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This is the 40. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


40. Humans are electromagnetic beings


by Frank L. Preuss


In the chapter before last, 38. Waves, we had dealt with waves, and that was with mechanical waves and with electromechanical waves. There it was particularly about the correlation between the scientific side of the subject and the spiritual.

One point of view, which was emphasized there, was that electromagnetic waves are actually something that completely belongs into the spiritual field because they cannot be perceived with our senses, our outer senses.

I now bring a passage from a book, which mainly deals with electromechanical waves in the area of humans.

One field of this is electromyography, the study of electric currents set up in muscle fibres by bodily movement.

The book is called The Holographic Universe and was written by Michael Talbot. It comes from the year 1991 and I take a passage from an edition, which comes from the year 2011. This edition is probably unchanged; the author died 1992.

Here now the passage from The Holographic Universe:


Over the past twenty years Valery Hunt, a physical therapist and professor of kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the existence of the human energy field. Medical science has long known that humans are electromagnetic beings. Doctors routinely use electrocardiographs to make electrocardiograms (EKGs) or records, of the electrical activity of the heart, and electroencephalographs to make electroencephalograms (EEGs) of the brain’s electrical activity. Hunt has discovered that an electromyograph, a device used to measure the electrical activity in the muscles, can also pick up the electrical presence of the human energy field.

Although Hunt’s original research involved the study of human muscular movement, she became interested in the energy field after encountering a dancer who said she used her own energy field to help her dance. This inspired Hunt to make electromyograms (EMGs) of the electrical activity in the woman’s muscles while she danced, and also to study the effect healers had on the electrical activity in the muscles of people being healed. Her research eventually expanded to include individuals who could see the human energy field, and it was here that she made some of her most significant discoveries.

The normal frequency range of the electrical activity in the brain is between 0 and 100 cycles per second (cps), with most of the activity occurring between 0 and 30 cps. Muscle frequency goes up to about 225 cps. And the heart goes up to about 250 cps, but this is where electrical activity associated with biological function drops off. In addition to these, Hunt discovered that the electrodes of the electromyograph could pick up another field of energy radiating from the body, much subtler and smaller in amplitude than the traditionally recognized body electricities but with frequencies that averaged between 100 and 1600 cps, and which sometimes went even higher. Moreover, instead of emanating from the brain, heart, or muscles, the field was strongest in the areas of the body associated with the chakras. “The results were so exciting that I simply was not able to sleep that night,” says Hunt. “The scientific model I had subscribed to throughout my life just couldn’t explain these findings.”
[Ronald S. Miller, “Bridging the Gap: An Interview with Valerie Hunt,” Science of Mind (October 1983), p. 12.]

Hunt also discovered that when an aura reader saw a particular color in a person’s energy field, the electromyograpgh always picked up a specific pattern of frequencies that Hunt learned to associate with that color. She was able to see this pattern on an oscilloscope, a device that converts electrical waves into a visual pattern on a monochromatic video display screen. For example, when an aura reader saw blue in a person’s energy field, Hunt could confirm that it was blue by looking at the pattern on the oscilloscope. In one experiment she even tested eight aura readers simultaneously to see if they would agree with the oscilloscope as well as with each other. “It was the same right down the line,” says Hunt.
[Private communication with the author, February 7, 1990.]

Once Hunt confirmed the existence of the human energy field, she, too, became convinced that the holographic idea offers one model for understanding it. In addition to its frequency aspects, she points out that the energy field, and indeed all of the body’s electrical systems, is holographic in another way. Like the information in a hologram, these systems are distributed globally throughout the body. For instance, the electrical activity measured by an electroencephalograph is strongest in the brain, but an EEG reading can also be made by attaching an electrode to the toe. Similarly, an EKG can be picked up in the little finger. It’s stronger and higher in amplitude in the heart, but its frequency and pattern are the same everywhere in the body. Hunt believes this is significant. Although every portion of what she calls the “holographic field reality” of the aura contains aspects of the whole energy field, different portions are not absolutely identical to each other. These differing amplitudes keep the energy field from being a static hologram, and instead allow it to be dynamic and flowing, says Hunt.

One of Hunt’s most startling findings is that certain talents and abilities seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies in a person’s energy field. She has found that when the main focus of a person’s consciousness is on the material world, the frequencies of their energy field tend to be in the lower range and are not too far removed from the 250 cps of the body’s biological frequencies. In addition to these, people who are psychic or who have healing abilities also have frequencies of roughly 400 to 800 cps in their field. People who can go into trance and apparently channel other information sources through them, skip these “psychic” frequencies entirely and operate in a narrow band between 800 and 900 cps. “They don’t have any psychic breadth at all,” states Hunt. “They’re up there in their own field. It’s pinpointed, and they literally are almost out of it.”
[Private communication with the author, February 7, 1990.]

People who have frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical personalities. Whereas psychics and trance mediums are often just conduits of information, mystics possess the wisdom to know what to do with the information, says Hunt. They are aware of the cosmic interrelatedness of all things and are in touch with every level of human experience. They are anchored in ordinary reality, but often have both psychic and trance abilities. However, their frequencies also extend way beyond the bands associated with these capabilities. Using a modified electromyogram (an electromyogram can normally detect frequencies only up to 20,000 cps) Hunt has encountered individuals who have frequencies as high as 200,000 cps in their energy field. This is intriguing, for mystical traditions have often referred to highly spiritual individuals as possessing a “higher vibration” than normal people. If Hunt’s findings are correct, they seem to add credence to this assertion.


