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This is the 63. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


63. From man to angel


by Frank L. Preuss


Now death was never really intended when Adam and Eve were created by God.

The first example is their first child, Cain, because he still lives and is therefore now more than 6000 years old. This story of Cain can be read in Jakob Lorber’s work The Household of God.

Now our second example is Enoch; he also did not experience death and also still lives, but no longer on this Earth.

Our third example comes with the rapture at the end of this redemption period. Also these people do not die at the end of the world and will live on Earth on the renovated surface and will have such high spiritual standard that they also might get raptured a second time when it is time for them to leave this Earth.

But all these three examples are just examples and more can be found on our webpage Adam’s family.

I am now coming to the ideas of Amid Goswami, a scientist, who turned away from matter and turned towards consciousness as his field of investigation.

A quote from Amid Goswami follows from his book "quantum CREATIVITY – Think Quantum, Be Creative".

Page X
After years of trepidation and false starts, I realized one evening during a discussion with a friend that the only way to resolve the quantum paradox was to break away completely from the current materialist paradigm, already irreparably damaged by quantum mechanics. A new premise composed of the idea that consciousness – not matter – is the true foundation of being would give rise to a reinvigorated science capable of moving beyond its previous limitations into exciting new territory. I also noticed that this discovery filled me with the same intense joy that I had experienced in the Snakepit cafeteria.

I now bring some other quotes from the book of Amid Goswami:

Page 24
Discontinuity: Taking the Quantum Leap
Although there is much data suggesting that discontinuity is a feature of creative insights, some researchers have difficulty accepting this. If you are having similar difficulty, consider the work of Niels Bohr. When an electron jumps orbits in an atom, said Bohr, it does not travel through the intervening space, first the electron is here, and then it’s there. It disappears from the old orbit and reappears in the new without passing through the space in between. Instantaneously.

Page 24
The quantum leap.
Light is emitted only when the electron discontinuously jumps (denoted by "pop") from an upper to a lower orbit. The atomic orbits can be thought of as the rungs of a quantum ladder. The electron pops out of an upper orbit and pops into a lower one discontinuously.

Page 42
Electrons emit radiation only when changing orbits, not while they’re in these orbits.

Fig. 1. Atom


Now this is a picture of an atom, but the picture of the solar system is not much different.

Now what happens when a soul changes consciousness?

Let us consider that change in the state of consciousness that happens when a person "dies" – when the soul leaves the body and is – perhaps – transported to another planet, let us say to the planet Saturn.

Discontinuity is a feature of creative insights.

So this jumping to another orbit, from Earth to Saturn for example, is a spiritual advance. A jump out of the materialist world of Earth is a jump into the spiritual world of Saturn.

So this jumping to another orbit, in an atom, is a state of an electron that is not taking place in the material world but in the spiritual world. It is not perceived in the material world. So when an electron travels from one orbit to another it does not do this in the world of matter. It is the same with light. When light travels in space then it is not perceived in the material world. Only when light comes upon a material object it can be perceived and that is because it then becomes a material object, a photon. When light waves come upon matter they are transformed into particles. Or rather when light waves turn into particles then this is caused by observation. Observation is the cause. As soon as the cause finds observation then it is converted from wave to particle. When light waves turn into particles then this is caused by observation. See "Channeling" by Jon Klimo, 1987, Lazaris interviewed by Klimo. 88

Now when we consider Cainan, one of the patriarchs, the fourth - after Adam and Seth and Enos, the first three - we find that God not only transfigured him but that he also left the choice to him to move into the spiritual kingdom of light or to keep on living on Earth.

Here comes what God told Cainan:


Only now you have become a lord of your body and can now in this your earthly house go out and enter according to your pleasure.

When you still want to stay in it out of love towards me and towards the ones who are yours, I say to you, you are free to do such.

But when you rather want to step out of the body, either for ever or in the meantime only at times, - see, also such is completely up to you!

Now we come to a person who was left on Earth for a long time and who was apparently, not transfigured. In is a quote from Robert Monroe’s book "Ultimate Journey" and describes how Monroe made out-of-body journeys and one day visited the most mature and evolved human in physical earth, a person who lives for 1800 years.

In the now following conversations is mentioned the INSPEC, and that is an acronym for Intelligent Species, one presumed greater than the human version, or his, Monroe’s, higher self, or his subconscious. He also describes it as that part of the energy of a human being that is not corporeal.

Then there is mentioned a ROTE and that is an acronym for Related Organized Thought Energy, transmitted from one mind to another. A mental book or recording, complete with emotional and sensory patterns. A multiple layered thought bundle. It is something we receive in a dream when there is suddenly a person appearing and we know immediately some of this person’s background. It also typically happens when a spiritual being from the hereafter, gives us an idea for some action to take, for some new book or a new website or a single webpage, when we receive in our thoughts a complete bunch of thoughts, when we are led by the spirit.

I homed in on my INSPEC friend, who was waiting for me in the deep darkness. Now I knew that at least humans have one unique quality.

You managed that well. But there is another matter that occupies your mind. You have a hidden desire that you are trying to express.

Yes . . . there is one that I would like to visit. You know what I mean.

The most mature and evolved human in physical earth, living in your time reference.

That is so. Can it be done?

Yes, but the result may not be what you expect.

I wish to try, all the same.

I shall lead you.

I followed the dwindling curl of light through the darkness, for I don’t know how long. Suddenly I was in a room, a normal sort of room, sparsely furnished with a few chairs and easy chairs and a table. Two large windows allowed in rays of sunlight; outside there appeared to be a stand of tall trees. It could be anywhere on Earth.

At a desk on one side of the room sat a person. I couldn’t tell whether it was male or female; the face and body structure could be either. The face was almost unlined, the hair light brown and down just around the ears; the age somewhere between thirty and fifty, as far as I could tell. The clothing was simple, a white shirt and dark slacks.

