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This is the 38. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


38. Waves


by Frank L. Preuss


Table 1: Examples of mechanical waves
Table 2: Examples of electromagnetic waves
Table 3: Wavelengths
Table 4: Equations
Table 5: Sizes
Table 6: The visible spectrum
Table 7: Energy comparisons
B.D. NR. 6620
B.D. NR. 8648
Basic universe
B.D. NR. 1823
Units of consciousness
B.D. NR. 1015
B.D. NR. 4318
Psalm 53:1
The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions
The separation between past, present and future is only an illusion
All celestial bodies are inhabited and their laws of nature are all different
B.D. NR. 254
Psalm 14:1
B.D. NR. 3252
Fig. 1.Photon
Fig. 2. Atom
Electrons and electricity
Intrinsic speed of light


We see waves when we throw a stone in a pond and watch the ripples on the surface of the water. On the ocean we see waves. When we disturb a hanging or a tightened rope we produce waves. We might feel the waves of an earthquake. But all the light around us, the natural light at daytime and the artificial light at night also consists of waves. They are electromagnetic waves. But light is something of an exception. Most of the electromagnetic waves we do not see, we need special equipment to make such waves felt by our five senses.

The velocity of propagation of electromagnetic waves tallies with the speed of light. Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to man.

One characteristic of electromagnetic waves is that they require no carrier medium. Sound for example requires a carrier medium, like air or water or solid bodies.

The wave particle dualism describes light as a quantum object, partly wave and partly particle. Light is therefore something that exists in the material world as well as in the spiritual world, is something that borders these two worlds.

In a narrow sense "light" is just the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. As all electromagnetic waves visible light spreads with the speed of light of 300 000 000 m/s. In media the speed of light falls with regard to vacuum speed of light.

The velocity of light in air varies slightly with wavelength, averaging about 3 per cent less than in vacuum; the speed in water is about 25 per cent less, and in glass, 33 per cent less.

Statements like "light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to humans," or even shorter "visible light," are actually not right, but more about this follows. So we will first just state what science has to say.

White light is a mixture of radiations from all parts of the visible spectrum. Bodies which do not themselves emit light are seen by the light they reflect or transmit. In passing through a body or on reflection from its surface, particular wavelengths may be absorbed from white light, the body consequently displaying the colours which remain. Objects which reflect no visible light at all appear black.

Light is electromagnetic radiation. Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to humans. The ranges of infra-red and ultraviolet radiation, which border visible light, are also often called light. Man can only see visible light, what would he see if he could see beyond this range?

Bees for example can see short wave ultraviolet light, which is invisible for man.

So we have mechanical waves and we have electromagnetic waves. Let us have a look at some properties of some mechanical waves:


Table 1: Examples of mechanical waves
Wavelength λFrequency fVelocity or speedDesignationAbbr.Explanation
    5-8km/sEarthquakeEarthquake: primary or pressure waveP-wavelongitudinal wave
    3-5km/sEarthquakeEarthquake: secondary or shear waveS-wavetransverse wave
  1Hz  EarthquakeTremor of earthquake  
  1-1.5Hz   Pulse frequency the human heart in resting persons
  50-90min-1   Pulse frequency the human heart in resting persons
78cm440Hz  SoundStandard pitchmusic, acoustics
  < 16Hz  SoundSound: infra sound not audible for humans because frequency is too low
17 to 21,000mm16-20,000Hz  SoundSound: Hearing of human ear hearing range in humans, audible sound for humans
  0.020 - 1,600MHz  SoundSound: ultrasonic ultrasonics, not audible for humans because frequency is too high
  > 1GHz  SoundSound: hypersonic formed by sound waves, which are only partly able to spread out
  15-30,000Hz  SoundSound: Hearing of dogs hearing range in dogs
  200-200,000Hz  SoundSound: Hearing of dolphins hearing range in dolphins
    1000miles/hSoundSound in air  
    1220km/hSoundSound in air  
    340m/sSoundSound in air  
    331m/sSoundSound in air dry air under normal pressure at  0oC
    343m/sSoundSound in air dry air under normal pressure at 20oC
    1500m/sSoundSound in water  
    3353m/sSoundSound in copper  
    4877m/sSoundSound in steel  
    5000m/sSoundSound in granite  
about 1m  Soundaudible sound wave  


For prefixes see List of prefixes.

So that was something about mechanical waves. Now to electromagnetic waves.

In a wider defined sense electromagnetic waves are light.

The speed or velocity of electromagnetic waves is the speed of light. The speed of light in vacuo is 300 000 000 metre per second.

Electromagnetic waves do not represent physical displacements that propagate through a medium like mechanical sound and water waves; instead, they describe propagating oscillations in the strength of electric and magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields only occur with flowing current while electric fields are always present as long as the electric circuit is not interrupted at the fuse. With increasing frequency the magnetic and the electric field combine to the electromagnetic field.

There are no theoretical distinctions between electromagnetic waves of any wavelength.

Electromagnetic waves are sorted in the electromagnetic spectrum according to wave length. The best known and most studied example of an electromagnetic wave is visible light. It constitutes a tiny part of the entire spectrum and is, with the exception of infra-red radiation (warmth), the only range, which can be perceived by man without technical aids.

Let us have a look at some examples of electromagnetic waves:


Table 2: Examples of electromagnetic waves
Wavelength λFrequency fDesignationAbbr.Explanation
1,000,000-100,000km0.3-3HzBrain wavesDeltadeepest sleep
100,000-10,000km3-30HzBrain wavesDelta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gammasleep to waking states
10,000-1,000km30-300HzBrain wavesGammasupernatural experiences
1-3HzBrain wavesDeltadeepest sleep phases
4-7HzBrain wavesThetahypnagogic state
8-13HzBrain wavesAlpharelaxed waking state
13-30HzBrain wavesBetaincreased activation in the waking state
25-100HzBrain wavesGammasupernatural experiences
100,000-10,000m3-30kHzRadio wavesVery low frequencyVLFused to broadcast radio
10,000-1,000m30-300kHzRadio wavesLow frequencyLFused to broadcast radio
1,000-100m300-3000kHzRadio wavesMedium frequencyMFused to broadcast radio
100-10m3-30MHzRadio wavesHigh frequency (Short wave)HFused to broadcast radio
10-1m30-300MHzRadio wavesVery high frequencyVHFused to broadcast radio and television
1000-100mm300-3,000MHzRadio wavesUltrahigh frequencyUHFused to broadcast radio
100-10mm3-30GHzRadio wavesSuperhigh frequencySHFused to broadcast radio
10-1mm30-300GHzRadio wavesExtremely high frequencyEHFused to broadcast radio
300-1mm0.3-300GHzwaveMicrowaves used in cooking, radar, telephone and other signals
1,000,000-780nm0.3-400THzwaveInfra-red rays transmits heat from sun, fires, radiators
780-380nm384-789THzwaveVisible light makes things able to be seen
400-100nm  waveUltraviolet rays absorbed by the skin, used in fluorescent tubes
10-8-10-12m1016-1020HzwaveX-rays used to view inside of bodies and objects
1-0.01nm1020HzwaveGamma rays used in medicine for killing cancer cells


The spectrum of electromagnetic radiations ranges from the extremely short waves of cosmic rays to waves hundreds of kilometres in length, with no definite limits at either end.

For most of history, light was the only known part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

So we have seen that light that is visible to man is just a very narrow band in the spectrum shown above, but this spectrum itself is also just one part of all the waves that really exist. Thirty kHz waves would have a wavelengths of 107 m and that are 104 km, 10,000 km, and that is just a quarter around the world and in astronomical terms not much. There we are talking about 13 x 109 light years to the most distant known galaxy with a light year being 9.46 x 1012 km. And on the other end of the spectrum shown above there are waves with higher frequencies.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The limit for long wavelengths is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length, although in principle the spectrum is infinite and continuous. The Planck length is about 10-20 times the diameter of a proton, and thus is exceedingly small, it is considered the smallest length known/possible.

And even that is not all. There is the spiritual realm where time and space is not what it is with us here. Pure spiritual things can travel greatest distances in zero time. Something we do all day long - thinking - also travels instantaneously. It does not take time at all to travel from here to anywhere. A scientific example is the communication between two entangled particles, it is instant.

Electromagnetic waves are typically described by any of the following three physical properties: frequency f, wavelength λ, or photon energy E. Frequencies observed in astronomy range from 2.4 x 1023 Hz (1 GeV gamma rays) down to the local plasma frequency of the ionized interstellar medium (~1 kHz). Wavelength is inversely proportional to the wave frequency, so gamma rays have very short wavelengths that are fractions of the size of atoms, whereas wavelengths on the opposite end of the spectrum can be as long as the universe. Photon energy is directly proportional to the wave frequency, so gamma ray photons have the highest energy (around a billion electron volts), while radio wave photons have very low energy (around a femtoelectronvolt).

One electron volt equals the energy gained by an electron when its electric potential is changed by one volt.

The formula for energy is E = fh, where f is frequency and h is Planck's constant, 4.13... x 10-15 eV s.

Energy, because it cannot be observed directly, is another good example of a scientific property that is actually something spiritual. The use of the word energy, as also the word radiation, in physics is exactly the same as in spiritual writings.

