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This is the 36. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


36. Communion - Part 3


by Frank L. Preuss


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In this book The Man-Made Church we had already two chapters, which dealt with communion: Communion - Part 1 and Communion - Part 2 and now follows the third part.

In the third part it is now about the real first communion and the writing Der Haushalt Gottes (The household of God) reports about this. It is described in the chapters 169 and 170 of the first volume of this work by Jakob Lorber.

I start with quoting the first verse of chapter 169:

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,01
And when the high Abedam had spoken such to the three, he told them to follow him. But he walked first and had Henoch and Lamech walk along beside him. The known Abedam followed him at his heels, Jared on his right side and Mathusalah on his left side. Enos, Kenan and Mahalaleel followed behind these three and only then Kaeam and Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion joint.

Now the high Abedam is God who made his way among men. And Henoch and Lamech are two of the 22 patriarchs from the time before Noah's Flood.

So it is about the Old Testament and there about the time from Adam to Noah's Flood.

I first want to list the first 10 patriarchs:

1 Adam
2 Seth
3 Enos
4 Kenan
5 Mahalaleel
6 Jared
7 Henoch
8 Mathusalah
9 Lamech
10 Noah

This is the genealogy from Adam to Noah and the 5th Chapter of Genesis describes these 10 patriarchs. In this list I use the spelling of the names as it is used by Jakob Lorber. They are the patriarchs, the ancestors of Noah and therefore of Jesus. Seth was one of many sons of Adam; but he was precisely the forefather of Noah and Jesus. The first son of Adam was Cain and the second was Abel. These two and Seth are mentioned in the Bible as sons of Adam. Cain had many sons. The genealogy of Cain appears in the Bible even before that of Adam, in Genesis 4. That Cain built a city, which he called after the name of his son, Enoch, shows already that Cain had many children. Now Cain is the first man who was born of a woman, but he is also a man, perhaps one of many, who never died and that means that he still lives today. This fact, certainly a very unusual one, is one of the peculiarities, with which we will deal in this chapter of the book The Man-Made Church. That Cain did not die is also described in Jakob Lorber’s work Der Haushalt Gottes (The household of God), also in Volume 1, in Chapter 25. It is one of the peculiarities of the multitudinousness of the human being. In the Chapters 22, 23 and 24 of this book The Man-Made Church, we dealt with the body of man, with his soul and with his spirit, and that were just the coarsest differentiations, but they already indicate the multitudinousness of the human being. Then, in Chapter 31, The Vibrations of the Soul, we dealt among others with the different states of consciousness of man and all that are good bases to deal with further peculiarities of man, as just for example that there are men who live already very long and have not died.

That God made his way among men is also such a peculiarity of men. God made his way among men as Jesus. Already before he had made his way among men quite often, here for example as Abedam. The day before God even made his way among men just twice, first as Asmahael and then as the high Abedam. When God made his way among men as Jesus, it was though a unique matter. There he went the way of being born as child through a woman, Mary. Before, and also afterwards, he chose the way to materialize as man, therefore to be present suddenly und then also to be again no longer present suddenly.

Just seven of the first ten patriarchs appear in the first verse, jl.hag1.169,01: 7 Henoch, 9 Lamech, 6 Jared, 8 Mathusalah, 3 Enos, 4 Kenan and 5 Mahalaleel.

9 Lamech is the father of 10 Noah, and 10 Noah was at that time not yet born. 9 Lamech was then only a little over 40 years old.

The known Abedam is first mentioned in jl.hag1.104,03 as one from among the elders of the Evening, and Evening refers to the West, and West refers to the place where these described events take place.

Kaeam is first mentioned in jl.hag1.163,10. Kaeam was one of the elders and Kaeam was the tenth son of 2 Seth.

Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion were first mentioned in jl.hag1.128,01. After Cain and Abel these three were the oldest children of Adam. Therefore Jura was the third son of Adam, Bhusin the fourth and Ohorion the fifth. So 2 Seth was a later son of Adam.

With this we have said something about the persons in the first verse and now to the second verse:

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,02
And having arrived after a few steps at Adam, they all laid down around Abedam so that they formed an open circle up to Adam, which closed with Adam and Eve.

