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This is the 51. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church"


51. How does one get hold of truth?


by Frank L. Preuss



Thomas Sugrue
Arthur Lammers
Bertha Dudde
Barnabas and Saul
Edgar Cayce

The Transfiguration
Louie Harris
Ernest Thompson
Maurice Barbanell
T. J. Haarhoff

Rodney Davies
Silver Cord
Betty Shine
Rudolf Steiner
Crop circle

C. W. Leadbeater
Harmon Hartzell Bro
Noel Langley
G. Gurdjieff
Alec Harris

Philip the evangelist
Paul the apostle
Judas Iscariot
Edgar Cayce 2
Lyall Watson, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

A P Shepherd
Aldous Huxley
Bertha Dudde 2
Hazel Courteney
David Ash

Ruth Montgomery
Bertha Dudde 3


Would it not be a good idea to get hold of truth by approaching the spiritual world – the hereafter?

In this chapter we want to investigate this way, the way to approach the supernatural, and what happens or what can happen when man deals with things that are considered "paranormal" or whatever way one wants to call such things, and we will investigate several aspects of doing this, but the main aspect will not be so much on the fact that such things exist and give us insight into the realm that is normally not available to us, but our interest will be more on how to do such things the wrong way and how to do them the right way.

Christian religion normally shies away from such things and the reason being in many cases is simply ignorance, but orthodoxy has fought the supernatural systematically and that with the argument that such things are wrong and of the devil, but the real reason is to fight the kingdom of God and to prevent people to really get to know God and his kingdom.

So we will consider ways to approach God’s realm the right way, but as it is often easier to learn from negative examples we will also go into negative examples and use one right at the beginning of this chapter.

When one could get access to the spiritual realm, then it should be possible to obtain information that is not available here on earth. So this obtaining of supernatural information will be our first example.

We want to have a look at a person who went this way.

^ Thomas Sugrue

I now bring an excerpt from a book written by Thomas Sugrue, which has the title "There is a River, The Story of Edgar Cayce." Edgar Cayce lived from 1877 to 1945 in America. The person we want to have a look at is a man with the name Lammers.

In chapters 19 and 28 of our book "The Man-Made Church" we had dealt already with Edgar Cayce and I will therefore here not say much about Edgar Cayce but deal more with Lammers.

Now follows the beginning of the report about Lammers from the book "There is a River, The Story of Edgar Cayce":

^ Arthur Lammers

One day a man named Arthur Lammers walked into the studio. He was a wealthy printer from Dayton, Ohio; a short, powerful man with broad shoulders, brown hair, and blue, searching eyes. Edgar had met him casually while on a trip to Dayton. He had received one of the announcements, and had come to get some readings.

They were not to be for sick people. He was quite well himself, and so were the members of his family. He had other interests: philosophy, metaphysics, esoteric astrology, psychic phenomena. He asked questions Edgar did not understand – what were the mechanics of the subconscious, what was the difference between spirit and soul, what were the reasons for personality and talent? He mentioned such things as the cabala, the mystery religions of Egypt and Greece, the medieval alchemists, the mystics of Tibet, yoga, Madame Blavatsky and theosophy, the Great White Brotherhood, the Etheric World. Edgar was dazed.

"You ought to find out about these things," Lammers said. "If there is any way of finding it out, it’s through you. The world is full of notions about its own beginning, its meaning, and its end. There are hundreds of philosophic and thousands of theological systems. Which are right and which are wrong? Which is closest to the truth? What is the real nature of the soul and what is the purpose of this experience on earth? Where do we go from here? What for? Where did we come from? What were we doing before we came here? Haven’t you asked any of those questions?"

"No," Edgar said.

He couldn’t think of another word to say. He didn’t dare tell the truth: that he had always considered such an idea sacrilegious, because God was revealed in the Bible, and to suppose that he could answer the mysteries of the universe would be an open invitation for Satan to speak through him.

That was what he had felt. Now, as he heard Lammers speak, he knew the feeling had passed. He had not been aware of its passing, but it was gone. As Lammers tossed questions he felt something spring up within himself, something which said, "This is a way to get the answer."

"I can only stay here a few days," Lammers went on, "but if you will come to Dayton as my guest I’ll take a series of readings on these subjects, and see what we get."

"Philosophy and metaphysics have been my hobbies, but they only lead me to confusion, because there is no definite authority on the details. They all agree on the one God, the need of morality, the efficacy of prayer, the brotherhood of the spirit, but beyond that it is a sea of guesses. If these readings of yours are accurate it means your subconscious mind can be reached, and if these occult and mystic theories are correct, that subconscious mind ought to be aware of its own identity, and ought to be able to tell us as much of ourselves and the world as we want to know – or at least as much as we can understand."

Edgar could feel his own thoughts being expressed in Lammers’s words. He had returned to Selma convinced of his mission. It had taken him forty-six years to reach the decision. Now he wanted to know why he had a mission, and how it was to be fulfilled.

"Why not finish up your work here in the next few says," Lammers said, "and come up to Dayton with me for a few weeks? You’ll be a wiser and richer man when you return, I’m sure."

"I’ll go," Edgar said. "I’ll finish up the appointments for readings I have, tomorrow and the next day. They’re all local people."

"Good," Lammers said. "I want to start at the bottom with this thing. The most enduring and popular belief about the universe of which we are sceptical is astrology. First we’ll ask the readings for a horoscope, and see what happens."

"They’re fakes, aren’t they?" Edgar said. He was sure, now, that he wanted to find out about everything by way of the readings. It was just the assurance he needed. It would join together, at least in his mind, the two great conflicting forces of his life, the Bible and the readings. Out of the truth of one had come the power of the other. He was certain of that. It would be a comfort to have it proved.

Gertrude was dubious as she saw him pack his bags, but she liked Lammers, and the subject of the readings to be taken interested her.

"Write me all about what they say," she said when Edgar kissed her good-bye.

In Dayton he registered at the Phillips Hotel, an old, homey place with big rooms and lots of red plush on the furnishings. In the morning Lammers brought his secretary, Linden Shroyer, and a stenographer to the readings. Shroyer, a small, thin man with black hair, eyes, and mustache, seemed ill at ease.

"What’s he going to do?" he kept asking Lammers.

Edgar laughed.

"What I’m going to do shouldn’t bother you," he said. "It’s what I’m going to say that has me worried."

“I’m going to ask him for my horoscope," Lammers explained.

Lammers conducted the reading. When Edgar woke up he spoke to him gravely.

"There is something wrong with our notion of astrology, apparently," he said. "It doesn’t affect us as we think it does."

Edgar smiled. He was relieved.

"We leave out a factor that is very important," Lammers went on.

"What’s that?" Edgar said.


What then follows is the typical story about Reincarnation as it is brought to us by books and other publications.

^ Bertha Dudde

I now bring a quotation from the work of Bertha Dudde, which explains why this kind of teaching about reincarnation is wrong. It comes from Bertha Dudde’s message B.D. NR. 0788:

But it is now a wrong assumption to be able to take up again a useless spent life on earth just as one likes to make up for the neglected self-redemption. When such would have been intended without exception by the Lord of creation then there was certainly no need for the work of redemption of the divine saviour, because then it would have been up to every being without further ado, to repeat just as one likes the once neglected or badly used life on earth, and so the exceedingly great blessing of the work of redemption would have been considerably decreased, but whereas exactly for the short duration of the life on earth favours without measure were acquired for man through the work of redemption to exactly make a complete liberation from matter possible in this time, even if it is up to every man to choose this way of favour, or rather utilize it for himself or to take upon the time of suffering in the hereafter with all agonies. The infinite love of God lets no being go to eternal ruin, and there are endless many possibilities of purification, but you will be only once allowed to use the time on earth, except the few cases where the Lord combines a special assignment or intention with it – but which are never to be generalized. The teaching about the re-embodiment is once and for all harmful to men because in a certain lukewarmness of the spirit they will always seek their consolation or their explanation in such, that they can once make up for everything they lack, and such a teaching will never be beneficial because only restless work on oneself is able to bring in success, that some day they can look back at their life satisfied – while the re-embodiment teaching always leaves oneself a way out, which is used by the weak, the careless and the lukewarm. No minute of your life you are to forget your goal, to always only strive for the reunification with God and to seek to make use of the time on earth to the utmost, only then you make yourselves worthy of the careful loving attention, which God the Lord granted you during the infinite long way, which you have walked till your existence on earth. B.D. NR. 0788.

There exists a collection of announcements by Bertha Dudde, which contain statements about reincarnation:
Reincarnation: That kind of reincarnation is false doctrine, which is generally accepted in the world.
and in this chapter of The Man-Made Church, Chapter 51 "How does one get hold of truth?" we are using the subject reincarnation just as an example, as an example how one can get hold of something, which might not be truth.

At the beginning of this Chapter 51 we brought this example about the man Arthur Lammers in Dayton and it is to serve here as a demonstration that will help us to see details, which one has to know when the search for truth is on.

To make such details more clear I now want to bring a second example of how this search for the right things in life, for a life that is conform to the will of God, can be conducted.

This example comes from Acts 13:1-4:

^ Barnabas and Saul

Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.
As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.
And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.
So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus.

We once already dealt with this meeting in Antioch and that was in the first chapter of our book "The Man-Made Church", Organism – Not Organization, and there it was shown that the appointment of Barnabas and Saul was the appointment of the Holy Ghost and that also the entire work that then followed was the work of the Holy Ghost and not, as the man-made churches want us to believe, the initiative and work of the church or even of a man-made church.

Now our first example, that in Dayton, and also our second example, that in Antioch, have several things in common.

At both meetings it was about seeking guidance from supernatural sources.

Now often everything is assessed as truth what only has the appearance to be transmission out of the spiritual kingdom. And it is exactly this circumstance we will also focus upon.

Now one thing that will also transpire is that supernatural guidance is only supernatural for those who are not really used to it and for those who are more mature the supernatural becomes quite natural.

And this results in the fact that basically there is no difference between seeking truth by means of supernatural circumstances or by normal ones.

So we will look at these details that make a difference and that decide whether we are on the right track or the wrong one.

The main aspects we will have to look at is the composition of the participants, therefore the persons involved in such a meeting, as one aspect, and then at the attitude and spiritual maturity of these people taking part, as another aspect.

In Antioch there were five persons involved and they are described as prophets and teachers and they probably belonged to the spiritually most advanced members of the church that was at Antioch, and about two of them, Barnabas and Saul, the Bible lets us have more information.

And their attitudes and views are well described with the words that they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, that was before the Holy Ghost spoke. And after the Holy Ghost had spoken it is said that they fasted and prayed.

^ Edgar Cayce

Now from the reports about the work of Edgar Cayce we hear that, up to the time before Dayton, a similar attitude was adopted.

But now Arthur Lammers appeared and spoke of things that were quite unfamiliar to Edgar Cayce and Edgar was impressed.

Lammers asked questions Edgar did not understand.

Edgar was dazed.

Lammers asked: "Haven’t you asked any of those questions?"

"No," Edgar said.

He couldn’t think of another word to say. He didn’t dare tell the truth: that he had always considered such an idea sacrilegious, because God was revealed in the Bible, and to suppose that he could answer the mysteries of the universe would be an open invitation for Satan to speak through him.