Here another list which is more related to wavelengths:


Table 3: Wavelengths
Wavelength λSource/Application/Occurrence Energy E Frequency f
Unit of lengthLength (m)  Hz  
 108   Brain waves 12.4 feV3 x 100  
 107Alternating currentsLow frequency Brain waves 124 feV3 x 101  
1 megametre, Mm106Alternating currentsMiddle frequency Brain waves 1.24 peV3 x 102  
 105Alternating currentsHigh frequency   12.4 peV3 x 1033 Kilohertz3 kHz
 104 RadioLong wave  124 peV3 x 104   
1 kilometre, km103 RadioMedium wave  1.24 neV3 x 105   
 102 RadioShort wave  12.4 neV3 x 106 3 Megahertz3 MHz
 101 RadioFM station  124 neV3 x 107   
1 metre, m100 RadioVHF/UHF 1.24 μeV3 x 108   
1 decimetre, dm10-1  MicrowaveMicrowave oven 12.4 μeV3 x 109 3 Gigahertz3 GHz
1 centimetre, cm10-2  MicrowaveMicrowave oven 124 μeV3 x 1010   
1 millimetre, mm10-3  MicrowaveRadar 1.24 meV3 x 1011  
 10-4Terahertz radiation    12.4 meV3 x 10123 Terahertz3 THz
 10-5 Infra-red radiation   124 meV3 x 1013  
1 micrometre, µ10-6  For men visible light spectrum (light)  1.24 eV3 x 1014  
 10-7   Ultraviolet radiationUV-C/B/A12.4 eV3 x 10153 Petahertz3 PHz
 10-8X-rays  Ultraviolet radiation 124 eV3 x 1016  
1 nanometre, nm10-9X-rayssoft   1.24 keV3 x 1017  
1 angstrom, Å10-10X-raysmedium   12.4 keV3 x 10183 Exahertz3 EHz
 10-11X-rayshard   124 keV3 x 1019  
1 picometre, pm10-12 Gamma radiation   1.24 MeV3 x 1020  
 10-13 Gamma radiation   12.4 MeV3 x 10213 Zettahertz3 ZHz
 10-14  High radiation  124 MeV3 x 1022  
1 femtometre, fm10-15  High radiation  1.24 GeV3 x 1023  


Now something about wavelength and frequency.

I want to give an example. It comes from a newspaper report about a new mobile phone: Samsung said its new adaptive array transceiver tech uses 64 antenna elements, and transmits data in the millimetre-wave band at a frequency of 28 GHz at a speed of up to 1.056 Gbps to a distance of up to 2 kilometres. Additional reports claim the tech will reportedly enable upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

So this is an example of waves of a frequency of 28 GHz and a wavelength in the millimetre range. The wavelength λ would be c, the speed of light in m per second, divided by f, the frequency in Hz or cycle per second. And that would be λ = 300 000 000 / 28 000 000 000 = 0.0107 m = 10.7 mm (Example 1).

The symbol of wavelength λ (Lambda) represents distance. Distance is measured radially from the source, between two successive points in free space at which an electromagnetic or acoustic wave has the same phase; for an electromagnetic wave it is equal in metres to c/f where c is the velocity of light (in m/s) and f is the frequency (in Hz). The speed of light in vacuo is 299,792,458 m/s.

For our purposes we can take c as being 3 x 108 ms-1 and that would be 300 000 000 m per second.

So λ = c/f and then f = c/λ and when λ is 1 m then f = c/1 = 300 000 000 Hertz = 300 MHz = 3 x 108 Hz (Example 2).

Frequency is expressed in hertz (Hz). A frequency of 1 Hz means that there is 1 cycle or oscillation per second.

The product of the wavelength and the frequency must equal the speed of propagation of the wave.

When I have an electromagnetic wave with the wavelength of 1 m, let us say a radio wave, then I can calculate the frequency of this wave with the formula f = c/λ = 300 000 000 ms-1/1 m = (300 000 000 m/s) / (1 m) = 300 000 000 Hz = 300 000 000 cycles per second (Example 2).

When I have an electromagnetic wave with a frequency 1 Hertz then I can also calculate the length of this wave with the formula f = c/λ and λ is then c/f and that is (300 000 000 m/s) / (1 s) = 300 000 000 m (Example 3).

The details of the three involved quantities are as follows:


Table 4: Equations
Physical quantitySymbolNumeral valueName of unit Abbreviation of unit nameEquation Example 1Example 2Example 3
WavelengthλLambda1metremλ = c/f 0.0107 1300 000 000
Speed of lightc   300 000 000metre per secondm/sc = fλ 300 000 000 300 000 000300 000 000
Frequencyf   1cycle per second or hertz1/s or Hzf = c/λ 28 000 000 000 300 000 0001


The velocity of the wave and its frequency and wavelength are interrelated. The wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency and directly proportional to velocity. In mathematical terms, the relationship is expressed by the equation V = λ f, where V is velocity, f is frequency, and λ is wavelength. From this equation any one of the three quantities can be found if the other two are known.

So for all electromagnetic waves in a vacuum the velocity V is the speed of light. In water, for example, photons travel at around three-quarters that speed.

There seems to be a problem "observing" things that are smaller than the wavelength of light, 1 micrometre or 1 x 10-6 m or 0.000001 m or 1 µ or 1 µm. The wavelength of visible light is between 780 and 380 nm, nanometre, that are 0.780 and 0.380 µ.

Here a quote:

With traditional light microscopes one cannot observe bio-molecular processes, which go off in the interior of living cells. Because on the one hand they take place in longitudinal scales, which are not easily accessible with visible light: The wave nature of light limits the achievable ability of spatial resolution upon structures, of which expansion corresponds approximately to the wave length of the light used. With visible light these are several hundred nanometres. On the other hand biologists must manage with extreme low light intensities with the investigation of living cells, because intensive light quickly damages of such preparations. Then again the fact that light consists of particles – photons – limits the sensitivity of the measurement. These pelt down like pellets upon the cell – now more, now a little bit less light particles. That leads to tiny brightness variations, which are unavoidable in the lab also with the most precise apparatus.


Now follows a table that gives sizes of small physical things to allow to compare them to small wavelengths:


Table 5: Sizes
DescriptionSize in mSize in nmMass in kg
Water molecule2.8 x 10-100.2800000
Hydrogen atom1.1 x 10-100.11000001.6734 x 10-27
Atoms1 x 10-10 to 3 x 10-10
Proton1.7 x 10-150.0000017
QuarkLess than about 10-18
Preon (theoretical)Pointlike, or composed of smaller constituents


Now follows another table and it is called "The visible spectrum" and this name, visible spectrum, comes from scientists and is actually something that is misleading us because also this part of the spectrum is in fact not visible but also invisible exactly as the rest of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves:


The visible spectrum, which represents the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye, absorbs wavelength of 400-700 nm.


Table 6: The visible spectrum
ColourFrequency f (THz)Wavelength λ (nm)Photon energy E(eV)


The energy of light is in the range between 1.65 and 3.27 eV. Here now some values in comparison:


Table 7: Energy comparisons
eVDetail J (Joule)
5.25 x 1032total energy released from a 20 kt nuclear fission device
6.24 x 1020~624 EeVExa-Electron-Voltenergy consumed by a single 100-watt light bulb in one second (100 W = 100 J/s = ~6.24 x 1020 eV/s)
3.00 x 1020300 EeVExa-Electron-Volt~50the so-called Oh-My-God particle (the most energetic cosmic ray particle ever observed)
1.00 x 10151 PeVPeta-Electron-Voltone peta-electron-volt, the amount of energy measured in each of the two different cosmic neutrino candidates detected by the IceCube neutrino telescope in Antarctica
14.00 x 101214 TeVTera-Electron-Voltthe designed proton collision energy at the Large Hadron Collider (which has operated at half of this energy since 30 March 2010)
13,00 x 101213 TeVTera-Electron-Voltachieved collision energy at the Large Hadron Collider on 21th May 2015 at test
8,00 x 10128 TeVTera-Electron-Voltcollision energy at Large Hadron Collider in year 2012
1.00 x 10121 TeVTrillion-Electron-Volt1.602 x 10-7about the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito
125.3 x 109125.3 GeVGiga-Electron-Voltthe energy emitted by the decay of the Higgs boson, as measured by two separate detectors at the LHC to a certainty of 5 sigma
1.6 to 3.4the photon energy of visible light


In almost all forms of mechanical vibrations, a relationship exists between frequency and physical dimensions of the vibrating object. Thus, the time required by a pendulum to make one complete swing is partly determined by the length of the pendulum.

Waves in water and waves on a shaken rope consist of transverse movements of matter, at right angles to the direction of movement of the wave. Crests and troughs are those places where the transverse movement is a maximum.

A sound wave, by contrast, consists of longitudinal movements of air molecules - that is, backwards and forwards movements in the direction of the wave's movement, or opposite to it. Crests and troughs of the wave can be regarded as places where the molecules have moved most from their average position. Alternatively, crests can be regarded as places where the molecules are moving fastest in the forward direction, and troughs as places where they are moving fastest in the backward direction.

The wave motion is the mechanism by which energy is conveyed from one place to another in waves without the transfer of matter. Although matter is not moved from one place to another, many sorts of wave motion can occur only in matter. At any point along the path of transmission a periodic displacement, or oscillation, occurs about a neutral position. The oscillation may be of air molecules, as in the case of sound travelling through the atmosphere; of water molecules, as in waves occurring on the surface of the ocean; or of portions of a rope or a wire spring. In each of these cases the particles oscillate about their own equilibrium position and only the energy moves continuously in one direction. Such waves are called mechanical because the energy is transmitted through a material medium, without an overall movement of the medium itself. The only form of wave motion that requires no material medium for transmission is the electromagnetic wave; in this case the "oscillations" consist of variations in the intensity of electric and magnetic fields.

The characteristic of a wave is to transfer energy from one point to another without any particle of the medium being permanently displaced; particles merely oscillate about their equilibrium positions. In electromagnetic waves it is the changes in electric and magnetic fields which represent the wave disturbance. The progress of the wave is described by the passage of a waveform through the medium with a certain velocity, the phase or wave velocity. The energy is transferred at the group velocity of the waves making the waveform.

Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of the same phenomenon, electromagnetism. Electric and magnetic fields travel together through space as waves of electromagnetic radiation, with the changing fields mutually sustaining each other.

Electromagnetic waves do not represent physical displacements that propagate through a medium like mechanical sound and water waves; instead, they describe propagating oscillations in the strength of electric and magnetic fields.

Sound has a velocity of about 0.33 km per second in air, 1.5 km per second in water, and 5 km per second in steel. All sound waves travel with the same speed in air regardless of their frequency. The velocity of light in vacuo is also independent of frequency; in a transport medium, however, the velocity of light depends on the effect of dispersion in the material, varying slightly more than 1 per cent from blue to red.

A simple object to study a wave is a pendulum. The periodic time is t = 2π(l/g)½ where l is the length of the thread and g is the acceleration due to gravity. The time is t; it is the period of the pendulum, in seconds; l is the length of the pendulum in metres; and g is the acceleration due to gravity, a factor that depends on the gravity where the pendulum is. At sea level, g = 9.802 metres per second per second. If I have a 1 m long pendulum then the time is 2.0 seconds and when I have a 2 m long pendulum then the time is 2.8 seconds. This can easily be checked with a simple pendulum.

Waves are produced through sources. Pulse shaped stimulations, vibrations or periodic swingings can be sources. Periodic mechanical and electromagnetic waves can be produced through periodic swingings. A simple example is a swinging pendulum: At such a pendulum a pencil is fastened, under which a sheet of paper is pulled along with constant speed. The pencil fixed to the pendulum now describes on the paper strip, which describes the distribution medium, a sine-shaped wave. With this example the wavelength depends on the speed with which the paper strip is moved. The amplitude of the wave is determined through the maximal pendulum swing.

An electromagnetic wave can be produced through an antenna, which is connected to a vibration generator. As vibration generator a so-called moving circuit can be used, where the electric current flows to and fro between a coil and a condenser. The total electromagnetic energy is there transformed from electric energy (condenser) to magnetic energy (coil) periodically. When this happens with suitable frequency, the energy in form of an electromagnetic wave is radiated from the antenna. This effect is above all of special importance in wireless communication.

An electromagnetic field in physics is the region in which particles with an electric charge experience a force. If it does so only when moving, it is in a pure magnetic field; if it does so when stationary, it is in an electric field. Both can be present simultaneously.

Electromagnetic waves are travelling patterns of electric and magnetic influence. They are light rays. They are the oscillations (back-and-forth movements) of electric and magnetic fields.

Mechanical waves we can perceive with our senses, electromagnetic waves we cannot perceive with our senses. For radio waves we need a radio and for the other electromagnetic waves we need other machines. For light we need a physical body so that the light can shine against it, otherwise we do not see light. At night it is dark and also the night sky is dark despite the Sun shining all around Earth, but this light does not hit a body and so it is dark. Only were the light of the Sun comes upon a body, like the Moon or the planets, we can see the light of the Sun. So during daytime we are able to see the source of light, like the sun, and things which are hit by light, like the Earth or the Moon; but between the source and the object being illuminated a light ray is not seen. It is already almost like we have it in quantum mechanics, there a particle only then materializes when it is observed, otherwise it is just a spiritual thing, or a mathematical function, or an idea in our head, a wave without a carrier medium.

So light is a good example of something that is not really something material, but more something of the spiritual side of life. Or light is something that is only then part of the material world, when it gets into contact with a material object, is observed or felt, with our senses.

And the rest of electromagnetic waves we could actually completely reckon to the spiritual side of life. They only are now, since they have been discovered, considered to be something of our material world. Before this discovery they were considered to be some supernatural phenomena.

It is exactly this, what I am after in this chapter called Waves. It is the unfortunate situation that our culture considers supernatural things and events to be unreal, non-existent, just imaginations of the mind of some strange people, or things entertained by religious people. But actually they are very real, but this is only then realized when technology and science find them to be measurable and producible, then they are suddenly no longer untrue but become true and accepted, and everybody becomes proud of having them and knowing about them and using them.

But before that, their existence is denied. And that is one of the contradictions of scientists. They are searching for new things, but acknowledge them only then when they are found. Before their discovery they are considered not to exist and people who know about them are called illusionists.

A real scientist would study spiritual documents and take them as inspiration for the direction of his research. He would let himself be inspired by spiritual beings and so become a real blessing to humanity. He would, for instance, take Scriptures like all the verses of Deuteronomy chapter 28 and use them to bring healing to his cancer patient.

That this is not done proves that some scientist are the most dangerous people on Earth.

And here we are speaking of very concrete things, things that really matter to people, especially to a person who suffers greatly. And this example makes it very clear how important this matter is we are discussing here and even more so how our scientists are often more a hindrance than a help, or are actually killing people because there is medication, but it is not used by them, but even denied.

See Healing.

At the beginning of this webpage we dealt with the P-wave and when this P-wave arrived in Tokyo on the 11th of March 2011, bridges were closed and nuclear reactors shut down and trains stopped.

Now this happened before the earthquake hit and it happens automatically. Man does not perceive this, machines do.

An interesting question would now be why we do not perceives frequencies that are not in our range and what would we perceive if other ranges of frequencies would be perceptible to us.

I want to quote something from spiritual writings:

When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the latter: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.

So all the stuff we cannot perceive with our senses is already the hereafter. And that starts already with those things where we need machines to perceive them, like a microscope. The little things we can now observe under a microscope were previously something of a miracle, something mysterious and now they are natural to us and we have no problems talking about bacteria and genes and DNA and electrons and neutrinos and Higgs bosons.

What would the world be like without the Higgs boson? According to the Standard Model theory, it, the world, would not be recognisable. Without something to give mass to the basic building blocks of matter, everything would behave as light does, floating freely and not combining with other particles. Ordinary matter, as we know it, would not exist.

Scientists have found neutrinos that were travelling with energy of just above one peta electron volt; that is 1000 tera electron volt.

In comparison: The gigantic particle accelerator LHC at the Geneva nuclear research centre Cern has protons accelerated with the energy of 8 TeV, soon it is to be 13 TeV. That is not even one hundredth of it. Man-made neutrinos are even once again about the factor ten weaker.

The neutrinos seem to be what spiritual writings call the original, out of which everything is created and supplied with energy. So scientist still have long way to go to reach the top. This radiation comes from God himself and penetrates everything. And it is well capable to also penetrate the entire Earth; that there is no body, which would be able to stop the illuminating power. (B.D. NR. 6620).

This just mentioned message coming from Bertha Dudde also tells us that we are supposed to think about what light basically is. And that is it what we are doing here in this chapter Waves.

This radiation comes from God himself and penetrates everything. And it is well capable to also radiate through the entire Earth, that there is no body which would be able to stop the luminous power.

But all this stuff they are dealing with is already spiritual stuff; they just don't know it or do not want to recognize it as such.

They deny the spiritual side of life but are with hands and feet right in it.

Everything they touch in their scientific work is this supernatural stuff, even every cell of their own body is it, is part of God, but they have separated themselves from God and therefore are like cancerous cells fighting the healthy body.

So a P-wave is something outside of life. We do not perceive it. We need a machine for this. And everything outside of life is the hereafter. So the spiritual realm is simply all that what lies outside of our perception.

Dogs and dolphins and bats and cats have got a different hearing range than we have. They can hear sounds we cannot hear. And all these things we cannot perceive are the hereafter.

So to understand the spiritual kingdom is actually quite simple. From the above list we have seen that there are plenty of waves around us and most of them we do not perceive, but they are there. And there are many more than the ones we have discovered so far.

Everything that exists consists of spiritual things. Our souls are spiritual entities, but also our bodies consist of spiritual material, it is just denser.

A rock consists of spiritual material and so does the earth and the plant and the animal. And they all have a soul part, but the soul part is of lighter density.

When a rock weathers and becomes earth then the soul part of the rock evolves and the material part of rock becomes something else. And the same happens when earth forms itself to a plant, and the plant to an animal and the animal to a human being. The animal body becomes something else and the animal soul becomes, may be together with many other animal souls, another animal or a man.

The less hard and rigid the material the more it has evolved back to the spiritual being it has originally been.

Water is very much more spiritual than a rock and air even more so.

And beyond our reach of perception the whole thing just continues.

There is no real fast and fixed boundary between material things and spiritual things.

People just want us to believe that the spiritual side of life is something completely different than the material side of life. And that are mainly religious people, priests and theologians, but also scientists, because they are most of the time also just religious fanatics. Because they claim the spiritual side of life does not exist, therefore they claim that all the things science has discovered, but which man cannot perceive, are just scientifically discovered things of our material world and just back up their religion of materialism.

But now they have discovered the laws of quantum physics and that the observation of man influences the behaviour of matter and that means that actually everything depends on the will of man, and ultimately is created by spiritual beings, and so they now put all their hope in a machine like the one at Cern but cannot find what they are looking for and will now be forced to revise their whole outlook on life.

You see, a guy like a priest or a pastor or a theologian might talk about things like the soul, and the resurrection of Jesus, and his ascension, and the hereafter, but it is all in a highly mystical way and it is implied, by the speaker as well as by the listeners, that one cannot really talk about these things as one would talk about things of everyday life.

It is all not real for them. It all belongs to another realm and is only make-believe.

They try to separate spiritual things from material things and doing so automatically treat spiritual things as if they belong to another world, a world that has nothing to do with reality, that just exists in our imaginations. It is all just an illusion.

I just read an article about vitalism, and this school of scientific thought is the result of such thinking:

Vitalism: school of scientific thought - the germ of which dates from Aristotle - that attempts (in opposition to mechanism and organism) to explain the nature of life as resulting from a vital force peculiar to living organisms and different from all other forces found outside living things. This force is held to control form and development and to direct the activities of the organisms. Vitalism has lost prestige as the chemical and physical nature of more and more vital phenomena have been shown.

