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This is the 64. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


64. The all-embracing field of energy


by Frank L. Preuss


In this chapter we want to have a closer look at a quote we brought in our book "The Man-Made Church," in chapter "62. The sick mind."

The quote is an extract that came from Robert Monroe’s third book, "Ultimate Journey."

We will repeat this quote but will interrupt it at certain places and discuss the content.

So now we start with this first part of our quote:

"Ultimate Journey" by Robert Monroe, 1994, pages 184-190

Can you help me with one more thing? Can you tell me about the influences I have to watch out for — to be aware of?

My pleasure. But it is only a reminder. Let me give it to you as a ROTE . . .

Later, I rolled the ROTE I had been given. Freely translated and condensed, here it is:

There is a broad field of energy which for convenience is called (M). It is virtually unrecognized in our contemporary civilization. It is the only energy field common to and operational both within and outside time-space and is present in varying degrees in all physical matter. Because of the tendency of (M) to accumulate in living organisms, LIFE — or Layered Intelligence-Forming Energy — is a useful acronym for one band of the (M) Field spectrum.

So this was the first part of our quote and now comes the first interruption – some comments.

It actually starts with Robert Monroe asking his higher self, or his subconscious, or those parts of his being who are in the hereafter, how he can protect himself against negative influences. And as Robert Monroe is in an out-of-body state, he communicates in his mind and therefore through telepathy. And a ROTE is a packet of information that is transferred in a moment via thought-transference. And the protection about which he wants information is protection from the wrong kind of thoughts.

So it is about this important aspect of our life that deals with the influx into our thinking and that comes from spiritual beings and that is about thoughts these spiritual beings place into our mind and which we think have been generated by ourselves.

Now it would be nice if only the spiritual beings out of that part of the spiritual world would broadcast into our mind who are existing in the kingdom of light.

But this is not the case. The spirit beings in the kingdom of darkness also have access to our mind and the reason being our status of being in a situation of examination that is to check if we are ready to leave the kingdom of the god of this world and re-enter the kingdom of light and return to God.

And this sorting out our thought life is the actual battle we have to fight here on earth and it is fought out in our mind.

And this energy field operates in the here-now and the here-after, in the physical universe of ours and in other physical universes and in non-physical universes - outside of physical universes.

When our scientist – our so-called scientists – try to investigate this energy field, then they, for example, look at cosmic rays and try to find out where they might come from and they look for natural causes and hope to find material things like heavenly bodies or gammy ray burst as sources and always get disappointed simply because they do not want to accept spiritual sources and the existence of the world of the spirit.

So now comes the second part of our quote:

In the Earth Life System, (M) is present in greater concentration, ranging from "inert" matter through microorganisms to Human Minds. The variance and spectrum of (M) radiation is extremely wide by local standards, yet is only a small notch in the total breadth of the (M) Field.

This probably means that the energy on earth is present in greater concentration than outside of earth, especially outside of the atmosphere of earth. That the radiation is extremely wide could be an indication that the known bandwidth of electromagnetic radiation that is based on the speed of light may not be the only one but that there others based on other speeds, probably much higher than the speed of light.

See Intrinsic speed of light.

Here the third part of our quote:

All living organisms use (M) to communicate. Animals are more aware of (M) radiation than humans, who, with few exceptions, have no awareness of it at all.

The first sentence in this third part clearly indicates that thought-transference is the universal way of communication and it also means that communication exists between all parts of creation because there is nothing that is not living. Everything is spiritual, even when the spiritual has failed and is therefore imprisoned in matter.

The second sentence in this third part of the quote agrees with other statements coming from spiritual writings.

We want to have a look at one of them. It comes from Jakob Lorber’s "The Great Gospel of John":

jl.ev08.028,04-20 + jl.ev08.029,01-12 About infinite space and eternity


[4] Then Lazarus said: “Lord and Master, I still have a few of those dark corners in myself. If ever You would like to be so merciful to enlighten these, that would be a great relief for my soul.”

[5] I said: “I already know for what you are thirsting, and I also could lay an enlightened answer in your heart, but because it here concerns the enlightenment of all who are present here, so that many a man among you would be aware if also in himself it is already a complete light, you should ask your question openly, then I also will give an audible and clear answer to everyone.”

