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This is the 35. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


35. Creationism and carnality


by Frank L. Preuss




Creationism can only then be evaluated properly when one understands carnality.

The word carnal means "relating to physical needs: relating to somebody’s physical needs or appetites, especially as contrasted with spiritual or intellectual qualities."

The Bible differentiates between spiritual people and carnal people when it speaks about Christians, and the understanding of this difference is required when spiritual subjects are considered, and our subject here, Creationism, will only then be understood when this difference is understood and therefore we will have to have a look at it.

Creationism is the belief that God created the universe. But there are two types of creationism. One is based mainly on the Bible and on other spiritual writings, and the other is seemingly also based on the Bible but is really a religious movement and is more a denominational thing and belongs to the man-made churches and is supported by them – or by some of them - and originates from people belonging to denominations.

Among many other subjects I also studied Geology and the things I was told then did not make much sense to me and looking back at the development of geology since that time it is quite interesting to see how the opinions of the geologists changed and these changes took place in just a few decades und geology is actually a subject dealing with very old things and with durations going into very long time periods.

Today the geologists call the geology that was taught when I was studying it uniformitarianism. And that was something new then. Before that they had a complete different idea of geology and it was called catastrophism. Now catastrophism was an old hat and was out when I listened to geologists. Catastrophism was the early 19th century theory that major changes in the geological structure of the earth occurred only during short periods of violent upheaval (catastrophes) which were separated by long periods of comparative stability. The theory fell from prominence after the enunciation of the rival doctrine of uniformitarianism.

Uniformitarianism is the principle, originally opposed to catastrophism, that the same geologic processes are at work in nature today as have always existed and operated throughout geologic time. Then geologists have suggested discarding this concept in favour of actualism, the more general concept that the laws of nature have remained invariant through time.

Now this discarding of concepts is quite popular in geology and now we have ideas, for example, that the dinosaurs were extinguished by objects coming out of space. So knowledge coming from space explorations had quite an influence on geology.

But the point I want to make here is that uniformitarianism did not make much sense to me then. Later I then came across creationism and what there was taught about geology made a lot more sense to me and I therefore found their teachings quite interesting. What impressed me also was that they based their ideas on the word of God.

What they had to say about and against the theory of evolution was remarkable and brought a lot of insights. Their teaching about Noah’s Flood was making sense, especially compared to what the teachers of uniformitarianism had to say about geological events.

I came across Creationism at an early time of my study of the Bible and still earlier I was aware that the unity of the body of Christ was important and that divisions, like the existence of denominations, were wrong and should not be. Working on projects caused me to change locations now and then and whenever I came to a new place I looked for a suitable group of Christians and so came into contact with different denominations and this again caused me to get to know quite a number of them. I worked with them and in them but I never joint any of them because that was for me a thing that would go against the teaching of the Bible. Looking back to this time I can clearly see that I was shown what denominations really are, how they operate and all the rest of it. So I never in my life joint a man-made church but I got to know some of them quite well and got a good feel for all the things going on there. I came into contact with Creationism through a denomination and started to study their teachings. At the same time my learning and understanding about the whole reason for the existence of denominations progressed and I especially paid attention to all the details found in the Bible about this phenomenon of different Christian groups and the spiritual difference between the man-made churches and the true church became more and more visible and clear.

Now to understand the difference between Creationism as taught in the Bible and as taught in really spiritual writings and that Creationism taught by people being embedded in denominations one has to approach the problem exclusively from a spiritual standpoint. Approaching the problem from any other standpoint, for example from a scientific view, would not really be helpful and rather cause confusion. The real key for a successful differentiation is the spiritual approach.

The real key is to understand the difference between a carnal Christian and a spiritual Christian. A carnal Christian is very prone to interpret Scripture according to the letter and not according to the spirit. A key word here is equivalent, being the same, or effectively the same, meaning the same, equal in value, equal in amount, having the same result, corresponding. Equivalent: something considered the same; something that is considered to be equal to or have the same effect, value, or meaning as something else. Let us take the word bread as an example. For a carnal Christian the word "give us our daily bread" would mean to ask God for the provision of physical bread for the body to be nourished. For a spiritual Christian it would immediately mean spiritual food. It would mean to ask for the word of God so that he can grow spiritually and with this asking for spiritual food he would know that he first seeks the kingdom of God and His righteousness and it would also mean for him that with this approach he would automatically also be provided with physical food, with physical bread, that all these things shall be added unto him (Matthew 6:33).

