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This is the 52. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


52. Energy forms matter


by Frank L. Preuss


The title of our previous chapter of this book "The Man-Made Church", chapter 51, was "How does one get hold of truth?" and there we brought extracts from Hazel Courteney’s book "Divine Intervention" and one of them was this one:

David explained: ‘Thoughts are matter on a higher speed band of energy. So, with the ascended powers that we all have access to, but just don’t know about, it is scientifically possible for objects to appear in our world seemingly from nowhere – this is what Sai Baba in India is able to do.’

Hazel Courteney met David Ash and David gave her his book "The New Science of Spirit" and then she reported about her conversation with David and the just quoted sentence is part of this.

So we will now have a look at some quotes from another book by David Ash: "The New Physics of Consciousness":

If modern science were based on ancient Indian philosophy rather than ancient Greek philosophy we would be living in a different world with different values. When philosophers in ancient Greece decided the atom was a material particle they were relying on the meandering of their minds in the mires of speculation. Yogis in ancient India had the siddhi power to direct their minds into the atom and see what was going on in there. What they spotted was ‘the smallest particles of matter are vortices of energy.’

Imagining atoms as material particles the Greeks invented materialism. Seeing the vortex in the atom the Yogis recognised maya; they realised the vortex creates the illusion of material.


The implications of a proven physics based on Indian mysticism cannot be underestimated. Science and spirituality are reconciled.


The dance of Shiva in Hindu mythology epitomizes all is energy. Revealing how energy forms matter, the vortex shows us how Eastern mysticism has anticipated modern scientific thought. Yoga is set to completely revolutionise our understanding of the Universe. Through the vortex we can appreciate how the dynamic in energy sets up the static in matter. It confirms what mystics of the East have always known, ‘we live in a non-material world’ and underpins the Vedic principle that the Universe is a non-material state of unending change and movement.

The vortex portrays particles of matter as particles of pure movement where nothing substantial exists that moves. These particles are more like thoughts than things. They are acts of consciousness, not acts of material substance. Quantum reality is more abstract than concrete. The universe appears as a mind and everything in the ‘holographic world’ we inhabit, including ourselves, seems to be an act of imagination. The Universe could be a dream and we are all dreamers within it. The new physics of consciousness confirms aboriginal belief that we exist in a dream state. The spiritual fits with the aboriginal belief that other dream states impact our dream world. In the parlance of the new science we would say the spiritual is another state of quantum reality.

It is impossible to prove the existence of other worlds spoken of in religion. However, the vortex explains the known world of matter in a way that unifies the whole of physics. The vortex account for physical reality is then extrapolated to provide a rationale for other realities. Suddenly the instrument of science provides a reasonable basis for religious belief and spiritual experience. An account appears in physics for unseen worlds that many people experience as true. When, through the lens of the subatomic vortex, we realise maya – the illusion of materialism – the barrier between science and spirituality melts away and they become one – a single body of knowledge in a multidimensional Universe where consciousness underlies everything.

These were quotes from the book "The New Physics of Consciousness" by David Ash.

And David Ash explained: ‘Thoughts are matter on a higher speed band of energy. So, with the ascended powers that we all have access to, but just don’t know about, it is scientifically possible for objects to appear in our world seemingly from nowhere – this is what Sai Baba in India is able to do.’

So now we want to come to a practical example how to form matter out of thoughts.

The following quote comes from a weekly, "Post", and there the article appeared on the front page right at the top:


February 16-20 2005

Miracle of ash

Guru’s ‘divine expedition’

Yogas Nair

He waved his trembling hand in a mystical motion, took a deep breath and, within a few seconds, sweet-smelling ashes fell from his fingertips and a miniature brass Shiva-lingum miraculously appeared in the palm of my hand. Divine power or magical illusion? I wonder.

Guru Yogisthan Sithar, 49, of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is on a "divine expedition" in Durban. He claims he has powers equal to those of spiritual master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He is accompanied by two astrologers, Gurusamy Sekar, 37, and Bala Murugan, 43, who claim to have the power to predict one’s future.

Chief photographer Deena Pillay, cultural exponent and Lotus fm presenter Mala Lutchmanan, and I went in search of this "miracle man" on Monday after being told of his ability to materialise from ashes kumkum, sugar candy, gold coins and miniature religious deities.

We were greeted by a modest-looking man dressed in a starched white long-sleeved shirt rolled up to his elbows, cream dhoti, and glasses.

Because Sithar is unable to speak English, Lutchmanan was asked to interpret, and through her, I tried to unfold the origins of Guru Sithar.

Once in the comfort of a conference room at the Coastlands Convention Centre, Durban, Sithar described me as a "courageous, intelligent and strong-willed individual with a desire to achieve".

During this time he continuously rubbed his hands on a table and said his "shalthi" (power) made his hands burn and itch. Within a few seconds the expression on his face had changed and his hand began to vibrate steadily.

He then waved his hand in a mystical motion over my right hand. After a few seconds he picked up his hand, and lo and behold, a miniature brass lingum appeared in my palm. I was stunned and could not believe what I had just seen.

He then turned to Lutchmanan and, with exactly the same movements, materialised a sweet-smelling ash from his fingertips into her hand.

We were baffled, maybe even a little scared. But that was not going to deter us from finding out more about our very own "Houdini".

Guru told us that as a young child, he had vowed to help people, and gained his inspiration from Sai Baba.

He said he gave up all material wealth at 20 and went into the forests of Tamil Nadu to live as a hermit.

He met several sages and saints who taught him powerful mantras that gave him his "divine powers".

He said his Guru was Sivalinga Sithar. "I want to help people and my dream is to build an ashram in India where people can come and seek guidance and solace. I believe my divine powers are a gift from God and I want to use them in a positive way."

