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This is the 39. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


39. Sanskrit, pyramid, sphinx and Plato


by Frank L. Preuss



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Original community

^  1

In this chapter we want to have a look at the original community of the children of God and how the further development of the written recorded word of God then looked.

The original community started with the first human couple and increased quickly and reached its spiritual peak when Adam and Eve were 920 years old. This great revival was triggered when God then visited his children.

This time is described in Jakob Lorber’s work Die Haushaltung Gottes, jl.hag (The houshold of God) and now follows an extract from the 169th chapter of the first volume (jl.hag1).

^  jl.hag1.169,06-08

   06] But why is here this Sabbath morning meal mentioned? – The cause does not lie far when someone considers that at this morning meal the highest holy father himself took part visibly among the first men of this Earth and with it laid the foundation for the first orderly church of Earth. And as before Adam and Eve can only be regarded as the first human couple, so can it now also be regarded as the first setting up of the church of Jehovah, because Jewry is then just firmly connected to this church and still exists in many parts out of it. And in the middle of Asia, in a high mountain area not far from the Himalaya, a small crowd leads a secluded, very austere life according to this writing, which later was engraved on stone tablets by the children of Noah by means of certain corresponding pertinent pictures, of which the later Egyptian hieroglyphs are just a distorted variation.
   07] But the so-called Sanskrit of the Geber, Parser and Hindus is not to be regarded as one and the same writing; for also this is first much younger and like the Egyptian hieroglyphs a very shady variation, full of great misunderstandings, that is why their worship is also accordingly a ghastly paganism.
   08]See, for that reason this morning meal is also mentioned here, which was then almost given so for the setting up of the original church, as, after the completion of the great nations day, which has continued almost four thousand years, the last great communion for the setting up of a new testament, which there is a new favour and mercy church, filled with eternal life and therefore filled through God and with God!



Holy Scriptures


^  2

The original church of the Old Testament is here compared to the original church of the New Testament. These two events are separated through more than three millennia.

With both, God himself was present as man when the communion, or here the morning meal, was held, and that what God spoke, was the central issue which moved the people. And these words of God got recorded and kept. And the language was Sanskrit.

God at that time appeared to men as the man Abedam and called Garbiel and Besediel to himself. Garbiel and Besediel were sons of Seth and therefore grandchildren of Adam and Eve. Now follows a description how God appoints them to write down the first Holy Scriptures.

^  jl.hag2.097,01-26

   01] But when the two who were called had heard the call of Abedam, then they joyously also immediately went to him who had called them.
   02] But although also they were afraid of the continuously increasing howling of the people out of the area of the morning, but now at the side of Abedam all fear and fright had nevertheless disappeared out of their hearts; and therefore they were also completely able to either speak upon the demand of Abedam or to hear alone.
   03] But because Abedam saw that their hearts were quite well prepared, and the ears of their spirit stood open to a well justified degree, so he also immediately started to direct the following words towards them full of high meaning and full of inner life, saying namenly:
   04] »So then hear you two: The sheet drawn with the many signs and that with just these signs provide great box swimming on the water, mean that you two and still a few predetermined ones with you should draw similar signs, which correspond with the words and things and acts, upon stone tablets or upon those large leaves of the Piar shrub by means of a pointed tool, which Lamech’s brothers will prepare out of the metals, then explain the signs also to all children, brothers and fathers, and therefore read what has been recorded to the children, brothers and fathers and, when very soon and easily all will grasp und understand well the signs, also let all read what has been drawn und with it have the greatest patience with the less understanding.
   05] But your spirit will teach you how you are to form a word out of the signs; because every word must consist of several necessary signs, which therefore must be put from the right to the left side, according to the order of the word.
   06] But once a word is put then it is just also never to be changed, so that the later descendants will also be able to read, pronounce and understand it like you.
   07] But with it I give you a commandment according to which the signs of a word are to be considered like holy.
   08] Who wants to do some changes to the signs themselves and how you will have formed words out of them, at him I will look with furious eyes.
   09] But now comes the most important question in this regard, and it goes so:
   10] ‘What are we to actually record afterwards for us as well as very particularly for the latter descendants?’
   11] See, that is actually the most important thing, and this must therefore also be followed the more conscientiously exact und most loyally!
   12] But besides this it is also to be questioned when you are to record something! Also this point is of great, indispensable importance!
   13] What therefore concerns the first main question, so you, Garbiel, are to record the entire history of the original creation of the spirits, then the creation of the visible things and all my love providences and great mercies with it, up to the last point in time of my presently being among you.
   14] And such you are to write and draw all the time when I will appoint you to this in your spirit.
   15] But with this you are not to question yourselfs ‘Where then will I take all this from?‘
   16] Because see, I, who now gives you this task, will tell you this basically and guide your hand for you, so that you are not to make on line, not one little tick and not one point too much or too little!
   17] But whenever I will call you, loud audibly, you must immediately keep yourself ready to draw according to my will and according to my instruction; and there is nothing to be drawn differently than only that what I will give to you!
   18] But when you are not being called by me out of your heart, there you are also not to draw, but in such free time instruct the children und brothers and fathers, as also the same way the female sex, however more in reading than in drawing, and then also just observing the follow-up drawers, whether they truly, well and correctly reproduce that what you drew out of me!
   19] Because that, what I will announce to you once, is to be multiplied thousand times by your fellow graphic artists, so that there every ancestral home is to have one and the same drawing complete in and with it for itself, for its children and for all its latter descendants!
   20] But what I have now revealed to Garbiel, all that also you, Besediel, have to observe, completely up to the point, what you are to write!
   21] But how Garbiel will describe the great past, so will you describe the great future under the guidance of Henoch!
   22] Garbiel will receive it somehow anxiously concerned and say: immediately out of me; because the past is to stand there before everyone’s eyes.
   23] But you will receive it indirectly from Henoch, as a sign that the future shall always remain more covered than the past!
   24] And so a book of the past under the name ‘Jehovah’s conflict, anger and war’ shall there be built and a book of the future under the name ‘Jehovah’s, the great God’s, love and wisdom’!
   25] But now receive my blessing, and become able to what I have now appointed you! Amen.«
   26] But after these words the two immediately fell down before Abedam and thanked him for such high favour.



Wars of Jehovah


^  3

And in the following it is described that the writers were not only supposed to record the words of God but also the words, which were spoken by others.