[6] Then Lazarus continued: “Lord and Master. After what You have explained to us about the great spheres and heavenly bodies, about the shell globes and about the great Cosmic Man, it has become very clear in me concerning the overwhelming endless greatness of the eternal unlimited space. But soon after that, I discovered a very big dark abyss, over which even my most daring thought dare not to fly over.

[7] Look, the fact that the space of creation is infinite and thus can have no end in any direction, is very clear to me and certainly also to everyone. But what is the actual eternity of it? Who has stretched out space so infinitely far, and how and when? What is actually eternity, and how, in time and space, is God Himself eternal and infinite in everything? Look, Lord and Master, that is for a mortal human being regarding You certainly a very improper question, but can a soul who has a need of light, help it if such thoughts come up in him?”

[8] I said: “You named it a very improper question regarding Me. I however, call this a very good and very proper question, and will give to all of you an answer that is as clear as possible.

[9] Look! God, space and eternity are again equal to the concepts of Father, Son and Spirit. The Father is entirely Love and consequently an eternal striving for the most perfect existence by the power of the eternal will in that love. Space, or the Son, is also from that eternal striving of love the eternal resulting existence. Eternity, or the Spirit, as the endless initial power in the Father and the Son is the working of and accomplishment of the strivings of the love in the Son.

[10] If space started from one point that expanded in all directions unto infinity, then firstly it was as little as infinite as the great Cosmic Man. Secondly, the question arises out of itself: what was that which undoubtedly surrounded that point endlessly far in all imaginable directions from which later the infinite space of creation expanded. Was it the ether without light, or was it the heathenish chaos, or was it a complete firm substance, or was it the air or water or fire?

[11] If it was one of those named things, then how did that point in space have the power in itself to drive such endless large quantities of substances out of itself endless times into the infinite. And where did those substances end up if the eternal endless space came from this original point? Then there is no other possibility except that they have to be outside of the endless space, just like in the beginning when they were also outside of that point out of which the endless space would have come forth. However, if this could be somehow imaginable, then the space of creation would again be limited, and even if it would expand eternally farther and farther, then it still could never be infinite.

[12] With this you can see that the space of creation was out of necessity eternally endless in all directions and can never have known a beginning. And since God, space and eternity are identical – just like I already have told you – then God, who unites all these concepts in Himself, is also without beginning, for a beginning of God is quite as inconceivable as the beginning of the existence of the endless space and at the same time of the eternal time. I believe that this is now made clear enough, so that everyone can understand this.

[13] But I still can see a certain dark rock in you, and you still are not able to climb over it. Look, this rock exists of the fact that you are imagining the endless and eternal space as dead in itself and without any life intelligence. And therefore you also cannot understand how God as the only eternal life principle has found in a certain way Himself in the eternal and endless death and has recognized and understood Himself as the most perfect life.

[14] Yes, if one has such an idea of the endless and eternal space of creation, then he can indeed very difficult or not at all understand how the infinite Spirit-God was able to find also in eternity His way in the eternal endless death as a perfect life.

[15] Therefore, form yourself precisely an opposite idea of the eternal endless big space. Imagine that in it there is not a single little point that is without life and without intelligence, and that even that which is in your eyes dead and which seems to be completely without life, is not dead and without life, but only judged by God’s almighty will, just like you yourselves can observe from a heavenly body or from its apparent lifeless elements.

[16] However, if all heavenly bodies with their most divers elements are nothing else and also cannot be anything else except ideas and thoughts of Himself that are fixed by God’s almighty will, then how can they be considered by men as dead and without any intelligence?

[17] If God, who is identical with the endless space and its eternal time, is in Himself entirely the highest and most perfect Life, then how can that which wholly comes out of Him be dead, without life and without intelligence?

[18] Consequently, that which exists and which seems to be dead in your eyes, is only judged by God in this way and can return to the complete free life as soon as God will unloose the firm bands of His will of such a judged thing.

[19] You have seen something similar with Me and with My permission also with Raphael when stones were suddenly changed into their original ether, or when this ether became a firm stone of which the pillar along the way to Emmaus gives you a very tangible example.

[20] Since all this is so and can impossibly be otherwise, you should, in order to really come to a true representation of God, completely ban from the endless space all that which is in relation to dead, and imagine nothing else than life and once more life and nothing else than intelligence and once more intelligence, for in the endless Being of God’s intelligence and power no death can exist.