But it was the radiation that stunned me. It was like standing in bright spring sunlight that was filled with every human emotion that ever existed. It was almost overwhelming – and yet familiar. It was equally balanced. One moment it was male, then I was sure it was female. A true equal – a He/She. Heshe!

The radiation closed off. Heshe – there had to be a name – looked up. The eyes were bottomless; I could detect no expression or emission. The control was perfect, yet I could not understand the reason for the restraint.

The lips didn’t move, but I heard. I was expecting this now. There was a warm chuckle in what I understood.

"Heshe? I’ve never had that name before."

"I meant no disrespect. I didn’t know what to call you."

"One name is good as another. Now, do you really believe I can be of help to you?"

"I always hoped that you could."

"In what way?"

"To answer a few questions . . ."

"What good would my answers be to you?"

"I . . . I don’t know . . ."

"You insist others obtain their own answers. Why should you be different?"

This struck home. It was as if my bluff had been called.

"You’re right. What I’m really interested in is you, not answers to my questions."

"I am only one of your statistics. One of the one-in-a-million types. Your friend has done well in locating me."

"I perceive you as occidental, yet no one on Earth really believes you exist. But . . . we have met before . . . just once . . . haven’t we?"

"You see? You are answering your own questions."

"Yet . . . you have lived only one physical lifetime. You have not been recycled, like the rest of us. But . . . how do I know these things?"

"You are reading my mind."

"Only a part of it, and with your permission, I’m sure. One continuous lifetime, for eighteen hundred years! How do you stay . . . young? "

"I keep changing jobs. That keeps anyone young. Is that a good answer?"

"A great one. What a pleasure to meet you this way! What is your job now, if it may be called that?"

"You might call me an organizer, or facilitator, whichever you kike."

"With your ability, I would think there is much you can do at this very moment."

"I keep busy."

"What . . . ? No, I can read it . . . you drive an ambulance, you’re a late-night bartender, a psychiatric counsellor . . . and you’re just on your way to teach history at the university. And there’s more."

"I like people."

"Wait . . . you flew gliders once, at Harris Hill . . . I think I remember you. That’s where it was!"

"Just having a little fun."

"Where do you eat and sleep?"

"I gave those up years ago."

"You must conduct fascinating lectures in history."

"I try to amuse, and confuse, with contradictions."

"Your next job . . . what kind of job will it be"

"Organizing, naturally. Introducing a Variable, just as you do. Such as this book, or the mind-altering programs you disseminate – all add a Variable into the lives of those who encounter them. Now, instead of all the questions, why don’t you read what needs organizing and the goals to be achieved? I can give you what you call a ROTE about that, about a plan that doesn’t involve communism or socialism, capitalism or dictatorship."

"They say it can’t be done."

"That is what makes it worth the effort. It needs a unified worldwide human endeavour. This will happen through recognized necessity, not through religions, race, or political beliefs, or force of arms."

"Necessity is severe stuff. The world would have to be in rough shape."

"That is the reason for waiting. The time will come."

"But worldwide, humans have never agreed on anything."

There was a sudden surge of energy, similar to what I had felt previously. As it faded, I knew the ROTE was in place, ready to be unrolled when the time was right. I had one more question for Heshe.

"When you have time, what about organizing the energy where we work? We need it."

"You do not really need it, but I will do my best."

"Will you be in physical form?"

"Certainly. But you will not recognize me."

"You know I will try."

"Of course, Ashaneen. And I will be ready for you. You cannot find me again unless I agree. And now I am due at the university."

"Thank you so very much. Will I see you again soon?"

"No. Not for a while."

Heshe, the Organizer, turned and left without a backward look.

So this was a person living on this Earth already 1800 years.

There is another person, a very well-known person, who lives already more than 6000 years on this Earth and that is the first person born of a woman, Cain, the brother of Abel.

Now follows information about Cain. Cain is also called Atheope:

And see, so this Atheope still lives today naturally and spiritually until this hour hidden on a small land in the middle of the great waters that will never be found by a mortal, as constant observer of your doings and pursuits.
And see, he ate and drank fruit of all kind and still fathered seven hundred children still thousand years long. But then he was renewed by me and ate and drank no longer because he was filled with my love for eternity, which there is the best food. Because who is filled with it, he will not see, taste and feel death for ever, and he will then never be hungry for food, nor be thirsty for a drink. And his dying will be a living leaving from life to life in life of life of the living through the living one, who is I myself.
And so filled, Atheope still lives up to the hour bodily as the first son of man in the wide face of the Earth and can see all men’s doings and goings on and is therefore an old witness of all my deeds until you.
He knew Noah, Abraham, Mose, all prophets and Mechisedek, the high priest.
And he was witness of my birth and my new creation through the greatest of all my works, namely through the work of redemption. And so he will also remain kept until to the full coming down of my holy city, what just now starts to happen, where he will also be fully accepted as loyal gate keeper; because except me no-one knows the serpent so through and through as him, to whom it has caused most trouble.
And now see, that is the story of Cain, given to you now for careful consideration about yourselves, so that you might find yourselves the sooner and the easier through this and recognize your evil at the fibre of the root and destroy it in the deepest foundations, to then find the already long lost paradise again and to finally become the true, loyal citizens of my new, great, holy city, as I am your most loyal, holiest and best father from all eternities of eternities. Amen.

And now still another quotation:

Children of Cain, of my brother who has been bad, who still lives and will live further through all Earth times, rules until the end of all times bodily, unreachable for all mortals until the speedy end of all evil, where to the late descendants after the great time of times the almighty will announce through a small seer great things and will mention your bad ancient father (what happens just now and has already happened), consider well, what I will tell you here and announce to you after the holiest will of God, the almighty, eternal creator, as also the most loving father of all angels and fathers and men!