^  jl.hag2.142,02-04

   02] But after having had the morning meal Abedam called the known twelve messengers to him, taught them to draw the words through corresponding characters with sharpened styluses onto stone tablets and to also then read the same straightaway, and ordered them to also teach such to all other brothers even if not the drawing but at least the reading anyway.
   03] After that he ordered them also to therefore write down every word according to the leading of the spirit, which there had gone out of his mouth, as also everything what there one or the other had spoken in his presence, and then everything like that is to be kept until later times with the main family owners.
   04] But the collection should then have the name The Holy Book or the Wars of Jehovah; but the wars were to make out the latter part.


And now follows a statement of Lazarus, the friend of Jesus, who Jesus then later raises from the dead. This statement of Lazarus is part of a question, which he directs towards the angel Raphael. According to this, the book with the title "Wars of Jehovah" was still known at the times of Jesus.

^  jl.ev07.017,12

   12] See, so I once read an old book with the title “Wars of Jehovah”, and in it, though in a highly mysterious language, there was talk of the fall of the originally created angels!


The angel Raphael then answers the question of Lazarus and now follows the last part of this answer.

^  jl.ev07.018,17

   17] And now see, that are the seven spirits of God, which are not understood by you, and all that created out of the seven spirits of God corresponds in each and everything with these seven spirits of God and holds them in it. And the everlasting creation and the everlasting creating in the same way is that what the original wise men of this earth called “Wars of Jehovah”.«


In the beginning God created beings in his image and when a part of these beings left God, the need arose to again win these beings for God and these conflicts between God and the beings who had seceded from him are therefore described as the Wars of God. And these wars are actually the creation of the material world and then also it’s dissolving.





^  4

God issues the task of the drawing up of the Holy Scriptures in the year 920 after the creation of Adam.

Now follows a report about an event, which happened about half a millennium later. The dynasty of Ohlad then ruled the empire of Hanoch. The son and successor of Ohlad was Dronel, and after Dronel had ruled for 50 years, he had his son Kinkar made to be king.

Details about the dynasty of Ohlad and the time of the city of Hanoch and its empire are also to found in The rulers of the Hanoch Empire.

In the now following report the just mentioned original writing is also mentioned.

^  jl.hag3.192,01-18

   01] But after one year Kinkar consulted with his father Dronel and said: »Father, listen to me; a good idea now went through my head!
   02] See, God has broken faith with us, who are no fools after all - and that without any understandable reason! But we do not want to give tit for tat but we want to do exactly the opposite and that is why we therefore want to remain loyal to him as he certainly has never yet experienced such loyalty through all his eternities anywhere with or by his creatures!
   03] For this reason I have in the course of this year arranged for the collection of God’s laws and have at all events written them together in a book!
   04] Yes, I even sent messengers up to the height! These have found there exceedingly old people, - I tell you: people who are earnestly supposed to have personally known the mythical first man of earth! Yes, a quite ancient man is supposed to still live, who is supposed to be a contemporary of the same Lamech, who has built here the two temples!
   05] The messengers found with these mountain-dwellers exceedingly profound wise men and received from them a whole book full of divine wisdom, and this book is to be by a certain Enoch, who is supposed to have been exceptionally pious so that is why he was in the permanent visible presence of God as his high priest.
   06] See, I have taken possession all right of such really holy treasures, and there in the hands of the bearers you see a book, three feet long, two feet wide and one foot high, consisting of hundred strong metal leaves; the metal is a mixture of gold, silver and copper.
   07] See, all these leaves are fully written on with sharp stylus engraving writing, and not one word is from me, - but everything I ever heard from God in the bottom, as well as at the top, which just looked at least like any law, I have quite faithfully written into this book!
   08] You know that I am very familiar with the wielding of the stylus; therefore it was also possible for me to fill this book in one year with writing.
   09] This completed book therefore contains solely alone only the will of God to mankind of earth; that is why it is to remain an everlasting government book, and never is there another law to get among men than only what is written in this book!
   10] But in God’s honour we want to lay this book with great ceremony in the temple on the now empty altar, and as the pure word of God it is to take up the place of the former holy shrine!
   11] And I want to appoint priests for it, who are to study this book all the time and then are to teach the people always accordingly!
   12] And this book is to be called ‚The Holy Writing (Sanah scritt) and your salvation (Seant ha vesta)’.
   13] But whoever should take away something from this book or adds something to it high-handedly, he also is to be straightaway punished with death.
   14] But I have a second book in work, in it all acts of God and his guidance are to be written down; and that book, of which already thousand leaves from the metal worker Arbial lie ready, shall be called ‘The Holy History of God’ (Seant hiast elli)! What do you say, father, to this my undertaking?’
   15] When Dronel had heard such from Kinkar he was highly pleased and said:
   16] »Indeed, you have already done for God in one year more than I in fifty! But therefore God will also certainly bless you as he did not even bless my father Ohlad; because neither he nor I had ever paid attention to the height!
   17] Therefore all praise to God, the Lord, and to you my most beloved son and now most worthy king of such a great kingdom!
   18] May everything happen according to your will, you my most loved son and king! Amen.«


^  5

When Jesus was 12 years old, he spent 3 days in the temple, and in Luke 2:41-52 we have a report about this event. From Jakob Lorber we have a quite extensive description of what happened then and this work of Jakob Lorber has the title Die drei Tage im Tempel (The three days in the temple). Now follows a single verse from it, which gives information about books, which were then read, and among them are the books of Moses, but also a book, which seems to have gone lost today. The book Henoch is mentioned. Noah had brought it over his flood under the title “The wars of Jehovah.” Henoch (Enoch) is the seventh patriarch, counted from Adam. He was the most spiritual man in the time before Noah’s Flood; he got transfigured and was an angel afterwards. In the time of Jesus he appears as the favourite angel of Jesus and his name was then Raphael.

^  jl.3tag.016,07

   07] Tell me, you shallow joker, what does the name ‘Jerusalem’ mean?! What is in it? As Levite and budding Varisar (Pharisee) you must know it out of the books of Moses and also out of the book Enoch, which Noah brought over Noah’s Flood under the title ‘Wars of Jehovah’ (see ‘God’s household’!), and now I have the full right to demand the explanation from you because the correct understanding of this name is important! Now speak!«


When Jesus was the guest in the inn of his friend Lazarus, Lazarus was visited by three magicians from India and I now pick out a statement of these magicians, which expresses something about the book of the Indians.