So this was this passage from the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

“Certain talents and abilities are related to the presence of specific frequencies in a person’s energy field,” is a statement of his.

The state of spiritual development of a person can therefore actually be measured and that not just in a spiritual way but in a technical way by measuring the vibrations of the energy field and that is then expressed in cycles per second or Hertz. Now this is especially interesting when a person has a mental or physical problem. And as all physical problems are really spiritual problems, one just has to measure the vibrations and the vibration patterns of the energy field and then has a diagnosis and with it can help that person.

Now just imagine such an electromyograph (EMG) is available in every hospital, in every surgery and in every church building. You could go there and drop a coin into it and the machine would tell you what is wrong with the make-up of your soul. You could also give the machine your email address and it would send a password to you and you could study all the details at home. You could start immediately to work on adjusting the worst faults of yours. And then go again there and see the results and do the next steps. And in no time you would be up the ladder of Jacob and close to heaven.

“Over the past twenty years Valery Hunt, a physical therapist and professor of kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the existence of the human energy field.”

Because Michael Talbot wrote his book The Holographic Universe in the year 1991, this technology is therefore known since the 70s of the previous century, therefore for decades. Why has this knowledge not spread like wildfire over the entire surface of the planet Earth?

When you think about this question, then you get an idea what is going on with our sciences. The entire misery of science becomes visible. And not only that, also the entire misery of our religions becomes visible and that is even more severe, because these people are supposed to look after our soul life, which is much more important than that of our bodies.

And when the soul life would get fixed, then the fixing of the body would just happen automatically.

This problem of not having such machines also very nicely highlights the similarities of scientists and religionists. Both have really only one main concern and that is their income. And that is why both are interested in their religion and not in God. Both are really materialists and defend their material religion. The scientists directly and the religionists by deceiving the people and having them believe that they can lead them to God but actually guide them directly to the bottomless pit.

Both the religionists and the scientists would no longer be needed when everyone could simply recognize their shortcomings and could rectify them. Religions would become unnecessary and the entire medical industry with hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies, with other word the entire pharmaceutical industry would collapse. The medical aid industry might as well pack up and go home.

Such a machine could therefore be employed generally and that this is not done is actually sabotage. It is sabotaging the general public. And guilty are many people but most of all governments. They could really do something for the people but succumb to the wishes of interest groups. It is sabotage and high treason.

With an elektomyograph one can therefore actually survey a soul. One can find and measure details of a human soul.

Valery Hunt says that whereas psychics and trance mediums are often just conduits of information, mystics possess the wisdom to know what to do with the information.

And then she says that such people often have both psychic and trance abilities.

But there are even people who are mystics and who in addition have access to the spiritual realm without having trance abilities. They do it without trance. They do it without having to lose any normal abilities.

Now the best example that comes to my mind is Emanuel Swedenborg and Swedenborg, exactly like Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde, was a person who very well understood the difference between the true church and the man-made church and who exposed the man-made churches.

All three are hated by the man-made churches and when you go into a so-called Christian book shop you have very little chance to find any of their works.

Just have a look at an example coming from the work of Emanuel Swedenborg: 41. Swedenborg and the two witnesses. It is the next chapter in this book The Man-Made Church.

A typical representative of authors one can find in so-called Christian book shops is William Barclay. Have a look at 27. Diotrephes, the Man of Orthodoxy.

The purpose of such authors like William Barclay is to keep so-called Christians fully embedded in the worldly world and members of the regiment of Antichrist.

Get familiar with electromagnetic Waves, then your understanding for the spiritual world will become more practical because these electromagnetic waves are the spiritual world.

B.D. NR. 8648
When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the later: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.

All waves, which are not mechanical waves, therefore all electromagnetic waves, therefore all waves, which we cannot perceive with our outer senses, are supernatural things, and therefore they are outside of life on earth, and are therefore hereafter – are spiritual.

That is indeed the interesting thing with our naïve scientists that they busy themselves all the time with high-tech stuff, like electromagnetic processes, and do not know that they are actually spiritual things, therefore things, which they always consider to be non-existing.

And the same applies to our simple-minded ministers, who make use of electromagnetic devices and do not notice that they are communicating on spiritual levels when they use a mobile phone because they haven’t a clue about really spiritual things. They are just still worse because they pretend to be specialists in spiritual things, and that is why Jesus calls the hypocrites and Pharisees, therefore people who are children of hell.

Now follows a list; it is a summary of the data given above:


Table 1: Frequency range of the electrical activity in cycles per second (cps)
Description Frequency range
From (cps)To   (cps)
Normally in the brain 0100
with most of the activity occuring between 030
Muscle frequency goes up to about 225
Heart frequency goes up to about 250
Chakras 1001600
The main focus of a person's consciousness is on the material world 0250
People who are psychic or who have healing abilities 400800
People who can go into a trance and apparently channel other information sources through them 800900
Mystical personalities >900
Individuals   <200,000


When one has a look at this table then one gets the impression that it is open-ended, and that means that our possibility to grow spiritually is also open-ended, and this even applies to our life after this life here on Earth.

But this electric activity is a supernatural activity and that means that we cannot perceive it with our outer senses and the reason for this is that we do not get addicted to it and seek it and strive for it out of the wrong motives. To grow spiritually must come from free will; it must come from ourselves without being rewarded for it materially or bodily.


This is the end of "Humans are electromagnetic beings"

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