If it was one of those named things, then how did that point in space have the power in itself to drive such endless large quantities of substances out of itself endless times into the infinite. And where did those substances end up if the eternal endless space came from this original point? Then there is no other possibility except that they have to be outside of the endless space, just like in the beginning when they were also outside of that point out of which the endless space would have come forth. However, if this could be somehow imaginable, then the space of creation would again be limited, and even if it would expand eternally farther and farther, then it still could never be infinite.

[12] With this you can see that the space of creation was out of necessity eternally endless in all directions and can never have known a beginning. And since God, space and eternity are identical – just like I already have told you – then God, who unites all these concepts in Himself, is also without beginning, for a beginning of God is quite as inconceivable as the beginning of the existence of the endless space and at the same time of the eternal time. I believe that this is now made clear enough, so that everyone can understand this.

[13] But I still can see a certain dark rock in you, and you still are not able to climb over it. Look, this rock exists of the fact that you are imagining the endless and eternal space as dead in itself and without any life intelligence. And therefore you also cannot understand how God as the only eternal life principle has found in a certain way Himself in the eternal and endless death and has recognized and understood Himself as the most perfect life.

[14] Yes, if one has such an idea of the endless and eternal space of creation, then he can indeed very difficult or not at all understand how the infinite Spirit-God was able to find also in eternity His way in the eternal endless death as a perfect life.

[15] Therefore, form yourself precisely an opposite idea of the eternal endless big space. Imagine that in it there is not a single little point that is without life and without intelligence, and that even that which is in your eyes dead and which seems to be completely without life, is not dead and without life, but only judged by God’s almighty will, just like you yourselves can observe from a heavenly body or from its apparent lifeless elements.

[16] However, if all heavenly bodies with their most diverse elements are nothing else and also cannot be anything else except ideas and thoughts of Himself that are fixed by God’s almighty will, then how can they be considered by men as dead and without any intelligence?

[17] If God, who is identical with the endless space and its eternal time, is in Himself entirely the highest and most perfect Life, then how can that which wholly comes out of Him be dead, without life and without intelligence?

[18] Consequently, that which exists and which seems to be dead in your eyes, is only judged by God in this way and can return to the complete free life as soon as God will unloose the firm bands of His will of such a judged thing.

[19] You have seen something similar with Me and with My permission also with Raphael when stones were suddenly changed into their original ether, or when this ether became a firm stone of which the pillar along the way to Emmaus gives you a very tangible example.

[20] Since all this is so and can impossibly be otherwise, you should, in order to really come to a true representation of God, completely ban from the endless space all that which is in relation to dead, and imagine nothing else than life and once more life and nothing else than intelligence and once more intelligence, for in the endless Being of God’s intelligence and power no death can exist.


[1] However, man who is gifted with an individual life-consciousness considers the endless space of creation and the unknown countless things which it contains as dumb, dead and without intelligence. Why this seems to be like that to man has a wise reason, which is that his life-consciousness must acquire the full godlike life’s independence. For that, by My will, man is completely separated from the universal life-consciousness with its endless and highest intelligence, so that the life-consciousness of man would find itself in it and by that, as if by the external revealed way, he also would develop and strengthen himself for its eternal independent existence.

[2] However, as long as man tries to acquire his life’s independence by himself he hardly has any notion that he is completely surrounded by sheer life and the highest life’s intelligence and is also – as far as his body is concerned – permeated by it. Otherwise he would in fact not exist at all. However, when he is ready for it according to God’s revealed will, because his inner spirit has completely permeated him, then the whole person is in free contact with the highest life and its enlightened intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing his individuality and personality by that. Then he discovers no more a dead and dumb space or dead stones, but then for him everything becomes life and light and intelligence that is aware of itself.

[3] The fact that this is so is in the first place proven to you by My omniscience that has been tried by you many times. Indeed, how could I know endlessly many and all things if the space between Me – that means My individual-personal Being – and for instance the sun or another still much further distanced object, would be without life and intelligence? And secondly, it is also proven by the wisdom of a lot of people who – without leaving their place – know many things concerning something that exists on another place at a great distance and how and what happens to it, or what will happen in the future.

[4] The 7 Egyptians are a vivid example of it. Who informed them that I was here? By this great and universal intelligence they became aware of it in themselves, as well as the way that guided them to this place. If the space between here and Upper-Egypt would be without intelligence, then they could impossibly know what is and what happens here.