^  jl.ev07.108,11

   11] And see, we sons of the great India felt already for quite a long time like this, and no-one of us knows it anymore who has given to men our book of books Ja seam skrit! But the one thing of the book always remains true namely that the one great warden always remains hidden the same to all men of our kingdom and will also remain so; for when the seekers are not able to find him how will then only those find him who do not look for him!


Now follows the first vers from the 76th chapter of the book Die natürliche Erde (The natural Earth) by Jakob Lorber. This 76th chapter has the heading The Tibetans.

^  jl.erde.076,01

   01] Quite in the middle of Asia, in the high Tibet, a nation still lives, that has the ancient patriarchal constitution. Among all old religions of the so-called Parses and Geber the religion of this people is still the one most unspoilt. They still have the actual Sanskrit, in which the Zenda vesta is dealt with; for Sanskrit is the holy writ of primeval times, and the secrets named Zenda vesta contained in this writing, in your language: “the Holy Sights”, are historic transmissions of the manifold divine wonderful guidance of the human race in primeval times. It is therefore wrong when now and then some assume Sanskrit and the Zenda vesta to be as it were two books; the whole thing is just one book, and it is divided in the book of the Wars of Jehovah, and in the Book of the Prophets. But just as the prophets through their holy sights describe the acts of God, so these apparent two books are actually only one book, which is at the above mentioned inhabitants of the high Tibet still quite unadulterated, and contains about the same what I have imparted to you in what is called by you the main work (The Household of God Volume 1) from primeval times; only that there everything is still covered in the original language in nothing but mysterious pictures, which are difficult or not at all to solve for the new time*.
(*Already in the previous century Swedenborg shortly reported that this ancient book, which is also mentioned in the Bible, is still extant, and his knowledge about this, which he received from spirits, was about 40 years after that confirmed through a missionary from Tibet.-
But a future solving of the ancient Sanskrit language and pictures through learned, most difficult hieroglyphic will here now probably not be necessary, as the Lord himself in his most gracious love and wisdom has deigned since the year 1840 among others to announce also the original creation and the ancient history of mankind until after the flood, as it were anew, and that in admirable clearness and to most corresponding spiritual understanding in the German language!- Johannes Busch.)


Now follows something from Jakob Lorber‘s book "Bischof Martin, Entwicklung einer Seele im Jenseits" (Bishop Martin, Development of a soul in the hereafter). At a meeting of Bishop Martin and God and a group of Chinese, who had just freshly arrived in the hereafter, Bishop Martin asked the Chinese into his house. When the Chinese are in the big, majestic hall, they loudly cry out of astonishment and horror and say:

^  jl.bmar.091,07

   07] »O Lama, Lama, Dalai-Lama! That is really the dwelling of the eternal Brahma! O we poor, o we poor! We have been betrayed and are lost forever! Because it is written in the Zoroasteron (Chinese Sanskrit): „Whoever will enter unclean the holiest dwelling of the eternal Brahma, him will seize the evil Ahriman and torture him most horribly forever!” O woe is us, woe is us!«





^  6

Jakob Lorber´s work „Das große Evangelium Johannes“ (The great Gospel of John) gives us information about Jesus, which goes far above the information we know from the Bible. Passages from Lorber’s work, jl.ev., follow now.

In the first quote the book “Wars of Jehovah” is again mentioned. But this quote also contains a quite clear sequence of creation: First the pure spirits were created, und afterwards came the fall of a part of these spirits, and only then was created what we today can perceive with our senses, with our outer senses.

^  jl.ev02.215,04

   04] It is the same case also with the Indian books, in which is first talked about the creation of pure spirits, then about the fall of a part of them under the title ‘Jehovah’s Wars’ and finally only about the creation of the world of senses and of the animals and in the end about that of men.



Original language


^  7

In the folowing quote Jesus tells us that Sanskrit was the original language of first men.

^  jl.ev04.129,06-07

   06] Says Mathael: »Oh Lord, you most wise, how should I now not understand it very well? You have made this appearance with hands tangible to me! But now I would like – Lord, forgive me my thirst for knowledge – also still in addition know then what kind of tongue the five souls had talked with each other! I myself am still also capable of several tongues; but regardless of this I understood not one syllable what those talked with each other. Does in this world still exist any similar tongue?«
   07] Said I: »O yes, the Burmese priests are in possession of this tongue (i.e. Sanskrit), and this has been the original language of first men of this earth; yours, the old Egyptian, and now and then also the one of the Greeks, derive nearly completely from this one and first language of men. Do you perhaps think that you would understand father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when they would be here and would so speak as they spoke one day? O certainly not, you would not understand one word of them! You already have difficulties to understand the books of Moses, which are close to thousand years younger than Abraham, how much less the patriarchs themselves! Indeed, quite a lot has changed with the Jews, therefore also the language, without a second Babylonian speech confusion. Do you now also understand this?«





^  8

Now follows a quote, which covers two chapters, and gives information about the sphinx and the pyramid.

The sphinx is a mystical monster of the ancient Middle East, in Egypt portrayed as a lion with a human head and used as a symbol of the pharaoh. In Greek mythology the sphinx propounded a riddle to travellers on the road to Thebes.

The angel, who announces this explanation, is Raphael. On Earth he was the seventh patriarch, Henoch (Enoch).

^  jl.ev04.205,07

   07] Here the old landlord Markus asked, interrupting the angel in his explanation: »Highest lovely friend, because you already once stand in the process of the uncovering of your pearls, wouldn’t you then also explain to us what it is all about with that highly strange sphinx, which, as half woman and half animal, posed the famous riddle of life and death for men: what kind of animal it namely is, which goes along in the morning on all four, at noon on two and in the evening on three feet? Who was not able to solve the riddle was killed by the riddle sphinx; but who would solve it, by him the sphinx would let itself be killed! – In actual fact is some truth in this or not?«