[1] However, man who is gifted with an individual life-consciousness considers the endless space of creation and the unknown countless things which it contains as dumb, dead and without intelligence. Why this seems to be like that to man has a wise reason, which is that his life-consciousness must acquire the full godlike life’s independence. For that, by My will, man is completely separated from the universal life-consciousness with its endless and highest intelligence, so that the life-consciousness of man would find itself in it and by that, as if by the external revealed way, he also would develop and strengthen himself for its eternal independent existence.

[2] However, as long as man tries to acquire his life’s independence by himself he hardly has any notion that he is completely surrounded by sheer life and the highest life’s intelligence and is also – as far as his body is concerned – permeated by it. Otherwise he would in fact not exist at all. However, when he is ready for it according to God’s revealed will, because his inner spirit has completely permeated him, then the whole person is in free contact with the highest life and its enlightened intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing his individuality and personality by that. Then he discovers no more a dead and dumb space or dead stones, but then for him everything becomes life and light and intelligence that is aware of itself.

[3] The fact that this is so is in the first place proven to you by My omniscience that has been tried by you many times. Indeed, how could I know endlessly many and all things if the space between Me – that means My individual-personal Being – and for instance the sun or another still much further distanced object, would be without life and intelligence? And secondly, it is also proven by the wisdom of a lot of people who – without leaving their place – know many things concerning something that exists on another place at a great distance and how and what happens to it, or what will happen in the future.

[4] The 7 Egyptians are a vivid example of it. Who informed them that I was here? By this great and universal intelligence they became aware of it in themselves, as well as the way that guided them to this place. If the space between here and Upper-Egypt would be without intelligence, then they could impossibly know what is and what happens here.

[5] The soul of a human being is in his body only separated by a very thin wall that is in no way connected with the universal life’s intelligence, and in his natural condition this is sufficient for him to have mostly no idea of what is and what happens close by, as if it were behind his back. And he does not even understand 1.000 times a 1.000th part of what is happening before his eyes. All this is because of the very thin separating wall mentioned before, that exists between his particular and the universal endless spatial life. If this separating wall would be very impenetrable and extensive, what would such an enormously isolated soul still know of what is existing around him on all sides?

[6] However, the fact that a soul – for reasons only known to Me – is separated by a stronger and denser wall of separation from the universal supreme intelligent godly life, you very well can see with the mentally deficient, the dumb and the socalled stupid. Such a soul is thus only capable of a very poor development or sometimes even not at all.

[7] Why also this is allowed I know very well, and some of My old disciples know it partially also. The rest of you however will come to know it later.

[8] Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space and are therefore capable, by their inner feeling to do that for which they are destined according to their capacity and arrangement. Every animal knows the food that is good for him and knows where to find it. He has his weapons and knows how to use them without any practice.

[9] So also, the spirit of the plants knows exactly that element in the water, in the air and in the earth that is beneficent for its specific individuality. The spirit of the nature soul of the oak will at no time draw the elements to itself that the cedar needs for its existence. Indeed, who tells a plant to draw only that element that is intended for it? Look, all this is the work of the highest and universal life’s intelligence of space. From this, every plant and animal soul draws a special necessary intelligence and is further active according to its instructions.

[10] But if this is so – something that every person can always clearly see from his experience – then it is obvious that the endless space and everything that it contains is one life and one supreme intelligence. The human soul can only see that unconsciously because he can create his lasting life’s independence by his separated intelligence, which is immense. This is something of which no soul of an animal or plant is capable of, and therefore it has no separated existence as such, but only a mixed and therefore, up to the human soul a countless times changeable existence of which it also cannot retain any memory, for after each mixture and changing of being it goes over to another sphere of intelligence.

[11] Even the soul of man as the highest empowered mixture of mineral, plant and animal souls, has no memory of his former forms of existence, because the specific soul elements in the earlier mentioned 3 kingdoms do not have a strictly separated intelligence, but for the benefit of their kind only a kind of intelligence that was taken from the universal godly life in space. Although in a human soul all the countless specific former parts of intelligence were united with each other, and this leads to the fact that the human soul can certainly recognize all things out of himself and can evaluate them intelligently, but a specific remembrance of the former levels of existence is not imaginable or possible because in the human soul there was only one human being that came into existence from the endless many separated souls.