This description of Edgar can probably be applied to many Christians.

And because they think that such questions would be sacrilegious they also do not read about such question and they also do not ask God for answers. And when they then still get involved in such matters then they are impressed because it is all new to them and they never critically investigated any of them.

And Edgar was so impressed that he forgot all his previous experiences and suddenly allowed himself to be used for readings that were against what he knew was right.

His wife Gertrude normally conducted the readings and his secretary, Gladys Davis, wrote accurate, readable versions of all that was said, and they followed a pattern that was more or less dedicated to God and now Gertrude and Gladys were not even present at the reading, but three men who seemed not to be committed Christians and one of them even took over the leadership.

Everything what comes from Edgar Cayce and refers to reincarnation has to be viewed in the light of this situation.

The characters present at such a meeting will completely determine the kind of stuff that is received from the hereafter because they will draw such spirits to themselves that correspond in their outlook to theirs.

One of the problems Edgar Cayce had, was that he was not satisfied with the sponsor he had. His sponsor was the one who owns the cattle upon a thousand hills, but Edgar did not really understand this sponsorship and therefore was always looking for a worldly sponsorship. For example he went to Texas to find oil - and therefore finances, or he found a sponsor with much money and they built a hospital. But both these attempts were failures. And so it was with Arthur Lammers. Edgar thought he had now found a sponsor when he was invited by Lammers and lived as Lammers' guest, but in reality he gave up his independence and even allowed himself to be controlled by these men when in trance.

^ The Transfiguration

We had a look at a meeting where people took part who were spiritually very advanced, in Antioch, and we now want to have a look at another meeting, a séance, were people took part who were of a spiritually advanced stage, which can hardly be higher. It is described in Matthew chapter 17, the first 13 verses:

And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, and was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.

While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid.

And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.

And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.

And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them.

Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

Now first of all we have here a description of a case of reincarnation, that of Elias as John the Baptist. It is one of the exceptions of reincarnation, but we will be only once allowed to use the time on earth, except the few cases where the Lord combines a special assignment or intention with it.

At this séance Jesus was transfigured and then Moses and Elias appeared unto them, and then a spirit, God, talked to them.

So it was a séance were high standing humans took part and were spirit beings materialised and were a spirit, God himself, spoke.

Truth was given and received because the conditions were right. The seekers had highest interest in truth and so they got hold of it.

So this report in Matthew 17 is a report about a séance. Séances are therefore scriptural, they are reported in the Bible and a séance can be a very positive event where the highest truth can get revealed, about God and even through God.

Actually every meeting of believers should be such a meeting where the spirit of God is revealed. The spirit of God should not only get revealed, the spirit of God should actually run the meeting. So every church meeting should be a séance and every participant should be of a high spiritual standing and that can easily happen when all the people who come together are always, also when they are not in a meeting, in contact with God and therefore practise the presence of God. So when they come together this presence of God is and becomes more than the sum of the parts.

When we understand what happens, or should happen, at a real meeting of believers then it becomes quite easy to also understand why the clergy does what it does in a man-made church and therefore successfully prevents the holy spirit being present. The clergy’s purpose is to fight God wherever God wants to emerge. The clergy is the only group of people Jesus confronted immediately when he came across one of them. Jesus had no problems dealing with tax collectors and prostitutes but his attitude changed completely when he was approached by a cleric. There was absolute hostility, especially from the side of these hypocrites and they always prosecuted Jesus and finally killed him and that has not changed during the last 2000 years. The people who call themselves the representatives of God on earth are the ones who are permanently out to find God and kill him. The leaders of the children of God killed God when he came to earth and this situation stayed this way and has not changed since then. It was so when the leaders of the children of God were Jews and it has not changed when the leaders of the children of God became – so-called – Christians.

So to have some knowledge of what happens, or can happen, at a séance could be valuable.

^ Louie Harris

In order to have a better understanding of what can happen at a séance I now bring extracts from a book called "They walked among us" written by Louie Harris and she wrote about her husband, Alec Harris, who was a materialisation medium.

Louie Harris describes that the participants were sitting around the table with their hands resting on it. The little fingers of each hand were in contact with those of the sitters on either side; thumbs had to be kept apart.

Now follow the extracts. The spiritual preparation consisted of prayers:

We commenced the circle with the new format, Alec remaining conscious throughout. The prayers and preliminaries completed, we were greatly surprised to see the trumpet rise from the table and move swiftly about the room. It was obviously directed by unseen hands. Later we learned that to perform this feat, psychic rods were used, fashioned from ectoplasm drawn from the sitters and the medium.


The curtains forming the cabinet did not quite reach the ground. I saw beneath them a white, semi-transparent substance billowing along the floor. My stomach constricted with excitement as I realised that a materialisation was probably forming.


It was interesting to watch the formation of these wonderful spirit phenomena. At first, only heads appeared, but we recognised many faces easily. Then, after some time, came full forms. What an achievement that was. In producing this, the faces became less clear, rather like those on an out of focus film. The curtain would part – and fully materialised spirit forms stand before us.


^ Ernest Thompson

By way of confirmation, I quote from an article written by the then editor of "Two Worlds", Ernest Thompson. He wrote:

´At the first séance I had with Alec Harris 15 spirits materialised that evening. They were tall and short, fat and thin, male and female. Some were visitors from other lands, one being an American Red Indian who stood quite seven feet tall. As evidence of the genuineness of these manifestations, Rohan, the spirit in charge of the proceedings, materialised, and drawing the cabinet curtains to one side revealed the entranced medium sitting in his corner upon a chair so that we could see them together. On two further occasions the materialised forms were visible simultaneously with that of the medium. As further evidence of the genuineness of these materialised forms Rohan permitted us to witness the entire process of materialisation.

First of all, there appeared what seemed to be a white rod which thrust itself along the floor from under the cabinet curtains. It moved as if it were alive and stopped about a yard in front of the curtains. The end began to enlarge into a ball until there was a mass of moving, pulsating ectoplasm about the size of a large stone. It became elongated vertically until it was the height of a human being. Gradually, as if it were being sculptured, there appeared a face and then a head. Soon the form was completely human, clothed in ectoplasmic draperies.

The materialised spirit began to walk about the room and was able to speak to us. As the power waned we saw the spirit dissolve and collapse into empty space! Then occurred the most wonderful and beautiful manifestation of the entire séance. A charming Spanish girl gracefully glided through the curtains and enthralled us with a dancing display.

It was fascinating to watch her elegant movements. As she turned quickly on her toes, the hem of her billowing white dress flicked my cheek. It felt as soft and sensitive as gossamer.

Then she came to the main purpose of her visit, to prove human survival by demonstrating to us that she was indeed a female and not the medium (a male) masquerading in disguise.

Slowly she parted her robes revealing, beyond all doubt, a nude feminine figure.´

Quite the most extraordinary phenomenon that happened to Alec was when he was dematerialised and re-materialised in a place outside the séance room.


^ Maurice Barbanell

In August 1946, Maurice Barbanell, the editor of "Psychic News", and well-known medium Helen Hughes, visited Cardiff. They approached us to hold a circle for them. So it came to pass that ten years after Helen had prophesied this very sitting – it took place. Here is Mr. Barbanell’s report:

‘There is in South Wales one of our most remarkable materialisation mediums. At his séances spirit forms not only show themselves in good red light, but hold sustained conversations – after having walked about ten feet from the cabinet!

At a sitting which I attended I saw 30 forms materialise during two-and-a-half hours. Alec Harris does not use his gift professionally, deriving his income from his work for a Government department. The sittings have to be held fairly late at night because his wife is engaged in an orchestra at a local theatre.


I was so close to the cabinet that several of the forms had to walk over my feet. On several occasions I handled the flowing ectoplasmic draperies, which were soft and silky to the touch. I shook hands with two forms. Their hands were firm and normal.


To appreciate the remarkable nature of the sitting, you must remember that it is very rare to get materialisations venturing beyond the cabinet because there is an invisible lifeline connecting them with the medium.


Some of the forms, after maintaining these conversations, were heard to say that they must return to the cabinet for "more rations". They walked back and a few minutes later came out, moved across to the corner of the room, sat down and continued where they had left off.

Several turned round and showed their backs, to prove they were solid figures. Once a form stooped to straighten a rug which had been rucked by somebody else.

From the spectacular point of view, the most extraordinary incident was the materialisation of a girl. She disposed of any suggestion that the results could be explained away by trickery by revealing part of her feminine form! Then one materialisation parted the curtains so we could see the figure and the medium at the same time.

Frequently throughout the séance I heard some of the guides conversing with the medium in the cabinet. Apparently there are intervals when he is almost conscious.

It was an impressive demonstration of materialisation at its best. The medium and his wife devote their spare time to Spiritualism and make a speciality of Healing. Already they have several striking successes to their credit. But no sceptic could attend one of these materialisation séances and still remain a sceptic.’

^ T. J. Haarhoff

In 1952 our circle was visited by T. J. Haarhoff, professor of classics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Professor Haarhoff told "Psychic News" readers:

‘The ectoplasm which issues in abundance from the body and which the etheric entities use to make themselves visible, streams like a mist and assumes all sorts of shapes yet can be compacted into something absolutely solid while the power last – and what amazing power it is!


At the cost of much sacrifice on the part of the medium and his wife as well as of those who communicate, the reality of the other world is demonstrated objectively so that all sitters hear and see the same things in order that men may be at last convinced of the existence of those who have passed on, and of the importance of progressing morally by keeping in touch with the higher entities.

If all did this, we could have peace in our time.’

In March 1957 came a big change in our lives when we emigrated to join our married son and his wife, Doney, in South Africa. Alec gave a number of public circles. Private ones were held to provide for our living costs – and no more. The rest were free.

So these were the extracts from Louie Harris’ book "They walked among us" about her husband, Alec Harris, who was a materialisation medium.

Now this sentence, "Later we learned that to perform this feat, psychic rods were used, fashioned from ectoplasm drawn from the sitters and the medium," is an explanation for many so-called psychic feats, like for example Poltergeist or to tilt a table, and then slide it across the floor and lift it into the air during a séance or to move a divining rod held by a dowser.

So what happens when a dowser wants to find something? He sets his mind to it and then walks there where he wants to find it, let us say water, and when he has reached it he gets the information from the source of sources and this is expressed by his psychic rod pushing down his divining rod. When a mother finds herself in a situation where her child is caught underneath a tyre she suddenly receives supernatural powers and lifts the car and pulls the child away from the tyre and she does it by propping her psychic rod between the ground and the car and uses it as a jack. Both, the dowser and the mother, use abilities they normally do not have, or think they do not have, but they overcome their unbelief because they want to.

^ Rodney Davies

That this psychic rod is activated when the divining rod is pushed up or down is very probable, and I now quote from Rodney Davies’ book "Dowsing. Ancient origins and modern uses," 1991. Here two quotes from him:

The dowser, working in the field, feels a distinct and often powerful ‘pull’ on his divining rod when he reaches the site of the underground water vein or whatever. This ‘pull’, as I have already noted, may be sufficient to twist the arms of the rod within its bark, or sometimes to actually break them. Its dramatic nature is quite enough to convince many dowsers that there is an actual attractive force generated …


Even more enigmatic are the observations made by the well-known Canadian scientist Dr Bernard Grad, a disciple of the late Wilhelm Reich. Grad found, while carrying out a number of as-yet unpublished experiments with the Quebec dowser Romunald Morin, in which he detected the production of electrical charges by Morin, that the dowsing rod which Morin held, contrary to the usual direction of movement, turned towards his body when he located the object or substance for which he was searching.