They attempt to separate the natural world from the spiritual world and that is simply wrong because there is only the spiritual world and the material world is just a special kind of it, a part that is the result of free will, of a will to explore the possibility of acting against divine law.

For them consciousness is an epiphenomenon - in plain words, an illusion, consciousness and culture are illusions floating above reality of material relations.

In reality it is not the spiritual world that is an illusion but the material world. If one looks at the details then we just have atoms and they are empty space and the nucleus is also not really material. It is all just energy floating around and creating an illusion for our physical senses, our outer senses, of our material bodies, which are also illusions, so that we have an artificial world where we can act and can prove if we are genuine.

And most of the people fail because they believe what the illusionists tell them and the chief illusionist uses this ignorance to gain more and more power and influence and he is interested to have the people believe that the spiritual world does not exist and in particular he is interested that the people do not believe that he - the chief illusionist - exists.

So the people of real power foster the belief in materialism and the unbelief in the spiritual part of life and so gain complete control over people, and their knowledge about spiritual things gives them this power - this power of black magic - and they are highly interested that this knowledge is kept away from the people.

Without the knowledge of spiritual things - about white magic - people remain ignorant and follow the great deceiver right into the bottomless pit.

The uncertainty principle in quantum theory demonstrates nicely the existence of the spiritual realm. This principle says that measurements disturb that which is being measured. The uncertainty principle does not describe an inability of physicists to measure quantities, but a limitation of the way in which momentum and position of a particle can be defined. Physical quantities are defined by the experiments that measure them - they are not properties possessed independently by particles in themselves.

This idea was unacceptable to Albert Einstein, who deeply believed in the independent reality of the laws of physics. To him it was nonsense to say that such a property was defined by the way in which scientists measure it.

It is the mind of the experimenter which defines physical quantities. The mind, which is not the brain, defines physical objects. The mind belongs completely to the spiritual side of life. And it is the spiritual side of life that defines and determines and designs and creates physical things.

And since 1927, when Heisenberg discovered the uncertainty principle, the majority of physicists are still on the side of Einstein and against Heisenberg and Bohr. They certainly know about the uncertainty principle and accept it as a scientific discovery, but they still fight it, because it opposes their materialistic basic religious attitude that there is no spiritual side to life. This emerged very nicely when in connection with neutrinos the speed of light was discussed. Then the speed of light was defended by almost all physicists as the maximum possible speed and therefore they completely dismissed that the exchange of information between entangled particles happens immediately independent of distance.

So for nearly a complete century the majority of physicists have not progressed and therefore hindered the advance of science. They desperately cling to Einstein and always emphasize that some new scientific discovery confirms Einstein and by this they really mean that Einstein is right and Bohr wrong.

This is a nice example that with scientists it is not really about science and truth and finding out how the world really works. It is about religious beliefs, about defending their fanatic reglious belief in materialism and atheism. Scientists are really a group of sectarians, a denomination like for example all the Christian denominations, and they also have one thing in common with them and that is the love and the lust for material things.

Scientists, the majority of them, are religious freaks just like the founders and managers and members of the man-made churches. They are united with them in their fight against God. Jesus calls them hypocrites.

Let us return to waves. Dogs, dolphins, bats and cats have got a different hearing range than we have. They can hear sounds we cannot hear. And there are many other animals that have a different hearing range. And there are probably many animals that have a different visual range than we have. A dog might not only hear things we do not hear, the dog might also see things we do not see. Bees for example can see short wave ultraviolet light, which is invisible for man. So there is no reason not to assume that a dog might see a ghost we do not see. It might be perfectly natural for a dog. And it could be perfectly natural for us as well. That a dog can hear something we do not hear is natural for us because we have heard about a whistle for dogs which is silent for us. It is inaudible for us.

So we could see more when we would extend the range of our vision. Like a seer. He sees more. He might not just see parts of the spiritual world, but might see it in addition to the natural world.

Here a description of a situation where a seer did not just see into the spiritual world but allowed others to do so too:


When they were again back in their natural state, Nicodemus said: "O Lord, that is surely wonderful above wonderful! We were here, saw exactly you and all the others, but still we saw also everything most accurately and clearly what we described and I myself have now experienced in a most real manner how indescribably brighter the seeing of the free soul is than it is in connection with the body. Not only did we see everything brighter that was nearby as well as in the greatest distance, but also heard everything. And when we saw a tree or a house or a ship on the sea or also a man or an animal, we saw it completely according to the natural outer form; but we also saw everything through and through, though the object was not transparent.

In future there might be glasses for us that let us see what a dog sees. This might sound unreasonable but we have now things that would have sounded unreasonable a few decades ago, like internet or a mobile phone. So if we would have glasses that allow us to see what a dog sees then this ability would become natural for us. But to see what a dog might be able to is now unnatural for us. It is supernatural for us. For us to see a ghost is something that is supernatural.

There are cameras which can take photos of the aura of a person. When one has never heard about it, or when one has even never heard that people have an aura, then this sounds to be something that is supernatural. But when then pictures are seen from such a camera, then one starts to consider something like this to be possible and natural.

And now comes the decisive analysis: because we give it the name supernatural we decide that it can't be and does not exist. It is a conclusion that is actually unreasonable. It is actually a religious conclusion, forced down on us by years of indoctrination from the side of religionist like pastors and other religionists like scientists - religious fanatics.

So when we look at the above table of electromagnetic waves we might have the entire spectrum of the spiritual world in front of us. There might even be beings that are also physical, just of another waveband.


Kisjonah: »Yes, Lord, I have understood them quite well, and that the more because from my miners, who dig all kinds of ore, such things have been told to me already quite often, how sometimes bread and wine have gone missing and they did not know who among them would perhaps have made such a theft joke! When the hungry miners then got quite annoyed then they not seldom heard a roar with laughter, and some of them also want to have seen human figures like small children skipping before them, and that in colours blue, red, green, yellow and also completely black ones.



Now Jarah, resting close beside, says: »But Lord! What are these small little men? They came here from the forest and now besiege us in swarms in all colours! Some seem to have a hazy dress; but most of them are completely naked and all have the size of hardly two years old children.«

Say I: »That are human souls from this Earth, already concrete, who have not yet undergone the way of the flesh. They also until now do not specially feel like doing so because they are afraid of a new imprisonment in matter. The dressed in ones even have a kind of language, which is of course not very much; but all of them have a certain monkey intelligence!«

Says Jarah: »Would the dressed in one understand me when I address them?«

Say I: »Try it once trusting to luck!«

After that Jarah takes a run-up of courage and asks one of the hazy dressed in light blue ones: »Who are you then, and what do you want here?«

The light blue little man now approaches Jarah quite close, gawps at her with a fixed stare and then says: »Who commanded you, you stinking flesh, to ask us clean ones?! Except the one and except still another one, you all here stink quite terribly like matter; and that is the greatest enemy of our nostrils! Ask us in the following only then, you stinking rotten carcass, when you will have received a command from the almighty spirit of all spirits for this, - otherwise worry about how you get rid of your fleshly moth sack in a good way!«

Let us take another example. There are reports that animals act strangely before earthquakes. That is a supernatural thing and therefore is rejected by a good religionist like a member of a denomination and also by a blind believer in science. Now he reads and hears about something like a P-wave which does not cause any harm and that a P-wave arrives before the S-wave arrives, which actually causes the harm and he hears that there are machines which are sensitive to P-waves and can read them and trigger precautionary measures. Now suddenly the supernatural has become natural: animals might perceive something we do not perceive.

Be wary when you hear about a scientist who claims that something does not exist. Such a claim is illogical. When a famous scientist claims that the spiritual side of life is for some nuts and that there is no God then you already know that he is a religious fanatic, does not know the basics of logic and therefore all his scientific ideas are also doubtful.

What does infra-red light mean? Infra means below. Infra-red light means light below visible light. The "slowest" colour of visible light is red. It has a frequency between 400 to 460 THz. And infra-red therefore vibrates at a slower rate, between 400 and 0.3 THz.

And what is ultraviolet light? Ultra means exceeding or going beyond all other of the same kind. The "fastest" colour of visible light is violet. It has a frequency between 714 and 789 THz. And ultraviolet just vibrates at a faster rate than that, faster than 789 THz.

So infra-red light and ultraviolet light is just light as our light but can't be seen by us. It is something supernatural for a man, but only then when he is ignorant of physical details. When he learns something about these things then it becomes rather natural for him. He does not see it but he starts to believe that it exists.

Window glass that is transparent to visible light absorbs infrared radiation.

The “slowest” colour of light is red light and “fastest” is violet light. In-between we have orange and yellow and green and blue und indigo, all vibrating with different speeds. This already shows that the range of waves that constitute visible light is part of a much larger range of decreasing and increasing kinds of light.

Einstein showed that when light is emitted or absorbed it behaves like a particle (known as a photon).

The quantum theory of light asserted that, at least in regard to its emission and absorption by matter, light behaves like particles rather than waves.

Two properties of light are, perhaps, more basic and fundamental than any others. The first of these is that light is a form of energy conveyed through empty space at high velocity. The second fundamental property is that a beam of light can convey information from one place to another. This information concerns both the source of light and also any objects that have partly absorbed or reflected or refracted the light before it reaches the observer. More information reaches the human brain through the eyes than through any other sense organ.

Almost all of the information about the rest of the cosmos reaches the Earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

The basic element in geometrical optics is the light ray, a hypothetical construct that indicates the direction of the propagation of light at any point in space.

I can imagine a theoretical line between my fingertip and the shadow of my fingertip on the wall but that is a pure idea in my head, a spiritual thing, nothing physical exists there.