[12] However, when man is completely permeated with the Spirit of life and light, he will perceive such an order in himself, just like I am eternally and always perceiving this in Myself, namely that everything exists out of Me and that I am everything in everything. And do tell me now, friend Lazarus, if you have well understood all that. And all of you are also free to give your ideas about it.”

See Why animals know so much more than we do

Now we come to another statement from the writings of Jakob Lober, but this is from his work "From Hell to Heaven," from chapter 27:

3 “Do you imagine that God will command you either to descend to hell, or to enter the heavens? Oh, such ideas you need not entertain; there you are completely free; whatever your love desires shall become yours! God can also assist you for the better part, if you want it. If you don’t want such help, God shall not force it on you, and that because you have a free life, completely independent of God, which is capable of self-determination as desired, and hence also has to take care of its food and fortifying, completely independent of God, otherwise it would be truly no free life!
4 “If however God causes man to be born into the world naked and completely helpless, then this is to free life already then, in order to it getting accustomed to being handed over to itself from birth. - Wherefore this process of life-separation must take its inception when the child is not capable of any idea, concept or conscious pain. Because such life-separation, if happening to a man capable of conceptualisation, would render him incapable of bearing the great pain and sorrow. Does not man mourn when a best friend is, as it were, separated from his life-band through death? How much more would man grieve if he had to separate from God, his very own life-Father, in fullest consciousness, - what nevertheless has to take place because without this act of pain, no life could be set free besides God.
5 “The Lord’s deepest wisdom and love pairs such separation with a state of almost complete lack of feeling on man’s part. He adds to the initially fully bound spiritual life an outer natural life, which hides the erstwhile life united with God, for an indeterminate time, so that the spirit would be more easily accustomed to such separation, and more easily find its bearings for such future, absolutely free life. Say, can man therefore blame or even deny God, when He does what His own highest love, wisdom and order dictate?
6 “Had there been another way for free development of life out of itself, with less pain, then the deity is certain to have incorporated it into His order. But in the nature of life, - things as they are and have to be, there is no better way. The way therefore is good and relevant. And since it is so and not otherwise, the matter is in itself the best proof of God’s visible, material proof of His existence, without Whom nothing can arise, exist or endure.
7 “If however God’s presence is therewith manifest, how does He deserve to be derided by a wise man, as you purport to be? Behold, dear friend, what injustice you do to the great, holy Father!”

And now statements from Bertha Dudde concerning this subject:

From B.D. NR. 1118, 27.9.1939
The development of all other creatures is according to God’s will. The development of man however or of the human soul, is their own will alone – and depends on how their attitude towards the word of God is.

From B.D. NR. 1396, 28.4.1940
And so it is only limitedly possible to give information to Earth children, and only the most intimate desire for it removes the veil, which is spread over everything, as long as the being still belongs to Earth. But it is possible for him who strives earnestly, to also lift this veil and to see consciously into the kingdom beyond, but then his departure from Earth is also no longer far. Amen. B.D. NR. 1396.

So these were passages from messages coming to us via Bertha Dudde.

But now follow two complete message of Bertha Dudde, which give insights into the purpose of this veil:

The secret about the divine rule and working.

3. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1800.