1 Adam was of course not mentioned in the first verse, but we had mentioned him already in the description of the first verse.

With 1 Adam we have one of these peculiarities of men. He was a man who was not born of a woman. He was directly created by God. Adam was created and formed out of the ether parts of the finest earth clay according to the body through God’s will according to the set order, jl.ev04.162,04. Something similar happens when God creates a new species of animal, which had not been there before. Something like this probably happens all the time. And Eve seems to be even more interesting. She was a soul before, which made its way to Adam, and transferred herself into his extreme intensive outer living sphere.

This soul, being in the outer living sphere, immediately started to form a body corresponding to it, according to my will and according to my order, out of these very lovely outer living parts of Adam or out of the most plentiful life vapour, as still today souls of the deceased are accustomed to do when they want to appear to men for a couple of moments.

That can be found in jl.ev04.162,04 and was already quoted in the previous chapter of this book, The Man-Made Church: Creationism and carnality.

And here Jesus also immediately gives an example how we can imagine this outer living sphere. When for example with a spiritual operation a deceased person, therefore a spirit, uses the outer living sphere of a person present, therefore of a person still alive, to materialize himself, therefore to appear to execute a spiritual operation on a sick person, then he has just formed a body for some moments.

One can also imagine it this way: When a diviner hits a water vein then the divining rod dips, and the power, which pushes his divining rod in a certain direction is this outer living sphere. It is his aura, which forms an invisible arm, which moves the divining rod and this power can be quite substantial and this arm is moved by the subconscious, which has access to all information – to the book of life, 20 – and knows exactly where water is and where no water is. Something like this is of course rejected by religionists and scientists, which are of course also religionists, most of them. And here we have an example which shows us how one can quite easily explain so-called supernatural things when one knows something about spiritual things. And this example also shows why religionists and scientists are against dealing with something like this because it makes their man-made church ineffective. Their sect becomes unnecessary because men recognize that they can turn directly to God and the clerics are no longer needed, and with the so-called scientists it is exactly the same way, their sect, the sect of the atheists and the sect of the materialists is getting pointless because men start to recognize how things really work. So after one gets to know the numerous natures of a human being, as for example its outer living sphere, or its life body, as we have also called it in this book, see Mind and body, then, and only then, one can really understand the world. And scientists, who carry on excluding these things from life, will carry on running around in the dark. And the religionists, the clerics, will continue calling themselves the spiritual ones, and have not a clue about spiritual things.

I once read a search query for an internet search engine and it read like this: where lies the book of life in which country and montain range. We know that the book of life is part of our subconscious, we therefore just have to look into ourselves and there all information is available. On the search for the really important things of life, for spiritual fulfilment, one can search in many countries and mountain ranges, but only when one turns to the inside one makes a find.

These people, then, in our report, therefore formed a circle, and God was part of this circle and opposite of him therefore Adam and Eve were part of this circle.

The whole thing took place in Adam’s hut. The locality of the hut of Adam can be assumed to be in western Asia. Two clues are given. Adam’s hut was in the mountains and in the deep was the city Cain built, and the location of this city is known, it is the valley which is now filled with the water of the Caspian Sea. So this city was flooded by the flood and remained flooded, and the flood also killed all the people on the mountains, except the people in the arc, and the arc landed on Mount Ararat and that is in eastern Turkey and Mount Ararat is only a few hundred kilometres away from the banks of the Caspian Sea.

This year 920 was therefore the spiritual culmination of the people of that time. Spiritually seen this was the regaining of paradise. But this applied to the people on the mountains only, after that also they started heading for a decline, which ended in Noah’s Flood.

Also time wise this event has been fixed. According to jl.hag1.097,02 Adam was then 920 years old. So it was 10 years before his death and 920 after Adam’s creation.

9 Lamech, the youngest in this group, was therefore 46 years old in this year 920 after Adam’s creation, and only 136 years later was 10 Noah born, 1056.

The table Bar chart of the lives of the 22 patriarchs helps calculating these numbers.

In jl.hag1.110,07 we find a confirmation that 9 Lamech was 46 at that time: Mathusalah and his hardly a little bit over 40 years old son Lamech.