So a light ray is a hypothetical construct, it is not something really physical.

The Sun might shine into the room and I draw the curtains and a little opening remains in the curtains and sunshine falls upon the floor and there is a theoretical line between the opening in the curtains and the "enlightened" spot on the floor but there is no physical light between these two places. There might be particles of dust or of smoke there which give the appearance of something like a light beam, but that is all what it is, appearance.

All what we see is an interaction between light and matter and the appearance of this matter changes, but we do not see any physical light. Light still remains an electromagnetic radiation and invisible.

The propagation of electromagnetic waves involves a transport of energy. The waves are transverse; the electric field vector and the magnetic field vector are perpendicular to one another and to the direction of propagation.

These fields are at right angles to each other and to the direction of the wave's travel.

Water, compared to rock, is already a quite spiritual substance and air even more so. But light is already a complete spiritual substance. When the sky is overcast and we have an opening in the clouds then we seem to see the rays of the sun and therefore think we see light, but what we actually only see are particles in the atmosphere being hit by light, by invisible light, and these particles are hit by light and therefore react and this reaction is what we see, it is a reflection. When we look at the Moon then we see the Moon lit by sunlight, even during daytime. And at night-time we see the Moon much more distinct. The light of the Sun hitting upon the Moon makes the Moon visible and is even so strong that the Moon lights the Earth and this moonlight is even able to cast a shadow on Earth. But what about the space just before the Moon? What about the space between the Moon and the Sun? This space is completely dark. What about all the space between us and the Moon? Also this space is completely dark and so is the space beyond the Moon.

Only the Moon and the planets are visible, made visible by sunlight. When it becomes night then we understand why it becomes dark because we are now in the shadow of sunlight, in the shadow of Earth. But during daytime we might also be in the shadow but we can still see quite normally and that is because there are plenty of objects around us who reflect light from the Sun and light up our surroundings. But this is not so when there is night and no moonshine. Then it is completely dark when there is no artificial light.

But it is not only the space that is not accessible to sunshine, like the space that is on the other side of where the sun is, that is dark, also the space next to it, like the space between us and the Moon, is completely dark. And the reason for this darkness is that light is not visible; light is something completely spiritual. We cannot see light. When we say that a man sees the light then we mean that this man has spiritual insight – understanding. And that it is exactly what light is, something spiritual. But in the physical world we cannot see light, what we see is only that what light causes. Light causes the light source to become visible. When we light a candle in a dark room then the candle becomes visible. And objects, which are now illuminated by the light of the candle, become visible. But between the candle and these objects we can see no light. The Sun and many other suns are visible to us because they are sources of light. And the objects which are exposed to light become visible to us. But in-between, between the light source and the object exposed to light, we only have darkness. We can see only objects that are exposed to light, like the source itself, which is “enlightened” from the light of the source and objects exposed to the light from the source or objects exposed to the light reflected from such objects directly exposed by light.

When there is half-moon then we see that side of the Moon that is struck by the light of the Sun; the other side on the Moon is dark, we do not see it. And the space behind the Moon, seen from the Sun, is also dark because it is in the shadow of the Moon. The space behind the side of the Moon that is turned away from the Sun cannot be reached by the rays of the Sun. They are stopped by the Moon. But what about the rest of space around the Moon, the space above and below the Moon and particularly the space between the Moon and the Sun? Also this space is dark, is black, despite being penetrated by the rays of the Sun.

So light is something completely spiritual. Light is not perceived by our senses. Everything outside of Earth life is the hereafter (B.D. NR. 8648). We and our planet Earth are part of a special state of consciousness. Light is not part of that. Light is of a higher level of consciousness. Every celestial body has a different state of consciousness, and light, being on a higher level, serves them all.

We are talking here about the “basic universe” and “camouflage universes.” The laws of the basic universe apply to all camouflage universes, like the laws of light. The laws of a camouflage universe, for instance the laws of Earth, do not apply to the basic universe and also not to other camouflage universes. Our Earth is such a camouflage universe and our laws of space and time are, for instance, are special to us and do not apply to the basic universe and also not to other camouflage universes.

Physicists express it this way: "Quantum-mechanical wave functions cannot be represented mathematically in anything smaller than a mind-bogglingly high-dimensional space called a configuration space."

Spiritual writings for instance express camouflage universes and states of consciousness this way:

Consequently also great works of creations like heavenly bodies can assume another form, this is however a process which stretches over a vast time period which requires thousands of years according to earthly chronology, which therefore can never be observed by men, insofar it is about fundamental changes of a work of creation. Mostly eruptions of individual works of creations are then the cause of new shapes of identical creations in reduced measure. These new creations have the same way and nature as that work of creation from which they came. In the vicinity of a sun always such heavenly bodies will exist where identical building up material and identical laws of nature are visible as their affiliation to exactly this sun. Earthly seen the sun can now be nothing but an infinitely enlarged product of identical nature as the surrounding planets because these are works of creation coming from it. Consequently also all these heavenly bodies would have to be populated the by the same beings. But the most enormous differences are now noticeable here. Not one work of creation holds the same living being in itself as the other, and consequently also the outer nature of each of the heavenly bodies is a different one, and exactly always adapted to the living beings which inhabit them. And this now also again eliminates an equal composition in material respects. Therefore it is only the core of each heavenly body a raw material, but the outer cover forms according to the living beings assigned to it. Everything existing in the vicinity of a sun came from this sun, i.e. has been thrust out of it, but has, beginning at the moment of its independence, assumed the nature which corresponds to the living beings to which this work of creations is to become the stay. The infinitely different degrees of maturity of the still imperfect spiritual require also infinitely many creations of different nature so that already is where the grounds lie for the difference of the celestial bodies. Amen. B.D. NR. 1823.

Let us assume that a ray of light consists of little particles called photons. We cannot see these photons. What our senses perceive it the reaction of such photons when they are obstructed by an object. We see these reactions that objects cause when hit by photons. The photon is something supernatural or spiritual. The reaction is something of our world, something material, what our sense of sight can perceive. But reality seems to be that light is just an electromagnetic wave and becomes only then a particle, a photon, when it hits an object or is observed.

Now these photons flow from the Sun to Earth, and to the Moon and to the space between Earth and Moon. When we would now try to investigate these photons, then we would do this with an apparatus made by us and that would be a physical thing. And we would place this measuring device between us and the Moon - may be far away from our atmosphere -, and then a photon would hit it and we would try to measure some reaction this collision causes. But such a reaction would only show a reaction of a spiritual thing with a worldly thing, and would therefore be influenced by this worldly thing and this worldly influence could not be separated or filtered out from the results. So we could not really investigate this spiritual thing. We would never know how it really is, without our worldly influence.

If we for instance would bring a thermometer into space, then we can remove the shield from the thermometer so that this thermometer is now exposed to the light of the Sun. So it would react to the electromagnetic radiation coming from the Sun. These waves from the Sun, this radiation, would, because they now collide with a material object, change into photons and cause a reaction of the instrument, let us say an increase in temperature. We would now know something about this reaction of the radiation to a material object, but we would not really know what this radiation is without it colliding with a material object.

These thoughts show that we cannot actually measure and investigate something spiritual, for instance an electromagnetic wave. One cannot really deal with something spiritual by using a material thing.

So what then is light? We do not know. We only know something about this spiritual stuff when it collides with a material thing. The only way to really investigate this spiritual stuff is to use the spiritual side of our life.

There is a way to investigate light the right way and that would be the spiritual way, a way that excludes the material side of life. We would simply use the spiritual side of our being. We would employ our mind. And when I here talk of our mind then I mean that part of our being that can be completely separate from our brain and our body and that operates or can operate without them. And this method of using our inner being, our subconscious, is the only real method of progressing in scientific things. That the sciences more and more exclude the spiritual side of life is the real problem of science.

When the mind of an animal tries to investigate the mind of a human being then we might comprehend that there are problems. When the mind of a human being tries to investigate the mind of a higher being, for instance the mind of God, then we might also perhaps comprehend that there are problems, especially when it is just the intellectual side of the mind that undertakes this project and excludes the heart, the spiritual side of the mind.

We have shown that the entire area of electromagnetic waves is actually something spiritual that our physical senses cannot perceive and need some sort of machine to deal with it. And now we have shown that even visible light, this very small band of electromagnetic waves, is also spiritual and cannot be perceived by our senses, not even by our eyes.

We have also seen that we cannot really find the truth about electromagnetic waves by using instruments made from the material world. The physical properties of these devices, their influence, cannot be eliminated.

So visible light is not really something visible. Visible light is just that part of electromagnetic waves that causes objects to become visible when they collide with these rays and are then getting transformed into something material. A wave, something spiritual, has become a particle, something physical.

So all electromagnetic radiation, all electromagnetic waves, are something supernatural, spiritual, can clearly be kept separate from material things. Only when such radiation comes upon an object it produces something physical. It becomes light or it becomes warmth. Light itself is not visible and light itself is not heat and cannot be felt as heat, we only feel the heat of the light of the Sun because we are the object that gets hit by sun-rays.

All electromagnetic radiation cannot be perceived by our outer senses. We can only perceive the reaction this radiation causes on coming upon something physical, our body or another physical machine specially made for this purpose.

Now the basic units of all that exists, in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical realm, are units of consciousness.

So when electromagnetic radiation gets into contact with matter, it actually gets into contact with consciousness, it hits something that is conscious. With other words this radiation gets noticed, gets observed. So it is this observation that causes spiritual things becoming physical things. This observation one could also call intent. Intent is the basis of all magic. It is the basis of white and of black magic. Understanding these connections will much help understanding what is going on.