The secret about the divine rule and working in creation is hidden to you men, i.e., it will not be recognizable outwardly for you, how the development of all entities takes place, how spiritual and earthly working stands in context with each other and which development possibilities the entities have, to prepare itself for the final goal in eternity. This also must so to speak remain a secret, as long as man does not have deeper interest in lifting this secret – however he is not hindered to penetrate into something unfathomable for the general public. There are certainly barriers set, but which man can tear down when he wants it. As it were a curtain is drawn, which masks what mankind would not grasp. Who however wants to have a look behind the curtain, to him this is not refused; on the contrary, information is given to him most extensively; he is allowed to lift the veil that is spread over the rule and working of God, as often as he wants. That God now withholds knowledge about it from the general public has its wise reason. Empty knowledge – which only the intellect of man but not the heart would receive, has no spiritual value at all, and would just lead to unparalleled confusion of human thinking. Spiritual work can only be grasped with the spirit, and again nothing is to be understood in creation as long as the spiritual purpose is not laid clear, because the earthly work of creation is based on spiritual causes. The will to get to know the deep importance of all that, what is created, also results in the making knowledge accessible; then man learns to recognize the earthly purpose of the works of creation as unimportant and to attach the deeper importance to the spiritual purpose. And now he lifts the veil because he wants to become knowledgeable. The will is the basic condition. Something is not to be spread before the eyes of the one who does not want, what delights indescribably him who wants to know, but would be received completely unimpressed by the former. What now remains a secret to him, is like an extremely informative book to the man who desires knowledge, into which he can become engrossed in any way he wants and draw deepest wisdom from it. He now begins to grasp the spiritual currents; he recognizes the work of God; he recognizes the context of the individual works of creation with each other and their purpose; and now he also grasps his mission. He lives consciously while the one without knowledge lives futilely, i.e. only fulfils his earthly task. He runs outside of the curtain; he passes it by and does not know which treasures are hidden behind it. Divine love withholds from no man the knowledge about God’s work and rule. God only makes conditions. Therefore man sets the limits for himself. When he fulfils the conditions then also the gift is unlimited, which is offered to him. But otherwise he removes himself; he closes the eyes, which could see, and the ears, which could hear. He does not take advantage of the divine favour, to his own harm. This spiritual won knowledge could now be imparted from man to man, but also now the curtain would again push in front because man, who does not want earnestly, also lacks the power of recognition. Therefore the will is again necessary to be able to understand that what is laid before him about the work and rule of God in creation. Man can cover earth life without having won the smallest knowledge about this divine secret, but once it will be revealed to him when he has reached the height in the hereafter. But indisputably faster in the upward development goes he when he already on earth acquires knowledge about it, because now all his thinking and acting can become a blessing to him, because he lives life consciously, because he uses the spiritual currents and therefore stands in intimate contact with the spiritual power and its donator, who also as it were has reached the aim what had been set for every work of creation by God – the conscious turning toward God – which is the aim and purpose of all creation. The knowledge about everything makes it easy for man to turn to God; the smallest will toward God also imparts to man the knowledge, therefore always the will must first become active, but then man can record greatest spiritual success, because he becomes knowledgeable and through knowledge and its imparting he also intimately connects with God. Amen. B.D. NR. 1800.


Unbreakable ties from the hereafter to earth.

4. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1801.

The love of God allows it that spiritual perfect beings get into contact with imperfect earth men. In his will threads are spun from the hereafter to earth, and still only little attention is paid to these connections. It should be the greatest experience for man when he receives news that God expresses himself and announces his will. However it hardly touches most men, and only a very small number acknowledges this event as something extraordinary and is delighted through the obvious supply of favour of God. It is like an impenetrable fog, which has spread over the souls of men, and the rays of the spiritual sun are not able to break through this fog. And it is again as if men defend themselves against the recognition. They do not really want to be led out of darkness to the light; they feel the state of their soul not so lacking, that they would like to repair it; they feel happy in their ignorance and therefore demand no knowledge, and that is extremely regrettable, because the most valuable gift of favour passes them by unused. And even those who seek God lack right understanding, because these are not impartial. They have become obsessed with their own opinions and can no longer free themselves from them. They certainly take notice of the divine work, but their hearts do not hunger after divine wisdom, and therefore they also cannot receive it, or else they do not see this miracle as such. They consider the received wisdom as human thought product and therefore do not attach the deep value to it. They also do not give up one iota from the teaching, which men imparted to them, and this cannot be completely united with the divine teaching. However they refuse to give up the old false teaching, and no matter how visibly the expressions of God are taking place, always only those men believe, who are completely uneducated in the spirit, i.e., whose degree of knowledge is unimportant and who are therefore never respected by the world. These will have a finer feeling and also clearly recognize the ribbon, which God’s intimate fatherly love has formed with men on earth. And this ribbon is unbreakable. God’s love lets something come into being what is to have continued existence through infinite times. He wants to bring salvation to many men through this, lead them to knowledge and to a living faith, for who recognizes in this event the visible work of God, he must also without fail reach deep, living faith; that is the surest sign of the divine sending, that it requires faith in an unsurpassable divinity and that this faith has greatest success as consequences. When man can find this faith, then it will also be easy for him, to acknowledge and to understand God’s work, because he then also acknowledges a kingdom outside of earth, and the connection between the two is for him nothing impossible at all, because he then also believes in the infinite love of God and finds in it the reason for everything what is. God gives his word to men, and this is the surest sign of his love, and happy who take it in deep faith and respect God’s will, which he announces thereby. Amen. B.D. NR. 1801.

