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This is the 62. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


62. The sick mind


by Frank L. Preuss


The previous chapter of our book "The Man-Made Church" had the title "61. How to be sick and how to stay sick" and in that chapter we used as source material that came from writers and their books and in this chapter we want to carry on with this subject and use as source material only one author and his writings.

This author, Robert Monroe, is quite interesting in this connection, because he himself has plenty of insight in the human being. To just give two examples of this insight: He understands the multiple subdivision of man quite well due to his extensive out-of-body experiences and he, as a result of it, also understands the influence our thinking has upon our life.

Robert Monroe has written three books and they are the source of the information used in this chapter.

His first book was published 1971, his second 1985 and his third 1994.

I want to start with his first book, "Journeys Out of the Body," 1971.

In his first book Robert Monroe brings a number of reports about his out-of-body experiences and in that book there is chapter "11. Gift or Burden?" and in that chapter he relates stories about his encounter with a certain type of beings and he describes these beings in the first two sentences of that chapter like this:

Throughout man's history, the reports have been consistent. There are demons, spirits, goblins, gremlins, and assorted subhuman entities always hanging around humanity to make life miserable.

Now follows Robert Monroe’s description of the first encounter with such a being:

4/18/60 Morning
I lay down on the couch around ten, and started fractional relaxation. The room was bright in morning daylight. Halfway through the second time around, the vibrations started. After a moment of "tuning" (with my jaw), I opened my physical eyes to see if the vibrations would continue. They did. With physical eyes open, I decided to try and "lift out" to see what happened to my vision. The clock was in full view. My time orientation was normal, according to the second hand. I was just about eight inches over the physical when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. Walking up beside my body was a human-appearing body (I could see only the lower half with my head in the position on its side, by turning my eyes to the right). It was nude, no clothes, and male. He seemed in size to be about ten years old, some three feet tall, thin legs, little pubic hair, undeveloped genitals. Calmly, as if it were a daily occurrence - like a boy swinging onto his favorite horse - he swung a leg over my back and climbed on me. I could feel his legs around my waist, his small body pressed against my back. I was so completely surprised that it didn't occur to me to be afraid (perhaps his size had something to do with that)! I waited rigidly, and by rolling my eyes to the right, I could see his right leg hanging over my body, less than two feet away. It looked like a perfectly normal tenyear-old boy's leg. I was still hovering just out of the physical, and cautiously wondered who and what this was. "He" seemed completely unaware that I knew of his presence, or if he was, he didn't care. I felt that I didn't want to confront whoever he was in an environment where he was obviously more at home than I, so I retreated quickly back into my physical body, cut down the vibrations, and started to write these notes. I don't know what it was. I realized that I simply didn't have the courage to turn around and get a good look at "him" (if I could have). It was certainly humanoid in form, but upon reflection, it didn't have the feeling of human intelligence. It (he) seemed more animal, or somewhere in between. I felt insulted at the complete assurance with which he came over and climbed on my back. He seemed confident that he would not be detected, perhaps through long association with humans to whom he was invisible. If it was a hallucination, that's very real imagining - in broad daylight, with the second hand of the clock sweeping, and with two senses reporting.

This was Robert Monroe’s first report about this boy. It carries the date of the 18th of April 1960. In total he brings 8 such reports. The eighth dated 27th October 1960.

Now follows the fourth report dated 27th of May 1960:

5/27/60 Night
After lifting out, I again felt what I knew to be one of the rubbery entities on my back. No words or action, just the small body clinging warmly to my back. This time, I did not get too frightened, and managed to pull at the thing slowly. I pulled, and called to God to help me (at the insistence of several people who are more theologically inclined than I). Again, the thing stretched as I pulled, but didn't come off completely. I remembered the visualized thought of fire, and that it hadn't seemed much use, but had helped a little. This time, I tried thinking of electricity. I visualized two pieces of highly charged wire. I mentally stuck them into the side of that part of the entity that I had pulled off. Immediately the mass deflated, went limp, and seemed to die. As it did, a batlike thing squeaked past my head and went out the window. I felt that I had won. I felt deep relief and went back down into the physical, reintegrated, and sat up (physically).

Robert Monroe writes: I pulled, and called to God to help me (at the insistence of several people who are more theologically inclined than I).

Now this sentence very nicely illuminates the state of attitude so-called Christianity has in regard to matters like these.

First of all this sentence gives an idea of Robert Monroe’s own estimate of his relationship to God. He considers himself as less inclined theologically. Several times in his book he mentions that on Sunday his family went to church while he stayed at home and left his body and explored the spiritual world. His family is probably what he considers more theologically inclined. They practised religion and he practised experiencing the spiritual world directly. In his books Robert Monroe provides more information about the spiritual kingdom than probably most of the so-called Christian books in total. And that includes both sides of the spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of light as well as the kingdom of darkness.

When Robert Monroe started his out-of-body states he could hardly be described as being a real Christian, he was more a scientifically orientated business man. But the more he explored other states of consciousness the more he became a real believer, and he not only became a believer in the supernatural side of life, like a Theosophist or an Anthroposophist, who uses his school of thought as something that keeps him busy, and gives him something both supernatural and seemingly rewarding to hold on to, but Monroe evidently worked on his attitudes and on consciously directing his mental processes.

Towards the end of his life here on planet Earth he not only seemed to have had a deep understanding of God and of love but he was also active in helping souls, for example helping souls of deceased people in the hereafter.

But this sentence illuminates quite nicely the ignorance of today’s Christianity regarding the help they should give a man who is fighting spiritual oppression.

But before we really come to this subject, here something from Robert Monroe’s eighth encounter:

10/27/60 Night
Went to bed tired, late, around 1:30 A.M., and mentally set myself to have no "activities." Just as I started to sleep (no consciousness lapse in sequence, no separation from physical noticeable, but I did feel a sense of release just prior), I was attacked by something. It had no apparent personality, nor was I able to see it. However, I knew this one was incredibly vicious with an intent to "take" something that was mine which first required getting rid of "me" (not necessarily the physical "I," but the "I" who has the ability to act independently of the physical).
This struggle was not like fending off an animal. It was a no-holds-barred affair, silent, terrifyingly fast, and with the other seeking out any weakness on my part. I did not fight back savagely at first, because I was bewildered. I merely tried to defend myself. However, the "thing" fighting me seemed to move from nerve center to nerve center, and some of the holds and pressures it applied were excruciating. I knew that if I did not fight back, I would lose, and losing seemed as vital as losing existence. I then started to fight back with equal intensity, savagely and with desperation. The thing fighting me knew every weak spot, and used them. We fought for what seemed like hours, and gradually I felt I might truly lose. I felt that this couldn't go on forever, and realized that I was somehow out of the physical. Still fighting, I steered the battle in the direction of my physical. When we were very close and directly over it, I dropped back "in." It was the only way I could think of to end the fight without losing.
I opened my eyes (physically) and sat up. The room was quiet and empty. The bedclothes were undisturbed, so evidently there was no actual physical motion involved. My wife slept beside me undisturbed. I got up and walked around the room, looked in the hall. Everything appeared normal.
It could have been a dream. If so, it was most vivid, and certainly did not follow the usual pattern of dreams that I have. (I have long come to recognize pure release-type dreams, which reflect the day's tensions or long-felt inner anxieties, which can be likened to multiple feedback or "monkey chatter.") The superimposure of the room perfectly as the background for the action plus conscious control of action tends to negate the dream concept.
After some twenty minutes of calming myself down, I returned to bed. I was naturally reluctant immediately to try to sleep again. I did not want a recurrence of the fight. I knew of no way to prevent it. I tried what seemed to be the only answer. (The alternative was to stay awake all night, and I was much too tired.) I lay there and repeated, "My mind and body are open only to constructive forces; in the name of God and good, I am going into normal restful sleep." I did, and awoke at my usual time in the morning. Before sleep came I had repeated the phrase at least twenty times.
The use of such phrasing indicates the seriousness and concern I felt at the time, which will be recognized by those who know me well in that I felt the need to look for help and protection in the manner that I did. In truth, there was no alternative whatsoever. In retrospect, I still cannot find an alternative, nor do I know of any method, place, person, religious practice (that I would be sure of), drug, or anything else in my fund of knowledge, experience, and information that would absolutely guarantee protection against whatever attacked me. However, there must be something other than the pure "fighting back" in self-defense, even if you don't know what you are fighting. It was the same defense mechanism you would use if you were attacked by an animal at night in the jungle. You don't stop to find a way to fight in the middle of the fight. You don't stop to find out what attacked you. You fight to save yourself, with what you have now, the moment the animal attacks. You fight desperately, not thinking at the time how to fight, why you fight, whom you fight. You have been attacked; the unprovoked attack in itself seems to indicate to you that whatever is attacking you is not good, or else it would not attack you in this manner. Defense is automatic, instinctive, with no thought except survival, which is based on the premise that it is wrong to surrender to someone or something whose qualities (apparent unprovoked attack, blind desire to kill) you abhor. Of late, visits from the "demons" have been infrequent.

Let us first look at statements of Robert Monroe: "I knew of no way to prevent it. I tried what seemed to be the only answer."

This is an expression of ignorance. "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge," Hosea 4:6.

Now the next one:

In truth, there was no alternative whatsoever. In retrospect, I still cannot find an alternative, nor do I know of any method, place, person, religious practice (that I would be sure of), drug, or anything else in my fund of knowledge, experience, and information that would absolutely guarantee protection against whatever attacked me. However, there must be something other than the pure "fighting back" in self-defense, even if you don't know what you are fighting.