[5] The soul of a human being is in his body only separated by a very thin wall that is in no way connected with the universal life’s intelligence, and in his natural condition this is sufficient for him to have mostly no idea of what is and what happens close by, as if it were behind his back. And he does not even understand 1.000 times a 1.000th part of what is happening before his eyes. All this is because of the very thin separating wall mentioned before, that exists between his particular and the universal endless spatial life. If this separating wall would be very impenetrable and extensive, what would such an enormously isolated soul still know of what is existing around him on all sides?

[6] However, the fact that a soul – for reasons only known to Me – is separated by a stronger and denser wall of separation from the universal supreme intelligent godly life, you very well can see with the mentally deficient, the dumb and the socalled stupid. Such a soul is thus only capable of a very poor development or sometimes even not at all.

[7] Why also this is allowed I know very well, and some of My old disciples know it partially also. The rest of you however will come to know it later.

[8] Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space and are therefore capable, by their inner feeling to do that for which they are destined according to their capacity and arrangement. Every animal knows the food that is good for him and knows where to find it. He has his weapons and knows how to use them without any practice.

[9] So also, the spirit of the plants knows exactly that element in the water, in the air and in the earth that is beneficent for its specific individuality. The spirit of the nature soul of the oak will at no time draw the elements to itself that the cedar needs for its existence. Indeed, who tells a plant to draw only that element that is intended for it? Look, all this is the work of the highest and universal life’s intelligence of space. From this, every plant and animal soul draws a special necessary intelligence and is further active according to its instructions.

[10] But if this is so – something that every person can always clearly see from his experience – then it is obvious that the endless space and everything that it contains is one life and one supreme intelligence. The human soul can only see that unconsciously because he can create his lasting life’s independence by his separated intelligence, which is immense. This is something of which no soul of an animal or plant is capable of, and therefore it has no separated existence as such, but only a mixed and therefore, up to the human soul a countless times changeable existence of which it also cannot retain any memory, for after each mixture and changing of being it goes over to another sphere of intelligence.

[11] Even the soul of man as the highest empowered mixture of mineral, plant and animal souls, has no memory of his former forms of existence, because the specific soul elements in the earlier mentioned 3 kingdoms do not have a strictly separated intelligence, but for the benefit of their kind only a kind of intelligence that was taken from the universal godly life in space. Although in a human soul all the countless specific former parts of intelligence were united with each other, and this leads to the fact that the human soul can certainly recognize all things out of himself and can evaluate them intelligently, but a specific remembrance of the former levels of existence is not imaginable or possible because in the human soul there was only one human being that came into existence from the endless many separated souls.

[12] However, when man is completely permeated with the Spirit of life and light, he will perceive such an order in himself, just like I am eternally and always perceiving this in Myself, namely that everything exists out of Me and that I am everything in everything. And do tell me now, friend Lazarus, if you have well understood all that. And all of you are also free to give your ideas about it.”

The universal supreme intelligent godly life is all around us and it is that what is eternal and comes first and the material world comes second and is temporary.

And cosmic rays do not come from some gamma ray eruptions or distant celestial bodies but from this universal supreme intelligent godly life.

Now worldly scientists still do not believe this and still make big efforts to prove otherwise. Here a report of a research result that is now already more than a century old:

On 12 April 1912, Hess took to his balloon once again, but this time he made his trip during a total eclipse of the Sun. If the Sun was the source of the mysterious emissions, the levels should drop right off when the Moon passed across and blocked the radiation. But the levels measured by Hess did not decrease at all. He concluded that the radiation was not coming from the Sun and must be coming from further out in space. Hess’s findings were confirmed in 1925 by American physicist Robert Milikan, who dubbed the mysterious radiation "cosmic rays". In 1936, Hess and Milikan shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery.

So for more than 100 years it is known that cosmic radiation does not come from celestial bodies.

The human beings, at least those of this redemption period, are just a few thousand years old. They started with Adam and those before Adam were only animals looking like human beings. That is one thing about mankind. And another is that they are not, as so-called scientists tell us, progressing, but deteriorating, and that rapidly.

This deterioration is actually the big problem of mankind. And now I want to quote a top politician who speaks about this to one of his colleagues.

I am now quoting from Genesis 47:8-10:

And Pharaoh said to Jacob, How many are the days of the years of your life? And Jacob said to Pharaoh, The days of the years of my camps are 130 years. Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life, and they have not reached the days of the years of the life of my fathers, in the days of their camps.

That is the topic top politicians should discuss when they come together and it does not matter if it is today or 4000 years ago.

This rapid deterioration of mankind is the problem and all apparent other problems are the direct results of this major problem.