This is now the end of the announcements by Bertha Dudde and we come back to the quote from Robert Monroe’s third book.

Now the long quote that we consider here in detail and that actually comes from the chapter before the previous chapter, is a passage that comes from Robert Monroe’s third book, "Ultimate Journey." And when one reads his three books then one gets the impression that Robert Monroe is such a case that he actually was not able to lift the veil, that he could not grasp with his spirit the spiritual work. And the reason for this was that nothing is to be understood in creation as long as the spiritual purpose is not laid clear, because the earthly work of creation is based on spiritual causes.

He again and again has discussion with his higher Selfs, or with spiritual beings, and he, and also them, could not lift the veil and could not grasp the purpose of life because they lacked knowledge about the purpose of creation.

Reading his books would be much more enlightening had Robert Monroe known the purpose of creation and discussed his experiences in the light of this knowledge.

And the purpose of life is that the beings that God had created as gods and who had failed, got imprisoned by God in matter as matter and are now supposed to get rehabilitated so that they are on their way back to God.

The purpose is to know, or to get to know, where we come from, and to know where we are heading for.

It is the conscious turning toward God – which is the aim and purpose of all creation.

We now come to the fourth part of the quote from Robert Monroe’s book "Ultimate Journey:"

Thought is a much-used perturbation of (M), and emotions are bands of (M) adjacent to thought. Love is also a band of (M) adjacent to thought. Thought-induced phenomena, willful or autonomic, are side-band couplings of (M), and thought affects and modulates (M) radiation.

Now a perturbation is something that throws into confusion or disorder, that disturbs mentally, that agitates. And this is something that happens in the space around the planet Earth and that we cannot perceive with our physical senses but that Robert Monroe very much perceived when he was in a state out of his body and perceived it with his inner senses. And this space around the Earth is what Monroe calls the Belief-System-Territories where the souls of most men go after physical death and where their thoughts, their wrong thoughts, cause such terrible noise.

The next part is the fifth:

The introduction by humans of time-space forms of communication (speaking, writing, touching) greatly affected the need for and the growth of (M)-based information systems. Nevertheless, humans are subject to constant (M) input from other sources, including human sources, without the conscious knowledge of either sender or receiver.

This is really a quite important fact that thoughts are coming to us from other spiritual beings and that these thoughts and these beings are not necessarily positive but can be quite negative and that it is our job to decide what to do with them. And that we can actually only then do properly when we are aware that they are coming to us from outside and that we are to reject those that are from the wrong source, resist the devil, and maintain those that are of spiritual benefit to us. And this also means that we ourselves should send out only thoughts that help others and bring light and peace and healing.

Our thought activities, our thought-transferences, which are telepathy, are not limited to spaces around the planet Earth; they have no limited ranges and reach infinity. And they are instantaneous. There is no such speed limit as the speed of light. When we pray the prayer of intercession then we can reach anybody anywhere. And when we think about the things we discuss here in this chapter then there are plenty of other beings who are interested in the things that go on in our mind and are eager to look and hear in.

The following is the sixth part of the quote:

The I-There is composed solely of (M), "There" being outside time-space but within the (M) Field. Humans who are not mind-active in time-space, who are phased out during sleep, unconscious, or otherwise, are operating in the (M) Field with a lesser phase relationship to the physical. Except for those proficient in the process, most are fully occupied with coping in the (M) Field and have no more awareness of (M) energy systems than they had in the physical environment. Those who are proficient in (M) techniques rarely find Earth Life System applications worth the effort. There is more excitement elsewhere.

There is this sentence: Except for those proficient in the process, most are fully occupied with coping in the (M) Field and have no more awareness of (M) energy systems than they had in the physical environment.

Now "those" are the people who have died and are now in the hereafter. And there the proficient ones, the ones that are the exception, are those who are spiritually advanced and know how to operate in the spiritual kingdom. But the majority simply experiences the darker part of hell because they just carry on living in hell, without spiritual insight, as they did here on earth.