When my intent is to seek God, to always have my thoughts turned towards God, then life will run God’s way. When a person’s intent is to gain wealth and power and influence and recognition and reputation, or any other thing like sexual gratification or whatever it may be, then he can achieve things like this, but he has to sell his soul. So to know this helps to understand miraculous happenings and successful endeavours.

Now you can make use of this knowledge and direct your intent to a particular area, an area where you really would like to grow, and that might be love, and make an effort to grow in love, love towards God and your neighbour, and do this by directing your thoughts toward love and absorbing it into your being. It might be the best thing to do on this side of life. It might be the best preparation for the other side of life.

When we deal with light then light is an electromagnetic radiation. But we can also say that all electromagnetic radiation is light, because light is not only infra-red light and visible light and ultraviolet light, but all other ranges of electromagnetic radiation are also light, because there is basically no difference. Now God created light before he created the material world, like the firmament. So light is a creation of God and with it he created material things. So light existed already before the material world was created. And light will still exist after the material world will have stopped to exist. Light is part of the spiritual world. And light is used to create material things. Light has a dual character, is wave or particle. In the spiritual world light is a wave and light becomes a particle when it is changed into something material. When light is a wave we cannot see light, when it becomes a particle then our senses can perceive it. Actually also then we cannot really perceive light, what we perceive is only the reaction of this light that collided with something, or the reaction of this something that collided with light.

In conventional quantum mechanics, complementarity refers to the idea that an observation may reveal either the particle nature of an object or the wave nature, but not both.

All forms of radiation, under appropriate conditions, can exhibit both particle-like and wavelike behaviour. This is referred to as the wave-particle duality and provides in large part the foundation for the modern quantum theory of matter and radiation. The wave behaviour of radiation is apparent in its propagation through space, while the particle behaviour is revealed by the nature of interactions with matter. Because of this, care must be exercised to use the terms waves and particles only when appropriate.

The correctness of this sequence of creation, first radiation and afterwards the material world, is very nicely demonstrated by so-called scientists, who with great failure, trying again and again to prove that radiation comes from material things. The Ice-Cube experiment is a nice example of this.

The scientist and the clerics therefore have a large field in common. The clerics speak of spiritual things in mystical sounding hints and never get concrete and the scientists speak of things to which they give complicated expressions, as for instance electromagnetic waves, what actually is just light, and now think of having explained spiritual things as parts of the material world. And when then someone comes and uncovers this hypocrisy then it is shown that both parties, the scientists and the clerics, are merely religious fanatics, who fight such a heretic, kill him bodily or socially, and then bury him and shortly afterwards they build a monument over the grave and celebrate the man as one of them and worship him.

So sun light does not brighten space. Space between us and the Sun, between the Moon and the Sun is dark. And there is also the fact that it is not just dark there, but also cold, icy cold. Despite every cubic metre having lots of sun light, it is dark and icy cold.

To understand light it is good to think of the half-moon. One half of the moon is illuminated and the other half is dark and black, and the entire surrounding of the moon is dark and also the rest of the night-sky, also those areas to which sunlight has access. It is a picture of the duality of light. Light is something pure spiritual, but just has this unique quality to show directly a material effect when it comes upon material objects. Here follows an extract from Bertha Dudde's message B.D. NR. 1015:

The power of God himself shines without any effect from outside. The power of God is light in itself; this power passes daily and hourly into space without interruption, taken in through countless spirit bearers and passing on again through any being, visible and invisible. And that is why you receive in these rays of the Sun directly the power of life out of God - that is why the Sun has to distribute this power for the thriving of every living being, and this happens in a way, which is completely foreign and incomprehensible to human ideas, as long as men set too little value on the spiritual, because the radiant effect of the sun is a pure spiritual event, which however at the same time is also outwardly visible to men. While all other spiritual is hidden to them, earthly covered, an activity of the mature spiritual world is visibly expressed towards men, but not recognized as such.

A central subject of this webpage Waves is the limit between scientific things and spiritual things: “Light phenomena on Earth always have joined cause with matter.” And there light is the central example and therefore I now want to bring a message coming via Bertha Dudde, which deals with the source of our natural light, the Sun:


Light of the Sun. Interaction.

30. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4318.

The interaction of power and resistance must show in light phenomena no matter what kind, or also – every light production is the result of the effects of two powers against each other, out of which is to be inferred that positive and negative powers are absolutely necessary, to achieve the light of the Sun which over-radiates everything. The light of the Sun is of such important remote effect that men of Earth can well see and feel it, but can never detect its origin, because they will never fathom the properties of the Sun and that is why they will also always draw false conclusions. Light phenomena on Earth always have joined cause with matter, and that is why the same or similar causes are also attributed to the light of the Sun. But the Sun is no material world, even though it is visible to men and research wise is reckoned as such. It is a pure spiritual celestial body, a creation, which certainly also exists, therefore was called into being by the will of God, but which contains no material matter and that is why it can be seen with the spiritual eye only, while the earthly eye can only see and be blinded by the extremely radiating brightness of it. The light of the Sun is of such enormous effect that from this, one can already infer from an origin, which lies far away from human knowledge. A process takes place in the universe, which is grasped by few enlightened people; a gate is as it were opened where the activity of the spiritual is visible; it is the fight of light beings against darkness, the effect of powers against each other, which expound extreme energy to assert themselves to gain victory over the counter power. A spiritual creation with all its inhabitants steps openly before darkness and there influences it continuously. It is like the constant unfolding of highest vigour of two poles, and the effect is a fire incomprehensible for men, a source of light of unsuspected power. It is a flowing out of light going out of perfect spiritual beings into the universe; it is spiritual power, which is visibly distributed as light everywhere where there is darkness to create the possibility for still undeveloped spiritual to return to the nearness of eternal light. It is a radiation, which certainly has a similarity with earthly produced light, which is able to illuminate in highest potency, while earthly light has a limited illuminating power, as everything is limited in the material world. Powers, which act against each other, must, when they fight violently, ignite then when they are intransigent, therefore are of unconquerable hardness, otherwise one power defeats or exhausts the other. Here are now the most distant counter powers at work – penetrated by God’s power, highly perfect beings out of the spiritual world and powers of darkness, which still dwell unbound in the universe and try to destroy everything what is to be considered to be divine creation. But nothing is reachable for them. Their power is enormous, and so they take action against those powers where they expect the hardest resistance, where they can romp about and think being able to destroy what is resisting them. They detest light and want to extinguish it. But the perfect beings want to break through darkness. But this fight of light against darkness is at the same time preservation of the entire earthly material creation. Because powers develop, which increase to infinity and push to utilization – and the utilization is only to awaken to life what has been overcome in the fight, to make it possible for that what until now had become inactive to become active through supply of power, when it exposes itself to the effect of the light. So the positive and the negative powers produce life continuously; their fight is visible through the light of the Sun, but it is no earthly explainable fire power, which produces the exceptional radiation, but the light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth, when it touches the earthly material sphere, as well as the spheres of those celestial bodies, which are in the region of the Sun and are fed with its illuminating power. Because these are the kingdom of the bound spiritual, which is allowed to receive knowledge of the fight between light and darkness, to draw use from this knowledge for the course of development. But for this reason no researches can be undertaken beyond these spheres – i.e., with regard to research the cause of the Sun light will never be able to be established, because outside of the earthly sphere there is no going further, because it exceeds the human thinking power, nothing can be proven, but only be accepted by faith what God gives to men through spiritual enlightenment. Researches begin where they are actually already at the end. Everything earthly can be researched, earthly intellect does not reach above this, and through drawing earthly parallels it becomes entangled in fallacy. Because the spiritual world – the world outside of earth sphere – is a complete different world with other laws and other effects, in which a man is never supposed to have the presumption to do research, when he does not want to lapse into fallacy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4381.


The light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth, when it touches the earthly material sphere, as well as the spheres of those celestial bodies, which are in the region of the Sun and are fed with its illuminating power.

So when we look at the night sky and see the half-moon then we have the perfect example how the spiritual world meets the material world.

The difference between energy and mass is that energy is something spiritual and that mass is something material.

The materialists consider the material world as being completely separate from the spiritual world and therefore they consider the spiritual world as non-existing. And there scientific materialists do not differ from the religious materialists. The scientific materialists reject the existence of the spiritual world completely and the religious materialists actually do the same, they live completely in the world, but use their talk of spiritual things to do the business of obtaining money and the obtaining of influence, but their effect is that millions of people are kept away from God and therefore belong to the regiment of Antichrist.

I now want to describe situations that demonstrate the difference between the material world and the spiritual world and which specifically refer to space and time and speed.

When one chases behind a normal particle (e.g., an airplane) or moves in the opposite direction toward it, one certainly will measure very different speeds of the airplane relative to oneself. One would detect a very small relative speed in the first case and a very large one in the second.

Moreover, a bullet shot forward from the airplane and another toward the back would appear to be moving with different speeds relative to oneself. This would not at all be the case when one measures the speed of electromagnetic radiation: irrespective of one's motion or that of the source of the electromagnetic radiation, any measurement by a moving observer will result in the universal speed of light.

The speed of electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum is the same, regardless of the velocity of the source or the observer.

And this is simply so because electromagnetic radiation is something in the spiritual world. Space and time are things of our world. Not so electromagnetic radiation.

To better imagine what the spiritual world is like, imagine a cubic metre of space in front of your eyes. There it is. The front side of the cube is a square of one metre length of side and spreads half a metre to the left, to the right, to the top and to the bottom, and the back side of the cube is 1 metre in front of your eyes and is also a square of one metre length of side. Now this cube contains many things. First of all there is air and then there might be other physical things like for example your glasses or your computer. But then there are also countless spiritual things. Everything not perceived by our senses, your outer senses, is the hereafter, therefore something spiritual. There is for instance the electromagnetical stuff of your computer, which you can make visible on the screen or several names of hotspots, which are in your reach and which can also be made visible on your screen. Then there are several mobile phone companies signalling into this cube and hoping for business and even hoping that you might get addicted having endless chatters with anybody. Then there are radio and TV signals which you can make visible or audible by simply switching on your piece of equipment. There might be the signal of your remote or the signal of your outside thermometer to your inside thermometer. And then there are other electromagnetic waves, those we have listed above, some may be coming from outer space.