This turning away from God is the only real problem we have and it could be solved easily, the solutions are all known and just have to be applied.

Jacob says that he has not reached an age his fathers had reached and that not only were his year few but also evil.

Jacob was then 130 years old and he died at the age of 147. Jacob’s fathers directly after the Flood reached an age of over 400 years, more than double, and his fathers before the Flood, the first Patriarchs, again more than double of that of the ones directly after the Flood or more than 6 times of that of Jacob.

And today the life of men is again much shorter.

This decrease in the age of men is just one aspect of this deterioration, but a good example.

Let us look at two graphic representations of this development of age:


Bar chart of the 22 patriarchs

Number, beginning with Adam
   Name or event
                Age or duration or time, in years
                    Year of birth or year of event
                         Year of death or year of end of event
                              Age at birth of son``
                                    One letter, for example A like Adam, represents about 20 years.
                                    Five letters, for example Enoch, are about 100 years.

                                    0                                                 1000 years after Adam                             2000 years after Adam
                                    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                    .                                                                                  Flood
 1 Adam         930    0  930 130   AdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAda                                    |
 2 Seth         912  130 1042 105   . . .  SethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSethSet                             |
 3 Enos         905  235 1140  90   .            EnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosEnosE                         |
 4 Cainan       910  325 1235  70   .                CainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCainanCain                    |
 5 Mahalaleel   895  395 1290  65   . . . . . . . . .   MahalaleelMahalaleelMahalaleelMahalaleelMahal                  |
 6 Jared        962  460 1422 162   .                       JaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJaredJar           |
 7 Enoch        365  622  987  65   .                                EnochEnochEnochEno                                |
 8 Methuselah   969  687 1656 187   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  MethuselahMethuselahMethuselahMethuselahMethusela
 9 Lamech       777  874 1651 182   .                                            LamechLamechLamechLamechLamechLamechLam
10 Noah         950 1056 2006 502   .                                                    NoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoah
   Flood          1 1656 1657 600   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  F
11 Shem         600 1558 2158 100   .                                                                               ShemShemShemShemShemShemShemSh
12 Arphaxad     438 1658 2096  35   .                                                                                  |ArphaxadArphaxadArphax
13 Salah        433 1693 2126  30   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .| SalahSalahSalahSalahS 
14 Eber         464 1723 2187  34   .                                                                                  |    EberEberEberEberEberEbe
15 Peleg        239 1757 1969  30   .                                                                                  |      PelegPelegPe
16 Reu          239 1787 2026  32   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . .  ReuReuReuReu
17 Serug        230 1819 2049  30   .                                                                                  |        SerugSerugSe
18 Nahor        148 1849 1997  29   .                                                                                  |         NahorNa
19 Terah        205 1878 2083       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . TerahTerah
20 Abraham      175 2008 2183 100   .                                                                                  |                 AbrahamAb
21 Isaac        180 2108 2288  60   .                                                                                  |                     IsaacIsaa
22 Jacob        147 2168 2315       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . . . . . . . JacobJac
                                    .                                                                                  |
                                    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .    |    .    .    .    .
                                    0                                                 1000 years after Adam            |                2000 years after Adam


Die Lebensalter der Patriarchen vor und nach der Sintflut (The age of the patriarchs before and after the Flood):

Table: Lebensalter

Now this second graphic representation even gives a mathematical formula and a curve showing this deterioration.

The table The time a Adam's creation indicates that Adam was created about 4000 years before Christ and Jakob Lorber brings a statement of Jesus about these 4000 years, which confirms this calculation received from data from the Bible:


[6] At the beginning of the 6th period we have seen that there was a planet that was destroyed from the inside, and that with Adam this Earth became the life chamber in the great Man of Creation. I will now show you the condition of that destroyed world, more precisely as it was before, as well as how it looks now. And after that, I will also show you how this Earth was related to the great Man, that means, only spiritually speaking, but not according to the material reality. Since such a thing cannot be shown to you with words alone, without a visible image, I will now by My will show you the sun with all its planets on a small scale. Then, while seeing this image, My words will soon be easily understood. Now, be all very attentive.”

[7] When I had said that, a ball with a diameter of a handbreadth came into existence. This one represented the sun. With a size and distance that were proportionally represented as good as possible – although the space of the hall was of course too small to show them completely in their exact mutual proportion – also all the other planets with their moons were shown as they existed when at the beginning of the 6th period the destroyed planet (Mallona) with its 4 moons was not yet destroyed. I explained to them all the positions of the planets, named their moons, in the Jewish as well as in the Greek language, and they saw the planet in question floating between Mars and Jupiter and its 4 moons circling around it. As far as its size is concerned it looked quite similar to Jupiter, except for the fact that it had more continents than Jupiter and also a higher atmosphere above it and a greater inclination, and therefore also a more inclined orbit around the sun.