The three sons of Adam, Jura and Bhusin and Ohorion, were according to jl.hag1.168,13 then over 800 years old. In the year 920 Seth was 790 years old; he therefore was younger than these and also younger than the fifth son of Adam, Ohorion.

Seth was the favourite son of Adam and Adam considered him to be a replacement for his second son Abel and therefore often called him Seth-Abel. During this time of the regaining of paradise also Adam experienced a considerable spiritual renewal, which among other things also led him to forgive Cain for having murdered his son Abel. Seth was also the one who took care of Adam and Eve when their strengths waned shortly before Adam’s death. Adam confided in Seth that he no longer was able to take care of his food himself and Seth immediately then took over this task to care for the food for Adam and Eve. This is important information, because from this one can deduct that Adam lived from the work of his hands all his life until this point in time. One can certainly easily imagine what kind of standing Adam enjoyed in the world of that time. First he was the only man who was not born of a woman, but was created by God himself, and then he was the father to all people living then, also the ones living in the deep. So Adam was a true elder in the sense of an elder of the church of the New Testament. Already age wise he was the oldest, but also spiritually seen he was a true elder. His experience with God, particularly his personal experience with God, was superior to all that of his children.

So in a worldly living community such a person, as Adam was at that time, would be of highest rank and would not be just political and spiritual head, and at least king or emperor, but probably rather be treated as a god. And that would have caused that he would have a court with gigantic tax income like the supply of agricultural yields and servants.

All his children in midnight, therefore in the North, counted then 700,000 people, jl.ha1.130,07. So the total number of people in the mountains was several million.

And the most respected man of them worked for a living exactly as all the others and did not live from his fellow men. There were circumstances like in the original church of the New Testament. No man-made churches with clerics who lived from others. And this point of view of life at that time is the main reason why I bring this chapter of this book The Man-Made Church. The living community at that time was exactly like the original church was, as it transpires out of all the information about it in the Bible. It was exactly the opposite of a man-made church. Adam was exactly the type of elder as we find him described in the New Testament.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,03
But because Seth was not in the circle, Abedam instructed the ones surrounding him to make room for Seth.

Seth was not in the circle because he had just been busy to take care of the food for Adam and Eve, and this time also for the guests of the house, or the hut.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,04
And immediately room was also made for him at the side of Adam. And therefore now 16 persons, including the high Abedam, took part in the morning meal, which consisted of bread, honey and milk, from which one first always took bread with honey traditionally and, after that was consumed, only then milk was drunk from fresh milking.

So the 16 persons consisted of the high Abedam, God, the 9 patriarchs, the other 3 sons of Adam, Eve, and Kaeam and the known Abedam.

Communion is therefore a quite normal morning meal; it is therefore a quite normal meal and has no liturgical meaning at all, is no sacrament or a provision of some supernatural food.

To assign some sort of supernatural meaning to the food eaten at communion is of course practising paganism at its worst. Such and other evil practices are called the new paganism by Paul in his letter to the Laodiceans, see Chapter 21, Meditate, and one of many other such evil practices is to build, and have, and to go to a church building. And to really expose such evil deeds one should call such a building a cleric castle or a cleric shop. Catholicism is filled with such pagan practices and the other man-made churches have taken over much of that kind of stuff. All the denominations of the world are practising paganism.

The real meal is a spiritual one. It is about the word. It is about being busy with spiritual things through the word and therefore to grow spiritually with this.

As man God had made his way among men, his children, and he had one main matter, he had one main aim, and that was to bring his children spiritually so far that they practised the presence of God. He again and again brought them, through special situations prepared for this, to remember God in their hearts. He certainly was present, materially, physically present, but for him it was always about training his children to remember God in their hearts and to rely on him and to know about him that with this leading the thinking back to God in their heart they could spiritually overcome all situations.

I can only advise the reader to read the works of Jakob Lorber himself and to study them. Particularly of course these chapters, which report about the pre-Sabbath, and the Sabbath, therefore the day where this morning meal was consumed. These chapters bring spiritual information of highest importance and are especially practical because the teaching is accompanied by concrete examples.

In the 159. Chapter of the first Volume of Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), therefore in jl.hag1.159, there is an important high point where Adam and Seth learn not to seek help somewhere, but to look into their heart. Adam is in great distress and tries all kinds of ways to get freed from it, among others he also tries to make his way to the high Abedam, therefore to God physically, who is, after all, physically present in his hut, but he is physically hindered to do it. And then at last Adam undertakes what is right: He talks to God in his heart. That is jl.hag1.159,25-27.