^  jl.ev04.206,01-15

   01] Says Rahpael: »See there, this sixth pearl will answer your question for you! Here you have it uncovered; what do you see at first glance?«
   02] Says Markus: »There I see again the colossal image of Shivinz and several pyramids; before the greatest stand two pointed columns, called obelisks, and at the side of the greatest pyramid, in reality may be in a few hundred steps distance, what one can hardly determine from the picture, is also again a quite colossal statue visible. This has a woman’s head, female hands and a female, strong breast. Where the breast ceases, at that place of the stomach, a quite undeterminable animal body starts. Behind this strange statue is wide spread a circular wall, through which a great pasture meadow is enclosed. That seems to make up a whole and belonging together. – What does that all mean?«
   03] Says Raphael: »The colossal breast picture is exactly the Shivinz, which the people, to honour the great benefactor, have had carried out on their own initiative from the best chisellers and also bricklayers at their own expense. The great pyramid with the two obelisks was a >man, recognize yourself!< schoolhouse. It had in its interior great chambers and for a long way passages in all directions, in which all kinds of strange establishments were found for self-knowledge and from it for the knowledge of the highest spirit of God. Now and then the establishments looked really cruel; but only extremely seldom did they not achieve their purpose. The other pyramids are mostly only signs of those underground places where a lot of sarcophaguses were, which have been over-bricked as such has already formerly been shown.
   04] But in this time there are still a lot of pyramids and all kinds of temples in the wide and extremely long Nile valley, which originate much later under the pharaohs at the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; there is no talk here about them, but alone only of those which were built under Shivinz.
   05] Piramidai was the actual original name and means as much as: >Give me wisdom!<, and the two pointed columns meant with the name oubeloiska: >The pure seeks the sublime, beautiful, pure<. >Belo< really meant >white<; but because the complete white colour was regarded as a sign of the pure, sublime and beautiful with the old Egyptians, so one also described the sublime, pure and beautiful with it.
   06] The good effect of such schools soon became known far and wide, and soon foreigners came to visit, such schools, and there were so many of them that they could not be accommodated and provided for. Then our Shivinz devised a somewhat ominous means in his reign to prevent the foreigners so that they did not come too often to visit the schools built by him. But what exactly were these means?
   07] Here on this pearl you see the half human and half animal statue. It was hollow, and inside a man could get into its head on a spiral staircase and could talk quite loud and audibly out of the mouth of the statue, which was hollowed out downwards funnel-shaped, and due to the strong voice it also gave the impression as if earnestly the colossal statue had talked.
   08] When now the foreigners came there and demanded to be admitted to the school, then their attention would be drawn by a servant of this statue to the fact that they had to stand on a determined place before the lofty statue, which is dead on the outside, but alive in the inside, in fact one after the other. Then everyone who wanted to become a disciple of the pyramids received a mysterious question on life and death from the lofty Shivinz. When the questioned had solved the riddle, he would be admitted, and with the admittance the counter right was granted to him, to also ask the statue a counter question and in the case the statue would not be capable of giving a satisfying reply, to destroy and so to speak murder the same.
   09] But the question was announced to the clients to think about three days before; but on the third day, where they had to receive the same question out of the mouth of the statue on life and death, nobody of course took a chance, but withdrew quite modestly, paid the demanded preliminary question tax and travelled to his often far away home.
   10] Falling into a later time, myth says that a Greek succeeded to solve the old riddle; this alone is with hundred thousand others certainly a fable and misses all truth! For the famous riddle was solved by Moses, but he did not destroy the statue because of it, while also this statue, even if somewhat gnawed away through the ravages of time, is still seen today.
   11] Of course the inner establishment can now no longer be found because it is completely silted up and got choked with mud; because the Nile overflows usually every hundred, sometimes also after two hundred years quite unusually strong, so that it passes over its waves over thirty cubits high over the usual water level in the narrower valley areas. With that, much is devastated and made unusable because a lot of detritus and sand and mud are deposited over the former most beautiful agricultural areas.
   12] After the time of Shivinz there have been two Nile floods whose waves passed over high above the tops of the pyramids. One such flood also happened, calculated from now, 870 years ago, through which the temple of Ja bu sim bil was nearly up to half silted up and got choked with mud, and one has not been able to completely clean it, and many other monuments, of the sand and the mud since that time. And so it also stands with our mysterious statue; it is inwardly full of hardened mud and sand, which hardly anybody would clear out! So, my dear Markus, it is in reality with the mysterious sphinx!- Are you now aware of it?«
   13] Says Markus: »Has then over about the course of thousand years no courageous dared to let the sphinx tell him the known riddle on account of his life? And when he would have done it what would have happened to him when he quite logically would not have solved the riddle?«
   14] Says Raphael: »At the place where the interviewed were to stand there was a trapdoor fixed, by means of which he was to have been quickly sunk into a well and once he was down several servants would have seized him, had brought him to the school through underground passages because of his courage, even so he had solved the riddle incorrectly, from which he would not have come away sooner than he had become a complete man. But it never came to pass; and at those times when the riddle was solved, this very old installation was already so silted up and bogged down that it was completely useless, and the first shepherd kings and their people have until then already long been defeated by a Phoenician people so to speak, and the Varaones themselves were already Phoenicians at Abraham’s times.
   15] Now you also know about this a short information, and we now go over to the uncovering of the seventh and last pearl!«





^  9

So with the pyramid it was about spiritual things. With the entire history of the so-called pre-history, it was about spiritual things. And all the spiritual origins come directly from God. And they were also all over the world the same.

In the following an Indian priest is quoted. He mentions a writing which comes from the patriarchs Kienan, Jared and Henoch. Henoch we mentioned already. He was the seventh patriarch. Jared was his father, therefore the sixth patriarch, and Cainan was Henoch‘s great-grandfather, therefore the fourth patriarch.

The fourth patriarch Cainan was a man with particular knowledge and that came because God equipped him with a particular gift. He was an astronaut. He could gather out of body experiences over a time period of several hundred years. He could travel entire universes. The assumption that astronauts existed in pre-history is therefore correct. But they were not astronauts as we know them today, but proper astronauts. They did not try to travel space with material means and perhaps pick up some stones on the Moon and bring them back, but they travelled the only real way to other celestial bodies. They left their body here, and travelled without it, and that made it possible for them to travel at a speed much faster than the speed of light and it made it also possible for them to do it in another state of consciousness, with which they could perceive the beings there and also connect with them. The knowledge about far away stars and constellations, their names and properties comes from that time.

Now follow three verses in which we hear how God equipped Cainan.

^  jl.hag2.130,04-06

   04] Only now you have become a lord of your body and can now in this your earthly house go out and enter according to your pleasure.

   05] When you still want to stay in it out of love towards me and towards the ones who are yours, I say to you, you are free to do such.