[8] Now, when all of them well understood this, I said further: “Look, this was the order about 4.000 years ago, counted from now. However, then came the destruction of that planet (Mallona) of which I was talking about to you. How and why this took place, I have already told you. But see now how the planet looks like after the destruction took place.”

Here Jesus lets us also know that our present redemption period is the sixth. But this quote also shows us that men always knew how the solar system looked like because God himself explained it to men and that happened frequently in the first millennia.

When I started to study spiritual things I noticed that there was often talk about vibrations and frequencies and waves and at a certain stage I started to wonder if there was perhaps a connection with the subject scientists talked about, especially physicists. This went on for quite some time but one day I had a burst of energy and I decided to have a look at what physicists have to say about this subject.

I opened a new document and gave it the title Waves and started to collect material that helped me to understand what the physicists were talking about. I had been taught physics again and again but that was a long time ago and despite the fact that I always thought physics to be an interesting subject I seemed to never have teachers who were able to inspire any interest in it. Looking back now I believe I have found out why this was so. They did not inspire my attention because they themselves just treated the subject as one of the subjects that had to be learned and had to be to be taught and basically just repeated what they had been taught without making the material their own property.

It is exactly the same with the teaching of spiritual things. When the teacher just repeats what he has heard, and does this without having gone through the material with a critical mind and checked it again and again against other parts of spiritual documents and also checked if the material that was offered to him did not perhaps was more or less the traditions of man and not really truth, then such repetitions will be noticed by an attentive student, especially then when he, the student, gets shown by the Holy Spirit inside of him, which scriptures contradict that what he hears.

Now the first thing that struck me was that there are two kinds of waves. The first kind of waves is the mechanical wave and that are waves that can be seen, or heard, or felt.

And the second kind of waves is the electromagnetic wave.

And now it becomes interesting. It was quite clear to me that this second kind of wave, the electromagnetic wave, was a wave that could not be seen, it could not be heard, it could not be felt, it could not tasted, and it could not be smelled.

The electromagnetic wave is a phenomenon that our senses do not perceive.

Our outer perception organs are not in a position to detect electromagnetic waves. If we want to make use of them, then we need to employ a machine that can do it for us and make some sense of the waves. And these machines also do not really show us electromagnetic waves but just present us the effects of these waves.

Now this was the theory I developed after having a look at the collected material and after absorbing it.

Actually the term electromagnetic wave is just another word for the word light - for light as it appears in different forms.

Now there exists a special kind of light and that is the light that makes things visible in our material world, and now we come to the next quite interesting thing and that is the fact that the physicists call this special light "visible light".

Now when I read this expression "visible light" I found something that contradicted my theory and I started to think how I could convince myself that this "visible light" is really visible.

So I arranged experiments in my head that would help me to solve this problem.

I imagined me being in a dark room where to the left of me was a room with a light source and to the right of me was a dark room with an object that was hit by a light beam coming from the light source and travelling through holes in the two walls in between.

But these holes in the two walls would influence my observation and so I tried to eliminate this influence, and this caused me to use the Sun as light source and the Moon as object. And in order not to be influenced by the light of the Sun I arranged the Sun in such position that it would be underneath me and therefore the Earth between me and the Sun.

Now this arrangement showed me immediately that light is not visible, the black sky being proof of it.

This discovery seemed to me to be so simple that I could not believe that I should be the first having discovered it.

And it did not take long and I came across statements that confirmed to me that others had always known that light is not visible.

I bring here four of them.

Here comes the first:

Jakob Lorber, Die Erde (The Earth), 1846-1847, jl.erde.052,11-12

   11] Spirit is therefore equal to light, which indeed in itself remains light for ever, but as light cannot appear so long observable, as long as there are no objects, which it illuminates.

   12] Light comes, as you for example can see also already with the Sun, continuously regularly from it; but without object no eye can notice its existence. A moonless night has equally much light from the Sun as a moon-bright one; but in the first case light has got no object up there in the high ether, and that is why no-one notices that it exists. But if the Moon stands as an efficient body at night in the high ether, there the out coming sunlight is immediately very mightily perceived, and everyone who is somewhat familiar with star tidings will easily notice how and from where the Moon is shone upon.