Now why such an attack and who was the attacker? We were created as gods and we turned against God and turned towards God’s opponent and therefore lost our god-like nature. It was our own decision and it came out of a situation where we were much more knowledgeable than we are now. The only way to overcome this situation is to reverse the situation, is to stop the rejection of God and to start the rejection of his opponent. It is something we must do. We must do it out of our will, out of our own initiative. God will help us by showing the way, but the doing must be our own. We must do the rejection.

We should be on our way back to God and when we are, then the devil will not like it and frighten us and when we are afraid, when he manages to frighten us, then fear takes over and when fear takes over then we obey him who makes us afraid and we obey the devil again and he has won.

The key scripture is James 4:7:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

There are three items. The first is to submit to God. The second is to resist the devil. And the third is that the devil will flee from us.

The first is to clearly turn – again – to God. The second is also a decision, an action we have to do, resisting the devil. The third is the result; the devil will flee from us.

We have to resist the devil.

We do not pray to God to do this for us. It is our job.

So James 4:7 is an important Scripture.

And now to the second important Scripture.

It is Matthew 4:10-11:

Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

This is the formula to apply, this is the recipe.

We say Get thee hence, Satan.

We say Away from me, Satan! NIV.

We say, Begone, Statan! NASB and The Amplified Bible and the NEB.

We order the Devil to do something.

We give instructions. We make use of the authority we have as believers.

We say, means, that we use words and when we can’t use words because we are not in control of our body, for example being out of it, then we use thoughts, the universal language.

We say Be off, Satan! Jerusalem Bible.

We say Go away, Satan! Good News Bible.

We say, Be gone, and keep on going, Satan. Kenneth S. Wuest.

To give you another, simple, example: You are in the market place and somebody tries to sell you something and wants to get your attention and you just keep on ignoring him and his pestering. Now he becomes aggressive and touches you; he wants to force you to pay attention to him. Now is the time to say to him, Stop it!

And you say it in a loud voice, as a command.

Now this is important. It is important that you practise this. Do not allow the devil and his helpers to tell you what to do. The more the time of the end comes closer, the more we have to practise this resisting of the Devil. Otherwise we get sucked into the general tendency of Antichrist’s hypnosis.

Now comes a picture of what the Christian world is really like:

In truth, there was no alternative whatsoever. In retrospect, I still cannot find an alternative, nor do I know of any method, place, person, religious practice (that I would be sure of), drug, or anything else in my fund of knowledge, experience, and information that would absolutely guarantee protection against whatever attacked me. However, there must be something other than the pure "fighting back" in self-defense, even if you don't know what you are fighting.

Robert Monroe lives in the Christian country that is the good example for other Christian countries and he lives in a church-going Christian family and he is completely helpless. The devil does with him what he wants.

It is a typical situation in Western society.

What is the typical situation in Western society?

Western thought never recovered from the dead hand of the organized church although it had aided and abetted the monopoly of that church by never challenging its right. Any hint that the organized church did not contain the esoteric content one might have hoped for was met with the stake.

That was Pir Doub speaking in Istanbul.

The Bosporus is the divide between Asia and Europe, between the Orient and the Occident, and a nice place to observe these two cultural areas and particularly the differences between them.

That is how a man in Istanbul sees the West: A slave mentality.

Having authority as a Christian is one aspect, but another important aspect is protection. We should also be very much aware of this fact of a Christian life. God and the spiritual beings of the kingdom of light are very willing and able and active looking after us so that no harm befalls us.

There is one highly interesting detail in the reports of Robert Monroe that he visited a person while out-of-the body and with his non-physical body pinched that person’s physical body so that he later when he visited that person in his physical body was shown the wound.

Now follows the conclusion Robert Monroe draws from that incident:

Which leads to the question: Are any of them organized now, and do they now control our destiny? Before dismissing this as an absurdity, consider that I was able to affect another living human being physically, in the "pinching" episode.

If one can do this, so can others. Nothing more than a pinch at the right time in the right place in the physical body of another human being could change the world. It takes little imagination to visualize a pinched cerebral artery in the brain as the cause of a stroke in a world leader. Or a lifesaving pinch in a hemorrhaging brain artery of another. All that is needed is the ability and the intent. If there are restraints or deterrents to such possible action, they are not apparent. Further, a person operating in the Second Body can affect other human beings mentally. How much and in what manner is still uncertain.

However, the experiments show that it can be done. Such effects may show in nothing more than sleep disturbances. They could result in unaccounted-for compulsions, fears, neuroses, or irrational actions. From the data, it would seem that no more is needed than perfected techniques to systematically accomplish this at will.

Perhaps this, too, has already been done.

Willful use of the Second Body, then, potentially yields power so great that other means are helpless against it.

See Protection: No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Now this "pinching" episode also gives us an idea how a being of light, a guardian angel, is able to protect us.

There actually seems to exist a contradiction between Robert Monroe saying that when he was in his supernatural body and touched a material object, then his hand would go right through and have no effect, and in this pinching business he claims that he actually could have an effect on a physical object, even so to cause a wound. But what probably really happened is that he did not pinch the physical body of this person, but the life body, and as the life body determines the state in which the physical body is, healthy or ill, and as the life body, or ether body, was damaged, so was then consequently also the physical body.

Now reading Robert Monroe’s books one gets the impression that he was not a great believer in religion, but that he was, or certainly became, a great believer in an almighty God. And that was probably why he was protected in his out-of-body adventures. And when he would have had some practical knowledge about the teachings of Jesus, of which he was prevented by his so-called more theological family members, then he would have overcome dangerous situations quicker by simply using his authority and chasing away beings with evil intent.

One aspect of the slave mentality is the attitude towards health or rather the lack of health, sickness.

This negative attitude towards health is noticeable in the life of Robert Monroe.

He probably grew up with it.

This is indicated by his mother being a physician. A belief in the progress of medical science was probably predominant in his home and a belief that mankind was progressing towards a better life. Knowledge about the real history of man, of a beginning of mankind without health problems, was most probably completely unknown and knowledge of the Bible, of the fact that the patriarchs had an age of over 900 years might have been known, but was not considered to be reality in any real sense, but just as some religious knowledge that had no bearing on their life. That man was actually meant to not die but to be translated into the spiritual kingdom without leaving a body behind, by transforming his soul into spirit and also transforming his body into spirit was probably a complete alien concept for them.

The concept of living in divine health would possibly be a quite strange concept.

Let us have a look at some quotes from Robert Monroe’s book "Journeys Out of the Body," 1971, which demonstrate his view as seeing ailments as being part of a normal life:

This is written some twelve weeks after the previous entry. Four of the twelve weeks were spent in a hospital, the remainder in a recuperative period at home.

Four days later, on a Monday morning in the middle of a quiet, friendly chat in an office, I suffered what was later diagnosed to be a heart attack (coronary occlusion), and was taken to the hospital. I did not believe it was a heart attack, and had no idea that it was until I was informed of it after an examination in the hospital complete with EKG. It took much persuading that it was so, and for a reason. In every physical examination I ever had, including two the previous week by two different insurance doctors, my heart was always pronounced very sound, with such statements as "You'll never have to worry about your heart" and "That's one thing you won't die of, any heart problem." My mind was thoroughly conditioned against that possibility. It seems that my mind would not accept the precognitive inference of a heart attack. This seemed impossible.

Page 109
However, even my friends in the psychiatric profession have not claimed that these have been detrimental.

Page 146
It should also be noted that as a child he had severe scarlet fever, an illness that is associated with a high temperature. From his own account he was quite ill, although his mother, a physician, was able to look after him outside the hospital. In addition, later in his life Monroe has had some evidence of arteriosclerotic narrowing of the blood vessels to his brain, which could create a state of low oxygenation known to precipitate these sorts of experiences.
The way in which Monroe utilizes his experiences is what is unusual. If we were to have such experiences most of us would be extremely frightened, and attempt to avoid them. It is significant that initially Monroe's repeated visits to physicians in an attempt to explain these unusual experiences were motivated by the intellectual and medical orientation of his parents.

For Monroe sickness was simply part of life. Physical examinations and health insurance and repeated visits to physicians were Monroe's normal practices. He was mentally prepared to experience sickness. His mother was a physician and therefore sickness seems to have been something on which part of the income of the family depended. To be against illness would be being against one's own livelihood.

Now follows a quote that gives insight into Robert Monroe’s situation when he was 43 years old and where the people he associated with included medical people, "Some of my best friends". It comes from Robert Monroe’s second book "Far Journeys", 1985:

Page 4

Without any obvious reason, I began to "go" out of my body in the fall of 1958. In the light of later historical events, it is important to state that no drugs or alcohol were involved. I was a nonuser of the former and an infrequent imbiber of the latter.


That the out-of-body experience frightened me then is a quantum understatement. When it recurred, I was filled with panic-driven visions of brain tumors and oncoming insanity. This led to extensive physical examinations, all negative, followed by recommendations of psychotherapy for "minor hallucinatory dysfunction." I discarded this diagnosis automatically. Some of my best friends at the time were psychiatrists and psychologists with their own problems, albeit certainly more orthodox.