   06] But when you rather want to step out of the body, either for ever or in the meantime only at times, - see, also such is completely up to you!


Cainan had become a lord of his body. We all should strive for that. It is actually the only aim we should go for. Spiritual writings describe this process as redemption. It is redemption out of the fallen state. It is the gaining again of the state we had before the fall. It is our natural state. It is freedom from matter. It is to be free from time and space. In our real state we are again like God and so as we were originally created, in the image of God. We then not only reach the state in which we were originally created, but actually still more, because then we can also assume again the state of a material man, therefore return to Earth and there deal with a task, like Henoch did as the angel Raphael.

Now therefore the Indian priest.

^  jl.ev05.028,05

   05] There is indeed a writing with us which is supposed to come from the patriarchs of this earth. The makers of it are supposed, according to the command of the highest God, whose right name is known by the high priest only, to be a certain Kienan, Jared and Henoch. There also exist extended reports from Nohai and Mihihal in the great world book of books; but we do not know their content and can also never glance into it because the most excruciating death penalty is set upon it.

Not one of us lower priests has ever seen the Lama!





^  10

Now an extract from Jakob Lorber‘s work which stretches over three chapters.

It is a conversation of Jesus with Roklus. Roklus is a very rich Greek who is interested in spiritual things. His most important function is however that he is the head of the Essenes. This meeting of Roklus with Jesus causes a reformation of the Essenes and they give up their deceitful intrigues.

Here we find details what happened in the inside of the pyramid, how the letter A is connected to the pyramid and what the expression „sheoula“ means.

But also here the decisive matter is the development back of man to the image of God and exactly that was taught within the pyramid.

The complete man sees through matter however solid and non-transparent it is. He easily sees through the entire Earth. And he even sees the stars and the stars are not so far that he cannot see through them in detail.

And in order to reach this ability, the instruction must be observed. And that is to love God and the neighbour like oneself.

^  jl.ev05.071,01-17

   01] (The Lord:) »But if so, of what use is it then for the soul when it wins for the flesh-man all material treasures of the Earth and so sinks itself into the flesh and its common animal greed, but suffers harm in its spiritual sphere and loses the reality of true life?! From where will it then take something on the other side, that it then now becomes a true something, as a nothing, which it has become itself with the nothing of matter?!
   02] Indeed, friend, who there has, for him every gift is a profit that he then always still has more! But the situation is completely different with that, which is actually nothing and has nothing! How shall one then be able to give something to that, which has first let itself be imprisoned and ruined by the lie?!
   03] Or can you put a liquid into a container, which is there merely in your idea and otherwise nowhere, or – even when there is a container – but has so many holes towards all sides that one can hardly count them? Will it perhaps also just keep one drop?
   04] Oh, would matter for itself therefore be, as it is, a lasting and unchangeable reality – but what is impossible -, so it would as that, what it is, be a truth, and who would win and possess it would then be in the possession of a truth; and when the soul would turn into matter, then it would become a true and lasting reality!
   05] But because matter is just a judgement of the spiritual, which can and is not allowed to last, but just lasts as long as the spiritual original element accumulates and recognises itself in it, and then dissolves matter around itself with some corresponding production of power and turns itself into corresponding spiritual, so a soul, which has become worldly and materially, must indeed in the end share the fate of matter.
   06] When matter is dissolved then it also happens to the soul. It gets, at least to the greatest part, dissolved into the substantial, psycho-etheric original power atoms, and for the actual soul nothing remains with it after the falling away of the flesh than about one or the other light and often nearly complete lifeless animal skeleton-like basic type, which has not the faintest similarity with the being of a man,
   07] Such a soul is then in a state, which the original patriarchs, talented with spiritual ability of sight, called, and also described very truly and correct, she oul a (hell = thirst for life).
   08] But therefore also the entire Earth and shortly everything, what you, with your material senses, are able to perceive, is a true sheoula. This is for the soul, which is or rather is supposed to become a spirit, death; because whoever has ceased to be as what he was, he is also as that what he was, completely dead.
   09] A soul is then after the falling away of the body also dead, when it has almost totally lost its humanity for reasons just given, and when at most an animal skeleton remained of it. For you immemorial time spans will have to pass again until such a soul, which has sank itself into all matter, becomes a human-like being, and how long will it take until only a complete man comes into being out of such a soul!
   10] You now of course think that with God all such things must also be possible in one moment. But I tell you upon this, that of course certainly with God all things are possible. When God wants dolls and robots then a moment is sufficient to fully fill up the entire visible space with it.
   11] But all these beings will have no own and free will and no own automatic life, standing there for itself. They will only stir and move after God’s will flows through them. Their sight will be the sight of God and their thoughts will be the thoughts of God. Such creatures will be like the individual limbs of your body, which cannot move and be active at all on their own without your recognizing and wanting.
   12] But isn’t it completely different with your children, who were produced out of your flesh and blood? These no longer wait for your will; they have a complete life, recognizing and wanting of their own. They will certainly follow you and will accept your teaching and commandments, but nevertheless not according to your, but always only according to their most own will, without which you could not be able to instruct them so little in something like that, than some carved picture or a stone!
   13] And see, creatures with free recognizing and wanting, which have to determine and perfect themselves, to then also remain as a result free and self-determining beings for ever, must also be created out of God so, that to reach such becomes possible for them!
   14] From God as it were only the seed, provided with all conceivable abilities of life, as enclosed in a cover, is allowed to be created; further freer life development and build-up of it must be left to the seed itself. It must start to draw the life out of God itself, which also flows around it on the outside, and form out of it an own life, which stands on its own.
   15] And see, something like this does go that quickly as you think, because embryo life in itself cannot be so powerful and active like the most completed life in God from eternity!
   16] And because every soul, no matter how corrupt, always has the same purpose, so it cannot possibly be helped to its life salvation in another way also on the other side, as it can help itself with few means, which are available to it, and also must help itself according to the eternal order of God.
   17] I have now hopefully clearly and unambiguously explained to you sufficiently what is so quite actually Satan and what is hell and what is actual eternal death, and you will now probably have hardly a question left about something what would not be clear to you enough. But should there still be something unclear to you then ask; because see, the sun goes down to the sunset, and we will then consume an evening meal!«