Different wave frequencies in the electrocmagnetic spectrum can occupy the space simultaneously and thereby disturb themselves hardly worth mentioning.

Now let us make this cube not 1 m but 1 km and then there might be beings like the little men discussed above, who have not yet undergone the way of the flesh, who have reached the stage of return to God just before becoming men, but do not have the guts to start this physical incarnation and this imprisonment in matter. And on the other side there are the ones who have gone through this incarceration but have done it without success because they believed what the clerics and the scientists told them and now they have got the result of this and are earthbound spirits and cannot leave Earth but hang around and might appear as ghosts to some. And there are numerous other spiritual beings around. One of these is that part of your own being, which is the spiritual part, your soul, your aura.

So the spiritual world is right in front of our nose.

And light is part of the spiritual world. Light is not something of the material world. It is a pure spiritual phenomenon. Light cannot be perceived by our senses.

Light is not visible.

And because light is not visible our night sky is dark. If light really would be visible then we would look at the night sky and see the half-moon and that side of the moon that is turned towards the Sun would be illuminated and that side of the moon that is turned away from the Sun would be dark, would therefore be in the shade of the moon itself, and the entire region behind the moon, seen from the Sun, would be a very long strip of the width of the diameter of the moon, and this strip would also be dark and would also be in the shade, in the shade of the moon, and the rays of the Sun would not be able to illuminate it. And that would then be all. We would then have a situation where we ourselves would be in the shade, in the shade of Earth, and also above us this shade would continue and would form a cylinder with the diameter of Earth, which would stretch out far into the universe and would directly run parallel to the rays of the Sun. And these two cylinders consisting of shade, or cones or whatever, that of the moon and that of Earth, would run parallel, or more precise would be aligned towards the Sun, and form an interesting sight for space travellers. So there would be these two rays of shade or darkness in the wide Universe and the rest of the sky would be full of light, full of visible light; we would just be in the shade similarly as when we would be in the shade of a roof, but actually it would be quite light around us. It would be day, just a little bit darker than on a normal day. And because the sky is nicely light, we would, besides the moon and perhaps the planets, see no other celestial bodies, and something like stars would not exist. Their existence would first have to be proven and as long as that does not happen, these stars would be things that some nuts have come up with.

The simple fact that light is not visible and that scientists are not aware of this, should make us realize what kind of people the majority of scientists are.

Scientists are often highly educated people. They might for example be able to handle highly complex mathematical stuff or are very knowledgeable about a large amount of details of the subject physics, but something like this does not exclude the possible fact that they might be simple-minded. We have a basic spiritual rule related to this situation and that states that a person who thinks in his heart that there is no God, is a fool. This principle is called Psalm 53:1.

This verse in the Bible describes all the principles of an atheist:

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

Now to become aware of this situation is quite important because otherwise a man is easily caught up in a case where he listens to a scientist, let us say to a doctor, and takes the words of such a scientist for granted, and suffers, and suffers great torture and great pain and finally dies under most terrible circumstances because he believes what the doctor says, that there is no medication for cancer, and all the time while he is lying in his bed, the medication which would heal him of this terrible disease is just one foot away from his head, lying on his bedside table. And this medication is Dt 28. And Dt 28 is part of a comprehensive work, which includes solutions for every problem conceivable to man. And it is right there – in arm length reach.

So we now had a look at a man who has cancer and let us now have a look at a second man, a man who reads about the newest developments of physics. He might be very impressed by what he reads and finds that theses scientists start with assumptions on which they base all their considerations but which are in reality nothing but assumptions, but are stated as if they are the basic laws of the universe and that means that the writer does not clarify at all that what he considers to be a basic fact is just an idea of some people who have come up with it in the past.

For example he reads that stars are sustained by fuel: “Stars shine by burning their nuclear fuel, which is initially mainly hydrogen; they fuse it into helium and, later, heavier elements.” Or "Stars shine because their cores are dense and hot enough that hydrogen atoms fuse, turning into helium and heavier elements and releasing energy." Now one of my dictionaries tells me this about the high temperature of the Sun’s corona: “For the maintenance of this high temperature energy has to be supplied to the corona. To explain the mechanism of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. It could not be solved up to now but only many possibilities were considered.” And even this is still wrong because it has been solved and it is known how the Sun gets its energy. Have a look at The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions. Spiritual writings therefore tell us what really happens. We just had an another example earlier with B.D. NR. 4318 where we were told that the Sun is no material world and that it is a pure spiritual celestial body.

This man then reads about the region of space-time when certain regions of the local galaxy and the universe are discussed and it is therefore automatically assumed that space and time apply to the rest of the universe the same way as they apply to planet Earth.

But space and time are characteristics that are attached to our planet Earth and are therefore typical characteristics that belong to a camouflage universe, and to one particular one only, and hardly to any other camouflage universe. But our scientists now simply assume that these characteristics are universal.

The webpage The separation between past, present and future is only an illusion contains several quotations coming from spiritual writings about the time and space concept.

Laws in regard to time and space are therfore no laws that concern all universes. Laws that concern all universes are for instance the laws of light or the laws of friction. That light is produced through friction is a natural law that applies to all creations.

And then this man reading about the newest developments of physics realizes that those scientists writing about them automatically assume that the physical laws of our planet Earth also apply to the rest of the universe and from spiritual writings he has learnt that certain laws are counting on other celestial bodies are completely unknown to men on Earth.

Here a quote from All celestial bodies are inhabited and their laws of nature are all different:

The earth is a star, which is completely isolated from the other world bodies or the other celestial bodies, with laws of nature especially determined for earth, and so you can explain yourselves the celestial bodies, which you see in the firmament, according to these laws of nature – but with this you do not come close to truth – for all inhabitants of earth the laws of earth are valid – which however deviate from the laws of the other celestial bodies – therefore it will never be possible for you to put forward teachings and rules for these because you do not master the laws of the universe. B.D. NR. 254

So our man reflects on this story scientists telling him that light is visible and he looks at the night sky and there he has the proof that light is invisible and then he thinks of the many times he has read that there is no medication for cancer and he has the Bible in his hand with a full prescription from the Doctor and his own experience, successful experience, with this medication, proves that healing of cancer is readily available, and then this space-time business, where scientists just assume that it applies not just to our Earth but to the entire universe and this other business that the physical laws of this planet Earth are supposed to also apply automatically to the rest of the cosmos, and then comes to mind that these people, the scientist, reject the existence of the spiritual side of life and then he thinks of all his experience with Christian denominations and he can’t avoid seeing all the parallels between a denomination and the community of scientist, the majority of this community, the atheists, the materialists, and the only conclusion he can come up with, is that both of them, the denomination as well the scientists are groups of sectarians, who always keep to themselves and protect themselves from all outer influence and only accept opinions generated within their communities.

Scientists think that when they get philosophers involved with scientific things and these two exchange ideas then they have covered the spiritual side of life and are therefore now okay and both sides of life are now included, but what they really have achieved is that they got some more materialist into their inbreeding circle and that all these atheists are just discussing different aspects of their fight against God.

I now bring an extract of a writing of scientists which shows this nicely:

If quantum mechanics allows new kinds of computation, why did physicists ever worry that the theory would limit scientific progress? The answer goes back to the formative days of the theory.

Erwin Schrödinger, who discovered quantum theory’s defining equation, once warned a lecture audience that what he was about to say might be considered insane. He went on to explain that when his famous equation describes different histories of a particle, those are “not alternatives but all really happen simultaneously.” Eminent scientists going off the rails is not unknown, but this 1933 Nobelist was merely making what should have been a modest claim: that the equation for which he had been awarded the prize was a true description of the facts. Schrödinger felt the need to be defensive not because he had interpreted his equation irrationally but precisely because he had not.

How could such an apparently innocuous claim ever have been considered outlandish? It was because the majority of physicists had succumbed to bad philosophy: philosophical doctrines that actively hindered the acquisition of other knowledge. Philosophy and fundamental physics are so closely connected – despite numerous claims to the contrary from both fields – that when the philosophical mainstream took a steep nosedive during the first decades of the 20th century, it dragged parts of physics down with it.

The culprits were doctrines such as logical positivism (“If it’s not verifiable by experiment, it’s meaningless”), instrumentalism (“If the predictions work, why worry about what brings them about?”) and philosophical relativism (“Statements can’t be objectively true or false, only legitimized or delegitimized by a particular culture”). The damage was done by what they had in common: denial of realism, the commonsense philosophical position that the physical world exists and that the methods of science can glean knowledge about it.

These scientists and these philosophers are just part of the same sectarian group, a group of religionists belonging to the denomination of the atheists and materialists and they worship the material world and its god. And they come together in all parts of the world and discuss their religion and keep outsiders out and keep inbreeding in.

They stew in their own juice. Their ghetto mentality determines the world of their thoughts.

And that causes them to have a picture of the world that declares cancer medication as non-existent, light to be visible, local natural laws of the planet Earth to be universal, time and space applying to other celestial bodies, local consciousness being consciousness of the universe, extra-terrestrial communication being material communication, matter being produced by matter, the Sun being heated by nuclear fusion reactions, space travel to be travelling of the body, the LHC being able to solve their queries, neutrinos being the product of matter, the speed of light being the maximum speed, everything must have a cause, and past, present and future being real.