Real, true, successful prayer is prayer to God in our heart. It is spiritual communication.

For every single Christian this kind of communication is the thing that is of highest priority. Now when such Christians are able to come together and form a church meeting where this communion with God does not only take place in the heart of each believer, but is also expressed outwardly by a physical assembly, then such a meeting is certainly very powerful and people who might be present and have not yet arrived at this stage of spiritual development, have a very good chance to make this new step and advance to this real state of communication – with God. But the main thing is that every one of such partakers communicates with God in his heart and when he does this, then that is the important thing and the coming together is of secondary importance. But the coming together without members practising this way of communication and without them striving to achieve it and wanting to advance to this stage of spiritual practice, a meeting will be a failure and can only lead to a situation where carnality wins the day and a man-made church becomes the result. And such people are then also not really equipped to recognize a ravenous wolf when he arrives or grows out of the group and takes over the church and makes it a man-made one.

In this verse jl.hag1.169,04 we hear of what the breakfast consisted. It was bread and honey and milk. This is useful information for a healthy diet.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,05
And therefore according to this custom was also this time the meal taken.

The expression, according to this custom, underlines once again that it was here about quite a normal meal. And when we speak about quite a normal meal then it should be understood that just also every quite normal meal should be a proper communion, therefore the spiritual connection with God should be the main thing.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,06
But why is this Sabbath morning meal mentioned here? – The cause is not far away, when one considers that the highest, holy father himself took part in this morning meal among the first men of this Earth and with it has laid the foundation for the first church of Earth in accordance with the regulations. And as Adam and Eve can only be considered as the first human pair before, so it can now also be considered to be the first establishing of the church of Jehovah; because close to this church Jewry is then firmly connected and consists in many pieces still out of it. And in the middle of Asia, in a high mountain area not far away from the Himalayas, a small, secluded little people lives quite strictly according this writing, later being engraved by the children of Noah on stone slabs by means of certain corresponding relevant pictures, from which the later Egyptian hieroglyphs are just a misrepresented variety.

So here we have the connection of communion and church between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The church, the true church, was and is therefore always there where true communion with God is practised.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,07
But the so-called Sanskrit of the Gebers, Parses and Hindus is not supposed to be considered one and the same writing; because also this is firstly much younger and equal to the Egyptian hieroglyphs a very dark variety, full of great fallacies and that is why also their worship in accordance with it is horror paganism.

Here we have information about Sanskrit. A discussion about Sanskrit can be found in The ancient language Sanskrit and Jakob Lorber.

One can save the study of the old Egyptians, the Indians and the Buddhists because with the writings of Jakob Lorber one has some much easier accessible material in modern and simple language, which comes much more directly from the actual source and is unadulterated.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,08
See, that is therefore also why this morning meal is mentioned here, which was almost so held at that time for the establishment of the original church as after the completion of the great people day, which has nearly continued four thousand years, the last great communion for the establishment of a new testament, which there is a new favour and mercy church, filled with eternal life and therefore filled through God and with God!

Here it is once again expressed that God talks to us all the time. Right from the beginning, when Adam was created, God spoke to him and men and has done this again and again after that und has never stopped doing it, as Orthodoxy wants to make us believe. The successful endeavours of the religionists to suppress God’s revelations and to torture and burn the revelators, to silence them and to slander them as false prophets, has however not even stopped today and the fact that the works of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde are not the most distributed writings of the world shows quite clearly that this persecution of the announcers of God’s word has weakened in no way.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,09
But now enough of this historic examination; and therefore we again go into the hut of Adam and see and listen there to all the things that happened there after the morning meal!

So we go back into the hut of Adam – to communion. The importance of this ninth verse lies of course in the fact where we go and where we do not go. We go into the hut of Adam, into his dwelling-house, into the house in which he lives. We do not go into a church building; we do not go into a temple, a cleric castle, a building which has been built by the clerics, by Holy Joe, to have people come into a castle which is under their, the cleric’s, control, and where they determine what goes off there, and where the holy spirit has no say, but them, the murderers of the prophets.