And another one:

And now step nearer, you Cain!« And see, there Cain stepped to the flame brother Abel, and Abel hugged him, and so he became black like coal, and his hair became frizzy like a fur. And it also happened to all the rest of the five.
And then Abel said: »Now, brother Atheope, you are free from all guilt, which has remained at home with Enoch, and so now do according to the will of the Lord.«

Jesus says in John 21:22, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

So to live for a long time is a possibility we should keep it in mind, but the normal thing for a person whose spirit has become alive is to pass over to the hereafter and enter the spiritual kingdom and there that part of the spiritual kingdom that is the kingdom of light and be a light being, an angel.

I now want to bring some tangible facts about angels that help us to form a better image of them and help us meditating on the kingdom of God, seeking the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.

First comes a statement from an angel that gives general information regarding an angel:


   05] Says Jarah: »Well, what have you then still to do with it after that?«

   06] Says the angel: »We are pure reception containers of the divine will and after that the carriers of the same! See, we are as it were the wings of the divine will and are therefore quite actually the divine will itself, and however much faint a thought of us is enough – if we connect it with the power of divine will -, there is then a work also already accomplished, and therefore such speed in our acting!

One important aspect of angels is that they are spiritual beings and are therefore not restricted to time and space and are therefore able to move across huge distances in no time and this is therefore the same that is known in science as the interaction between entangled particles. No matter how large the distance the reaction is immediate:


   07] Do you see that bright star there standing in the rising? Well, if a prepared way would lead from here in the direction to it, indeed, the earth has not so much sand in the smallest dust particles, than a bird would need years to reach it, let alone a man in his fast running movement; and look, but for me it is possible to reach it and to again come back here in one moment! You will not even notice my absence, and I will nevertheless be there and again here! – Do you believe me?«

Now we come to several other abilities of an angel, materialisation, second sight and changing consciousness:


   11] Say I: »In the hand of this angel, yes! If you want, you can hand yourself over to him, and in a few moments you will again be here with me quite safe and well; but take also a souvenir with you from there!«

   12] After these words Jarah now handed herself over to the angel and said: »Well, I have courage; if you are able then carry me there!«

   13] There the angel lifted Jarah from the ground of the earth, pressed her quite intimately to his chest and disappeared. – After ten seconds he was again here together with Jarah, who had a stone in her apron, which was shining so brightly in the open as the morning star is shining in its most beautiful light.

   14] When Jarah had recovered a little bit from her astonishment, there she asked me: »Oh Lord, are then all these countless stars that what that star is, which I have now truly seen myself with my own eyes or with my soul eyes?

Jarah brought a stone from the star and that meant that the stone was dematerialized, by the angel, and rematerialized again on Earth.

But Jarah herself was dematerialized on Earth and materialized on the star so that she could see with her eyes and pick up a stone with her hand. And then the process was reversed for her to come back to Earth and produce the stone.

And the angel caused Jarah to get into a higher state of consciousness. She actually was already in a higher state of consciousness and that caused her to be able to see the angel in the first place.

So during the entire situation she was in that state of consciousness that she could see with her physical eyes as well as with the eyes of her soul.

There are three states of seeing. The first one is to see with the natural eyes and the second with the eyes of the soul and the third with the eyes of the spirit.

We want to have a look at what a seer, Rudolf Steiner, has to say to this. It comes from his book "Theosophy":

It has been said that the formations of any one of the three worlds can have reality for man only when he has the capacities or the organs for perceiving them. He perceives certain occurrences in space as light phenomena only because he has a correctly constructed eye. How much of what really exists reveals itself to a being depends upon his receptivity. A man, therefore, should never say that what is real is only what he can perceive. Much can be real that he cannot perceive for lack of organs.

Now, the soul world and the spirit world are just as real as the sensory world. Indeed, they are real in a much higher sense. No physical eye can see feelings and thoughts, yet they are real. Just as man by means of his outer senses has the corporeal world before him as an object of perception, so do feelings, instincts, and thoughts become objects of perception for his spiritual organs. Exactly as occurrences in space can be seen with the sensory eye as color phenomena, so can the above named soul and spiritual occurrences become, by means of the inner senses, perceptions that are analogous to the sensory color phenomena. To understand fully in what sense this is meant is only possible for one who has followed the path of knowledge described in the following chapter and has as a result developed his inner senses. For such a person the psychic phenomena in the soul region surrounding him, and the spiritual phenomena in the spiritual region, become supersensibly visible. The feelings of other beings that he experiences ray out to him from them like light phenomena, and thoughts to which he directs his attention surge through spiritual space. For him, the thought of one man about another is not something imperceptible but, on the contrary, is a perceptible occurrence. The content of a thought lives as such only in the soul of the thinker, but this content excites effects in the spirit world. They are the perceptible occurrence to the spiritual eye. The thought streams out as an actual reality from one man and flows to the other, and the way this thought acts on the other person is experienced as a perceptible occurrence in the spiritual world. Thus the physically perceptible man is only part of the whole man for the one whose spiritual senses are unfolded. This physical man becomes the center of soul and spiritual outpourings. It is impossible to do more than faintly indicate the richly varied world that discloses itself here to the seer. A human thought, which otherwise lives only in the understanding of the listener, appears, for example, as a spiritually perceptible color phenomenon. Its color corresponds with the character of the thought. A thought that springs forth from a sensual impulse in a person has a different color from a thought conceived in the service of pure knowledge, noble beauty or the eternally good. Thoughts that spring from the sensual life course through the soul world in shades of red. A thought by which the thinker rises to higher knowledge appears in beautiful light yellow. A thought that springs from devoted and unselfish love rays out in glorious rose red. Just as the content of a thought comes to expression in its supersensibly visible form, so also does the greater or lesser degree of its definiteness. The precise thought of the thinker shows itself as a formation with definite outlines; the confused idea appears as a wavering, cloudy formation.