Monroe did not seem to have been too keen on religion and that was probably the reason why he also was not too keen on studying the Bible and therefore had hardly any knowledge about the difference between true Christianity and false Christianity and this again prevented him from seeing the great similarity between false Christianity and science, that today’s science is a product of false religion and is simply a part of false religion.

What Robert Monroe thinks about life on Earth he describes on page 184, also of his second book "Far Journeys", where he explains life as a human being to his nonphysical friend BB who is from KT-95, a location somewhere in this universe or another and whom he met during his out-of-body states.

The main thing about being in-human is survival. That’s the biggest percept of all. It drowns out about everything else for most humans.

Now Robert Monroe was probably more speaking about the majority of humans and not so much of himself because he was progressing very fast, spiritually, and this spiritual progress of his is quite tangibly felt when his three books are read.

But still it shows that the main aim of a human being is not known by him, namely to be on its way back to God, to be led by the spirit of God, to again and again return with ones thoughts to God and strive for a continuous communication with God.

And this again has as a result that there is no need for suffering, for sickness, for fear. And it brings with it an awareness of security, an awareness of protection, where one feels safe and does not need to worry about survival.

And there is also no need to worry about the supply of material goods like what to eat and what to drink and wherewithal to be clothed, because all these things are added unto us when we seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.

But also this concept seems to be unknown to Robert Monroe, because when his friend BB says that all of these things seem to be supplied to them, Robert Monroe has this to write:

Page 189
This was turning into a hard lesson for me, not him. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work and it wasn’t. How do I convey to him the fact that all humans have to spend most of their waking hours working one way or another just so survive, that humans want the same thing and kill each other to get it, that they get so involved in surviving they don’t know when to stop when they have enough, that humans form big clubs they call nations und try to destroy other nations who they think threaten their survival, that the whole thing occupies their thoughts and actions so deeply they forget completely any other existence but physical human . . .

Now we come to Robert Monroe’s third book "Ultimate Journey" and we first start with a quote from page 10:

A controlled out-of-body experience is the most efficient means we know to gather Knowns to create a Different Overview. First, and perhaps most important, among these Knowns is survival of physical death. If there is a better way than the OBE of knowing that this takes place — not just hoping, having faith, or believing, but knowing — we are unaware of it. All of those who become only mildly proficient in the OBE soon reach this stage of knowing. In addition, such survival takes place whether we like it or not, and without any consideration as to what we do or are in physical life. It makes no difference. Survival of self beyond physical existence is a natural and automatic process. We wonder how we could ever have become so limited in our thinking.

It should be quite clear that worrying about survival is completely unnecessary because firstly we are protected and secondly we can only die physically. So we are protected and it is in God’s hand when our time here on Earth comes to an end and when this end has arrived then it is only the body that is getting discarded but the soul gets liberated.

But the last sentence in this last quote expresses the main aspect of our subject. And our subject is "The sick mind".

"We wonder how we could ever have become so limited in our thinking."

This applies particularly to being sick. How did we become so limited in our thinking that we have a mind that just accepts sickness to be a state that is normal!?

But actually sickness is just one of many other processes of thinking where we have become so limited in our mental activities.

The first of such areas that comes to mind is our material well-being, the financial side of our life. There Robert Monroe himself is a very good example of having the right set of mind because he seems to have never been a man who thought that being poor should be a normal and natural and automatic process.

In this field he did not need to discover why he had become so limited in his thinking.

But he should have discovered that he had become very limited in his thinking regarding his physical health.

So it might be good idea to spend some time meditating about possible areas in our life where we have become limited in our thinking.

And there the study of holy scripture might become an eye opener to us that gives us ideas where we can break through some barriers we have erected in our mind.

May be we start with one that is quite unusual and that seems to be ridiculous and start to imagine that we do not even have to die physically but that our body is getting so saturated with our spirit that not only our soul but also our body is taken over by the spirit and no longer requires physical death. At the end of the time this happens anyway to us believers when we get raptured and secondly, this was the idea of transition from life here on Earth to life in the kingdom of light right from the beginning at the time of the patriarchs, just have a look at Adam’s family.

But there are plenty of other areas where liberation from limited thinking can take place. Let us take a very simple example. A man wants to stop smoking and has a great battle overcoming this habit. He simply has to discard his limited thinking about God’s willingness and capability to cause this change of lifestyle. For God it is easy to make this change come true, it is the man’s belief system that the man has to investigate and to finally modify. Does he really trust God to be able to take it away from him? Also here Robert Monroe is the example. He was in the habit of visiting doctors. A habit that was caused by his belief system that believed in the so-called progress of mankind and in so-called science. And the doctors advised him to stop smoking. He not only did not believe that God could do this for him, he did not even know that such a way existed.

Robert Monroe should have wondered how he could ever have become so limited in his thinking.

But one of Robert Monroe’s biggest obstacles was probably his lack of understanding the difference between a life lived with God, on one side, and religion, on the other side. He was brought up in a religious environment and this caused him to never expect anything from this system, anything that could interest him and help him in discovering the secrets of the universe.

So him having out-of-body states caused him to actually find God but his belief in the irrelevance of religion prevented him investigating what was really behind religion, particularly behind the Christian religion. So he rather started to have some interest in the religions of the East and in their view of reincarnation, but that the real truth, the real secret of the universe, is found in the origins of the religion of his upbringing, that his limited thinking did not allow.

He developed a lot of philosophical ideas in his three books, but his books would have an even greater impact when he would have compared his experiences with the facts the Bible presents to us about life. If he just would have compared the experiences of Jesus with his own experiences and expressed some views about them, it would have helped a lot more people to understand human life, to understand the subdivision of man in body and soul and spirit.

Robert Monroe had much insight in different states of consciousness and it would have been interesting when he would have compared this with the reports about Jesus’ handling of various states of consciousness. Just alone the fact that Jesus had the ability to change the state of consciousness of a person would have thrown much light on Robert Monroe’s experiences.

But what comes out quite clearly from his books is the influence of spiritual being on his states of consciousness.

This is actually a major thing that one can gain from reading the three books of Robert Monroe. They very much strengthen the belief in the existence of the spirits of light and that they are all around us and that they just wait for us to make use of them.

Jesus says Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

To live with these beings of light is the only way of living.

And another important thing that comes out of Robert Monroe’s books is what he calls nonverbal communication.

The real way to communicate, also with spiritual beings, is the nonverbal one. And that is through thought transfer. Thought-transference is the only real way to communicate. It is telepathy.

And we do that all the time – unconsciously.

Recognizing the existence of different states of consciousness and the existence of telepathy is that field in science that will bring progress. Negating these two things is the main hindrance of progress.

Here comes a nice description of nonverbal communication, negative nonverbal communication, which beautifully describes the sick mind:

Ultimate Journey, page 17

Our usual meeting place was just past the H Band Noise. The H Band Noise is the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans. If you consider it as truly all, even in a current time frame, you get a better idea of the magnitude of this disorganized, cacophonous mass of messy energy. The amplitude of each segment of the band is determined by the emotion involved in the thought. Yet our civilization does not even recognize that the H Band exists.

Now what Robert Monroe calls H Band is what man normally calls hell.

One of the main purposes of hell is to get man liberated from his sick mind.

Now the tunnel effect that is reported by people who have near-death experiences and by people who have out-of-body experiences is that this tunnel isolates them from this hell they are going through and the light they see at the end of the tunnel is the spiritual light that is available beyond hell.

Here two extracts from Robert Monroe’s Glossary:

H Band The wave of disorganized human thought modulation of (M) Field energy.

(M) Field Nonphysical energy field that permeates time-space including our Earth Life System, but is not a part of current human scientific knowledge or study.

This is one thing about Robert Monroe that he clearly sees all the shortcomings of so-called science but that he does not see that this so-called science is not really science but something what he calls a belief system, a religious belief system.

Earlier on we mentioned KT-95, a place where Robert Monroe’s friend BB comes from. Now also in this Glossary is found this:

KT-95 Arbitrary label given by the writer to his original Home outside our solar system.

Now the writer is Robert Monroe himself and this statement therefore indicates that he considers himself to come from KT-95 and that again indicates that he considers himself to be one of those souls that did not originate from souls of animals, but made a deliberate decision to come to this Earth to have a human experience.

Robert Monroe reports of having met an animal soul. But as he believes in reincarnation as the Eastern religions do, he has adopted this view in his three books and has interpreted his experiences in such a way that they are in line with this view, and is not aware of the teachings coming from Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde.

Had he known the works of Lorber and Dudde, his books would have even been more interesting, because now they do not include the knowledge about the real evolution of man, the spiritual evolution.

This animal soul Robert Monroe met was actually on its way to become a human and this should have been an indication to Monroe that this evolution from animal to man is the real way and not that kind of reincarnation that he propagates in his books.

Robert Monroe describes his desire to find out who he really was in his third book:

Pages 141-142

I decided that the far reaches of infinity would have to wait. The prime need was to know myself without equivocation. The more I came to know myself, the more I would know what I am in nonphysical expression, and the closer I would come to the reason for the path I seemed to be taking.

And then he describes one aspect of his being – fear:

Pages 149-150

Moving inward to the next section of my I-There, I found an area I had definitely not expected. I discovered that I was indeed far from fearless. I may not have been consciously aware of these fears, but there they were, large, ugly blasts of raw energy, embarrassing to me, and to no one else, in their intensity. There were old fears and a constant inflow of new ones. They ranged from little items, such as anxiety over the effect of a rainy day on our construction project, to big worries about the world changes developing. Even the fear of physical death was there; not of the process and what lay beyond, but of what might be left undone here in time-space. I realized action would have to be taken to clear up this mess.