And not only are we then in a quite normal dwelling place, therefore in no castle of Holy Joe, but we also do not have there any clerics. Such people and enemies of Christ like pastors and priests do not exist there. Bearers of titles like Mister Pastor and Reverend and Your Reverence and Very Reverend have no place there. Ravenous wolfs in sheep clothing would be completely out of place there.

In Chapter 5 of this book The Man-Made Church, The Meeting Place, we had dealt with this in detail – where the assembly meets; which are the locations the Bible lists as meeting places of the believers of a community. And in Communion – Part 1 we had seen that the four instances in the Bible, where communion is directly mentioned, the location was always a house of a believer.

And with this communion, this historic first communion or morning meal, the number of people present is even given to us. They were 16 persons. And this number was small and therefore God could deal with every individual and go exactly into his spiritual situation and undertake exactly that what was necessary to have this person do the necessary next step to grow spiritually.

The most famous communion was of course the one on Maundy Thursday and there God was also physically present and there they were 13 persons.

And in this case, in the hut of Adam, even all persons present were at the same time also family members. Adam was the one who made his house available as meeting place, and then there were his wife Eve and his children and children’s children.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,10
After the morning meal was consumed and all had thanked Abedam Emanuel Abba in their love filled hearts, there the High soon rose and directed the following speech to everyone, saying namely:

And Abedam Emanuel Abba was God who, according to John 1:14, was the word that was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

And the consumption of the morning meal was just a symbol of that what really happened there, and that was the consumption of the word. It was about the word.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,11
»Listen everyone, you who is present here and was witness of this night and, with the exception of Kaeam alone, also almost of the whole day yesterday! With this you are to remember always who the one was, is and will be for ever, who came to you and who himself taught you the right way of love and therefore also the true, infinite wisdom out of it, - not a wisdom of the world for the great weighting down of the head and still greater of the heart but a true wisdom in the spirit of love and all truth out of it, which all is true, free, eternal life.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,12
This meal you are also to hold further, before you want to bring a Sabbath sacrifice to the father; because truly I say to you: Not sooner shall the sacrifice be looked at than you have recognized yourselves at the morning meal as true brothers and sisters in my love and also as children of one and the same father in the heart!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,13
As often as you will celebrate such among you in true, living love of your heart, I will also be among you, - either to some, who will there be of a burning heart toward me, visibly, or to the more lukewarm always invisibly.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,14
Yes, in my love you will be able to do everything, - but without my love nothing! Because my love is a fat, good field, onto which you have been sowed. He who does not allow the enemy to pull him out, he will grow up fully and will bring much marvellous fruit. But he who will not have driven the roots of his love life deep and firmly enough into the soil of this said field, truly, things will go badly for him at the time of returning temptation, when the enemy of love will come and will try to pull the little trees out of the soil of the field! He will not leave one untried; but where he will come across a weak one, would he perhaps spare it?

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,15
Oh no, he will pull it out of the soil of the good field together with the weak roots and have it then ruined, because the roots will no longer have moisture of life and the little tree will then wither and finally soon completely turn into death! Because who of you has ever seen in the air alone plants come into being and flourish?!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,16
‚But every little plant also needs air for life!’, you would say therefore. I also say such with you; but the soil is the first necessity, - without it the air is of no use!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,17
But the air is equal to the divine word and the love of your heart the soil in which is sown a living spirit, surrounded with a living soul.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,18
This seed of eternal life in you can only then make use of the holy air of the divine teaching fruitfully when it has come up and has sprouted firm and deep roots in the soil of love of your heart towards me. Has such not happened first, say it and judge yourselves: will not there bring about his death that, namely the air, what otherwise should have formed him fruitfully?!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,19
See, according to this my word is of little use, when your hearts are not full of love towards me and out of this towards your brothers, and the soilless, airy wisdom of your intellect is then the death of your love!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,20
But when your love, which is supposed to serve the spirit as food, is dead like the little tree pulled out of the soil of my love towards you, whose roots are only still stuck with the dried up soil of your love towards me, from where is there your seed or as still weak pulled out little tree supposed to get life’s food?!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,21
That is why therefore this morning meal is to be a visible sign of admonition for you that you are to keep to love all the time! And so you, and as long as you, will do this, you will also have life at and in you and therefore also me as the original source of all love, of all life and of all wisdom out of me!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,22
Engrave these words deeply into the heard for you and all of you do irrevocably accordingly, then you will live through and through and not ask: ‘Where is the father?’ and also not call to him: ‘Come!’; because there he will be with you and in you like now, therefore also for ever! Amen.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.169,23
And you, Henoch, go now, and prepare your sacrifice; because the time of it is there! Amen.«