‘Morin had a very, very interesting reaction to the dowsing signal. It was unique,’ says Dr Grad, ‘and he would get this reaction whether he was on the spot or dowsing from a map. He would use a forked piece of wood which he had himself designed, and upon receiving the dowsing signal he would get a powerful drawing of the stick to himself. It wasn’t a gentle thing: it was really quick and very strong. And as a matter of fact, during that short period of time, you could actually hear the discharge of static electricity. He would also have two fellows, each with a pair of pliers, hold each side of the forked stick while he held it in his hands, and he would tell them to try and prevent the stick from being drawn to his body. But they could never stop it. And he was a man in his late 70s at the time! This would happen even if he was dowsing from a map. And for an instant the men couldn’t even move the rod away from his shirt. Indeed, once he got an extremely long, flexible stick to bend towards him, even against his actions.

That sounds just like reports about table lifting where people actually sat on a lifted table and were not able to press it back on to the floor.

In these excerpts from Louie Harris we read "To appreciate the remarkable nature of the sitting, you must remember that it is very rare to get materialisations venturing beyond the cabinet because there is an invisible lifeline connecting them with the medium."

So the medium and the materialisation are connected by an invisible lifeline.

Now this sounds like the silver cord from Ecclesiastes 12:6-7:

^ Silver Cord

Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

^ Betty Shine

I now bring an extract from a book by Betty Shine, "My life as a medium," that deals with this silver cord:

I was horrified to find one morning, on waking, that I could not move my body, and that my arms and legs were paralysed. My first thought was ‘don’t panic’, but I did. Immediately, I felt the familiar tingle of energy rushing through my body and then my limbs were alive with ‘pins and needles’. I tried to get out of bed but standing on my feet was agony, so I waited until all the sensation had gone. Eventually my body returned to normal and I was able to walk around freely, although I still felt dizzy and had an ‘out of the body’ feeling.

I decided to tackle the housework – for me a boring, soul destroying task, but one that ensured that I would stay earthbound. It worked! Nevertheless, the memory of my temporary paralysis still invaded my thoughts at times. ‘Would it happen again?’ I asked myself. Why had it happened? These thoughts and many more were dancing around in my head. I wondered whether the psychic part of my life was damaging my physical body. For the first time ever I was afraid to go to bed that night for fear of what might happen when I woke in the morning. My fears, however, were unfounded.

Two weeks later, whilst I was meditating, my spiritual teacher spoke to me and explained what had happened.

‘When you are in a deep sleep, your mind leaves your body, and, although it is still attached to the physical by an energy umbilical cord, it is free to travel. If the journey has been long, you may awake before the mind has fully returned to the body. That is what happened to you.’

‘Supposing the umbilical cord breaks?’ I asked.

‘It can only be severed by the total breakdown of the physical body,’ he replied.

I was delighted by this short explanation, and it laid to rest the fear that I still felt before going to bed.

At last, everything was falling into place, and it had begun to make such good sense. The realization dawned on me that it was, in fact, a psychic science, bordering on physics. It was an exciting idea.

Betty Shine talks about a psychic science that borders on physics and that this is an exciting idea. Now this book "The Man-Made Church" follows exactly this line of thinking and this is particularly developed in Chapter 38. Waves and there, and also in some other chapters, it is actually going in the direction that it does not border on physics, but that it is physics, and that our scientists are simply not realizing this that, for example, electromagnetic radiation is something spiritual, which our senses cannot perceive.

And science, particularly physics, will only then really advance when our scientists start to tackle all those things which so-called metaphysics deals with.

And to pursue this line of thinking is indeed quite exciting.

^ Rudolf Steiner

Now Rudolf Steiner describes in one of his books that when he as seer sees a part of the life body of a person hanging out of the rest of the life body, let us say the hand of the life body is not at the same position as the hand of the physical body, but hangs down loosely, that then this part of the physical body, the hand, is in pins and needles.

So when Betty Shine woke up paralysed and her limbs were alive with ‘pins and needles’ then this indicates that her soul body was still absent and only after it arrived she was okay again.

But her silver cord was all the time the connection between her physical body and her soul body and the silver cord cannot really get severed.

There have been already two chapters, 29. The Silver Cord – Part 1 and 43. The Silver Cord – Part 2, about this subject.

^ Crop circle

I now bring something about Crop circles, which is also something more from Betty Shine, from her book "My Life as a Medium":

In 1992 I was invited to visit some crop circles – in Wiltshire, where most of them seem to occur. I took my tape recorder with me as, over the years, many strange noises had been taped whilst I was giving healing. I wondered whether there might be any unusual energies in the circles, and if so, whether they would be healing energies. I had no preconceived ideas about the nature of these circles; I had a complete open mind.

I had travelled with friends, and when we were nearing our destination, we saw a most beautiful crop circle formation which had appeared the previous night. It was in an inaccessible position, but as it was carved out of the wheat on the slope of a steep hill, it could easily be seen from the road. To our surprise, other new circles had also appeared in the same vicinity.

The first two circles we entered were extremely interesting, one small new one having been formed overnight beside an old one. It was almost as though it had given birth! However, because the circle was so new there were a lot of other visitors about, so we didn’t stay long.

We then made our way to some circles which had been formed the previous week. Leaving the car, we waded through the wheat and eventually sat down in one of the circles. I put the tape recorder down beside me and switched it on. My friends did the same with their recorders. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I had a feeling of absolute peace and harmony, and had a vision of lights, almost like searchlights, being beamed down on to the ground. I do not know whether these lights had anything to do with the formation of the circle. Ten minutes later, I rewound the tape and played it back. The noise it produced was unbelievable, rather like the hammering of a road drill. My friends had nothing at all on their recorders, and thought mine must be faulty. One of them asked if she could record on my machine, and I agreed, but suggested that as I was a medium it should be placed by my side. This she did. When she played it back five minutes later, it produced the same noise, which we had by now nicknamed the woodpecker – admittedly rather a loud noisy one. It was then suggested that the three tape recorders should be placed in a pile to see if the sound could be transferred. This time none of the recorders had any sound on them.

The tape recorder I had used was practically new, so I was almost certain that there was nothing wrong with it. But I was prepared to keep an open mind on the subject.

For years I have recorded my healing sessions, as the energy produces a sound like rushing water and this fascinated my patients. A week after visiting the crop circles, I put a new tape into my recorder during a healing session. When I played it back, there was the woodpecker hammering away. Thinking now that the machine was indeed faulty, I decided to record without actually carrying out any contact healing. I played the tape back a few minutes later and the woodpecker had gone, leaving only the normal energy sound. I suggested to my patient that I did a further five minutes contact healing, which I recorded. The woodpecker returned.

I decided to speak into the recorder, simply saying, ‘I am not healing now,’ because I felt there was an intelligence involved. On replay, the woodpecker had gone. Then I spoke into the recorder and said, ‘I am now healing.’ It returned. My patient and I were so fascinated that we continued in this fashion for over two hours. At one time I tried to trick it by saying that I was healing, when I wasn’t. But there was no response from the woodpecker proving that there really was an intelligence behind it.

This phenomenon stayed with me for three years.

I cannot possibly list all the strange phenomena that I experienced during that year, but the next story will prove that the sound did not come from this dimension.

I was giving healing to one of my patients, and her friend was sitting in the garden, just outside the healing room. It was a lovely day, and I decided to leave the french windows open so that we could enjoy the cool breeze.

I switched on the tape recorder. All was peaceful. Suddenly, there was an incredible loud noise outside. Looking out of the window, I saw a police helicopter circling the area at roof top height. The friend who was in the garden ran into the healing room, frightened to death. The helicopter continued to circle for a long time; we couldn’t talk – our words were drowned out by the noise.

Later, when I had finished healing, I rewound the recorder and played it back. The sound of the woodpecker had completely drowned out the noise of the helicopter. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

A slightly different type of phenomenon happened the day I took a new tape from its plastic wrapper and put it in the recorder ready for my next healing appointment. When I played it back I found myself listening to a conversation that I had had with a journalist three months previously. The only recorder in the room at that time has belonged to the interviewer.

Having decided to buy a computer, I spent quite a lot of time tearing my hair out, and sometimes losing a whole day’s work because I hadn’t the ability to find what I needed in the maze of ‘Help’ menus. They didn’t help me at all. Eventually, I managed to understand the basics, which made the task of writing a whole lot easier. But the spirits were at it again, and information that I had forgotten appeared on the screen, along with other personal message about my life. It seemed that there was nothing they could not infiltrate.

^ C. W. Leadbeater

Alec Harris was a medium and operated in a trance state and from Bertha Dudde’s messages we know that the trance state is not the ideal state and can cause the wrong kind of spirit to get active and I now want to bring an extract from a book by C. W. Leadbeater, "Talks on the path of occultism":

Yet one must become in no sense a medium. There is a vast difference between making a place empty, and letting someone from the outside enter into it and take possession; that is the difference between the yogi and the medium. Here also lies the difference between the Theosophist and the Spiritualist. Both agree that man is eternal and that his progress has no limit. But the latter considers that it is good for a man to be a medium for good spirits, while the former insists upon the preservation of his own positive consciousness under all circumstances, and maintains that there is nothing which passive mediumship can give which is not obtainable by conscious clairvoyance.

We can obtain any knowledge we want, the access to and the obtaining of knowledge is not really the problem. All knowledge is contained in the Akashic Records or the Book of Life and Jesus says that we just have to seek and ask. The real problem is the forming to love, to love God and the neighbour.

To have knowledge about the silver cord helps to understand different parts of the human being and how they are connected. In our discussion about body, soul and spirit we had, in Mind and body, mentioned the life body and the soul body, which are connected by the silver cord, and explained that these two are already something supernatural but that we still counted them as belonging to the body because they are directly related to the body.

I now want to bring two extracts from books which help to give more insight and which also indicate that they belong somehow to the physical body.

^ Harmon Hartzell Bro

The first extract comes from "Edgar Cayce, On Religion and Psychic Experience" by Harmon Hartzell Bro:

The idea of leaving the body, or at least having part of his consciousness leave his body, was not strange to Cayce. He had learned from painful experience that nobody should pass his hand or an object over his solar plexus while he was in trance, for it would instantaneously stop his speaking. His source had warned him that carelessness in this matter could cost him his life, by separating an invisible connection between his sleeping-speaking body and that other part of him that was abroad seeking aid for someone through a reading.

^ Noel Langley

The second extract comes from "Edgar Cayce, On Reincarnation" by Noel Langley:

CAYCE: "The personality is that which is known on this physical plane as the conscious. When the subconscious controls, (e.g. under hypnosis) the personality is removed from the individual and lies above the physical body. This may be seen here (in my own case).

"Hence the disturbing of these conditions would bring distress to the other portions of the individual."