^  jl.ev05.072,01-14

   01] Says Roklus: »Lord and master, I have now seen that your wisdom and most pure insight into all things is of a depth never to be fathomed, and I have to confess here openly that you could impossibly know and comprehend this as a pure man when you would not have taken the greatest part in all creation according to the spirit, and now quite a lot has become clear and bright to me what I could not even ever think about earlier. But since you already were so merciful to explain to me such extraordinary things, I therefore request from you to discuss a little bit in detail the expression >Sheoula< and let us say, eternal death; because about this I am not yet completely clear. That means, I understand the matter perhaps just about; but that I could claim that I were already completely at home there I would lie to myself! Therefore explain these two mentioned things a little bit to me in more detail!«
   02] Say I: »Now then listen! She‘, also shei or shea means: >it thirsts<; oul also voul: >man lost in himself<, one could say: >animal man< (ox); a: >according to the consistency of that what makes up the inner wisdom and insight<.
   03] But that under the letter A such is to be understood shows the form of the old Egyptian pyramids, which are a reproduction in a great scale of the brain pyramids, and it was their purpose to serve men as wisdom schoolhouses, from which still today their name and their inner establishment testifies. Because Pira with dai obviously really means: >Give me wisdom!< And the inner furnishing was also such that man, completely isolated in it from the outer world, had to start to look into his inside and to find his most inner light of life. That is why it was always pitch-black and dark in the wide inner passages of such a pyramid, and it did not become sooner light than until man started to light up everything with his inner light of life.
   04] This of course sounds somewhat strange to you. Alone all this is still so! Because when the inner soul-seeing of such a man is opened then there is no night and no darkness for him on earth any longer. All the very sensitive men and those gone into raptures furnish so to speak an obvious proof. These see with completely closed eyes by far very much more than otherwise thousand men with the very best, most healthy and sharpest eyes; because these see through ever so firm and most non-transparent matter, they easily see through the whole earth, and even the stars are not so far that they, the quite enraptured (magnetized) men would not be able to see through them in detail.
   05] But how men can get into the blessed state of ecstasy – and that in the end when and as often as they like – that was just taught within the pyramids and mainly very actively practised.
   06] Because the pyramids served for this then, they also gave them the very proper and everything describing name She`oul a. Therefrom the old Hebrew took his shortened Sheol', the Greek his Schole, the Roman his Schola, and the Persian und Indian his Schehol ((My remark: Surely also the German his >Schule<. Jakob Lorber)).
   07] But because the old wise men quite well knew then in their enraptured visions to which very regrettable state the very materialistic souls, which love the world and themselves beyond measure, get in the hereafter after the falling away of the body, they therefore just called such a regrettable state also She oul a, hell!
   08] That such a state was called with the expression >death< opposed to the state of life of a true wise man in the order of God, is but surely quite in accordance with truth. And because it is an eternally always and necessary similar and lasting quality of all that what is called >world< und >matter<, therefore it will also be clear, why one has called such >eternal death<!
   09] As long as then a soul remains here or on the other side in such a state, it is also obviously in the state of eternal death, from which to wriggle free is certainly a most difficult task in life! Many souls should probably have a world age to do until they again come to something out of themselves! – Now tell me whether you now see clearly!«
   10] Says Roklus: »Yes, Lord and master above all, now also this is truly completely clear to me; but now still a small question, and it consists of this, namely how can a man put himself into the ecstatic, all seeing state! When I would still know that, when just the ways to it, then I would muster everything possible to also place myself into such certainly most blessed state from time to time! Lord and master above all things, be so kind and give me also in this some good tips!«
   11] Say I: »The schools of Egypt have ceased and no longer exist already since quite a long time in this way; because at the time of Moses there started to be something wrong with them. Already then they started to just give an external instruction, and a Plato and a Socrates were already practically the last ones who had a faint idea of the inner school of life.
   12] But I now have come into the flesh of this world for that reason, to give to you men a still better life-direction according to which everyone can place himself into the highest wisdom of life. And this direction runs very shortly: >Love God above all out of all your strength and your neighbour as yourself!< Who practises and fully does this, he is equal to me and is also just through this guided into all wisdom and its power and might!
   13] Because he who is full of love towards God, in him God is also present with his endless and unlimited love and with its highest light. Then the soul and its spirit feast in all light of wisdom out of God, and it must then also after all see and recognize all that what the light of God sees and recognizes. And because all the most eternal omnipotence and might of God is in his unlimited and endless love, then the soul in such divine love just needs to want with the will of that love of the spirit of God, that rules in it, and it must happen what the soul wants! – This is so clear and true than only anything can be clear and true in this world.
   14] But to only know such and to believe ever so vividly does not suffice by a long way, but one must do that fully in all difficult circumstances of life and must practise it at all times; because only an uninterrupted diligent practice really makes a master out of the disciple!«

^  jl.ev05.073,01-04

   01] Says Roklus: »Lord and master, but how can I get to love God, the invisible, eternal spirit, above all out of all powers of life? Because it appears to me as if the heart of a man would be too small and too incapable to love the infinite and eternal spirit of God, of whom one can impossibly form an idea, above all to a high degree.
   02] It is easy with neighbourly love; but to love God, so towards the most endless, there is surely an inappropriate reason for that for us very small men! How therefore is that to be done that one can love God above all?«
   03] Say I: »There is hardly something more easy in the entire world! One has to look at the works of God, his goodness and wisdom and to conscientiously keep his commandments, love his poor neighbour like oneself, and one lifts through this also already God above all!
   04] But when you cannot form a tangible idea of God for yourself, then now look at me, and you then also have that for ever valid and lasting form in front of you, under which alone you can imagine your God and creator! Because God is also a man, but the eternally most perfect one in and out of himself! When you see me, then you also see everything! – Do you now also have understood me well in this?«



Sen scrit


^  11

Now follows a further mentioning of the word Sanskrit.

^  jl.ev06.106,07

   07] The scribe among them, who was also a Cabbalist (follower of the Jewish secret teaching) and who very well held the book of the ‘Wars of Jehovah’, which subsequently got lost – but which during the time now the old Indians still yet possess under the name of Sen scrit (‘I am hidden’) -, said: One yet still has to respect the five women; for they have far more learned then often the most learned Jews, and seen from our natural state of life one can definitely not rebuke their quite peculiar sound opinions.