And Henoch was the most advanced among them and acknowledged as such by the other persons being present, and also those not being present. He was also an elder despite him being one of the younger ones. He was the seventh from Adam. But he was no pastor or priest. He was not someone who now had knowledge about God and to whom the others had to come to get into contact with God via him. There did not exist something like clergy and laity.

Now Henoch is an interesting person who nicely demonstrates the states of existence in the physical world and in the world of the spirits.

All these 9 patriarchs lived nine centuries or until the flood and he only reached 365 years. But in return he did not die, but was raptured. He therefore did not leave a body behind. And that because he had spiritualized his body through his spiritual striving and took it with him at his ascension.

Henoch plays an important part in the works of Jakob Lorber and that particularly in his work Das große Evangelium Johannes (The great Gospel of John). Henoch appears there as an archangel, as the favourite angel of Jesus. There he is the angel Raphael and accompanies Jesus partly over longer time.

He also accompanies disciples, also a female disciple, of Jesus for a longer time.

He had the characteristic abilities of an angel, or of a deceased person, who now lives in that part of the spiritual kingdom, which is the kingdom of light, therefore that part, which receives the children of God. He did not land up in the kingdom of darkness, that part of the spiritual kingdom, which receives the deceased, who did not make it to become children of God, and who now can develop further in the kingdom of darkness or stagnate there or still sink further there.

He had the characteristic abilities to materialize himself, therefore to return to Earth as man. So he could appear to Earth inhabitants as man and that to different degrees, so that they could perceive him or experience him in a more solid form, which went so far that he could be touched and that is so firmly that one could feel his bones.

He could take food into his body. He could dematerialize himself, he could go away, fetch something, bring the fetched article back, and materialize himself again and what he had fetched. And the locality of what he had fetched could be on the other side of Earth or on the other side of the universe. And the entire process could last a time of zero seconds. Raphael was independent of time and space. Time and space are things which are the result of our primary state of consciousness here on Earth.

Our primary state of consciousness here on Earth one can make quite easily more understandable, by thinking of another state of consciousness, which is very familiar to us, but which is exactly not our primary state of consciousness. And that is our state of consciousness when we sleep, because there we suddenly also do not depend on time and space.

In sleep I can have a meeting with my father und converse with him and consider the whole thing to be the most natural thing in the world and everything is quite normal and natural and when I then wake up, I remember my dream and then I become conscious of the fact that my father had died decades ago and that the location of this meeting was on the other side of the terrestrial globe and still between the dream event and the awake experience lay a time of seconds.

I was therefore also not bound by time and space. I was in another state of consciousness than my normal one and was free of time and space.

It is similar to The basic universe.

The difference between our primary state of consciousness of being awake and our state of consciousness of sleeping exists in the fact that the dreamer does not know that he sleeps and dreams, but that the person in the state of wakefulness knows that he is awake and does not dream. So when we sleep then we do not know about that we sleep, jl.hag1.149,04.

A nice exercise to very simply put oneself into another state of consciousness one can make in the hypnagogic state, so in the state between being awake and falling asleep. There I still have a certain control over that what I am doing. I can observe the hypnagogic images. I do that with my inner sense organs. What happens there and passes off, I see with my inner eye. But I can then quite consciously decide to now carry out a change, and stop to see with my inner eye and start to see with my outer eye, and with it I do not even have to open my outer eyes, but keep them closed and then see that what I see normally when I close the eyes and have a look at the dark insides of my eyelids, but which also still let light through to a certain degree, I can therefore notice whether it is light or dark in the room, and where I can perceive a lightning quite glaringly.