The I-There of me already had a better system at work. The tests I had been undergoing during the past five years, where I nonphysically experienced an intense event that engendered a familiar fear time and time again until the fear dissipated, were still in place and operating. Moreover, the battle was almost won. Many more fears were being dissolved than the number of new ones which were being generated by my current activity.

With this awareness came a major revelation: I-There had instituted this process and kept the fear-dissolving operation flowing as needed. No outside source was providing any assistance, as I had wrongly assumed. I was helping myself!

Thus the finger became a hand. I preferred the feel of the hand.

How this was taking place aroused my curiosity. Recognizing that I-There provided me (I-Here) with more than a casual connection, I began to search in my present mind-self for other evidence of ongoing participation by my I-There. It was very easy to move deeper, but initially the effect was near-disastrous. I learned what I am! And much adjustment was required to become used to the reality of "what I am."

Had Robert Monroe accepted the teachings of Jesus, particularly regarding fear, he could have saved effort and time.

But Robert Monroe came to a very important conclusion, "a major revelation":

I-There had instituted this process and kept the fear-dissolving operation flowing as needed. No outside source was providing any assistance, as I had wrongly assumed. I was helping myself!

He was helping himself. He had to do it himself.

It is the same as with fighting the devil. We have to do it ourselves. God will not do it for us. He might give us his word which reveals the truth to us, but the doing is ours.

Jesus tells us again and again, Fear not. It is a commandment. And when we do not obey this commandment then we sin.

To fear is to sin.

So what do I do when the devil comes and suggest that it would be a good idea to think about death and what might be left undone here on physical earth, what will happen to my work, how will it survive, then I chase the devil away and tell him that it is not really my work but God’s work and he is quite able to handle that.

Then, on the next page, page 151, Robert Monroe describes very nicely what his actual barrier to right living was: Earth Life System addiction and the multitude of belief systems generated therein.

It was the addiction to the world, to the things of the world and to the god of this world. His problem was that he was a servant of the god of this world and not the God who created heaven and earth.

But what is even more interesting is that it was the multitude of belief systems that were generated in the system of the world.

Worldly people like to make fun of people who they like to call believers and in doing so they want to express that they themselves are not believers, that they keep to facts and discard beliefs.

But the reality is that they are as much believers as those they call believers.

They are believers in the multitude of beliefs that they generate in their system and what is even worse, is that they are addicted to them.

And this addiction applies particularly to their mind, to their thinking.

They are victims of their thoughts, their negative thoughts, their thoughts of fear, worry, illness, death, poverty, loneliness and thousand other evils.

But their real problem is that they do not turn back to God.

People can experience out-of-body states, like Robert Monroe, or they can experience supernatural happenings like being able to read the Akashic Chronik, like H. P. Blavatsky, or they can be witnesses of the most interesting supernatural events, like Lyall Watson, but as long as they do not return to God, they will remain on the wrong road.

You will only then be able to evaluate a research result when you are able to access the belief system of the researcher.

And that is what we are doing here, getting access to the belief system of the researcher Robert Monroe.

So let us have again a look at the Glossary of his third book "Ultimate Journey", pages 271-272:

Belief A mental-emotional mind-set containing a mixture of Knowns and Unknowns in various percentiles.

Belief system A belief that is prevalent in more than one human. The greater the number holding to a belief, the more powerful the system.

Belief System Territories Parts of the (M) Field spectrum adjacent to the Earth Life System where many Human Minds reside after completing physical life experiences. Each is attracted to a particular segment in accordance with a deep attachment made during the life just finished to a seemingly powerful belief.

Now one of the great achievements of Robert Monroe is his research into and his description of something that most people simply call hell.

Robert Monroe does not call it hell, he calls it Belief System Territories.

Often people say that hell is not a certain location but a state of being. But Robert Monroe’s Belief System Territories are real geographic places and that is particularly so for people who come from the planet Earth and who have left planet Earth because they have died.

As these Belief System Territories are regions that can be related to our physical world, we want to have a look how Robert Monroe describes them as he saw them in an out-of-body state from a point of view somewhere between the Earth and the Moon, therefore when he saw them not through his physical eyes but through his spiritual eyes.

Ultimate Journey, pages 32-33

At the next meeting, I brought the question to my INSPEC friend as we drifted beyond the outer edge of the rings that make up what I was later to realize were the Belief System Territories, parts of the (M) Field spectrum adjacent to the Earth Life System where many Human Minds reside after completing physical life experiences. We could perceive the Earth in the center with semitransparent radiant globes around it, each larger and thinner as the distance increased. It took some effort to recognize that we were "seeing" the nonphysical energies in the structure rather than electrons and molecules.

It is interesting that your civilization knows nothing of this aspect of the structure, as you put it.

I wonder if they ever will.

Not in the completeness that you would wish.

If they did know this, it might clean up the mess. So much of it seems without purpose. The pain, the suffering, the violent emotions. It is very hard to accept that mess as a design of some sort.

Perhaps you will have what you call a Different Overview when your opportunity comes.

My opportunity? You mean I will have a chance to do something about it?

Yes . . . you and your friends. It might be helpful to you to visit the potential of states of being that are very different from the one you are experiencing. For example, to visit an era where human organization is different and conforms more to the way you believe it should be.

Now as we are dealing here in this chapter with the subject "The sick mind", we will just consider one aspect of these Belief System Territories, and that is what Robert Monroe calls the (M) Field:

Ultimate Journey, page 274

(M) Field Nonphysical energy field that permeates time-space including our Earth Life System, but is not a part of current human scientific knowledge or study.

Far Journey, page 77

M Band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc. M Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought.

Robert Monroe also calls this M Band noise "Uncontrolled thought."

Here more details:

Far Journey, page 131

The M Band noise was horrendous, yet not nearly so bad as it had been down on the planet itself. Moreover as he singled out each band, his percept showed that the noise was greatest in the bands close to the planet. The farther away from the planet, the less noise. Very little was present in the outermost band. Little, but still there.

Far Journey, page 154

The M Band noise was thunderous, a cacophony of fear, anger, and about every other human emotion, every desire, every need connected with human physical existence. All open, naked, uncovered, up front.

We think the whole day long, even when we sleep. It is actually our main activity. With our thoughts we also actually create our environment. First our bodies, and then the other things around us. With the sense organs of our bodies we then perceive what we have created and then think all this has nothing to do with us. We think, that is has particularly nothing to do with our thinking.

We do not think that our pain and our suffering have something to do with our thinking.

The only thing that is really wrong with us is our thinking.

We have to come back to the state of thinking we were in before we turned against God, when we were still gods.

We have to renew our thinking.

2Co 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

We have to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

It is the only way to get out of suffering and pain. It is the only way to get back to the status of being a god.

This picture of the Earth in the center with semitransparent radiant globes around it could help us to do this. And these globes issuing this terrible noise.

People have described pictures that symbolize thoughts. Seers can actually see thoughts. They are clairvoyant. But now we see that people who have access to the spiritual realm can also hear thoughts - clairaudient. In the spiritual kingdom thoughts can make a noise. Terrible thoughts can make terrible noise. We should keep that in mind. It will help us to get a grip on our thinking.

A human being must get his thinking under control because his thinking will determine in which ring he will end up, in which part of hell he will be dropped.

Here on Earth our thoughts are not visible to other people, they can’t hear them either. But that is not so in the hereafter. When we end up there then our terrible thoughts will just make a terrible noise and other souls will run away and want to have nothing to do with us and that is why there are different rings, the more advanced souls are protected from those souls which are still making terrible noises.

The more we practise already here on Earth to live by faith and not by sight, the more we will be able to be achieve a higher ring.

The more we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, the more we are able to know how to behave in the spiritual kingdom and can attain a better location.

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Our whole life should be concentrated on preparation for the hereafter. We should only seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Our life here on Earth is very short. It is just an examination. When someone falls into sleep during an examination, or into a trance or lets himself being hypnotise, then he will fail, he will not make it, he will not pass.

When an advanced spiritual being goes into these rings in order to speak to one of those souls there to persuade this soul to get out of the kingdom of darkness and get into the kingdom of light, then this advanced spiritual being makes a sacrifice because it has to endure this terrible noise.

When we practise the inner dialogue then it is most of the time a time where this terrible noise is generated. Some people talk to themselves. When a man has a conversation with himself and others can hear it, then this is a blatant case of inner dialogue. Such a person is considered to be cranky, but a person who actually does the same, but is not heard, because he just does it in his thinking, it not much better off. He is also cranky.

Observe yourself when you are practising the inner dialogue. Most of the time the stories that unwind in an inner dialogue have a hero. And find out who the hero is. It is most of the time the person who unwinds the story, the storyteller.

The hero is the storyteller. It is you. And he has got a name. The name is Ego.

And when you actually hear the story told audibly then you can assume that that particular storyteller has practised that particular store many times as an inner dialogue. And now he has an opportunity to let someone have this story and then the hero can be presented and that is then like an inner Reichsparteitag for the storyteller.

So what is the purpose of the Belief System Territories? What is the purpose of hell?

It is for those people who have not learned their lesson her on Earth. They have to make up for what they did not achieve here on Earth.