This point was dramatically illustrated some years later when Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar’s son, was conducting a public session. One of the men present scribbled a note and handed it to Hugh Lynn across the sleeping body of his father, who instantly broke off speaking and relapsed into a cataleptic silence, which thoroughly disconcerted his son. The situation was without precedent and he had no means of resolving it. Some hours later, Edgar suddenly jack-knifed from his recumbent position and catapulted himself to his feet at the base of the couch. This was done with unbelievable rapidity, more akin to the speeded-up action of a film than anything in reality, and while Hugh Lynn was still grappling with his own amazement, his father asked in a perfectly natural voice for something to eat. He had an intense hunger and thirst.

In a subsequent Reading he explained that his "personality" – evicted from his physical body by the self-hypnotic process – had levitated about a foot and a half above his physical body. And when the gentleman had handed the note to Hugh Lynn, he had thrust his fist through the astral equivalent of Edgar’s rib cage. The impact was the equivalent of a kick from a horse.

This ability of the body to separate itself into at least three separate levels of electric vibrations – much as the atomic scientists have divided the atom into separate energies, all different but all coexistent - can only manifest itself in cases as unique as Edgar Cayce’s. He could move from plane to plane of consciousness with the ease of a man switching from AM to FM and then to TV on the same console.

The basic logic is perfectly simple: the least effective part of any unit – spiritual, human or mechanical – is its most temporary component. In the human makeup, the physical body, the "temporary shelter" of the eternal soul, is the most expendable.

The lizard who can always grow another tail (should he happen to lose one through no fault of his own) is not likely to attach exaggerated importance to that particular section of his anatomy. He is secure in the knowledge that, while he can grow another tail, the tail cannot grow another him.

Unfortunately, the human ego is incapable of such lucid reasoning. To mix the metaphor and take it to its logical conclusion – the human psyche, the tail stubbornly insists on wagging the dog. Therein lies the beginning and the end of all human misery. This is what led Sartre’s existentialists to blind themselves with inexact science, and avante-garde clerics, seeking to escape till further from all spiritual responsibility, to create Instant Religion out of God-is-deadism.

^ G. Gurdjieff

I now bring an extract from the book "Meetings with Remarkable Men" by G. Gurdjieff. It is a record of meetings Gurdjieff had with remarkable men and the first report is about his own father:

He had in mind an experiment I had made in his presence many years before, during a visit in Alexandropol, when I brought people of many different types into various degrees of hypnosis, for the purpose of elucidating for myself all the details of the phenomenon which learned hypnotists call the exteriorization of sensitivity or the transference of sensations of pain at a distance.

I proceeded in the following way:

I made from a mixture of clay, wax and very fine shot a figure, roughly resembling the medium I intended to bring into the hypnotic state, that is, into the psychic state of man which, in a branch of science which has come down to our day from very ancient times, is called loss of initiative and which, according to the contemporary classification of the School of Nancy, would correspond to the third stage of hypnosis. I then thoroughly rubbed some part or other of the body of the given medium with an ointment made of a mixture of olive and bamboo oil, then scraped this oil from the body of the medium and applied it to the corresponding part on the figure, and thereupon proceeded to elucidate all the details that interested me in this phenomenon.

What greatly astonished my father at the time was that when I pricked the oiled place on the figure with a needle, the corresponding place on the medium twitched, and when I pricked more deeply a drop of blood appeared on the exactly corresponding place of the medium’s body; and he was particularly amazed by the fact that, after being brought back to the waking state and questioned, the medium remembered nothing about it and insisted that she had felt nothing at all.

^ Alec Harris

Now follow two reports where a person is dematerialized and then again materialized. The first of these two reports comes from a book we had already had a look at, "They walked among us" written by Louie Harris and she wrote about her husband, Alec Harris, who was a materialisation medium:

Quite the most extraordinary phenomenon that happened to Alec was when he was dematerialised and re-materialised in a place outside the séance room. It was a Saturday night. We were giving a circle for the church. I always made a point of including among the sitters one of our regulars. Graham Watkins attended that night.

Toi-Toi materialised. A man asked the spirit child, "Do you remember the night you took off Alec’s trousers?"

"Hush!" I chided him, but before I could utter another word Alec’s trousers came hurtling through the air. Amid the laughter, I found myself thinking, "Thank goodness the circle is nearly over." Then Christopher, a spirit friend, requested us all to leave the room very quietly.

Knowing Alec did not like being left alone to come out of trance, Graham offered to stay behind with him. I said I would do likewise. But Christopher was emphatic. No, he insisted, we all had to go immediately. "Leave the medium’s trousers by the cabinet," he added. As the sitters filed out, Graham saw my concern and whispered: "Don’t worry. I will sit just outside the door. When I hear the slightest movement I’ll slip in and see to Alec."

Somewhat relieved, I went downstairs to make the tea. The front door bell rang. I rushed to open the door. As I did so, I could not stifle a little scream as I saw my husband, now out of trance, standing there, a bewildered expression on his face and now wearing his trousers.

Graham, who heard my scream, rushed downstairs to investigate. His face registered shock on seeing Alec in the doorway. Graham’s expression of amazement was almost comical as he stammered, "But . . . but . . . he never . . . I mean I never . . . but who?"

He had not heard anything untoward from the séance room, and was mystified as to how Alec got out. Alec was not much help either. His only explanation was that he suddenly found himself in the front garden, with his trousers on. He had no recollection of getting there.

There was no normal way in which Alec could have left the room of his own record. Graham guarded the door. The only window was permanently closed, fixed by a wooden frame, fitted for black-out purposes. In any case it had become warped by the sun and was immovable. On checking it was found to be jammed tight. There were no signs it had been tampered with.

I was thankful that my husband was all right. Obviously he had been in good and competent hands. I had to concede that to the spirit world nothing is impossible!

^ Philip the evangelist

And now follows the second report where a person is dematerialized and then again materialized. The second of these two reports comes from a book known as Book of Acts:

And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.

This last book we just quoted from is a rich source of reports about the abilities of the human makeup to perform supernatural feats.

There we find reports about spectacular phenomena like teleportation – the disappearance of an object at one location and its subsequent reappearance at another – and levitation.

^ Paul the apostle

There is for example the report about Paul and the young man named Eutychus in Troas who sat in a window and as Paul was long preaching he sunk down with sleep and fell down from the third loft and was taken up as dead. And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing him brought him back to life. So Paul spread his entire body over this man and in addition even embraced him and so the life force in Paul could nicely be transmitted to this body in need and bring life into it.

Truth can only be found in the spiritual world, in the kingdom of God, and also only then when the person seeking truth is also genuinely seeking God.

^ Judas Iscariot

Now I want to come back to the clerics fighting God and the kingdom of God and trying to keep people away from real knowledge about these things. I am going to quote from an article that appeared in the "National Geographic May 2006" Magazine. The title of the article is "The Judas Gospel":

Lost for nearly 1,700 years, a crumbling papyrus manuscript presents the most hated man in history in a new light.

"The Gospel of Judas," reads the last line of a text known until now only through early church leaders, who denounced it as heresy. Copied in the third or fourth century from a second-century original, it sheds light on the Gnostics, whose unorthodox beliefs spread widely in the early years of Christianity – then vanished.

An ancient text lost for 1,700 years says Christ’s betrayer was his truest disciple.

The opening line of the first page reads, "The secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas Iscariot. . . ."

In the early centuries of Christianity, what we call the church, operating through a top-down hierarchy of priests and bishops, was only one of many groups inspired by Jesus.

The Gnostics "believed that there is an ultimate source of goodness, which they thought of as the divine mind, outside the physical universe. Humans carry a spark of that divine power, but they are cut off by the material world all around them"

While Christians like Irenaeus stressed that only Jesus, the son of God, was simultaneously human and divine, the Gnostics proposed that ordinary people could be connected to God. Salvation lay in awakening that divine spark within the human spirit and reconnecting with the divine mind. Doing so required the guidance of a teacher, and that, according to the Gnostics, was Christ’s role. Those who grasped his message could become as divine as Christ himself.

Hence Irenaeus’s hostility. "These people were mystics," says Meyer. "Mystics have always drawn the ire of institutionalized religion. Mystics, after all, hear the voice of God from within and don’t need a priest to intercede for them."

Irenaeus began his book after he returned from a trip and found his flock in Lyon being subverted by a Gnostic preacher named Marcus, who was encouraging his initiates to demonstrate direct contact with the divine by prophesying.

The Judas gospel vividly reflects the struggle waged long ago between the Gnostics and the hierarchical church.

The hypocrites fear nothing more than people getting into contact with God and exposing their institutional hierarchy.

Information is available, also directly from God, and to get hold of information is not the actual problem. Jesus tells us to ask and to seek, and he talks about spiritual food. When we are genuine in our endeavour to find truth and to live by it then we will succeed. The problem is whether we are genuine.

^ Edgar Cayce 2

I will now come back to Edgar Cayce and I am bringing a quote from a book called "Edgar Cayce’s Photographic Legacy." This book contains photos but also examples of his psychic readings.

Edgar Cayce was asked how the psychic work is accomplished through Edgar’s body and then Edgar, having put himself into a trance state, gave the following reply:

We have the body here – we have had it before. In this state the conscious mind is under subjugation of the subconscious or soul mind. The information obtained and given by this body is obtained through the power of mind over mind, or power of mind over physical matter, or obtained by the suggestion as given to the active part of the subconscious mind. It obtains its information from that which it has gathered, either from other subconscious minds – put in touch with the power of the suggestion of the mind controlling the speaking faculties of this body, or from minds that have passed into the Beyond, which leave their impressions and are brought in touch by the power of the suggestion. What is known to one subconscious mind or soul is known to another, whether conscious of the fact or not. The subjugation of the conscious mind putting the subconscious in action in this manner or in one of the other of the manners described, this body obtains its information when in the subconscious state.

"What is known to one subconscious mind or soul is known to another, whether conscious of the fact or not."

There is no real boundary between minds, and knowledge cannot really be restricted and kept secret and when a person is hypnotised he basically has access to all information of all minds and that means to all minds being alive and "dead".

So when we get reports about regressions, regressions into so-called previous lives, then anything can come up und such reports prove nothing.

And information cannot get lost. The Book of Life contains all information, not just some selected items.

^ Lyall Watson

There was a scientist who was not narrow minded and he wrote highly interesting books. He was Lyall Watson, 12.4.1939-25.6.2008. Now follow three parts from his book "Gifts of Unknown Things", 1976.

This is the first part:

^ Lyall Watson 1

"Dogs and buffalo do the same. And people. Whenever you grow angry in the school, your smoke covers the whole class, but it passes quickly because we let it go. The same is true of any strong feelings. Fear and love and hate all make shadows, but their colors are different. And all blow away as smoke will in the wind unless they touch another of their color and meet to form a wall."

"And Abu’s prau produces such a color?" I thought I could see where she was leading, but Tia shook her head.

"If you simply walk on the beach as we are doing, you have no special color. But if you travel with purpose, if is different. When you go somewhere important or you return home from a long journey, you build a shape around you and it reaches out ahead to touch your destination. Last night, looking at the sea, I saw the shape and color of my uncle and I knew already then that he was coming. This morning I see it more clearly, and with it something else I do not know. It can only be new people."

This was the first part and now the second:

^ Lyall Watson 2

Every cell in a body and every molecule and atom in that cell is in a state of constant vibration. These minor local disturbances add up together to produce enough energy to change the electrical and magnetic properties of the space they occupy. And news of this change travels at the speed of light to other spaces.