In this way the soul and spirit nature of man appear as the supersensible part of the whole human being.

Steiner says, Now, the soul world and the spirit world are just as real as the sensory world.

And he says, Exactly as occurrences in space can be seen with the sensory eye as color phenomena, so can the above named soul and spiritual occurrences become, by means of the inner senses, perceptions that are analogous to the sensory color phenomena.

So there is the sensory world which we see with our bodily eyes, and then the soul world which see with our inner senses and the spirit world which we also see with our inner senses.

And Steiner says, For such a person the psychic phenomena in the soul region surrounding him, and the spiritual phenomena in the spiritual region, become supersensibly visible.

And now we come to another way of space travel. And it is explained by Jesus. The first way, he explains, is having been raptured. And that means that being raptured is being dematerialized. So here we have an alternative description of the rapture: dematerialization.

And then Jesus says, that with this second way of space travel one cannot that easily take over a stone. So it might be possible to take over a stone, but not that easily.

Here comes how this second type of space travel is done:

jl.ev02.137,01-04 Second journey to the star

   01] Say I: »That is completely enough! But I will now show you another way how a man completed in his heart can travel around stars without even having been raptured from this earth one line; but a luminous little stone one can of course there not that easily take over with as proof! – Now, have you taken note of the star, which you have travelled?«

   02] Says Jarah: »Yes, Lord!«

   03] Say I: »Now, so imagine it in your heart so really alive, look at it with your eyes some time steadfast and tell me how it will show itself to you after a few moments!«

   04] Jarah does this immediately, and after few moments she says: »Lord, Lord, you my God, you my love, now I see it, like at my outward flight in the fourth section. It now becomes greater and greater, and its light is hardly bearable! Ah, that is a terrible strong light; but fortunately it does not hurt the eyes! Oh, oh, now the whole firmament has become only a terrible strong, enormous powerfully surging sea of light! Oh God, Oh God, how great and marvellous are your works, and you walk in the flesh as a simple, unpretentious man among the human worms of this earth!

So this second way of travelling around stars is simply done by employing the will of the space traveller: the cosmonaut imagines the space travel in his heart.

Robert Monroe calls it call sign. He says it is the name and the address.

When Robert Monroe for example wanted to end his out-of-body experience to return to his body then he aimed for the call sign of his earthly body. He also calls it concentrating on the call sign.

Monroe calls it using a target mechanism, which is simply called call sign, and is similar to a signal, which one could follow to a certain place or being. He gives as an example that he wanted to visit a civilisation which was close to men, which was in time and space and which he could understand.

This call sign he also describes as a mental or spiritual name or address, i.e. the energy pattern of a "person" or of a "place".

It was the same way with Edgar Cayce. When he received a written request for help from a person who had a physical ailment then he just needed the name of the person and the place of that person and he then put himself into a trance and left his body and went to that person and investigated that person’s condition and reported it to his secretary and also the cure and this was then sent to that person and healing could take place.

So when we are in the hereafter and we want to get into contact with someone then we simply proceed this way: we intent to be with that person. We use our will.

Let us take another example, H. P. Blavatsky, how she retrieved material from the book of life, from the Akashic Record.

I now bring an extract from pages 150 to 151 of the book "H. P. Blavatsky – Collected Writings, Volume VI, 1883-1884-1885":

It would seem, therefore, that the quotations, as they appear in the text of H. P. B.’s article, are somewhat garbled, due to one or another reason. Special attention is drawn to the page reference, as given in the text, namely "p. 76." Aside from the omission of the digit 4, possibly through careless proof-reading, this reference might be a case in which, according to H. P. B.’s own explanation, some of the references seen by her in the Astral Light became reversed, as a result of her being disturbed while working. In her Reminiscences of H.P. Blavatsky and "The Secret Doctrine" (p. 33), Countess Wachtmeister relates how she once asked H. P. B. "how it was that she could make mistakes in setting down what was given to her." H. P. B. answered as follows:
"Well, you see, what I do is this. I make what I can only describe as a sort of vacuum in the air before me, and fix my sight and my will upon it, and soon scene after scene passes before me like the successive pictures of a diorama, or, if I need a reference or information from some book, I fix my mind intently, and the astral counterpart of the book appears, and from it I take what I need. The more perfectly my mind is freed from distractions and mortifications, the more energy and intentness it possesses, the more easily I can do this; but today, after all the vexations I have undergone in consequence of the letter from X., I could not concentrate properly, and each time I tried I got the quotations all wrong . . . "
Another possible instance of similar circumstances is mentioned on page 305 (footnote) of the Vth Volume (1883) of the present series. - Compiler.

And now still Elisha:

2 Kings 6:8-12

Then the king of Syria warred against Israel, and took counsel with his servants, saying, In such and such a place shall be my camp.

And the man of God sent unto the king of Israel, saying, Beware that thou pass not such a place; for thither the Syrians are come down.

And the king of Israel sent to the place which the man of God told him and warned him of, and saved himself there, not once nor twice.

Therefore the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing; and he called his servants, and said unto them, Will ye not shew me which of us is for the king of Israel?

And one of his servants said, None, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber.

At the first way of travelling Jarah was dematerialized and did not perceive anything about the actual travel, except when they stopped four times was she able to perceive something. But with this second way of travelling she was aware of what happened during the entire journey because she was not dematerialized.

Jarah says that the terrible strong light fortunately did not hurt the eyes, and that is so because Jarah left her body behind on Earth and saw the light with her inner senses and not with her outer senses and so she could not perceive pain.