And now the second:

Bertha Dudde, Licht der Sonne. Wechselwirkung (Light of the sun. Interaction), 30th May 1948, B.D. NR. 4318

So the positive and the negative powers produce life continuously; their fight is visible through the light of the Sun, but it is no earthly explainable fire power, which produces the exceptional radiation, but the light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth, when it touches the earthly material sphere, as well as the spheres of those celestial bodies, which are in the region of the Sun and are fed with its illuminating power.

And the third:

A P Shepherd, Rudolf Steiner - Scientist of the Invisible, 1954, Page 40

Meanwhile his scientific studies presented him with a new line of approach to his problem. We have already referred to his attitude to the wave-theory of light. A deeper study of the science of optics now led him to a conclusion contrary to the teaching of recognised science, viz. that though light is a reality which plays an overwhelming part in the phenomena of the physical world, yet it is itself not perceivable by the senses. It manifests itself on physical objects in the appearance of colours, but it is itself invisible. It appears therefore to be an object of a "sensible-supersensible" kind. It stands between ordinary sense-perceptible objects and supersensible reality, manifesting itself in its relation to the physical, but itself unperceivable by the physical senses.

When he spoke of this to Professor Schröer, the latter pointed out to him the similarity between his ideas and Goethe's theory of colour, in which Goethe had disputed the generally-accepted theory of Newton.

And the fourth:

Wolfgang Peter, Unsichtbare Welten - Gemeinsames in Natur- und Geisteswissenschaft (Invisible worlds - Mutual things in natural and spirit science), 1997, Page 8

At night, with complete darkness, we do not see the things of the outer world, even when they stand close before our eyes. The material world, taken by itself, is invisible. To recognize it, light is needed. But also light itself, as paradoxical as it may also sound, is invisible. We never see the light itself with material eyes. The whole universe, the night sky, is filled by light, and still it appears to us, apart from the shining stars, completely dark, almost black. We do not see the light, but always only shining or illuminated things.

Now I wondered how it comes that physicists claim that light is visible.

These physicists that claim that light is visible are no real physicists.

First of all they are people who just repeat what they have heard. They never critically investigate what they were taught. They did not make it their own material. And therefore they also do not really understand what they are teaching. It is not alive in themselves. And the student feels that. And that is the reason why I never really got into physics as a young man, because I felt that all these teachers did not understand what they were teaching. And that was also the reason why I did not really understand what they were teaching because they themselves did not understand it.

The one exception of all my physics teachers was Mr Q.

Mr Q taught a special field of physics and one could immediately feel that he knew what he was talking about and that he understood it himself. He gave his students little problems to solve and there was not much need to apply mathematical formulas but rather the application of the basic principles and of logic was required and the solution could then be checked by the student without having to go to the teacher.

By finding the solution of the first and the second problem this special field of physics became alive in me and I was enthusiastic about it and made it my subject.

Quite a number of years of my life this field of physics helped me to apply it in a practical way and make a nice living.

Now looking back I have come to the conclusion that teachers who cannot really explain something are teachers who do not really themselves understand what they are trying to teach.

Tom Lethbridge calls them parrots. They just know how to repeat something.

Because in the examinations they know how to repeat the words of the professor from the lectures, they get good notes and pass exams – and become professors themselves.

So the one reason why physicists talk about visible light is because they are parrots.

But there is a second, an even more important reason why this visible light business exists.

We stated already that they are no real physicists, and that is not the only problem with them, the real problem is that they are just members of a religious sect - a sect like all the other religious sects in the world.

This membership is important to them. It controls them.

A member of a religious sect adheres to the rules of that sect and does not deviate from them. He reads the stipulated literature and does not dare to read forbidden stuff. If he would dare to read what is verboten and some of the other members find out about this, he would have outed himself.

Now that physicists come up with this term "visible light" one can understand and accept at the beginning of a new development in physics, but that decade after decade they carry on using that term makes them look like fools.

And that is what they are. It is a spiritual principle. A fool is someone who says in his heart there is no God.

And their sect is a sect that says the same thing. They belong to the sect of atheists and materialists. And this sect is a powerful sect and controls the world of science.

And the magnitude of their foolishness can be seen by this fact that they use this term "visible light" already for decades.

And it shows that they do not read literature that points out that light is not visible. Every normal person reads interesting books he finds in bookshops and in libraries, but not a sectarian. He knows what is verboten and stays away from it.

It is a typical situation in a sect, in a denomination. Everyone there knows what is on the Index and keeps his hands and eyes away from it.