Because our constitutions are all different, each of us resonates on a particular frequency that is as individual as a fingerprint. But as humans, we are sufficiently alike to ensure that our unique transmissions all fall within a certain wave band and can be received by others of our kind.

All biological systems are in constant communication with each other and with the outside world in this way.

We are all radar units. Our bodies emit quite large amounts of energy in the same high frequencies used by most radar transmitters. We radiate microwaves about a thumbnail wide. Patterns of these waves explore everything in the vicinity, so all the time we are with other people we are unconsciously probing them and being touched in turn by their transmissions.

If sensitive radiometers are set up around a living body to detect its emission, they show that radiation varies as physiological changes take place. A sick person produces a less powerful transmission than a healthy one; and a normal body sends out extra flares of radiation whenever it displays any strong emotion. Even with the relatively insensitive equipment now being used, it is possible to detect these outbursts from thirty or forty feet.

Our electronic range is limited by the fact that the human body is a comparatively weak source of power. Our nervous system, however, has many of the same semiconducting properties as a transistor and can magnify weak electrical effects as much as a million times. This makes us very sensitive receivers, quite capable of picking up signals from a distance. Theoretically, there is no reason why we should not be able to detect messages coming from similar organisms many miles away, possibly from points beyond our visual horizon and perhaps even from transmitters on the other side of the planet.

Some people can hear radar microwaves. If their ship or plane as swept by a radar beam, they pick it up as a buzzing sound, like a swarm of passing bees. If we all share something of this sensitivity, it would account for that uneasy feeling we sometimes have of being watched – and then turning round suddenly to find that it is true.

At the University of Delaware, rhesus monkeys were stared at by a human they could not see. He simply peered at them through a hatch at random intervals, but every time he did so, there were distinct changes in the patterns of their brain waves and they began to behave as if suddenly depressed. In a comparable study with humans, it was found that a person who is looked at a lot tends to have a higher heart rate than someone who isn’t.

It is possible that many of those we label paranoid may simply be individuals with a greater than normal sensitivity to the microwaves that accompany this kind of direct attention.

The wavelength of visible light is much shorter than microwaves. Our eyes are just not designed to see long waves, and even those exceptional people who can push their visual limits into the infrared region of the spectrum are still responding to radiation one thousandth the length of the shortest radar waves.

So it is unlikely that people like Tia can see microwaves themselves, but their special combination of sight and hearing could make them sensitive to some kind of visual effect. The blending of the two senses probably reduces the threshold of each in a way that opens up areas not normally available to either sense operating independently.

There are sporadic reports from all over the world of people who claim to be able to hear the soft music of the aurora borealis or the hum of a passing meteor. Perhaps Bottineau was one of these and any of them could, with sensitivity training, be able to detect the approach of other people at a distance. The surface of a calm sea, with a long ocean horizon and no conflicting radiations, could be perfect conditions for pushing this sensitivity to unusual limits.

There are clearly several physical mechanisms to which this kind of sensitivity can be attributed. Electronics and systems engineering are taking their place alongside playing cards and dice in parapsychological investigation as researchers become aware of field effects associated with living systems.

This is a development which is bound to produce scientific interest in hitherto unrecognized biological aptitudes, but it is important to remember that these talents are by no means new. They remain unrecognized only by a technology that requires very rigid mechanical demonstrations of reality; and they can be explored by that discipline only so far as they continue to abide by its rules and restrictions. Others, less tied to such intellectual restraints, have known about and used these talents for a very long time.

This was the second part and now to the third one:

^ Lyall Watson 3

Precognition means knowing in advance. It implies that effects sometimes precede their causes in a way that makes nonsense of the logic of science. But perhaps the strangest thing of all about it is that physics does not in fact forbid the transmission of information from the future to the present. It happens all the time.

If you run an electric current through a system for a while and then suddenly cut it, several things happen, and the actual blackout is the last of these to occur. Two precursor waves go out ahead of the cutoff event. One of these travels, as all electromagnetic waves do, at the speed of light. The other is almost as fast, but is slowed down a little by the properties of the medium through which it passes. And then finally, at a very much slower speed, the event itself arrives. Signals about what is to happen thus actually go out ahead of the happening.

Imagine a missile in flight. It is detected by an early-warning system which transmits information about it to computers that calculate its trajectory and decide it is aimed at the heart of London. Warning sirens are set off and Londoners know that they have four minutes to take shelter. But an antimissile system is also activated; at the last possible moment a vast energy screen is erected over the city, and the missile bounces off to explode harmlessly somewhere in the North Atlantic. An event, predicted by information that preceded it, has not in fact occurred. A tree falls without killing anyone.

The future can be predicted without being predetermined. The biggest problem we have with precognition is a personal one. We are so used to causality, cause preceding effect, that we accept it as a fact of life and have trouble believing that it is not a law of the universe.

Two top theoretical physicists, Harold Puthoff and Russel Targ of the Stanford Research Institute, suggest that the hologram principle which has been demonstrated for space also operates in the same way for time. That just as each point in space contains information about the whole of space, so each moment in time holds information about all time. In other words, the present is a product not only of the past, but of the future as well.

If this is true, then significant events disturb the area of space-time in which they occur and make waves which move out in all directions. And as memory of the past seems to be far more common than memory of the future, the waves probably move mainly forward in time. There is, however, a backlash, which is more or less apparent depending on the size of the event and your proximity to it. The "significance" of an event would seem to be assessed by its relationship to individual consciousness. The effect of an event on space-time varies according to the number of individuals touched by it. And any one person’s chances of experiencing the event in advance increase if it is dramatic, if it concerns them directly or harmfully, and if it is due to take place nearby and soon.

Predictions of death and disaster fit this model well, but it is possible that we all have quite frequent, and completely overlooked, experiences of precognition.

Visualize yourself moving along the time axis of a space-time pond at a slow and regular speed. An event takes place somewhere ahead of you, producing waves on the pond. The closer you get to the event, the more likely you are to feel the waves and pick up information about it. The waves travel at the speed of light and pass much too fast to make sense, but imagine that they interact on the way with waves you yourself are making. The result will be an interference pattern that moves more slowly and gives you time to appreciate its detail. You begin to perceive the event in advance, but it is not actually happening in front of your eyes, so you decide that it must be a memory. You experience it in your mind, the waves pass by and when the stimulus stops, you subjectively forget it.

Then you reach the point where the waves originated. The event takes place. You recognize it and think, This feels familiar; it has all happened before. It has. That is déjà vu - a phenomenon that happens to almost everyone, often several times a day.

Everybody experiences the precursor waves. All that it takes to become a prophet is the ability to keep the information they contain in your conscious mind after the advance pattern has passed you by.

This may be easier for some people than for others. I believe that the sensitivity which makes it possible for some individuals to detect high-frequency electromagnetic signals coming from a distance in space will also help them to pick up information coming from a distance in time. Those who hear in color are more likely to see into the future. But it is worth remembering that each of us is a fragment of the space-time hologram. We all have access to the necessary equipment and can probably learn to use it.

Perhaps it is necessary only to admit the possibility of functioning in this way. More and more it becomes apparent that we can make whatever we will of reality. New and enlarged concepts of how things are, make it possible for us to interact with them in new and exciting ways.

So this is now the end of the third part. Lyall Watson talks about wave lengths and the 38th chapter of this book "The Man-Made Church" helps to get an overview about electromagnetic waves. That chapter 38, Waves, points out that electromagnetic waves are not perceived by our senses and are therefore supernatural happenings and that all such things like thought transference are such super-sensory perceptions and also this sensitivity, that accounts for that uneasy feeling we sometimes have of being watched – and then turning round suddenly to find that it is true.

Telepathy was already accepted to exist many years ago. Lyall Watson wrote that book 40 years ago

When Lyall Watson speaks of the speed of light as the maximum speed of electromagnetic waves then we should not forget that it is only a characteristic of the planet earth and most probably does not apply to other celestial bodies, and that it is even only a characteristic here on earth when men are in a certain state of consciousness, and when they are in another state of consciousness, sleeping, then time and space is not what it is when they are awake. So most probably the real maximum speed is instant transference, as we know it from interaction between entangled particles.

But the main aspect of these three parts of his book is the emphasis that all so-called supernatural events can get explained quite naturally, with electromagnetic waves.

Lyall Watson also brings examples of how healers cause suffering patients to change their believe system, change their mind, and how they do this by producing a foreign agent, something that could quite clearly carry the blame for holding a person back. Something that could be taken out, and looked at, and discarded. And at the same time these examples show how such healers use their inherent power, their life substance, to produce such foreign agent.

The difference between the patient and the healer should be noticed. The patient hardly knows how to activate and use his will. The healer does.

A key to get hold of truth is to exercise the will.

So now we want to have a look at another section of Lyall Watson’s book "Gifts of Unknown Things":

^ Lyall Watson 4

This was not the first time I had seen a healer use a technique tailored in an imaginative and delightful way to the particular needs of the patient.

On the island of Luzon in the Philippines, healers dramatize their rituals by dressing them up in a way that makes it look as though they were actually going into the body with their bare hands and bringing out all sorts of offending odds and ends. For Filipino patients it is usually sufficient for them to produce banana leaves or bits of coconut husk, objects locally associated with the kind of witchcraft that produces illness. But for foreigners, different productions are obviously necessary. When a Swiss patient was being treated for a stomach complaint, the healer produces a Swiss noodle. Not just any old noodle, but a fresh one of a kind made and eaten only in the canton of Ticino, where the patient lived.

On another occasion, I was travelling up the Amazon in a narrow riverboat with the Brazilian caboclos when one of them developed a severe toothache. An abscess beneath a wisdom tooth had become inflamed, and the man had a high fever. I had no appropriate antibiotics, and I battled unsuccessfully to extract the tooth with a pair of the engineer’s long-nosed pliers. I was considering calling off the trip and turning back downstream when one of the boatmen mentioned that a healer lived just a few hours up one of the smaller tributaries ahead.

We moved out of the muddy main stream into a quiet pattern of lagoons of clear green water. The mosquitoes and biting flies disappeared, and the air was full of kingfishers and flocks of parakeets. Eventually we reached an area where the forest had been partially cleared to plant a crop of cassava, and pulled in to the bank near a collection of palm-thatched huts.

I went ashore with the patient and saw him seated on a log in a clearing in front of the home of the healer. In a little while the great man himself came out, and he was a terrible disappointment. He was a small, hungry-looking middle-aged man with little hair and fewer clothes. Just a tattered pair of shorts, plastic sandals, and the remnant of a T-shirt which carried the unlikely claim that it belonged not to this strange man but to the State Prison of Louisiana.

A brief conversation took place in Amazonian Portuguese, and the emphasis, as far as I could understand it, was placed not so much on the patient’s symptoms as upon the particular circumstances, the exact time and place, in which they had first been noted. Some sort of agreement was reached which seemed to take the blame off poor dental care and place it squarely on a malevolent outside influence, an evil spirit force which, as it happened, the healer knew well.

He turned to his hut for a moment and emerged with a number of unspecified materials tightly rolled into a ball of greasy black cloth. I was dying to see what it contained, but he simply put it on the ground between the feet of the patient and it was never referred to again.