Now a being like Raphael, or Henoch, does not only have the ability to change his own state of consciousness, but also the ability to change the state of consciousness of others. He can put others into a state of consciousness which also makes it possible for them to have insights into other worlds, over time and space; can therefore give them the opportunity, to hear and see what happened in China a few thousand years ago, or what is just happening on a celestial body many light years away.

Such a training in other states of consciousness is the only real possibility of effective space travel, everything else is just a waste of time, because if I can’t do that, place myself in a different state of consciousness, then I spend my time, perhaps even light years, in vain, because a different primary state of consciousness prevails there where I arrive, than that on Earth, and I just see a bare celestial body and nothing else.

If I would arrive on the moon I would not be aware of all the things that are there and that happen there and the journey would have mostly been of no avail.

When we have a look at the moon here from Earth or other planets with armed eyes, then they, particularly compared with pictures of Earth taken from far away, all seem to be quite barren. And the reason simple lies in the fact that other primary states of consciousness are prevalent there. In reality all celestial bodies are populated and inhabited and the search for extraterrestrials is quite natural, but what is unnatural is the way we do it. The Seti process is simply senseless.

Men have always pursued space travel; but they did it spiritually; and they tried to preserve the memory of their experiences for their people by leaving physical images and temples and pyramids which had the purpose that their descendants do not forget the most important things in life, the spiritual realm. But to now think that these ancient things are witnesses of physical space travel, is failing to recognize the real situation, is the influence of materialism. The materialist cannot imagine anything but a material world and that is why the material way leads to nowhere. Only when man turns to the inside will he recognize what reality is.

But let us come back to Adam’s hut. Every form of organization is missing with this description of communion. Organizational forms are not only unnecessary when the spirit of God undertakes something but simply harmful. The use of symbols is already wrong. Alone to use breakfast as a symbol would be wrong. It is simply a breakfast, and every breakfast should be like the one in Adam’s hut. A formal prayer, saying grace, is already something that is wrong. Talk about God and the moving of the things of God in the heart is the only right thing to do. Nowhere in the Bible is the use of the cross as an outside symbol suggested. The cross is a pure spiritual symbol. The only use the cross has as an outside symbol for us is when we see it on a building, a cleric castle, or on a webpage, then we know that we are dealing with the enemies of Christ or at least with carnal people.

And it is exactly the same way with the sacrifice, it is like a breakfast, which we use to remember God, and God also explains it that way. The sacrifice is only used in the Old Testament because it points to the only and true sacrifice, which substantiates the New Testament.

The father does not want a sacrifice than alone that of the heart.

Now we come to the second, the last chapter, from Jakob Lorber‘s Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), that we want to read here:

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,01
After this speech Henoch soon rose with the most inner love and thank filled heart and asked the high Abedam:

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,02
»Lord and our most loving father, you who is holy, is over holy, would it be your most holy will when such a sacrifice would be brought to you also here on the mountains on Sabbath, arranged as we brought it yesterday to you in the low land? Or should it remain to your pleasure the way of Ahbel, Seth and Enos? Oh Abba, tell me your holy will!«

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,03
But Abedam said in reply to Hennoch: »Henoch, but how do you like to ask me such, as you do know it very well best in what a sacrifice consist pleasing to me alone!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,04
Where first the inner sacrifice of a repentant, remorseful heart full of love is brought to me, there, of course, every sacrifice is also made holy through this, whether it is either according to the way of Ahbal, Seth and Enos, or whether it is as arranged yesterday in the low land!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,05
But I see in all of your hearts an empty place! You have consecrated this place to the sacrifice to God, but owing to the emptiness do not see to whom you bring a sacrifice, and why you bring it! So then grasp it: The father will no sacrifice than that of the heart alone. But the father is also the only one, eternal, over holy, mighty God; but he alone deserves a sacrifice, as pure love to the father.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,06
The sacrifice consumes, destroys and kills every gift in the fire, which blazes there on the altar. See, such is a testimony of man before God that says that he has recognized God, either clearly or alone darkly suspecting in the heart, how God is and does like the sacrifice!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,07
But who hangs on there alone to the sacrifice and would not be bound by love to the father, him the God like sacrifice would seize himself finally, consume, destroy and kill him, because he has not moistened himself first with the water of life, which there is pure love for the father!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,08
But I say to you: Who sacrifices to the father in the heart, he has also brought a pleasing sacrifice to God. But who only brings a sacrifice to God on the altar and through this believes to also please God, he makes a great mistake; because truly, the father has no pleasure for the burn-offering, but alone for the living sacrifice of the heart!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,09
Or should the living father, from who all life comes, perhaps have pleasure from the dead burn-offering or from a sacrifice, which consumes every gift, destroys it and finally even kills?