We should not only achieve our lessons we have to learn on Earth, we should achieve to become completely free of Earth as well as of hell and get out of it. Here follows a conversation between Robert Monroe and his other Selfs about this matter:

Ultimate Journey, pages 169-170

This life experience you're putting together — it's far too valuable.

Why? What do you mean?

It leads to freedom. And it's your ride — you're in charge. We're not much more than a cabin of screaming passengers hoping we'll find it and shouting advice.

Find what?

The way out. Escape velocity. Not just eternity, but infinity.

I . . . I think I see. What am I supposed to do?

You are the best chance we have ever had. We shall support and help you all the way. We can't do everything, but there's a great deal we can do. Encouraging you to think what you call "out-of-body" finally worked.

So Robert Monroe’s out-of-body states had a definite purpose and that was to understand the difference between the physical world and the spiritual world and to get out of the physical world to never return to it and to spend eternity in the spiritual world and that is in that part of the spiritual world that is the kingdom of light.

Now if Robert Monroe achieved this for himself and for his other Selfs might not be clearly recognizable from reading his third book, "Ultimate Journey".

This, the third of the three books of Robert Monroe (30.10.1915-17.3.1995), is from the year 1994 and as he was born 1915 he was then 78 years old and he died at the age of 79, in the year 1995.

The above mentioned conversation between him and his other Selfs seems to indicate that this way out, the escape velocity, had not yet been found, that the sum of his Selfs was still hoping that Robert Monroe would find it and it also indicates that none of his other Selfs had found it.

And it also seems to indicate that they did not even know the way out and that they did not know the formula for the escape velocity.

And it also seems that Robert Monroe’s attitude towards health for himself also still showed shortcomings, because he still seems to treat illness as something normal, as something that just happens in one’s life. He still talks and writes in this frame of mind.

Here comes another discussion between his different Selfs:

Ultimate Journey, pages 171-172

Well . . . I have often wondered why I can't seem to perform certain actions that apparently others can.

What actions are they?

Seeing radiation from people, reading minds, having what we call psychic ability. All I can do is phase out-of-body.

Do you wish to perform these other acts?

Now that you ask . . . no, not necessarily.

We did not believe those were needed. But if you do want one of us to use your body and talk while you go somewhere else, just relax and go to sleep.

No, I don't want to be a channel. That's not a route to freedom, as I see it. But . . . I wish I knew the answer to what I should be doing now.

We cannot give you that answer. We can give you the support you need, and the information. But you yourself know what to do. All of us are behind you. You don't know your own strength. Go find out—that's what you should do. If you succeed, and we are sure you will, we shall be free.

This drive I have . . . to help humankind. Where does this fit in?

We can tell you something about that, though you may not like it.

I need to know.

Service to humankind might be classified as self-serving, but in your case, because the effect spreads so widely, this does not apply. The more we improve humankind, the more our prospects improve. One major improvement is equal to one hundred minor ones.

So he, Robert Monroe, and his other Selfs did not have the answer, at least not at that stage.

The route to freedom was not known.

So the route to freedom is not having extraordinary experiences like out-of-body states, or seeing the radiation from people or reading minds or having psychic abilities. These things might help. But the route to freedom is The Way.

And The Way is Jesus Christ, or alternatively the route of love and this route of love seems to have been found by Robert Monroe.

Here comes another conversation indicating that the route is not yet found:

Ultimate Journey, pages 173-174

Then what am I doing, going through it all over again?

To find one final piece. And you are very close. When you have it, we lift off. We shall be gone.

Gone where? How?

We don't know. You will have to tell us.

I see . . . But — are you certain you have the right one?

And now comes an explanation what happens to most of men on this planet Earth:

Ultimate Journey, pages 174-175

What happens is that some become so locked up in a belief system that they never come back here, not even during sleep. We lose about nine out of every ten that way. They forget about us here completely. We keep helping anyway, hoping they will eventually remember—and sometimes they do. We are there to catch them when they fall through the cracks.

So we are back to the belief system. Most of them fall through the cracks because they believe in the belief system, in the wrong one.

And now comes a statement that Robert Monroe had really grasped the essential:

Ultimate Journey, page 179

The greatest of these responsibilities was that this I among the many that composed my I-There was expected to deliver an important answer or solution. Although I'd been told that I knew the question and was on the track of the answer, the concept still made no sense to me.

So he was on the right track but the whole concept still made to sense to him.

Now comes a passage that indicates how far advanced Robert Monroe was and it also gives interesting details of "hell":

Ultimate Journey, page 179

Many of our tasks involved helping through, or retrieving, after the physical death process. In most of these instances, we became what we were perceived to be: father, mother, departed friend, even some "heavenly being." Those who were not part of our I-There cluster slipped away and disappeared into the Belief System Territories. In these cases we were assisting as a kind of courtesy those who for whatever reason were not met by a representative of their own I-There, or who had missed the entry points to their particular belief system. I soon became accustomed to their disappearance when I had them in tow. Like the sex addict, each phased out when we encountered the radiation of a belief system with which they resonated.

The major task of my I-There was to pick up previous life personalities who had been overwhelmed by Earth Life System addictions or various belief systems so that the essence of the personality was unreachable. When the individual Human Mind finally broke the grip of the belief, or found a crack in the system, one of our I-There members went on a retrieval mission. Time was not a factor in this, except that all such "rescues" took place in what we would label the past.

We now come back to our actual subject: Our mind, our thinking:

Ultimate Journey, pages 184-190

Can you help me with one more thing? Can you tell me about the influences I have to watch out for — to be aware of?

My pleasure. But it is only a reminder. Let me give it to you as a ROTE . . .

Later, I rolled the ROTE I had been given. Freely translated and condensed, here it is:

There is a broad field of energy which for convenience is called (M). It is virtually unrecognized in our contemporary civilization. It is the only energy field common to and operational both within and outside time-space and is present in varying degrees in all physical matter. Because of the tendency of (M) to accumulate in living organisms, LIFE — or Layered Intelligence-Forming Energy — is a useful acronym for one band of the (M) Field spectrum.

In the Earth Life System, (M) is present in greater concentration, ranging from "inert" matter through microorganisms to Human Minds. The variance and spectrum of (M) radiation is extremely wide by local standards, yet is only a small notch in the total breadth of the (M) Field.

All living organisms use (M) to communicate. Animals are more aware of (M) radiation than humans, who, with few exceptions, have no awareness of it at all.

Thought is a much-used perturbation of (M), and emotions are bands of (M) adjacent to thought. Love is also a band of (M) adjacent to thought. Thought-induced phenomena, willful or autonomic, are side-band couplings of (M), and thought affects and modulates (M) radiation.

The introduction by humans of time-space forms of communication (speaking, writing, touching) greatly affected the need for and the growth of (M)-based information systems. Nevertheless, humans are subject to constant (M) input from other sources, including human sources, without the conscious knowledge of either sender or receiver.

The I-There is composed solely of (M), "There" being outside time-space but within the (M) Field. Humans who are not mind-active in time-space, who are phased out during sleep, unconscious, or otherwise, are operating in the (M) Field with a lesser phase relationship to the physical. Except for those proficient in the process, most are fully occupied with coping in the (M) Field and have no more awareness of (M) energy systems than they had in the physical environment. Those who are proficient in (M) techniques rarely find Earth Life System applications worth the effort. There is more excitement elsewhere.

Bonding effected during physical lifetimes is strictly (M) Field imprint. It continues between individual I-There clusters during any mind-consciousness state. Those who have moved completely out-of-phase with time-space — those who have died — may initially seek to retain contact with the Earth Life System. Their lack of skill precludes all but the most rudimentary attempts. After a short time by Earth standards, this communication drops low in priority. However, the new bonding from life experience does add to the interaction between I-There clusters. The stronger the bonding, such as a love of major proportions, the closer the continuing interaction between the clusters.

The influence of (M) Field thought radiation induced by Human Minds would be overwhelming were it not for the inherent phase relationships involved. As in consciousness phasing, the entire individual system of awareness is in phase — tuned in — with only parts of this radiation. If there is no alignment of a given frequency, there is no reception. (M) Field influence continues not only in time-space but also in (M) Field residence, temporary or permanent. Through experience, methods that prevent reception of undesirable thought radiation may be learned, often painfully. It is a matter of phasing. Shut off the aligning receptor thought-form and there is no influence. This holds true both in physical and nonphysical environment.

Group thought, especially when it is primarily emotion-inducing, can be highly contagious, owing to the extreme amplitude of the radiation. Conversely, the organized (M) Field radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough, be many thousand times greater than that of the group. Whatever the source, reception can influence any mind and/or body that contains resonant receptors.

There is an internal factor of influence to include. Emotional thoughts have the capacity to instill signals into the physical body which may be misinterpreted. These can interfere not only with the physical DNA format but also with the I-There pattern. This interference is engendered unintentionally by the physical Human Mind manipulating the (M) Field. The results may vary from strong physical health through immunity, to severe illnesses, as well as their remission, placebos, "miracle cures," to physical death.

Throughout human history, there have been those who have possessed degrees of control of their (M) Field thought radiation. In some cases this was a product of synthesis by the personality cluster selected for that particular life experience. In others, the process was developed in the individual by an accumulation of residual thought radiation and translated into a working system. By control is meant the willful selection or rejection of incoming thought radiation through manipulation of receptor phasing. The quality and amplitude of the thought radiation expressed by these individuals were directed by the human mind-consciousness to serve planned purposes. The most apparent of these individuals history records as political and religious leaders. The most successful have gone unnoticed owing to the deliberate lack of continuity in their activities. The latter have the means to couple other (M) Field bands with that of thought to produce a variety of experiences within the receptor, to alter matter both in structure and form, and to vary time-space energy fields.