Then the treatment began. Singing softly to himself in an Indian dialect, the healer pushed the patient’s head back until his mouth was wide open. Then he put his crooked forefinger into the mouth and stirred around in there. He grunted once or twice, peered in again, and then reached in with thumb and forefinger and picked out the offending molar as though it had been simply lying there loose under the tongue.

We all examined the tooth and peered into the empty socket, which was bleeding only slightly. There was great satisfaction all round, but the healer wasn’t finished yet. He said that he must still get rid of the pain. To do this, he massaged the swollen glands on the patient’s throat, then made him sit back again with his mouth wide open.

The healer sat cross-legged on the ground opposite him and began to sway to and fro with his eyes closed. I watched very closely, suddenly aware that this was not just a tired little man in rags, but a very impressive person. Then someone in the crowd hissed and pointed at the patient. A trickle of blood was beginning to flow out of the right corner of his mouth and run down his chin. This was not surprising, but what happened next was something that brought a great roar of laughter from all the observers, but made the hair at the back of my neck bristle.

Out of the side of his mouth, following the line of the trickle of blood, came a column of live black army ants. Not a frantic confusion of ants, running in every direction, as they would have been if the healer has dropped some sort of container holding ants into the patient’s mouth, but an ordered column of ants. Ants marching two and three abreast, coming from somewhere and going somewhere.

They kept on coming until there were a hundred or more, moving in a stream down the patient’s neck, along his bare arm, down onto the log on which he sat. Then he and I and everyone present watched the column as it marched off into the grass at the edge of the clearing and away.

Thinking back on that experience later, I realized that the healer has started off the consultation by concentrating not on the symptoms of the patient, but on the peculiar circumstances connected with them. He was concerned not so much with how he had come to develop the complaint as with why it had happened to him, and why now, just as he was starting on an important trip. He tried, as all Western physicians will, to give the condition an identity separate from the sufferer, to set it up so that it could be treated. But he was not content with a fine-sounding diagnosis. He went beyond treatment of the symptoms to tackle root causes by suggesting that some outside agency, an evil spirit or some personal ritual deficiency perhaps, was responsible. The cause he came up with may not have been the right one, but by recognizing any at all, and by taking obviously appropriate action to deal with it, he was providing, in addition to his efficient dental treatment, psychiatric therapy at no extra charge.

To me that seemed like very good medicine. The patient was simply given the means to make himself well. And this was accomplished by a superbly judged piece of sleight-of-mind.

When the crowd at the healing laughed at the sight of ants crawling out of a man’s mouth, it was not the nervous laughter of people in fear or discomfort. It was honest loud laughter over something that struck them as very funny. I didn’t see the joke until it was explained to me later. In the local dialect, the same word is used for pain and for the army ant. The healer had promised that the pain would leave, and so it did in the form of an elaborate and extraordinary pun. It walked out.

For that patient, in his culture, with his expectations and beliefs, the treatment was highly effective. He got better very quickly.

For this observer, in his certainty, with his patterns of logic and procedure, the whole affair was shattering. It took me a long time to come to terms with it. It was years before I could even bring myself to talk of it. Whom can a scientist tell about an experience like that?

But I no longer have that problem. Not since I number theoretical physicists amongst my friends. They taught me that the objective world in space and time does not exist and that we are forced to deal now not in facts, but in possibilities. Nobody in quantum mechanics talks about impossibilities any more. They have developed a kind of statistical mysticism, and physics becomes very hard to distinguish from metaphysics. And that makes things a little easier for a biologist faced with biological absurdities.

Breaking the rules doesn’t worry me anymore now that I can see that only one principle really matters. And that is rightness. If it fits, if it feels good, if it seems appropriate and meaningful, then it doesn’t matter how absurd it is in the light of the established explanation of how things work. Establishments are no longer as stable as they used to be. They are having to make way for another kind of knowing which is concerned only with harmony, with keeping in touch with Earth’s tune.

So this was Lyall Watson and his book "Gifts of Unknown Things", 1976. And now we want to have a look at another book of his: "Lifetide. A biology of the unconscious," 1979.

There he touches a subject he calls the dialectic, the politics of science. My dictionary has this to say about dialectic: art of investigating the truth of opinions, testing the truth by discussion, logical disputation, existence or action of opposing social forces etc.

So now from "Lifetide" by Lyall Watson:

^ Lyall Watson 5

It gave rise to the dialectic, the politics of science.

Peter Laurie points out that scientific truth today, ‘which is supposed to be completely independent of time, place or person, is actually based entirely on political or social evidence’ and not on observation or fact.

For example, I believe in the electron as a basic building block of matter. But on what evidence do I base this belief? I haven’t got, and even if I did have wouldn’t know how to work, the apparatus necessary to demonstrate its existence. Instead I take the word of the Wykeham Professor of Physics in the University of Oxford, and I ignore the opinion of the Professor of Cosmic Knowledge in the University of Light who insists that electrons are actually tiny transformations of the souls of the departed. Experiments about electrons boil down in the end to experiments about professors.

And why do I choose to believe one rather than the other? Simply because the Oxford opinion is one verified by an elaborate system of rival researchers who duplicate, largely with the hope of discrediting, each other’s work. A system of commenting and criticising, weighing, assessing and refereeing in which experts sit in judgement on the facts, ultimately reaching a consensus, selecting what is true and rejecting the remaining as false. But, in the final analysis, this is a political process not a scientific one.

Somewhere between the question and the answer there is room for opinion. The answers are only approximate and Knowledge, it seems, is very largely a matter of belief. The rigid experimental protocols, the strict scientific procedures which were thought to hold individuality in abeyance, have probably always been contaminated. Total objectivity may be nothing but a myth.

If this is so – and few of those involved in any way with quantum physics now deny that the observer, simply by being there, influences the outcome of the experiment – then we face a dilemma.

If faith is part of the scientific process, lying clearly in the path between question and answer, then might it not also intrude between Nature and the question? Is it possible that Man, by his interrogation, changes Nature itself?

I believe he can, and does.

Now follows another quote from Lyall Watson’s "Lifetide:"

^ Lyall Watson 6

One ends up always falling back on the idea of some sort of design in nature, which implies the existence of a Designer. That may be the final and perfectly reasonable solution, but it is a little embarrassing for a scientist because it is a theory incapable of refutation. As Karl Popper puts it, ‘Falsification, or refutability, is a criterion of the scientific status of a theory’. You have to be able to test a theory. You have to be able to prove that it is right or wrong. An explanation which explains everything, explains nothing. An explain-all is not more credible than a cure-all. Both are bad science and lousy logic.

That is a kind of statement that justifies 100 % to call scientists fools.

A scientist should be embarrassed to make such a statement, and even more so to write it down and announce such an opinion in public. So for scientists something is only true and can exist when he is able to prove it. When it cannot be proven, then the theory must be discarded.

The entire physical, material world exists and was created for this purpose that man has no proof of the existence of the spiritual world, of the kingdom of God, and of God. Man was a god and failed and now, with the gifts given to him, with the intellect and with the heart, he is to make the decision to become again a god, to rightly assess his situation and to reverse it. He must not just pretend to be good and pious, he must deliver the goods, genuinely.

It is easy to acknowledge the spiritual side of life when its existence is obvious, but that is what it is all about, will you do it when you are not forced to do it?

All these scientists would fall on their faces when the existence of God is clear as daylight, the same way as they fall in their faces when a dictator comes along, as they have done in the past, and are doing now again with the ultimate one. None of them dares to stand up against the man who is now clearly visible as opponent of God having become the incarnation of evil.

Scientists, this kind of scientists, are not really scientists but simply religious fanatics propagating their beliefs and their belief is that there is no God.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD.

I want to give you another example of the foolishness of scientists. When a man tells them of something that they would classify as paranormal then they immediately claim that it is something that he is not able to prove. They reject the testimony of another human being, something no court of law can do. But when you take an entire branch of science, astrophysics, then that kind of science is based on ideas which are all just assumptions and cannot be proven. That time and space also applies to celestial bodies outside of the planet earth is just an assumption and so the idea that laws of nature that apply to our earth also apply to the rest of the universe, and that the sun derives its energy from its inside is something that actually contradicts their own knowledge about the sun, that its corona is much hotter than the surface of the sun, and their idea that cosmic rays come from celestial bodies and gamma ray bursts they again and again fail to prove and spiritual writings, which nicely explain to them where they come from, they are ignorant of and would reject if they would see them, but the most foolish thing is that they speak of visible light and just one look at the night sky can prove to them that light is not visible. But they are fools and cannot see the most obvious thing in the world, something that is right in front of their eyes.

^ A P Shepherd

That light is not visible is unknown to scientists, but this applies to so-called scientists only. Let us have a look at a real scientist.

I bring a quote from A P Shepherd's book: "Rudolf Steiner. Scientist of the Invisible," 1954. Shepherd writes about Rudolf Steiner:

Meanwhile his scientific studies presented him with a new line of approach to his problem. We have already referred to his attitude to the wave-theory of light. A deeper study of the science of optics now led him to a conclusion contrary to the teaching of recognised science, viz. that though light is a reality which plays an overwhelming part in the phenomena of the physical world, yet it is itself not perceivable by the senses. It manifests itself on physical objects in the appearance of colours, but it is itself invisible. It appears therefore to be an object of a "sensible-supersensible" kind. It stands between ordinary sense-perceptible objects and supersensible reality, manifesting itself in its relation to the physical, but itself unperceivable by the physical senses.

When he spoke of this to Professor Schröer, the latter pointed out to him the similarity between his ideas and Goethe's theory of colour, in which Goethe had disputed the generally-accepted theory of Newton.

The whole of astrophysics is based on illusions. All their assumptions are contradicted by age-old and new spiritual writings but they carry on in their delusion. All astrophysicists are illusionists.

When it comes to something scientists do not like then they declare it as something that cannot be proven and when it then comes to something they defend they base everything on assumptions, on things that cannot be shown to be true. This is the typical behaviour of religious fanatics and that is why there is hardly any difference between religion and science.

Just take the highest master of ceremonies of science who hands out every year the highest awards for good materialists. It is a Scandinavian king. And a Scandinavian king is also the highest representative of the state religion. Science is equal to religion is equal to materialism.

We now come to a third book by Lyall Watson, "Beyond Supernature. A new Natural History of the Supernatural," 1986. And from it just a short quote – from the biologist Lyall Watson:

^ Lyall Watson 7

For all our expertise in unravelling the genetic code and the miracles of nerve conduction, muscle movement and blood clotting, we still understand virtually nothing about pain, sleep, growth and healing. We are ignorant about nearly every aspect of consciousness and even find it hard to diagnose death.

We brought examples of supernatural events and did this in order to widen our mind regarding existing possibilities of life and this should help us to accept truth as it really might be. But now we want to come to the key attitude necessary to receive truth. There are conditions attached to be able to receive truth. A man who does not love God and the neighbour as himself is excluded from the recipients. So as usual we have to have a look at the man and what he does in life to be able to assess the things he brings to us - if it is truth.

^ Aldous Huxley

I am now bringing excerpts from a book called "The Perennial Philosophy". The author is Aldous Huxley. My encyclopedia has this sentence: "Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963) was one of the 20th century’s foremost novelists."