Another example would be John 1:14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. A spiritual Christian would know that eating the flesh of Jesus means eating his Word, getting into studying and understanding the words Jesus spoke. A carnal Christian would religiously stick to a ceremony of eating bread and drinking wine. He might also remember Jesus and the words he spoke, but the religious ceremony can easily let him forget the real spiritual meaning. We have dealt with this in detail in the previous chapter, Chapter 34, of this book The Man-Made Church: Communion – Part 2.

Another example is the word dead. Jesus says let the dead bury their dead. Now this means that the spiritual dead are to bury their physical dead and even a carnal Christian might be aware of this but when it comes to the resurrection of the dead he might already have problems. In Acts 24:15 we are told that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust. Now a carnal Christian might believe that he gets resurrected some time after his physical death and might not be aware that a real Christian gets resurrected the time when he, his spirit, becomes alive, born again, and therefore leaves the state of being dead and enters the state of no longer being dead, but alive. So the word dead very often has the meaning in the Bible of being separated from God and even physically nothing can really be dead and everything will, eventually, return to God, even the unjust.

So the real key is to understand the difference between a carnal Christian and a spiritual Christian. And there we are at the core of the subject of this book The Man-Made Church and the part of the Bible which really deals with this difference is 1 Corinthians. And in this book again the important verses are 1 Corinthians 3:1-4.

Let us read these three verses:

And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able. For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal?

The word spiritual is used here and the word carnal. The word carnal is used four times. A carnal Christian is a person who walks as man. And he not only walks as man he also follows men.

In this book The Man-Made Church these four verses from 1 Corinthians 3 are discussed in more detail in the third chapter, Isaiah’s Question, and there it is shown how to stop being carnal and how to become spiritual. Now one important aspect of this teaching is that it helps us to find out who carnal Christians are. Carnal Christians are people who belong to denominations and we are to keep away from them and we are to keep away from everything that has to do with them and that includes all the books they are writing and that are sold in Christian book shops. So don’t read their books. You will not only waste your time, you will also again and again receive carnal teaching and therefore false doctrine.

The other day I was in a Christian bookshop and I observed how a manager gave instructions where to arrange a shelf for the books of William Barclay. William Barclay now is perhaps one the best known wolves in sheep’s clothing. Have a look at Diotrephes, the man of orthodoxy. That is the kind of stuff you will find in so-called Christian bookshops, the works of the enemies of the body of Christ.

So whenever you read a book find out who the author is. And you have to re-evaluate all the books you have already read. And that is what I did. I re-evaluated all the books I read. And that included the books coming from the Creationists.

So who are the authors of the Creationist books? The first person that comes to mind is Henry M. Morris. Now he was a very learned man. He was very learned in scientific matters and he was especially very learned about the Bible. He was an engineer, a civil engineer, and that made his books quite understandable and one could understand what he had to say because he was practical and had an approach of an engineer. And he was not just an engineer; he was a professor in his field. So he had an outstanding carrier as an engineer and scientist and he had a great love for the word of God and an immense knowledge about it.

All this is quite interesting but not really decisive. Decisive is whether he was spiritual or carnal. Now a person who belongs to a denomination cannot be spiritual. Such a person does not for example even understand what unity is and that everything is just one. The unity of the body of Christ is not understood. A denominational person is a person that takes part in the division of the body of Christ.

Henry M. Morris was a Baptist and therefore belonged to a denomination. This fact alone is enough to give us the information we need. It is all we need.

Now the second person coming to mind is John C. Whitcomb. John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris wrote together an important book which more or less started Creationism. They wrote The Genesis Flood. Now John C. Whitcomb was not only a member of a denomination, he was a top guy there. He was a professor of theology. He taught Old Testament and Hebrew. So he was a cleric.

He therefore was not only carnal he was also a wolf in sheep-clothing. He was a ravenous wolf. He was a grievous wolf.

So Creationism started with Noah’s Flood and the book The Genesis Flood starts with claiming that the Flood was global. Spiritual writings now tell us that Noah’s Flood was not global and I am speaking here of Jakob Lorber’s books. There is the webpage Why Noah’s Flood was not worldwide and there it is explained why the deluge was not universal and the relevant parts from Jakob Lorber’s writings are quoted there.

One sentence there says: "And finally when the natural flood water would have reached on the whole earth over every point an equal height of three thousand fathoms, where perhaps should it then drain and run?!"