Our entire education system is controlled by this sect of atheists and materialists and they are very successful in not being recognized as religionists because they manage very well to avoid this label and are very proud of their label "scientists" and everyone lets himself get impressed by their teachings and any criticism is heresy and the criticiser gets persecuted.

In our world today only simple people, people with little or no education, have retained some healthy natural ideas, attitudes and knowledge, but the more one is exposed to our system of education and the higher one climbs on the ladder to academic success the more one is caught up being hypnotized by this system these religionists fighting for atheism and materialism have managed to establish everywhere.

So one thing can help to remain un-hypnotized and that is to bring to mind now and then this term "visible light" so that it reminds us of this foolishness of these so-called scientists.

So whenever one finds himself in the danger of getting too much impressed by what science has to say and where the danger exists to get hypnotized by the impressive findings of so-called scientists, one should dig out this creation of theirs "visible light" and so be reminded that they are just religionists and sectarians just like all the members of the other denominations.

Now let us come to another area of science that is heavily influenced by our religionists.

Just about a third of men on this planet Earth cannot see, they cannot hear, they are not able to feel, to smell and to taste. And that is a state that always applies to about 30 per cent of the population of this planet. They live on this world body but perceive nothing of it. Their senses are deactivated and their mind is completely somewhere else.

They are in a state of consciousness that does not allow them to perceive the basic conditions of their own planet.

They are in a state of consciousness that is called sleep.

Now if space travellers visiting this planet earth would arrive here and would not make a switch from their normal state of consciousness to that state of consciousness that is necessary to perceive life here, they would be in the same position as this 30 per cent part of our population. And the same applies to cosmonauts who go from here to the home of these visitors and do not adopt the normal state of consciousness of them.

Now in order to really being able to perceive other worlds one has to do two things. One has to switch to the appropriate state of consciousness and one has to do this with the help of spiritual beings of a higher order.

The following quote gives insight:

Extract from
Research work. Celestial bodies. Venus.
28. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1120.

The most untiring research work does not come closer to this aim as long as help is not desired at the same time from the spiritual side because the researcher goes without knowledge to a work, which is to be achieved only spiritually. Out of human view all works of creation, also those outside of Earth, would have to have the same material legality, and they further would have to be subjugated to the same laws of nature because otherwise an existing and arising is not imaginable by men. But all creations are for the first time now based on other laws of nature; then also the composition in material respect is so entirely different with every individual work of creation and moreover also the basic condition for the possibility of existence of the beings inhabiting the creation so deviating from each other that human science would stand here before a completely unsolvable puzzle when they would approach the research of this work of creation pure scientifically. And all results until now are completely worthless because they approach truth not in the least. The mind of man, the capacity and the ability of judging does not stretch beyond the Earth sphere, and only few possibilities are there to explain other creations so that they are grasped by man. The basic elements, which man has to know for the understanding of their effect, are completely meaningless in other celestial bodies, and that is why the knowledge cannot be used for the establishing of any phenomena, which one would like to settle. In order to penetrate into the secrets of other works of creations a complete detaching from the earthly sphere is needed first, liberation from all what is visible on Earth; man must connect himself with the spirit powers of those worlds and receive all explanations regarding this as newcomer.

Help is to be desired from the spiritual side.

Advanced spiritual beings have the ability to change their state of consciousness and they also have the ability to change the state of consciousness of other beings.

There are numerous examples of this in the Bible.

One is how Jesus changed the state of consciousness of his two disciples on their way to Emmaus.

There exists a quite impressive description of this process in the works of Robert Monroe.

It is about real space travel and about finding intelligent beings.

But before we come to Robert Monroe’s report, we will have another look at an announcement coming from Bertha Dudde:

Bertha Dudde
Difference of heavenly bodies. 31. May 1965

B.D. NR. 8987

But the area, which is unfathomable for your intellect, you can nevertheless enter as soon as my spirit has an effect in you. Then there exist no limits for you because my spirit is my share, and I myself know everything, nothing is unknown to me, and therefore I can also impart the same to you through my spirit; I can reveal all areas for you. But it depends on your degree of maturity how far you can get insight into the secrets of creation, and according to your degree of maturity I can teach you, although also the smallest knowledge corresponds fully with truth. But it is up to you to increase the degree of maturity to be able to penetrate more and more, what always only love can bring about. For love closely unites with me, and then you will also be filled with my spirit; you will be able to see brightly and clearly the entire creation and grasp all connections. You will also know about the kind of creations, about their purpose and their respective intention. You will also know about the difference of the heavenly bodies, which are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls and – as I had innumerable ideas and could execute them – I therefore also formed every celestial body according to other thoughts (laws), but which all are to serve the return of the once fallen (spiritual). I am not a being, which is subject to a limitation, which once overexerts itself or uses up its power. I create constantly and again and again new thoughts emerge from me and take shape. I have so many kinds of homes in which the further development of beings takes place, which are on the way back to me; my creations are countless and always more creations come into being out of my love because I also have again and again new delights in store for all my beings, because more and more all these beings ascend as soon as they once are on this way. And so also men on this earth – once they have reached a small glimmer of knowledge in the hereafter – will now also ascend and a relapse to the deep is out of the question. Innumerable heavenly bodies are again prepared for the reception of these souls, always appropriate to their degree of maturity, which constantly increases and also causes again and again a change of their place of residence. Innumerable heavenly bodies you men can see from earth, which – even when visible – become countless for you. And in the whole of creation are still countless heavenly bodies which are invisible for you, so that they also far surpass your ability as man to estimate. Therefore only in the brightest light can you overlook the whole of creation because you then likewise know no more limitations. But then also your happiness knows no longer boundaries because you know about the purpose of every heavenly body and also about the state of maturity of their inhabitants, and you will seek to increase this all the time to move all of them into the same state in which you are now yourselves: in close union with me and permanent illumination with love. But the condition for your ascent is that you have a glimmer of knowledge. And this means that truth has already entered into you because beforehand you move in darkness or walk in light twilight – that you are not able to separate yourselves from false doctrines. And the number of those is great. Light beings certainly try to change this situation but as long as these are rejected there is no hope, and a relapse to the deep is still to be feared. But as soon as there is only some love in them, they will also not close their mind to the presentation of the light beings, who again and again point them to Jesus Christ; then they will also give away their error and accept truth, and they are sure of the way up. But knowledge could have been revealed to these men already on earth when they would have paid attention to the voice of the spirit in them, because having reached knowledge already on earth opens to men the door to the kingdom of light, and they definitely find their way back into the house of the father to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8987.

Knowledge can already be revealed to us men on Earth.

We just have to pay attention to the voice of the spirit in us.

Now let us see how Robert Monroe became a real astronaut:

Robert A. Monroe
Far Journeys, 1985
Pages 38-39

There was one "small" problem. Once our subjects passed through the light or achieved the out-of-body state, they were not particularly interested in hour after hour of dull searching for new effective sound frequency patterns. They would still perform the tasks, but beyond the tunnel and into the light was Paris! Keeping them on the farm was certainly no trivial problem. So we had to play a little.

And play we did. We sent our subjects to explore the moon, which they found a very dull place. We went to other parts of the solar system, the other planets, and found them, as far as we could determine, nothing but mile after mile of craters and mountains or simply layers of turbulent matter — no vegetation, no sign of life, nothing to truly attract our human attention. We did find that in such a state as the OOBE, a different kind of consciousness seemed to exist. The overview of the subject was different. For example, what to us in the control room was a minute could become hours or timeless to the volunteer in the booth. It was at this point that we began to call them our Explorer team.

Like most humans, we were possessed with the idea or hope that there had to be intelligent life somewhere among the billions of stars that we could perceive physically. So in our play we took to sending our Explorers out beyond the solar system at what appeared a near-instantaneous change of locale. The instruction was to keep going until he or she perceived something worthwhile. They passed by the other suns, found other planets, but no intelligent life. It seemed to us a sterile universe.

The change came in 1974. It took place in all of our Explorers within several weeks. Some had never met one another, so there was no crosscommunication. In looking back to examine the reason for this massive change, the only thing that we could find was: we had inserted the affirmation developed for the Gateway Program at the beginning of each experimental session in the lab. Other than that, we made no significant changes in Hemi-Sync frequencies, basic environment, or methods of presentation. It may have been the second part that was the catalyst:

. . . Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than my own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.

It was suddenly as if a curtain had been lifted. Almost every time one of our Explorers went into the out-of-body state or simply into an advanced Focus 12, they encountered intelligent beings who were more or less willing to communicate — and could do so. After several years of finding only barrenness, the effect upon us was overwhelming. We sometimes had difficulty knowing how to handle it.

The key to success is to ask for the help of God.

This was from Robert Monroe’s second book, and now follows a report from his third book:

Robert A. Monroe
Ultimate Journey, 1994
Pages 12-14

You can go anywhere in any time, past, present, or future, via OBEs. You can go directly to any chosen place and observe what is there in detail and what is going on. At your target site you can move around the area to observe from different perspectives. The only problem is that you cannot pick up physical objects – your hand goes right through them.