It is the same when somebody "dies" and arrives in the hereafter, he also no longer feels the pain of his sick body because he left it behind.

In both her travels Jarah was in a certain way accompanied or guided by spiritual beings, by the angel and/or by Jesus. They determined to some extent where the trip went. And this is a thing that also Robert Monroe mentions.

Monroe had the problem at a certain stage of his development with out-of-body journeys that he did not know what he should do, where he should go , whom he should visit, and he came to the conclusion that these out-of-body states had to make some sense or had to have a meaning beyond that what his consciousness found important.

He found out that the limiting factor was obviously his consciousness and when he carried on leaving the decision regarding out-of-body trips to his consciousness then there would be no change. He was too much in control of himself. What would happen when he would leave the whole process of decision making to his whole self, the soul, which presumably would really be familiar with such activities, and told himself that the decision should be made by his whole self.

He just waited a few seconds and felt a powerful waving, a movement, an energy, and a completely new epoch started for him in his out-of-body activities.

Monroe started to be led by spirit.

From then on, he says, 90 per cent of these events were no longer applicable to the time-space medium.

He started to explore the spiritual world, and that because he left the guidance to spiritual beings, to his higher self, to his soul, to angels, to God.

Monroe says that his bodily here-and-now consciousness always participated in his activities, it was never left out.

So with space travel it is about gaining more insight into the spiritual realm, growing spiritually, getting to know better the kingdom of God.

Now follows how Jesus tells Jarah to aim for a destination:


   07] Jarah soon afterwards throws up her hands in horror and cries out really to her delight, saying: »But for the sake of your most holy name, that is indeed a magnificence of which a man has never been able to dream! Oh, that is indescribable! What rows of temples! What colonnades, what doms! No, this splendour, greatness and magnificence! Lord, I ask you, lead me back; because this too uncalled effusive magnificence would kill me!«

   08] Say I: »Now, then close your eyes and think of me and of the earth, then it will soon be again well!« - Jarah does this and now sees again her star as star before her.

And after this Jarah enquires about her first trip, where she was raptured, and how it was different to the second:


   09] As she has again collected herself a little, she (Jarah) asks me immediately: »Lord, has for example the angel also this way, like you now, shown me that star? Because I now have seen it much better then formerly and was only to a certain extent merely spiritually there. I think the dear, good angel had only seemingly raptured me a bit from here and then also shown me the star so!?«

   10] Say I: »No, the angel has carried out your wish completely! But such was also only possible with you because your heart is over filled with love; but with every other man something like this would have been purely impossible to manage. And if an angel, what he certainly could, would do this with a normal world person then already the approach of such an angel would at once kill the world person!

So with this second way of seeing Jarah had seen much better then formerly, despite the fact that she did not have her body with her and was there merely spiritually.

And now comes again a description of Jesus how to aim for a target:

   08] Say I: »That you are to get to see immediately! Look, there at the midnight part of the sky stands a star of a little reddish light; contemplate it in your soul therefore like the former and also direct your earthly eye thereupon, and you will get the most beautiful answer to your question in that star!«

Now we want to come back to the travelling speed of angels:


   07] Says Jarah: »The Lord bless you for enlightenment given to me, which I have grasped quite well! – But now still another question! Tell me, you dear, most graceful young man, how shall I then explain to myself your incomprehensible speed?«

   08] Says the angel: »Most loving daughter of God! That is something that only a pure spirit can grasp, because it has nothing to do with time and space. We by ourselves are nothing, but what you see with us with the eyes of your spirit, is God’s thought, God’s idea, God’s word. We are therefore completely pure spirits; no matter can be any obstacle for us.

   09] If nothing can hinder such a most living spirit at all, then his here and there is indeed necessarily one and the same. Therefore no matter can take on a movement which is equally fast to us spirits, because even in the finest ether it nevertheless always finds an obstacle through which its movement is hindered.

The angel talks about ether and this word ether was then, when Jakob Lorber wrote these words, he wrote "The Great Gospel of John" in the years between 1851 and 1864, also a word that was used by worldly scientists. But then these worldly scientists started to believe in empty space, space being empty, vacuum, and they discarded the word ether, and people who talked about ether were ridiculed. That then changed again and now the scientists did not want to use this word ether again because for them it had a bad meaning and so they came up with words like interstellar matter and intergalactic dust. The former is thinly dispersed matter in the form of gas and dust, between the stars, detectable through its light-absorbing effects. It is between stars. And between galaxies they have intergalactic dust: Intergalactic space, the space between galaxies, is filled with a tenuous gas of an average density less than one atom per cubic meter.

Then our scientists have cosmic radiation and they are trying for a long time to prove that it comes from matter like stars or gamma ray bursts, but all experiments to prove this fail again and again.

Now let us see what Jesus has to say about this:


[13] But I still can see a certain dark rock in you, and you still are not able to climb over it. Look, this rock exists of the fact that you are imagining the endless and eternal space as dead in itself and without any life intelligence. And therefore you also cannot understand how God as the only eternal life principle has found in a certain way Himself in the eternal and endless death and has recognized and understood Himself as the most perfect life.

[14] Yes, if one has such an idea of the endless and eternal space of creation, then he can indeed very difficult or not at all understand how the infinite Spirit-God was able to find also in eternity His way in the eternal endless death as a perfect life.

[15] Therefore, form yourself precisely an opposite idea of the eternal endless big space. Imagine that in it there is not a single little point that is without life and without intelligence, and that even that which is in your eyes dead and which seems to be completely without life, is not dead and without life, but only judged by God’s almighty will, just like you yourselves can observe from a heavenly body or from its apparent lifeless elements.