Expressions of minor (M) Field control have abounded throughout recorded human history. They include medicine men, mind readers, witches, magicians, soothsayers, early kings and emperors, hypnotists, mediums, healers, psychokineticists, to mention only a few. Imitators without such control have been rife in every era.

The power of beliefs and belief systems lies in various manipulations of (M) Field energy. Your beliefs become Knowns when you recognize or experience this manipulation.

There are very few ways and means to learn control of (M) Field radiation within contemporary civilizations. This is because of the intense and near-exclusive preoccupation with time-space energies, especially those of the Earth Life System. However, there is some evidence, collected from all over the world, of exploration in the (M) Field with productive results. It is likely that participants would agree that it is too little, too late, and this exploration is not likely to be a factor in the possible survival of human civilization in the current context.

What could possibly be more basic than the energy field we use, I reflected after studying the ROTE. It amazed me that I had gone all these years without troubling to perceive what had been unloaded on me. It was as if one had been swimming in an ocean for years without feeling the water! There was less curiosity in me than I had thought.

The idea that every thought I may have that is tinged with emotion radiates uncontrolled outward to others is heavy with implication. It is even more uncomfortable to be the recipient of such thoughts that others may emanate. This realization would support the effort of those who make the unrealistic attempt to spread love and light in a predator world, or those who hold that we are part of a Universal One.

This knowledge also fills in a part of our mind-consciousness that is usually omitted. Most human (M) Field energy is not love and light. To participate openly in this energy, in phase with all of it, could be devastating. Thus a form of shielding develops automatically as insulation. When and if leaks occur in the form of inadvertent phasing — emotional thinking — we become exposed to an incredible amount of discordant and dangerous radiation.

The ROTE covers other areas also. Charisma, "gut" feelings, instant likes and dislikes without surface justification, and especially the origin and power of belief systems that evoke emotion in large quantities — they all drop into place. Also dealt with is the increasing amount of unexplained phenomena in human action and behavior that cannot be measured by time-space measurement systems and therefore is automatically rejected by orthodox or conventional thinking. One clear example is the placebo effect, recognized time and again but rejected as a prime tool because it does not fit conventional standards. Perhaps this is a case of (M) Field activity.

What of those who apparently are well versed in (M) Field techniques but are very quiet about it? There are nearly six billion humans in physical existence in this time frame. By interpretation of the ROTE it would seem that at least six thousand, who will never be publicly known, possess what may be called incredible ability. This figure can be reduced even more, leaving us with six hundred humans in physical existence at this moment who are on the loose and unrecognized and who can do covertly anything imaginable — and much that we cannot imagine. I believe that I may have met one of them; but I do not know. Where are they? one wonders. What are they doing? How are they using their abilities? If they keep themselves so successfully hidden, there must be good reasons. What reasons? And why are they hanging around being human?

Questions with no answers!

So let us have a look at the placebo effect.

We should be aware of the fact that materialism is a religious belief system that is adhered to by only few people. Even among scientifically orientated people the number of people believing in materialism and atheism comprises a relative small percentage. They, however, make such a noise about their ideas that most people fear to be seen as not believing in their school of thought and therefore appear to also be followers of them.

Basically the belief in the existence of the spiritual side of life is universal. It is the belief in the existence of spiritual beings. It is a belief that man has a soul and that his soul lives on when the physical body ceases to be alive.

And in many parts of the world these spirit beings are called ancestors and ancestors are those relatives who are no longer alive on earth.

In this chapter of our book "The Man-Made Church" I now bring the description of ancestors and the belief in ancestors that comes from a man who is a spiritual leader of such people but who originally had a Western, scientific upbringing.

The quote comes from a book with the title "Africa in my bones. A surgeon’s odyssey into the spirit world of African healing." The author is David M Cumes MD. It was published 2004.

The back of the book starts with this:

‘This is a thought-provoking book written by someone who walks along two roads, who is on the one hand a surgeon of note and on the other a sangoma. The world needs such people who see Africa through two eyes, the African eye and the Western eye.’

- Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, his Vulindaba Trust works towards preserving ancient knowledge and using it for the betterment of the people of Africa

And now follows the actual quote from David Cumes’ book "Africa in my bones":

Black healers in South Africa would call the hidden potential in the cosmic field the ancestors. They are masters of the cosmic field. The passport to the cosmic field is the kundalini, num, or an understanding of the umbilini.

If one were to visit a sangoma who, without knowing you, could diagnose your health situation in the past, present, and future, you would be receiving information not localised in time. If, at the same time, he were to tell you about the health of your children living in another country, this would be information not localised in space. Nowadays these sangomas and shamans are politely called medical intuitives in the West. The diagnostic information they can provide can be uncannily accurate. This technology has been and is available, with the help of the ancestral spirits, through the sangomas to all peoples in South Africa.

Third Era medicine, a term coined by Larry Dossey MD, refers to medicine not localised to our conventional space-time continuum that has come after the First and Second Eras of modern medicine. The First Era encompasses orthodox, allopathic medicine, the wonder of our modern-day technical paradigm – an example is the miracle of open-heart surgery. The Second Era is mind-body medicine, which recognises the connection between stress, depression and other psychological conditions, and physical diseases. Today, few would question the interaction between mind and body, but thirty years ago we were still searching for purely mechanical explanations for diseases that may be rooted in psychological causes. Third Era intuitive techniques are germane to traditional or indigenous healers in southern Africa.

Deeper states of awareness or expanded states of consciousness have been credited first and foremost to the Hindu and yoga traditions. Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical belief, and its Tree of Life offers another approach. Appreciation of the energy systems embraced by these traditions is vital to the understanding of the new Third Era of medicine. Balancing the forces in these energy centres and their pathways empowers the healer and the patient’s inner healer. It also facilitates access to the cosmic field; it could well give us the answer to the miracle of spontaneous remission of illness. There is evidence that the San were aware of this kind of energy at least 28 000 years ago. Their experiences during transcendental states have been rendered beautifully as painted images on rocks and cave walls in Southern Africa. This new, and at the time, very old medicine originated on the African plains.

Many cases of cure in aboriginal cultures may have occurred because of skill in moving energy. The sangoma connects with universal healing energy with the help of the ancestors through the gateway of the kundalini. The inner healer is enabled if we intensify our internal energy, life force or prana (yoga), qi or chi (Taoist), ruach (Hebrew), or moya (Zulu). In order to enhance this vital energy and connect more intimately with the cosmic field, we may need some form of inner practice, such as prayer, meditation, imagery, yoga, or tai chi. Indigenous South Africans may use drumming, dancing, chanting, and singing to achieve this.

The key to moving the kundalini energy upward is the balance of the female and male energies, the cool moon and the hot sun, the right brain and the left brain. Also, for the energy to rise we must go beyond the constraints of ego.

The cosmic field is non-local, and within it is the universal mind or universal consciousness. Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, would have called this the collective unconscious. From a Jungian point of view the sangoma or inyanga has the ability to access an archetypal world. It is in this world that the healers encounter the ancestors, and it is there that the magic of synchronicity occurs. Synchronicity happens when an outer incident coincides with an inner mental or psychic event.

When we are intimately connected with the cosmic field, a certain accord which has been called superfluidity by researchers of Transcendental Meditation occurs. This is a light form of trance that occurs when we enter an alpha state of consciousness. Altered states of consciousness facilitate superfluidity, or help us enter the ‘zone’. This can also be achieved through drumming, dancing and song.

While a healer can heal someone who is far away, a sorcerer can use a hex to create disease and even death from a distance. White or black magic has been known for millennia, but is only now being validated by science. Although it sounds implausible to the Western mind, in South Africa, traditional healers deal with witchcraft every day. These malevolent effects can be local or non-local. Non-local influences work through the cosmic field without the knowledge of those who are affected. Local effects work directly, with the knowledge of the victim through the nocebo effect (nocebo is the opposite of placebo). The key to nocebo and placebo is the belief system of the patient; the patient’s absence or presence of hope, belief, trust, and faith. We are all aware of the doctor-patient relationship and how important it is for healing. Just as some physicians create a feeling of calm, confidence, and reassurance in their patient, others can do the opposite. Some doctors will engender the healing power of placebo, others the noxiousness of nocebo. An oncologist who tells his patient that she has three weeks to live is unconsciously applying the nocebo effect. This is tantamount, in sangoma healing, to a voodoo curse. Sangomas are masters of the placebo effect; sorcerers work with nocebo. Later, I discuss how distant healing or the polar opposite, the hex, works through the cosmic field by bypassing the belief system of the recipient. The cosmic field, like our inner healer, is not impervious to bad morals or evil motivation.

To understand placebo and nocebo it is vital to understand white and black magic.

Placebo, it is pronounced ple’si:bou, is a sedative pill, a tranquillizer, something not containing medicine given to sooth, not to cure, a patient. It is a prescription without physical effect: something prescribed for a patient that contains no medicine, but is given for the positive psychological effect it may have because the patient believes that he or she is receiving treatment. A usually pharmacologically inert preparation prescribed more for the mental relief of the patient than for its actual effect on a disorder.