Guru said he was not able to materialise or use his power on anyone and that only "special" people had the privilege of watching him in action.

He said they were in Durban for one month and that during this time he intended to spread the word of God. He can be contacted at 073 188 7953.

I am still baffled by what I saw and cannot form any firm opinion. Guru appeared to ‘materialise’ the ashes and lingum from "thin air" but how he did it remains a mystery.

An equally baffled Lutchmanan said she had her reservations about their motives but agreed that his ability to ‘materialise’ things was very powerful and should not be challenged or abused.

"However, we must also not be gullible and believe everything we hear and see," she added.

All Deena Pillay could manage to say was that he was "intrigued, mystified and puzzled" by what he saw.

Dr Rajen Coopan, vice president of the Central Council of the Sathya Sai organisation, said that no human being could compare himself to Sai Baba, who is regarded as an avatar (divinity taking the form of a human being).

He said Guru’s divine powers should be judged on his spiritual work, and not just acts of materialisation.

"Any person can attain these powers through mind control but how these powers are used is questionable. Sai’s greatest miracles are his teachings and improving other people’s lives.

"People are easily attracted to these miracles but if they offer you no change to your life, they are valueless exercises and just an emotional hype."



The Shiva-lingum, which Guru Yogisthan Sithar materialised
Picture: Deena Pillay



Astrologers Bala Murugan, left, and Gurusamy Sekar, exteme right, with ‘miracle man’ Guru Yogisthan Sithar, centre
Picture: Deena Pillay


At the beginning of this chapter we read about Yogis in ancient India that had the siddhi power to direct their minds into the atom and see what was going on in there.

We now want to have a look at such abilities and an example.

The example is Nicodemus.

I quote from Waves and there from jl.ev07.058,22:

When they were again back in their natural state, Nicodemus said: "O Lord, that is surely wonderful above wonderful! We were here, saw exactly you and all the others, but still we saw also everything most accurately and clearly what we described and I myself have now experienced in a most real manner how indescribably brighter the seeing of the free soul is than it is in connection with the body. Not only did we see everything brighter that was nearby as well as in the greatest distance, but also heard everything. And when we saw a tree or a house or a ship on the sea or also a man or an animal, we saw it completely according to the natural outer form; but we also saw everything through and through, though the object was not transparent.

Now follow again quotes from the book "The New Physics of Consciousness" by David Ash:

Yogis in ancient India discovered a form of energy that 20th century physics has overlooked. This is spin and it is the primordial spin of energy – which I describe allegorically as the spin of Shakti – that completes the understanding of energy.

Indian mystics in the pre-scientific era were able to probe the atom with their minds. The first authoritative and systematic exposition of this practice by Yogis was written about 400 B.C.E. in the Sutras of Patanjali where the physiological and psychological results of meditation, concentration and contemplation are described in detail.

In Aphorism 3.26 it states: pravrtty-aloka-nyasat suksma-vyavahita-viprakrsta-jnanam e.g. knowledge of the small, the hidden and the distant can be acquired by directing the light of super-physical faculties. In Sanskrit such faculties are called ‘Siddhis’. The Siddhi for perception of the small, the distant and the hidden is called anima. This siddhi is developed in the practice of advanced yoga.

In an altered state of consciousness the Yogi exercising the siddhi can experience visual images of objects too small for human sight to discern. The experience is shrinking to a size commensurate with the objects being viewed. Through exercise of the anima siddhi yogis perceived that energy - prana - exists in matter - akasa - in the form of vortices - vritta

So a human being can see everything, the smallest details of life like a subatomic particle, or rather a vortex, and also something far away, in some other galaxy. It just a question of adjusting consciousness.

But now what is actually matter? Here again from "The New Physics of Consciousness":

The flow of energy in a train of waves creates a particle of kinetic inertia and the flow of energy in a vortex creates a particle of static inertia. Kinetic inertia is the tendency of something to keep moving unless it is stopped and static inertia is the tendency of something to stay put unless it is moved.


It is this static inertia that we perceive as mass. Mass is created by vortex motion. Mass quantifies the inertia of the vortex.


It is the vortex form of energy, not energy itself that creates mass. Mass is created by vortex motion so mass, momentum and angular momentum are properties of the vortex, not the energy within the vortex.

Vortex motion sets up maja; the illusion of material.


Particles of vortex energy and their movement within the atom set up the illusion of material substance in mass.


Vortex energy in the atom accounts for potential energy, mass, charge, magnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force, the inertia of matter, the extension of matter in three dimensions and mass-energy transformations.


The vortex is the key to understanding how the dynamic can appear static. The vortex of energy creates the illusion of rest. Movement in a straight line represents maximum velocity. As the line movement, representing energy, follows a curved path the velocity in the straight line is reduced.

If the line of movement is directed in a spiral, the velocity in the straight line is zero. Thus the vortex is the form in which energy can appear to ‘stand still’. It is this movement of energy in three dimensions into or out of a single point in the spherical vortex, which creates the ‘stay-put’ inertia characteristic of matter.


If light spins into a single stationary point its linear velocity would be zero. When the movement of light is in spin it is still energy only it isn’t propagating. It’s not going anywhere, so it stands still; it is the equivalent of a standing wave. The vortex is a standing form of energy that creates the illusion of solidity.


The vortex enables us to visualise particles as energetic, extending, interacting swirling whirlpools of light rather than bounded blobs of lifeless material that bounce off each other.

Through the vortex we can make a paradigm shift. Fundamental assumptions and firmly held beliefs limit us in science as well as religion. The scientific world is stuck with an outmoded paradigm, the concept of material substance.

Materialistic thinkers use science to explain away religious phenomena and non-material worlds. The vortex explains away materiality and shows we are living in a non-material world!


This is the end of "Energy forms matter"
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