[16] However, if all heavenly bodies with their most diverse elements are nothing else and also cannot be anything else except ideas and thoughts of Himself that are fixed by God’s almighty will, then how can they be considered by men as dead and without any intelligence?

[17] If God, who is identical with the endless space and its eternal time, is in Himself entirely the highest and most perfect Life, then how can that which wholly comes out of Him be dead, without life and without intelligence?

[18] Consequently, that which exists and which seems to be dead in your eyes, is only judged by God in this way and can return to the complete free life as soon as God will unloose the firm bands of His will of such a judged thing.

[19] You have seen something similar with Me and with My permission also with Raphael when stones were suddenly changed into their original ether, or when this ether became a firm stone of which the pillar along the way to Emmaus gives you a very tangible example.

[20] Since all this is so and can impossibly be otherwise, you should, in order to really come to a true representation of God, completely ban from the endless space all that which is in relation to dead, and imagine nothing else than life and once more life and nothing else than intelligence and once more intelligence, for in the endless Being of God’s intelligence and power no death can exist.

No other science is probably so filled with illusions as astrophysics and the most prominent is their talking about visible light. That light is not visible, just like all electromagnetic radiation, can be seen by everybody who looks at the night-sky and sees a black sky despite all the space of the solar system being filled with the radiation of the sun.

As long as a person who is really seeking truth does not recognize the foolishness of the scientists, who as materialists are just religionists, as the rest of the religionists are materialists, he will be misled by them and always believe them and not God.

Here another quote:

Psalm 53:1-4

To the chief Musician upon Mahalath, Maschil, A Psalm of David. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God.

Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread: they have not called upon God.

And now comes another quote from the angel regarding his speed:


   14] Therefore there is an infinite difference between the speed of a spirit and between the speed of matter, however fast it is flying – and may it be increased as you may like; because when matter, however fast it is moving, undergoes a distance as from here to that star also in one moment, then it needs for a distance once again as long already two moments, and when matter undergoes in one moment hundred thousand such distances, then it will need for ten such distances also ten moments, while I can undergo every conceivable distance in one and the same moment.

   15] And see, that I can and every spirit of my kind, because for us there is no obstacle, however very slight, in existence in the entire eternal infinity; but matter finds all kinds of obstacles even in the freest ether space and can for that reason never reach the speed of a spirit: - Tell me now, you most graceful daughter of God, whether you have indeed grasped this a little bit!«

We have seen the acts of angels and we read about what they have to say, but there was also a name of an angel mentioned and that was Raphael.

Now follows a statement who Raphael is:


01] (The Lord:) “This is what awaits and is even necessary for a perfected soul, nevertheless, this characteristic of a perfected soul must be seen as a lowest degree of the actual great bliss, because this alone would begin to disgust a perfected soul in time to such an extend, as if it would disgust you if you had to look at this although very beautiful landscape, for only a hundred consecutive years.

02] The greater bliss of a soul obviously consists only in that the perfected soul is equipped with truly divine creative powers and that it with divine like wisdom can do everything that God Himself can do and produce in exactly the same way.

03] An even higher and actually almost greatest degree of bliss of a perfected soul consists therein, that it can have God, the only Lord and Creator of infinity, around it all the time as its best friend and to love Him without measure and beyond any limits and can see with Him in an instance the complete spiritual and material creation.

04] But the greatest bliss of a perfected soul lies therein, that it, being fully united with God through love, is experiencing the fullest divine freedom.

05] That everything I have told you is the absolute truth, you can see from this My young servant. You have already asked Me a few times, about the circumstances of this youth, where he comes from and who he is. And now I will tell you:

06] See, this youth is already for a long time a pure spirit, but has already lived on this earth as a person in the flesh! His name was Enoch and he was a first prophet and teacher of the first descendants of Adam.

07] Since his soul, during the primeval times of the people of this earth, ignited in the highest and most pure love for God, and such love dissolved his body, which dressed the free soul, into an ethereal substance, he became immediately for ever an archangel of the highest heaven of God, this means the highest divine freedom, what you can see from the fact that he is always close to Me.”

08] Here Arikola’s eyes widened and he said: “What? This is a spirit and on top of it a pure and perfected one?! He, nevertheless, obviously has skin, flesh and blood and eats and drinks as we do!

09] That he can perform miracles like You, I explained to myself that he long since has been your disciple and as such has obtained from You the necessary wisdom and power; because as a completely pure spirit we people should not be able to see him. If you touch him, everything feels like with a completely natural person. But You have said it now, and I must believe you, although it confuses my thinking even more. How does this pure spirit have a body?”

10] Said I: “I have told you before, that we can now negotiate a few things since we have the time for it, and as such we will also sort this out. See, My Raphael - Enoch is already standing in front of us; and I say to you that anything you would like to know further, you can negotiate with him directly; since he will give you all the information I would have given you, and what he will say and show to you, he will say and show to you out of his independent freedom, power, wisdom and strength, because he has made such out of God completely his own. - And as such you may start your investigation with him!”

Jesus calls Raphael a youth and the people around Jesus also always considered him to be rather a teenager than a young man and that is probably the way it will be with us also when we are on the other side and there in the kingdom of light – and not in the kingdom of darkness.

Now Enoch was the one of the 10 patriarchs from Adam to Noah, the seventh, who lived the shortest time on Earth. All the others lived about 9 centuries on Earth, except Lamech, the ninth, who only lived 777 years and that was because his life was ended so that he did not have to experience the flood. Enoch was only 365 years on Earth. That was quite short for that time, but in our time it would be difficult to imagine such a high age. Enoch was 365 years old when he was raptured but after that rapture he looks the age of a teenager.