In pharmacology placebo is an inactive substance: a preparation containing no active ingredients, given to a patient participating in a clinical trial in order to assess the performance of a new drug given to other patients in the trial. An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance as a drug.

Placebo is something done to placate somebody: something of no inherent benefit that is done or said simply to placate or reassure somebody. Something tending to soothe.

A placebo effect is a psychological effect of treatment: a sense of benefit felt by a patient that arises solely from the knowledge that treatment has been given. It is an improvement in the condition of a patient that occurs in response to treatment but cannot be considered due to the specific treatment used.

Now nocebo works like placebo, only that placebo is used to have a positive effect, while nocebo is used to harm someone.

David Cumes gives as example of the use of nocebo the oncologist who tells his patient that she has three weeks to live and that this is unconsciously applying the nocebo effect. This is tantamount, in sangoma healing, to a voodoo curse.

In chapter 16. Personal Relationships of our book "The Man-Made Church" we have described such a doctor who is unconsciously applying the nocebo effect.

The nocebo effect (from Latin nocere ‘harm’, nocebo ‘I will harm’) is - analogous to the placebo effect (Latin placebo ‘I will please’) an apparent negative effect of a drug. It describes a reaction upon a medical preparation without special effect or - rumoured - upon the effect of a measure changing the environment, which sustainably damages the health or well-being. In contrast to the positive effect with the placebo effect, the nocebo effect results in a negative reaction.

The nocebo effect – often also described as negative placebo effect - is, as also the placebo effect, among others based on a certain expectation attitude. The expectation attitude therefore can also be unconscious and be based on learning mechanism as for example conditioning. The fear can so be built up with the patient that certain outer influences "make sick". These persons then also actually get ill, or corresponding symptoms can be observed and also measured with them. According to another common explanation model it is about a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Causes or boosters are among others (wrong) diagnosis of physicians or detailed explanations for possible side effects (for example with scientific studies).

The nocebo effect shows itself most clearly in an ill-making fear of imagined dangers.

Examples for an extreme nocebo effect are death sentences, which are imposed by voodoo priests. Then it is suspected that the victims get ill in their belief of resignation and fear and finally also really die.

The nocebo phenomenon is not as well investigated as the placebo effect. It seems however being cause via the same effect mechanism "expectation" and "conditioning". Sensational is a case report of a student in a suicide attempt who took a complete monthly stock of a drug, which he acquired through the participation with a drug study. He had medical treatment, and although with the medication it was only about placebo pills, his condition was critical. Only after he heard about the real nature of the pills, his values normalized again.

Now comes an article:

Dr. Prozac, Meet Dr. Vodou

For decades, scientists have dismissed traditional healing as hokum. Shamans are shams and leaf doctors are frauds, goes the conventional (Western) thinking. That bias is not without merit: Snake oil has long profited hand over fist in poor countries, where physicians are scarce and psychologists might as well be a myth. So much so that you’d think there’s no mental illness in the Global South.

But that’s blatantly untrue, and in the face of a massive treatment crisis, the Prozac nations are little by little changing their tune. A small but growing rebel cadre of researchers is looking to herbalists, acupuncturists and even Vodou priests for help in addressing mental health problems in developing countries. The new idea, which is new only to Westerners: to integrate traditional approaches and modern care for a saner population round the world.

Pairing dudes in stethoscopes with the practitioners they usually mock as wack jobs is a potential game changer, says Akwatu Khenti, an assistant professor of global health at the University of Toronto. Khenti is training Haitian clergy, and yes, that includes the aforementioned Vodou priests in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) while also investigating how the traditional healers "engender confidence in their clients," he says. "We’re not creating a one-way street."

Nor is this a one-off – rather, it’s the latest sign of a major health care shift. In 2013, the World Health Organization released its Traditional Medicine Strategy, with a focus on complementing Western medicine with traditional approaches, replete with strategies to improve the safety and quality of the latter. October brought a nifty-sounding thing called the Nagoya Protocol: It aims to fight biopiracy – that’s where Big Pharma rips off traditional medicine – and require companies that profit from natural products to compensate the indigenous communities that have cultivated and used them for generations.

Don’t flush that prescription antipsychotic yet, please. Most traditional mental health remedies are well beyond the bounds of regulation, and some are, indeed, snake oil. Best case? It’s hard to assess the efficacy of traditional methods because measurement requires gauging patient beliefs. Even so, traditional healers have a leg up on Western ones. For starters, there are many more of them in poor countries. While Ethiopia and Ghana each have fewer than 10 psychiatrists per 100,000 people (there are about 135 per 100,000 in the U.S.), sub-Saharan Africa has one traditional healer per 500 people. And patients tend to comply with treatment, even if a "prescription" means daily prayers. Kwame McKenzie, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, wonders what would happen if his community could "get traditional healers to do not exactly what we want, but get them to do a bit," adding that we’d "hugely expand" the number of people doing mental health work.

And where DSM-schooled providers exist, their services may carry a serious stigma. Mental illness is seen as a sign of weakness the world over but perhaps especially in poor countries, says Khenti. Psychologists are a last resort. More important than all of that: In many instances, traditional mental health treatments seem to work. They’re closely aligned with local cultural beliefs, including understanding of mental illness as supernatural – the result of an evil spirit or a strained relationship with God, for example.

When faced with emotional problems, most Ethiopians first consult with Christian pastors, Muslim imams, herbalists or spiritual advisers called awaki, says Dawit Wondimagegn, a psychiatrist at Addis Ababa University. He and psychiatrists from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto want to fold these healers into a network of local health workers, whom they’ve trained in interpersonal psychotherapy. Nurses will identify and refer patients undergoing spiritual distress – who feel guilty about not praying enough, for example – to traditional healers. And traditional healers are trained to recognize patients who might benefit from psychiatric services.

Christian monasteries are a linchpin in Wondimagegn’s plan. Family members of those with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders often ditch them at monasteries. If for no other reason than safety, the monks and nuns put these should-be patients in chains and shackles. Hello, Middle Ages. But in 2013, Wondimagegn taught the nuns which medications to prescribe based on the symptoms they observed – in addition to offering their usual spiritual guidance. Six months later, not one of the 26 patients was shackled; some were even helping with fetching water and other chores. Wondimagegn plans to publish these preliminary data later this year.

In Haiti, Khenti has adapted CBT to Haitian culture based on his work with Haitian immigrants in Toronto. Providers translate lingo like goal setting and skill consolidation into lay-friendly Creole words and don’t assign written homework due to literacy issues. Khenti recently launched the first phase of a project to test his model’s efficacy in Haiti and is gearing up to teach the model to Haitian spiritual leaders in July.

So what if the positive effects of a traditional remedy can be traced to a placebo effect? That just further underscores the "trustworthiness, integrity and respect for traditional healers," says Khenti. They’re the same factors, he says, that characterize positive relationships with men and women in white coats with prescription pads.

Now follows an extract from a book with the title "Talks on the path of Occultism." The author is C. W. Leadbeater:

The third danger is that of impurity. The man who is pure in thought and life, pure in intention and free from the taint of selfishness, is by that very fact guarded from the influence of undesirable entities from other planes. There is in him nothing upon which they can play; he is no fit medium for them. On the other hand all good influences naturally surround such a man, and hasten to use him as a channel through which they may act, and thus a still further barrier is erected about him against all which is mean and low and evil. The man of impure life or motive, on the contrary, inevitably attracts to himself all that is worst in the invisible world which so closely surrounds us; he responds readily to it, while it will be hardly possible for the forces of good to make any impression upon him.

We now come back to Robert Monroe. Here an important insight:

Ultimate Journey, page 192

Thinking positively helps, does it?

Partly. Deliberately ignoring the input helps more.

We are back to resisting the devil and to the commandment Jesus gives us: Fear not.

It is something we have to do. It is our activity.

Effect mechanisms like "expectation" and "conditioning" are things we have to implement. Wirkmechanismen „Erwartung“ und „Konditionierung“

Or with other words when we have negative effect mechanisms like "expectation" and "conditioning" then we have to exorcize them.

To give an example. When a man is a member of a medical scheme, then he can measure his faith and see that he is in a position where he expects to get sick. He expects to get sick. He has conditioned himself to fall ill. When he falls ill there will be costs and now he is insured so that these costs are reimbursed. Already from a worldly point of view this does not make too much sense. If he is somewhat interested in spiritual things he will most probably live a relatively healthy life and therefore be healthier than the rest of the population and particularly than the rest of the members of that scheme. The insurance company lives from the income and that are the contributions the members pay minus the expenses and that are the reimbursements they pay out and they are lower than the contributions and the difference is the profit the company makes. When a member is now a person who lives a healthy life then it can be assumed that the contributions are higher than reimbursements and therefore from this point of view alone it is a monkey business. But this is just the financial aspect of the matter.

If the man would not expect to get sick, if he has not conditioned himself to fall ill, then he has no need to be insured against sickness. If a man consciously makes a decision to live in divine health, he will very soon experience divine health. It will become part of his life.

So to become and to be insured against the cost of medical treatment is a good method to have need of medical treatment. It is a sign to be in the wrong Belief System Territory.

But the basic defence against sickness is to reject every wrong thought that wants to enter our mind, to reject every thought of being sick and of getting sick. And an easy way to check if this is done successfully is to have a look, or to have an ear, at the words that come out of our mouth and the words that appear on our screen when we type them in.

It is as simple as that.

We just have to measure our faith.