^  12

The reason why the questions coming from Roklus, the head of the Essenes, and the answers, which Jesus gives, are so informative is because Roklus was just a man who was interested in spiritual things and therefore knew to ask the right questions. It was much the same with Agricola. Agricola was minister of religious affairs in Rome and heard about Jesus in Rome and as a result made his way to Jerusalem to get to know this man Jesus for himself. Agricola was the father or ancestor of the Roman general Agricola who later became proconsul of Britain and was the father-in-law of the historian Tacitus. Agricola was particularly interested in spiritual appearances and was familiar with all religions of the Roman Empire, and therefore also with the religion of the Jews. And Agricola also had best knowledge about the priests in Jerusalem and accused them of being atheists in reality, worse than the Kyniker and Epikureer.

Here Agricola.

^ jl.ev06.210,06

   06] See, we certainly are Romans, but we know in Rome about every condition in our Asiatic countries! And so we also know very exactly that you are certainly priests before the people according to appearance, but according to truth you are atheists, worse than our Kyniker and Epikureer. You believe in no God at all and are therefore also always prepared in secret to commit the greatest and most horrible crimes against every civil and even more so against every divine law. If you would not be afraid of our worldly laws, which are always handled unsparingly strictly, then already for a long time no life would be safe before you.

What Agricola has to say here, applies also to the priests of the temple in Jerusalem at that time, but as a prophecy it also applies to the priests of the then following orthodoxy of so-called Christianity.

Agricola brings here a definition of the atheists: They do not believe in God at all and are therefore always prepared to secretly commit the greatest and most horrible crimes against every civil and even more so against every divine law.

It is exactly this what the atheists will do especially at the culmination of the times of the end.



Abu Simbel


^  13

Agricola reports about his visit of the temple of Abu Simbel in Upper Egypt.

^ jl.ev06.214,12

   12] He said to me: ‘See, friend, the gigantic figures to the right portray the seven spirits of God, through which man of this Earth arrives at all kinds of knowledge and as a result imagines much and gigantic big things! The figures to the left portray the wild and boisterous passions, why you can also see all kinds of signs of death und judgement at their feet. And there see the second hall! It is by some lower than the first, and one arrives in it through a so fairly restricted gate. That shows man’s humility, without which it is impossible to reach true knowledge of God. That is why you see here already quite modest human figures in deeply bowed position. And now here in the third and last hall you see nothing than spiritual, portrayed through well corresponding signs. And there, high up, you see in a circle the signs: Ja-bu-sim-bil, - that is: God’s word in the heart of every man, who loves and seeks God. And the signs read: I was – am – and will be. I am the alone one and besides me there is no God!’





^  14

Now comes a statement from the Roman Agricola, who describes an important aspect of the Pharisees and that is how they at that time and also still today always try to prevent all men being busy with spiritual things, which would take them further spiritually.

^ jl.ev06.215,03-04

   03] Says the Roman: »I certainly would have thought you to be something more experienced than you are seriously and in truth! And with such of your unbelief and with such ignorance you dare to check and test this most wise of the wise?! No, that is then certainly a bit too much! But I have heard that already in Rome how you most eagerly warn the people with your Sabbath speeches about everything what concerns heathenism and most terribly threaten every Jew with eternal damnation, who would ever dare to have a look at such a temple and let himself be instructed about such facility, to become wise through it, that he then may easily recognize the light and shadow sides of other nations.
   04] But I ask you now the ninth time and say: But how can you do that when you have not the foggiest idea what actually heathenism is? Your Scriptures you do not understand; you do not believe in your God, and you still want to be judges over men who are interested to give their spirit an upswing through experiences made abroad! Tell me how and why you do such!«

When one compares the books Samuel with the books Chronicles in the Bible then the priests are not mentioned in the reports in the books Samuel about David how he fetches the ark to Jerusalem, but in the books Chronicles. The Bible also says in 1 Chronicles 29:29 that the books Samuel were written by seers and prophets and these seers and prophets do not mention the priests in their reports in the books Samuel, how David brings the ark to Jerusalem, only the priests themselves, who wrote the then following books of the Chronicles, mention themselves as those who took part.

This is information, which indicates the increase of influence of the priests and that this influence was something negative and Agricola speaks of something similar when he says that the priests were already more enemies than friends of God and the people since the time of Samuel:





^  15

But what is even more interesting, is that the priest always suppressed books, which contain the word of God – that Moses actually wrote 7 books and that the priest removed 2 of them and only left 5.