And the spiritual advanced ones are glad that they could leave earth and matter behind them and are now liberated from their body.

And now the seventh part:

Bonding effected during physical lifetimes is strictly (M) Field imprint. It continues between individual I-There clusters during any mind-consciousness state. Those who have moved completely out-of-phase with time-space — those who have died — may initially seek to retain contact with the Earth Life System. Their lack of skill precludes all but the most rudimentary attempts. After a short time by Earth standards, this communication drops low in priority. However, the new bonding from life experience does add to the interaction between I-There clusters. The stronger the bonding, such as a love of major proportions, the closer the continuing interaction between the clusters.

The lack of skill and the abundance of skill are what matters, but we are talking here about skill related to spiritual abilities, skills to operate in the spiritual realm and that are skills like communicating with other beings on a spiritual level or knowing how to get something from God or how to pray for others and to intercede for them.

How do I attain peace when I am agitated? Am I used to always return in my thinking back to God? Am I aware of incoming thoughts that my spiritual friends send to me and do I react to them actively or do I just carry on thinking about something else?

The eighth part:

The influence of (M) Field thought radiation induced by Human Minds would be overwhelming were it not for the inherent phase relationships involved. As in consciousness phasing, the entire individual system of awareness is in phase — tuned in — with only parts of this radiation. If there is no alignment of a given frequency, there is no reception. (M) Field influence continues not only in time-space but also in (M) Field residence, temporary or permanent. Through experience, methods that prevent reception of undesirable thought radiation may be learned, often painfully. It is a matter of phasing. Shut off the aligning receptor thought-form and there is no influence. This holds true both in physical and nonphysical environment.

To consciously sort out undesirable thoughts is of major importance. We reject them. We cannot prevent the devil from flying over our head but we can prevent him from building a nest on our head.

The ninth part:

Group thought, especially when it is primarily emotion-inducing, can be highly contagious, owing to the extreme amplitude of the radiation. Conversely, the organized (M) Field radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough, be many thousand times greater than that of the group. Whatever the source, reception can influence any mind and/or body that contains resonant receptors.

We live in the world and therefore we are influenced by it. The world tries to hypnotize us and to run our life in conformity to it. It is like living in a dictatorship. The less we are aware of it the more such a system can make us do things we do not really want to do. We always have to be on the lookout and prevent the wrong ideas to settle in us. The best way to combat bad influences is to send out good ones. As a single individual we can be of much higher influence than all the people around us and cause the light to shine in much darkness.

The tenth:

There is an internal factor of influence to include. Emotional thoughts have the capacity to instill signals into the physical body which may be misinterpreted. These can interfere not only with the physical DNA format but also with the I-There pattern. This interference is engendered unintentionally by the physical Human Mind manipulating the (M) Field. The results may vary from strong physical health through immunity, to severe illnesses, as well as their remission, placebos, "miracle cures," to physical death.

We program our mind in such a way that it thinks about divine health. The older we get the healthier we get. We banish terminologies that refer to sicknesses and all related things from our mind. We are aware of placebos and nocebos and use the former and discard the latter.

The eleventh:

Throughout human history, there have been those who have possessed degrees of control of their (M) Field thought radiation. In some cases this was a product of synthesis by the personality cluster selected for that particular life experience. In others, the process was developed in the individual by an accumulation of residual thought radiation and translated into a working system. By control is meant the willful selection or rejection of incoming thought radiation through manipulation of receptor phasing. The quality and amplitude of the thought radiation expressed by these individuals were directed by the human mind-consciousness to serve planned purposes. The most apparent of these individuals history records as political and religious leaders. The most successful have gone unnoticed owing to the deliberate lack of continuity in their activities. The latter have the means to couple other (M) Field bands with that of thought to produce a variety of experiences within the receptor, to alter matter both in structure and form, and to vary time-space energy fields.

Our life system can only be understood in the context of both, the material and spiritual system. The material world cannot be seen as isolated system, it exists together with the spiritual world, and in this complete world disorder decreases and spiritual progress is achieved. See
B.D. NR. 2206 – Growing and passing away.
Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics

The twelfth:

Expressions of minor (M) Field control have abounded throughout recorded human history. They include medicine men, mind readers, witches, magicians, soothsayers, early kings and emperors, hypnotists, mediums, healers, psychokineticists, to mention only a few. Imitators without such control have been rife in every era.