So now the extracts:

There are at least ten different renderings in ten different sacred texts of the advice familiar to Christians as ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Does this mean that the revelations of mystics and the beliefs of the wise and holy of all ages, races and creeds can be distilled into a single set of unifying, transcendent truths?

Drawing on a vast range of sources – including the Ghita and the Upanishad, the Buddhist philosophers, the Taoists, the Sufis, the early Quakers and the great Catholic mystics of the Middle Ages, The Perennial Philosophy is Huxley’s attempt to offer just a synthesis for the enlightenment of the modern world.

‘Such subjects as faith, asceticism, grace, hope and immortality are amply and searchingly discussed. But Huxley goes much further. His commentary is also a castigation and warning. Modern society, he insists, not only ignores the teachings of the Perennial Philosophy; its whole outlook is a direct denial of them. Its creed is that of power worship and unlimited faith in technical progress. And a society thus dedicated, since it is setting itself against the basic order of the universe, is preparing its own doom. An important book.’

On 26 July 1894, near Godalming in Surrey, Aldous Leonard Huxley was born into a family which had only recently become synonymous with the intellectual aristocracy. Huxley’s grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley, had earned notoriety as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’ and fame as a populariser of science, just as his own probing and controversial works were destined to outrage and exhilarate readers and non-readers alike in the following century.

Huxley’s more sombre mood in the late 1920s was epitomised by Proper Studies (1927), the most important of the four volumes of essays he published during the decade, and the one in which he first set himself unequivocally against what he regarded as the vulgarity and perversity of mass civilisation.

This phase of his career resulted in . . . and The Perennial Philosophy (1945), a profoundly influential anthology of excerpts and commentaries illustrating what Huxley called ‘the highest common factor of all the higher religions’. He went on to say with typical humour and humility, ‘The greatest merit of the book is that about forty per cent of it is not by me, but by a lot of saints, many of whom were also men of genius.’

This book, I repeat, is an anthology of the Perennial Philosophy; but, though an anthology, it contains but few extracts from the writings of professional men of letters and, though illustrating a philosophy, hardly anything from the professional philosophers. The reason for this is very simple. The Perennial Philosophy is primarily concerned with one, divine Reality substantial to the manifold world of things and lives and minds. But the nature of this one Reality is such that it cannot be directly and immediately apprehended except by those who have chosen to fulfil certain conditions, making themselves loving, pure in heart, and poor in Spirit. Why should this be so? We do not know.

And it is only by making psychological and moral experiments that we can discover the intimate nature of mind and its potentialities. In the ordinary circumstances of average sensual life these potentialities of the mind remain latent and unmanifested. If we would realize them, we must fulfil certain conditions and obey certain rules, which experience has shown empirically to be valid.

In regard to few professional philosophers and men of letters is there any evidence that they did very much in the way of fulfilling the necessary conditions of direct spiritual knowledge. When poets or metaphysicians talk about the subject matter of the Perennial Philosophy, it is generally at second hand. But in every age there have been some men and women who chose to fulfil the conditions upon which alone, as a matter of brute empirical fact, such immediate knowledge can be had; and of these a few have left accounts of the Reality they were thus enabled to apprehend and have tried to relate, in one comprehensive system of thought, the given facts of this experience with the given facts of their other experiences. To such first-hand exponents of the Perennial Philosophy those who knew them have generally given the name of ‘saint’ or ‘prophet,’ ‘sage’ or ‘enlightened one.’ And it its mainly to these, because there is good reason for supposing that they knew what they were talking about, and not to the professional philosopher or men of letters, that I have gone for my selections.

In recent years a number of attempts have been made to work out a system of empirical theology. But in spite of the subtlety and intellectual power of such writers as Sorlcy, Oman and Tennant, the effort has met with only a partial success. Even in the hands of its ablest exponents empirical theology is not particularly convincing. The reason, it seems to me, must be sought in the fact that the empirical theologians have confined their attention more or less exclusively to the experience of those who the theologians of an older school called ‘the unregenerate’ – that is to say, the experience of people who have not gone very far in fulfilling the necessary conditions of the spiritual knowledge. But it is a fact, confirmed and re-confirmed during two or three thousand years of religious history, that the ultimate Reality is not clearly and immediately apprehended, except by those who have made themselves loving, pure in heart and poor in spirit. This being so, it is hardly surprising that a theology based upon the experience of nice, ordinary, unregenerate people should carry so little conviction.

If one is not oneself a sage or saint, the best thing one can do, in the field of metaphysics, is to study the works of those who were, and who, because they had modified their merely human mode of being, were capable of a more than merely human kind and amount of knowledge.

When a man follows the way of the world, or the way of the flesh, or the way of tradition (ie when he believes in religious rites and the letter of the scriptures, as though they were intrinsically sacred), knowledge of Reality cannot arise in him.

For, as all exponents of the Perennial Philosophy have constantly insisted, man’s obsessive consciousness of, and insistence on being, a separate self is the final and most formidable obstacle to the unitive knowledge of God. To be a self is, for them, the original sin, and to die to self, in feeling, will and intellect, is the final and all-inclusive virtue.

The Christian simplicity, of which Grou and Fénelon write, is the same thing as the virtue so much admired by Lao Tzu and his successors. According to these Chinese sages, personal sins and social maladjustments are all due to the fact that men have separated themselves from their divine source

So whenever we have to assess the value of philosophy in general or the value of a specific philosophical system or the value of a specific philosopher we should come back to these things Aldous Huxley has to say about this subject.

^ Bertha Dudde 2

Our question was: How does one get hold of truth?

Now follow extracts from a message coming to us via Bertha Dudde:

Extract from book 86, message 8160:


Direct and indirect address of God.
26. April 1962. B.D. NR. 8160

But to lightless beings the access is denied to a man, who offered himself to me for service, who wants to be active for me and my kingdom and desires pure truth from me. Because such beings are not allowed for the instruction as long as they themselves still do not stand in the light, i.e. can be radiated through by myself – as long as they still have not got themselves ready as power stations, as long as they still stand in low degree of maturity and own little knowledge themselves. But these beings can intervene with such connections from earth to the kingdom on the other side, where also on the part of men a still low state of maturity is recorded and where a man gives up his will, therefore allows those beings entry, who can now express themselves and cause very much disaster. But such a danger is excluded when it is about the supply of pure truth, where the spirit out of me can have an effect – where an intimate union of man with me is established and therefore the overflowing of my spirit current can take place.

The desire for truth excludes all erroneous spirit material, because I myself am then acknowledged and desired, who am the truth from eternity.


So the real important attitude of us is our intent, our will, our intention, our purpose.

In all our actions our intent is that what is decisive.

When our intent is right, then we will get hold of truth.

^ Hazel Courteney

I am now bringing an excerpt from the book "Divine Intervention" by Hazel Courteney, 1999:

I received many letters from readers whose doctors had told them that their conditions were ‘to be expected at their age’ and that nothing could be done for them … and when a person believes these statements and accepts them as being true, what happens? The illness becomes that person’s reality and they get worse. They believe wholeheartedly what they are told and are therefore not surprised as their condition worsens. The power of the mind again…

I asked Dr Liberman about Sheila’s eyes and he said, ‘I have found that when you introduce a person who is chronically ill to someone who has healed themselves by whatever means, it gives hope to that sick person and it gives them a license to become well. You gave Sheila a license to heal her eyes and to totally forget that she ever had the problem in the first place. She had a spontaneous remission. But then you took her to a doctor, an expert, who told her she was still suffering from her condition. I call this a lethal diagnosis and hence it does not surprise me that her symptoms returned within 24 hours.’

As I sat listening I realized that taking Sheila to the specialist to see if I had somehow initiated a miracle was my biggest mistake. Dr Liberman smiled, understanding that I felt guilty.

‘Don’t worry, you could not have known at the time. You were going through an incredible experience and most people would have wanted to seek out some kind of proof. But many times I have found that it’s not the disease that kills a person, it’s the diagnosis. Tell a person they have cancer, even if they don’t, and the effect can be incredible. Ask anyone who has been misdiagnosed. They prepare for their funeral, say goodbye to their relatives, take to their beds and become really ill, all because they have been told by an expert how ill they are. The power of the mind is incredible.’

This passage is of course my subject and anyone who has read my books "How to Measure Your Beliefs" and "The Man-Made Church" realizes that statements like "lethal diagnoses" and "it’s not the disease that kills a person, it’s the diagnosis" are exactly in line with what I am writing about.

But I will now bring a second excerpt from the book "Divine Intervention" by Hazel Courteney, 1999:

I also thought how great it would be if I could meet a scientist who could explain in scientific terms how it is possible for us to move from one dimension to another at will.

I didn’t have to wait long. Just two weeks later I went to London for a meeting with my TV producer friend Joanne Sawicki, as Dr John Briffa and I were working on a TV show concept. As I arrived at Jo’s home, she was running late in another meeting and introduced her guest David Ash. We chatted amicably for a few minutes and he gave me his book, The New Science of Spirit, to look through while I was waiting. I had nothing else to do and as I flicked the pages I was astounded when my eye caught sight of the words ‘physical ascension’. I needed to talk to this man …

My TV idea was forgotten for a moment as I shared with David and his nutritional physician wife, Lisbeth, some of my story. David nodded and smiled and injected with quick-fire questions: ‘And how did other people smell over Easter?’ he asked with a wicked twinkle in his eye. I laughed, thinking ‘he’s my kind of scientist’. I remembered the smell in our home in April. I was so sensitive that I could easily ‘smell’ and ‘feel’ negative energies. Of course Stuart and his mother were frantic with worry, so were Dr Briffa and Lindsey … The smell in the house had been their negative thoughts.

On Easter Saturday when I had ‘died’, our bedroom stank of physical death, but once we had opened the windows and Sheila had changed all the sheets and towels the sickly sweet, putrefying stench had disappeared. However, to me, the rest of the house still smelled – it was my heightened senses, as no one else could smell a thing.

David said, ‘Our third dimensional world is so dense that to a person experiencing an ascended state as you were, negative thoughts and emotions would literally stink.’

Here was a truly enlightened scientist who has spent 30 years working on the theory that energy forms matters by spinning. I remembered how for weeks my solar plexus seemed to be spinning out of control to the point where I thought I would surely explode into flames. How wildly it had spun on that afternoon when I had almost managed to manifest a diamond ring from nowhere. So where would the ring have come from? ‘Does this mean that ultimately it is possible to manifest any physical object at will?’ I asked.

David explained: ‘Thoughts are matter on a higher speed band of energy. So, with the ascended powers that we all have access to, but just don’t know about, it is scientifically possible for objects to appear in our world seemingly from nowhere – this is what Sai Baba in India is able to do.’

‘So, how could my legs begun to dematerialize without the help of any physical equipment and how could my skin begin regenerating?’ I enquired.

‘That’s easy,’ was his reply. ‘The energy within your atoms began moving faster than the speed of light: this could happen to part or whole of your body. In this case it happened to your legs, causing them to disappear out of physical space time and to enter another dimension. If the whole of you has disappeared, once outside the physical space time continuum, you could then have re-entered our world at any point in space and time.’

I knew it. There was a point back in May when I had known that I could access the past and many of our possible futures in this way, but had been too nervous to experiment with this knowledge. This was why it had been so easy for me to ‘see’ people’s immediate futures.