I said already that trying to sort out the differences between Creationism and others teachings should be done in a spiritual manner and this also applies comparing Creationism with other teachings coming from scientists. When such problems are approached from the spiritual side then it is much easier to get to the heart of the problem and then also the scientific details fall into place and make sense and all the faults of the so-called scientists can be seen much more easily.

When one really wants to do something against the contamination of children with the teachings of evolution then one should also attack this problem from the spiritual side. An effective approach will only then be successful when one quite clearly shows that this so-called science is no science, but that their followers are religious fanatics exactly the same way as the rest of the religionists and that includes all the members of denominations, including those who propagate Creationism.

As long as those scientists who preach evolution are not recognized as religious fanatics, as representatives of materialism and atheism, there will be nothing to write home about.

For them it is not so much about evolution, for them it is about the fight against God.

Now we have already arrived at another major aspect of Creationism, and that is the argument between Creationists and scientists. And this major aspect is that we are not dealing here with some religious people on one side and with some scientific people on the other side. At first glance it really seems to be a fight of religious people against scientific people, but that is not so. The people who fight against Creationism would like to be seen by the world as being scientists and in this they are highly successful. But we will only then come to the bottom of things when we realize that these so-called scientist are also just religious people and that they belong to a religion that is not so easily recognized as being just a sort of cult or denomination as all the other denominations. It is the denomination of the atheists and the materialists and they do not seem to be a denomination because they do not seem to have church buildings and clergy and the rest of it. But a lot of other things are there which they have in common with man-made churches and that are, for instance, adherents and high-priests like well-known scientist and doctrines and beliefs. But they are actually, despite them trying to give the impression of being intellectually very advanced, a lot more stupid than the rest of the adherents of man-made churches because they are followers of a god which they would deny as their god if someone would tell them about him and they would even deny the existence of such a god. So we are actually dealing with completely ignorant people who do not understand the physical things they are dealing with and who do not understand spiritual things at all. We must keep this in mind when we think of these so-called scientists.

So this conflict between Creationism and so-called scientists is actually a religious war fought between two religious groups, between two sects or two denominations.

Both sides are actually not really interested in finding truth. If truth would be presented to them, they would not like it and find plenty of reasons against it. They might have different reasons for their rejection of truth but they might also have a lot in common in their fight against God.

Real spirituality will always be opposed by religious people because it makes them feel uneasy and exposes and reveals all their carnality.

Now truth is available. We have the Bible and we therefore have the word of God and it clearly shows us how to live and exactly all the chapters in this book “The Man-Made Church” show us how to do this and that the practices of the man-made churches are the opposite of what the Bible tells us to do. And they act completely against the teachings of the Bible and practise paganism.

Both sides in this religious war are really deeply embedded in the regiment of Antichrist and will have basic problems at the times of the end not to be drawn together with Antichrist towards the pit.

So people who reject the Bible directly, by also rejecting God, and people who reject the Bible indirectly by again and again acting against it, will also reject other spiritual writings and they do it. Just go into a Christian bookshop and try to find writings of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde. Such writings are criticized by the adherents of the atheists and the adherents of denominations. Both are not really earnestly trying to find truth.

Now the religion of the materialists and the atheists seems to be a religion of quite sophisticated people who might be quite stupid but at least are often highly educated and qualified people and therefore give the impression of not being such fanatics like certain pure religious organizations. But that is an illusion. Just look at the recent past were the followers of Stalin and Hitler, atheists and materialist, caused harm to mankind that seems to have been unique. Now when it comes to point out some really outstanding atrocities then one word comes up and that is most of the time the word Hitler, but Stalin was responsible for much more of such atrocities and for a much longer period of time than Hitler, but Stalin was also a friend and ally during World War II of several countries during his time of terrorising the world, and people in such countries might feel guilty of this past and rather point to Hitler than to Stalin in order to prevent pointing at themselves.

But all these atrocities caused by the followers of the religion of materialists and atheists in the past will probably be little compared to what is going to be done by these people in future. According to very old and also according to quite new prophecies the things that will be done by these people will surpass everything that happened in the past.

So we shall see that the real enemy of mankind will be this religion, this religion of atheists and materialists. They will prove to be the biggest evil mankind has ever seen.

But I want to come back here to the Creationists and to the fact that they are basically carnal Christians and want to fall back upon spiritual writings how the events are to be seen which are described in the beginning of the first book of Genesis.

At the end of the Gospel of John, John says the following: "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." John 21:25.