With this freedom you can follow the route our explorative research at the Institute has taken. You can go anywhere on Earth, or in it and through it. You can move outward and play around the moon and the solar system. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring, but it can become monotonous. Thus we saw and knew the other side of the moon before the NASA probes took their pictures. It was the same with Mars, where we were looking for artifacts such as buildings or structures that might indicate some form of intelligent life. Some of us even made a number of runs outside the solar system and usually got lost, in the sense that we could not establish where we had gone in relation to Earth. Getting back was no problem. The explorer simply focused on his physical body. There is no speed-of-light limitation.

If there are intelligent beings in the physical universe, we failed to find them. Either they were hidden, or more likely we didn’t know what to look for. Of course, our exploration was infinitesimal. Perhaps if we had investigated the further galaxies we would have met someone out there. One day maybe one of us will.

In the nonphysical universe, it was an entirely different matter. We encountered hundreds, if not thousands, most of them nonhuman. Exploration out-of-body is a prime means for functioning outside the physical universe. The "second body" of the OBE state is certainly not physical. It is part of another energy system that commingles with the Earth Life System but is out of phase with it. The clue lies in how easy it is to find those who have left physical existence.

When you look for action in this other energy system, in the There, the effect is near-instantaneous. The system is very well populated and you meet some special friends when you become proficient in OBEs.

The highways and byways of our out-of-body adventures and explorations are broad and varied, for the most part beyond ordinary time-space concepts. We can understand only that portion which relates directly to the Earth Life System. We may attempt to report the rest of it – and it seems limitless – but we have no acceptable or comparable baseline of knowledge and experience to do this accurately. The problem lies in trying to understand it and to translate what you find – to bring it back. Never be surprised when you return to the physical to find tears running down your cheeks.

What has happened is that you have gone off the edge of the Known map, and have returned with some previous important Unknowns now converted to Knowns. You may or may not convince others of this reality. Most do not try; the individual knowledge is enough.

Think how such knowledge – not belief or faith – would affect your own life pattern; the knowledge that you are indeed more than your physical body, that you do indeed survive physical death. These two Unknowns converted to Knowns, with no conditions or contingencies – what a difference that would make!

A Different Overview – a clear way of perceiving – can make these into personal Knowns. And more, much more. So unlatch your Security Belief Belt, grab your climbing spurs and perhaps a machete – and let’s hit the high road.

Now this is a practical way of doing real space travel, of really finding intelligent life.

And this way of approach is offered right in that country that is at the forefront of space science.

The Monroe Institute can provide this approach to the universe.

And now we are back at the stupidity of our so-called scientists.

They make us believe that an immense amount of time, effort, money and technique is required to go to other worlds and to find intelligent life.

And there, right in America, are people and do it all the time and do it just by lying on their back and applying spiritual knowledge.

And the entire world believes these so-called scientists and knows nothing about real life.

And one does not have to go to the Monroe Institute – one can do it at home.

And this has been done since the existence of man. Have a look at Space travel. Cainan, Adam’s great-grandson, was the first real astronaut.

Another area of science is medicine. This has been covered extensively on this website, the first book "How to Measure Your Beliefs" deals with it and this book "The Man-Made Church" has several chapters handling matters like health and sickness and the section called "Miscellaneous" brings other material about this.

Here I want to bring some quotes from A Course in Miracles.

159 Yet sickness is not of the body, but of the mind. All forms of sickness are signs that the mind is split, and does not accept a unified purpose.

184 God’s remaining Communication Link with all His children joins them together, and them to Him. To be aware of this is to heal them because it is the awareness that no one is separate, and so no one is sick.

213 In the real world there is no sickness, for there is no separation and no division.

569 A broken body shows the mind has not been healed.

643 The happy dream about him takes the form of the appearance of his perfect health, his perfect freedom from all forms of lack, and safety from disaster of all kinds.

Psychotherapy, Purpose, Process and Practice

1 Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed. Only the mind is in need of healing.

7 Psychotherapy is a process that changes the view of the self.

10 Ideally, psychotherapy is a series of holy encounters in which brothers meet to bless each other and to receive the peace of God.

Now the subject of our book is "The Man-Made Church" and the purpose is to show readers what is wrong with what is normally understood by church and so guide them out of the false church into the real community of believers and this last quote is a nice description of this community of brothers and sister.

The arrival in this kind of church makes the need for all kinds of health arrangements unnecessary.


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