David continued. ‘With this possibility of involving the physical body in time travel, it is possible to reverse the ageing process and bring about a physical rejuvenation. Because your body was shifting in and out of the dimensions, you would have seemed younger at times. It has been well documented that spiritual masters can achieve this at will and from what you are telling me, you became a master, an enlightened being, a fully conscious soul for a short time. In our world everything is relative to the speed of light, other dimensions are on a higher speed band, they are created out of vortices of energy that move at much faster speeds than the speed of light. They have their own space and time. Their world is as real as ours.’

‘But where is this world?’ I wanted to know.

‘It’s everywhere,’ David answered. ‘What separates us is not space and time, but the speed at which the energy is travelling.’

David chastized me for continually talking about frequencies saying, ‘The context in which you talk about frequencies is totally wrong from a scientific standpoint. It would be more correct to talk about ‘energy patterning’. Frequency is a measure of waves and on every level you have a full electromagnetic spectrum of waves, but it is the underlying speed of the energy that matters. Many worlds, dimensions, speed bands, whatever you choose to call them, overlap, so that when you felt Diana inside your body and heard her voice she simply overlaid her speed band over yours. You became as one.’

‘So, why did so many realities come into my mind? How come I was inundated with new senses and new knowledge?’ I asked.

David continued, ‘Aldous Huxley explains this concept brilliantly in his book Doorways of Perception. On an everyday level everyone’s brain filters out tons of information, but your filters were lifted and you suddenly had access to unbelievable amounts of information and realities that understandably freaked you out.’

‘And what about the ash that manifested from my hands or simply appeared in the room when I was present?’ I queried.

‘Ash, such as the ‘vibuthi’ which Sai Baba in India manifests, is atomic matter from another dimension’, replied David. ‘It is able to manifest through enlightened masters into our world as the energy within it slows down to the speed of light. Matter is simply energy within atoms which has slowed down. Atoms lock together through chemical bonding to create the illusion of solidity in our world, in fact our world is nothing but force fields created by the movement we call energy.’

‘But why did ash appear when I would have much preferred the diamond ring?’ I joked.

‘Because, in the East, devotees burn incense sticks in their temples and the ash that collects from these is considered sacred. Sai Baba’s ‘vibuthi’ is this same sacred ash, so while it does not mean much to people in the West, in the East it means far more than diamond rings!’

I felt suitably humbled

The question was ‘And how did other people smell?’ and this question reminds me of Jarah and her conversation with the little man in our chapter 38. Waves and there it can be found in section jl.ev04.115,01-06 where the little man addresses Jarah this way: »Who commanded you, you stinking flesh, to ask us clean ones?! Except the one and except still another one, you all here stink quite terribly like matter; and that is the greatest enemy of our nostrils! Ask us in the following only then, you stinking rotten carcass, when you will have received a command from the almighty spirit of all spirits for this, - otherwise worry about how you get rid of your fleshly moth sack in a good way!«

So it seems that beings on other levels perceive us as stinking beings and that to get down to our level and to deal with us is quite a sacrifice for them.

And that seems to have not just an effect on smell, that we radiate foul smelling fumes, it also seems to have an effect on hearing, that we spread very nasty noises.

Robert Monroe uses the expression M-band hissing and describes it as uncontrolled thinking. Negative thoughts spread therefore in the spiritual world as stink and noise.

So negative thoughts produce stink and noise and positive thoughts produce a halo around the head.

^ David Ash

But we now want to come to a highly interesting part of the last quote and that is an explanation how other levels of existence work. So let us repeat some statements.

‘In our world everything is relative to the speed of light, other dimensions are on a higher speed band, they are created out of vortices of energy that move at much faster speeds than the speed of light. They have their own space and time. Their world is as real as ours.’

‘The context in which you talk about frequencies is totally wrong from a scientific standpoint. It would be more correct to talk about ‘energy patterning’. Frequency is a measure of waves and on every level you have a full electromagnetic spectrum of waves, but it is the underlying speed of the energy that matters. Many worlds, dimensions, speed bands, whatever you choose to call them, overlap, so that when you felt Diana inside your body and heard her voice she simply overlaid her speed band over yours. You became as one.’

‘Aldous Huxley explains this concept brilliantly in his book Doorways of Perception. On an everyday level everyone’s brain filters out tons of information, but your filters were lifted and you suddenly had access to unbelievable amounts of information and realities that understandably freaked you out.’

So the speed of light is, as I have suspected and expressed before, something that applies to our state of consciousness. And that is the state of consciousness or level or dimension of men here on this planet earth.

And it is the state of consciousness that applies to being awake, not to being asleep or other states.

And to this our normal state of consciousness applies this speed of light, but also our known spectrum of electromagnetic waves, and all other states of consciousness have different speeds of light and therefore also different spectra of electromagnetic waves.

And we can have access to all of them, but normally only to our present ones. All the others are normally filtered out. But we can at any time request any kind of information and then the filter that normally prevents us to have this access is lifted and access is available. What is needed is the will and the right attitude.

But these different speeds of light and the accompanying spectra of electromagnetic waves only apply to other physical celestial bodies and universes, they do not apply to spiritual celestial bodies und universes. There we do not have these restrictions. Thought transference and communication between entangled particles is instantaneous.

Now to understand the effect that different states of consciousness have, we have to have a look at space travel and that to travel to different celestial bodies will only then make sense when the space traveller is also able to switch to that state of consciousness that is dominant on the planet or star he wants to visit. When he arrives there with the state of consciousness that applies to planet earth he might perceive very little.

^ Ruth Montgomery

Chapter 45 of our book "The Man-Made Church" has the title Every star or planet is inhabited and this reality must be highlighted again and again because our so-called knowledge of our world has problems to accept it and I therefore now bring extracts from a book by Ruth Montgomery, "A World Beyond", 1971, which brings eyewitness accounts of the hereafter from the psychic Arthur Ford and his group:

One week later Ford announced that Lily would personally discuss the higher states of being, and Lily promptly wrote, "As we learn our lessons here in this intermediate state, we are given the choice of reincarnation or travelling onward to other realms of consciousness, and some of us elect to take this next step, as I have here. When we are ready, by having completed our philosophic discussions and reassessing our errors of flesh, we feel a lightening of spirit and with little effort of thought are able to lift ourselves into a new consciousness in which we lose contact for a time with those here and those in your state of being.

"We then find ourselves in what would be thought of as a purely ethereal realm, with total loss of contact with other souls for a time. This is a somewhat lonely experience, since we are used to having shared thoughts and ideas here as well as in the physical body. After a time we seem to float into what, for want of a better term, would be called outer space but is such high frequency that there is no way to put it into words that are understandable to physical man. We are, let us say, in the realm of Uranus, where vibrations are so tremendous that at first we feel shaken to our core. It is a violent atmosphere, or rather lack of atmosphere, where there is no protection from the rays and beams and pulsations. We stay there, if we are able to endure it, for a time while preparing for still another step in our development.

"Later we may pass on to Venus or Mars, or any of the other realms of consciousness in our planetary group. We are not so much a part of that planet as we are under the influence of its vibrations. We walk on the surface of these planets much as you in the physical state walk on earth, except that our beta bodies have no weight and no embodiments of flesh. We are rather more like ideas, and since we see other souls of like covering there, we could be said to mingle with them, but only as ideas. Some of the planetary vibrations are gentle and soothing, and others fiery and full of antagonistic pulls and pushes. We need to experience all of these in order to understand the universal oneness of all mankind and the laws which govern us."


"Now that is stage three, and stage four is what I have suggested in earlier reports: inhabitation of such other planets as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, and the like, but not so much in a physical sense as in a state of higher consciousness: for while these planets contain life forms, they are totally unrecognizable in terms of the life forms which inhabit earth in physical form. These planets, each so different from one another, have various stages of development from the lowest protoplasm to the highest forms of thought patterns, and while Uranus is a particularly destructive planet in terms of reformation from evil, the most highly developed one is Saturn, which contains pure thoughts without embroilment in lower states of consciousness. Those who inhabit these planets for a time in thought form are sometimes so far removed from what earth folks call sanity and reason that if they ever decide thereafter to return to physical body they are rather out of tune with fellow souls incarnated at the time. Either they have mellowed to such an extent that they do not seem to have things in common with fellow souls there or they have been so fed by hatreds and warlike tendencies on Mars and some others that they are too antagonistic for comfortable living in the flesh."

^ Bertha Dudde 3

Let us close with a message by Bertha Dudde:



16. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1008.

The effort of the world wise is in vain to get a clear picture about the inner construction of the works of creation which are outside of earth. It is not enough to establish numerically the proportions of other world bodies in comparison with earth, it is also not enough to want to establish the influence upon these world bodies and the light intensity through degree meters. Rather men are needed for the research of these world bodies who have an enormous knowledge, and such a knowledge can only be acquired in spiritual ways. There exists no connection from earth to any world body, and eternities can pass, such a connection will also not be created, however spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition. To give a clear picture about the planet most kindred to earth, Saturn, is the task of a higher spiritual being inhabiting it, and a description is offered to you men on earth which indisputably gives information to him who desires information. No earth citizen has yet succeeded to establish the size of this world body because the size cannot be proven numerically since men have no scale for the circumference of Saturn. It is a concept which goes far above all earthly estimates and almost reaches infinity for you men. The raw material of this celestial body also does not agree with that of earth – it is transparent, light glittering metal of unimaginable illuminating power. All beings in the range of this shining matter are in a state that they agree with the radiating light. They have an extremely fine feeling for spiritual trends and are relatively far advanced spiritual beings, who however have not reached their light state through conscious striving but are well educated beings through God’s will. The task of these beings is likewise to look after earthly spiritual. A similar bodily life like on earth is also typical for these beings, only that also the proportion of the covers, which serve the beings as stay, is incomprehensible for human ideas, but therefore is also the spiritual power indescribably effective. However the beings have to also fulfil an activity, and this is in accord with its respective embodiment because also these beings are in different outer form on the surface of the world body, only that they have an adaptability which by far surpasses that on earth, by them not enlivening any outer forms as imperfect spiritual beings, but can change as it were their cover at any time to be able to execute a task given to them in a different cover easier and better. Consequently Saturn holds living beings, however standing in a certain degree of maturity, otherwise the stay on this world body would not appeal to them because the fullness of light presupposes a certain light receptivity. It is difficult to describe these beings to men on earth because certain laws are counting there, which are completely unknown to men on earth. It would probably be possible to give you a description however only in the form of pictures, which illustrate the activity of the beings. And this activity again is in a certain connection just as necessary for men on earth because the permanent enlivening of the entire flora is the task given to these beings, however in a connection which is not yet really understandable to you. The beings among themselves lead a similar life as on earth in fullest harmony and spiritual solidarity, also their homes are correspondingly perfect, and marvellous creations of their own intelligence form the surface of the celestial body to an exceedingly charming stay. Creation has to show innumerable celestial bodies and still everyone deviates both in the forming of the surface as well as also in the living conditions of the beings inhabiting it. In like manner also the raw materials are of always different kind – but one divinity rules and directs all these creations according to its will. And innumerable possibilities are so available to the being out of God, so that it can receive and in like manner distribute bliss in eternity always and constantly in busy activity in accordance of its perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 1008.


This is the end of "How does one get hold of truth?"
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