We should be in control of our life and that includes both, the material life and the spiritual life. Being also in control of the spiritual part of life does not need to mean that we have to be a person having seemingly any supernatural abilities. It simply means to have knowledge about spiritual things and apply it.

The thirteenth:

The power of beliefs and belief systems lies in various manipulations of (M) Field energy. Your beliefs become Knowns when you recognize or experience this manipulation.

The power of faith lies in controlling our thoughts and what goes on in our thoughts can be observed by listening to our words that come out of our mouth. That is the way to measure our faith initially and then we have to completely be led by the spirit of God and turn with our thoughts again and again to him.

The fourteenth:

There are very few ways and means to learn control of (M) Field radiation within contemporary civilizations. This is because of the intense and near-exclusive preoccupation with time-space energies, especially those of the Earth Life System. However, there is some evidence, collected from all over the world, of exploration in the (M) Field with productive results. It is likely that participants would agree that it is too little, too late, and this exploration is not likely to be a factor in the possible survival of human civilization in the current context.

We have to get the world out of our system. At the end of this redemption period there will indeed be few who have done so. The beginning of the new redemption period will be a major step in the right direction.

The fifteenth:

What could possibly be more basic than the energy field we use, I reflected after studying the ROTE. It amazed me that I had gone all these years without troubling to perceive what had been unloaded on me. It was as if one had been swimming in an ocean for years without feeling the water! There was less curiosity in me than I had thought.

This energy coming from God is indeed something basic to all life and is the bases of all universes, physical and spiritual. And as there is only One, this energy is God. It is love and life and light.

The sixteenth:

The idea that every thought I may have that is tinged with emotion radiates uncontrolled outward to others is heavy with implication. It is even more uncomfortable to be the recipient of such thoughts that others may emanate. This realization would support the effort of those who make the unrealistic attempt to spread love and light in a predator world, or those who hold that we are part of a Universal One.

We always have to come back to our thought life. It is that thing in our life we really know that it exists. It determines everything. And love is highly realistic.

The seventeenth:

This knowledge also fills in a part of our mind-consciousness that is usually omitted. Most human (M) Field energy is not love and light. To participate openly in this energy, in phase with all of it, could be devastating. Thus a form of shielding develops automatically as insulation. When and if leaks occur in the form of inadvertent phasing — emotional thinking — we become exposed to an incredible amount of discordant and dangerous radiation.

We do not participate in the thinking of the world. We lead every thought into the obedience of Christ. It is the Christ thinking in which we participate. It is the peace of God.

The eighteenth:

The ROTE covers other areas also. Charisma, "gut" feelings, instant likes and dislikes without surface justification, and especially the origin and power of belief systems that evoke emotion in large quantities — they all drop into place. Also dealt with is the increasing amount of unexplained phenomena in human action and behavior that cannot be measured by time-space measurement systems and therefore is automatically rejected by orthodox or conventional thinking. One clear example is the placebo effect, recognized time and again but rejected as a prime tool because it does not fit conventional standards. Perhaps this is a case of (M) Field activity.

The placebo effect is well known in science and it proves that physical means of medication are not really needed, that the right belief is just enough. Faith is the prime tool. And all the negative things people experience are also caused by their beliefs and there it does not matter if they know about their beliefs or believe that they have no such beliefs.

The nineteenth:

What of those who apparently are well versed in (M) Field techniques but are very quiet about it? There are nearly six billion humans in physical existence in this time frame. By interpretation of the ROTE it would seem that at least six thousand, who will never be publicly known, possess what may be called incredible ability. This figure can be reduced even more, leaving us with six hundred humans in physical existence at this moment who are on the loose and unrecognized and who can do covertly anything imaginable — and much that we cannot imagine. I believe that I may have met one of them; but I do not know. Where are they? one wonders. What are they doing? How are they using their abilities? If they keep themselves so successfully hidden, there must be good reasons. What reasons? And why are they hanging around being human?

Where are they? And when one comes and demonstrates the power of God to men then hardly anybody pays attention and the priest caste will demand that he is killed and the world will crucify him.


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