According to the writings of Jakob Lorber two evangelists, Matthew and John, were the recorders of the words and deeds of Jesus. And there also conversations between Jesus and his secretaries are recorded at several places and how Jesus tells them what they are to write down and what of that they are to publish then and what of that they are to keep for themselves, therefore should not publish. This material that is contained in Jakob Lorber’s writing, The Great Gospel of John, is now a quite extensive material, which is many times more extensive than a Gospel, for instance that of John in the Bible. It contains eleven volumes and almost every volume has over 200 chapters. In this material Jesus also explains the reason why the extensive material is published only now and not already then, therefore given to all men as God’s revelation and is not only announced to those people who were around Jesus at that time. According to John 21:25 therefore also the writing of Jakob Lorber, The Great Gospel of John, does still not seem to really describe everything what Jesus has done.

But as already stated the material is extensive and provides an essential better picture of Jesus and that time than the Gospels of the Bible.

Plenty of information is contained in the messages of Bertha Dudde how the physical world came into being and also why. Read Creation.

In the works of Jakob Lorber we find material that gives information about things that are described at the beginning of Genesis and there it is especially pointed out that Moses has used equivalents to a great extent.

When one deals with creation one must not forget that God actually only created us and no material things like heavenly bodies. That only came later, after a part of his creatures rebelled against him and he then created the material world out of them to put an end to the wrong goings-on and to start with rehabilitation. So when the human side is in the foreground in the following excerpts then that is quite alright because human side is actually everything.

I now want to bring short excerpts of that as examples:

Chapter 35 jl.ev02.219,05
When Moses says: ‘In the beginning God created heaven and earth’, then Moses does not want the visible heaven and the visible, material earth understood with it because he as a genuine wise man certainly never thought of this while he always only had the fullest most inner truth in his enlightened mind. But he veiled this his deep wisdom in equivalent pictures, therefore as he had to cover his radiating countenance with a threefold veil before the people as a testimony of it.

Chapter 35 jl.ev02.219,10
But ‘It was still dark on the deep’ Moses says further. Did Moses perhaps seriously want to indicate the lack of light on the newly created earth with this? I am telling you, the wise Moses never dreamt of this even at the beginning of his most stupid existence! Because Moses was a deep knower of the nature of the world and was too initiated into Egyptian deepest wisdom and knowledge than that he would not have known that the earth – as a child of the sun at least one billion times of earth years younger than mother sun – could not be dark at its genesis; but Moses just pictorially indicated with this once more that the intelligence ability and the attraction capable relationship of the intelligences must still necessitate no recognizing, understanding and self-consciousness whatever nature – what is all identical with one term ‘light’ -, but the opposite so long until it starts to seize itself, to push itself afterwards, to rub and therefore so to speak fight with each other.

Chapter 35 jl.ev02.222,04-05
So the suns came into being all for themselves, the earths for themselves, and every individual on the suns and earths for itself, and therefore also in their general connection. And so man came into being for himself in a most restricted sense, and just therefore most generally because the entire creation completely equals and corresponds with a man in all its generality, and because every individual, from the greatest to the smallest, of the entire spiritual and material creation likewise corresponds and must correspond with man, because man is the real reason and the final aim of the entire creation. He is the product of all the previous efforts of God which is to be finally won.
And just because man is that what God wanted to achieve through all the previous creations and also has achieved, of which you stand there as irrefutable proofs, so also everything in the heavens and on all world bodies corresponds in everything to man, as Moses has also described it in his creation history, and as also other teachers of the people have described it, even more veiled. But now check everything, and you will find that it is and can be so and impossibly otherwise!

I already brought something about equivalents earlier and now want to still bring something from Jakob Lorber’s writings which contains details:

Chapter 35 jl.ev04.163,01-06
    (the Lord:) »See, this is the way to read Moses and to also be understood according to the natural part of the intellect! There is of course a still deeper, inner, pure spiritual understanding, according to which mainly God’s business of forming man is to be understood among the entire history of creation, that they are to recognize and love themselves and him as their everything. God walks in this sphere with Adam spiritually and teaches him, gives him laws, corrects him when he fails, and blesses him again, when Adam or generally the first original mankind of this earth recognizes God, loves him and walks in his order.
   Even if it also did not happen so much according to matter, but it still happened spiritually, and this also with still quite pure, uncorrupted and highly simple men as very evident naturally. That is why one can even read Moses fourfold and understand always very well and purely.
   Firstly: Merely downright naturally, out of which one sees a necessary becoming in certain periods according to the eternal unchanging order of God. From this all wise men of nature can fill their intellect and draw, impossibly other than only always highly shallow considerations; in this way they can investigate quite a lot but then still never come on any deep and durable bottom.
   Secondly: naturally and spiritually mixed. This also highly true sphere is for men, who strive for the liking of God, the best, because there both, like going together, become clear in action, and visible in appearance and understandable. (Nota bene: In this way also >Die Haushaltung Gottes< [The household of God] is given.)
   Thirdly: pure spiritually, whereby not the least heed is paid to the phenomena of nature and their temporary existences and changes. There it is merely a matter of the spiritual forming of men, which Moses has described so very appropriately in the corresponding pictures of nature. All wise men of God, to whom the inner education of men is entrusted, have to understand these.
   And finally fourthly: pure heavenly, where the Lord is all in all and everything bears upon him. But how this is to be taken and to be understood, you cannot grasp until you have become one with me through the full rebirth of your spirit, so as also I am one with the father in heaven, but with the difference that you all will be one with me in separate personality while I and the father, who is my love, are completely one with each other in eternal un-separate personality.

So when things like the history of creation are dealt with, one can only understand them when the entire background is understood. And that again requires to have become alive spiritually. A person who remained carnal is simply overtaxed. A person stuck in the system of religiosity of a denomination can simply see and understand most of the things only from a carnal perspective and will therefore produce something like Creationism.

With the works of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde mankind has now been granted a substantial deeper insight into our past.

But also in the Bible itself are indications how things are to be understood. I want to bring here an example. Last century there was a summit meeting where also the leader of the Israelites took part and also the leader of the Egyptians and from that a cooperation of their two countries resulted. That was in the year 1979 after Christ and is called the Camp David Agreement. The first of such a summit meeting between the leaders of these two countries was just a little less than 4 millennia earlier. In the year 1876 before Christ they met: The time of Adam’s creation. And there it was mainly about the age of the leader of the Israelites. The reason was perhaps the high age of the leader of the Israelites. It was Jacob. He was asked by the leader of the Egyptians: How many are the days of the years of your life? And Jacob answered Pharaoh: The days of the years of my camps are 130 years. That is Genesis 47:8-9. Have a look at the details of this scripture in Bar chart of the lives of Israel’s patriarchs which are given there in Note No. 6. The use of the word days is quite an unusual one. It indicates a time period. And exactly this word, in Hebrew yown, is also used at the beginning of the first chapter of the Bible and that is several times. The seven days of creation therefore seem to indicate time periods in each case and not days as we understand them. This is a detail that is hardly taken into consideration by the Creationists.

It is not everyone’s business to deal with scientific things, as for instance geology, and I therefore want to still bring a simpler example for equivalents and there it is about a popular subject between women and men: Is a woman second-class because she was made from the rib of the man? In the now following quote Jesus speaks of the outer life sphere and there I refer to the three chapters in this book, The Man-Made Church, which deal with the body, the soul and the spirit. The first of these is Mind and body. The word outer life sphere is now a good example how spiritual things can be called in spiritual writings in very different ways. The following quote gives us an example how one can imagine a certain part of man in its effects und qualities. To deal with things like body, soul and spirit is therefore almost absolutely necessary for the understanding of spiritual things and would also help on the Creationists a lot more than to pick a fight with so-called scientists.

Here now speaks Jesus as he dictated it to Jakob Lorber:

Chapter 35 jl.ev04.162,03-11
   See, everything that Moses says with his creation story and actually wants to say, relates first of all only to the education and spiritual training of the first men generally, and only through equivalents also to those of the first human couple.
   By the way Adam was created and formed out of the ether parts of the finest earth clay according to the body through my will according to the set order, as I have shown you now; and when he once had progressed to that power through my will when he was full of experience, through which an extreme intensive outer living sphere had to form itself with him, and as he once work and travel tired fell into a deep sleep, it was therefore also the time that a nature soul, which had assembled itself out of all stages of nature as you know them, transferred itself into the outer living sphere of Adam.
   This soul, being in the outer living sphere, immediately started to form a body corresponding to it, according to my will and according to my order, out of these very lovely outer living parts of Adam or out of the most plentiful life vapour, as still today souls of the deceased are accustomed to do when they want to appear to men for a couple of moments, and was also in three days perfectly finished with it.
   When thereupon Adam awakened, full of astonishment and full of joy he saw his likeness next to him, which of course was and had to be extremely devoted to him because it also originated from his being according to the body.
   But he perceived in the area of the heart, as if something is pressing him, but quite pleasantly, he also felt again at times like an emptiness – that was the beginning of sexual love – and could never separate himself from the picture, which at once provided so much charm to him. Wherever he went the woman followed him, and when the woman went somewhere, then he certainly could not let her go alone. He felt the woman’s worth and her love and therefore said in a clairvoyant moment: >We, I a man and you a woman, grown out of my ribs (in the area of the heart) for me according to the plan of God, are therefore one flesh and one body; you are the most lovely part of my life, and it will remain so in future, and man will leave father and mother (the seriousness of man and his care) and will cling to his wife!<
   But where it is said that God covered that part with flesh with Adam where he took the rib from him, no-one of you will hopefully be still so stupid to assume that God seriously wounded Adam to shorten him by one rib so that the small rib turns into a big woman. The ribs are an outer, firm protective shield of the soft, inner life organs.
   When a David says: >God, our firm castle and strong shield!<, is because of that Gott seriously a firm castle built from nothing but cube stones, or a big, brazen shield?!
   So it also stands with the rib from which Eve is to originate! It, the rib, is only a sign for the thing; but the thing is Adam’s inner, powerful love life. And the rib, as the protection of this life, was therefore taken by Moses into the scripture: firstly because it protects the life and thus, being an outer shield of life, also represents it figuratively; but secondly later a good, faithful and love worthy woman is also to be seen as protection, shield and screen of the life of the man and therefore can correspondingly also quite well be seen as a rib of the man; and thirdly is the outer life ether also a most powerful protection of the inner soul nature life without which man could not live for ten moments.
   But now Eve came into being out of the over fullness of this outer life ether of Adam, according to the soft bodily being; and because this life ether evaporates out of the area of the ribs and the chest and after that surrounds man extensively all-around, so could a Moses, to whom the corresponding picture language was highly fluently available, have Eve quite well come into being out of a rib of Adam and have God cover or represent Adam the wound with the flesh of Eve. For exactly Eve was the flesh which just came out of the external life ether of Adam with which God replaced for Adam the passing of his external life ether and consequently covered for Adam the wounded place with the highly pleasant flesh of Eve, which was therefore actually also a flesh of Adam.

Here we have a description how God the creator creates something – and therefore something with which the creationists should be busy themselves and then they would really deal with something which would correspond with their name.

There was the external life ether of Adam and into this external life ether God put a soul, the soul of Eve, and a second human being came into being.

To understand the many aspects of man, of his body, his soul and his spirit, will get a man further to understand himself and to understand the universe, and most of all to understand the creation of these things.

But from that these people, the creationists, exactly the same as the materialist and atheists, shy away from. It would be offensive to their beautiful world of worldliness, of materialism, of mammon, the inclination to sensuousness, to carnality.

And they could also be accused to have something to do with things which can be described with the following words: esoteric, aura, séance, spiritualism, parapsychology, mystic, occult, magic, new age, chakra, clairvoyance, ectoplasm.

What is it all about with these expressions? Let us take an example. The word parapsychology expresses that it is something that is next to, or above, or beyond, something else. And the something else being psychology. And parapsychology is exactly not psychology. What does the whole thing mean? It means that the psychologist deals with psychology, but not with parapsychology. It means that the scientist deals with one thing and the other thing he excludes from his science. All in all it means that scientists occupy themselves with a part of knowledge, with matter, but the other part, the field of the spirit they exclude from their work. It sounds crazy. There is a man who looks for something he does not know, does not know what it is, but actually he says that what I search for cannot exist. They are mad. Typically for religious fanatics.

He calls himself a researcher; he wants to search for something still unknown, but says that what he is searching for cannot exist.

So what are then the two fighting parties, the materialists-atheists on one side and the creationists on the other side? Mentally ill people.

When one has a look at the Bible then it is actually a highly esoteric book. Whether it is creation, or rapture, or resurrection, or miracles, it is so extraordinary that even esoteric cannot keep up with it. And when one then adds the reports of Jakob Lorber, like for example the ones just quoted, then it becomes even clearer.

And that is what the two just mentioned parties fear. That is too much for them. And so they rummage around in matter.

For every successful progress in scientific matters knowledge about the diverse nature of the human being is absolutely neccessary. Without this knowledge effort is in vain. Make a start:    222    223    224

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