So we get some idea what an angel is all about. But now let us have a look at the results of the investigation of the Roman Agrikola. Agikola was a man who was spiritually quite advanced and therefore had so much knowledge that he could ask questions that made sense. He was the minister of cultural affairs in the Roman Empire and genuinely interested not only in the different religions of his country but especially in spiritual phenomena. So he had spent already some thoughts about things that were not material things. This was shown when he met Jesus and immediately became a disciple of him.

One of the most outstanding abilities of an angel is that he can change states of consciousness, his own states of consciousness and also those of others.

This ability of changing states of consciousness is a feature in spiritual writings that again and again crops up.

When one reads the books of Carlos Castaneda, about Don Juan, then it is mentioned and described frequently.

And in the works of Jakob Lober angels and Jesus himself are often described how they put people in positions of consciousness that are different to the normal one.

So now to the investigation of Agrikola:


01] Said Agrikola to Raphael: “Dearest servant of our God, Lord and Master! As a pure spirit what is your body made of here? Is this also as with me, made up of flesh and blood?”

02] Said Raphael: “Touch me and convince yourself!”

03] The Roman examined the hands and feet of the angel and found that it was made from flesh and blood as with any other human, and he said: “Yes, there is nothing spiritual to feel, - nevertheless, you are supposed to be a pure spirit, and as such nearly as old as mankind on this earth?”

04] Said the angel: “Examine me once more, and we shall see, how you will judge afterwards!”

05] Here the Roman examined the angel again; but now he no longer felt a body, and wherever he touched the angel, his fingers moved through as easily as through the air.

06] After he made this second experience, he said, highly amazed: “Ah, this can make even the most intelligent person to doubt himself! First everything was solid and now everything is air and therefore as good as absolutely nothing! Yes, but tell me - if you as such an airy phenomenon still can speak -, where have you put your former, quite tangible body?”

07] Said the angel: “Nowhere, I still have it precisely as before! That you felt it earlier as a solid body, was my free will; and that you didn’t feel it the second time, was also my will. Since what we perfected spirits want, happens as we want it to happen, by our freedom and wisdom, either within a moment or in time according to a certain wise order.

08] Because through our love for God we are also completely in His for us endurable and recognizable wisdom and power, and as such God’s love is also our love. His wisdom our wisdom, His will our will and His power also our power. Nevertheless, there still exist unfathomable depths in God, which no created spirit can ever fathom; and if he were able to do this, he would not be blessed, because then he could not expect any increasing bliss from God. - Do you Romans understand this?”

09] Said some of the Romans: “Well, friend - even if you are a spirit -, to understand and comprehend this properly, more is required than our Roman mind! Everything will be as you said it; but the actual how will have to wait until we ourselves have become more developed in our souls.”

10] Said the angel: “Listen, I speak now only with Agrikola and not with all of you; since I know it already that you others do not have the same comprehension. Therefore everybody should listen and be attentive to what I have to say to the one among you most able to understand, and what I’m going to show him! And as such you can speak, Agrikola, but only you!”

11] Said Agrikola: “Yes, yes, my pure spiritual friend, basically I have more or less understood what you actually wanted to tell me: but just as the others, I have not understood it completely, - but will also wait according to the promise of the Lord for better times! But this I want to know from you - subject to the condition to fully waive certain other issues -, how can you rid yourself of your body through your will and still be present as before with your very tangible body? This is for me the most incomprehensible! In one moment you are actually something, but immediately afterwards you are, according to feeling, absolutely nothing, but the nothing is, nevertheless, very much the same perfected something. Yes, how can this be possible?”

12] Said the angel: “This is something quite clear! We spirits in our for you imponderable pure spiritual sphere, are the actual, only real and most original something. Everything else in all material world is a produced appearance by our will, so that for your souls a persistent medium exists, as a means so that you can just like us obtain the fullest and most true freedom of life.

13] But to show you this even more clearly, Agrikola, pick up a stone from the ground and hold it in your hand! - Good, now you have a very hard natural rock in your hand! You will say now: ‘See, this rock, as it is, is a most basic reality!’ Because you feel in your hand its weight and for you indestructible hardness and say by yourself: ‘This is a real something!’ But I say to you, that with this your real something it is the same as with my body of flesh and thereafter with this my still spiritual body. Because the hardness and weight of the rock which you are still holding in your hand, depends solely on the perseverance of our will. For as long as we want to keep it as a hard and heavy rock it will stay what it is.

14] But for example, if only I want, that this rock becomes - concerning the body - the same as I am, you will be able to reach through it, in the same way you have reached through my body. And if this is the case, only then has the matter of the rock, which is a product of our spirit will, reached its primeval reality, whereas without it by the perseverance of my own will, it appears to you as a hard and heavy rock. So that you can understand this even better, check the rock once more very thoroughly, if it is still the same rock!”

15] Said Agrikola: “It is still what it was!”

16] Said the angel: “How is it now?”

17] Said Agrikola: “Ah, I can still see it as a small cloud in my hand, but its hardness and weight is like nothing! No, this extremely strange! I could have imagined anything else, but that this could be possible! How was it possible for you to do this?”


01] Said the angel: “I already have told you, that this only occurs through the perseverance of our will, and that all matter is nothing other than the perseverance of the will of the spirit of God, no matter how diverse it may appear to you; because the various materials of matter including the elements, from which it seems it has originated and consists of, are our thoughts. Their forms and colors are our ideas which have been formed from our thoughts. Their usefulness are our concepts developed from our ideas, and the reaching of a higher spiritual goal for everything that is called matter is our intention, from which for all matter a happy destination will emerge.

02] Therefore a true and real existence can only be with us everlasting immortal spirits, and the being of matter is purely caused by us and is every moment dependent on us, as you have seen this very clearly with the rock. But you still have the small cloud on your hand, and see, and I will fill it with the full perseverance of my will, and you will have the former rock back in your hand!”