But it also helps to measure the faith of others, like the faith of Robert Monroe; it sharpens the eye for wrong statements. But it is our own tongue that must be conquered.

Now an important passage:

Ultimate Journey, page 195

There is one thing you should know. Whatever you encounter, nothing, absolutely nothing, can destroy you. You are (M) Field energy, regardless of a physical body.

When one reads the three books by Robert Monroe, one receives the impression that his meetings with spiritual beings are quite impressive, just because they are spiritual beings, and not physical beings, and that their spiritual appearances, which are mainly expressed through the intensity of spiritual light, make a great impression upon a material being. And all communications with these spiritual beings make an imposing impression and their information, which they supply about the spiritual world, is incredibly informative. And these spiritual beings, which are partly also his higher self, and other possible selves, use words, which sound very clever, but basically also they do not have the answer and actually expect it from him, and try again and again to cause him, Robert Monroe, to use his position on Earth, in the material body, to find out the actual question of life and to then make it available to them, these spiritual beings, so that they then all, including Robert Monroe, can start the real ascent.

And this shows that the unique position in which we find ourselves, to be citizens of this Earth, is the best position, and that we should use this unique position to find out, what it is all about, to then lead a life which results in becoming children of God.

We have seen that Robert Monroe’s belief system regarding his material life, especially his financial life, was a positive one, and we now want to have a look how we can judge this his belief system by looking at his own words:

Ultimate Journey, page 226
I know why I became involved in the "retrieval" process of those who had left the physical. And I understand why I felt the need to share my experiences through books and writing, why I put all my physical assets and years of personal effort into the development of learning systems, so that others could achieve states of consciousness similar to those I had experienced. It was not ego gratification; I had no desire to become a guru or "spiritual" leader. It was not fame; my other life activities had taken care of that. It was not fortune; I had done well enough in this respect long before my first OBE.

Now this information gives us also insight into the value of his books. He obviously does not seem to have written his books to make money out of them. As a businessman he would not neglect the commercial side of his activities as an author, but his motives seem to have been quite others.

He published his works in the form of books and not in the form as webpages simply because the internet did not really exist at that time. So he had to go through the normal channels to get his work out to the world and that was through publishing houses and that again means that people who wanted to read the books would have to purchase them, or at least libraries would have to purchase them.

If he would have published his books today, we can assume that he would have done so via the internet and that free of charge for the readers. An indication that this is so, is the fact that the people who are in possession of the publishing rights today do exactly this and have made his books available on the internet and they can be read there and at no cost.

That makes this material valuable because the people behind it, especially Robert Monroe himself, did not write for financial gain, and therefore the material is not just merchandise.

In our previous chapter we discussed Jane Roberts and between her and Robert Monroe exists a connection.

I now bring a quote from the book "The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, pages 267-268

Session 653, April 4, 1973, 9:32 P.M. Wednesday

We were visited over the weekend by Robert Monroe and his wife, Nancy; they live on a farm in central Virginia. Bob Monroe is the author of Journeys Out of the Body,* [* Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1971.] the book that Jane and I regard as the premier work on the subject. Among many things, he wanted to tell Jane about the research complex, tentatively called The Mentronics Institute – or System – that he’s building on his farm. It will be used "by just a bunch of guys" to study various phases of psychic activity. These "guys" then will be doctors, parapsychologists, psychiatrists, and members of other scientirfic disciplines.

(Seth came through Sunday night, April 1, in a long recorded discussion with the Monroes. We were all to meet again late Monday.


Then Bob Monroe and his wife arrived, and we had a busy evening. Seth came through, and so forth.

In this quote the I is Robert F. Butts, the husband of Jane Roberts, the man who wrote all the notes in the Seth books and also the person Seth spoke to, through Jane Roberts.

So on the 1st of April 1973 these five met, Jane Roberts, Rob Butts, Robert Monroe and Nancy Monroe, and Seth.

And now we come back to belief-systems and another quote follows; it is Seth speaking:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, page 313

Session 659, April 25, 1973, 9:18 P.M. Wednesday

With the greatest understanding and compassion, let me mention that Western medicine is in its way one of the most uncivilized hypnotic devices. The most educated Western doctors will look with utter dismay and horror at the thought of a chicken being sacrificed in a primitive witch doctor’s hut, and yet will consider it quite scientific and inevitable that a woman sacrifice two breasts to cancer. The doctors will simply see no other way out, and unfortunately neither will the patient.

A modern Western physician – granted, with the greatest discomfiture – will inform his patient that he is about to die, impressing upon him that his situation is hopeless, and yet will react with scorn and loathing when he reads that a voodoo practitioner has put a curse upon some innocent victim.

In your time, medical men, again with great superiority, look at primitive cultures and harshly judge the villagers they think are held in the sway of witch doctors or voodooism; and yet through advertisement and organization, your doctors impress upon each individual in your culture that you must have a physical examination every six months or you will get cancer; that you must have medical insurance because you will become ill.

In many instances, therefore, modern physicians are inadequate witch doctors who have forgotten their craft – hypnotists who no longer believe in the power of healing, and whose suggestions bring about other diseases which are diagnosed in advance.

You are told what to look for; you are as cursed – far more – as any native in a tiny village, only you lose breasts, appendixes, and other portions of your anatomy. The doctors follow their own ideas, of course, and in that system they see themselves as completely justified – as humane.

In the medical field, as in no other, you are faced directly with the full impact of your beliefs, for doctors are not the healthiest, but the least healthy. They fall prey to the beliefs to which they so heartily subscribe. Their concentration is upon disease, not health.

And now a third quote:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, pages 319-320

Session 660, May 2, 1973, 9:27 P.M. Wednesday

Not only do you operate within your own personal beliefs, of course, but within a mass system to which you subscribe to one degree or another. Within that organization medical insurance becomes a necessity for most of you, so I am not suggesting that you drop it. Nevertheless, let us look more closely at the situation.

You are paying in advance for illness that you are certain will come your way. You are making all preparations in the present for a future of illness. You are betting upon disease and not health. This is the worst kind of natural hypnosis, and yet within your system insurance is indeed a necessity, because the belief in illness so pervades your mental atmosphere.

Many become ill only after taking out such "insurance" – and for those, the act itself symbolically represents an acceptance of disease. Even more unfortunate are the special policies for the elderly that detail in advance all of the most stereotyped and distorted concepts about health and age. There is a great correlation between the kind of policies that people take out, and the illnesses that they then fall prey to.

Even more disadvantageous are the suggestions given, with the best of purposes in mind, concerning specific health areas dealing with prevention. There are two in particular that I would like to mention here.

One is the cancer drive literature, and television "public service" announcements, in which the seven danger signals of cancer are given. Unfortunately, again, within the framework of your belief this also becomes almost a necessity for many – especially for those who, because of previous experience of one kind or another with the disease, are almost irrational in their fear of it. The literature and announcements act as strong negative suggestions, following the nature of natural hypnosis – and a conditioning process, you see, where you are looking for specific symptoms, and examining your body under the impetus of fear.

To those already conditioned in such a manner, such procedures can cause cancers that would not otherwise occur.

This does not mean that those individuals might not come down with another disease instead, but it does mean that the belief in disease is patterned and focused to particular symptoms by such methods. No wonder you need health insurance! Illness is not a foreign agency thrust upon you, but as long as you believe that it is, then you will accept it as such. You will also feel powerless to combat it.

We mentioned already that we create our own bodies and the things around us, and that, of course, should make us realize that, when we create our body, we also can repair it, and here now something from Seth to this:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, pages 82-83

Session 623, October 25, 1972, 9:45 P.M. Wednesday

Because the conscious mind is part of the inner self, it is obviously made of the same energy, filled with the same vitality, and revitalized by the deep sources of creativity from which all being emerges.

You must understand that it is not cut off from the inner self. The inner self keeps the physical body alive even as it formed it. The miraculous constant translation of spirit into flesh is carried out with inexhaustible energy by these inner portions of being, but in all cases the inner self looks to the conscious mind for its assessment of the body’s condition and reality, and forms the image in line with the conscious mind’s beliefs.

So – once more – you form reality through your beliefs, and your most intimate production is your physical body. Your beliefs about it are constantly fed into inner data. You organize on an unconscious level the atoms and molecules that compose your cells to form your body. But the blueprint is made by your conscious beliefs. To change your body you change your beliefs, even in the face of physical data or evidence that conflicts.

And one more:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, pages 191-192

Session 641, February 19, 1973, 9:42 P.M. Monday

A man who makes a statue uses his conscious mind, his creative ability, his physical body, and the inner resources of his own being.

Deliberately he decides to create a sculpture, and automatically focuses his energies in that direction. When you form the living sculpture of your body, which is far more important to you than any work of art, you should certainly follow the same course. In other words, direct your energies toward the creation of a healthy functioning body. You form your image constantly; as many of the artistic processes are hidden, so the inner mechanisms by which you create your material self lie beneath the surface of your conscious mind. They are highly effective, nevertheless.

Now comes the last quote, a short one:

"The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book" by Jane Roberts, 1974, page 216

Session 644, February 28, 1973, 9:05 P.M. Wednesday

If you have a physical symptom, do not run away from it. Feel its reality in your body. Let the emotions follow freely. These will lead you, if you allow them to flow, to the beliefs that caused the difficulty.

Spiritual, scientific subjects
The nature and construction of matter
Creating physical matter on a subconsciuous basis
Consciousness forms physical matter


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