   05] Here the Pharisee thought what kind of question he should first ask the Roman, which for example the Roman would not answer too easily. Then it occurred to him that the Roman would probably not know how many books Moses had written. Because generally among the people it was only known that Moses had not written more than five books. But because Moses actually had written seven books and a pure prophetic appendix as well – what the Pharisee certainly knew, but still assumed with great certainty that such will no-one know except the most initiated of the temple -, therefore he asked the Roman whether he perhaps knows how many books Moses has written.
   06] Because of that the Roman smiled – which is a seldom appearance with the serious Romans – and said to the Pharisee: »Truly, you could not have given me a more desired question than exactly this one; because out of the quite certain reply it will become very clear how already since a long time you have thought nothing of God and Moses! According to my good knowledge you were already since the times of Samuel more enemies than friends of God and the nation, and have therefore also without all fear before God and before the nation withheld, from Samuel’s time until this hour, from the people the two almost most important books and the prophetic appendix, in which your most unscrupulous acting and your end is described in minute detail. But at the time when you had been conquered by us Romans all your books, from Alpha up to Omega, had to be handed over to us Romans for clear view and for copy, and so we Romans also found out all your secrets and know quite well that Moses has written seven books und still a prophetic appendix.
   07] In the sixth book he gave exact knowledge about the natural coming into being of Earth and described its states from its very beginning until his time and from there on prophetically further until its complete dissolving. In exactly this sixth book the great man also described the starry heaven, this sun, the moon of this Earth and their movements, as also the movements of all the planets, what they are, how they look like, and how they are made. He also described the comets, the Sun and Moon eclipses and showed how men good at figures can calculate them in advance. And finally he also still showed what fixed stars are, indicated their sizes and enormous distances and said at the end of this important book that all this is to be properly taught to the people so that the people of God walk in all truth on Earth and in the celestial bodies and do not deteriorate into all kinds of delusion of the heathen.
   08] But you priests soon thought differently. You knew that the blind people always have a special fear before the unusual appearances in the sky. There you thought: »What do the common people need such knowledge for? It is enough that we alone have it! We will calculate the eclipses for us; will threaten the people who know nothing about it and force them to bigger sacrifices, and they will make sacrifices and believe that we have driven away the eclipse of the Moon or the Sun!« With still some more of such reservations for you, you have quite unscrupulously taken away the sixth book of Moses from the people and kept it for your earthly advantage.
   09] The seventh book contained the true creation of man, his spiritual development through the permanent influence of the spirit of God. It explains to every man’s understanding the first book of Moses and gave announcement about the books of the patriarchs Cainan, Enoch and Lamech and explained them. At the end it declared the wars of Jehovah or the faithful history of the nations of the depth of the earth, and to the very end there was again a strong and very alarming admonition towards the teachers of the nation that they are to properly teach all this to all the people, and that nobody is allowed to first marry or to receive an office before he has made the whole content of this book completely his own.
   10] But to such admonitions you turned a deaf ear and said: ‘It is better for the people to remain in ignorance of all that; because when one would initiate the people into all of this too deeply then they soon would no longer need priests at all and these would then be forced to also earn the daily bread with their hands.’ But this prerequisite was certainly very stupid because Moses had especially commanded that the tribe Levi should live from tithe.
   11] As almost an own book an appendix now still comes to the seventh book. It is completely prophetic, but shows of course quite clearly that the priests and the judges and the kings will do everything against God and how he will then always beat them for that reason.
   12] The great Messiah is also described in it, how he will come into this world, how he will live, what he will do and teach and how he will be hated and persecuted by the priests. Then comes the Jews’ destruction, the Messiah’s church, its long persecutions through the counter-Messiah, then comes the end of him and after that the glory of the pure church of God on Earth. At the full end of this appendix stands again a strong and most powerful warning that this appendix should be kept open to the people all the time. – Did you ever do that?
   13] Indeed, already at the times of the prophets you have made no mentioning to the people of all this, that is why the prophet Isaiah, taking up Moses’ prophecy, in the tenth chapter has precisely shown that again, about which explanation I attacked you in my first question. And so have all, especially the four great prophets, had to give that back to the people what Moses said in his appendix, which you really withheld all the time from the people out of reasons just too well-known to you, and during the last time you were too lethargic to inform yourselves about it, and must now put up with it that the Essenes have even taken away the earthly advantage from you; because they know at least what’s what with the visible heaven, calculate its phenomena and make such to be to their earthly advantage. See, also that is a just punishment from above! And I am of the just too convinced opinion that I have answered your first question completely according to the fullest truth and strict science.«



Original Hebrew


^  16

We now come to the origins of the Hebrew language. A statement of Jesus follows.

^  jl.ev07.003,07

   07] Said I: »That is for the time being none of your business at all; no tongue of the whole world is foreign to me! But the majority of these people speak India’s tongue, which amounts there to the original Hebrew.«


The now following statements repeat this relationship of Indian languages with the Hebrew language. The slave-traders of which there is talk in the now following statement have slaves from the area around Pontus, and it comes to a meeting with Jesus. Pontus was a kingdom in North East Asia Minor by the Black Sea. It was annexed by the Roman Empire in 9 before Christ after it had challenged Roman power.

^  jl.ev07.012,17

   17] Our slave-traders were then also perfectly content with this quite good instruction and ate and drank on after that and talked to the Pharisees as good as their tongues allowed it. But in time they understood each other better and better because the one Pharisee was quite well versed in the original Hebrew language, in which the northern descendants of India lent space and form to their thoughts in a still little versed way.





^  17

Above we had quoted jl.ev05.072,11:

Say I: »The schools of Egypt have ceased and no longer exist already since quite a long time in this way; because at the time of Moses there started to be something wrong with them. Already then they started to just give an external instruction, and a Plato and a Socrates were already practically the last ones who had a faint idea of the inner school of life.

The Greek philosopher Plato lived from about 427 before Christ to 347 before Christ. He was a student of Socrates (about 469 to 399 before Christ). Plato’s student was Aristotle (384 to 322 before Christ).

Plato therefore lived 4 centuries before Christ and 4 centuries before Christ therefore lived the last people who still had a faint idea of the inner school of life. And Socrates and Plato belonged to them.

And Aristotle was then therefore already a man, who had no longer a faint idea of the inner school of life.

Therefore Plato lived in a time where a decisive change in the spiritual state of men took place. A further step in the decline of mankind took place. And Jesus therefore came to Earth at a time where men had lost the knowledge of the inner school of life.

God had visited his children in the year 920 after the creation of Adam and had triggered a spiritual renewal and 3000 years later Jesus came to Earth and again also brought about a spiritual awakening. But during these 3 millennia mankind was in continues deterioration of its spiritual state.

I want to portray two images, which make these changes clear.

When Jesus walked on Earth, a big part of his work was to heal the sick. The Bible contains numerous reports, which show us this healing of sick people and in Jakob Lorber’s works, especially in his Great Gospel of John, there are further reports about such events. But when one now reads the descriptions of the visitation of God, which took place 3 millennia before, as they can be looked up in Jakob Lorber’s work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), then one hardly finds any reports about the healing of people. Especially in the surroundings of Adam men were of such high level that this spiritual state also had an effect upon the body, and they were therefore spiritually as well as bodily healthy people and there were no sick people and there was no need for healing of sick people.

In 3 millennia the situation had therefore strongly deteriorated. And after further 2 millennia, therefore at our time, everything is much worse and mankind as a whole seems to be in a bad state spiritually and mentally and bodily.

This was the first image and now the second.

When Jesus came to this Earth he most of all visited the children of Israel, therefore those men of this Earth, who described themselves as children of God and who described the rest of mankind as heathen, and therefore as men far from God. And the reception, which the children showed their God, was very restricted. It was not just little, but the majority behaved antagonistically and finally Jesus was persecuted by the majority and killed.

And when we now have a look at the visitation of God 3 millennia before, then we have a completely different picture. It was not just the majority, which turned towards God, but this happened with basically no exception. In the surroundings of Adam on the height this turning towards God included all people and in the depth, in the Empire Hanoch, there was no difference, also there all men came back to God.

And those people, who had removed themselves from the Hanoch Empire, were and remained on the side of God for a long time. There was the second family of Cain, which at that time lived on islands, and they remained people, partly until up to our time, who still had an idea of this inner school of life. There was the nation of the Japanese, which over a period of 1900 years lived happily, and for the Chines things