03] The angel did this, and the former, old, hard and heavy rock was back in the hand of the Roman.

04] This made an even greater impression on the Roman, and he said to the angel: “This rock I will keep as a treasure in memory of what so miraculously has happened here! But now one more question! See, there also lives a soul within me and according to your teaching, a spirt equal spirit to yours! Why can’t I through such my spirit perform what you as a spirit are able to achieve?”

05] Said the angel: “Because your soul is not yet mature for that and your inner spirit has not yet fully merged with your soul! But there is something which is caused by the perseverance of the will of your spirit - which at this stage is completely unknown to your soul - and this is the construction and the temporary preservation of your body. But your soul cannot notice this, just as it cannot notice how its body is built, because its inner building master from the pure beyond cannot reveal and show this to it, since it, as already said, is not yet mature enough for it.

06] The inner spirit works incessantly towards the aim, to mature the soul as soon as possible and to make it completely free, but the spirit is not allowed to force the slightest compulsion on the soul, because then the soul would become even more material and bound, as it could ever have become through any outside influences. Therefore the soul was given its own will and mind, to be brought to the point, through outside lessons of self determination, to increasingly rid itself by means of its own will from all worldliness and by going inside itself to walk on to the increasingly purer and purer spiritual road.

07] To the extend the soul actively walks the increasingly purer spiritual ways, to the same degree its inner, purer spirit from beyond unifies with it. And once it has rid itself from all the world completely through her increasingly purer mind and through her increasingly freer will, she has become equal and one with her spirit, the unification of which we can call the spiritual rebirth, and as one with her spirit, even though still in the body, she will be capable of what I am capable of with my spirit combined with my soul.”


01] (Raphael:) “When I as a person lived in a body for many years, I became aware of this inner path of life through the mercy of the Lord and followed it with increasing perseverance. Thereby it happened during the later days of my life, that my spirit and my soul became one, and I also became full power over my earthly body, so that I was able to dissolve it as suddenly as this rock and earlier my for you tangible body, and kept only this much of it, that you can see me with your eyes of the flesh.

02] If I again want a body like yours, I only have to want, and the body will be back again. See, I want it, and you can examine me again, and you will find that I’m firm again as I was before!”

03] The Roman did that, and found that Raphael was a complete person like before.

04] He (Agrikola) then asked the angel and said: “When you were a perfected person on earth and dissolved your body, could you also recreate it back?”

05] Said Raphael: “For sure, just like now; but I didn’t want to, because a pure spiritual being free of a body is endlessly more complete than in a body - even though bound by ones own will. See, in this body I can achieve less than without it! If you see me performing miracles, the body is already gone and is only recreated after the deed. Indeed, I’m also capable of doing everything within the body, but not as perfect as outside the body. - If you still have questions, ask them and I will answer you!”

06] Said Agrikola: “O, I still have a lot of questions in stock! Can you by the perseverance of your will turn a portion of free air into any type of matter?”

07] Said the angel: “Very much so; firstly, the air is already matter and contains all conceivable materials in it and can therefore very easily be transformed into any type of matter, and secondly my spirit has truly the freedom - and this in the highest degree -, to let my will act in the fullest measure and to transform the air momentarily into any type of matter you want me to. Just tell me in what should I transform the air!”

08] Said Agrikola: “Friend, this I leave to your best and most wise judgment! Do what you want, and it will be alright with me!”

09] Said the angel: “Good! The air which blows before us, should change momentarily, in a distance of twelve steps in front of us, into a completely round pillar five men’s length high and one man’s length in diameter! So be it! Go now and examine the already standing pillar, if it is still air or a solid column of granite!”

10] On this request all the Romans went and investigated the pillar.

11] And all said: “O miracle of miracles! It is exceedingly amazing! It is surely the most solid granite column, as even in Rome we cannot show a better one! Yes, yes, in the pure spirit is the being and all matter is only a result of perseverance of the free will of the spirit!”

12] Said the angel: “What do you think is the weight of this pillar?”

13] Said Agrikola: “Well, friend, this will be difficult for us determine! But as a rough estimate one can assume that this pillar most certainly weighs at least onehundred-thousand pounds, and one-thousand men would hardly master it.”

14] Said the angel: “There you have made quite a good judgment! Nevertheless, I say to you, that it is for me as a spirit very easy to lift this heavy pillar as high as you just want it, only by my will. Determine the height or give me the distance, where I only through my will should put it, and it will be immediately executed!”

15] Said Agrikola: “Now, if this is what you want, I say: Lift the pillar for the height of one hundred men straight into the air, and then place it in the field over there, which is half way in the direction of Emmaus!”

16] Said the angel: “Very well, so let it all occur!”

17] The angel had hardly spoken the words, when the pillar was already at the determined height in the air and shortly afterwards one could see it standing in the field in the direction of Emmaus.

18] All were absolutely flabbergasted and of course especially the Romans; they were totally overwhelmed by surprise.

19] “But”, said the angel, “why are you so surprised by that? Is there anything impossible for a pure spirit? Everything is based on the firm will of a pure spirit! If we pure spirits are able to carry earths, suns and all kinds of central suns through space and in the end even complete shell globes, why should it not be even easier for me and all pure spirits, to lift such a pillar momentarily to a place where you want it? Who can play with lions as with flies, will certainly not be afraid of mosquitoes!”

In the predisposition we have all the abilities, which an angel has; it is just up to us to become perfect in our soul.

But there is one thing, which we already possess now, and that is the ability to create our own body. The Scripture is jl.ev07.069,05.

But there is something which is caused by the perseverance of the will of your spirit - which at this stage is completely unknown to your soul - and this is the construction and the temporary preservation of your body.

And this ability we not only have, we indeed construct our body all the time.


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