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,10
Yes, when – as it has already been noticed – first a living sacrifice of love to the father is brought in the heart, so the burn-offering shall then also be looked at, as a result of which man recognizes what he has found in the heart, namely that the father is holy, holy, holy, and God almighty from eternity. Without this pre-, with- and after-sacrifice is every burnt-sacrifice a horror before me.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,11
See back upon Cahin and Ahbel! Cahin sacrificed without love, but Ahbel with love. Whose sacrifice rose up, and whose sacrifice was beaten back to Earth?

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,12
But as Cahin’s sacrifice was a horror for the father, what then was the result of such sacrifice? The sacrifice seized Cahin himself and made a brother murderer out of him!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,13
Therefore some day the only blind sacrifice will still seize very many, that is why they then will do like Cahin and that is why they will kill countless brothers spiritually and bodily.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,14
But when you really want to bring a sacrifice, then bring me a just sacrifice, as I have described it to you quite enough!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,15
But as it was performed yesterday in the low land, so shall it also be performed today; but you shall no longer light the sacrifice on the altar in the evening, but in the morning, so that the far away living children can reach their home until evening.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,16
With the sacrificing not all small children shall then also further be taken with one, but it is enough when from every hut two men and one woman appear. But for nobody shall it be made a life duty as if he has to appear to the sacrifice; because the sacrifice will make nobody holy, but the love towards the father alone!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,17
Whom the love towards the father will lead up, through him the sacrifice is sanctified, and he will then be built up in the spirit through it. But who will not be driven by love, but by a pressing task-master from some law, so that as a result he will have an unwilling heart, through him the sacrifice will be desecrated, and it will destroy him and he will dry up in the heart. And what he then will bring to me, that will be equal to his dried up heart, - a work without life, a dead gift.

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,18
It shall remain therefore what has now been expressed!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,19
And now, beloved Henoch, you can already go down to your work; but the rest of you go also outside and report to the people from all regions waiting for the sacrifice, what reason is behind the sacrifice, but remain silent about me how I am present as a being!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,20
Only you alone, Jared, you, Abedam, and also you, Adam, follow me until the time of the sacrifice into the hut of Jared; but the children of Seth are to accompany Eve after us!

Chapter 36 jl.hag1.170,21
And therefore may now everything happen justly and through sole love! Amen.«

This communication of man with God – in the heart of man – is the centrepiece of all spiritual life.

To understand this is of decisive importance. The decisive attack upon spiritually orientated people will be directed upon exactly this fact. That has always been so, but will be much more distinctly expressed at the time of the end.

God dealt here particularly with sacrificing. And the sacrifice also plays again an important part in the end.

It is here about what the prophet Daniel has announced.

Daniel 11:31: And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

His armies are already here; they are everywhere on Earth, worldly men, and that are firstly the clerics, who have already always fought the communication with God, because it ruins their business, and who therefore persecute, torture, burn or send to the institution the true worshippers. Then it is the scientists, who are atheists and materialist for the most part and distribute their theology of non-existence of the spiritual. And then all the followers and useful idiots of these two groups of religionists, like publishers, media people, educationalists and many more.

They shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, they shall desecrate it, by man being prevented to turn to God and to acknowledge him as existing.

But the decisive thing is that this communication with God in the heart of the individual is to be abolished, the daily sacrifice, that we are to bring continuously in our thoughts and in our hearts. It is the crux of the attack.

At this place emptiness is to be put up. The altar is to remain empty. The abomination of desolation is to be put up. Emptiness is to be in our hearts – it is to be deserted.

This, the emptiness, is expressed above in jl.hag1.170,05.

And this wasteland will be demanded in the end formally and who does not bow to this demand, will be persecuted. The conditions of life will be taken away from him and death is supposed to be the result of it, but the true believer will have one who can handle something like this and he will remain victorious.


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