Being and continuing to be separated from God and thinking in their hearts there is no God makes them fools. They are foolish. A main spiritual principle. Their minds are clouded. They are silly.

A full description of an atheist is found in Psalm 14:1:

The fool says in his heart, "There is not God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

They are highly educated fools. Since nearly one century they have quantum mechanics and know that everything does depend on and comes from the will of beings empowered by the spirit and they still believe that the material world comes from material things. The all decisive thing is the mind and that what a spiritually empowered being does with this mind, its intent and will.

The so-called scientists exactly as the so-called Christians are only after matter and worship it. Both are fighting the fight against God and so cause the spiritual and with it also the physical collapse:


Recognizing Jesus Christ. Binding of Satan.

11. and 13. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3252.

The spiritual collapse is unavoidable when Christ is not anymore acknowledged and when men are not anymore establishing the right relationship to God because then they are disoriented and in greatest spiritual misery as they are headed for their downfall. Spiritual decline is followed by earthly breakdown because everything dissolves when its spiritual basis is taken. Without God nothing can exist. But where the spiritual is pushed completely into the background there also God is no more acknowledged and this is the worst that men can do, that they deny God as they also accelerate their own downfall though this and they also weaken or lose for the time being their power of knowledge and perception and do not recognize the trouble they are in. They are only anxious to comply with earthly requirements and relinquish for the temporary world everything that would lead them higher spiritually. And the result is a spiritual and an earthly collapse and a terrible physical and earthly end. Faith in Jesus Christ could prevent this but without him mankind does not find the power for change and sinks further and further and so inevitably draws its way to the end because nothing can exist without God. The power of Satan is great because men themselves grant him power over themselves but only that man can defeat Satan who through Jesus Christ has such strength of will available that nothing can resists this willpower. But where the faith in Jesus Christ is lost there the enemy rages with increased might. And his weapons are hate and lack of love and in every way they have an effect of destruction and annihilation but this effect only exists through the will of man because the enemy of God has no power over the other works of creation. And therefore he uses the will of men who are in bondage to him to kill and destroy to set free the spiritual that is banished by God in creation against the will of God. And this spiritual that has now become free, and that is in a state of a low degree of development, also exerts disastrous effects on its environment as it is the world of nature, plants and animals, or also men. Unparalleled chaos develops, a chaos that is not suitable for a further development of the soul of man and also not for the still banned spiritual in creation and if God himself would not assert his power and puts an end to the goings-on of Satan then this chaos would lead to the final destruction of all that which is accessible to the will of man. From that point of time when men dare to take action against God himself, i.e. announce to challenge everything that is divine and spiritual and especially to eradicate the faith in Jesus Christ among men, God’s action will also appear openly and the more the war against God is advancing the more the action of God will make itself felt.

If man is to retain the possibility to develop further then also the knowledge about God, who descended in the man Jesus to earth to redeem mankind, must be preserved, otherwise men would be completely at the mercy of the rage of Satan and would inevitably have to perish, spiritually and physically. The decision that is the purpose of life on the planet earth could not anymore be demanded from them because they would only get to know the one thing – evil – and the other thing – the good, the divine – would remain hidden from them. But the moment Satan takes action against God himself God lets him feel his power. God wrests the power from Satan and binds him for a long time. And this binding takes place in such a manner that he together with men who are in bondage to him, who were his servants on earth, who carried out acts of hate and acts that lacked love, things that he demanded, will again be banished in the new creation into hardest matter, that remains his imprisonment so that he cannot harass the good spiritual that now has a much easier road to advancement for a long time. Spiritual advancement requires strength and resistance, requires a decision between good and evil, and therefore good has to be countered by evil, so that men can make up their mind and get their free will into action.

But men on the new earth are all under the sign of the cross, they are all heartily followers of Christ, have closest contact with God, have already made a decision under oppressive conditions, where they remained true to God, and now do not need a counteracting force against which they have to stand their ground. And as long as they remain in this close relationship with God also the enemy of God will remain in his imprisonment, whose chains will be loosened again only by the will of man. As the connection with God starts to weaken, the senses of man will turn again towards matter, which contains the fallen spiritual, and with their yearning they loosen up its fetters and so the enemy of God slowly again takes action through the will of men. And the spiritual fight, the fight between light and darkness starts anew again. And Jesus Christ always has to stand in the centre if the fight against darkness has to end in victory; because that what is full of light on earth as well as in the hereafter is the spiritual that was redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and the light can definitely only be reached by him who acknowledges Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and as the son of God, otherwise the power of Satan is so strong over him that he will draw him down into darkness for eternal ruin. The denial of Christ will always lead to the physical and spiritual collapse because mankind then makes a pact with the opponent of God as it then completely leaves God and this then means the dissolving of all form that now does not anymore fulfil its purpose, the further development of the soul and therefore vanishes through the will of God, i.e. changes in itself when God again assigns to it a new purpose. Because God’s power will overcome every opposing power, he will bind the enemy when his time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3252.


When a man watches television then he sees the result of electromagnetic radiation producing pictures on his TV set, and when he looks out of the window he might see the TV tower where these waves come from but he does not see the electromagnetic waves of this specific wave band. He sees nothing like this. And it is the same with electromagnetic radiation that causes objects to be seen, “visible” light, he sees what these rays produce when they come upon an object and when he looks out of the window he might see the Sun where these rays come from but he does not see this specific frequency band.

At least in regard to its emission and absorption by matter, light behaves like particles rather than waves. Otherwise it behaves like waves. When light travels from the source to the object it behaves like a wave and is not visible. At the source and at the object we also do not see light but we see the reaction of light or the reaction of the object.

This reaction between light and matter can be observed by the eye. It is the interaction of light with matter. Electromagnetic waves interact with the electrons and other charged particles of matter and it is this interaction what we see: Photoelectric effect - not visible light.

Light waves can knock electrons out of atoms.


Fig. 1. Photon


This photoelectric effect is used in photographers' light meters - the electrons ejected by the light form an electric current, the strength of which indicates the intensity of the light. Even an extremly faint light can eject electrons - a fact baffling to physicists.


Fig. 2. Atom


The atom, once thought to be indivisible, has a complex structure. Swarms of electrons, carrying negative electric charge, circle a heavy nucleus consisting of positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. The electrons follow orbits grouped in 'shells', and are responsible for the atoms's chemical properties.

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When we discussed mechanical waves we saw that sound waves consist of longitudinal movements of air molecules – that is, backwards and forwards movements in the direction of the wave’s movement, or opposite to it. Now with electromagnetic waves something similar may happen and I am now bringing a quote from David Ash’s book "The New Physics of Consciousness," 2007:

To present my understanding of electricity I draw a parallel between electricity and sound. Sound is longitudinal vibrations in matter. Think of it as compression waves. The compression waves, longitudinal vibrations of electrons in matter produce electricity.

When electrons are free to move in a conductive substance, they can be aligned by the application of a potential gradient across the conductor. Once aligned, movement can be transmitted as vibration from one electron to another down the voltage gradient. Electricity is the passage of ‘a shunt’ between electrons rather than the passage of the electrons themselves. Whilst the electrons drift slowly in the potential gradient – at approximately three hundred kilometers per hour – the electricity travels at approximately the speed of light – three hundred thousand kilometers per second. The parallel between electricity and sound makes this clear. Sound passes through air at about 1,000 miles per hour whilst, even in a hurricane, the air itself moves at only a fraction of this speed. Sound isn’t the flow of the air; it is a vibration passing through the air. Sound is a compression and rarefaction that is tantamount to a shunting of air molecules. Like sound, electricity is the passage of activity through a medium rather than the passage of the medium itself. Sound is the vibration of atomic matter. Electricity is the vibration of sub-atomic matter; it is sub-atomic sound.

Now the most outstanding feature of electromagnetic waves is the speed of light because all electromagnetic waves travel at this speed. But this speed of light, and therefore electromagnetic waves related to it, are valid only for particular states of consciousness of man and there also only for one, and that is the state of consciousness of man in the awake state. When we change that state, into the state of sleep for example, then all this is no longer valid.

Now David Ash suggests that the main difference between different worlds is the intrinsic speed of their energy.

He says:

In our world the intrinsic speed of energy is the speed of light. This is the ’Einsteinian constant’. It is this constant that would be different on each plane or level of quantum reality.

We know from the work of Albert Einstein that mass, space and time in our world of physical energy are related to the speed of light. In the worlds of super-energy, mass, space and time would be relative to higher speeds.

Physical-energy in the vortex sets up the space and time in our reality. In the same way vortices of super-energy would set up space and time in the realities predicted beyond the speed of light. Super-energy could establish other worlds, other domains of space and time quite distinct from our own. The physical world may be but one level of energy in an ‘ascending series of quantum realities’.

David Ash says everything in our world is relative to the speed of light; other worlds would exist on planes relative to different critical speeds of energy.

The simultaneous existence of the worlds leads to fascinating possibilities. For example, we may look through our telescopes at a planet that appears to be dead but it may only be devoid of life at the level on which we live.


See Online articles to Spiritual, scientific subjects.


And now a quote:

jl.erde.052,11-12 (20.03.1847)
   11] Spirit is therefore equal to light, which indeed in itself remains light for ever, but as light cannot appear so long observable, as long as there are no objects, which it illuminates.
   12] Light comes, as you for example can see also already with the Sun, continuously regularly from it; but without object no eye can notice its existence. A moonless night has equally much light from the Sun as a moon-bright one; but in the first case light has got no object up there in the high ether, and that is why no-one notices that it exists. But if the Moon stands as an efficient body at night in the high ether, there the out coming sunlight is immediately very mightily perceived, and everyone who is somewhat familiar with star tidings will easily notice how and from where the Moon is shone upon.

The "visible light" of our scientists.
Electrons - Part A
Elektrons - Part B


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